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    1. 2023-04-15

      by , 04-15-2023 at 06:14 AM
      Trying to reestablish DJing as a daily habit

      + wooden gym frame appears in my field of vision, fairly large, thick wooden beams, and I say "ooh, look a frame", there is a person to my right to whom I'm speaking. I approach it and do some pullups. There are a number of different handholds at different heights for pullups. (I speak to a gym rep who is talking about the cost of time on the frame?)

      + long-ish adventure moving around places inside and outdoors. At some point I inspect my fingers and I see that the fingertips are full of tiny thorns. I get a close up view and there are a lot of them they are bone white/yellow, and I start pulling them out (with tweezers?).

      + Riding in a car in the back seat up a hill my dad is driving there is a train along the hillside to our right and my dad is looking at it trying to get a view of it, I say "keep your eyes on the road, dad!" we will look at the train in more detail when we reach the station at the top of the hill. The car swerves dangerously close to the rock wall to our right but we do not hit it. At the top of the hill the scene changes to a multi-level laundry facility, there are stations for rent with very thick vacuum hoses that you can use to clean your car. There are tubs/depressions in the ground that people are filling with water and using to wash their clothes, first they put a shovel full of disinfectant powder to clean out the tub. At our tub someone asks me to put a lock on it.

      + outdoor scene on a city street, some women, something involving my kids?