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    1. Dreamception

      by , 06-13-2014 at 05:03 PM
      So this happened on June 13, 2014, Friday. I was at my auntie's house and it was 12 in the afternoon when I fell asleep. It was a strange, creepy dream because I remember that I was dreaming within a dream that I'm on a bed slightly facedown but I can see my left side and there was a girl facing me, she was dressed in black but i can't see her face, it was like just an empty space, just all black. In my dream, within a dream, I feel like I couldn't move my body like I was restrained and she was just there staring blankly at me and I was forcing myself to wake up, when I finally woke up in my dream, I immediately ran outside to my mom(I was still in my "main" dream) I don't know how I woke up from my my main dream though, all I remember is me dreaming about dreaming of me on a bed forcing myself to wake up and a girl staring at me(even though I cant see her face) and my body feeling heavy.

      Strange thing is the night before that dream within a dream, I was also in the very same house of my aunt. We were watching a movie when I looked at the window beside the tv and saw a white thing passed by. I know it isn't just an imagination because I really saw it passed by and i dont know what it looks like but Im sure its a girl wearing all white(just my instincts) i cant determine it really though, it was just a blur of something white and its not a reflection because if it was it would not look so bold. So I looked at the other window at the left side because I thought it was just a relative or someone we know of but no one passed by. So I told my cousins and aunties who were with me immediately and my other cousin told me he sometimes see it too just passing by and he couldn't determine what is it because it's just a white blurry thing. I was slightly freaked out and shocked because it was my first time seeing something real and not just my mind making it all up. I'm sharing this experience because I think it has a connection with my dream. I think it made me dream like that because of that experience and I'm really sure my mom will be sleeping with me tonight.

      I hope I didn't confuse you lol. English is just not my first language :) so all in all I dreamt of me dreaming and it has something to do with my experience, somehow.

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    2. Some strange dream I had around 30 minutes ago...

      by , 12-01-2013 at 05:28 AM
      At around 2pm today, I went into my bedroom for a nap (that lasted for three hours, but that's besides the point). I must have immediately hit REM sleep because I started dreaming as soon as I fell asleep. I remember dreaming about myself being sat in a lecture theatre. I was watching a movie and I started to cry (I wasn't upset or anything, I just cried). I then cried myself to sleep, inside of my dream. I then awoke (dreaming inside of my dream) in my garage at home, in the same seat as the lecture theatre. Two people were sat around me (one I know in my conscious state and one I don't). It was then when my vision inside my dream began to lag and go weird... I could only see one certain image and the image was actually a wall with glow in the dark stars on it. I couldn't shift from this vision. I would try and it would revert back. I would be walking around in my dream, and I know I was walking because I remember hitting myself on things, but only being able to see this wall with glow in the dark stars on it. It is also coincidental that as soon as I awoke from the dream (and back to reality), the first thing I look at is my ceiling, which so happens to have glow in the dark stars on it. What I am most intrigued about is the meaning behind this, and why my vision couldn't shift.

      Some insight about this would be great. It was kinda weird being able to see my surroundings after waking up properly.