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    1. NerdCON

      by , 04-03-2012 at 02:31 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was in the living room of my own house, and there was this convention-type thing going on. But everything in the convention including me was very small. I was probably only a couple inches tall.
      The first thing I remember was this robot battle arena thing. There were these two robots. One was small and more human-like, while the other looked sort of big and hulking. I can't remember them actually fighting though.
      Then, I went by the part of the convention where people were selling their old toys, comics, etc. I found a bin of action figures I decided I wanted, but I could not find the guy selling them.
      I went up to the booth next to him and asked the guy standing there where the guy selling the toys I wanted was. he said he had already left and that the convention was over.
      Then I realized that everyone was packing up and I just decided to take the action figures. Since the guy who left them must've not cared about them.

      I was at the park by my neighborhood. I wanted to go on the swing, but there were two girls from my class on the swing.
      "Crap, now what am I supposed to do."
      Both of the girls jumped off and I got on one of them. Then the girls stood in front of the swing and wanted high-fives from me every time I swung close to them.

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    2. Long random dreams, LD #2

      by , 04-02-2012 at 02:55 PM (Lucid Time!)
      The first thing I can remember was coming home from school and being very excited. My mother told me that my old childhood friends (their names being Riley and JP) were coming up from Georgia for a visit.
      I came home and went into my room and played Minecraft for a little while. Then I went on the internet and there was this article about these explosions happening because of some gas that had escaped into the atmosphere. They were talking about what states in the US had explosions over them.
      Then, the knock on the door. I ran over to see, and sure enough my two childhood friends were there. They were coming in and for some reason I was having trouble seeing them.
      My mom came upstairs and took me into the bathroom. She told me that I had some sort of sickness that caused my eyes to swell up and make it difficult to see. She said that it would go away in a couple of hours.
      Eventually Riley and JP were up in my room. I showed them the article on the internet about the explosions happening. The article had updated and there was a video that showed the times that the explosions had happened. Then a newscaster came on and said "This catastrophe is only going to get worse."
      Around this time my problem seeing wore off and I could see fine again.
      My parents called me from downstairs and told me that I had to go to some kind of after-school study session or something. I told them I wanted to stay home and be with my friends, but they told me that if I did not go I was grounded.
      We all got into the car and drove to my school. I was walking down the hallway, and I told Riley and JP that I was sorry that they were having such a bad time visiting me when all of this boring stuff was happening.
      Then I took out this comic strip I drew. I wanted them to read it while I was studying so that they wouldn't be bored. The comic strip showed people fighting, but the paper had some kind of power, and the comic strip was animated. It was sort of like a stop-motion movie with a bunch of drawings actually moving around on the page. The problem was the animations would only play once.
      Then my parents made us get into the car again. He told us we were going to the arcade and going to see a movie. I cannot remember what movie we were seeing, just that I did not want to go see it. I said that I did not want to go to the arcade because it was a crappy, worn down place.
      He said that we could just go to the movie, but I think we went to the arcade anyway.

      Then I cannot remember how I arrived at the far side of my own neighborhood. It was foggy and cold. There was a man wearing a black jacket mugging me. I can remember him having a big knife.

      I became Lucid and immediately took care of the threat at hand by throwing a huge fireball at him. But as soon as I did that the dream destabilized too quickly for me to salvage it.

      I was awake, and I'm about 95% sure I was actually awake, and had not just FA'd. I affirmed to myself that I would go back to sleep but remember all of the dreams that I already had.

      I fell back into another non-lucid dream. I was actually inside the game Minecraft and there were these guards. They told me that I was in trouble for stealing. They told me that I had to go inside a wooden building; that was like a jail or something. I went inside, and It looked like any Minecraft house. There was a bed, a workbench and a couple storage chests.
      For some reason, I got really sad and sort of spiritual. I began punching the walls of the building, and just as in the game, I got out of the building and went onto the rooftop. I moved the bed up there and went to sleep. But just as I was falling asleep, I can remember someone walking towards the bed.

      I false awoke back into the same dream. I was really groggy and the dream was no longer like Minecraft. I was just in a bed. I was laying on my side with my arms wrapped around something.
      I got up and realized there was another person. I got up into a crawling position and realized who it was. I won't tell you her name, but I will tell you that SHE is from my school, she hates me, and she was totally naked!
      To some relief, I noticed that I was wearing cargo shorts and a T-shirt.
      I asked her what she thought she was doing she told me that she "could not resist any longer" I guess my mortal terror and shock caused me to have another false awakening.

      I had a vivid false awakening in my own bedroom. There was this boy in my room (who's name was Connor I think)
      He said that he was borrowing an eyepiece from my telescope to look at something.
      He set up this really old looking telescope on my windowsill and looked out at the sky from my window. I told him to just stay as long as he wanted. I was going back to sleep.

      I finally woke up in real life, after all of those dreams. I made sure to RC to make sure I was not going to FA again without catching it.

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    3. Weird enviromentalist DC

      by , 04-02-2012 at 03:35 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I used to have an aunt and uncle that lived in a sparse neighborhood near the edge of our town. But they moved to Alabama when I was about 8. This dream supposedly involved them.

      My parents told me they were taking me to see a new garbage dump that they had put in where my aunt and uncle used to live. We drove along this country road. It was summertime and the forest was green and lush. We finally arrived at their neighborhood and got out of the car. I was with my parents and some other girl I didn't know.
      I got out and started wading in a pond.
      "It's a shame isn't it. Ever since they put in the new garbage dump, this pond is polluted and the fish are dying."
      I looked into the water, and I could see the sandy bottom and fish swirling around.
      We waded along the shoreline until we came to a clearing in the woods.
      The stranger girl beat me there. For some reason, she looked very hazy. All I could make out was that she had black hair.
      The ground showed evidence of a heavy vehicle, and there was a rather small hill. Supposedly, it was the garbage dump, but it was quite small. Perhaps four feet high, and ten feet at the base. If there was garbage, they covered it over with dirt.
      The stranger-girl I was now alone with kept talking about the garbage dump. I just sort of sat there quietly so that she could let her thoughts out. She seemed so sad.

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    4. Strange Force (LD #1)

      by , 03-31-2012 at 01:58 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was going though some dream at school about picking up some gym clothes for a friend or something. I walk into the gym and immediately get blown back by some powerful force.
      I tried to get up but I was paralyzed except on my right arm.
      Someone grabbed my left arm and told me that I was dreaming. I have no idea who. They started dragging me along the floor.
      Whatever was in my schools gymnasium we had to get away from it as fast as possible. Even though I had no idea what was in there, I started throwing fireballs into the gym. The fireballs looked small and weak.

      We got to the end of a hallway, and whoever I was with said we had to go out the window. I thought of another power to use. I told myself that when I clapped my hands there was a sonic boom that would break all the windows. I tried to imagine it happening and what the windows would look like after they were destroyed.
      But whoever I was with found that the next window was completely missing and we went out that way.
      I somehow wound up on the street outside of my school with some of my friends. I told them that I was dreaming and that I wanted to try some flying. One of them got out a plastic skateboard ramp and told me to run of it and when I did I could start flying. I looked to the sky and saw several planets that I could fly to.
      I ran at the ramp from a ways away and tried to launch off of it. It totally failed. I just jumped and landed on the pavement. I made no effort to stabilize the dream as I began to wake up at this point. I woke up.

      Future me: That dream character was Lia you idiot.

      Further Future Me: Her name is Manei.

      I fell asleep on the couch apparently and went up to my bed. I decided that since I knew that I was in a REM cycle I could do a WILD. I tried to lay still and count to relax. Then I remember trying to create some nonsense as in a free-falling WILD. It cut off at some point when I fell asleep non lucid.

      It was short, blurry and made no sense but it was a lucid nonetheless.

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    5. Archeotypes of good and evil

      by , 09-16-2010 at 03:38 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Like most of my early lucid dreams, there was a nonlucid part that I'm going to skip over and ignore. Although, If I remember correctly, this is where the famous "herryour sandwich" dream happened.

      Anyways, I got lucid, but for some reason, I wasn't moving. I don't know if it was because I couldn't move, or was in "spectator" mode. Or because I was just too blown away by what I was seeing to actually be engaged in it. Also, if you've ever wondered why in my dreams, I flag my dream characters; Lia and Jonathan as good and evil archetypes. This is why.
      I recognized the dream location immediately. It was an imaginary city that I dreampt up as a child. The city was called Vejasu. (Pronounced VE-HAH-SUE) The idea was that the city was built in a massive crater, and therefore surrounded by mountains. This created a massive circular valley, roughly 20 miles on edge. Most of the valley was filled with water, but there was a small island only about two miles across where the actual city was.
      But this was where the similarities to my imaginary city ended. The island was mostly just an open field. There were a few scattered ruins implying the city had long since been abandoned/destroyed. Final note, the sky was clear and it was sunny.
      Save for the building we were on. It looked like some armored warehouse or fortress made from stone and metal, with gravel on the roof.
      But I wasn't at all transfixed by the setting. It was what was going on in front of me. Lia and Jonathan were fighting. Jonathan was operating some kind of robotic suit that could best be described as the body of a very muscular man made of a copper-colored metal. The suit lacked a head, but rather a cockpit where I could see a sort of bust-shot of Jonathan. The rest of him, obviously inside, controlling whatever device.
      Lia didn't have anything. (Why do the bad guys always get the cool stuff?!) But she was holding her own by doing this duck and weave thing. (I never took her as atheltic/agile at all until this day.) From what I could gather, she was trying to climb up the mech and get him out of there.
      Jonathan eventually landed a punch and sent her off the roof of said building. I was finally able to move and went after her, forgetting about my dream "nemesis". I jumped off the roof and came next to her, where she didn't look injured or even dazed. But she was laying on the ground and didn't seem capable of moving.
      We just looked at each other for a few seconds, until I looked over to see Jonathan. He wasn't in the mech suit anymore, and he was pointing a gun at me. Bang! I woke up.
    6. The "Lake" dream

      by , 06-11-2010 at 02:54 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I originally didn't think that this dream was deserving of it's own separate entry, but I like the use of my terraskating power in it, so I decided to write the whole thing out.

      I was swimming in some lake. The whole dream has this sort of grey, foggy atmosphere. I am near the shore, that just seems to be a grassy hill. There is a fallen decayed tree in the water, not too far from where I am, with an elderly woman on it.
      The woman explains that she is a "flowerbender". (So I guess it's like the elemental benders in ATLA) and that gives her the power to make flowers grow as well as move fully grown flowers. She makes a number of flowers grow out of a crevasse in the fallen log, and tells me to grab onto them.
      I look to my right and see an advancing wave. Well, it's not really a wave so much as it is just a wall of water. This used to be one of my childhood dream signs. To be at a lake or beach, and these sort of waves would advance on me, causing me to have dreams where I would be washed around barely able to keep my head above water.
      And, because I'm so familiar with this dream sign, I get
      lucid. I decide that the lady's advice is obviously crap, so I decide to do my own thing. I get up and start moving my feet like I'm skating, and I begin to run along the surface of the water, easily going fifty miles an hour.
      I stay away from the shore, and realize that the lake is actually sort of U shaped. The grassy shore I see is the indent of the U. The rest of the lake is surrounded by a more forest-like biome, though the trees seem to be dead or lacking leaves. I skate around the entire "U" barely clipping the inside bend. Until I get to the other end of the lake. I run onto shore, muddy and devoid of grass, but keep going with the ice-skating motion.
      I pass over a road that goes through the woods. 5-10 dream characters are there, and they all watch in amazement as I pass them at 30-50mph. After I cross the road, I am going down a dirt path between a cornfield and the forest. I make a hard right and go down a separate path.
      I put my hands down to my side and project my "energy" out of them and begin flying on jets of blue fire. The dream fades and I wake up.

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    7. Jonathan's Attack

      by , 05-16-2010 at 12:33 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Actually written on 2-17-2014

      Forget the pictures. We have Opheila to thank for that.

      Anyways, I'm having some dream about sneaking into some base and stealing something. I don't recall much of the dream up until the part where I escaped the base.
      I am on this beach area that becomes a desert. There are mountains in the distance. Lia is there and she is what prompts me to reality check.
      I become lucid. She seems distressed; we're in a rush to get out of here. I see something flying toward us in the distance and hear a thumping sound, like something is walking.
      So Jonathan, my dream nemesis comes down on this hovering platform device and deploys all these combat robots.
      Now if I were faced with this setup today, I'd probably reduce this small army to a pile of scrap metal relatively quickly. But this was only my 15th or 16th induced lucid dream. And most of my lucid dreams before that had been Layer 1's where I had immediately woken up upon becoming lucid. So I had little practice.
      I look over my shoulder. Manei says one word to me.

      What?! Why are we running?! I'm lucid. We can kick some robot butt! It's just a couple of combat robots! This would have been the coolest dream ever... ugh forget it.

      Well we're off and running. Now I don't know if it's like a dream guide thing or something, but should she be able to run at like fifty miles per hour? I can't keep up with her. I didn't know terraskating yet, so I just stuck to my measly sprinting speed.
      Afterwards, we end up arriving in this small town about two miles from the base. The dream begins to take more of a positive spin at this point. Lucky for us, you can't get tired from running in a dream. We went into a fenced off pool and I learned how to breathe underwater in a dream. I simply figured that in a dream, if you can breathe through your pinched nose because your nose isn't actually pinched. So you can breathe underwater because you aren't actually underwater.
      I got some good manifesting practice in. And met the dream character that I would eventually identify as Marcus. I woke up not long after.

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    8. Formal Teachings

      by , 07-01-2009 at 02:22 AM (Lucid Time!)
      There were really only two times that I actually received instruction form my dream guide on controlling my dreams. These dreams actually happened several months apart, but for the sake of time, I want to lump them together as they both share a similar premise.

      I was in some kind of ice cave type area. There were a number of hooded figures around me. One of them was shorter, thinner, and obviously female. (My dream guide, I would only actually discover that about 20 lucid dreams later.) She was reading from some big ancient looking spell-book.
      "To shoot water from one's hand is "Waterspray""
      I held up one hand and said "Waterspray" A torrent of water shot out of my hand. The water was drawn from thin air apparently. I also took note that the water seemed to be turning in a vortex like a tornado.
      "To create a more powerful blast, use both hands and say "Watersplash""
      I held up both hands, like I was doing a Kamehameha, and yelled "Watersplash". A big burst of water shot out of my hands, but stopped immediately.
      The rest of the dream was comparatively kind-of boring. I'm going to stop here.

      Unlike the first dream where I received a lesson, this dream actually started with something boring going on.
      The dream got good when I was in my living room. Manei was there, and she was teaching me something called the "power of K" (I renamed it the power of "Khey") because that's what it sounds like to say the spell word.
      She explained to me that this is a destructive spell that you can use by looking away from your target and shouting "Khey" to destroy it. The reason for looking away was that it makes it easier to destroy, because you don't have to think about how something looks when its being destroyed. You only have to think about how something looks before its destroyed and after.
      I was practicing on the wall in my living room. Turning away and shouting "Khey" then turning back and seeing a hole in the wall where I had looked away.

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    9. Welcome to your dreams, I will be your guide...

      by , 04-22-2009 at 03:19 AM (Lucid Time!)
      This was from the first night I tried lucid dreaming. I would continue to be a lurker for awhile longer and even went on another account for awhile.

      I think that account got banned when I tried to manually hard-delete all of my DJ entries by putting the word 'Deleted' in place of all the entries.

      Anyways, I think I was so hyped on Lucid Dreaming the first night that I found myself already lucid in a dream. The first thing I remember was being on the beach resort that I dream about. (I dream about that place a LOT, so we're just going to describe it as THAT beach resort.)
      But the detail that I remember was that I wasn't just standing on the beach, but I started about 20 feet in the air, and fell in the sand. It didn't hurt or anything. As soon as I got up, I said.
      "Ooh, I'm lucid dreaming!"
      I looked around, there was only one other dream character on the beach. He was laying in a reclining chair, reading some magazine. He looked like an Asian man, probably in his 50's or 60's. He told me about his daughter, and that she was missing her hair clip, and wanted me to find it for her. I'm not really certain why I decided to follow along with this idiotic dream plot. I guess I didn't have as good of lucidity as I remember. Keep in mind this was my first ever properly induced lucid dream.
      I had a weird sense that what I was looking for was in one of the hotel rooms. I checked the first two, and they were completely vacant. But in the third one, there was a red hair clip on the floor just inside the door. I grabbed it, and looked up and to my left. There was the girl who I assumed was the man's daughter.
      I walked over to her, and gave her the clip. She thanked me, but never actually took it. Then she began taking off her clothes to reveal that she had several outfits on in layers. But she could transition between them in a very dreamlike manner; such as take off a pair of shorts, and have a pair of long pants on underneath. She asked my opinion on each outfit that she was wearing, trying to see what will impress me. My replies were all like "enhh..." and "It's okay...". As it turns out this girl would be Manei, my own dream guide.
      So after a brief fashion show from my future dream guide, the dream began to destabilize. I tried to dream spin, recalling what I had read on dreamviews. But my dream destabilized too fast and I lost control.

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    10. Jonathan's Robots

      by , 12-16-2008 at 03:38 AM (Lucid Time!)
      This is less of a childhood dream and more of a childhood dream fragment.

      I am in my own neighborhood. It is wintertime. I encounter a robot that looks like Jonathan. (Persistent dream Nemesis) Don't ask me how I know it is a robot, I just do.
      Well it is a robot, but it has a rubber skin to make it look like an actual person. I start having a fight with it for some reason. The robot is ridiculously strong, it can pick me up with one hand and throw me about 10 yards, and it does so repeatedly.
      I eventually climb onto the robot's back and try to break its head off. I hear a snapping sound and see that the rubber skin has ripped around the neck and that sparks are flying out of the joint.
      I am exhausted and beaten. I drop the defeated robot. I look down the street. About 20 of these robots are walking in a row shoulder to shoulder towards me. I run to my friend's house and bang on the door begging him to let me in. He will not. As the robots close in, panic takes hold of me and causes me to wake up.

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    11. The Avatar Dream(s)

      by , 02-16-2008 at 02:52 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Actually Written On: 2.15.2014

      So I have been thinking about this dream a lot ever since another dreamviews user (god help me for their name.) has been posting tutorials on bending the elements in lucid dreams. There are several interesting things that I would like to make a note of throughout this dream. I am going to assume you know who these characters are, and not provide background.

      The dream actually takes place in this sort of post-apocalyptic version of my own town. Now because of city planning logic, we have two middle schools built next to each other. (In RL) And this dream took place while I was in middle school, and heavily interested in the Last Airbender series.
      Anyways, I am heading down the main road and the first location I passed was my middle school. Or what was left of it. The entire school was just a pile of blackened rubble. Some voice or presence in the dream explained to me that this was because of the fire nation.
      Secondary note, It is very foggy throughout the entire dream.
      I then pass the other middle school and note that it has been converted into a high security prison. There is a fence topped with coiled barbed wire around it, and the windows have been replaced with bars.
      But perhaps the most interesting thing was that the prisoners were in the yard, but they were inside these large metal wheels. Basically think of it as you made a hamster wheel big enough for a person, and its made out aluminum, like a chain-link fence. Supposedly these contraptions were designed to prevent the prisoners from fighting with one another or escaping.
      Anyways, I get to the end of the road. There are no cars driving on the road, and Appa is parked in the middle of the intersection. Aang, Sokka, Katara and Toph are all there. Also, funny thing, they looked like cartoon characters, but they were moving around in a three dimensional realistic looking dream world. Side note: I am not entirely sure how that works, even to this day. They talk with me as if they already know me and ask me if I would like to take a ride on Appa with them. I accept.
      I climb onto Appa and we take off. Flying isn't that great because it's so foggy, and I can't really see where we are going or how high up we are. We don't even fly very far, we just land outside my neighborhood.
      The dream still had this post-apocalyptic theme to it, and my neighborhood had a large wall put up around it that was supposed to keep out marauders. There is a booth with a gate and a security guard. I show the guard my pass and tell him that the Avatar characters are my friends and that they can come with me into the neighborhood. The guard begrudgingly lets everyone in.
      We get to my house and my mother is the only one there. I think that in the post-apocalyptic storyline of the dream, my dad was dead. My mom asks about all of my new friends (because at this time, she didn't know what ATLA) was. I tell them that they are just friends that I've met and she has no suspicion about the fact that they look like cartoons lost in our 3D world, or that they have rather odd outfits on.
      We go down into the basement, and we are finally "safe". I don't know what we are trying to get away from. Maybe Zuko...
      Well everyone gets all relaxed. Aang starts flying around on an air scooter. Toph proceeds to tear up part of the concrete floor in our basement and practice earthbending with it. Sokka starts sharpening his boomerang. Katara states that she identified me as a waterbender and wants to teach me to use my ability.
      She gets a large plastic storage bin and fills it with water from the downstairs bathtub and places it in the center of the basement. We stand on opposite sides of it and thus begins my waterbending session.
      We go through the push and pull move (the first move they learn on the show too.) Easy enough. We go to the second move, streaming the water. It's much more difficult and I cannot hold the stream without it falling and splashing on the ground. Katara continually tries to correct and adjust my form, but the water simply refuses to cooperate.
      I decide to try to stream the water slightly differently and make water balls that surround my hands and connect to the water in the plastic bin by a thin stream of water. This seems easier to control. She gets a strange look of confusion as to what I am trying to do, but she doesn't stop me or correct my form, so I must be doing something right. I decide to see if I can make ice. I just think cold and try to freeze the water in the tub. But instead I freeze the water balls around my hands.
      Oops. Katara, can you undo this...? I don't know how to make ice back into water. I try to think warm thoughts and picture the ice melting, but it doesn't work.
      Katara: Okay, let me try... this.
      She shatters the ice and my frozen hands.
      I am left with broken bleeding stumps on the ends of my arms. It doesn't hurt very bad, but it looks disgusting. Everyone in the room starts screaming in horror and I wake up.

      A few nights later, the dream continued in a way. I was thinking about the dream a lot, and wishing that I could continue learning waterbending in my dreams.
      Anywas, back in the basement. The tub of water is there again, but it seems shallow-er. Katara is there, but all the other characters are absent. Also she looks like a real person now and not a cartoon. We do a little bit of waterbending practice, though I can't recall the details. I think I may have finally gotten the "streaming the water" move down better.

      A few more nights later, I had the third installment of the dream. This time we were in a canyon environment that looked like a background from the show. In fact, everything looked like the show. The water, the characters, even me.
      We did some practice that was a little more advanced with making ice and some other advanced maneuvers. I was actually getting pretty good by now.
      But I think I ended up getting cut on a flying ice disk and getting killed.

      And now: Side noteapalooza:

      First of all, after these dreams, Bending of the elements just became an integral part of my dreams. It certainly wasn't common, but it was just something you would see to encounter a bender of any element in my dreams from time to time, or for me to find out that I had one or more elements under my control. It was never treated as special, It was just an accepted part of my dreams. I could have a completely unrelated dream and encounter a bender. Nobody would really care. Also, in my dreams, for some odd reason, it usually seemed like Airbenders were the evil ones.

      Second, this is really interesting because before I began practicing lucid dreaming, this was the closest that I ever came to properly practicing lucid dreaming. Think about it, inducing dreams, practicing control. I didn't quite have the "lucid" part down, but this was really the precursor to my lucid dreaming adventure.

      Then one thing that really got me all excited/confused/weirded out. I noticed that Manei, my dream guide, actually kind of looks like Katara. (Aside from the differences in age, hair length, outfit, and the fact that Manei has a very broad range of magical abilities, with waterbending being only a small part of that.)
      Even more convincing was the first thing that I was taught by her was the "waterspray" move. (Essentially an advanced waterbending move that pulls water from the air. Something that could not be done on the show, but in many fictional universes is an aspect of water-based magic.) She also once demonstrated a healing ability that looked similar to the one on the show.
      Well, now I'm both excited and creeped out. If my theory is true, that my dream guide has been teaching me powers since before I knew I could lucid dream... That is so AWESOME! But also really scary...

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    12. Recalling Childhood Lucid Dreams

      by , 06-16-2006 at 02:47 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I'm posting these as a block update. These are lucid dreams I had when I was a child. I'm trying to do that whole congruent dream journal thing.

      I can remember being in this sort of mine or cave. There were lots of cells in the wall. Each one had an archway of a huge iron door. There was a group of people in each catacomb. All of the people were dressed in rags and looked hungry and weak.
      Darth Vader was there (As hilarious as it sounds) and he was the main bad guy. I can remember him saying something about the people could either eat poisonous food or die of hunger. I knew that I could not overpower him, so I tried to hide behind some rocks.
      I was worried that he would be able to sense me with the force, and sure enough at that moment, he turned around and cut my head off with his lightsaber.
      My disembodied head rolled off an underground cliff and down a large circular shaft. I can remember it falling past a conveyor belt that was assembling people by attaching muscles, organs and bones. This type of thing was a common theme with nightmares when I was a kid.
      When I got to the bottom, I fell into green liquid. I assumed it was acid, and it was dissolving my head that was still alive. At this point a I just thought for some reason.

      "This has GOT to be a dream!"
      I flew up out of the shaft, smashing the nightmare assembly line. I was in my full body again. Darth vader turned around, but before he could draw his lightsaber, I blasted him with a massively powerful white laser beam from my hand.
      He flew out of the cave, and onto a platform surrounded by water. In fact, the cave existed only in a small mountain with ocean all around. He got up. I was flying above him, ready to strike again. But my vision was taken out of my body, and I watched myself blast him again and again.
      Eventually the whole lucid dream sort of zoomed turned out to be a movie that was playing on the television in my basement. and I lost lucidity.
      I can remember my mom came downstairs.
      "This movie is too scary for you! Why don't you watch something else?"

      Then I woke up.

      It just occurred to me. I talk alot about dream characters being hostile toward my lucidity. I wonder if my mom saying that the "movie" (being me lucid dreaming and battling my nightmare) is "scary" implies that dream characters opposed me being lucid even then.

      This next lucid dream I had when I was a little older. Maybe fifth or sixth grade, judging by the context. It was interesting because I did so many things that normally only a trained lucid dream should know how to do.

      I was having some dream about being late for school. (When in elementary school, you can't even really get in trouble for being late for school. Maybe this was sixth grade, when I started middle school.)
      I ran out the door with my backpack. I couldn't help but notice that the outside was vivid, colorful. I got to the edge of the street, and I began to think... I'm never late for school in real life. But I am in dreams, all the time. (I figured out dream signs all by myself, a full 4-6 years before I began lucid dreaming.)
      This has GOT to be a dream! (That used to be my go-to phrase as a kid, essentially how I became lucid.)
      I tried to use my dream control powers to make quartz crystals spike up out of the ground. It didn't work, but instead caused the grass to grow. I began running around the front lawn of my house causing the grass everywhere to be as tall, if not taller than me.
      I then decided I wanted to fly around in a CBM. (A CBM was something I made up as a kid. It was short for Cyborg Battle Mech, essentially it was Iron Man armor. As a kid, me and a bunch of my friends would draw our own CBMs and duel one another and the likes.)
      My CBM was a very lightweight, sleek design with green silver paint. Not great for winning fights, but good for flying in a lucid dream. I began flying through the sky, and I took notice that there were floating islands of rock in the sky. I began weaving in and around them, and began to go into the third person mode of dreaming. As I did, I came to the largest floating island, that had a tube cut up through the middle.
      I noticed something wrong with my CBM. The fires coming out of the rocket thrusters were orange and red, rather than blue. I flew in more closely and was able to start changing the color to blue. Just as I did, I woke up.

      Final lucid. Not very interesting.

      I was helping my mom in the garden. There were these two big mounds of what looked like wood chips. Somebody somewhere explained to me that they were in fact termite colonies of some sort. I hit one with a rake, and it broke open. The "termites" began swarming around me like killer bees and biting me.
      Whup nope. This can't be right! I'm dreaming!
      I decided I wanted to fly on a hover board. I conjured one and began to fly off but the area was so foggy that I only flew a few hundred feet before the dream destabilized.

      So this sort of wraps it up. That's all I can remember about lucid dreaming from my childhood. Most of these came between 2003-2007-ish. Between 2007-2009 I didn't really dream at all. (Or at least recall any of my dreams, because middle school, horror-mones, worst time of my life. I became interested in lucid dreaming officially sometime in 2010. I think it was around April 4th 2010.

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