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    1. Headstand

      by , 01-25-2017 at 10:18 PM
      25 Jan


      I am falling asleep in a sort of FA. I am now sure that if nothing else works to induce a lucid, it will help me become lucid if I write it down on a piece of paper. light sleep.

      I am now deeper in the dream and ascertain that my paper writing induction albeit done in-dream is indeed effective. I'm fully aware staring at the sheet of paper with the words LUCID written. My grandma comes in the room and starts cleaning the table, asking me a million questions. I know it's a dream and there's no point answering, so I tell her to let me concentrate. She refuses to acknowledge it being a dream and keeps on asking me stuff, so I have to move to the side to avoid being distracted.

      I tk a number of small household objects, then tk the door handle and finally the door to the balcony open. I go outside, thinking that I have no idea what to do for points and regretting not making a more comprehensive list of things. The sky is mostly sunny, so I decide to darken it, although it pains me a bit to ruin a beautiful sunny day. The result is a greyer sky but not completely overcast. I also make a thunder sound in the distance.

      Not sure what to do next, I opt for using some weird machine part help me get down from the balcony to the ground (as opposed to jump/flight due stability). There are couple of DCs being rather loud near the corner so I go check what's happening. Nothing too unusual, just a family walking and laughing.

      I recall now I wanted to do the headstand challenge and look towards the street. At the moment the street's empty, but the cars are about to soon reach my target section, coming from the nearby street. Nevertheless, doing the headstand in the middle of the street seems tremendously appealing. I briefly wonder what's gonna happen once the cars start coming, but decide that I can handle it. Actually, the way I start doing the headstand is with my back to the cars - that in a way solves the problem (no seeing, no thinking, therefore they don't exist). Two DCs come distract me as I do the headstand. I scold one of them and tell him to assist me instead and help get my legs straight pointing towards the sky. I had reservations about being upside down in this posture and the dream collapsing but it doesn't. I stay a bit more, then get up.

      We continue to walk down the street with one of the DCs. At this stage I already feel "memory flood" and inability to save/recall some of the details of the dream. At any rate, quite happy this dream already lasted longer than expected and keeps on going. I look over one of the buildings and see the sun shining again, now it seems closer to sunset. I really like how the sun moved like that during the dream, giving quite of a realistic feel of time. The sunset may in addition mean that the dream is coming to an end, I think.

      I recall the basic totm of finding a present under the Christmas tree. A while ago we passed by a nice Asian food shop and lots of other items on a long street I can't recall. I decide to go back in that direction, since I feel it will be much easier to find a tree there. Indeed, in front of one cafe is a large decorated Christmas tree. To summon the present, I say to the DC, I clearly recall they were exchanging gifts in the cafeteria and and am sure they forgot one. I stretch my hand and without looking feel a package right underneath the tree. It contains what looks like empty jewellery carton box and a card. I become very curious and want to read the card although I feel the concentration may have a negative effect on the dream. I try to read the handwriting, which changes from well wishes, to random fortunes, to advertising. Finally, there is a small sheet of stickers for a board game.

      The nearby Asian shop looked quite attractive, so I decide to go back and try some foods. In a small fridge they had really cool drinks made from fruits that don't quite exist and also are processed in extraordinary ways. Me and this DC whose apperances keep changing grab a small chocolate bar each. It melts easily and tastes really sweet.
      As we get out of the shop, I begin to lose lucidity. The DC now turns to boyfriend and we get into a discussion. The desire to get more of the cool drinks overcomes me and my awareness increases again, although not as high as before. To summon drinks, I call one of the girls who was working in the store, going a bit back to where we were before. Sure enough, the store appears, now at a completely different place and a different store, but that doesn't matter, it still looks pretty fancy and serves drinks. The girl that works there comes with a bottle full of freshly made exotic drink and a small glass of red juice. She spills the glass, but I am still able to have a try from what's left. It tastes quite nice. I wake up.
    2. Christmas in April

      by , 05-01-2014 at 03:11 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #207: Christmas in April

      I’ve joined up with a bunch of other people and rented a blue-carpeted condominium. There bedroom of this condominium houses the entrance to a vast cave system and we crawl downward to explore it. I have to do sort of a funky sideways roll to slip under the entrance.

      The cave’s well-lit, but I start feeling claustrophobic. I turn back to make sure that I can easily get out and I’m shocked to find that when I execute my little sideways roll to escape, that I just barely make it out. This means that in only a few seconds, the entrance has gotten shorter! I warn the others that the entrance is closing but they ignore me.

      I relax against the wall and for some reason start imagining that my hands are moving. I’m surprised to see my hands really are moving. I can’t believe how vivid my imagination is and I think If my imagination is this good, it’s like being able to lucid dream any time I want! And then it occurs to me that
      I’m dreaming right now.

      I dig my fingers into the thick, blue carpet for a moment and then stand up, rubbing my hands and arms together. I move slowly, relaxing and letting the dream continue as I explore the apartment. I move through a total of four rooms, studying the layout and furniture of each as I pass. I recognize the den from the non-lucid portion of the dream and it’s almost entirely unchanged from before. I walk a quick circle around the wooden coffee table, confirming that the scene and all of its contents are unusually stable.

      It concerns me that I seem to be stuck in just one type of scene so I move for the wall and phase through it. The phase is quick and I end up outside at night in the front yard of my house. I try to remember goals, but they just won’t come. I really focus on this for a moment but I feel the dream starting to wobble and destabilize. Back to some arm-rubbing, and I forget goals for now.

      I look west down the street. Everything looks realistic but it’s way too dark. I turn around, think There’s some light behind me, and then spin back around to face west again. About two blocks down, I spy a lone Christmas tree festooned with lights. I’m pleased by this, and I try to just let this idea flow. Soon there are lit Christmas trees in front yards all up and down the street. Looks like my darkness problems are solved.

      I head west to the end of the block then turn south. It looks like my street for a bit but as I continue it transitions into something more like a crowded outdoor mall. DCs bustle back and forth, and just as I’m passing a wooden bench and a free-standing sign that looks like a mall directory, I see a teenage boy and a smaller kid of about 8 (his little brother?) walking past. The older brother tells the younger, “Don’t worry about them. All these people have never done a goddamn thing for you.”

      Again I get the desire to remember my goals. This time I really push for them. I dig too deep, though,
      lose focus on the dream, and am too late to save it before it ends.
    3. The Christmas Challange!

      by , 11-18-2013 at 06:14 PM
      I can only remember some things about this dream. It was about me, my Mom, my Dad, My sister, My niece, My nephew and my sister which had another baby which she does not have in real life. It was Christmas time and we had to do a challenge which lasted the whole month of December. We had to not celebrate Christmas and not talk about it! I did not want to do it but we had to do it for the TV. There was a HUGE Christmas tree and our TV was HUGE! I think we was tiny in this dream. I cant remember what happened after that but once we had done the challenge we was watching other people doing the challenge from a skyscraper. They were decorating this huge Christmas tree which we had to do before we done the challenge too. I was scared because we was sitting on the edge of a skyscraper and we could fall at any time. My Mom who is afraid of heights actually enjoyed it which is really weird because that she has a phobia of heights! My sister put the baby on the edge of the skyscraper too which is really silly. I almost fell and slipped once and that scared me even more. I fell off the skyscraper and was holding on and trying to climb up but I couldn't. Eventually my Mom and my sister helped pull me up. I was really scared and then I woke up. This was a really weird dream.
    4. Christmas Tree Attic Fire

      by , 06-06-2013 at 12:06 PM
      Morning of June 6, 2013. Thursday.

      In my dream, we are back living in Brisbane. Our house is different and does not have higher steps, the inside being much like our real place there, but the front porch area being most like the King Street boarding house with the upstairs apartments. Our son Lorenzo is playing with three younger blonde girls, racing around inside and out, who are happily going in and out of our house while being yelled at by a slightly older girl not to be in our house. They are dressed very formally with fancy hairstyles, as if for a formal event for the very wealthy.

      I soon notice that something dramatic is going on next-door; there are a lot of people, for some reason, standing on top of wobbly old wooden step-ladders, watching the action as if at some sort of baseball game at the park. The house next door is on fire, but I do not see any actual flames or smoke. It seems that a Christmas tree had somehow caught fire in their attic. The people with the hose (no firemen around, but a couple policemen in black wandering around not doing anything) are aiming the water up and directly through the small attic window from a fair distance away. I hear a young couple crying loudly and holding their hands together, but there does not seem to be anything to really cry about, as I see no actual damage anywhere at all.

      It seems strange that all these people are just standing up on ladders and balancing on the fence just to look at that house when nothing is really visible, even the supposed fire. I call out sort of absentmindedly to the nearest man standing atop a step-ladder, “Oh, I didn’t even know about this…”, but most of these people seem more amused or entertained than having concern for the owners or tenants, even though it also seems they were there to help at first.

      I become semi-lucid and notice something strange regarding perspective. Their house, on the side nearest to our house, seems to go past my line of sight towards and behind me - to seemingly take up the same space (from my viewpoint near the corner of our house) as our house would otherwise be, an “impossible” perspective, yet somehow at the same time, it also seems to be a completely empty region or undefined area where neither house is.

      This last part with the ladders relates to typical waking metaphors. Someone on a ladder relates to getting closer to waking consciousness, a fire relates to growing conscious awareness, and something going through a window implies leaving the dream state. The water though, indicates a subtle desire to become lucid (though goes through the window instead, similar to the “water getting lower over time” waking metaphor).
    5. Dreamland: Help Wrapping

      by , 12-26-2011 at 01:32 PM
      Dream #1: My GF and I were leaving my house. We were sitting in my car in the drive way and she had presents for everyone. She told me that she still needed to wrap more, and wanted to put a red ribbon on some of them. I looked around my block and noticed most of the houses had long bright red ribbons out front. I had the "brillant" idea: "Why don't we let my next door neighbor wrap your presents!" (In real life I've done nothing but exchange awkward waves with him.)

      Stationed in his driveway was a heavy looking sewing machine from the 50's, for some reason I felt it could be of use (with the ribbons?)...

      Note: My next door neighbor has not taken down his Christmas tree since he put it up before Christmas 2010. I have joked about this a number of times with my GF, and I have lucidly entered his house at least once (see Blackbird Flying. I also caught a reflection of myself in his front window in the lucid dream: Cloud Form)

      Dream #2: I was laying in bed when Fred walked over and laid down in my usual spot. He told me he had been working hard on the computer and his neck was hurting. So he needed to lay down in a special way using my pillow.

      Note: This is the second dream I have recalled in which Fred was in my bedroom as if he lived here. I also recently posted a dream in which I was in his and Katie's room (Stealing Mexican Food)
    6. Chasing Tsunamis

      by , 05-18-2011 at 03:47 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Chasing Tsunamis (Non-lucid)


      I had a FA in my room, but it was a bigger room. The ground was moving like if there was an earthquake. I experienced several small earthquakes in a row, but they were not powerful.

      Some people was outside crying and running around. I was surprised because here in California we are used to it. I left my room and got to the living room, which was bigger than usual. We had a Christmas tree that the top half, was broken. It had no start and I think it was a yellow tree.

      I got out to the street. I was in some sort of downtown, but the pavement was made out of wood. In addition, it was solid frozen surrounded with ice.

      I saw a few Tsunamis happening, but oddly, these only damaged the road where they were overrunning. Instead of feeling all the roads with water, only the road I was in was being filled.

      Suddenly, Bart Simpson
      (lol) started to heat up a piece of wood on the pavement. This piece warmed up and started to create steam and to melt the ice around. This formed new small Tsunamis all around.

      I could see people chasing Tsunamis and I decided to do so. The waves looked normal, but there were more like a wall of water, as the back of the wave was flat. Some kids were laughing at the back of these waves.