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    1. LD 87 - Mind controlling monsters

      by , 01-04-2017 at 11:23 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)

      LD 87 - Mind controlling monsters

      I'm in middle school. There's a stand-off between me and two other students. I have a knife, the guy closes to me has a knife too, but the third guy pulls out an M4 rifle.
      There is absolutely no way for me to win now. I drop my knife in the hopes that he calms down. He isn't calming down. The other knife holding guy moves between me and the rifle man.
      BANG! Knife guy takes a bullet for me. Looks like it went straight through his lower torso and thus hit the spine. He's dead af. As he falls down, the rifle man fires again. I'm hit. A large piece of flesh is hanging out under my right arm. Is that a muscle? People are screaming. I also feel a stinging pain in my arm and back of my head. I try to find a nurse, but even school staff seems uninterested in helping me.

      I wake up and journal this, but the dream continues when I fall back to sleep.

      I'm home. The house is unfamiliar and has two floors. I remember being shot and check under my shirt. There's no wound or scar. My family is acting weird. Another school day goes by and I get back home.
      I check for the wound again and now there's a scar. "Someone made me forget?" My sister's oldest kids are visiting. The second oldest realized something is wrong too. He had a new game he had been playing
      and had forgotten his progress, which was still visible as a game save. Dad got home, but he wasn't my dad, instead he looked like the actor Ray Liotta. He was behind this and instantly knew that I saw through it.
      He runs into my room looking very angry. I'm so scared that I become lucid to save myself from further stress. I stop time. Ray just stands right in front of me. I'm not lucid enough to free myself from this particular scene. I try to tell myself that I can make the world fade away and do what I want, but I appear to be stuck. Suddenly everyone is sitting in the living room. I try to make Ray's head blow up. I visualize his head exploding and blood covering the walls, but nothing happens. I grab his legs and easily swing him against the wall and through the table. Nothing seems to be harming him.

      Scene changes and the dream continues non-lucid. To summarize: I figure out that someone is mind controlling my family and a lot of other people. I find an organization in the city that have alien tentacle monsters in a large tank that have this mind controlling power. Dream ends before I get to do anything about it.

      I guess this was low level lucidity. I didn't recall my tasks or anything. I tried to free myself from the narrative, but failed.
    2. Plagues and Emotional Ties

      by , 09-20-2016 at 04:36 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Oi, oi, I'm back from the shadows of a five day slump of upset emotions and sadness. Things have cooled down now though, and I've brought two dreams with me for this entry!
      This first one was from the morning before this morning.
      I was in a school (who would've thunk it), or more specifically, a choir class. We were all singing some song, and for some reason, all the kids around me were 5th graders, while I was the only young adult in the room, aside from the teachers standing around watching our performance. Suddenly, alarms blared! Doctors came in from every which way! What was going on?
      The answer to that question appeared in the form of the head of the doctors, a nurse with a demanding presence but kind demeanor. She strolled her way in, feet clacking on the floor as we all stared in a mixture of confusion and horror. She stopped walking, waited a moment, and explained to us that a virus was going through the school. Not just any virus though; it was a lethal, fast-spreading virus, and all of the kids had to be quarantined immediately. With a snap of her fingers, the doctors began rounding up the kids and escorting them out of the choir room. For some reason, nobody came up to me, making me the last one in the room, along with the teachers and the head nurse.
      There was some more to this dream involving me questioning the nurse about the outbreak, but I don't remember it.
      Next is my fragment from this morning. And it's real sparse one at that; only specific scenes and characters remembered.
      A school was involved. (this may as well be a dream sign at this point along with K and my ex). My ex was there. For some reason I was viewing the dream as an observer, but another me was in the dream, or rather, my middle-school-aged self, as one of the participating DCs. My dad was in the dream too, and he was running for president, campaigning through the school.
      Lately I've noticed a trend that whenever my emotions get upset or sad, it tends to dip my recall the following mornings, whereas if I'm feeling happier and more clear-headed, I tend to have more consistent recall. Don't really know if there's anything to that, but it's been an observable enough pattern that there may be something to it, at least for me.
    3. Spell's Comp Night 5: High school crush, toddler dream self

      by , 08-03-2016 at 03:07 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was walking into town. (Evening, judging by the position of the sun) I remember meeting this girl from my high school who was being annoying so I jaywalked into the middle of the street when she wasn't looking to get away from her. I walked to the Taekwondo studio and had my taekwondo outfit on.

      I was told that there were three new students starting and I had to teach them all the basics of how to do good in class. I remember there were three or four boys who all looked the same but at different ages, as they got older they got taller and their hair got darker. The youngest of the four had blonde hair and looked about 10. The oldest looked about 20 and had black hair and a slight mustache. I started teaching them something and they changed into Cafe's guides.

      I then remember my high school crush walked in and she was a black belt. She started saying that I was doing all the class all wrong. My taekwondo master came out of his office and said that he didn't know who she was and that she couldn't just expect to walk into the studio and start telling me how to lead class. I said something about her being annoying.

      The next thing I knew she took out this weird gas mask thing and put it on her face with a really long filter tube reaching about knee level. (It looked like a vaccum hose) She started spinning it around like a helicopter and asked if it was annoying.

      Also my retainer started bothering me at 4:00am so I had to take it out and went pee while I was at. I suppose that counts as a WBTB, though I didn't try any practice...

      I was being chased by someone. I hid in this store where this guy sold guns. But I didn't have a license to buy a gun so instead he sold me this crossbow type weapon that shot these little darts so that I could defend myself. I think I remember buying 22 of the little darts, then practicing. For some reason the guy said he would sell me three bismuth crystals for half price (what is up with all the bismuth crystals in my dreams these past few days...)

      I think it was somehow related to a dream fragment that I had in a previous night. (Night 2 of hte comp) where the crystals I needed were specific and I needed to slot them into some kind of alien device. I remember he sold the crystals in 3 categories. Cheap, Normal and Superb. Crystals from all three sizes were about the same size. (Usually about as big as the palm of my hand) I bought two of the cheap ones and one of the normal one.

      The total that I had to pay for all this. The weird dart shooting crossbow and the crystals was 30 dollars and 13 cents.


      I remember I was dreaming that I was walking in my neighborhood.
      I randomly got lucid when I got to the front of the neighborhood. I think there was a small boy in a wagon talking about building a tree fort and something to do with a monster that lived in the woods but I ignored him.

      I remember thinking that I should try and walk all the way to the middle school without forgetting that I'm lucid dreaming. Yesterday I had been meditating on how clear the dream world could get. I did some stabilization by running my hand across the wooden rail of the boardwalk. I focused on leaves in the trees. (The forest that is along this path seemed thinner than normal) I think there might have been giant mushrooms or a giant bismuth crystal.

      I kept walking and saw a lady walking with her two headed dog. The dog had a white head and a black head. She said I hi and I said 'Hi' back. I remember I started thinking about the state of my reality. I asked myself "What is a lucid dream?" to which seemingly a separate part of me replied. "In order to understand what a lucid dream is, you must define what a dream is first. A dream is a sequence of subconscious thoughts we undergo while sleeping. These thoughts manifest themselves as sensory stimulation in a way that is roughly congruent with the laws of reality. A lucid dream is simply a sequence of thoughts where the conscious mind becomes active and aware of the true state of this faulty reality and is able to interface with the subconscious mind modifying the reciprocated sensory manifestation of the subconscious thoughts to better suit the dreamer."

      I kept walking. I did some more stabilizations and reality checks. I remember pinching my nose for a really long time and breathing through it. I said to myself "If I can ever do this easily, then it means that I'm dreaming." I got to the cross in the paths (almost to the middle school.) and saw my crush again, jogging. She asked me why I wasn't jogging. I stopped her and said something like. "I got over you years ago, you need to leave my dreams." and she jogged off. I remember thinking that my reason for being here wasn't to complete competition goals but to get better at lucid dreaming, and by being in the slow meditative state of walking the trail around my neighborhood I was practicing being in that state for an extended period of time and being focused on it. I remember thinking that I was 'honing my craft', and got stuck rolling the phrase over and over in my head.

      I then decided I wanted to summon Manei into the dream. I used the summoning command and walked around the corner into the parking lot of the middle school. (Illogically.) I walked into a parking lot and saw a bunch of people sitting in parked cars and walking around with their cell phones out playing pokemon go. It was supposed to be a representation of the lucid dreaming competition since it was pokemon go themed. I looked around for her but didn't see anybody. A guy walked into me because he was distracted trying to catch pokemon. I took it as impromptu stabilization.

      I saw a black camaro looking car that reminded me of the one Manei used to drive but there was a police car next to it with their sirens on. When I went over I saw it was not Manei, but this random guy with short black hair. I remember asking him if he was Manei and he said no. I left and went inside the middle school looking for her, attempting summoning behind doors. I remember I saw someone drive a minivan down the hallway of the school and they stopped next to me. Two women got out. One of them was my grandmother, and the other an original character of mine. The OC woman got a very young version of my dream self out of the back car seat. He looked about 3 and was wearing a black shirt and gray shorts. I got confused and lost the lucid dream.


      I was trying to Earthbend. Normally aged dream self was sitting in lotus position in the woods by a river wearing what looked like a very torn and faded version of my taekwondo uniform (somehow connected to the first dream). I think the sleeves had been torn off. There was a worn wooden plank in front of him with a huge blob of gray clay. He/I would strike the clay repeatedly with his hands in various ways with his hands for a while before the blob became unrecognizable. He would then pat it back together into a smooth blob and repeat.

      Frag .5pt*1=.5
      NLD 1pt*2=2
      DILD 10pt*1=10
      WBTB 2pt*1=2
      RC/Stabilize 2pt*4 (at least)=1
      Interact with DC=2pt*1=2

      Night Total=17.5
    4. Spiritual Quests, Parties, Popcorn and Chess (LD #179,180)

      by , 03-12-2015 at 12:56 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at my friend S's birthday party. I became lucid here and was trying to accomplish tasks.

      S's dad was modeling the weapons that his comic characters use in his comic. He was really happy. Some of them even worked though.

      I don't remember much of what I did though. I remember I was eating a lot of popcorn and pizza to stabilize. I ended up not accomplishing any tasks and having a false awakening.

      I think my dad was there and he got mad for one reason or another.

      I was playing chess with a DC for one reason or another. (Or at the very least setting the board up.)


      Dang messed up recall. This is the next portion that I can remember and this is the end.

      I manifest in the parking lot of my middle school, and I am already at a very high level of lucidity. I didn't have a car, but I found a metal ruler in the parking lot. I picked it up and felt it to stabilize.

      I felt something calling me inside of my middle school. I generally have a very negative connotation with the place, and figured that the ruler might be useful as a weapon if I encounter some unfriendly characters in there.

      I walk in. The front room looks like a diner with a big line. I have the inkling Manei might be around here somewhere. I look around and try to find her. I don't see her but I am approached by an old woman. She tells me to forgive her for it being so crowded in here, but that things have been busy lately.

      I follow her into another room that looks like the school cafeteria where she asks me to sit down.

      "Do you know what this place is? Do you know what goes on here?"

      "Looks like an underfunded middle school, just like it always has..."

      "This is a little more important. Do you know what happened in your past...

      She talked for a little bit. She wasn't really making a lot of sense to me, it was all this spiritual stuff again. I remember still having the ruler on me at that point and feeling it to keep the dream going.

      At one point, she got out a white binder and opened to a page. There was a sheet with 5 symbols in four rows next to blank boxes. She asked me to remember the very last symbol as it was important somehow to getting into another dream that I needed to have with the woman.

      "Okay, Let me draw that so I can remember it."

      I get a pen and paper and get ready to draw it (also perfect set-up for Bloblularwindmil's dare if I were thinking clearly.) But then I sneezed in the dream and woke up. I forgot the symbol.

      Interpretations: More cryptic spiritual stuff. Great.
    5. A Terrible Accident and Making Peace With Jarrod/The 7 on the 6-Sided Die

      by , 08-07-2014 at 02:14 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at my parents' house. I kept thinking there was a place where I had a hidden stash of weed from a long time ago, since I could control my smoking more (IWL I gave up weed a year and a half ago). I "remembered" getting some and only smoking a little, and putting the rest away. In fact, I "remembered" doing this on multiple occasions. I feel as if my mom and I talked about this at some point.

      Then, I was in a restaurant with my old friend, Sean. He looked much, much younger though; he looked like a chubby 11 year old version of himself. His dirty, light brown hair was medium-length, wavy, and a bit shaggy. He even had a more high-pitched, prepubescent voice. We were sitting down across from one another at a table in the middle of the restaurant. People kept walking by and saying hello to him and chatting with him. I wondered if they noticed the difference in his voice and appearance.

      Then, we were at some party at my parents' house. It was nighttime. Sean was there, but I don't remember who else was.

      I then fell asleep in my bed. I woke up, and did not see anyone there from the party anymore. I looked at my phone, and it was on a screen that said that people could return to MTSU (my old college) because the warning was over. I was thinking about what could have happened. Was there bad weather or something?

      I then was watching a scene of people using the top half of people's heads to scoop some white liquid out of a dumpster. It had something to do with the warning I received on my phone. At first, I couldn't believe that they were using people's heads, and that it must be something else. But it wasn't. It was definitely people's heads. The scene continued on to showing people standing outside their homes, tossing heads around to each other, and using them to bail out some other substance. It may have been water, but I can't remember. I saw a guy with a mohawk's head get tossed in front of someone and landing on the ground, slightly startling the person it landed in front of. I also saw the detail of another, younger guy's face on one of the disembodied heads. No one seemed disgusted by the disembodied heads they were handling.

      I think Sean was with me as we were watching, and I was talking about how terrible and disrespectful it was of people to do this. I was very upset.


      I was at some kind of get together. Many people were there. The one person that I really remember being there though was an ex from many years ago, Jarrod, though you could not tell by looking. Instead of blonde, his hair was scraggly, medium length and brown now (a bit longer than Sean's from my last dream), and he definitely looked older. But his height, mannerisms and the way he walked were the same. He kept his distance from me.

      I was then inside a restaurant, a new one here in town called Peter D's, sitting in a booth with some friends. I had gotten offered a waitress job from there. I accepted the offer, and thought about how I have just changed jobs again for the second time in a month's time. I then thought about waitressing and holding trays. I knew I'd learn how to do it in no time. I was excited!

      I then was at a party of Peter D's people. Apparently, Jarrod worked there too; I saw him in the distance again. I knew he was avoiding me for whatever reason; maybe he thought it was better that way. I understood why he would think that. He then started to walk in my direction, but did not approach me. He was going to get in his car. As he was passing me, I got his attention.
      "I just want you to know that I value the time we had together. You taught me so many things." IWL, I do feel this way, even if I didn't for awhile.
      His response seemed happy. He lit up a bit when I said that. I don't remember his verbal response, however. But it made me feel like we had some sort of closure with one another. I was happy, and he seemed happy as well. He was then in his car, which was a dark red car with the driver's side door bashed in a little bit.

      Then, there was this contest that had to do with my old middle school. We were there, though it looked different. We were still at the party, however; it was part of it. We were split into teams, and, as a team, we had to roll a die. The number we got told us what we won. A guy from our team rolled the die. It seemed to just keep rolling and rolling for a long time. Finally, it stopped on...7. Yes, our six-sided die stopped on 7, which, in the dream, didn't seem abnormal at all. We had won the opportunity to take some 7th period history test on the computer...woo...what a prize. I thought to myself that that didn't seem like much of a prize compared to all the others (which I can't remember what those were anymore). We went into a room with some computers in it, and took the test. I think there were people watching us, students, I believe. I don't remember anything about the test.

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    6. 7/1/14 - airplane cartoon

      by , 07-01-2014 at 10:41 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm walking in a sloppy line and there are teachers keeping us in line as we walk next to this blue and red airplane. The other people in this line are kids, they look like 5th graders, but I'm a cartoon character, like a cross between sonic the hedgehog and marvin the marshian. I'm shorter than all of them, I'm touching the airplane and I shouldn't but I feel the need to disobey, then my grandma runs through the line to get to me to try and catch me, but it was too late because I touched the airplane again and an engine burst on at full speed and I flew into the air, then I landed on the other side of the plane and my grandma was there waiting for me, we get into a different line that leads into a school cafeteria, their are middle schoolers in there. She tells me I shouldn't be wearing sandles to go in there so she makes me run around the corner to get some vans slip-ons to grow up or something but then a grab a old crappy razor scooter to ride around the corner and she tries to stop me but i'm faster, then I come back with different shoes and a new scooter. Then the line moves enough for us to be inside, and once into the door the temperature changes the sound changes and my scooter is gone and now I look like I'm in middle school too. I see that we;'re in line for the salad bar type thing in the cafeteria, I look to the roll out tables and see they're all full but it doesn't bother me. I grab a plate and think to myself that I have no appetite right now, but the line move more and I see apple crisp stuff and decide to get some, my sister is on the other side and says she got the rest of the apple pie, I tell her it's alright and that I like the crisp part of the apple crisp better anyways and put some on my plate, then I look up and see this girl watching me and I get nervous and try to get away and get my sister and grandma to hurry up.
    7. Interesting Collection

      by , 06-27-2014 at 01:01 PM (Lucid Time!)
      A very interesting collection of dreams and fragments from last night.

      Fragment: Music:
      No crazy electronic music this time. Just a soft piano piece that I caught for a few seconds.

      Fragment: School
      I am at my old middle school. This large man approaches the school pulling a wheel barrow. He tells me that he is my ride home and I get in. A few of the kids from the middle school make fun of me for riding home in such an odd way. One of my old friends from middle school is in there and we begin catching up.

      Fragment: Solar System
      I am getting a guided tour of a solar system, certainly not our own. Whoever is guiding me shows me that it is a triple star system. There is one star and two smaller stars orbit it in a 1:2 resonance. Outward from that is a small rocky planet, a larger rocky planet, and then a orangeish brown gas planet, something like jupiter.

      Art with C:
      I am in what feels like the basement of my house. C is showing me some drawings she made after she attempted to have a shared dreaming experience with me and what she encountered in her dreams. I cannot recall all of the drawings, but I do know that one of them that was supposed to be of me and looked very strange. I had horse legs (not like a centaur with four, I only had two horse legs) and the upper part of my body was wearing what looked like the Danny phantom costume. I had really long hair that went down to my hips that had been made into dreadlocks.
      Upon seeing it, I crack up. She laughs with me saying that the dream was not very stable.
      She continues going through her drawings. I see drawings of some of my other recurring dream characters. These look much more accurate.

      The Anteater in the Woods
      This is the only dream really worth reading about here...
      I cannot recall what happened beforehand, but I did know that lots did happen before I came to this part of the dream. I am walking around the shore surrounding a large lake. There are some sand dunes and rivers running into the lake, as well as boardwalks to walk across.
      I am walking around, climbing over the sand dunes when a peculiar creature approaches me. It looks like an anteater or a hairy elephant. Walks on four legs with a stout chubby body. Has a long trunk with a single opening on the end that it can use to grasp objects. And two big white eyes with no pupils. Finally it has long brown fur, making it look similar to say chewbacca. What an interesting creature... I've never seen something like this in my dreams before.
      As the creature approaches, I am frightened. I get pinned by a steep wall of tree roots and sand. I close my eyes and get ready for the worst only to find that the creature merely wanted to smell me. After several seconds I lower my guard and just allow the creature to study me. I look into his eyes and I could only assume that he was looking back.
      The creature turned and left. As he walked away he began talking.

      "Bah, you're not who I was looking for! Your claws should be ten times as sharp!"
      I follow the creature.
      "Wait what are you talking about?!"
      The creature paused.
      "If you want to know more, go to the woods in Calyot. And what your looking for, 'New York' is spelled backwards!"

      Anyways, the dream carried on rather normally from there. A storm started to blow in and I tired to find shelter amongst the sand dunes. Some of the boardwalks got washed away by the rising lake levels. I woke up a few minutes after meeting the anteater.

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    8. Rebuilding Recall

      by , 04-30-2014 at 01:16 AM (Lucid Time!)
      This is old and I never published it for some reason.

      Four or five people are sitting around a table and are snorting cocaine. They offer me to join. I decline.

      I am at some cafe or food court area. There are several restaurants. Only one of them is open; a pizza place. I ask the person behind the to please get me some pizza. She gives me a pita bread with some ketchup on it. Some other dream characters come, and the woman gives them actual pizza. I am jealous and ask some of the other dream characters if they were willing to share. They are not.
      Several other food-related things took place. Some of the other restaurants came open. I went to a chinese restaurant where they offered noodles. I tried to purchase noodles but they gave me raw dry noodles.

      I am in some industrial park or power plant area. Odd mix of heavy industry and nature. I find a hole with a ladder leading underground. I open it and some man emerges wearing heavy high-tech looking armor, something like the fallout armor.
      The armor grants him superhuman strength and he begins throwing rocks and large pieces of stone at me and other dream characters. Me and the other dream characters fight back by [dream logic] throwing fruit [/dream logic] Supposedly it was because the fruit had acid in it that would cause the armor to rust and freeze up.

      I get hit by one of the rocks, and die but become partially lucid upon the moment of my death and reset the situation.
      I help coordinate the dream characters and instead of simply attacking we plan an ambush and end up defeating the man in the armor.

      I am in what feels like a combination of a shopping mall and my middle school. I am lucid, and try to throw a plasma ball. It fails.

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    9. 1/28/14 - nails

      by , 01-28-2014 at 11:16 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in this outside hallway, looks that of my high school or middle school or some shit. I'm just standing there with two DC's while all these people walk places they need to be. I tell one of the DC's that I finally cut my nails, and then I show him, but then he just stares at my nails with a confused look on his face, then he looks at my face with the same look and then totally walks away. So then I look at the other DC that is with me and he give me a sad look then walks away, I wonder what I have done wrong, so I look down at my nails, and they're long as fuck but I remember I cut them in WL and also they have dirt under them, I feel annoyed that they grew back or I never cut them or something, but I was more confused as to why it offended those two people so damn much, so I planned to go cut them off.
    10. 1/18/14 - stay at school

      by , 01-18-2014 at 07:08 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I realize I'm at my middle school, I'm with DC's I assume are my friends. The bell rings for us to go home, I know my mom is probably waiting to pick me up in the dirt lot across the street, but I want to hang out with my friends, we're exploring the campus. Then we walk near the exit and see this little blond boy, he looks like a 5th or 6th grader, he begins to chase us. I run over to this fence pocket with plants and wait, but then I see him come around the corner and I panic and hop the fence, I know he can't hop the fence so it bought me time. I'm at the bus pick up zone, there's 3 busses, and kids walking every where getting in the busses and I'm aware of the kids already in the busses staring at me from the windows. I realize I've noticed the area too long because here comes the boy. I run in between two of the busses and shove passed students. I get to the end of the busses and see my moms car in the dirt lot, I stand there wasting precious time thinking whether or not I should run to my moms car and go home, or still stay with my friends, but then the boy gets too close so I run across the street towards my moms car and the boy follows after me but gets stuck in the street with cars trying to drive and I hop into my moms car expecting her to be angry with me for being late, but she says nothing and just drives me away.
    11. Hot Air Balloon Zombies

      by , 11-20-2013 at 09:12 AM
      Original journal entry dated July 8th, 2002:

      I was in a hot-air balloon with some other person, and we were running away from zombies. Or something. It had something to do with my old middleschool, the scary one, and a locker combination. I forgot my locker combination, and then I lost my homework and got in trouble, and then I somehow wound up in the hot air balloon. In any case I was convinced we were going to die because had already died before as a result of losing control of the balloon, and neither of us knew how to steer it and we steered it WAY too high, and it was really windy and the basket almost flipped upside down, so I almost fell out. But we did manage to land it, eventually, and were attacked by hordes of undead zombies. And then I woke up.
    12. My first quality Lucid dream!

      by , 06-13-2013 at 04:49 PM
      Length: 1 hour (total)
      Type: Lucid (half lucid half not lucid)

      I was talking to my friend Josh from middle school (in my middle school, even though its summer). He was saying something, but I can't remember what. I then remembered in the dream, that I had just WILD'd (first successful WILDing!). So I told him this
      "Bro, this is a dream, I can do whatever I want, because its not real."
      He gave me his usual "your crazy" smile. The dream started to go fuzzy, as if I were losing it. The whole halls were bending around like I was spinning, and I tried to stop thinking and look at my hands to stabilize my dream. I couldn't, I had fell asleep ON my hands. I tried to not focus on much without closing my eyes, it worked.

      After that, I started walking about and testing some lucid dreaming control, the most memorable was trying to turn a guy into a teddy bear because he was being a bully to me once, but he turned into paper instead. I was sitting on a bench in a garden trying to think this whole lucid stuff through, when a girl I knew walked up to me. She had gotten the plans about which classes we would be in next year, she told me them, then quoted Rena (my awesomely awesome best language arts teacher ever) on something. Then I woke up, at least I thought I did.

      The next part of this is kind of fuzzy, so bear with me.
      I was driving down a hill or something, and through the trees I saw a space center. I looked at the launch tower, and thought about spaceshuttles, and how they don't launch them anymore. By thinking about it it actually made it happen, so I saw a spaceshuttle. I should have recognized this as a dream, but I didn't OK? Sue me. We drove along and I saw this scene play out from a kid's cartoon I used to watch. There were poles blocking us from entering a cave, but we drove through them anyways, down there there was a polar bear, and we got in a fight with icicles and rocks.
      (memory blindness)
      I woke up (for real this time). I then realized what the hell happened, and this is what did happen:

      1. I woke up around 7:00 I think I tried to WILD and succeeded!
      2. All that first dream stuff happens
      3. False awakening into that second dream
      4. All that second dream stuff happens
      5. Woke up for reals, and then got a huge confidence boost.
    13. 7/25/12 - School and Shopping

      by , 03-22-2013 at 03:56 AM
      I'm walking around my old middle school campus. It's dark and lightly raining. My little sister is at my side and we are walking quickly to the portable classrooms. Someone catches our attention and we decide to follow them. They go into the girl's bathroom. The Bathroom is brightly lit, a bit unnaturally it seems. Even so I am still unable to see the person's face. From the figure, I hear a male voice. He says that what we seek is right across from the bathroom entrance. Immediately, I leave the bathroom and walk to a well lit portable. I go inside. It is large and square. Except for the entrance wall, the other walls are lined with clothes racks. I turn around and notice that my sister is no longer with me. I know that someone bad is coming close, so I go into the racks and hide between the clothes. A Japanese school girl that resembles Sailor Moon, runs into the room. I know she is looking for me and I'm afraid. She runs around the racks and then runs outside. I feel safe with her gone and I know that she can't see me. I get up and step out of the clothing racks. On one of the racks I spot a small, black jean jacket. It's old, faded and covered with little gold studs. While I'm looking at it, my sister appears in the doorway and tells me to hurry. We have to go fast. I look at my sister and then back at the jacket. I have to take it with me. It feels really important. I take the jacket off of it's hanger and my sister and I walk out of the classroom. Suddenly I'm in a department store. I feel relaxed and I'm looking around for something. I walk up to a mirror and stop to look at my face. I am Stiles Stilinski. A hand touches my shoulder, so I turn around. Scott McCall and my sister are looking at me. Derek Hale's hand rests on my shoulder. They are all looking at the jacket now. I lift it up a bit and show them. Derek looks at me again and tells me that it's too small. I already know. I hug the jacket close and walk around the store with it. Scott, Derek and my sister follow me around. I say, "It is sad." I tell them that she is too big. She is too big and now she can't wear the jacket. I stop walking and look at the jacket. I try to put it on but it disappears. I turn to Derek and he has a small smile on his face. He says, "Come on, Stiles". He takes my hand and leads me to a pyramid of candy. I stare at it and Derek walks away. I dig through my pockets but I have no money. I feel a bit upset, but I grab something anyway and walk to a register. Derek is already there and in his hands is a small, white and rectangular box. It says "orange" on it, I think. I move closer to get a better look. He sees me trying to get a better look and quickly hides it behind his back, smirking all the while. I laugh and step closer to him. He grabs my hand.
    14. 3/19/13 - Horrible jacket/Locker

      by , 03-19-2013 at 09:23 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm at the mall just looking around at the stores, I see a manikin wearing this jacket. It looks what a ninja would wear at first, so I take it off the manikin to try it on but then I realized it changed into an ugly jacket with 'socal' stuff all over it, so I try to take it off but I struggle trying, it's like trying to get heavy wet clothes off of you that suction to the body. I keep trying, while walking to the mall directory, then I see the girl I've been in love with for years. We make eye contact, and then I panic because I'm wearing this obnoxious jacket, so I hide behind the mall directory desperately pulling at it, I get it to where only one sleeve is latching to me, then I see her walking away but looking at me with smile because she knew I was trying to get the jacket off and all I can do is smile back. Then the scene changes to my old middle school, I'm sitting up against the water fountain brick wall because I know she's behind it sitting against the building wall, and I'm exhilarated by the feeling of her presence. This makes me late for changing in the locker room for p.e. I realize this and jump up & run into the locker room, I go to where I usually get dressed, but two students are there giving me smug looks, so I walk to where my friends are and tell them if they can help me. One of my friends run to the coach in the locker room office and I see them talking. Then my friend runs back holding stuff & hands it to me, it's a loaner lock, and loaner p.e. clothes. On the lock on the back is a white sticker with a number written in sharpie, it says 88, so I use it on the locker 888 that is by my friends, I get dressed, people & my friends already when outside for p.e. I lock my clothes into the locker, then I realize I have no where to put my backpack and I don't trust people to not steal it or anything inside it, so I look around for what to do with it, then I notice an open locker just to the right of mine it is only slightly larger than mine so I jam my backpack in it then slam the locker door shut and run outside.
    15. 3/14/13 - 1

      by , 03-15-2013 at 10:09 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      My dream starts off at my old middle school. I'm in the girls gym locker room, and I'm laying on the cold cement. I notice there's shower water and some puddles on places on the cement as usual. I'm like disabled on the floor but I don't try to get up. The bell rings and suddenly a massive crowd of girls come from out of the corners of the lockers and head past me to the door exit. Some of them laugh at me, some of them pity me, some of them purposely walk on top of my body, while I'm trying to crawl, roll, and scoot away somewhere, anywhere through the crowd. I can't speak anything but whimpers and gibberish, my vision is as though I've been knocked out from a hit to the head. Finally I give up my efforts and drop my weight onto my back. I just watch the people go by with all there different motives, now some of them are pulling things from me, like yarn necklaces or something of the like. I see in the crowd this girl, she has short side swept hair under a black hood, her hair is black with silver highlights. I know she's different than the others, even though she walks amongst them. She gets closer then she sees me looking like shit covered in the mess from the wet cement. She pushes through the crowd to get to me and then she hurriedly drops to her knees and blankets her body over me shielding me from the irate crowd. I lay there stunned thinking why did this girl give up her position of fitting in, being on a level of walking with others to come down to the lowest outcast bottom with me? I can only whimper and say nonsense to her, she realizes people pulling things from my body and pulls the objects back for me, then she pulls and drags me out and away from the crowd to a vacant spot now outside under a tree shaded from the sun, and then just all of my body and mind finally rest and seems to recuperate.
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