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    1. 2023-01-21 billiards, cat

      by , 01-21-2023 at 07:45 AM
      + strange pool table in hall [DS!!!!] cue, screwing on top, inspecting tip, small square uneven table, upset that nothing better's available

      + on bed in (CH parents' room?) with "our cat", another (not ours) cat comes, I call to it, it comes and I pet it , several cats in the room, I tell my kids about the new cat that came

      + something in a house, about people (man and woman?) in a room
    2. 2023-01-20 some scenes

      by , 01-20-2023 at 07:03 AM
      + basketball nobody can make a shot passing is hard feel weak and uncoordinated warming up with team plan is to make shots around the key team standing around the court warming up, low light indoors no features of the building noted, try to make a shot up close and can't, "nothing but net" but it fell short. Nobody makes a single shot.

      + in Ch.Dw's cube at work, I'm admiring his air freshener feel the breeze on my face, hear it, taste how the air is fresher, want one for my cube

      + work cubes, loud girl neighbor playing music/talk radio, she turns it down, not nearly enough, "No way, that's not gonna work," she's hostile to the idea of turning it off or using ear buds.

      + the young woman is changing the water filter cartridge on the large (standing freezer shape) water dispensor, puts it in backwards at first, it makes a very unpleasant sound chug-chug-chug, "IT'S IN BACKWARDS! BACKWARDS! BACKWARDS!" She changes it then I walk around to the front and dispense a glass of water and say "thank you!"

      + [vague] driving on/alongside a large truck/trailer need to hand something off?

      + in a bathroom, standing at sink, double sink, looking at the lines of liquid dispenser rubber-lined that run along the top of the counter emptying into the sink, I think about the angle it was done at to make sure that gravity will pull the liquid into the sink, I run my finger along the latex/rubber material of the displenser path and it is very pliable, like a soft caluk, wife L comes in (now it's double toilet) and I know she has to pee, it won't bother me, she sits down to pee and I turn around and sit down on the toilet right next to her and think "zabavno" ("funny/fun").
    3. 2023-01-17 some interesting, vivid scenes

      by , 01-17-2023 at 06:41 AM
      + getting on bus, waiting outside for people to exit, doors close, I force them open to get on, the people on board don't want me (it's already crowded) so they force the doors close, I force them open again and push my way inside and sit down, sitting down, large group of girls in matching uniforms, white blouses, all get seats, for a second I think about standing up to give them a seat, but I realize I'm the old guy here and they wouldn't take it, in the end they almost all get seats,

      + view in theater 3 girls in matching red witch (?) costumes plus a couple others in the seating area, they're in the area to the right of the right aisle towards the back (about 80%, still some rows behind them), my viewpoint is from the central seating area a bit more towards the back from them

      + in theater, discussion about the fire-retardant properties of the main curtain, how it burns especially in stages, slowly, in a particular pattern, in order to give people time to see this and to escape. Meet Ewan McGregor, ask him about the fire curtain, he says "oh yes I've seen a lot of theater fires." I say "oh, really!?" with a tone, he says "oh, no it's not like that

      + see Mr. R (former scoutmaster) shake hands talking about boy scout troop <number>, with the other men there, I say I'm not the official leader of the troop just a volunteer

      + woman is taking dollar bills from a printer/machine and feeding them back in, several are rejected, and she gives up and takes out her wallet and puts them away in it.

      + See Neil M. working on computer equipment in a cube full of computer equipment in an office environment (low cubes, indoors), walk by I'd seen him earlier (deja vu?) I'm on my way somewhere else doing something, I notice he has a holographic white wolf display working that displays on his head making him look like a white wolf, he's moving it around rotating and turning his head

      + more scenes, forgotten
    4. 2023-11-12 lots of short scenes, some very vivid

      by , 01-12-2023 at 06:11 AM
      Geez, almost a month of no DJing...and I'm surprised that I've had no LDs since the competition! Oops...well the New Years festivities are wrapping up and it's time to get back to connecting more strongly with dreams and dreaming.

      Full Huberman stack last night an hour before bed. In bed at decent time. No screens for an hour or two before bed. 15-20 minutes of Zhine "mind merging with space" meditation. No food close to bed time. Fitbit says I slept for 6:48, 84 sleep score, only 34 mins awake. Deep 1:05, REM 1:36, 90% below resting heart rate, 7% restless.

      My goal was to immediately head back to sleep on every waking. No delving except for when there was a ton of recall on hand, presumably on final waking.

      A ton of scenes. Some nice, amusing, fairly present dreaming.

      Went to bed with the mindset of "whatever happens in the night, I accept it"

      + At a grilled food stand, selecting the small burger I want, they're talking to me about which I should choose and they're talking among themselves. Outdoors, daylight.

      + Running a foot race. Start at the starting gate, I anticipate the signal and lean out and put a foot forwards, pull back. Start running. I'm in my underwear only. It's more a slow jog. Run alongside JH (company N CEO) for a while. Outside/daylight/open space walkway

      + looking for mom in the maze-like blue/white tile bathroom corridor complex, get trapped inside?

      + counting money at a desk in a room, with partner, and woman counter, I tell my partner (woman?) to be careful with the envelopes of cash I'm giving her, I want her to count it carefully and keep a total before giving it to the clerk to make sure they don't steal from us

      + in wash/laundry room, scarf gets stuck in washer, open top and pull it out, guy comments on my writing on the whiteboard (in <foreign> language, interesting that he seems to know it too), turn away, turn back and the guy has erased the whiteboard and I think stolen all my money and stuff. I get aggressive and dig in his pockets for my papers, I bash his face repeatedly with something heavy and leave him (I imagine) bleeding on the floor.

      + in CH bedroom, it's hot, 3 guys there, open blinds, open window, admire the view, pretty accurate, notice some buildings not there in waking life looks like new construction, point out "see, there's the GG bridge!". One of the guys asks about one of my twin beds, asks if it should be moved up against the wall (adjoining the hallway), I answer no.

      + See son S1, no eyes, glitter across face, some tattoo markings, this is a cosplay thing?

      + In large tubes/tunnel complex, Reach opening looking out on underground river, look down below me and see this is where they've been leaving the packages for delivery, several large ones in brown paper wrapping are there. My package is there and has been opened, I'm angry about this, I look at it and it is a large balloon shape, think this is a gift from S1?

      + A woman has successfully managed to get away, and she has her money with her.

      + As I'm packing up things (in the laundry room), I realize I'm leaving behind several objects, like the model plane remote control that has the climb/descend buttons on it (white control cube with black buttons and a white cord), I think somebody may want to fly my plane, but they won't be able to without the remote.
    5. 2023-01-02 Quite a lot of scenes throughout the night, multiple wakings

      by , 01-02-2023 at 04:44 PM
      + fairly long scene, there are teams of people, some have big guy knocking on doors and forcing entrance. There is a meeting, the leader is (testing?) me, I answer that I am "a reporter," he signifies his approval.

      + observing and playing weird pool/billiards, it is a really ancient table, small and rectangular (and white?), with a zig-zag lightning-shaped divider in the middle of the table, I think this is for when stripes/solids are chosen (like 8 ball) one side must put all their balls on one side, and the other team on the other. Then I'm playing at the table. I have the cue in hand, it has a very small tip, I look at it, very narrow like a snooker cue, but even narrower, I'm looking for chalk, I find it the chalk is beige colored and there's not much left, I chalk the tip and then set up a draw shot, I am the cue very low on the cueball, there is some professional observing, I'm imagining the cue ball spinning backwards, and know that one can use a striped ball to practice drawing as you can see the stripes spinning backwards. The rules of the old game involve not having the cue ball touch the sides of the table, or at least the sides of the central area (which when I'm thinking this is a square-ish area in the centre of the table, not just a vertical divider)

      + MEO 2023-01-02

      + in a bowling alley. Watching the ball go down the lanes. It's very wide like a US alley. I think that kids when they play will get a lot of gutter balls. Watch some shots being made. See a small area of lanes off to the left of the main lanes, arranged perpendicularly to the main lanes, I think this is a kids bowling area and that this is a good idea.

      + outside, observing a tall (10-12 story) apartment/office building, there has been a fire or some other major issue, the walls/windows of about 25% of the side facing me on the upper stories have been blown out. People are hanging out of the windows/standing in the blown out area, a lot of them. Water is pouring down the face of the building (from the fire extinguishers?) I think this will wreak havoc on IT inside those rooms.

      + In an laundromat, fairly large square room full of laundry machines lining the walls, and some in a row in front of those along the walls, I'm observing a guy starting a load in a machine in front of me, he has to make a call to a central dispatch, relaying the settings on the washer, and get back a code that he has to enter in order for the washer to start. I say that why doesn't he just remember the code in order to use it again and again without having to call the center every time, he shakes his head, I realize "ah, the code is probably tied to the individual machine?" and he nods yes.

      + sitting in some large open area, like a transit terminal, people are sitting at benches, there are some people near me with a small very shallow wide curved (in the up/down axis) table, it looks like they're not using it, I think of taking it or asking if I can, because I could use it, it would make it easy to work on the forms (?) I need to fill out/write on.

      + In a car, driving, I'm barefoot, I wonder if this is dangerous?
      Outside in a urban area, daytime, walking through groups of people, I enter an indoor market area, there are lines at food counters/cafes, I want some food, but the lines are long, I go around the outside area and find a food window with no line, I go there and ask about what's to order, it's a Mexican place [DS], the guy there is really pushing this deal on me, where you pay a (lifetime? year-long?) up-front very expensive fee then you get to order there as much as you want (?) I don't want this "deal", the guy is showing his dishes, lots of different meat dishes, one of which has a number of bright red hot peppers.

      In a future moment, I return to this Mexican place (which is inside a grocery store?)
    6. 2022-12-24 The Quest For Round Table King Arthur's Supreme, epic non-lucid

      by , 01-01-2023 at 09:13 AM
      BT ~ 00:50

      + boy scouts, there is going to be only 3 of us for pre-week including me. I think this won't be enough people to get all the required work done

      05:20, or 06:20?

      + [epic, long, vivid] The Quest for Round Table (RT) King Arthur Supreme Pizza (KAS)

      [This is the best commercial chain pizza I've ever had, it's amazingly good, and even better than most specialty restaurant pizzas.]

      Enter club, tons of people, bouncer intercepts me (not open to public? not serving drinks?) directs me to back room.
      Back room, seated at desks and handcuffed to them (feet? day residue "Catch Me If You Can")
      There is a (promotional?) presentation under way and the promise is that there will be pizza (RTKAS)
      The pizza arrives and it's crap: it looks like a large souffle very doughy with large chunks of ham, I think "bait and switch!", someone gets keys and several of us take off the cuffs and leave.
      "I am the Christ, I am the ...., I am the ..." large wheel super heavy wooden doors kung-fu trap? Cult with leader? Only the leader can solve the puzzle and leave, it involves manipulating some controls and running to the very heavy doors and making it out in time, only the leader is strong enough to open the doors? I open them anyway and go out
      I approach a building, like a store/restaurant in a mall, I see the Round Table sign so I go in. There are pinball tables and guys playing and I think about playing too. The place has glass walls/windows [DS]. There are people sitting around at tables, I approach the counter there is a horizontal line of people waiting at the counter. I wait for my turn. As I'm waiting I notice that there are chicken satay skewers for sale displayed on the counter, I think about getting some. As I'm waiting I see them serving a spinach salad, the spinach is green and leafy, as the woman carries the plate to the counter a leaf falls off the plate, and she picks it up from the ground (ugh) and puts it back on the plate. When my turn comes I order the KAS, they say they don't have it. I complain and say they should have it. The woman to my right in line produces a menu and speaks (gibberish? Something in Indian?) and is showing that they do not have pizza it is an Indian restaurant. I'm angry and I take the manager outside with me to show him the "Round Table" sign to prove that it's a pizza place. I'm walking around the store from all sides but I can no longer see the sign.
      I'm indoors, inside a green cement bunker/dungeon-like labyrinth of corridors hallways and stairways, I think this is an underground university campus. There are women (nuns?) walking through the corridors. I come to an area that opens to the outside and there is a line of slate there in a part of the structure, I think they're using slate because it has a property of keeping in the heat.
      Walking through a mall I arrive to the large open indoor food court at the other side. It takes a long time to walk there I think. It's very fancy with high ceilings and glass ceiling/walls [DS], very open and airy and light, there are food counters all around and featuring a lot of Mexican food: tacos, etc. I move towards the pizza ordering counter, and I see in the hallway beyond the room I'm going through a very large, muscle-y man, no shirt on, big bumpy muscles, he's very aggressive and he's attacking people there in the hallway, bothering people who want to order. I don't want to deal with him. I get to the counter and place my order but I look at the receipt and it's going to take at least 2 hours and I don't want to wait that long
      Outdoors, driving in a car? I think about ordering RT KAS for delivery to my hotel. I wonder what will happen if the pizza arrives to the hotel before I get there, that may be an issue. I call and am placing the order but I can't remember the address of my hotel. I think I say it's name.
      Sitting in a restaurant with sons S1, S2. We're at a table, behind my back is the fairly large, open kitchen/service area behind a square counter that runs around the length of the area separating it from the seating area. I'm turning around and glancing at the workers there, they are very odd looking, and I mention this to S1, S2. "They're all weird, just look at them!" Some are small, some have strangely sized heads. [Like the back room post office scene in MIB 2]. A group of young punks with rainbow colored clown hair sit at our table, I think my sons will be making racial remarks about them, the guy across from me is sweating, and I feel that he is anticipating some bad remark
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. 2023-01-01 (Happy New Year!) dreams from the last week

      by , 01-01-2023 at 07:51 AM
      today (Happy New Year!)
      Everything wrong for sleeping: bedtime ~ 2am, watching video in bed before bed, 100g ice cream w/cookie, 2 glasses champagne...but hey, that's New Year's!

      + receiving phone call in top level of childhood park (deja vu, happens twice?), some payment needs to take place?

      2022-12-31 (morning of)

      + [thought dream?] piano fingering: thinking about playing scales and how the right hand starts with the thumb and the left hand starts with the pinky, and how this takes coordination

      + [f] with sons S1, S2, one of them (S2?) says my full name, I say "yes-eth?" as I used to do when younger when someone did that.

      + [f] toys on table (don't remember)

      + [long, vivid] playing team "RQB/tennis" in a very large old room, like a warehouse or a factory that's been emptied out, super high ceilings, old wall material, (brick, other stuff), table in the middle of the room, there are about 2-3 people on a team, I'm new, it's played with tennis racquets and a tennis ball, and you hit the ball to the front wall like in squash/racquetball, I ask the main guy there about the rules: "do you have to hit the ball to the front wall before it bounces twice on the ground? Can you use the ceiling?" (He answers "yes"?). On the table I open my hand and I'm holding a large pile of foam ear plugs, and everybody takes a pair from me, these are used, and I think it's sort of gross that everybody will be putting them in their ears. Think about swinging the racquet, it's heavy and inconvenient(?), not great for this fast sort of RQB-like game.
      Now outside and I'm chasing after a girl I like, she's running ahead of me. We're hopping from floating platform (about 1 meter square each one) to platform, and I manage to get ahead of her, I wonder if she'll notice, and then jump/flop/lie down in a boat, and she flops on top of me. I really like this girl, maybe love her, I'm holding her tightly in my arms lying on top of me, the other people (from the tennis club?) are in a boat parallel to us and I think they see us as a couple. (She turns into being made of yarn? [Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy day residue]).
      I'm thinking about that tennis club and think it used to be a a military factory? I "remember" that "yeah, it was the old Toyota plant".

      + it's daytime now and that car that was stuck in the snowbank IWL is still there and they're still trying to get it out. The house that is on the corner of the accident has a burst water pipe and the yard is entirely flooded. There is a floating large barge in the middle of the water flooded area and the residents are using it to cross from the street entrance to the house

      + [f] strange ceremony

      + boxing class/club? Indoors, narrow/long corridors, I'm DO? this is a boxing club, someone's fighting. There's a woman giving footwork instruction: she takes a bow-legged stance, and is saying to notice the location of the feet of the opponent, and if he gets too close, to call it out ("feet"?) as a violation of the rules


      + infiltrate building/church. There is a large box filed with brown liquid and machine parts, it is the heat exchange system of the building. Inside the building I think I may be recognized, a man challenges me, I see a woman who I think knows me


      + tricked in battle arena [don't remember]

      + something about BF MR?

      + [f] outdoor scene open area there are some guys running by and there is an explosion

      + scene at work in Microsoft (?) [false never worked there], in an office, there's a manager at a desk, talking to "Tim" ask if he still works at (Boeing?)
      Outdoors there is my "work area" which has my bed and it's very messy there are a lot of wrappers. It's in a parking lot outside the building, there are some shrubs around. I see there is a (box?) on the ground with a lot of junk/garbage and it has spilled, should I pick it up? There's another guy there who's going to help cleaning it up, I (he?) am/is using a shovel to gather together the garbage.

      + in a house, I see old GF SuBu, (she says?) "there's no time for music", there's a guy there (her new BF?), she comes walking with me and I think she's going to explain why we can't be together (?)


      + outdoors, large group of people, there's a ceremony that requires the location of a blue piece of grass among the huge field of regular green grass. We're using a girl who has the special ability ("blue vision") to find this blue grass, we're (magnifying?) her abilities and transmitting them to everybody so we can find it faster. Then the view zooms in to the ground and the special piece of blue grass is there, I'm amazed we found it, and I pluck it and take it with me.

      + team adventure/fight in a large indoor/outdoor structure (like a Tribes base) very rectangular block architecture, I can fly, I move up to a higher ledge. Inside an area with floating plates, I'm hopping from plate to plate

      2022-12-25 (?)

      + At PTL house, standing before the front entrance and kitchen window, look in and see TiZim, she is young there, I think we're homeschooling her at our house. Her mother PZ arrives. Then I'm standing within a house structure that is open and under construction, it's the neighbor's (Mar) house, my dad is there managing the project, some filter needs to be replaced, it's hard to do, it may be very expensive to do, some frame structure falls near me

      + Outdoors, daylight, I'm looking through the glass walls [DS] (on all four sides) of a small dry cleaner's, there are pieces of clothing hanging on hangers inside and I'm looking at them, I wonder which one is mine? But the cleaner's is closed.
      Moving on, there is a view of suitcases, my sister P asks me "is that your suitcase?" (I'm moving as a flying DO). The suitcase is full of my messages (?)
      There are neighbors walking by on the sidewalk, I'm concerned that they may complain about all the people who constantly are hanging around my house (the neighbors are scraping up poop from the sidewalk?)

      + [don't remember this one] Kids in hallway, kid dying in 2 years, he does what he wants

      + outdoors car with sons S1 S2, something about a National Geographic magazine (drawing? Inside the car?), I need my copy, S2 says to cut out the pics I need?

      + Examining the floor in a garage, a portion of it is cement, a portion of it is wooden boards/slats. Somebody (me?) wants access to the (treasure?) buried beneath the floor. Some guy says we need to dig all this up. I'm looking closely at the floor and thinking that will be a lot of work to dig it all up, then I find a latch for a small trap door, I open it and inside there is alot of sawdust there, ( I find another trap door with a latch handle?), it's quite small, about 1 foot square, and inside is full of sawdust/dust.

      + in a yard, I'm trying to hit a ball with a bat for kids to do fielding practice. I'm throwing the ball high in the air for myself and trying to hit it as it descends, I miss several times, then I start connecting with it, this happens when I swing higher (not waiting so long for the ball to fall).

      (more dreams, forgotten)