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    1. xxxix.

      by , 09-19-2018 at 11:46 AM
      Non-dream stuff - I have a lucid fragment, that occurred at an unknown time. Then, just a non-lucid dream that I've forgotten details on.

      Lucid fragment:
      It was dim. I see my left hand and count 6 fingers, the extra finger being conjoined with the pinky or ring finger. I have a brief realisation that I'm dreaming, visually the dream starts to disappear into darkness and it feels like I bump into something, and then just the nothingness of unconsciousness until the next dream memory.

      Dream fragment:
      I remember arriving at a street with my partner, in the car. I suggest we park on some spots close to these terraced houses on the street. The layout is a bit like a corner but it makes more sense in the dream context than it would in waking life. The bit I suggested we park the car on, turns out is for disabled only. In the dream I remember thinking that I really need to do something to get that sorted out, the thought felt like it was more conscious than other parts of the dream.

      We park somewhere else a bit further and then I remember approaching the terraced houses, and one of them is actually a bank, and I bought that specific one, apparently. The house door was 60 something, and in the dream context I notice or remember that a friend of ours who's been staying over with us, is living over at door 57, which is around the corner, which again doesn't make sense in a real layout, since it technically would be a different street, the numbers shouldn't add up like that.

      I remember being inside the bank-turned-house and noticing glass with red painted stripes, as with a particular bank, and for some reason the house is connected directly to another one that was also from the same bank but hadn't been sold. I remember turning something on or looking for something to eat and feeling like it was odd that I could see a bank agent across the way.

      In the dream I was satisfied with how the house looked, though it was pretty bare; mostly shiny tiles and glass.

      Later on in the dream I remember walking with my partner again, over some sort of low roof (less than a story high), which was used as a public bridge or something. My mom was at the opposite end, sitting with her legs crossed; as we got closer she looked at me and smiled and told me something. I remember people going past us on the left, using the "bridge". It was day-time through the entire dream, but at first it was cloudy and then it must have been less cloudy near the end because there were more bright streaks.

      No notes for now, feeling quite tired.
    2. 3/14/13 - 1

      by , 03-15-2013 at 10:09 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      My dream starts off at my old middle school. I'm in the girls gym locker room, and I'm laying on the cold cement. I notice there's shower water and some puddles on places on the cement as usual. I'm like disabled on the floor but I don't try to get up. The bell rings and suddenly a massive crowd of girls come from out of the corners of the lockers and head past me to the door exit. Some of them laugh at me, some of them pity me, some of them purposely walk on top of my body, while I'm trying to crawl, roll, and scoot away somewhere, anywhere through the crowd. I can't speak anything but whimpers and gibberish, my vision is as though I've been knocked out from a hit to the head. Finally I give up my efforts and drop my weight onto my back. I just watch the people go by with all there different motives, now some of them are pulling things from me, like yarn necklaces or something of the like. I see in the crowd this girl, she has short side swept hair under a black hood, her hair is black with silver highlights. I know she's different than the others, even though she walks amongst them. She gets closer then she sees me looking like shit covered in the mess from the wet cement. She pushes through the crowd to get to me and then she hurriedly drops to her knees and blankets her body over me shielding me from the irate crowd. I lay there stunned thinking why did this girl give up her position of fitting in, being on a level of walking with others to come down to the lowest outcast bottom with me? I can only whimper and say nonsense to her, she realizes people pulling things from my body and pulls the objects back for me, then she pulls and drags me out and away from the crowd to a vacant spot now outside under a tree shaded from the sun, and then just all of my body and mind finally rest and seems to recuperate.