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    1. 2022-12-27 scenes in a work office

      by , 11-27-2022 at 09:20 AM
      + Many scenes in an office, revolving around my work cube: sweater gift, I get a brown wool sweater, and drape it over the entrance of my cube (and put two shoes underneath it to make it look like someone is there?), get a 2nd sweater gift?

      They take away my monitor, but this is OK because I have a laptop, I move to the side a bit and there's a large screen there that I can connect to from my laptop to work, but there's a guy there with a game controller playing games. Large, purplish game scene is on the screen.

      There is a guy running through the hallways and bellowing like a berserker, he's a D&D player and his character is a warrior so he just swings weapons around. I think about the other characters that round out a good campaign group: mages, clerics, thieves. I tend to like playing thieves but they have their limits [false I like mages].

      Walking past a table, there's a guy there with red berries left on his face from eating pie, there's some talk or presentation we need to get to (?).

      They take my back wall of my cube, which means my desk is now connected directly to the desk of the cube next to mine, and while working we're going to have to be looking directly at each other. There is a girl who's been promoted ahead of me, and I think this is a case of severe ageism. She needed the larger work space(?). She's leaving anyway and donates her promotion equipment back to some other employee (her manager?).

      I find some guy and ask him about my professor: what are his office hours, where's his office, where are my classes? (He doesn't answer, but tells me that there is a limit of printed or plastic reading materials that each employee is allowed to keep)?

      Continuing to seek information on my prof and classes, there is a desk (raided above ground level) where a bunch of female secretaries are working, I ask them, (one comes down to me?)

      CrgLe's [WFP, uni B, grad school] discrete math book, I invited (?) CL to my cube, he is reluctant to come, he has his Discrete Math Puzzle book with him, I look at the cover it is colorful with example of many sorts of physical puzzles made up from colored blocks and objects. He explains something about the idea behind the book.

      The promotion girl is meeting with (HR?, Banker?) in order to get her salary, she sits down at a desk across from the rep, and asks for some deposit slips. I'm standing a bit back from the desk watching. The rep immediately takes out a pad of desposit slips and starts writing down the girl's salary on it, I sneak closer for a look, I want to see what she earns, I wonder if that's a weekly amount?