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    1. Pre: Up The Elevator

      by , 11-02-2015 at 06:20 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a condominium. I used the elevator but it was stuck somehow. Had to open it up manually.

      I went up the roof area. It's like a garden there.

      I walked down the stairs.



      - This might have been due to a recent issue I encountered with the elevator.
      - Just now, I encountered a stuck elevator scene in a game.
    2. Christmas in April

      by , 05-01-2014 at 03:11 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #207: Christmas in April

      Iíve joined up with a bunch of other people and rented a blue-carpeted condominium. There bedroom of this condominium houses the entrance to a vast cave system and we crawl downward to explore it. I have to do sort of a funky sideways roll to slip under the entrance.

      The caveís well-lit, but I start feeling claustrophobic. I turn back to make sure that I can easily get out and Iím shocked to find that when I execute my little sideways roll to escape, that I just barely make it out. This means that in only a few seconds, the entrance has gotten shorter! I warn the others that the entrance is closing but they ignore me.

      I relax against the wall and for some reason start imagining that my hands are moving. Iím surprised to see my hands really are moving. I canít believe how vivid my imagination is and I think If my imagination is this good, itís like being able to lucid dream any time I want! And then it occurs to me that
      Iím dreaming right now.

      I dig my fingers into the thick, blue carpet for a moment and then stand up, rubbing my hands and arms together. I move slowly, relaxing and letting the dream continue as I explore the apartment. I move through a total of four rooms, studying the layout and furniture of each as I pass. I recognize the den from the non-lucid portion of the dream and itís almost entirely unchanged from before. I walk a quick circle around the wooden coffee table, confirming that the scene and all of its contents are unusually stable.

      It concerns me that I seem to be stuck in just one type of scene so I move for the wall and phase through it. The phase is quick and I end up outside at night in the front yard of my house. I try to remember goals, but they just wonít come. I really focus on this for a moment but I feel the dream starting to wobble and destabilize. Back to some arm-rubbing, and I forget goals for now.

      I look west down the street. Everything looks realistic but itís way too dark. I turn around, think Thereís some light behind me, and then spin back around to face west again. About two blocks down, I spy a lone Christmas tree festooned with lights. Iím pleased by this, and I try to just let this idea flow. Soon there are lit Christmas trees in front yards all up and down the street. Looks like my darkness problems are solved.

      I head west to the end of the block then turn south. It looks like my street for a bit but as I continue it transitions into something more like a crowded outdoor mall. DCs bustle back and forth, and just as Iím passing a wooden bench and a free-standing sign that looks like a mall directory, I see a teenage boy and a smaller kid of about 8 (his little brother?) walking past. The older brother tells the younger, ďDonít worry about them. All these people have never done a goddamn thing for you.Ē

      Again I get the desire to remember my goals. This time I really push for them. I dig too deep, though,
      lose focus on the dream, and am too late to save it before it ends.