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    Cyclic Dream

    by , 10-30-2023 at 11:19 PM (99 Views)
    I don’t really remember where this dream began. As the memory is sort of cyclical and I feel like the end of this dream was also the beginning. I’m going to start at what I think was the actual chronological beginning of the dream. Edit: there was some fire jets flying involved somewhere but I dont remember where.

    I recall I was in a sort of outdoor fair/festival type thing. A bunch of dream figures are set up at card tables and portable tents in a crumbling parking lot in a wooden nature preserve. I am there and I am fully lucid.

    I see who looks like my old Taekwondo instructor sitting at a table. He is dressed oddly. His hair and beard are long and unkempt and he wears a black beanie hat and hoodie like a homeless person or criminal, but still has his same personality. He is selling a bunch of dreamcatchers in various sizes. I study them looking over the offerings trying to find one that I like. There is one, the ring is dark brown with lighter brown thread making up the web and complex beads and agates dangling from below that bind in the feathers.

    I decide against it because this is a dream and there would be no sense in buying an item that would not be there when I am awake. (Not entirely true because my dreams do have persistence and dreamcatchers have utility in the dream space for dealing with nightmares) I then meet another dream figure who starts talking to me. He is tall and broad shouldered, with short dark hair. I think he might be jonathan but intuitively I know he is not. I can kind of sense his energy and he’s a minor dream figure. The dream figure comes up to me and says.

    “You know theres three types of people I really hate in this world. Social Security collecting trump voters who drive trucks with multiple steering wheels, Karens and Taekwondo instructors.”

    “Hey now. My taekwondo instructor was one of the best people I ever knew. You probably just had a bad one.”

    “No. All of them are bad. They have no respect.”

    “Well you have to earn their respect. Were you a bad student?”

    “I don’t have to take that from you. They’re all bad people because they don’t know how to find jesus.” But he flinches in a sort of guilty way. I can kind of ‘read his energy’. He was a bad student.

    “Listen.” I speak sternly and make my posture firm. “My taekwondo instructor was one of the few genuinely good people I ever knew in life. I’m not letting anyone make assertions like that in my dream..”

    “Your dream? No this is MY Dream! I just learned how to lucid dream and you’re just a dream character so I can say and do whatever I want!”

    “Set barrier arc vector offset to my left pointer finger. Radius decimal one.”

    The purple barrier appears around my finger as requested with a radius of ten centimeters. About the size of a basketball.

    “What?” The dream character asks, looking at my finger pointing at him.

    “Collision on. Offset velocity ten meters per second.”

    The barrier shoots off the tip of my finger. Not bullet fast but like ‘car on a residential street’ speeds. During our conversation me and the dream character walked inside of an incomplete building. It had no roof and the walls were just timber framing with unfinished drywall on the inside. The barrier impacts the dream character in the stomach pushing him along through the air. He smashes through the drywall and timber and flies through the woods several dozen meters until he is above the shore of a lake.

    “Stop.” The barrier stops moving away. “Roll pi radians.” It rotates. The dream figure is still in the same position with the barrier on his stomach but hes holding onto it now, but now the barrier has rotated to put him upside down, dangling head first over the lake. “Disable barrier shield.” The barrier blinks out and the troublesome dream figure falls headfirst into the lake.

    “...And I have been doing this for fifteen years. Get gud.”

    Marcus appears. He puts me in an altered state of consciousness and shows me the experience from the ‘other lucid dreamers’ point of view, saying that the dream figure was me because every dream figure is me in a way. It’s interesting because from his point of view the barrier was invisible, and thats why he was confused.

    “If this is the state of affairs every lucid dreamer will be too arrogant to realize when the first shared dreaming event occurs because they will think they are the only lucid dreamer. What I don’t understand is why I didn’t see the barrier.”

    “It’s invisible to normal humans but glows at 128 nanometers wavelength because thats the spacing between the spacetime convection cells. That spacing invokes the casimir effect pulling photons of that wavelength from the great tapestry. It doesn’t have to glow but I like to be able to see what I’m doing.”

    “You see there are two types of dream control. Left brain and Right brain. Now you have learned both. Someone else will probably try to classify it but since lucid dreaming is an emerging science they will probably make a cursed classification system like the HR diagram is for stars since they don’t understand it. I will hate to read that book but someone who thinks they know more than they know will probably write it soon.” Marcus states.

    The dream scene has focused on our conversation and morphed to my middle school gymnasium. I decide I don’t want to have a school dream so I do some kind of vague dream control to change the scene. I find myself in a forest.

    It is late autumn and most of the leaves are in a carpet on the ground. The trees produce helicopters like maple trees but they are reddish orange. I play with them on the ground for a bit trying to stabilize the dream better. There is a fresh layer of the reddish orange helicopters over an older layer of dead brown leaves. I think that I am a little bit cold but not too uncomfortable, seeing that I am wearing shorts and literally nothing else.

    I walk around for a bit as the forest turns to pine trees and I am now walking on a dirt trail that runs along a lake. I do some of the typical poking and prodding with my dream body just experimenting how it reacts to different things before I start sprinting along the trail. I shout for other dream figures but seem to be alone.

    Eventually I come to this boardwalk which bridges over a swamp/wetland area. The boardwalk has a sort of platform off to the side with a bunch of gymnastics bars on it and a big plywood box about 2m cubed thats filled with water. I get the intonation that this is like a park near where my aunt and uncle live. It is a pretty standard nature trail but it has a number of “exercise stations” along the way. There are pull-up bars and balance beams and all that type of stuff. I play around on them doing all kinds of moves and positions that would either require years of serious training or probably not even be humanly possible at all. I take note that I don’t really have any pain or difficulty doing this, aside from some tightness in my chest and difficulty breathing. I make a mental note that thats the “crappy waking body” dealing with asthma, and its bleeding through into the dream.

    I remember a little girl walked up to me and asked me about the crate of water. She said it was supposed to be a water filtration system for her village and I shouldn’t be playing on it. I apologize and she offers to lead me back. I woke up here, but a conflicting memory also tells me that this scene led into me arriving at the art festival scene where the dream began.
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