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    Weirdness and Lightspeed Flight LD:#296

    by , 07-02-2016 at 04:44 PM (433 Views)
    I remember I was sitting in a college class. A girl from one of my high-school classes was in the class and being annoying. I didn't know what the class was about and didn't care about it. Instead, I was playing Kerbal space program and landing on the moon. She came over to me and saw what I was doing and told me not to be playing games in class. I told her the professor wasn't there and we had no work to do so it was none of her business telling me what to do.

    I remember the professor came over and said that it was good that I was doing something. He was giving a lecture on philosophy and how something could be a representation of something else, and how KSP was a representation of the Apollo moon landings.

    I remember clicking to plant flag, but there was a new option for the kerbal. "Drink Space Beer". I clicked it to see what would happen and the Kerbal threw off his spacesuit and left the helmet on. I remember he had a very muscular male body but it was green since he was a kerbal. He started rolling around and got covered in moon dust. A window appears and says "Drunk kerbal has rolled around in the moon dust. This allows them to have an extra suface sample."


    I remember that I was a really good cop/detective type guy who had been captured by a criminal. He took me into an abandoned building where he had a makeshift surgery center and all this technology. He then said that he was going to rebuild me as a cyborg that was under his control and use me to fight the other police. I remember he said that the main implant would go in my stomach and he showed me a jigsaw.

    The dream cut to black, but I kept hearing my character scream, and the criminal say things. I then remembered that this wasn't a criminal cutting open my stomach and putting weird technology inside of me, but rather a movie about a criminal cutting open my stomach and putting weird technology inside of me that I was helping to film. But for that part of the movie, all I had to do was provide the screams since they got a fake dummy body with a moving mouth to do the surgery scene.

    I remember when I woke up I had all of these technology and readouts like a robot. Most of them were orange and black in color. I remember the criminal had fled because he couldn't install the implant that would control my brain without killing me because he didn't know how. I was still able to control the cybernetics. I remember running a systems check of my body and confirming that all systems, both biological and mechanical were fully functional.

    I remember bringing up a data catolouge with a google search bar. I could have any information at my fingertips just by thinking about it. But internet explorer was my built in browser. I downloaded chrome.

    "Cool, I can rewrite my own software!"

    I remember looking at some data about the planets aligning and losing that portion of the dream.


    Someone said something about me giving them a computer mouse and they could make a copy of it.


    I remember I was in my backyard, semi lucid. A girl in an orange dress with yellow prints of palm tree leaves approached me. She said her name was "Banana Pineapple Beach hat" or something. She asked me if she could get on my shoulders. Being the drooling semi lucid idiot that I was, I allowed her and started jumping. But I would jump much higher than normal as proper lucidity worked its way into my mind. When It did, I took off flying and carrying her. She didn't say anything.

    I remember I did some flying maneuvers. I had a very good awareness of how the extra weight of the DC made me have more inertia and was able to compensate. I flew close to some houses and through some tall trees in my neighborhood, and something about Manei came up. The girl I was carrying wasn't her. No energy. I then remembered the Task of the Month, to try and fly at light speed. I couldn't do it with extra weight.

    "I'm going to have to drop you off. Emphasis on the 'drop'."

    She didn't respond to me. I pulled in low over a body of water (about 15 feet above it) and got ready.

    "Are you ready?"

    Still no response. I just dropped her anyway and took off. I turned and looked up at the sky. It was cloudy and dark. I tried to imagine myself moving towards the clouds and heard myself accelerate past the speed of sound and my flying jets turn on and spool up (I don't think they were on before.) I cleared the clouds and saw a starry night sky with the band of the milky way visible. I looked back and saw the curving horizon of the earth shrink away into the whole planet. I looked back at the stars and started screaming "like I was going super sayian" I thought at the moment.

    I saw the stars begin to stretch into lines. Like when the Millennium falcon goes light speed in star wars. I saw the earth was tiny now and went away. I saw a thing that said I was going 9901c. So I guess I was going OVER NINE THOUSAND times the speed of light.

    "Man, I hope I don't hit someth- why did I let that thought enter my mind?" At that moment I hit a large planet/small star. It looked like a brown dwarf gas planet. It was actually brown in color with bands glowing red on it. I remember viewing the collision from third person and unable to stop it, seeing a tiny streak hit the planet and it exploded like the death star explodes with a shock wave. I woke up rather suddenly.

    Man, I need to get back in lucid dreaming shape. It was pretty much a fluke that I got lucid and remembered a task of the month. I take as a sign that I need to focus on this more.
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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Haha I love the drunk kerbal getting more rock samples! Anything for my science!

      Great job on the TOTM. It's so cool that the planet exploded.