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    1. July Competition 19 long and cool lucid

      by , 07-31-2019 at 09:39 PM
      dream starts with sexual content i skip

      ...i walk with the girl and we pass a meadow next to a house. she tells me she doesnt like the city. i say why not its not that bad and its kind of green and other citys are worse. we some dog babys and the mother some of them starts barking but the mother keeps them back and educate them. one of them runs at me and i kick it away. one of them is more like just a face on the ground and morphs into a butterfly. my awareness rises. we reach a canon and i get lucid doing a rc. i ask her if she wants to fly with me and start flying. i reach the ground and meet some people. they are something like superheroes? one of them has a problem with me. i fly further to a woman who greets me in a very friendly manner (maybe with a kiss?) i tell her that in the following 24h i can help her. the group of "heroes" arrives and the guy that had a problem with me pushes me with his thoughts away and laughs. i come back and remember that telekinesis is not that difficult and start concentrating and do a gesture with my hand. suddenly his face get serious and a second later he flys up 5m in the air and crashes in the ground again. i lough my ass of because it looked funny like hell.
      the dream fades and i am in another dream. i do a rc and still dreaming. i find my self indoors. i phase myself slowly thru many layers of walls and rooms and wooden construction out and climb some parts. i am on a roof now and jump from roof to roof. i want to find me some icecream. i jump down and see some people that look like they sell ice on big bicycles like it is typical in mexico but everytime they come closer the just transport paint for some reason. i cant find ice and have a FA. i sit at a table eating icecream. i do another RC and again still dreaming. i get up and look out for icecream again to finish the task. i ask a young guy at a corner of a street. he tells me he doesnt have some but i tell him he should look behind him and when he does suddenly he has some icecream. i am happy and pay him some coins. its ice made out of coca cola. i continue my way and notice i am in the suburban train station. i want to get out but dont want to phase all the way out so i phase straight thru the walls and imagine to be outside and after the second wall flying thru i find myself outside. i fly up a building because i want to see the sunset. after founding a good place to be i do another handgesture to let the sun go down. i am a little out of practice so it doesnt work immediately suddenly there are one or two guys next to me and distracting me with talking shit and how it doesnt work. the sun goes down but the visuals get super bad like in dark night and i start to calm down rub my hands and focus on the dream. i tell him that for his reason i didnt notice the sunset properly. i try to get the sun up again but it doesnt work. i switch the roof and remember that the sun goes up from the opposite side so i turn around and fair enough see a nice sunrise. i jump and fly thru several roofs and found a well painted arty house. i enter thru the roof and explore the inside. there is a lot of art in the rooms. i see a woman lying in a bed and aproach her. i resist to start something and just pass into another room where i see another person sleeping i think its a boy but then it turns out to be a guy. i phase out and think about what to do next and remember Dreamers method of narrating the dream to remember it better so i think what happend so far. something happens and the dream destabilizes but this time its not getting black but white. i go into it and let it happen. everything around me spins and patterns appear a short moment of drawings. i ask a question to the dream: what to do/work? a new dreamscene appears and a guy talks with me he wants to tell me something but dont remember the word in the end he tells me something about a doctor or that i should be a dentist. im not sure about it and ask him what about physiotherapy he tells me that its possible but i wont learn to much there.
      i phase into a house and i feel its mine. i enter the kitchen and eat a fresh cherry and think what to do. i feel like the dream is hell long and try to remember how fast i got lucid so that the REM might be very long. i want to meditate a little but i feel like the dream destabilize
      but i let it go to not forget to much about it.
      lucid , memorable
    2. Apex Meandering Around Clayfield

      by , 08-09-2018 at 09:04 AM
      Morning of August 9, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time: 2 min 20 sec. Readability score: 60.

      I naturally flow into the state I call apex lucidity. Usually, though, the state has to be reinitiated by creating and going through a door (or window) that is deemed difficult to open or phase through. (I sometimes end up sliding an entire wall like a sliding door before being fully integrated into this extremely vivid state.)

      In this case, I effortlessly slide out of the illusion of my dream-rendered physical body into my apex body. From here, I phase through a window onto the ground outside. I look back through the window. The setting is incorrect in several ways, despite the augmented realism. Firstly, it seems to be the Gellibrand Street apartment in Clayfield, where we have not lived in years (and it has not been there in reality for years). Secondly, it was not possible to look through the window from the ground level at that address. Thirdly, rather than the driveway, it seems more like the space north of the Loomis Street house in America. Fourthly, the bed was never oriented this way as in the dream. The bed’s head was always out from the window, never the side. (Since childhood, my dreams render everything incorrectly in as many different ways as possible other than literally prescient threads, which makes me wonder why anyone would bother with “interpretation” in the typical use of the word, especially as dreams are typically reactive representations of the dream state itself.)

      Even so, I keep studying the bed where Zsuzsanna and a baby are sleeping. I keep puzzling over the situation because I do not see my real physical body in the bed (which should be to the right of Zsuzsanna and our baby) as I expect to. It makes me uncertain, and I question if I am “still” in my body and ended up falling out the window in reality. (This makes no sense either, as Zsuzsanna would have been blocking me from rolling over and out the window, so that is already the fifth error here.) I am temporarily absentminded and had already forgotten that my original dream body that I supposedly came out of is not my real body either.

      Still, I soon gain back my apex state after this brief lapse. Even so, I feel what seems like an invisible cat wrapping around my left leg, impeding my walking out to the public sidewalk. I consider that one of our cats is probably on my leg in reality as I sleep. (Though this was not the case, it was just illusory.) I try to shake it off without waking myself, and I do, curiously, without a hypnopompic kick resulting. I continue walking into an open area that is more like another place we had lived years ago, on Duffy Street. (As I had written in other entries, walking is more challenging and blissful in apex states than flying is in lower states, one reason being that walking is closer to ordinary consciousness in the highest lucid state with a more defined vestibular system correlation that is not as illusory as flying. Therefore, stable walking signifies far more control of RAS mediation than flying does.)

      Soon, I shift into the summoning state of lucidity as typically begins every sleep cycle. About six young, unfamiliar servants walk toward me and coalesce into my dream self. Coming out instantly at that point, I decide not to return. I feel energized. Once again, I consider how realistic the state is in physicality and overall fullness of self.

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    3. Train Phasing (again)

      by , 05-30-2018 at 10:19 AM
      Morning of May 28, 2018. Monday.

      On my way back to waking reality by way of a passenger train (autosymbolism for both the induction and waking process), I decide to walk after remaining in passive lucidity. I hover above my seat and phase through the train as in past dreams (though in this case, actively flying ahead to phase through the front of the train rather than just letting it phase through me while I hover in a fetal position) and walk through an isolated grove, feeling a deep sense of peace and love as both my returning memory and realization of Zsuzsanna being near me in bed breaks through the liminal space barrier of the illusory dream state.

      I first developed an understanding of the illusory nature of the dream state at age three (probably why I rarely have “bad” dreams unless related to health by way of transpersonal premonitory threads). Since then, I have phased through hundreds of vehicles, including the roofs of taxis, usually entering lucid omnipresence as here. This is all about vestibular system correlation and a vehicle being an autosymbolic illusory projection of the physical body in REM sleep. However, even walking is not what I am doing in reality, as I am asleep at the time, but walking is closer to the preconscious transition than riding a train is.

      Tags: phasing, train
    4. LD 91 - Just hanging out with a girl

      by , 02-21-2017 at 02:16 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm in my brother's old room. My brother is in the backyard with three women about to have sex. My mom is hanging from the roof and throwing rice on them. I start to question reality. This can't be real. I focus on my state and what I feel. Slowly I start to feel my real body and I stop there, don't want to wake up.

      My brother is no longer outside, but one of the girls is. She has long blond hair and nice curves. She wants to talk to me and attempts to write something on the glass with her finger. I know it's not going to work and she realizes it too. I quickly get to the backdoor and let her in. Her body is no longer as curvy, sad day. "Having sex would wake me up. Lets not wake up immediately." I think.

      And so we talk. She's energetic and likes me. We talk about music and dancing. We go to my room and I ask her to phase her hand through a lamp that I summoned out of thin air. She acts like she's doing it, but she really isn't. I show her how. With a little effort, I manage to phase my hand through the lampshade made of glass. I think my hand fused with the glass as it went through. I feel the glass squeezing my arm. We listen to music and I try to show her how I dance, but I struggle with it. Why is dancing so hard in dreams for me? After that I go to bed and ask her to join. Her body is pressed against mine and it's like lava. Not literally, but her warmth is intense. Shortly after I wake up, you can guess why.
      Tags: family, phasing
    5. [Long and detailed lucid!] WILDing, summoning Ryuuko and taking a look at her (glitched) model

      by , 12-16-2016 at 03:39 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      So this was probably the most stable and most vivid lucid dream I've had so far. Maybe not the longest but it was rather long too.

      I'm not entirely sure how exactly I got into the dream. I had been drifting back and forth between sleep for hours in the bed, always trying to think about visualization and WILDing, but never really managing as I always fell asleep quickly. I think this time I lost consciousness just for a very short moment and snapped back at just about the right moment.

      So I was lying in a bed, had my eyes closed, and saw mostly normal phosphenia. I didn't feel entirely normal and I wanted to open my eyes and be in a dream.
      So I opened my eyes, being in a state of what I'd call skeptical lucidity, I believed that I was kind of in between dream and reality. What I saw in front of me was a massive cupboard that covered the whole wall, though it was composed entirely out of drawers. My vision wasn't normal either, it's like I saw a correct main image but then much weaker and transparent copies of the main image slightly wavered around.

      I left the small room and went down a hallway to the left, it was dark outside and the light was very dim. My vision normalized somewhere here. A bit down the hallway I turned left again and entered a very large staircase (5m x 5m or so, the structure was very similar to my first boarding school). Around here I tested my powers for the first time, summoning a faint green glow on my fingers. I also heard some unintelligible voices from somewhere else in the building, but I didn't really care. I wanted to fly but I still didn't trust my current state completely. Then I summoned some weird stone, it was beige and glowed somewhat white and it had levitation powers focused in it, and this is when I trusted my lucidity. Then I did something I didn't ever do before, instead of looking for an exit point or breaking the glass, I just phased through it, and by that also through one of the steel bars that were between the glass panels.

      Now I was outside, floating around a bit. Either it quickly turned bright or I have a memory gap here, I'm not completely sure. Now I was in a place that was kind of city, kind of village, kind of medieval, kind of modern. Imagine a small clearing and a raised plateau in front of me, there were tables there with some stuff on them, parts of the ground were neatly layered with stone, parts were grass. Around the perimeter of that clearing were buildings which seemed kind of medieval, but the further the buildings were away, the more modern they seemed. There even appeared to be tall apartment blocks in the distance.
      I remembered I wanted to do stuff with Ryuuko in my dreams. I suppose this is the time and place to elaborate on her, refer to this place:
      Ryuuko Drakisu | Dream-Alter-Ego and persistent DC
      So I landed close to the tables on a small free patch. I remember a bearded man standing there. Think of a Nord from Skyrim, just looking better, more realistic and having less of an annoying aura. He greeted me shortly I think.

      So I summoned Ryuuko kind of as an empty DC, like a model with only the most rudimentary understanding and behavior possible, which is pretty much what I wanted at this point. I think she appeared in plain sight but I'm not entirely sure. Also there were a lot of details that were wrong. Her horns were reddish and on her side, her face was just wrong and from someone else, the hair was too short and had a wrong light brown color, her skin was too dark, had freckles and actually on all places of her body except the face the skin texture was missing, it was like Vantablack. Though parts of her natural scale armor, that is on the arms and legs, seemed to be present and mostly correct, I didn't focus on their details all that much though. I think I saw her wings in a folded state too, but again didn't pay enough attention to them to tell for sure.
      I told this Ryuuko model to start fixing the skin color. What it did was a bit bizarre, it touched its face with its hands and then kinda rubbed the skin color all over her body, gradually replacing the blackness, albeit the revealed skin texture was still wrong and covered with freckles, I wonder why.
      At this point I also noticed she was naked and was missing her clothes.

      At this point the bizarreness of what I saw made me think about what to do, and it seems my focus slipped and
      I lost my lucidity. Somehow me and the Ryuuko model walked into a nearby shop, where I remember seeing her one last time, still not completely fixed up. Then some people were quite frankly talking about completely irrelevant shit, some stickers and some glitter was around but I hardly want to bother remembering. I know that for some time I just observed, then I ate some of the glitter. Then I woke up, much to my dismay. Had my focus not slipped I bet I could've still done a lot more in that dream.

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    6. [01-12-2016: ToTM DILD]

      by , 12-01-2016 at 10:52 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I woke up in my room. It was completely dark all around. I left it and thought that this may be a dream. I made a nose plug RC and it succeeded. I was lucid. I thought "Lights on" and light turned on in most of rooms, however some of them remained dark. I recalled a ToTM basic task about igniting a house. I went to my kitchen and flied into a window, phasing outisde through the glass. It was early morning, still dark. I flied towards neighbor's house, trying to set it on fire mid-air with a gesture, but it didn't worked. I landed on the road and started rubbing my hands while focusing on some potted flowers. They instantly set ablaze. With more rubbing and focusing I set some trees around the house on fire and watched as it spread on the house. Then I moved along the road, trying to fly again but for some reason I couldn't do it. I recalled an advanced task with car lifting. There was another house with a garage. I phased through fence and it's walls and found an old Fiat 126p car. I lifted it up and phased back to the road. Then I placed it one the road and entered it, turned the engine on and drove. I drove along a completely ruined road with huge holes in it. I lost lucidity. I drove to my school, entered a classroom and sat by a table. Again I thought that this might be a dream and made the RC. I became lucid again. Teacher - a redhead woman in late forties asked me "What makes you think this might be unreal?" I didn't responded, instead I tried to phase out through the wall. I doubted that I might be able to do that and failed, then lost lucidity again. I found myself back in my home village. There was some big ceremony coming. I was wearing a black suit. I left my old school and moved to a bus stop. There was a huge bus, my friend went out of it and I greeted him.
    7. Not My House

      by , 11-22-2016 at 04:13 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Well this should make up a little for the last few LDs; really vivid and stable.

      I am in some strange house back in town. I see my Father and and wife milling about. Then we are in a car looking at the house. Neighbor's are outside staring at us. I think how this is all wrong. We live out of town now. I hate this. Then we are back in the living room. I am still perplexed why I am living in town, but then it dawns on my that this has to be a dream.

      I immediately remember the lucid task to put my head through the floor. I kneel down and take a moment to stabilize visually. I pay close attention to my hands and the carpet. The texture is very vivid and the color is something like faded dingy mauve. It looks like someone needs to vacuum or, perhaps, shampoo. I go ahead and start pushing my heading into the floor. It feels a little like jello then solid wall. I try several times and stop when I realize and I not thinking about it the right way. This is more like phasing. I think to reach through like its an open window. Suddenly, There is an electronic whoooomp sound and a space opens up for my head and I peak into the sub-flooring. Of course, it's pitch black so I snap my fingers and create a flash light with my index finger. ET phone home? I am a little shocked how well my dream control it. Darkness it always a struggle for me, but everything is now brightly lit.

      There seems to be a space of a few feet deep in here and directly in front of me is a mirror. I look into it and see my face is just a skull is with frame around it. I giggle at the oddity and then look around some more. The area is dirty with a few pieces of scattered trash. I try to take mental note of each piece but quickly realize it's a waste of time.

      I stand up and now my head is poking out the top of the roof. I go ahead and climb up and see one of the neighbors taking out the trash. I tell him he's not my real neighbor and that I don't live here. He asks why and I say that it's because I don't like him. Then for some reason, I jump down and hit him with both feet. As I do, he grows like Jake the Dog and pushes me back up on the roof. Everything is getting weird and I realize that I am loosing focus. I decide to go ahead and wake up so I don't lose lucidity and forget the dream.

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    8. [20-09-2016]

      by , 09-20-2016 at 02:39 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in my bathroom, it was a dark evening. Lights were turned on and doors closed - I sheltered in bathroom so zombies wouldn't get me. I heard them rampaging around my house, destroying everything. They weren't coming closer to bathroom, they were avoiding it entirely. I thrown some paper through a window, and realized that someone could be hiding in another rooms. Then I realized that it's a dream and received lucidity. I phased through wall and and got outside - it turned into a warm summer day. There was a group of people sitting on benches around stage, where one man was talking. The man was bald, and he was wearing a light brown sweater and jeans trousers. He said "Now I know you all almighty douchebags are all lucid dreaming addicts..." I haven't listened more and just phased back into building and found someone alive in one of rooms. It was a blonde woman, about my height and weight. She was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans trousers, she had really long hair. I took her hand and we phased through walls into a safe room in the house. As we entered it, the building changed and it was a really tight storage with wooden walls. We were standing close to each other. Really close, as it was a tight room. We kissed for a while, I found out that I can just control level of pleasure received with my thoughts, and pushed it until everything went black.

      Second dream

      With sisters we were in some ruined city swarming with zombies. We had our weapons ready. We were running through a destroyed flat, shooting down every zombie. Then suddenly we found ourselves in living room, in front of tv. We were inside a movie, and now we were back in our house. We ate some sweets and then I wanted to go to toilet. I walked through doorway and got teleported to some platform. I became lucid and vividness of the dream increased. I looked at the platform I was on - it was constructed from rock blocks made out of light brown stone and chiseled atop to mimic tiles. The platform consisted of six rows of them going horizontally. On both sides there were fences made of gray stone, curved inwards. Looking forward I saw just blue sky with some clouds floating gently. I moved forward and saw a huge, beautiful and monumental castle going out of the mist. I was there in some previous lucid dreams. This time the castle had a huge tower, and was much bigger in size and much more beautiful. When the whole mist dispersed, I could see the building in it's entirety and it's whole beauty - my jaw literally hit the ground as I started at it in awe.

      The only way inside was to fly, as the castle was floating on the skies. I felt a strong draw towards the tower. I felt that it must and has someone important waiting for me. I felt that my goal was to reach the tower and meet with that person. I started flying above such platforms like one described before, just much shorter. There were also frames made of dark brown bricks, through which I flied in order to reach castle. Then I flied into a barrier that made me see only dried lava - layers of basalt and obsidian. Controlling speed and height of flying with thoughts, I managed to break through the barrier and was almost in the castle. Then I heard an alarm clock, with my thoughts I shouted "Shit, alarm clock!" And it echoed in my mind until everything went black and I woke up.
    9. 16-07-01 Creepy girl, Nazi's and Flying/Phasing

      by , 07-01-2016 at 02:59 PM
      This dream partially overlapped with reality, as if I was in the early stages of a WILD - but I wasn't lucid. I saw a town. I recall some kind of device around my arm, and an application that reminded me of Facebook, or a dating app, telling me it suggested a nearby café for some reason. Only vague flashes remain of this bit. Then, I was in my bed (overlap with reality part starts here) and looked to my left through the open door of my bedroom. I saw a very creepy little girl dressed in red approach. I couldn't see her face. She looked a lot like Alma from the game FEAR. I was almost frozen in fear. At some point I decided I couldn't just lie there and let whatever happen, so I conquered my fear and jumped out of bed. I thought about getting one of my guns, and closing and locking the door. Sadly she was already in my room, walking by the bed to the other side. The rush of adrenaline I felt when I got out of the bed woke me up.

      This dream featured gameplay of the game Fury³, a very old Microsoft game from 1995. My view was the camera of the ship. I flew around Terran, the first planet. My objective was to blow up some kind of tower. I fired on it, but it wouldn't blow up yet. I flew up, then dived down for another volley. Another target (or the same one?) also flailed to blow up. It took off (it was a big ship) and flew off. Having failed to destroy it, I expected to fail the game, but I think I got assigned a new target instead.

      It started in a small room. It was a long time ago, possible early 20th century, or even late 19th century. A couple of men were showing their refrigerators (I know, random). They said it ran on 500 Watts of power. I had my refrigerator with me, a modern one (their was ancient, they were from the late 1800's after all), and said it ran on 2000 Watts. They got suspicious as mine looked way too "futuristic" to them. I was from the future, so their suspicion was justified. At some point I was apprehended by a Nazi. Gestapo, or SS. *Racism warning*. He called me a "nigger" and ordered me to come with him. I tried to reason with the creep, saying I was clearly white, but he would not listen. Some other guy, also a Nazi (except I had known this guy for longer, apparently) had to take me in. We walked through a large, crowded corridor. I begged him to look the other way for a moment so I could get away. He used to be a friend, I think. I managed to escape onto a small town square, then flee between two houses. The place looked pretty old and Mediterranean. I heard a Nazi scream something, and felt a whole horde of the bastards chasing me. I was running on the street, when I felt myself being lifted up from the ground. I started to fly. I wasn't freaked out by this, even though it was my first time (in this dream's continuity). I didn't mind, I knew they would never catch me at that speed. I wasn't very good at steering yet, and I felt I couldn't avoid hitting the houses on the other side of the street. I plunged right through the window of a café, past two people who were trying to enjoy their coffee. Despite not *really* remembering my previous flying experiences, I remembered I had always had trouble NOT flying into buildings and decided a different approach. I would *let it* happen, and see what happens. By ignoring the buildings and not worrying about what would happen, I phased right through them. I could "become solid" mid-flight and burst through walls/glass/whatever, which was cool. When I was out of the houses again, I gained altitude again and looked out over the town. I felt invincible. I wanted revenge on the Nazi's. I didn't care about their puny bullets anymore. I'd rip 'em apart with my bare hands, or use TK. I knew the school (the place I escaped from was a school, apparently) was to my left, so I tried to turn left while imagining the place to create it. I think I was lucid at this point. I probably gained lucidity at around the point I started flying. Sadly, I instantly woke up the moment I tried this.

      Final flash before I called it a night: someone was doing some kind of job (on a large wall?), and I was scratching rust off of my car.

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    10. #225. Dark Side Leia

      by , 02-14-2016 at 07:49 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Hidden in a tiny nook inside the metal walls of the space station, I feel Darth Vader sweep by my hiding place. His footsteps rattle the walls, and I can vaguely hear him giving orders to subordinates.

      I am the space station, I chant, blending further into the background. The stark walls are etched by suffering. The station belongs to the Empire—although it masquerades as a lawless refuelling station—and if the Empire's agents make demands, the station management will fall all over itself to capitulate.

      "Find her."

      I smile.

      Then I'm walking through corridors until I reach the outside of the station. The rooms that I walk through are open to vacuum, but I don't bother with a spacesuit. Opening an airlock would be logged on the station's computer, as would removing a spacesuit from storage, and that would tip my hand. Unnecessary, when I can just walk through space under my own power.

      It's fucking cold, though. My skin is literally freezing in chunks, but that will go away once I re-enter the living areas of the station.

      I can see the stars stretched out in front of me through the transparisteel window, and I step through the glass—

      And fall.

      I catch myself with a thought. I glide towards the station, where I can see in through the windows and spy upon my quarry. (I wrap myself up in thick blankets as I do so.)


      The Exile—and administrator of the station—looks enraged.

      "These are our people!" he shouts at the officer. "I will NOT allow them to be put in harms way because of political machinations."


      We're on the surface of a rocky planet, under an orange sky. The other darksider has his lightsaber out, taunting me.

      You can't kill me, he says, not bothered by the lightsaber wound jutting through his abdomen. I've upgraded my body: these machines make me invincible.

      I charge at him and plunge my red lightsaber into his stomach, psychically forcing lines of corrupted code into his body through the blade. He falls.
    11. Lucid #11: Church, plastic beads, tunnels, and blankets

      by , 01-23-2016 at 09:40 PM (Pasta time with patches!)
      I dreamt I was in the church that I used to go to. I was sitting down at one of the benches, getting ready for it to start, and saw my other church friends there, and this one guy who is into drama/has a ponytail who I know. I think he had a tophat on.

      At this point, I remember getting lucid, and deciding that I really didn't want to go to church, so I left the pews and tried flying/levitating myself. I floated around 30-60 cm off the ground and flew towards the wall, with others watching me as I did it. I think I phased through, but it's unclear, as after that, I was floating above this kind of weird, red and blue verticle tunnel thing, with my surroundings being dark, but the tunnel being illuminated. I forget, but I think there was a person floating there too--reminded me of this one anime--and she was talking about it being a game, I think.

      I then flew down through the tunnel, and maybe around. I can't remember exactly. Soon, I was in this doorway with some red and blue beads--the plastic kind--hanging down from the doorway like a curtain. One string of beads was red, the next was blue, and they alternated like that. So I decided to pull on them and try and break them. I did that for a bit, and that was fun.

      At some point it turned into me feeling like I was physically pulling off some beads outside of the dream--off a blanket or something--with my eyes closed. I stopped, felt the beads--they felt solid--and I pulled off a few more before worrying that I was actually ruining something. Then I think I tried opening my eyes, though I think I was still dreaming, and saw some light blue beads attached to my blue blanket I think--I could be wrong on the colours. I got really worried then and started feeling them harder, but then I soon only felt the fabric of my blanket, and that's when I woke up.
    12. Malfunctioning Elevator / Crawling inside a DC / ToTM Attempt

      by , 10-06-2015 at 11:31 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: October 6, 2015 – 5:00AM (USA Eastern)

      I am standing in an elevator and notice that it is not behaving correctly. I push a couple of buttons and they do not light up and the control panels has too many buttons on it. It feels like the elevator has stopped completely but the door will not open. I look at my reflection in the chrome border around the door and see that my face is very distorted. I reach up to do a nose pinch and end up pushing my finger right through my nose. I quickly become lucid and float off the elevator floor, then I push myself through the mirror-like chrome around the door.

      After passing through the elevator wall, I appear into a large fancy hotel hallway. The carpet is the usual trippy hotel carpet, being mainly reds and purples in color. The walls are covered in flowery wallpaper with a contracting color scheme of yellows and greens. The ceiling has fancy copper tiles on it and large ----- I struggle for a moment to remember the ToTM's and remember something about phasing into a DC. I fly down the hallway, looking at each room in an attempt to find someone. I am scanning each door for an infrared heat signature and find a room with someone in it. I can see a reddish-orange outline of a person standing in the middle of the room.

      I push myself through the door and fly up to the DC. He stands there rather still, giving me a nervous look, almost knowing that something weird is about to happen. I fly around him a couple more times, then try to push myself inside of him. I get my arms in, then he pulls away from me a bit. I back up a little, then hit him full force, but I end up passing all the way through and coming out the other side. I turn around and more carefully align myself with him and manage to stay inside for a bit longer. It feels kinda warm and squishy while inside - very weird and mildly uncomfortable. I can see that I am standing inside something as there is a slightly opaque layer in front of me. It takes quite a bit of effort to keep myself inside the DC. It's kind of like balancing on top of a ball as even the slightest movement causes me to fall outward. I step out of him and look to see that he has quite a terrified look on his face. I giggle, then fly off and go back out through the door without opening it. I appear in a brightly lit room and before I even have a chance to stabilize, I suddenly wake up.

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    13. #199. Challenge Accepted

      by , 08-18-2015 at 03:45 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Notes: I'm mad at my cat because he woke me up. I was chaining those challenges like woah.

      My three-step goal for the Sensei Comp is to Reality Check, use Elemental Manipulation and Teleport. I shortened that to "Check, Fire, Port" so I could memorize it yesterday, or I never would have been able to carry that list into a dream.

      Onto the dreams.


      I'm driving through, across, around a series of nicely winding roads. There are some problems with traffic, but it happens. I'm just enjoying the ability to slalom through the roads and enjoy the drive.

      There's something about me dating a woman.

      Then I'm Tony Stark, and I've just managed to get the arc reactor removed. Apparently I was dying immediately beforehand, because I get a phone call that goes immediately to voicemail, and I hear my voicemail playing morosely -

      I rush to to the old-style landline and pick it up like a hot potato. "Pepper!" I say, "I was just going to call you!"

      So Pepper's here, along with the other woman I was dating. At this point, I'm no longer Tony Stark, but I am some rich guy who needs to have kids to... um... leave things to. (It made sense at the time; let's just say that if I was playing as myself, this idea would really freak me out.)

      Neither of the two women that I am now dating want to have kids, so I'm talking to a third woman who my family had an arranged marriage thing going on with. All four of us are sitting in a guest bedroom, hashing out legal details. The arranged marriage woman thinks that I should actually get married to one of the other two women because I'm romantically involved with them, but Pepper points out that marriage is actually a protection for the kids.


      (I wake up briefly and attempt to WILD. It doesn't work, but the dream goes lucid later on.)

      My point of view is following a sky train car suspended from cables over a vast forest. Inside the train car are dozens of sloths, and they're crawling all over the inside and outside of the suspended car.

      Now I'm inside a building in a downtown area, stone and brick and lots of windows. My hands are sore because I've been climbing the indoor jungle gym using only my index fingers... because that's what sloths do?

      There are fireworks outside and I hurry over to a window to watch them with the three people I'm here with: my mom, a girl from my childhood who died a few years ago, and her mom as well. The fireworks aren't super extravagant, but they're inside the city over the square, so it's pretty cool to see.

      Back inside the building on the lower floor, there's a grocery store. A villain—possessed Harry Dresden?—is threatening the people there.

      I've wandered back inside, and while the grocery store is on the ground floor, I'm on the second floor despite having just walked in from the square. I remember the Sensei Comp, and think about how I've always had trouble phasing through a floor, even though walls aren't that hard.

      I drop to all fours and focus on pushing my hands through the hardwood floor. Three inches down, four inches down.

      I remember that in order to earn points, we do have to be lucid. OK, I think. I know I'm dreaming, I'm lucid, I'm lucid. I chant it as a mantra as I start to feel my knees sinking through the floor. I'm lucid, I'm lucid.

      The floor has almost enveloped my torso and I blink -

      I fly through the air and land on the floor below, coming face to face with Not Dresden. He turns from threatening the people in the store and looks at me with a wide grin. I ignore him.

      Fire, fire is definitely a thing, I think to myself. Ah, reality check first. Then fire, then teleport.

      "One, two three four five six," I count on my fingers. "Reality check done."

      Then I throw a wall of fire at Not Dresden. He jerks back and dissipates the flame, but it's a close thing. The look on his face is something.

      Also, apparently sending flames at your enemies counts as flirting.

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    14. #194. Old Threads

      by , 08-13-2015 at 12:20 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Remembered another dream from last night as I was surfing Dreamviews. Weird that I didn't remember a lucid at first—I must have had it earlier in the night.

      This dream references Sensei's Sexy Comp (tell your friends.)


      I remember that I wanted to try pushing through a solid object. There is a wooden door in front of me, with standard front door patterns routed into the wood—it's something like a grid of 3x2 rectangles. I put out a hand, and feel some resistance, like a rubber bubble. I push through, and for a brief second it's like I have my eyes closed, and I'm through to the other side.

      Does that count? I think. I feel like I was supposed to keep my eyes open for this challenge.


      Apparently when I read through Sensei's challenges from the last competition, the idea of phasing through an object stuck in my head, apparently because it's not something that I've done very often. Even in non-lucids, I'll be running away from something and there will always be a door there.

      Adventure: 1/10
      Control: 7/10
      Fear: 1/10
      lucid , dream fragment
    15. One Last Mission

      by , 07-30-2015 at 02:38 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #2??: One Last Mission

      I’m heading upstairs to change my lightbulbs, but arrive to find that we’ve got tons of people upstairs visiting while my father-in-law changes them for me. I feel embarrassed, as if it looks like I never take care of anything around the house. He even somehow installed light bulbs with little solar panels attached to them, which I’ve never even heard of!

      I head downstairs, feeling inadequate. I see that we have a big video screen that greets people at the front door. I see that it’s programmed to show a big story about turncoat spies within some US government agency. It’s some kind of huge story and these traitors are all over the news. As I’m heading into the kitchen, thinking about this fancy video monitor and the fancy lightbulbs
      , I realize that this feels a whole lot like a dream.

      My father-in-law joins me downstairs and I say, “Hey, [Father-in-law], I’ve got an even cooler way to change lightbulbs!” I gesture at one of the recess lights in the kitchen ceiling and with a couple quick hand gestures, pull it out, summon a new one, and place it into the socket. It lights up!

      He looks amazed and asks me how I did that. “This is actually a lucid dream,” I admit. “You can really do anything here.” He nods in acknowledgement, still looking impressed.

      I recall my conversation yesterday with Iokheira where we were talking about cool dream ideas that people had never, ever done. I chose one of the ones we had decided was awesome enough that we were going to try: werewolf skydiving! :canislucidus: I phase through an external, curtained door out onto a back patio.

      There’s a long row of side-by-side deck chairs here, with lots of people lounging around and relaxing. I look at the woman closest to the wall, but no, this isn’t Iokheira . One chair over, though is a group of three women sitting together, and on the left is Iokheira ! She hops out of the chair and we hug.

      “It’s great to see you!” I say.

      “Great to see you too!” she says and then starts nodding as I’m about to say, “Do you remember what we’d planned to try in this dream?” I can tell that she already knows the plan is werewolf skydiving.

      Iokheira throws on a pair of aviator sunglasses, grabs my hand, and strides forward. We walk through a large yard into some suburban streets. She says, “Dylan (??) and Romero tried to tell me that this is my last mission. We’ll see about that...” I get the idea that she’s some kind of spy or secret agent. “The agency’s in [turmoil? chaos?] right now.”

      I’m strongly sensing a backstory where she’s an agent in some kind of secret government agency. I wonder if it’s some kind of special division for werewolves. We go past a bus stop to a grassy field, while she continues to explain some more of the backstory. I wonder whether there will be a cliff at the end of this field for a possible BASE jump! Before we get to anything like that, though,
      the dream ends.
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