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    1. WILD success-ish

      by , 07-23-2018 at 01:35 PM (Exterminate)
      I changed my alarm back this morning from 5:15 to 5:05. I also put the 11pm a bit quieter. I got off computer at 10:30 as normal and meditated for a half hour. Turned off alarm and put on sleep mask and went to sleep. Woke up to 5am alarm. I sat up and said I would be going back to sleep very soon. I set a few intentions and tried to recall any dreams to no success. I laid still for what only felt like a few minutes. I felt some vibrations, and then I felt some more running across my body. I tried super hard to form a dream and then I remembered that was my mistake the other day. I relaxed and let it come to me naturally. I tried to tell the dream to put me at my old house.

      I saw the dream in front of me, but it was like looking at a small low res screen surrounded by darkness. I knew I was in the dream already because of how colorful it was, but I wondered how I'd pull myself into the full dream. I imagined I was viewing the dream through some sort of camera. (I was wearing my sleep mask which is likely the cause of all this) I took a deep breath and put down the camera on a table in front of me and my FOV expanded completely. I was now in the dream. It was extremely vivid. I could see everything clear as day. I was at a strange house that was kind of a mix between my old one and this one. There was a barbecue or something going on because my whole family was there, including cousins. I rubbed by hands together and knelt to the ground. I felt the concrete texture and then I punched it a few times to test its solidity. The dream was so real and stable. I then remembered something about keeping lucidity by playing music in the background so I tried that to no success. I didn't think to try other methods of summoning music aside from pure will. I gave up on that and went back to the house. I said to myself the house would transform as I entered the door. It would change to the house I wanted it to be. I opened the door and found it was still the weird mix of homes instead of the one I wanted. At one point I entered the void. I do not recall if I fully recovered from it or not, but I do recall taking off my sleep mask and still seeing the void. I realized I was still dreaming and tried to bring back a dream but as I said, I think I failed.

      Gah...Accomplished a lucid via WILD, but it was shortlived and I succeeded in none of my goals. Oh well, just another step towards my goals!

      I also remembered another dream throughout the night. I was doing yoga with a room full of people. There was no set routine, but a few of us noticed that the majority of the people were doing a routine in sync. They were all mirroring the exact same movements at the same time, looking stone faced in a single direction. There were murmurs throughout the people that something weird was going on. I admitted I couldn't do yoga and talked to my dream crush. I can't say I fully recognize her irl. She reminded me of a mix between a previous acquaintance and an previous coworker. Both of course I had found attractive. We struck up a conversation about the yoga people and then I asked her to dance. I said I didn't know how and she got all happy. She said she'd like to teach me and she was glad I asked. She offered me her hand and I put my hand in hers, and then I put my other hand on her hip and she started telling me what to do from there. I was in bliss while the dream faded away.

      Dang. I sure am lonely, but that dream was real nice. No, I do not do yoga. I am neither in the shape or is it something I am interested in. But I should probably go dancing.
    2. False Impressions (brief DILD + FA)

      by , 04-18-2015 at 07:54 PM
      Ritual: I don't know if it was the jackfruit seeds or a bad scallop, but something I ate last night was brutal to my stomach. It got so unpleasant I that for a few hours I couldn't do anything but pace in discomfort, hoping something would come out in any direction. Finally I threw up, which usually leaves me feeling 100% better, but this was only a minor improvement. I managed to read for a bit, drinking herbal tea and self-medicating with tinctures of myrrh and wormwood. Around midnight I threw up again and finally felt stable enough to sleep. Although my stomach still hurt for a few hours and I couldn't drink much water at first, by the time I woke up at 8am, I was feeling basically fine again. My dream recall was terrible, though: I knew I had dreamed but couldn't pin down a single detail. At 9am I decided to go back to bed for a bit, performed half-assed WILD technique but started dreaming non-lucidly. On waking up my recall was 1/10 at first, but once I managed to recover the location of the dream I was able to follow the thread and reconstruct much of the narrative, resulting in 4/10 recall overall.

      I was in my grandmother's house, a common setting for many of my dreams. The events going on were all very mundane... too dull to go into much detail. Briefly, I was looking for some powder that you could mix with milk to make a shake, similar to the Carnation Instant Breakfast packets my grandmother always used to have on hand, but couldn't find any.

      I went into the bathroom and finally realized that my location was a dream sign, so I started to look around and wonder if this was a dream. Everything seemed so concrete and convincing that I had my doubts, but then something bizarre happened: I suddenly felt like I was being grabbed from behind by someone putting their arm around my right shoulder, but there was no one in the room with me! I whirled around to make sure and was staring at empty air. A moment later I felt it again even more strongly: the pressure of the arm squeezing my shoulder and chest, and the pressure of a warm body very close behind me.

      Ohhh, I thought. I think I know what's going on. I really am dreaming, and my husband has come back to bed and put his arms around me. Upon that realization, I felt the dream fading, and sure enough, woke up in bed next to my husband.

      "Are you going to get up? It's 1:50 in the afternoon," he said. I pointed out that I had returned to bed to for extra rest because I hadn't been feeling well last night. I was telling him about the strange thing that had just happened, how I had felt his presence while I was dreaming. I went on to explain how I should have recognized that it was a dream earlier, because my cousins were all much younger than they should be, and my grandmother's house was in the possession of an aunt (long-since divorced) rather than the uncle who currently lives there. My husband apologized for disrupting my dream, but I said it was okay, it hadn't been that interesting.

      As we talked, I was looking out the screen door onto our patio. Where I should have seen the pool and cement deck, instead I was mildly surprised to observe a grassy hillside. I attributed this to some lingering after-effects of the dream state, instead of correctly realizing that I had never stopped dreaming all along. In retrospect this is more obvious, because the way I felt my husband put his arm around my right shoulder was impossible given that I sleep on the right side of the bed, so if I'm on my left side there is no room for someone to lay down behind me. I was also relieved when I woke up for real and discovered that it was only a little after 10:30am!
    3. Another Strange Dream

      by , 03-17-2015 at 04:31 AM
      One night, about 2 weeks ago, I had this creepy dream that my entire family and all our relatives was riding on a train like the one in The Hunger Games. It had a bunch of fancy stuff, and we were all eating mashed potatoes with gravy and baking soda. Don't even ask me why we ate baking soda. My step-grandpa who passed away just last October from pancreatic cancer was there, and he had this rubber ducky named Michael Phelps. My grandma on my dad's side of the family (the side of the family I like better) suggested that we make a music video. Her aunt, Aunt Wanda, who has a really raspy voice from smoking, wanted to sing "All About that Bass" but we didn't want her to because that would sound horrible (no offense.) My dad's cousin named Zach wanted to be Meghan Trainor, so we gave him a blonde wig and my oldest boy cousin named Kyle told him to "ham it up." Zach sang, we danced, and recreated the music video for "All About that Bass." Then the cops pulled us over and gave my great-grandma a ticket and I woke up.
    4. 1/21/14 - canoes on the street

      by , 01-22-2014 at 12:09 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me and my sister are at the bottom of my grandparents driveway. This girl walks up to us and begins to whisper something into my sisters ear. I become paranoid because the look on my sisters faced turns fearful. Then the girl looks down and giggles and then run though the gate and I watch my sister chase her. I chase after my sister asking her what did the girl say, my sister seems to be angry now, and the end of the driveway goes to a dark river instead of the street, the girl runs on the water and makes a right, I see my sister get into a canoe and row hastily towards the girl, I tried to jump on the my sisters canoe but she went to fast and I fell into the water and it drug me away towards the girl and my sister, I see a yellow canoe by me in the water and I climb in and begin to row towards them yelling for them but I can't catch up, and now I see three of my cousins in canoes rowing beside me and all of us are trying to catch up to my sister and that girl.
    5. 1/19/14 - cousin copy cat

      by , 01-19-2014 at 11:31 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me my mom and my sister have just arrived at my grandparents house. It's nice daylight outside, my grandma tells us that she's had us over because she wanted me to do something. When we get into the house, my two cousin are there, I see one of them dressed completely like me, I think to myself "what a copy cat" but proceed to sit down on the couch and wait for my grandma. Everyone is opening wrapped presents as if an extension from Christmas. After everyone is done I think to myself oh yeah I didn't open one and then I see it on the coffee table and pick it up to open. I notice how it's beautiful matte paper with floral wallpaper like designs. I open it and it's and empty folding picture frame with strange hole placements for people faces of pictures. I tell my grandma thank you and them put it down and proceed to go outside for work, then I see my cousin with many more objects identical to my owning and I become distracted at why is he so blatantly copying me, and now he's beatboxing, So when his dad tries to pride him he asks me if I can do it and I beatbox some things he's never heard and they got quiet, I feel a little pleased with myself And I begin to try to get as far away from him lest he receive anymore information of any kind that might prompt him to imitate.
    6. 9/3/13 Finally a Zombie Dream! :D

      by , 09-03-2013 at 04:53 PM (Illuminating the Dream Realm)
      My house was wider than usual and there were way more windows along the front than there should be. Every one of them had an AC unit to which my father was attaching wrought iron spiked grates. I went out and started to argue that the zombies could use the grates as hand holds to climb on or rip off the AC units. He said that wouldn't happen.

      I then turned around and saw two zombies in our yard. I picked up a 2 x 2 board and gave one of the zombies an experimental smack on the head. It didn't seem to care and they both just slowly started to walk towards me. I kept hitting them and even started trying to stab them with the board as if it were a spear, but none of this had any effect.

      My dad seemed amused by this and told me that they can't be killed that easily, and that a large group of them would be an unstoppable force. We went inside and it started getting dark. I don't remember much more other than being frustrated because all the doors, including the front door, kept opening somehow and everyone else was sleeping. (doors often fail me in my dreams. -_-)

      ~FRAGMENT: This was a longer dream, however all I remember is that I was at my cousins' neighborhood, and there was a basketball hoop that also had some hole underneath it where you are supposed to throw balloons. I was good at the balloon throwing part, and my cousin was owning the basketball part.
    7. Going to DC

      by , 02-27-2013 at 12:22 AM
      I did not record this in my written dream journal because it was a nap, because I only had 4 hours for I had to study for a quiz til 4 am then take the quiz at 9:30. Grades are a higher priority than lucid dreaming so I had to skip the entry for now, I'll try to record it in my written dream journal later.

      During my nap I had this dream, I was in a taxi cab and me and Russell were going to see Obama in DC, and we were driving the taxi cab. He parked it in the middle of the street then started walking, and I went to hang out with my dad and his girlfriend who were also driving a taxi cab, and my cousin and father were leaving their taxi cabs so my other cousin brooke would just pick them up. After my dad parked the car I had my schoolbooks and papers with me and I didn't know who I would be riding back with or what I would be doing after the speech Obama was going to give (never seen Obama in real life why is he always in my dreams?) so I had my school books and papers and I was going to hide them in Brooke's yard. I didn't know where to hide them and it was at night and although I've never seen her house in real life in the dream it was a normal suburban house and it had a smaller side house to the left of it if you are looking at the house. I was still looking for a place to hide my books and papers when the dream ended.
    8. 2/3 Road Trip

      by , 02-03-2013 at 06:08 PM
      It pains me knowing that I remember much less of these dreams than I did the night before, like a step backwards from attaining lucidity.

      I was on a road trip to some beach with my dad and we were all driving different cars. I felt like I was driving this funeral car because there were windows and curtains on the sides of the car. We stopped at this place I guess we were supposed to stop at. We went down this hall and we stopped by a glass door that welcomed us to a tour of real estate at the place or something. We had already driven 3 hours and I noticed one of my cousins hd webcams and realized I had forgotten mine. I was wondering If I should drive back to get my camera or not and we were all sitting around a bed. My cousins webcam was dark brown for some reason and didn't really look the same as how mine looks. I should start doing reality checks every time I see my cousins, they are a very common dream element.

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    9. Dreamland: Crawlspace at Grandmas

      by , 12-18-2012 at 08:26 AM
      A small but important dream I had within the last week. It was vivid enough to remember with certainty, but I only recall a tiny fragment:

      I'm standing in my Grandmothers hallway with my first cousin Matthew (a cousin from the other side of the family). He is a full grown adult and looks matured. He also looks like he survived a war. His childhood friend is with us, he is also a full grown adult, and I mention this because I never saw them as adults.

      Matthew shows me the hallway has a trapdoor in the side, leading to a part of the house that does not exist in waking life. It looks scary, and we are forced to crawl through a corridor fit for an animal.

      There is a green light, and a red light in the hall. It widens into a traditional sized hallway blocked by a door. I notice the paint is badly chipped and looks hyper realistic. Chained up in front of a wooden door is a zombie Doberman-pincher straight out of Resident Evil. Matt's friend reacts with serious intensity, raises a 12-gauge shotgun and points it at the undead dog. I remember thinking I should have a shotgun too...

      --I woke up.

      After this dream, I suddenly remembered how many dreams I've had in this hallway. Scores that I didn't recall at any point in the past two years. This could be the first hallway I had nightmares about. It was always poorly light.. The attic from this house appear in two other dreams posted at Dreamviews.

      Related Dreams:
      Zombie Trophy & Costco Housing
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    10. Cousin upset at gram's

      by , 09-20-2012 at 03:59 PM
      Pretty short clip I remember: The scene starts on the top floor of my gram's old house. A younger cousin is grabbing some pot he'd hid. He goes downstairs and I'm the only one on the floor. The whole extended family is downstairs so there must be a party going on. Maybe it's the 4th or Christmas. So I start going through my stuff I haven't unpacked yet trying to find something when I hear a different cousin, same age, come upstairs complaining. Then he's basically whining and sort of crying and he gets louder. He's loud enough for the whole house to hear him but when he gets closer to my room I want to hide so he's not embarrassed I can hear him and stuff because he's really despairing at this point. I can't remember what he was so upset about, but he was asking why something was a certain way at one point. And I can't remember any more

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    11. Friends and Family

      by , 03-10-2012 at 02:45 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Couldn't remember much. But here's what I got from last night.
      I was in my house, lying on the couch where I fell asleep the night before (though of course, I didn't realize I was asleep). I sat up and looked around. Everything looked the same, except for a random dresser sitting over by the couch. I crawled over and peered over the side of the couch to the floor, only to see my friend Haley laying down there, mumbling something about her cousin knowing French. I said hello, and she murmured a hello back, only to continue rambling on about her cousin knowing French. I heard a noise and looked over towards the living room to see my uncle, aunt, and cousins all walk in. I didn't question why they were there. I just said, "Oh. Okay."
      I got up and went to talk to them.

      And sadly, I don't remember the rest, but I woke up shortly after. I'm really happy Spring Break will be here soon, as it'll give me plenty of days to improve my dream recall and lucidity.
    12. THE RANDOM 2 (Once again, read it with a scary movie trailer narrator voice)

      by , 08-16-2011 at 08:28 PM
      I was in a desert. Very dry, sandy. I had a gun in my hand and a couple of Ocarina of Time characters were next to me. They were also holding guns. We came to a hill and tented right there. Then a hoard OF ZOMBIES APPEARED!!! Everyone shot at them and we ran back home

      I was at my house in my parents' room. My dad said he could play guitar and said he'd show me how to play sometime. But he never did

      At this doing i became semi-lucid
      In a forest, I saw one penguin in a cage and three baby penguins holding on to the cage. The father said, "Run run!" And so they did.
      They came upon a glass with people inside it and screamed, "Help help!" But no one came. They ran into a room with shelves and found a turtle. They picked it up and ran into another room. Here they found a TALKING turtle. They switched the turtles, making them handle the talking one.
      The forest turned into my house and one of the penguins turned into me. Whore-ay. And I took care of the turtle and we went to some castle themed amusement park The end.
    13. Kitchen Rennovation

      by , 05-17-2011 at 11:25 AM (Typho's DJ)

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    14. Back In time

      by , 05-14-2011 at 09:33 PM (Typho's DJ)

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    15. Rejected!

      by , 05-06-2011 at 02:06 AM (I Have a Problem)
      Date: 08-01-10
      Length: 10 Minutes
      Vividness: 4/10

      I hardly remember the first part at all but I got flashes of me playing some sort of video game.

      Moving forward, I was at a store sitting on a couch.
      My Aunt, and possibly my girl cousin was with me.
      At some point, my guy cousin (Quentin) climbs in through the window, feeling very sad after being rejected by this girl he asked out. We all sat around talking about it when suddenly a ladder appeared by the window.
      The girl Quentin had just asked out started climbing through the window, but my aunt exclaimed that we didn't want her there, and she started begging to let her in.

      The dream skipped forward and I started walking to the second half of the store with much more people in it.
      It was very foggy, and extremely darkly lit.
      On my way there, I crossed my mom.
      I walked up to a freezer box and I grabbed what I thought to be a towel right next to a bathrobe, but right as I grabbed it, it turned into a pair of jeans.

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