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    1. Monday, June 22

      by , 06-26-2020 at 06:09 AM
      I think I am in New York City. I am outside of a somewhat smaller building that has at least two climbing walls attached to the exterior. There is a line (I think mostly of kids) for each. There are a few police officers that seem to be letting people in. I think I don’t really need to climb one, but end up doing so. I think everyone is trying for speed and I know that I could beat them due to my age and experience, so I just climb it regularly. I think I only have socks on. I also think there’s something about not thinking I’m on a rope, but then discovering I’m on an auto belay. Now, I am walking around the corner to deposit a check (or make a withdrawal or something similar). The building has older columns and a white stone staircase. I pass by a few sketchy people, then enter into a tiny room. There’s one other in here, a girl who seems to be friendly with the female bank teller. I have to sort of make my presence known. I now give her the slip and think I get it and a receipt back. I also think I did something wrong, since it’s been so long since I’ve done something like this, and have to go back.
    2. A Bizarre Adventure in the Old West

      by , 10-17-2018 at 09:04 AM
      Morning of October 17, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,930-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 51.

      My dream unfolds with the same autosymbolic processes and related components in the same order towards waking as they have on a day-to-day basis for over fifty years, though as is usually the case, in an intriguingly different manner.

      Act One: The non-lucid creation of my vestibular system simulacrum to correlate the illusory physicality of the dream state at the precursory level.

      An old woman, modeled after Sally Fergus (of the television series “Dirty Sally”) travels through the Old West. The setting is a variation of the “Gunsmoke” (television series) set. She has a natural ability to mimic the sound of a chicken perfectly. She casually walks through town, calling all the chickens to aid her in robbing a bank. She is cheerful and confident.

      Act Two: My vestibular system simulacrum is closer to viable RAS mediation and the association with chickens not being capable of sustained flight is transmuted into a paper airplane event.

      The old woman wants to call upon other bandits to help her in future escapades. She folds dollar bills into paper airplanes, writes messages on them with details for potential meetings, and throws them into taverns where possible candidates might be sitting. She also taunts the sheriff by flinging paper airplanes (again, made of folded dollar bills) to his desk at times. Sarcastic messages about his ineptitude are on them. (In this case, the precursory RAS simulacrum - the sheriff - is divided from the vestibular system simulacrum, which is not always the rule. It seems dependent on both ultradian rhythm and my level of dream self awareness, though ultimately it is about unification and reestablishing consciousness.)

      Act Three: The emerging consciousness cue occurs by way of the gathering coins factor. (This was sometimes used deliberately at a liminal or lucid level from early childhood, but water reinduction is far more common for me as well as for Zsuzsanna.) Additionally, there is the final subliminal association and revelation of the real physical body being “hidden” within a bed sheet from the non-lucid dream self. That has been the exit point process of many dreams since childhood.

      The old woman is gathering her men near a wagon to help her move a big rolled-up carpet. The cowboys and bandits decide to unroll it. As they do, more and more coins are visible. They marvel at the hundreds of beautiful coins. I slowly wake.

      Since early childhood, I have remained perplexed over telepathic threads that weave themselves into the dreaming processes. In this case, there are two sources. One, Zsuzsanna had read a story (from a library book I had not seen) to our children about messages sent via paper airplanes. Two, Zsuzsanna had been in a conversation with her sister about an older woman making money with her chickens, though by selling the eggs. I had no precursory idea or cue from either event. These literal transpersonal crossovers into what is otherwise inducing, dreaming, and waking autosymbolism remains an enigma. We experience it all the time. Many others do not.

    3. xxxix.

      by , 09-19-2018 at 11:46 AM
      Non-dream stuff - I have a lucid fragment, that occurred at an unknown time. Then, just a non-lucid dream that I've forgotten details on.

      Lucid fragment:
      It was dim. I see my left hand and count 6 fingers, the extra finger being conjoined with the pinky or ring finger. I have a brief realisation that I'm dreaming, visually the dream starts to disappear into darkness and it feels like I bump into something, and then just the nothingness of unconsciousness until the next dream memory.

      Dream fragment:
      I remember arriving at a street with my partner, in the car. I suggest we park on some spots close to these terraced houses on the street. The layout is a bit like a corner but it makes more sense in the dream context than it would in waking life. The bit I suggested we park the car on, turns out is for disabled only. In the dream I remember thinking that I really need to do something to get that sorted out, the thought felt like it was more conscious than other parts of the dream.

      We park somewhere else a bit further and then I remember approaching the terraced houses, and one of them is actually a bank, and I bought that specific one, apparently. The house door was 60 something, and in the dream context I notice or remember that a friend of ours who's been staying over with us, is living over at door 57, which is around the corner, which again doesn't make sense in a real layout, since it technically would be a different street, the numbers shouldn't add up like that.

      I remember being inside the bank-turned-house and noticing glass with red painted stripes, as with a particular bank, and for some reason the house is connected directly to another one that was also from the same bank but hadn't been sold. I remember turning something on or looking for something to eat and feeling like it was odd that I could see a bank agent across the way.

      In the dream I was satisfied with how the house looked, though it was pretty bare; mostly shiny tiles and glass.

      Later on in the dream I remember walking with my partner again, over some sort of low roof (less than a story high), which was used as a public bridge or something. My mom was at the opposite end, sitting with her legs crossed; as we got closer she looked at me and smiled and told me something. I remember people going past us on the left, using the "bridge". It was day-time through the entire dream, but at first it was cloudy and then it must have been less cloudy near the end because there were more bright streaks.

      No notes for now, feeling quite tired.
    4. Unlikely Bank Queue

      by , 08-11-2018 at 11:20 AM
      Morning of August 11, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 50 sec. Readability score: 66.

      I am in an unknown bank, though the area is not very defined. I do not discern any walls, only “blank” space beyond.

      I am firstly standing in a long queue, but then I decide to sit down. There are many chairs as if arranged to watch a play, facing the teller stations. A lot of other people are present and sitting in chairs.

      The area with the tellers also has an unusual alcove to the rightmost of my view. An unknown man goes ahead of the others waiting in line. An unfamiliar woman at the end of the line becomes annoyed. The man goes into the alcove and is no longer visible. I do not know how their system works. I comment on the event to imply that I understand her frustration, but consider my comment is probably annoying to her as well.

      The event is like a typical checkout scenario, which is common in my dreams and is a reactive representation of the waking process (leaving the dream state in an obvious metaphor). The man going into the alcove is a projection of my emerging consciousness, in which I am subliminally planning on going back to sleep after waking, analogically duplicated by me sitting down in a chair to rest.

    5. This Must Have Been Kafka’s Bank; Old Acquaintance

      by , 04-22-2018 at 11:09 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      It seems I’ve gone to a bank to figure out why I can’t get my checking account hooked up with Paypal. They’ve given me a form to fill out—I’m sitting at a large table with a few other customers scattered around it while a female employee stands behind a desk at one end of the room.

      But the form is proving quite frustrating. All the questions are so unclear that I keep having to call the woman over to explain what information it’s asking me for. And it seems that a lot of what it’s asking for is other people’s information—relatives, friends, people who would be able to do a particular thing for me.

      I call the woman over to explain yet another question—it claims to be questions 4 through 10, although it seems to be a simple yes or no question. What’s this one asking me for? She tells me that one doesn’t actually count for anything, and I can write anything I want there. Well, fine then. I write: “yes?/no!” below it. The woman seems a little dubious. But if it doesn’t matter, then presumably it doesn’t have to make sense. Besides, I say, how often do you get the chance to answer a question like that? And she seems to accept that.

      I had hoped to have this matter settled today, but since I’m going to have to get in touch with so many people to get the information I need to fill the form out, it looks like it’s going to drag out for a while longer. But then it dawns on me: this thing is making me think about the ways I’m connected with other people. Could it be that that’s what this was really about?

      Later that night, in a different dream, I’m going to a place like a big department store with a group of people. A lot happened in this one, but in the only part I can remember well, we have all met up at a café that's part of some larger space. We sit at a couple small, round tables to one side of the counter. There are some nice-looking pastries on display, but I don’t recall anyone actually ordering food.

      I was hoping to sit next to Katya, but she ended up at the other table, and other people sat down there before I could move over. Instead, I seem to be sitting beside an old schoolmate, someone I haven’t seen or even thought about since we were both 10. We talk about life back then. She mentions a particular boy, saying she remembers I had a lot of classes in common with him. I can’t remember whether I did or not. It’s not something I would have taken note of. I say that I remember having a lot of classes in common with another boy, though. She doesn’t remember who he is at first. But then she says, “Oh, the one with the naked fairy dream?” This is referring to the dream records that are displayed here in this café. It seems they were collected by Judge what’s-his-face from some of the students back then as part of some project—maybe like a public display of kids’ artwork, like you see sometimes— and by some massive coincidence, they ended up here, where we are.

      I have my bouzouki in my lap, in its case. I’m thinking of taking it out and playing it. It would have nothing whatsoever to do with anything that happened in the past, and that would be nice.

    6. Darn Work frags

      by , 04-06-2016 at 07:56 PM
      D1 - Trying to make some financial transactions but have to cross stepping stones round the side of a dark lake to get to bank Oo
      D2 - Again on a lake, a father is dressed in a crown and a dress, he is swimming just off a little island, with a house on it. His daughter is talking to him. Ok?
      D3- At work new people are being shown around, I follow them through corridors, past water coolers and potted plants.
      D4 -Looking after a new class, will they do as I say? or will there be a mutiny? it's a close call. but all goes ok despite my nerves being on edge.
      D5 - Repeating dream
      List of classes in a book. I'm being asked if I have signed up for a xmas performance number. I have to choose and practise as the last minute, as per usual.
      Tags: bank, work, xmas
    7. Nap 29/12/2015

      by , 12-29-2015 at 10:05 PM
      I slept a nap at three until half past five. I intended to do WILD but i felt asleep without being aware. Here it is what i dreamt:

      • I was with Edward Snowden in a house in Thailand. He was helping my mother because some poeple in the bank were trying to scam her heritage money. She was trying to buy a house, but the bank was estimating how much she had to offer her a house where she could pay only interests of it and loose all the money without having payed a single dollar on the house. So Snowden as a cool guy was there, i was surprised about my mom that she was friend or have met him. Well, he was on a computer trying to hack the bank or something, and they were waiting until they could call the bank's number. So my mother left with my little sister and i was alone with him. I said cool movie you made, and he talked about the movie Citicenfour that yes it was cool but he didn't liked how it finished, that it was said that he would finish a foreign course or something like that about computer. I told him well, there are many possibilities in life, that it was not like a hollywood movie where they would invent an epic ending or something similar, it was real life and it is often said that life goes beyond science fiction. He was given back permission to go back to United States and he was living there. After i said those words to him i went out the window and started to jump in the roofs. There was a large cloth in a building that people was complaining about because it was not hooked so well, and it was responsibility of buddhist monks. If a wind blew it could fall and due to the size of it it could kill people.
      • The other dream was me being in the house of my grandfather or my fathers. I took a banana and i ate it, i was going through doors (probably Baigorria's house) but i was heading to the bathroom. So i went to the third bathroom of the house while my father questioned me why i didn't go to the second one, and i told him i already know that one, i want to find out how the third looks like.

      I finished dreaming. I thought i had wrote down some notes but i didn't, so memories was all i had.

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    8. After a long break... 101215: The Bank Teller, Cheesecake for All, Meeting Duchovny

      by , 12-10-2015 at 10:02 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I'm in a bank, dark outside the windows, small lamps on the wooden teller desks. There is only myself and one teller. She is a young, attractive blonde woman in very nice business clothes. I don't think she is a teller at all, someone a little higher in management. I ask what my balance is on my account and she says 6000€. I'm totally amazed, how did I get so much? After she says that she begins to flirt with me. Is it only because of the money I have that she is showing this interest? Despite thinking this, I feel good that she is showing interest in me. She puts her arms around my neck and begins to stroke the back of my neck.

      I'm in the middle of the city and night. It might just be the evening though, it is dark. Orange street lights illuminate the old roads and tall buildings on either side. I see a friend of mine and she says she has hooked up her electricity to an older system and if I could add something to it. I look at it, it looks like wires everywhere. I try to adjust one and the light begin to flicker. I push the wire a little more until the power comes back. The whole system is really sensitive. She says her boyfriend is getting them a new cable card so they can hook up the electricity better.

      I go to a old-timey bakery. There are lots of cakes on sale in the sale windows under the counter. I see they are selling the last ones of the day. I say I'll take them all. Back at my friends place, I see my sister and some other friends. I tell them that everyone can have cake, I feel good that I'm able to offer everyone cake. Everyone smiles and is ready for a piece.

      I go and pick up the cakes. Back at the bakery I tell them I bought them and I'm going to pick them up. They say they don't have them anymore. I'm surprised, how is this possible? They say I shouldn't have just left the cakes here. I angrily take out a receipt and say that I arranged to pick them up later. They apologize and give me the cakes and the loafs of bread I reserved. The loaves look like large rocks, I see they have baked dried tomatoes and olives into them.

      I'm back in the gas station doing a night shift. It's toward the end, the morning has come but it is still pitch black outside. I've been talking to the other employee all night and I feel guilty that I didn't do everything I was supposed to do. It's been a while. As I start to do my neglected jobs I see David Duchovny. I'm shocked. I can't believe it! Why is he here? I run to the other counter and say I have to take a break, ijust have to. I go downstairs into the locker room and pull a piece of thin cardboard. I need his autograph. I run upstairs and I see he has entered with Gillain Anderson and another man. I'm starstruck, I can barely blurt out "I love the X-files can I have your autograph?". Duchovny says he doesn't always want to be remembered as Mulder. I feel bad about it but I want to tell him what kind of massive effect the show had on me and how important it was and is still. I see a large line forming and I have to go take care of the line and I ask him if he and Gillian Anderson can sign my little ripped up piece of cardboard.

      I go to the cash register. There is a large line and people are being rude, looking at me meanly. Some people are cutting in line and this aggravates me.
      Tags: bank, bread, cake, x-files
    9. Bank Robbery & Potentially Escaping to New Jersey

      by , 10-27-2015 at 05:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bank Robbery & Potentially Escaping to New Jersey (DILD)


      There was a grandiose robbery going on where it seemed more of a series of technical idiosyncrasies that caused it vs. a physical attack. I was an affiliate of someone that was helping me get some gold bars covered in black metal with the monetary value of them. Each one was close to 55k-100k, but I’m not sure about the actual value in terms of $, euro, etc.

      Most of the environment is very bland with blue and gray, and the carpet for some areas were a mélange of fainted warm colors dominated by the cool color. I wasn’t able to recall the visage of the individual that was helping me hoard money, but based on how he escaped, he was of Asian descent. He had a short hairstyle, and seemed to be in his 30s.

      The more I describe him, the more his visage looks like one with a rough visage. Yes, a slightly spiky hairstyle to him, and a bit of a slanted forehead from the 3/4s angle projected in my mind’s eye.

      Anyway, it seems I’m lucid mostly during the end of the operation, and the ending looks like why where everyone is going their separate ways, and moving on to whatever quotidian lifestyle they want to enhance with the wealth that they’ve gathered.

      The robbery itself doesn’t seem to be one that causes moments of consternation for most of the dream characters. I was apprehensive on wanting to give some gold for the Asian male that presumably helped me out. I believe I had at least a million dollars in gold, and was willing to give 100k-150k for the male. However, just as I was about to profess to him, he’s already going his own way, which probably implies he has just as much, or more than I do.

      I put the gold bar encased with black metal back with the other stack, and now had to devise my own way of getting out. There were two dream characters near me; one to the left, and one to the right. The one to the right seemed like another affiliate because I queried, “Where’s the gun?” and they immediately used the side of their shoe to spin it across the floor to me.
      As soon as they did that, they ran away as well, and all that’s left is a random elderly black female wearing a faded purple shirt and some cool colored pants. She’s just casually reading over some documents, and seems to be passive in terms of being aware that there has been an internal bank robbery going on, or she’s feigning her disposition to prevent retaliation from me, and any other individuals.

      I was not made privy to the layout of the bank in particular, or maybe I just had a relapse in memory at the time, but the starting point was unfortunately having to utilize her as a shield. However, I didn’t force myself to do this to her, and merely just ducked under the desk she was sitting around. It was a thin black metal desk and chair, and her slightly grandiose weight was a useful way to cover.

      Then what happened next completely changed the mood of the dream to where I could take advantage of the moment, and get off scotch-free, I guess. I was in the prone position, and I could barely see the top of someone’s head passing through the small hallway trying to navigate, and potentially shoot anyone that seems suspicious.

      That individual looked like one of my managers I used to work, so let’s call him Jess for now (Hispanic one for future reference with black glasses). He seems to notice that someone is near the elderly female, and takes a shot or two, but is only able to make a few fractures to the wall she’s sitting nearby. I immediately declared to him,

      Jess…it’s me.”

      I put my hands up, and his disposition went from earnest to one of enthusiasm. It was the typical long time, no see conversation with a subsequent handshake, and the dream completely influences me to make a complete 180 in my disposition.

      Jess started telling me how he shifted his role from retail to more technological aspects, but I’m not able to pick out the exact job position he was talking about. He was wearing a light gray polo shirt and black dress pants, and puts his hands around his hips while his arms are in a sideways V position.

      The conversation was short, and I feel that through him, I was able to casually leave the building without anyone feeling suspicious. As I’m walking out, I started to question if this was even a bank robbery at all. I noticed to my right that there’s a female with long curvy black hair that looks like a co-worker of mine. For some odd reason, I feel predisposed towards her as if we’ve been in a relationship with each other in this dream for some reason.

      It felt as if those predisposed infatuations and attractions towards her were taking dominion of my preference to just tone my actions down completely. Somehow, the materialistic gain made me more giddy towards her, but I didn’t have the intention to shower her with items. She was wearing a dark navy blue polo shirt that I’m sure she buttoned up with faded blue denim jeans of some sort. I can tell she was wearing her thick black glasses, and I realized how she’s taller than me.

      Just as I’m trying to be gregarious with her, as if it’s the only chance I would get, a random Asian Indian male interacts with me. He’s wearing a yellow shirt, light gray pants, and some brown sandals. He looks like he has a clean haircut going on, and looks like someone name Brian from New York that I used to know. He’s asking me if I want to move to New Jersey, and queries how much money I have. I didn’t question why he would suddenly query this after the event that just occurred, and things seemed like a blank canvas in terms of how I could react to this.

      For the girl, that I’ll nickname Abbey, she was someone that I wanted to query if she wanted to move in with me to New Jersey. Then, the second dream character that is portrayed looks like my mother that suddenly has the accent of Consuela from Family Guy.

      She’s like,

      “No….you can’t do that…nooo. Noo.”

      She starts to scratch me subtly, which is awkward with the music that was playing when I was thinking of Abbey awhile ago:

      I started to move my arm away from her because it was awkward and irritating. My predisposed attractions towards Abbey started to augment, and before I could be gregarious with her, I was quickly thinking on the meaning of having to move to New Jersey when I could stay in Texas instead, and buy a decent house.

      I felt that these predispositions would go in vain, and yet, it seemed that I was guided towards her. This mélange of unconscious guidance and emotions made me query why a certain individual in waking life was querying over what my hobbies her, and from a dream interpretation site that I take loosely, utilizing gold in a certain way means I should find a new hobby.

      Or in other words, find a hobby that I would be able to synch with Abbey, however, I feel it could just be another co-worker that’s using middlemen to extract things I do for quotidian activities. I wanted to make the decision to move to New Jersey with her, but still was attached to Texas as I like the grandiose feel to it vs. the more compact and economical feel New Jersey had in my previous experiences.

      Flustered with figuring out what to do, I figured that the first step was to touch her shoulder instead of trying to calculate everything to declare to her. And just as she’s turning around with a smile on her face, the dream starts getting blurry, and I believe someone wakes me up.

      It’s going to be awkward going to work.
      lucid , memorable
    10. dream about my old house.

      by , 01-24-2015 at 06:53 PM
      it is my old house. i.m going with my wife
      for shifting purpose
      going with my wife in to the old house.
      yes, it is my old house. i see the windows of the house.
      it is my bed room. it is totally empty, and I'm mapping it from my hand.
      the room is so small. i'm thinking it it was so small from my new house.
      i standing in front of windows and thinking about my passed life.
      i was listening the outside sound.
      then i move to middle room and touch the dirty drum witch is located in front of switch board.
      then i'm thinking that, it is so dirty. and wash my hand in basin.

      i saw in kitchen, my wife is making something.
      then i think just on the chimney. but it was not possible because i m in old house.
      after that i was awake.
      then i sleep again and saw the bank.
      i see the bank
      i came here for loan purpose.
      i saw the banker and sum one talking to me.
      i think it is a boy and he is banker.
      then i didn't remember but he was bring to me at a lady banker i think she is neha madam.
      then they have refuse to give a loan. i says that i have already taken the loan and i return it in 4 months.
      then the lady ask the loan amount i think 20 lakh but i says 1 lakh.
      i remember that my loan is approved. then i came out from the bank with my wife.
      yes i think it is icici bank but i saw SBI bank on it.
      there is way of my old house in front of this bank.
      i was going with my wife.
      i entered in that road. after going to left, i saw a dead dog . the dog is rite side to me.
      and my wife is consciously bring me to left side
      then i reached the old house.
      in the gate, there is many person. but i and my wife had not talked to anyone else.
      i climbing in steps and steps. and came in to the house..

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    11. Malate at Night

      by , 01-12-2015 at 04:38 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was walking down the road at night with some people. We were gonna buy something. The place has lots of lights. Malate?

      I had to withdraw from an ATM. Not sure if there was one nearby. We were inside the mall. Food court?
    12. Safe Good Driver, Max The Hacker, Snow Beach, Bank Confusion, LD#40 (28.8.14)

      by , 08-30-2014 at 03:37 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm in a car with Kayley and she asks if she's a good driver. I tell her the truth and tell her the difference between a good driver and a safe driver. I tell her she's a safe driver. She doesn't take it too kindly and she seemed to think she was a good driver.

      I'm now on foot and walking towards a house flat. I see Jamie Pennys kids at the door step. I decide to turn around and leave. As I turn around a corner I see Jamie himself. I mention to him that I saw his kids out the front of his house.

      Kayley seems to have bailed on me and I have to figure out how to get home. I start to think about the long distance it'll take to get home. I have a backpack on so I check for money inside of it, and find a few coins. I see a man on the other side of the road and he's standing next to a car and looks a little suspect. He just doesn't look like a guy with good intentions. I'm taken back by the size of the man, hes very tall. He offers me a smoke which is unlit but looks to have been already half smoked. I keep insisting to him on why I don't want the cigarette. I tell him I quit a long time ago. I have a feeling the cigarette itself has something wrong with it and would cause harm if smoked. I end up taking a couple of drags of the cigarette. I tell him his very tall and he tells me his 6'8. I have a feeling his taller than that.
      I can now see a scene of the guy in a nightclub. Two males approach him and they're taken back as well by the size of him. They tell him jokingly ''Where's your cousins at?!'' meaning that they must be tall as well. Now he's cousins come into the scene, and they're just as tall.
      The man asks where the bus is, and I look into the distance and see one coming. The bus looks weird from the distance. It looked skinny. I tell him ''There's a bus coming, but I doubt it's yours''.

      Dream 2

      I'm sitting at the computer, about to play some online poker. I enter a table and notice that Max is sitting at the table also. He name is odd and consists of Max in it. My avatar is a picture of myself and I quickly leave hoping he hasn't seen me.

      My computer shuts down from being hacked. I figured it was Max, he must have seen me before I left. I walk over to my Dad, who is in front of his own computer. He seems to be having problems as well. He tells me that Microsoft Office isn't working. I tell him about Libre Office, which is FREE.

      Dream 3

      I'm walking down a street. As I'm walking, I'm pissing at the same time, leaving a trail behind me. I see that there's two males on their bikes heading towards me. I get worried thinking they're going to know I left a trail of piss behind me. I get on my skateboard and start to try and build up speed, but seem to struggle with power and cardio. I look back where I had previously pissed and see that it wasn't as noticeable as first thought.

      I reach a beach which is windy and overcast. I see that there's snow and rocks leading towards the ocean. There's a flash of lightning which hits the ground only meters away from me. There's a lot of people looking towards the ocean. I have a look to see what all the fuss is about and notice that the waves are swelling a lot and that there looks to be a lot of seals in the water. The waves begin to come over the concrete barrier where I am standing and begins to flood. My shoes get soaked but I feel no sensation of wetness or cold in my foot. As I'm leaving the beach I throw some snow at a kid and he gets pissed off at me. I think he's a bit of a sook, so I flick sand up towards his face to toughen him up.

      I'm now at Josh's old house in Strofford Ave. I enter the house through the backdoor and notice that there's a dog trying to enter the house also. I have to push him back to stay outside. I stroll through his kitchen and notice that his bench top is different and see a toaster near the sink. I leave the kitchen and walk into the lounge room. I see Dad standing next to what looks like a iron board. Dad begins to question me, as if I had done something wrong. I keep insisting that everything is fine but he keeps digging for answers. He asks if I'm hiding a female in my room. He now goes on about something I may have done outside. I start to get confused on why he's questioning me so much.

      Dream 4

      I'm on Dreamviews IRC and I'm talking to gab. Gab asks me a question and I don't seem to be paying enough attention to what she asks and I respond with the answer. Gab asks me to explain my answer and I feel I have been caught out not paying attention.

      I'm now sitting down talking to some people that work at the bank. I begin to tell lie to them about having a house and that I have been living in it for 3 years. I hope that Daryl is over hearing our convocation cause he would find it funny that I'm making shit up as the convocation goes along. I start to get confused and can't seem to follow what the bank employees are telling me.
      I see Daryl sitting at a table with three young ladies.

      Daryl takes me to another room inside the bank. He introduces me to another bank employee. I tell him I didn't understand what they were telling me earlier. He hands me some paper.

      Dream 5 - 9:25AM (Lucid - MILD, DEILD)

      I'm watching a female get ready for a fight. She is standing where the fighters are usually checked by the referee. I begin to come aware in the dream and I start concentrating on her facial features, until I realize I am dreaming.
      I think I'm in a class room and I kneel down to stabilize the dream and start to feel/smell/rub face/lick the carpet. I dream still feels a tad unstable. I begin to feel as if I'm still in bed and have something covering most of my vision (probably sleeping mask). I successfully attempt to bring on a false awakening to restart the dream, by falling backwards with my eyes shut. I feel my body float to the ground. I start to visualize the last thing I saw in my dream which works instantly. I'm back in the dream but only for a few seconds before I wake up.

      Side Notes

      Night 2-3 of practicing MILD with success. I become lucid just before my wake up alarm goes off, this is a common thing for my lucid dreams.
    13. 8/5/14 Floating Through Floors & Gray Cat - Sensei's Comp Night 9

      by , 08-05-2014 at 05:45 PM
      Hitting every other night for my previous 4 lucid nights! The first DILD this night was fairly short and the second DILD even shorter. Still fun!

      8/5/14 **1115 5am(wbtb) at bank with D (crayfish guy). Help figure out how much deposit or withdrawal. / train travel time altogether versus? / I see old co-worker R in our employee gym working out. I greet him and ask him how he's doing. I wake up and think that should have made me lucid since he no longer works there. One of several mini awakenings as my wife gets ready for the day. I tell myself to watch out for several dream signs including being at the office again. / I am at the office again but I don't catch it right away. I'm sitting in an office chair and I spin on it and I believe the feeling of the spin makes me suspicious that I'm dreaming (or I already was suspicious or semi-lucid) and I spin some more and it is a lot of fun. I just keep spinning and spinning on the chair. I worried for a moment that I could be at work looking like a fool spinning like that and I decide that I will just float up and erase any doubt that I'm dreaming. I float up and enjoy the feeling and decide I might as well float on out of the building and I float on up through several stories floor by floor (fully phase) seeing different people. Some sexy women and I think about stopping but I just keep going and when I exit the top of the building I wake up. / I am looking at a Dreamviews dream journal posting by StephL and reading that she had two lucid dreams last night the first one was short again and she use the word poo, as in poo on another short one. Her second one was longer and one of the two dreams had something to do with driving or going somewhere when she realized that she was dreaming. I haven't looked at Dreamviews since last night so it would be cool if it was true that she had two, but even better if she had two longer ones. another mini awakening... / I am in some room. my wife is getting ready and I am sitting on the edge of a bed or couch and a small dark gray cat walks up to me down by my feet I reach down and start petting it. Wait a minute. I don't have a cat. I'm dreaming again! The cat is friendly nudging his head towards my hands as I continue petting it(dc interact).I wake. I had some other shorter dreams that I forgot.
    14. The Heist

      by , 07-13-2014 at 04:04 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Entry 7/13/14

      Blue: Non-Lucid
      Bold: Lucid
      Black: Awake

      I dream that me and a crew of guys are walking towards the entrance of a bank. The bank is located in the inner part of a large city, and people are all around us. Our getaway is ready and waiting, a helicopter on top of a roof. Before we enter the bank, we do something in the street(I can't recall what) that ends up distracting the police. We then enter the bank, and I pull out a small handgun and fire into the air. Everyone immediately freaked out, and my crew all began shouting at them.
      "Everyone get down on the ground! I want everyone lying face down on the floor! Don't try anything! We won't give you any second chances!" the crew leader said.
      I now pulled out my rifle, a G36C with an ergonomic grip, green laser and an ACOG scope. All the people on the bank were frightened for sure, not daring to move. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew was setting up to open the bank vault. This bank would never exist in real life; no security guards, no cameras, and the bank vault was in an unprotected room for everybody to see.
      One of our crew now began placing satchel charges on the vault, and the rest of us guarded. I was walking around the room, when a couple of people sat up. My gun was down, and I took a hold of it.
      "On your face!" I screamed at them. Two of the three people listened, but the third, a young woman, didn't. "On your face!" I screamed again. She simply gave me a dirty look, and didn't budge an inch. I pulled up my gun, and before I could lift it up at her she laid back down on her face. I moved along in relief, glad I didn't have to shoot an innocent civilian. I continued walking around, and a couple more people sat up.
      "GET BACK ON YOUR FACE!" I yelled. They immediately obliged, and got back down on the floor. The vault was now opened, and our crew grabbed all the money. I however, stayed to hold guard over the bank. Two normal policemen entered the bank, and all of us hid ourselves. They looked around, confused as to where we were hiding. We were lucky no one in the bank was ballsy enough to give us away.
      I then peaked out and aimed down the sight of my G36C, and I lined up the sight right over the first cop's head. I fired, and the cop spun back. I then shifted my aim over to the next cop and took him out as well.
      All of my crew got up now and rushed out of the bank. I stayed at the entrance as they crossed the street. SWAT cars and police cruisers were all speeding to the scene, and it was about to get messy out here.
      I held my G36C as they police converged upon my position, and I was ready to return fire. In a matter of seconds SWAT were coming from both sides of the street. My team had crossed the street and entered into the building where our chopper was waiting. I had stayed back to fight off the coming resistance.
      SWAT were coming from both ways, so I stepped back into the bank and prepared to fire. Three or four guys came in the front door, and I fired rapidly, spamming my trigger until they were all dead. My gun was single-fire only it would appear, so I had to be quick with my shooting. More cops rushed in, and then I took them out as well.
      I stepped outside shortly afterwards and looked around. No more cops were coming to me. Instead, they had shifted their focus to the building my crew was in. I could see the SWAT team running past windows towards my crew, and they'd be screwed if I didn't stop the police. I aimed down my scope and began taking pop shots at the police, hitting a few of them in the back. It wasn't until long my crew reached the chopper, and they flew off to safety. I then ran off and made my own escape.
      I soon reached my crew mate's home and he let me in. He was freaking out because a policeman was coming for a search of his home. He still had his bag of money and his gear from the heist. So we took the money and gear and hid it someplace special(I don't remember where). The cop now came, and we let him in. He started looking around for suspicious objects, when I spotted what he was looking for. There was something from the heist on the floor(I don't remember what again), and so I grabbed it with a tissue, and I walked off with it unseen. Without getting any prints on it I hid it away so no one would ever find it.
      My crew mate now entered his room with me, and we saw an open pizza box on his bed, and three or four pieces left in it.
      "We gotta destroy the evidence man." he said. So we ate the pizza, and it wasn't before long when I
    15. Mother and Son

      by , 06-24-2014 at 05:43 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      June 23, 2014

      I was traveling with my dad (or rather, someone's dad. I wasn't "me" in this dream, but I don't know exactly who I was), and we had just walked through a large garden/yard, with paths cutting across in various spots. (Whoa, I just remembered a dream from ages ago)

      We came up to a large house (two floors, lots of glass windows, I could see a huge TV on the ground floor) in a bowl-like yard. As we walked toward the house, to the left was a row of other, much smaller houses along a street. I don't remember noticing what was on the right side or behind the house (OMG I just remembered another dream from a long time ago. Shit, man)

      That night, I was sitting outside the house, looking at the roofs of the line of houses to the left of the house. There was something strange about the gable of the house at the end of the row, closest to the garden/yard we'd come through to get to the house, though I can't remember exactly what ws strange about it. I just know that I was staring at it, inspecting it, trying to figure out why that different thing about it was different.

      Then, there was a mother and her son walking in from that garden. I blinked, and I was out of my body, watching the mother and son running through that garden moments before. Then, I watched through the mother's eyes as she and her son jumped over a fence in the garden, figured out it was an enclosure, and jumped back over. I (she) was searching for something, but I didn't know what it was. I just knew that safety was just a little bit further ahead, but it was always just a little bit further ahead. Behind me, hopefully far behind me and my son, was an abusive husband-an abusive father. We'd run away from him.

      My son and I descended into the bowl-yard (holy shit I keep remembering really random dreams from years ago) and got separated. I panicked. I looked every direction, but I heard a loud, sharp, painful BANG, more panic, I started running without much direction, looking for my son, when there was another BANG and everything stopped...

      I left the POV of the mother then, and was seeing through my own eyes again; the mother and son had been two animals. I had thought they were human at first, since it was dark and I couldn't see well. I think they were deer, but I'm not certain. I turned to my right to see my father, holding a smoking shotgun. "Why did you kill them...?" I was shocked and so sad. "It was just a momma and her baby...!" I suddenly got super angry at him, and stormed off into the house. I ignored him for the rest of the night, and wouldn't speak to him the next morning. He kept trying to make me feel better, or to make up for killing the animals, but he wouldn't give me the one thing I wanted, which was an apology. He wasn't sorry at all, and that's why I was so fracking mad.

      I had sat down in front of the huge TV at some point that day, but couldn't get it to work; there was some sort of password to make it work, and I didn't know it. I asked my father, who was in the kitchen, if he was at all sorry about shooting the son. He'd shot the young one first. "He was so young..."

      But my father still wasn't sorry. I was so angry that I just left the house alltogether. I stood outside, wondering what I could possibly do. It wasn't much, but I decided to make a small memorial for the mother and son in the spot where the son had been shot. I went back inside to watch TV, since my father had gotten it working, but as I was searching for a channel, it turned off and I couldn't get it to turn back on.

      So I went back outside, and suddenly, where I'd made the memorial, there was a bank drive-thru. My dream self (who still wasn't really me) didn't seem to be surprised, haha. I walked up to the teller and asked to withdraw $10 from my account. The teller smiled and asked me when I would like the withdrawal to arive at my house.

      "Can't I just get the money now...?"
      "Oh, no, you need a Start Account for that. Normal accounts can only withdraw on a 2-day minimum waiting period."
      "Well how do you know I don't have a Start Account...?" I asked.
      The teller pointed to a few people who were suddenly there. They all had a small blue pin on their chests. The pins had "Start" written in mirror-writing in white ink. I looked down at my own chest; I had no pin.

      Then I woke up.
      Tags: animals, bank, death
      non-lucid , nightmare
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