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    1. Some Dream Parts

      by , 12-25-2015 at 08:00 AM
      There were two transparent spheres. One had a pink core and another had a green core. Extending from the core to the surface were things that somewhat resembled nerves.

      I was hauling a camper from my grandparents' house and an old rusty bike. I was unsure about hauling the camper because I didn't know how but I safely made it to my parents' old house where I used to live and parked it in the laundry room somehow because I wanted to hide it.

      I was waiting in a store at a checkout counter which was actually two guys sitting at a computer. I wanted to purchase my items but the cashier guys were just paying attention to the computer so I slowly placed my items on the counter and waited but then one of the guys grabbed me and was about to have sex with me but I jumped up and ran into the living room (sudden change of scene) and told my boyfriend what had just happened. It was like a dream within a dream because I was telling my boyfriend about my dream but I was still dreaming and didn't know it at the time.
    2. Flying Through A Cotten Candy Colored Universe

      by , 10-15-2015 at 10:14 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Oh hey long time no dream post.. I've had so many memorable dreams I've wanted to record but been too lazy to record them. Now finally..

      I "woke up" in my bedroom. I took a pill(that I had stopped taking in RL) and then started feeling extremely dizzy. I went into the bathroom and checked the mirror and saw bumps on my cheeks. I checked my body and it had spread all over. My whole body was red and covered in bumps. I realized that it was a rash from the pill that I took. I considered going to the hospital because it was so bad but figured it would clear up as soon as the med wore off. I went to the kitchen and let the dog out and noticed there was snow on the ground. "Already?!?" I thought(it's the middle of October) but I kinda liked it.

      I "woke up" in my bed again, and still felt kinda weird so I looked down at my hands. They were pretty normal but I just knew that I was dreaming. I went to the living room and tried to summon A. It wasn't working(I've tried to summon this person many times before) but then a pair of hands with latex gloves appeared in the corner. It was dark so I couldn't see who they belonged to. I "woke up" but was still dreaming. I decided to try to fall back asleep(I didn't realize that I actually still was asleep) and I kinda started spinning in circles, which brought me to my second lucid.

      In this dream within a dream, I already knew I was dreaming and didn't have to test it, so I got out of bed again and went back to the living room, which was dark and painted red. I focused on things to stabilize, like a label from a can, which helped. I tried again to summon A but had no luck, so I jumped in the air and started to fly. I was still in the house so I went outside and jumped again and flew(swam) up above the clounds. I started to come down but them decided to go even further up. I zoomed up and up, into space and throughout the universe, watching everything get smaller and smaller as some kind of majestic, movie-soundtrack-like music played. I saw galaxies and big planets in bright candy colors against the backdrop of cotten candy pink space. Afterwards, I retured back to Earth but was still above the clouds. I was going to try to go to a roller boogie next but woke up.
    3. A Dream Within a Dream

      by , 04-21-2015 at 03:08 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      The dream I remembered this past morning was awfully strange! It was a literal dream within a dream situation. Basically, I had a dream, then woke up from the dream into another non-lucid dream, and then finally waking up in reality. Here's how it went.
      I was in the Bates Motel house with my girlfriend and we were witnessing the final events of one of the latest episodes play out in front of us. We watched it all non-phased, as if we had seen it before, but we were enjoying it nonetheless. (I won't go into the details of what happened just in case some of you watch that show and don't want to be spoiled).
      Suddenly, I woke up from that situation. It seems it was a dream! I was in the parking lot of my girlfriend's workplace, having just dropped her off, but instead of heading to MY workplace, I had parked my car in the parking lot and fallen asleep. I checked my phone's clock...I WAS AN HOUR LATE!! Panic filled me as I quickly started my car and drove off towards my workplace.

      And then, I woke up from THAT, only this time I was in my bed and in real life. I should've done a reality check in case of a false awakening, but I was too groggy and weirded out by the double dream to even remember to. Not a whole bunch recalled in either dream, but the situation of waking from one dream to another was interesting.
    4. A Lucid within a dream??? What? O.O

      by , 03-24-2015 at 03:45 PM
      This entry is going to differ a little from the usual simply because something fairly odd happened to me last night. I've never heard/read of it happening (though I am sure it is a regular occurrence) ,so I'm not certain as to what to call it. In any case, I'm going to describe what took place and maybe someone can shed some light on it

      I am sitting down at a table, in a café. Looking around me, the colour of the walls strike me as lovely, being a warm and inviting orange. The establishment itself looks very comfortable, typical of the south of France or Spain. The tables were round and white, the floor was marble, with the counter facing the entrance. I was sitting away from it, a little removed from the customers. The happy chatter and laughter, the clatter of cutlery and general bustling of life which emanated from my surroundings just made the sunny afternoon feel even more like summer, and it lulled me gradually to sleep. I had been using the café as a place to study, seeing as it was also where I worked. Now far too tired to carry on, I fold my arms on the table and rest my head upon them. Feeling strangely comfortable, I fall asleep.

      This is where it gets a bit weird.

      Before me stands a woman, dressed as Katniss from the Hunger Games. I know it isn't her, but I don't know who she is either. She smiles and beckons to me, telling me to come towards her without actually saying a word. I begin to do so, but stop midway. She frowns as realisation dawns on me. This is a dream! Grinning I congratulate myself on finally becoming lucid. This new found lucidity leads me to thinking the following; This is a dream. Therefore, I know I can manipulate the environment! More determined than ever, I pull myself out of the fake Katniss dream and back into the café dream. I then proceed to pull the fake Katniss out with me, so that we both end up in the café. The issue here is that given the fact that I thought the fake Katniss dream was a dream, I reasoned that the café must be real. I essentially genuinely believed that I had managed to bring my dream character to life through lucidity. What is even weirder is the fact that I was completely unrestrained by any dream plot or narrative. I could do what I wanted. It was definitely a completely different atmosphere to my usual, non lucid dreams. Anyway, throughout the rest of the dream, we chat happily about various things, whilst drinking coffee. I realise that as soon as my attention wanes away from her, fake Katniss begins to disappear. For this reason, I feel compelled to remain with her until the dream ends.

      Well, there you have it. I still don't fully understand what went on, but it was a lot of fun!
    5. 10/23/2014 - "Inception-Style"

      by , 10-26-2014 at 07:04 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      So, I won't be able to smoke anything, for a little while, so my recall is already kicking back in (which will probably mean taking much more time to write out my entries, but I'll do what I can). I also need to find a thread I read a few days back, about a DV member proposing a WBTB method where you do some logic puzzles, while awake, to keep the logic center in your brain slightly active, when going back to bed.

      I intend to thank him, because I've tried it twice, in the past 3 nights, and have gotten lucid on both nights! I just can't seem to find the thread, but I will keep looking. Anyway, I've had some pretty crazy ones, in the past couple of days!)


      Spoiler for Short Version!:

      There was a girl with me. I believe it might have been my ex, MJ, but I'm not sure. We were in an apartment or small house, with a few other people and a couple of kids. She and I were alone, though, tucked away in some room and about to have a some discrete sex, but she had to get up and take care of something, before getting started. When she walked out of the room, another girl came in and immediately began seducing me. My previous companion and I weren't really a couple, in this dream, so I began fooling around with this other girl, but we never ended up going too far because neither of us had protection. After a little more anti-climactic foreplay, we went out into the living room again, and hung out with everyone who remained in the house.

      After a few minutes, the girl that I had most-recently been with said that she wanted to try something and disappeared into the bedroom again, emerging with some sort of device in tow. She explained that it was some Inception-like device, and would allow us to share a dream. Each hose that came out from the device was topped with four-pronged syringes, which she stuck into our arms. I was a little apprehensive, but it ended up not hurting very much. Before long, we were all passing out, and the scenery transitioned.

      We were now in a wooded area and surrounded by beautiful, autumn colors. Specks of red and orange leaves covered the grass, fallen from the thin, scattered trees, and we took a while just soaking in the scenery. There were a few locals running around, but they didn't pay us much mind. Everything was just beautiful, though. The environment almost seemed ancient, or at least Feudal-Japan-esque.

      My 'crew' and I were apparently searching for something [color](though I have no idea what)[/color], and I remembered that we had to go into the dreamworld, to get it. Looking around, I realized that I had been thinking I was still in the waking world, but also that we had all just taken the dream serum and went to sleep. So, I wondered, did that mean I was already in the dream world? But, then, I thought about the dream serum itself - how absurd that was. I figured that that meant all of this might have been a dream. Everything was just so vivid, though. I couldn't be sure that I was dreaming, as I felt completely grounded in reality. I tried toying with the gravity a bit, and leaned backward as if I was going to 'force' myself to not topple over. It didn't work. I lost my balance, stumbled a bit and fell on my ass. Figures. Slightly embarrassed at this, I got up and continued to walk with my group, about to give up on the idea that I might be dreaming.

      Giving it one, last try, I took a slight hop into the air, using every bit of my concentration to 'pull up', before coming back down. My feet fixed themselves above the ground, hovering just about a foot over the leafy terrain. I was flying! "Ah...there it is..." I said, smiling and fully-lucid. For the next minute or so, I did some superhuman acrobatics and parkour in this lovely, wooded area - performing high, twisting somersaults and short-range flying/floating up into the treetops.

      I began to notice there was a commotion going on, with the locals. A group of men came running passed, saying that they were under attack by some powerful, unknown entity. I don't remember much of the frenzied briefing they gave, but I told them not to worry, seeing as how this was my dream and I was now in control. To prove it (more to myself, than to them), I raised one foot and then stomped it down on the ground, yelling "RRRRAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" and expelling a massive burst of energy out, in all directions, DBZ style. The men recoiled as the wind blew them backward, nearly off their feet. It was then that I could see that one of the men actually had two faces - his normal face, and one that was kinda 'stuck' to the left side of his head. It was slightly gruesome, and very surreal.

      Content that I had a good level of control, I prepared to do battle with whomever it was that was soon to be approaching our position. Figuring I could use a little DC help, I asked if any of the strange men had any 'dream control' powers of their own. I then realized how pointless my question was, and just went off to find my unknown opponent figuring that any DC, who wanted to help, would tag along.

      Unfortunately, I don't remember anything about the battle...

      We were soon coming back to the previous area, and I was talking to the DCs about lucid dreaming, just to see their reactions. I tried to show off a little, by doing the 'falling back' thing, again. It still didn't work, and I fell....again. They laughed and me, and I have to be honest when I say it upset me a bit, even though I was still lucid. I tried a few other tricks, but my 'powers' seemed like they were starting to leave me. 'MJ' finally showed back up, around this time, and said that we had to get back to where we originally started, as the dream was about to end. She led the way and we began walking back to the starting point of the dream (The rest of the crew had disappeared, by now, and it was just 'MJ' and I.) I noticed that she was moving faster and faster, among the trees while she led, and I was finding it hard to keep up. I attempted to use some lucid super-speed, to catch up to her, but everything just felt so realistic. I couldn't control the dream anymore. No matter how hard I tried to 'rush' ahead, I could only run at normal speed.

      Finally, I realized that I didn't really need to 'go' anywhere. I could just exit the dream from wherever I wanted. Figuring that the dream may have been going so long that it might be tough for me to remember much of it, I woke myself up.

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    6. Dreamception

      by , 06-13-2014 at 05:03 PM
      So this happened on June 13, 2014, Friday. I was at my auntie's house and it was 12 in the afternoon when I fell asleep. It was a strange, creepy dream because I remember that I was dreaming within a dream that I'm on a bed slightly facedown but I can see my left side and there was a girl facing me, she was dressed in black but i can't see her face, it was like just an empty space, just all black. In my dream, within a dream, I feel like I couldn't move my body like I was restrained and she was just there staring blankly at me and I was forcing myself to wake up, when I finally woke up in my dream, I immediately ran outside to my mom(I was still in my "main" dream) I don't know how I woke up from my my main dream though, all I remember is me dreaming about dreaming of me on a bed forcing myself to wake up and a girl staring at me(even though I cant see her face) and my body feeling heavy.

      Strange thing is the night before that dream within a dream, I was also in the very same house of my aunt. We were watching a movie when I looked at the window beside the tv and saw a white thing passed by. I know it isn't just an imagination because I really saw it passed by and i dont know what it looks like but Im sure its a girl wearing all white(just my instincts) i cant determine it really though, it was just a blur of something white and its not a reflection because if it was it would not look so bold. So I looked at the other window at the left side because I thought it was just a relative or someone we know of but no one passed by. So I told my cousins and aunties who were with me immediately and my other cousin told me he sometimes see it too just passing by and he couldn't determine what is it because it's just a white blurry thing. I was slightly freaked out and shocked because it was my first time seeing something real and not just my mind making it all up. I'm sharing this experience because I think it has a connection with my dream. I think it made me dream like that because of that experience and I'm really sure my mom will be sleeping with me tonight.

      I hope I didn't confuse you lol. English is just not my first language :) so all in all I dreamt of me dreaming and it has something to do with my experience, somehow.

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    7. Dream within a dream, shopping, john oliver

      by , 08-18-2013 at 03:31 PM (The Redeeming Dreamer)

      Dream 1:

      I remember something about a "John Oliver Show".

      Dream 2:

      I remember a river and a bunch of wooden water equipment, like a water wheel. I think the river flooded, too, and destroyed the equipment.

      Dream 3:

      I was dreaming about being a secret agent in a villa, trying to steal something. I was a woman, and I started dancing in a ballroom with some people. I was also running around on the roofs of the villa.

      I woke up from that dream into ANOTHER dream. I guess I had a dream within a dream (or a false awakening, but I actually remembered the dream from before). I was in my house on Long Island, and I woke up in the dining room, on a chair at the dining table. The rest of my family went through the front door, with shopping bags. I guess they just got home from shopping. I told them about the dream I just had. I then remember going into one of the cabinets and taking finding a box of sesame stick packages, from the shopping my family just got home from. They looked like little raisin boxes, but with two packs of two sesame sticks each. I took one out and ate it. That's the end of the dream.
    8. Nightmare to Lucidity

      by , 06-26-2013 at 12:34 PM
      As a forward, this happened after 29 hours of being awake, so it was most likely during a rem rebound, it was my 3rd dream of the night (I woke up after the first 2).

      I was in a house I did not recognize, but my aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins were there. There was an extremely large front window overlooking a jungle and a large river, I could see 2 crocodiles, and my family seemed to be having a discussion on whether they were crocodiles or alligators. After a few minutes I noticed that everything outside the house seemed to be frozen in time (birds were stuck midair, the crocodiles mouths were perpetually open), the only thing that was moving was the sun, which had almost set by this point. I decided to go to bed (in the dream house), and my aunt showed me to my room, it had a large 4 post bed and a large chandelier in the middle.

      As I laid down, I heard some sort of noise from the far corner of the room, but i thought nothing of it at the time. As was falling asleep (still in the dream) i could hear some guitar playing and thought it might be my alarm clock going off, then out of nowhere this ear piercing scream fills my head, one of the posts snaps off the bed and the chandelier comes crashing to the floor, send glass all over the place. I hear running down the hallway and my aunt comes into my room to ask if I am ok, I tell her that I wasn't hurt, just freaked out.

      As I stepped out of bed, my foot came down on a piece of glass, cutting fairly deeply. I decided to go to the bathroom to bandage it, when I opened the bathroom door there was a woman standing there in a navy blue dress, that was flowing even though there was no wind. All of a sudden some force pulls me into the bathroom and a second door opens. There was a massive staircase, filled with decomposed bodies, they were all covered in this sort of grey-green slime, I looked behind me and all I could see was darkness, and the woman in the navy dress floating a few feet back, I had no option but to descend the staircase.

      As I walked down, the bodies started moving, not in a particularly creepy way, just sort of falling over and stuff, but I checked each face to make sure it wasn't someone i knew. After a few minutes of walking/being pulled down the stairs I reached a door, I was really hesitant to open it, I could only imagine how bad it would be, to my surprise it was an early 20th century home, lit by candles and a fireplace, it was a stark contrast from the cold death feeling of the stairway. I could see 3 beds facing me, each had a man and a woman around my age on them, 2 of the couples were awake, but seemed to pay no attention to me, they were completely focused on each other. I walked past the fireplace to the other side of the room, there were 2 couples asleep, and one woman sitting by herself on the bed, looking scared, but happy to see me. I sat down on the bed beside her, and she embraced me, we lied down on the bed and I fell asleep.

      I wake up in the room where the chandelier has broken, there is blood on the floor from where I cut my foot, and glass still all over the place, I get out of bed making sure not to cut myself this time. I flick the light-switch, nothing happens. Walk into the hall, try those switches as well, still nothing, I mention my problem with the switches to someone who I cant really see, and all I get is a laugh in response, so I go back to my room and surprisingly, it was completely empty, and the floor had changed from white carpet to hardwood. At this point I do a nose pinch RC and instantly become lucid, I took several deep breaths while holding my nose closed, just to make sure.

      My first thought was to get the hell out of the house, so I plunged my hand through the floor, and pulled myself face first into it. Once my whole body was through the floor, all I could see was complete darkness, with the occasional swirl of color, I must have been pulling myself through this state for a good minute and a half. Because my relative position in the house I was worried I might fall through into the staircase of bodies, but thankfully when I finally popped out of the darkness, I was in some sort of large drainage pipe, I was instantly swept away by the current, but thinking quickly I tried to fly up into the air. At first the current was too much to overcome, but I eventually managed to get myself out of it, I flew to the end of the pipe and was in the jungle I had seen previously, I could see the house a few hundred feet away, and flew in the opposite direction. I cant really describe what I saw on the sides of river, all the animals looked like 3d representations of impressionist art, I landed beside something that I can best describe as a tiger, but its fur had a soft white glow that seemed to be changing the tigers internal structure, almost as if it was made of liquid. I thought I would try and ride it, but the second I got close to it, it swiped my with its claws and I woke up (for real this time).
    9. The Experiments and TotM...

      by , 05-28-2012 at 03:02 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      28th of May, 2012

      Took a Galantamind pill at 8:45am and was convinced that I was gonna fail coz I was awake for so long.

      There was basically no non-lucid portion here; for all intents and purposes it was a WILD without the WILD. I'm also starting to get better at controlling that 'ever forward' sensation of lucid's where you kind of have half control and the other half is just pulling you around. Or is that just me?


      I got out of bed in a house that was completely different to my own. "Aw yeah!"

      It was kind of unstable and I was really keen not to wake up so I was just strolling around and chilling. There were people sleeping in beds in all the rooms but I didn't explore too thoroughly.
      Mum came out but I basically ignored her and kept walking around. At some point in my exploration, a miniature gorilla thing came out of the doorway and I immediately thought "Hm, why not?" in reference to the basic TotM (better late than never!) so I just jumped at the little guy and appeared in his body. I looked at my arms and legs and it was instead like I was wearing a gorilla costume and still had my shoes on. I decided that wasn't good enough so I did a backflip out of his body and jumped out the window to start my journey. I was higher than I thought and a bit surprised, but I'm getting much better at flying so I kinda fell with speed into the ground across the road.


      I slammed down into a toy tricycle and then ate some grass. (Mzzck mentioned something about this stabilising technique once, and it's completely infested my dreams so I can't help but do it!)

      I looked around at my surroundings and was, as always, humbled by how amazing the dream world is. It was a beautiful day with birds singing and lovely warm sun. Where I was standing was out the front of a garden nursery and I walked in and looked at some flowers before mum came out of the house and said something to me. I took that as my leave and jumped into the sky.
      It was really 'pully' and I didn't have any physical control; kinda like I was on the end of a fishing line or something. But I just went with it and flew backwards and forwards before going extremely high. Probably around a kilometre.
      There was an ordinary town below me and I couldn't help but think that down there, a million DC's were just living out their odd little lives without me knowing.
      Anyway, I asked to be put down and began descending on the suburb. I landed in an ordinary back yard under someone's clothesline.

      A group of young people were playing with their dog and they didn't seem to notice me. After they went inside, I followed them in via their laundry door. It was really empowering to do this. Like breaking and entering without any consequences! I walked through their house following them but when I turned a corner into their living room, some dude came around at the same time and looked at me. I jumped straight into his body and this time felt it be more successful. It was like I was his shadow and slowly closed in on him.
      I walked after the other group and met them in the bathroom.
      It was two girls, who, on closer inspection, were two of the same guy in drag.

      I put my arm around them and looked in the mirror and saw that I was still the other dude. Success.

      At that point I felt myself breathing in real life and realised I was waking up. Lay still for a DEILD.

      I came to while washing my face in a basin. I looked in the mirror to my left and pulled a weird "yeah!" dream face then went out.
      I was in a courtyard out the front of a house. It was quite quaint, if not a little cluttered. They had a grape vine running along a trellis on the roof. I instantly began searching for a prism so I could do an experiment with the sun I'd seen earlier. I have no idea where this idea came from- guess I'm just a naturally experimentative kinda dude.

      I looked in a toolbox and found one but it was all scratched and curved instead of straight. That's never gonna work. I tried to reform it but it was unsuccessful so I went into another house and found a proper one in a kid's bedroom.

      Strolled back outside and sat on the road, appreciating the sun and it's warmth again. The sun was behind a tree which was moving to keep blocking it so I walked up the road a bit to get a clearer view. There were a group of thuggish looking guys ahead so I threw some sand at them for funsies and then commanded them to just watch what I was doing instead. I got the prism and positioned it so that it cast the spectrum onto the sidewalk. It was a pretty successful representation, but was obviously just my mind creating it; I don't think light actually exists in dreams to be altered. I played around with the prisms positioning and it went through a range of pretty incredible things. At one stage it was a glowing, ringed, rainbow planet among a multicolored nebula/aurora. Then it split back into the colours except each one had a different world on it.

      At that point I entered a dream within a dream, which told the backstory of these different planets. When I came back, I was in a slightly different position at a building site.

      I remembered that my brother had asked if you could do stuff like bending roads in dreams so I decided to give that a go. I was standing on a gravel pathway with wooden skirting boards and forced it to begin bending. Instead of being smooth, it was quite destructive and began cracking and breaking while changing direction. Like it would in real life, I suppose. I decided I wanted to try on a proper road so I went off to find a good curved street. Now that I'm writing this, I realise I could probably have just made a straight road bent instead. The things you think when you're actually awake, huh?

      I went back up to the road and was jumping around clapping my hands, which I take to be this dream's version of a hand-rub stabilisation. It actually worked really well because as well as the physical sensation, it also gave off sound which helped.

      As I walked down the road there were a bunch of trees that had been chopped down so I gracefully jumped from log to log just for the sake of it. As I was doing that, some girl in a crowd said "I want to be an actor".
      "Do it!" I replied, "you're beautiful!"

      Feeling cool about myself I kept going on my way.

      I couldn't for the life of me find a curved road. Every one that looked curved was straight when I got there (I suppose that means I was being successful in my attempts!)

      I went on quite a long journey down streets and came to an avenue with beautiful green and red trees arching the road, which I jumped up and grabbed the leaves of. The buildings here had really interesting architecture and shortly I came to a squat little building complex. There was a delivery guy at the back of his van getting boxes out so I happily walked past and pushed him into the back!

      I came to a sign that said something like:
      | <-- Office Journey --> |

      But it wasn't exactly that.
      To be honest I don't remember what it said. I just wanted to draw a sign.

      Anyway I went to the right and was at some kind of learning institute. I kept looking round and round for curved roads and ended up in a dodgy back-area with loading docks and stairs and underpasses which eventually turned into a very L.A looking crowded street.
      There was a girl standing near a billboard and I went up and said "Pretty smoggy, huh?"

      She said that it was actually the 'bloom' and when I looked closer the smog was millions of little glowing insects. At that point I decided I'd better wake up otherwise I'd forget all this stuff so I woke up watching a YouTube video. And then I actually woke.

      Whew! That's a long one.

      Looking back, I realise that most of the lucid dreams I've written have been due to Galantamind. That shit definitely works, but I do worry that I've become reliant on it!

      Better than heroin I guess!

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    10. Investigating in a school, spotting Link, Tea in New Zealand, and reading my dream records.

      by , 05-24-2012 at 12:27 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dreamcharacters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 School investigation, and spotting Link.

      Im walking with two beautiful ladies. One is a black chic with long curly black hair and looks like Janet Jackson. The other is a white chic who reminds me of Julia Roberts. We are walking down a hall talking about investigating the school, because someone here is not doing there job correctly or something like that. I walk past a guy who looked just like Link, He was talking to this asian chic, and this black chic. Link had a blackpack on, and he was wearing some black pants, with some black and white sneakers, and a white shirt with buttons. His hair was cut, and he seemed to be telling them jokes about something.

      He had a very calm personality, and seem to be quite popular with a few people he left the class with. The women i was with were telling me that we have to find the teacher who is not doing his job right. I follow the women and the dream suddenly shifts.

      False Awakening.

      Im asleep in my 2nd house, and wake up from my chair and fix me something to eat. I decided i had a taste for some fried fish with a mango salad so i started to fix that. I suddenly feel like i am not supposed to be eating because it feels late?
      I question this a bit, and start looking for a clock. I hear my celphone alarm and wake up from the dream.

      5:30 - 5:50 am. Did plenty of subconscious training, and plenty of reality checks with my totem.

      Dream #2 Tea In New Zealand, and discussing dreams with a lady.

      Spoiler for Theme Of The Dream:

      Im walking with a lovely looking Aussie, who is showing me around her neighborhood. She looks to be in her early 30's, had curly reddish hair, she wore bergundy blouse, and black pants with tan open toe sandals. She invites me in to her home, and we sit down and talk about dreams. She heads to the kitchen table, and asks me...

      "Is it possible for us to meet again soon? I would love for you to meet my nephew, he is really interested in dreams."


      She comes back to the living room with two tea cups on a tray. She turns on the radio, and that song from the spoiler bar is playing.

      "I can rememeber playing this song when i was a little girl, and falling asleep to it."

      "Well i must admit, it is a very relaxing song.

      I sip my tea and we start talking about dreams, and being able to share dreams with other people. I mention to her has she ever used a totem before, and she says...

      "You see this necklace? I have my husbands initials imprinted on it. He died years ago."

      "Im sorry for your lost."

      She tells me that she uses that necklace as a totem. I reach in my pocket and grab my hawk coin totem. I show it to her, and explain to her how i became lucid in many of my dreams.

      "We seem to share a common interest in dreams."

      (She chuckles)

      "Goodness i know. Im glad you are here, you are such a nice guy."

      " Thank you. You are a very lovely woman yourself."

      We exchange smiles and we start arranging a meeting again with one another. and the dream fades and i wake up.

      Final dream Frag. Looking thru my dream records.

      Im in my current home looking thru my dream records, and writing notes down in my file.
      Thats all i can remember.
    11. A Very Inception-Like Dream About Lucid Dreaming (Also My First DJ Entry)

      by , 05-05-2012 at 04:03 PM
      First of all, I am new on this site. So Hello Everybody! Before I write down my first dream I want to share with You I should point out that English is not my native language. So please don't offend me for little mistakes.

      I got this dream with a MILD and WBTB attempt which failed. It was totally non-lucid.
      Now onto the dream:

      I was on a bus with some of my friends going to a hotel or some sort of house. Then I found myself in my hotel room which was almost identical to my real room. Me and my friends wanted to lucid dream that night. So we went to sleep. I tried to WILD and MILD in my dream! Here is the Interesting part: I had a dream in the one i wrote above (very much like Inception )! I dreamt that I was lucid in my dream inside the other one. Of course I wasn't really lucid. So I found myself in a big glass-room full of vases, bushes, trees and stairs. My friends were there, too. We wanted to have a great gunfight. One of us even told that we can't get injured because we're dreaming! I replied: We shouldn't do such things in our first lucid dream because we will maybe feel pain (just like in Inception, again ). So we decided to try out smaller things first. We then went through a restroom-like corridor. There a tall guard scanned us with a metal detector. Nobody got caught . On the other end of the corridor there was a part of a typical English town. It was like Christmas with lamps, decorations and a lot of snow. Near some tall buildings there was a small park. I went there with my best friend. I know that to conjure things in LDs it's easier to imagine a thing hidden somewhere and then find it so maybe the next scene was be because of this --» My friend then walked to a bush and picked up a handgun from the ground. Then he wanted to conjure a whole soccer team. (weird... ) In the next minute a whole soccer team arrived from the street next to the park. I got my headset out of my ears and wanted to get a minigun. So I imagined that I'm in the game Left 4 Dead killing zombies with a shotgun . I also heard that to stabilize a LD you should use all your senses so I started punching the zombies. Maybe this was the reason. At first it felt like my sleeping dream body was doing the same motion. My hands didn't really want to move. Then I had a rest for a while and the punches felt like real punches once again. At the end of a corridor full of zombies I found a chest. In it was the Minigun! Then I woke up (still in my dream body ). I talked to a friend about the dream in my room then I went to sleep again. Like previously I tried to MILD. I woke up again, I didn't have a dream in the dream now. This time I was talking to 2 of my friends in the living room of the hotel about LDs. And I went to sleep once again. I woke up, then I saw one of my friends (again...) with my dog. The was an other dog like mine but it was slightly bigger. There were 2 cats, too. I hard some whispering behind me and when I turned around I saw a wet cat. It stood like an aggressive statue and one of its eyes was blue, the other red. Then my friend said we had to go. I went out of the room and finally woke up in REAL LIFE.

      This dream was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had.
      Luckily, I know where most of the dream sings may come from (like the cats, dogs, the English town and the hotel).

      I am still a newbie to LDing but I practice RCs, MILDing, dream recall, WBTB and even WILD regularly. I have practiced meditation for about half a year now so maybe if I consider WILDing more seriously this will come in handy.
      I will hopefully find some time to update my DJ and profile in the future.
    12. 1st Shared dream lesson, a dream within a dream, training a dream character. (old dream) 03/05/11/

      by , 04-16-2012 at 07:33 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream character talking
      Purple means possible shared dream person
      Green means notes

      You know the drill. As always, enjoy!

      Dream #1 Walking down the highway.

      Im walking down a highway on the sidewalk, a bunch of cars are passing me by. I noticed a billboard with a list of movies. (i forgot the list of movies that were listed)

      Dream #2 Paper or plastic?

      Im now in a supermarket,with this elderly russian man. He looked to be in his 40's or 50's. I was helping him shop for things such as Pickles, eggs, bread, milk, and prunes. The casier looks at us and says...paper or plastic? Plastic (i say)

      Dream #3 Dream cue from the Hawk.

      Im riding a motorcycle (don't have one in real life) holding a yellow flag racing against other people. (im guessing we had to set the flag down at some random location) I hear a high pitch whistle and look up at the sky, ITS A HAWK! I stop in the middle of the road and i noticed, im all alone. I look up at this sign, posted on a billboard it read...(FOR LET HE WHO HAS EYES SEE, AND LET HE WHO HAS EARS HEAR. MY CALL WILL AWAKEN THE HEARTS OF THOSE WHO SEEK THE TRUTH) Hmm..I reach in my pocket and pull out my totem. I look around how did i get here? what did i do a hour ago??? Ah, im asleep in my bed right now! Im rubbing my totem, the dream snaps in focus. Im focused, i put it back in my pocket and decide its time to have some fun.

      Having fun with mirrors.

      I take my finger, and make a mirror in the air in front of me. i turn around for 5 seconds and say when i turn around, i expect to see my female subconscious self. When i turned back around, it was a huge square shaped mirror. I noticed that i am no longer a male, but i am now in fact, my female counterpart. I am still my complexion, caramel skin, i have long curly hair, full lips, a slight slant to my eyes, my eyes are bigger and more of a hazel colour. With C cup breast and a bit of a curvy waist, i am now wearing a pink dress and black strappy sandals, a toe ring with a french pedicure on my feet. I look very beautiful i say to myself. I now summon a purse to put my totem inside, just in case i need to stabilize the dream a bit more. I dive thru the mirror and end up at some bar.

      Dream #4 Heads or tails? Pick one.

      I walk into a bar. This bikerman looks at me, i give him a dirty look. I walk up to the bar ask for a glass of wine. I spot my cousin drinking at the bar, i get up and walk over to him. Mind if i join you? Sure. Whats your name? (I try and change the subject) Don't you know who i am? Uh...nope sorry you don't look familiar. I tell him, what if i told you that with one flip of a coin, i can snap your mind into a different world. I would say you been drinking a lil bit too much of that wine baby. (I reach in my purse) I pull out my hawk coin totem. Heads? or tails? (i ask him) Lol tellin you girl that alcohol getting to yo head. I will say this one more time. Heads? or tails? Aight aight i'll play along. Heads. I flip it in the air and catch it, then look at it and show him. It landed tails. Hey wait a min...why am i in a bar? Come with me. ( i take my glass of wine with me) I take him in the mens bathroom. I sat my purse on the sink. Do you know why we are in here? Uh...no. Why are we in here? Because it is time for you to go to sleep. Huh? I slipped something in your drink while you were looking at my coin. In exactly 1 min, you will be passed out. and when you wake back up, i will explain it to you in another form got it? Wha what? WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!? Relax. you about to go into a different layer with me. (He passes out on the floor) I look in my purse and take this white pill and drink my wine. I look in my purse to find my celphone and set my beethoven music to go off in 60 mins I set it on the bathroom sink and fall backwards to the floor.

      Dream #4 A dream within a dream.

      I now wake up in my 2nd home. I look around for my cousin r. R, you in here??? I walk into the bathroom and say alright when i stick my arm thru this mirror, im gonna pull out my cousin r. I take my right arm and stick it thru the mirror and pull my cousin thru it. I just had a dream that some girl with curly hair was talking to me at a bar, and..showed you this? (I hold the coin up) Yea, just like that. Wait min..how did i just get here? Because i pulled you here, and this is still a dream by the way. Whoa whoa whoa, what do you mean still a dream? Like i said your still dreaming. Na man, thats impossible! Tell me then, why are we standing here at my old house then, instead of my current house hm? I i..i don't know. C'mon, its time for your 1st lesson. Here (i hand him my totem) Look at it. Now when you wake up in the real world, im gonna test you to see if you will remember how it looked. Stare at it until It is imprinted in you brain. Yo, im dreaming!? I nod my head. Relax though..because you are getting overly excited. I can't believe im dreaming!!! (He starts fading away) I knew that was gonna happen. (I fall backwards)

      Final dream: Your just a projection of my subconscious.

      I wake up in the previous dream on the bathroom floor. I get up and notice, im my female projection of myself. I project back into my normal self and grab my celphone and notice i have 5 mins of lucid dreamtime remaining. I exit the bathroom and talk to random dream characters about their abilities One young boy says he can manipulate the weather. This one man said he can eat 500 slices of pizza. I then notice a interesting looking young lady who was attractive. I asked her what her abilities were, and that if she showed me something interesting, i would hire her for my next dream job. We were in a gas station, she was looking for some chips. I said you can do anything just make it unique ok? She nods. Oh, so your not much of a talker i see. well, what if i told you that your just a projection of my subconscious. I don't care. You mean you don't mind being created by me? No not at all. In fact im I want the job watch this. She begins telepathically moving everything around in the store. Not bad, not bad. (i say) Alright let me ask you a question. Ahem, whats the easiest way for me to become lucid in dreams? Pay attention to your surroundings. Oh and also try a start re entering your old homes, so you can remember how you got there in the 1st place too. And aslo if someone wants to fight you, that should increase your lucidity more. Thanx. Whats your name? Roselyn.

      Hmm..Roselyn. Ok, you got the job! (Right here i here my beethoven alarm goin off) I wake up and record the dream.

      Notes: Did wbtb at 5:30 am. I did my reality check with my totem for about 15 mins and headed back to bed. I woke from this dream at 7:45 am. could not fall back asleep cause of a job i had at that time. had to be there at 9:30 am. Oh and my cousin ended up remembering a dream of being in a bathroom with a woman with curly hair. hehe wonder if he knows that was me. Shapeshifted as her that whole time. Ah, me and my dreaming abilities.
    13. The shore of my subconscious ( Old dream) 02/13/11/

      by , 04-13-2012 at 03:00 AM (My Dream Records)
      Black colour means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Got it? great, now for the good stuff. So kick off your shoes and enjoy this dream.
      Dream #1 Something special.

      Im walking on a beach with a beautiful latin woman. (She looks like Roselyn Sanchaz) She's wearing a long white dress, barefoot with pink flipflops in her hands, long wavy black hair, a pecan colour complexion, with beautiful slanted eyes, a strawberry shaped nose, and pink juicy lips. She's laughing as im tellin her how Gorgeous she looks. The sunset looks warm mi amour, i hope this moment never ends she says. Even if it does babe, i will see you again. You promise? Yes, i promise. We watch the sun go down, as i gaze into her hazel eyes and our lips meet..dream fades.

      Dream #2 A moment of bliss interrupted.

      Im asleep on the couch, awaken to the sound of a blender goin off. Im sorry papi did i wake you? Na its ok love, what you making? A strawberry smoothie you want some? That can wait, come here. I hold her close to me and once again get lost into her hazelbrown eyes. Ay papi your gonna make me spill it, even better, then your gonna taste like strawberries! we both laugh, and the phone rings. Hang on papi i have to get the phone, hello? yes it is, who's calling? Ohhh yes why of course. (My memory gets foggy here what the conversation was about) I walk outside and a seagull is flying in the sky. Air feels warm, im at peace with myself...Reaching in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem, rubbing it wait main...how did i end up here??? what is today's date??? Papi are you outside? I stuff my hawk totem coin back in my pocket. What are you doing out here mi amour? Oh uh, i was just getting some fresh air ahem. (She has her arms around me staring at me giggling. Wait a minute, were you playing with that silly coin again? I don't know what you are talking babe, i was just getting some fresh air. Your off again to one of yours missions are'nt you? I thought we were gonna have lunch and cuddle up and watch a movie? Don't worry i'll be back i promise. You know i always come back to you, so just keep my plate warm for me hon ok? (I kiss her on the forehead) i'll call you when im on my way. A bergundy bmw pulls up at the, the entrance of the house, I look at my dream wife and tell her i love her. She looks at me with tears sliding down both her eyes as i pull her closer towards me, don't worry..i'll be back later tonight ok? She nods in my arms, Ok, please come back to me mi amour please! I can not lose you again, you have to come back to me please! I will babe, i will. I walk towards the car and get into the passenger seat, A woman with dark her fair complexion with a take no shit look about her who looks italian, (very attractive) lights up her cigarette and says, you done with all that mushy mushy shit with your little soap opera looking senorita or no? Yea, as im staring at her inside the car window. Good, now on to more serious shit! She peels off and we drive to a warehouse and i ask her how did that last mission go? she walks over to this table and shows me a table full of guns. (She mentions something about us taking down a known Boss crime syndicate who runs, robbery, Extortion, Crime, Gambling, ect ect.) Ok its seems like we're all set then, by the way i did'nt catch your name, what's your name? Natalia. I nod my head and get a clear look at everything around me in this warehouse, feeling like im about to wake up, i say her name over and over. Now awake in my bed, i record it into my recorder device, and try and do a Wild.

      Dream #3 Swan filled parking lot.

      Im walking thru a parking flooded with water and filled with swans. I reach in my pocket and pull out my totem and begin rubbing it wondering how i got here, Im aware enough to realize its a dream i fall backwards and had a false awakening.

      Dream #4 Who's totem and recording device is this???

      I wake up in this building filled with chairs, (i do not remember the exact amount of chairs) but they were lined up in almost like a loop. a recording device on a empty table, a glass of water, with a spinning dradle top (just like the one in the movie inception). A white pill with a note that say's in big bold black letters, DO A REALITY CHECK NOW!!! I reach in my pocket and pull out my totem, and reality check with it, fully aware of whats happening...i walk thru a door and there is a computer with random names (I forget the names on the computer) of people who are dreaming. I take the pill and drink the water then record myself talking on the recording device left on the table. I say into the recorder, ahem hi this is dreamprofesser and im in a room filled with chairs and a spinning top, whoever finds this recording device meet me at discreet location so we can share a dream. I push the stop button and fall asleep.

      Final dream. How did you get here?

      I wake up in some hotel with a bunch of college girls dorm, their sittin around talkin about something. One of them who was a blond who looked at me while watching t.v said to me, Uh...like how did you end up in our dorm??? Uh...i don't remember, i get up off of the couch walk out the dorm and wake up to the sound of my Beethoven alarm goin off.
    14. FA Dream Within A Dream

      by , 01-30-2012 at 05:03 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      FA Dream Within A Dream

      I dreamed I had awakened from a dream with pictures of that dream. The pictures had me in them, but I was missing my head. I thought it had something to do with forgetting part of my dream.

      I tried to remember the dream hoping that my head would appear if I could remember it. One of the pictures had an orange and white harlequin pattern which wasn't there before. I thought maybe I just hadn't noticed the pattern before, but then another picture had the same pattern behind me. I realized that I was dreaming the pattern into the background of the pictures from the dream I had falsely awakened from.
    15. Space Velociraptors Take Over the Earth!

      by , 10-15-2011 at 04:37 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my friend Paul. It was somewhere that I was spending the night for some reason. We were upstairs in some kind of bonus room. The only light in the room was a desk lamp at a desk Paul was sitting at. I was really tired, and laying on the floor on some blankets. I had a pillow as well. Paul was sitting in a desk chair which was turned towards me. We had been talking, but I don't remember about what. At some point, he was even massaging my feet. I hoped that he didn't think they were gross.

      Then, I was so tired, I just decided to close my eyes and go to sleep.

      I was then...I'm not really sure. I was in some white room that looked futuristic. We may have even been in space. This is where I figured out that space velociraptors had taken over the Earth. It was sometime in the future. The world was also running out of its water supply.

      Even though these space raptors had taken over the planet, there were plenty of humans left. The thing was, they were living in constant fear. If the humans went outside, they were fair game to be eaten. People were getting picked off one by one. It was a horrible state.

      I was told by some guy that we had to go back and get some people. We were then on Earth (a couple of men and myself) in my backyard. It was quiet, and the sky was grey. I knew we didn't need to be outside, though there were no raptors in sight; being outside was risky business in these times. I saw my brother at some point; he was helping us out.

      I was then in my house. I don't really know what we needed the people for, but I was in there to get them. I walked through my kitchen, and then into my living room. It was quiet; I didn't see anyone inside. I saw some of the people who came with me outside through the windows.

      I then felt like I lived there. I felt scared for my life. I felt the fear of the people of Earth.

      Suddenly, through one of the windows, I saw them. A pack of raptors was running through my backyard. They were red with black, stripe-like markings on their backs. My breath caught in my throat and I dropped to the floor on my hands and knees. I frantically tried to crawl away from the windows, and ended up seeing some more passing through the front yard through the windows in our piano room. I felt like their vision was based on movement, so I tried to be still as I laid low. One of the raptors looked around as it passed. I hoped it didn't see me.

      I started to panic, and immediately became lucid. I tried to think myself awake, but that wasn't enough. I started to say it out loud.
      "Wake up, Krista. Wake up. Wake up!"
      At first it didn't work. I closed my eyes and opened them in the exact same scene I had been in before.

      Then, I closed my eyes and opened them again, finding myself back in the room with Paul. I was so relieved, but extremely sleepy. I looked next to me and noticed that Paul was laying on his stomach reading next to me on the blanket that I was also laying on. On the other side of Paul was a small child, a little boy. I think it was his nephew. I thought Paul was probably trying to make a move on me or something, but I didn't really care at that point. I was so tired that all I wanted to do was sleep. I turned to lay on my stomach as I cuddled my pillow a little. I moved a little closer to Paul, in a way hoping that he would cuddle with me.

      I then fell asleep again.

      I was back where I had been, but I didn't feel as scared because I knew I was dreaming. Part of me just wanted to let the dream play out a little more, so I didn't really do anything to control it.

      I was then on the Earth mission again, but I was at a different house this time. I knew I was dreaming, so I knew no one was in any real danger. I quickly decided to try to transform myself. I'd never done that before. For some reason, I decided to try to transform myself into Pikachu. Why I decided on Pikachu is absolutely beyond me. I concentrated for awhile, but it wouldn't work. I stood in front of a mirror to try to guide the transformation by watching myself. The best I got was one of my legs started to turn yellow at the thigh. I tried for my other leg, but no dice.

      I then went away from the mirror and tried to shrink myself, seeing if I could do it that way. I shrank a little, but just ended up squatting on the floor. I then laid on my back to try to watch my legs shrink. Nope, no dice. Grr.

      I was then in the white futuristic room again. I was told that the raptors had not originally come to kill, but when they got to Earth, they saw us and felt sorry for our species because we were so stupid and blind, and decided to take over the world and kill us. I also figured out that the world's water supply was pretty much out; someone said they didn't know for sure, but had heard someone on Earth, referring to the water, say
      "Oh shit."

      I then was at my college, about to play a woodwind concert for band. I was holding my clarinet. I was walking down a bright hallway, when I saw the trombone players start to walk towards me, going on to play the brass portion of the concert. I then saw Austin (my ex in waking life who really does play trombone). His hair was shorter and he looked a lot younger. He wasn't wearing glasses either, as he usually is in waking life. I walked right by him, and he looked right at me. I then noticed that he had gotten shorter....waaaay shorter. In fact, as he walked by me, I turned around and he had shrunken a TON. I figured it was an illusion and he did it to himself. On top he was wearing a suit jacket, white shirt and tie, but on the bottom, he was wearing these baggy black pants with tons of ropes or belts that went from one leg to the other. I figured he had used those to make it look like he was way shorter.

      Embarrassed, I turned to a friend and said
      "I can't believe I'm dating him."
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