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    Spell's Comp Day 5: Well, I tried to summon help...

    by , 04-15-2016 at 02:33 PM (353 Views)
    I remember a dream about being on my college campus. I remember hardly anything about it save for the fact that I was in the cafeteria eating the baked chicken that they served there occasionally. (My favorite meal from that cafeteria, even though I rarely went there.)

    All that I remember past that was that I was walking somewhere from the cafeteria. became lucid because it was
    Friday and I realized I didn't have to be on campus today, so I must be dreaming. but I Layer 1'd almost immediately...


    A dream about me and my Dream-Dad. We were playing a game together. MMF! WATH? DREAM DAD IS COOPERATIVE? [RC's] Anyways, we are each play as one of these Mechs. They look like the cougars from Mechwarrior. We have three weapons. Machine Gun, Rockets and Sniper cannon. We head out and encounter the bad guys. There are three of them piloting heavy slow mechs.

    We hide behind some rocks and shoot them. They are so slow that they can't hit us. We beat them. I remember thinking something about there being no weapons in the game with splash damage and how we might use that to our benefit.

    The same three players kept coming after us in different mechs. Flying Mechs. Tanks. Etc. We would always beat them, but we were running out of ammo. We went back to our base. (That was underneath this big energy shield dome, and got ammo crates.) The bad guys came back. One of them was piloting a dropship and the other two were in mechs. One mech was big and heavy. (Mad Cat) and the other was very small and ran very fast. Now that the bad guys were mixing up their strategy, we were having a harder time fighting them.

    I woke up.


    I remember I was walking in town. I saw a Jeep-like car come over the hill and roll sideways. It skidded on its side down the road, leaking gasoline out of the exhaust pipes. I thought there would be an explosion.

    I then saw a bus in the parking lot of the Wendy's that was on fire. I heard the people inside screaming and pushing on the glass. Someone asked why nobody could get the door open. I ran to help everyone but the door opened as I got close and everyone got out of the smoky bus. I saw a couple of cops ride into town on a motorcycle. One of them pulled out a gun and shot into the air to restore order.

    I realized that the whole downtown area was falling into chaos. There was what looked like a riot going on and people were rolling over cars and buildings were on fire. I decided I would run to somewhere safe, so I turned and ran in the direction of my old school.

    "This is a Nightmare, I thought to myself. A Nightmare... wait.
    [Nose Pinches]." Yeah.

    I remember the dream had lost a lot of stability because I had been stressed and scared by the disaster scenes in town.
    I DEILDed and came back into the dream where I was living in my apartment. Apparently in dream, I had my own apartment in town now. (Though it was in the place of a house.)

    The entire room was a bathtub, toilet, sink and a small bed, with a tiled floor. I for some reason shouted 'This is my Dream Base! I will return here in every dream and become lucid!' I then decided that it was a dream, and I could make the room bigger. So I took a deep breath and began doing a pushing motion. The room was big enough that I couldn't touch the walls, but I was trying to... psychically push them farther apart. And it worked.

    I then decided I would summon Manei. So I looked at the door, and did my good old fashioned 'Manei, Kuansen Axio Sosubmle" command. I heard a knock on the door and opened it. Apparently she was still manifesting in because she was just a floating head at first, but after a few seconds her whole body had manifested in from a hazy white light. I remember when she finished a little purple (+10) appeared. I guess that was in reference to the competition since I've been putting all my scores in purple.

    She was awkwardly trying to move all of this stuff. (Like carrying a backpack, two purses and a couple huge suitcases.) I guess she was moving in with me...

    I wanted to hurry past this part so we could get to the important stuff we had going on tonight. Especially since she kept stumbling on stuff that had been left in the hallway by other people. I started making stuff disappear right before my eyes to make it easier for her to move everything. I was reluctant that I would delete something of hers, so I asked before removing each object. Most of them were just bags of trash in the hall. I would level my open hand at them and think it, and they'd disappear with a humorous pop sound.

    At some point there was also an annoying issue with finding her invisible coin purse on the floor of the hallway.

    After that, she went away for a bit while I took note that the room had a closet and a larger bathtub now. When she came back, she was pushing a king sized bed down the hallway. (Well, I guess I know what's on HER mind, because we both know that we're already asleep, and we don't need a bed.)

    She asked me to help her get it into the room. The tight hallway we were in made this a crappy physics puzzle. She must be much stronger than me because I tried to move that king sized bed and it wouldn't budge. So I wound up figuring that I could transport the giant bed into the room by teleporting it into higher dimensional space. I did. It also disappeared instantly with a 'pop' sound. I went into the room to see that it had already re-appeared and I thought to myself that it must have put the old small bed into hyperspace.

    (Weird how my physical strength in dreams is only moderate, while I still possess the ability to telekinetically move or teleport massive objects.)

    Anyways, after that she wandered off. Somehow or other we were in my house now, and the apartment we had created was where my room was. I just remembered that she was talking on her cell phone and I jumped over her, did a flip and landed in front of her. She hung up.

    "Sorry, am I a little too-in-your face?"
    "Yeah- I thought you didn't want to see me. I messed up. I taught you the wrong command and I tried to make you grow up too fast. I thought you didn't like me anymore because I wasn't perfect."
    "Psh, Think of all the times I messed up in front of you and did something dumb. I just wanted to make sure that wasn't gonna become the norm. We gotta keep each other in line, you know."
    "She said some reply in gibberish and I noticed she was crying a little."
    "Really, you gotta cry about this? I said I forgive you. You can be such a big baby sometimes..."

    I remembered commenting that she wasn't her usual cheerful self and that it was because I had been sick in waking life, so she had been rather sick in the dream world and was still getting over it. Apparently sickness in waking life=depressed dream guide. Not sure how that works. I also remember through the whole dream she was wearing this gray beanie hat with a little blue knitted flower on the side. It was kind of cute but also conveyed her dismal state quite well.

    "So I'm a little twitchy because I'm in the LDing competition right now."
    "Really, I don't like lucid dreaming competitions." (She said it really clearly to make sure I knew what she felt.)
    "I wasn't sure if I would like them either, but I decided to have an open mind. That Reminds me. I have to do... elemental bending for it. That was the reason I wanted to see you. You taught me water way back when..."
    "Things that you want to know that you don't even know how to know. Well I have to go now the dream is gonna end."

    She then proceeded to take out an umbrella and open it over her head. She disappeared using some trickery, leaving behind only a cat. I remember the cat meowed and the inside of its mouth was yellow. I tried to ignore the fact that she said the dream was gonna end, hoping there was still more lucid to come.

    "I sighed. Well I guess I'm on my own... Tesseract to-"


    Dream Fragment (+0.5) College dream counts as fragment since barley remembered.
    NLD (x2=2) Im counting the Mech dream as well as the burning bus dream.
    WBTB (x2 =2)
    DILD (x2 = 15)
    Reality Check (x1 = 1)
    Chain LD (x1 =2) (Successful this time, from a layer 1 though, still lucid-awake-lucid.)
    Unspecified Dream Control (x1 =5) Making the room bigger.
    Basic Summoning: (x1 Dream Guide = 5+5) Manei is not a real person. Think that counts for 10.
    Interact with DC (lots of DG interaction.) 2
    Basic Un-summoning: (x5ish trash bags, one at a time = 5)
    Don't know how to count the teleportation of the king sized bed from hallway to room. Spell can decide.

    Total: 44.5

    Weird, I still got a lot of points for helping Manei move her crap into my room.
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    1. Spock's Avatar
      Glad to be on your team too!

      Really like how detailed the LD is! Also, impressive how persistent she is - been trying to do that lately but with very limited luck (usually just get a short appearance of my chosen DCs, if any)
    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Awesome dream. The dream base was a cool idea.and its great that you made up with Manei.: D Reading everyones dreams makes me want to have a lucid dream tonight though.I havent had much chance to get lucid lately but maybe Ill get one tonight,TwT