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    1. May 5th, 2024 4:?? pm (NSFW)

      by , 05-05-2024 at 04:05 PM
      Wasn't necessarily doing any LD technique, but I was aware that I was dreaming and I'm sad I don't know how I made it work, didn't eat, drink or do anything special.

      I first dreamed about my sibling and I staying at my dad's shop in the middle of a Tatooine-esque desert area. While they were asleep, I got this clothing brand our family apparently gots according to this dream and changed the design from some old 90s cartoon squirrel to a different design. I then traveled somewhere and saw a group of people dressed like squirrels wear the new design. I then go back to the shop where my sibling just woke up, about to give a press conference confused as he noticed a bunch of squirrel costumes wearing the new design that he has no clue what they're doing. I then take his place and tell the crowd to check their clothing's tags, which leaves them surprised. The crowd felt so real I actually felt a little bit of anxiety when I stood behind the podium facing them..

      I then see a girl carrying a passed out girl on a slide,
      I hold hold them as the three of us go down the slide, burning our asses off! As I try and hold both girls in my hand, I slowly wake up in my bed again.

      As I'm lying in my bed, two people put this glass casing around me, telling me to "go back", I touch with the casing and I can actually feel the glass.
      After consenting them to return, the glass case lits up and I fly through space, returning to the area from my previous dream!

      The passed out girl has now disappeared and I join this space crew to search for her through worlds. We first turn into fish and explore different aquatic worlds, with the female crew members having explicit sex with the fish in exchange for information for some reason (idk bruh maybe it's the abstinence) after some info, we finally retrieve the girl on one of the fish planets and as the crew returns to their ship, inviting me, I bring the girl to my own space ship. As we teleport back to the ship and return to our human forms doing so, I arrive in my Starbound-like spaceship where I see myself in the art style similar to Starbound as I speak to the space ship's computer in textbox format and use my hand to put all the items in storage, receiving a generous donation of fruit and cakes from one of the female crew members I recruited. I teleport to my home planet, the Tatooine-esque desert town where I recruit my friend who's working at a deadend job as a hotdog seller or something, but briefly teleport him back as his greedy boss hadn't paid him out yet. As my friend doesn't want to face him, I use the force choke from Star Wars to get every penny out of the boss as bystanders watch without interfering.

      I then get woken up by my dog who's loudly crying in the living room :')

      Kinda wanna play Starbound now, though.
    2. 16 Apr: Meeting family in the past and alternative timeline

      by , 04-16-2024 at 03:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      False awakening in my teenage bedroom at my mom's. I check the time and it's 4 am. My mom is awake watching tv on the sofa and I find Riverstone sleeping on her bedroom for some reason. But I don't disturb either of them. I go back to my room and try to close the door silently. I feel strangely awkward to be here. But then I hear my grandpa's cane on the hallway and think "Oh, in this dream reality, grandpa is still alive?". So I open the door and I see him heading to the bathroom. My mom is helping him and surprised to see me awake. I decide to come out and say I'm happy to see them and ask them what year is this. They look at me as if I lost my mind. I insist and tell them I am not who they think I am, that I am a different version who comes from the future and is just dreaming this. They think I am mocking them and start to be upset, but still reveal that it's before 2020. So then I proceed to tell them what is going to happen, especially the pandemic, but also some natural catastrophes down the pipe, as proof I'm from the future. But of course, this will only prove correct when it actually happens.
      Then I notice some things don't fit exactly into my own timeline, so maybe this is a different timeline where those things don't happen. The house is in fact different. The laundry room doesn't exist, there are different rooms in different places, then I check the kitchen's window and realize this is a house on the ground floor and not on the 4th floor. Also, there is a forest outside covered in snow.
      Then i see in the distance that there is a forest fire, despite the snow. The fire is gaining strength and coming towards us. it is so intense that it is melting the snow and turning it into a torrent of water also coming towards us.
      I yell at my family that the house will burn in a fire and for them to pick up whatever is most important and leave. Then remember "Are there any pets?" and they proceed to name them and bring forward carriers to put them in. Some new aunt I never had IRL comes up with some small dogs and puts them in the carriers. Three go on the carriers and a 4th has to be carried by hand. Then someone says "Bring the monkeys!" and they come with a cage with two monkeys. Then I notice I am just in a t-shirt and underwear but there is no time to dress anything else as we exit the house. We take shelter in a huge hardware store in town.
      We stay there for a while and some pervert uncle I now have starts making advances on me, first offering me gifts and grooming me, then later cornering me in dark places of the store, trying to grope me. I avoid him and he starts chasing me. Although the store is working and people shopping in it, no one offers to help, it's as if we don't exist. I climb on top of shelves and let stuff fall on the ground, but everything is business as usual in the store. I take a run for the door through a long corridor and manage to lose him. Then cross some bridge over a river, not walking it through, but instead by hanging myself from under it as if it's monkey bars, because I don't want him to see me. On the other side I land in the middle of a group of students making plans to go to a concert and they invite me to go with them.
    3. January 13, 2024 11:?? am

      by , 01-13-2024 at 01:26 PM
      I was dreaming that I was at some gathering, and this black fashion dude who vaguely resembles this dancer-model I know got this purple streetwear outfit in the mail which he showed to me, the white and purple patterns suiting him.

      It might have been a house party or something where we were, but for whatever reason my mom showed up. When I saw her, I randomly pulled out my customer service voice asking her if she needed anything, pretending not to know who she was and we went to a different room where I talked about how embarrassed I was that she was there, bringing up this random memory from when she took me to her friend's daughter's birthday party in 2009 and I just sat there crying because I didn't want to be there.

      She then left and I sat by myself, contemplating what just happened, and started crying, my mom then appeared again to comfort me. I apologised and told her I feel bad about moving to a different country sometimes because I'm so far away from everyone.

      Then I woke up.
      I miss my family and my mom
    4. Night of Tuesday 1/9/24 (Winter Comp Night 4)

      by , 01-10-2024 at 04:18 PM (Dreamlog)
      Coffee Splash:

      I'm in a long square-like room, sort of like a trailer.
      My Grandpa R has just died, and his casket is on display.
      I keep thinking that the body is going to stand up.
      Highly emotional feelings. My Dad is there with me.
      We're tasked to set the casket aflame in some ritual and we are hesitating to do it.
      Later in this process the casket goes down a serpentine system of pipes into fluid.
      Later I am in a huge banquet hall-like building, with a theater attached.
      I'm walking over to a concessions stand. I find a couple of fruits with barcode stickers and try to scan them.
      A woman nearby says that this cannot be bought, even though the scan goes through.
      I've come home to my current garage. There is a small circular folding table setup.
      My laptop is setup there, and my brother has an identical one setup for him next to it.
      My sister is with us as well.
      I'm having an argument with my brother. He thinks I'm being too easy-going, and not allowing our sister to mourn.
      This makes me angry, because I want to deal with grief my own way.
      I notice a cold mug of coffee on the table, and I splash it in his face.
      Trying to remove myself from the situation, I start to pick-up and leave.
      My brother grabs my laptop's power cord, preventing me from going.
      I wake up angry.

      Shooting for the Girl:

      I'm on a roadtrip with my girlfriend, her mom, and a young guy.
      The guy is a friend of my girlfriend's mom, and I suspect that she is positioning him as my replacement.
      I'm checking out at the counter, buying some snacks. I pay for the guy's food, trying to be cordial.
      He seems to appreciate it, not outwardly trying to steal my girlfriend. He is friendly.
      We leave and head outside. We are driving a large semi-truck.
      A middle-eastern looking man follows us outside and seems angry.
      He points out that I'm carrying wrappers, and going to make a mess in the car.
      I notice a dumpster nearby and try to basketball-shoot the crumpled wrappers into it.
      My shot is miserable. Embarrassed, I pick-up the clump and place it in the dumpster.
      I'm worried that bad shot just affected my chances against the guy.

      Game Night:

      I'm playing a Yu-Gi-Oh inspired card game with my girlfriend.
      Taking just a couple turns, I've already cleared her side of cards and attacking her life points.
      The values on the cards are in the single digits.
      Later I'm playing a mid-generation Pokemon game.
      Looks like it might have been DS or 3DS era, with animated 2D sprites.
      I'm controlling a Magneton, except it is made from four Magnemites instead of the usual three.
      I use an attack called Tetraelectro Blast or something similar.
      The animation has four distinct stages with accompanying sound.
      Basically, it looks accurate to the games.
      I'm in a Yu-Gi-Oh duel with someone in a large empty warehouse.
      The atmosphere is dark and foreboding.
      We have fully 3D virtual monsters, like in the show.
      My opponent has summoned the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
      But it is multiplying. Four heads. Five heads. Six heads...
      It's the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Hydra now.
      The entire warehouse is filled with the oppressively huge heads and necks of the monster.
      This monster gets so comically large that I'm nearly trapped by the slithering necks moving around me.
      I see a light on my left side. I duck by one of the snaking necks and escape.

      The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Hydra. Made with Bing Image Creator AI.

      False Awakening:

      I wake up and start telling my girlfriend about the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Hydra.
      She has put a couple Monster Energy drinks on the foot of the bed for me.
      My room is perfectly rendered, down to the real-life detail that my girlfriend is up early for an important work meeting.
      I go over to the bathroom and look in the mirror.
      I see that my eyes are large and white, with the pupils faded like a blind person's.
      I start to freak out and wonder what is wrong!
      The eyes correct themselves after I blink a few times.
    5. Night of Tuesday 11/28/23

      by , 11-29-2023 at 04:50 PM (Dreamlog)
      Climbing to Stability:

      I'm at the canal where I exercised a lot earlier this year. It's the day time.
      I'm with my girlfriend and we are rising into the air.
      I'm holding a rope, and I indirectly perceive that she is holding onto me, or is with me in some other way.
      When I will it, a balloon floating up above inflates, which pulls the rope upward higher into the sky.
      My girlfriend and I ascend higher and higher into the sky, with the rope being only thing keeping the both of us from falling.
      I have an expectation that when we reach a certain height, a support will form so that we can be safe.
      Later I'm still with my girlfriend, but now we are more obviously on a date.
      We are at a sort of marketplace with indoor and outdoor sections.
      There is a central register desk with some clothes and other merchandise set-up around it.
      This feels sort of like a foreign country, with smaller roads and streets.
      I'm following her and I see that her hair is longer than it normally is.
      I'm now standing in my Great-Grandma's condo, looking at a picture of my girlfriend from the back.
      The visual is the same, with the longer hair. Essentially a screenshot. There is a second picture of her starting to turn around and look at the camera.
      I realize that my Great-Grandma has recently died (within the dream's story, not really) and I am there to help clean up the condo.
      I go to her bedroom and see that my brother and sister are there watching something on her old small TV. My brother is on a futon, and my sister is on a second bed.
      My Great-Grandma's bed is empty, but I hesitate to get on it because it looks dusty. Plus, the idea that she may have recently died in it spooks me.
      I sit on the second bed next to my sister and join the group.
      My sister asks if we can reorient the bed so that it is in line with the TV, rather than the side. I tell her "I sleep on my side anyway, so it works out."
      At some point later at the condo, I put on a VR headset.
      I'm now in an ocean inspired by the Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, with the cell shaded deep blue colors.
      This was some sort of MMO, with many other players occupying the ocean.
      I'm in a boat and controlling the world with my voice.
      I ask for an engine to be on the back of my boat, and it happens. My speed increases and the whine of the device whirs to life.
      I decide that I want to be funny, so I ask for the One-Piece straw hat to be on my head. I find a mirror-like surface to look, and it indeed has appeared.
      I pilot the boat over to a group of people and zoom past, while doing a poor King of the Hill accent "dang-ol-motor-boat-I-tell-you-hwat!"
      Eventually I reach what looks like a large garage door on the edge of the ocean.
      It's currently up, so I go beyond it. At some point I lose my boat behind it and get put back on the Ocean side, with the door now down.
      I'm not concerned about losing the boat, but I spy an island on the horizon that I want to swim to.

      Recorded after 7.5hrs of sleep.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Night of Wednesday 11/8/2023

      by , 11-10-2023 at 06:04 PM (Dreamlog)
      Went to bed around 11:30PM.

      Berries with the Tots:

      I'm with JM and JV from the Tots group. We're at a store modeled after the Pokémon Centers from various Pokémon games.
      There is a deli nearby in the same store selling lunchmeat, as well as Pokémon merchandise lining shelves on the walls.
      I'm looking at some berries, and the perspective changes such that I'm using a menu to scroll sideways through the different berry options.
      There are arrows up and down to change the quantity of berries to buy. There is a price that dynamically updates as well.

      Recorded at 5AM.

      Kitten in the Kitchen:

      I'm at a house. I get the impression it is a new thing, as in somebody has just bought it or started a rental arrangement.
      There is a front door area with a kitchen on the left. There is a mudroom type area on the right. The layout is vaguely similar to my parents' old home in northern Michigan.
      I'm standing in the kitchen near a plate with some food on it. There is a small kitten near the plate, attracted to the food.
      The kitten is black and longhaired, similar to how one of my cats from childhood, Oreo, used to look.
      I pickup the kitten to show it to my girlfriend who is in the kitchen nearby.
      I get the impression the situation is a 'meet the parents' type scenario.
      I'm with my Grandma P in a bedroom area from the same house.
      She seems to be sharpening chopsticks to resell as a business.

      Recorded at 6:45AM.

      254 words for the night.
    7. Family Photo Album

      by , 11-05-2023 at 03:49 AM
      I always loved going back to old memories through dreams. To recreate my childhood home and the white-painted window sill with the little chips of wood in it. How it opened horizontally. To remember the shape of the bathroom rug, and that heater lamp in the corner by the floor. To use one of those old bulky televisions from the 1990s, hooked up to Broadband satellite with Nickelodeon on channel 300.

      It's incredible the things we consciously forgot. We have a treasure trove of seemingly forgotten memories inside of us. As a dreamer, I take full advantage of my access to them. One of my favorite pastimes is to eat food I used to enjoy in the past that can no longer be bought. The spring rolls from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in 2014, the sweetened condensed coffee and chicken saute from another, saag and rice from the first Indian takeout I ever went to. It was amazing. I've never had anything like it since, and may never again—except literally any night I please.

      Ah, but last night wasn't pleasant. I dreamed I found an old family album. It's one I've never seen before, and it occured to me that this dream album contained all my missing photos (any that I want it to contain). That's why it looked new. It was just for this.
      There's a lot of family memories I'll never be able to relive—old photos that are gone, copies of my mom's songs...
      So I thought now's the opportunity. I can get back some of those memories.
      I'll never lose them. I may never again hear the recordings of her voice or see her smiling face during waking, but I'll always have this album in my dream home to look at any time I want to remember her again.

      I couldn't...
      Just sat there sobbing in my miserable dream.
      My SO woke me up, says I was acting distressed in my sleep.

      Well, this entry took a turn for the sad. Whoops.
      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    8. October 4, 2023 7:17 pm

      by , 10-04-2023 at 06:28 PM
      I dream that I am living with a family in an apartment on top of a big theatre/convention center. I exit the apartment and explore the theatre where everyone working there applauds for me; doormen, wardrobe workers, visitors, etc. my German family is there as well as it takes place im Berlin, It's raining and I start sprinting around the building in laps at a decent tempo, during each lap, someone joins me and we greet each other as we go around, during each lap they all grow and develop, for example one of the guys does the sprint on a unicycle. In the meantime, I'm still the same. Someone asks about my growth and then says it because they're following my journey as a rockstar. The music in the background then has someone grunt in metal style saying "that is a rockstar" as well as inaudible words repeatedly with a guitar riff in the background as some sort of intro. That's when I woke up!
    9. Night of Thursday 6/8/23 (Comp Night 8)

      by , 06-14-2023 at 06:41 PM (Dreamlog)
      Learning Indian
      I'm with an Indian family at a restaurant.
      It looks like Snakes and Lattes and we are in the corner we sat in for I's bachelor party some months back.
      But the table is oriented slightly differently.
      The dad is teaching my girlfriend and I how to speak Indian. He shows me a few words that sound like throat noises.
      He tells us that the meaning depends a lot on the pitch and speed of the sound.
      I tell him there is a word in my language like that, referring to fuck. The family knows what I mean, and busts out laughing.

      Grandma at the County Fair
      I'm at a country fair. My grandma is excited to be involved and she is running and jumping and dancing more than someone her age should be.
      Sometime later we are watching a video of her at the event at her home later in a closet or tight hallway.

      There is some kind of infiltration operation happening. Me and another person are approaching an abandoned looking home. Feels very dangerous.

      Sexy Rides
      It’s sunny out and I’m with my family. I’m married and I have kids. Im standing in front of a large black truck.
      It has been painted in non glossy coating and looks dope.
      Himawari from Boruto Next Generations is my daughter. She’s asking if me and mom are going to stay together.
      SG from WL shows up and I know she isnt my wife. She’s wearing a sexy black dress. She likes the car.
      I reflect on marriage and commitments.

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    10. Thursday, January 5

      by , 05-05-2023 at 11:17 PM
      I’m in what feels like a casino restaurant. There are some others here, family?, and we’re eating what seems like dinner. The meal, every part of it - spaghetti, sausage, and something else - is delicious. I think we’re done now and get up. Nat, Kass, and Rob are here in the kitchen? We learn that they are the ones who have cooked this, each responsible for a different portion.
    11. Ancestor Reunion

      by , 04-26-2023 at 07:01 PM
      Dreamed that I went to a family reunion with all my dead ancestors (whom I've never met).
      I've been feeling sad about "losing my family" lately, but in this dream, I was told that those currently alive are only a fraction.

      One of my great great something grandpas (don't know how far back he went) gave me a shell that was rainbow-colored like an abalone, but shaped like a conch and heavy as a brick. He said it was important and he wanted me to have it.

      Some other family members told me he was sexist, but he never gave that heirloom to his sons and was stingy in general.

      Well, that was a nice time.
    12. 21 Apr: Meeting Jon Stewart and befriending his supposed family

      by , 04-21-2023 at 06:44 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA / AP

      In the US, possibly in Washington, but later it feels more like NY. Anyway, I am at some important rally and the speaker's poll is in the middle of some staircase. The crowd is clearly mostly democrats but lots of republican trumpers are in the mix. The speakers are calling for peace and unit and trumpers are yelling "Trump for president". Then Jon Stewart comes to speak and everyone is listening and I wonder why people haven't started chanting "Stewart for president" so I try to start it. But the environment turns chaotic suddenly, with people running away down the stairs and I even see a couple pigs running among the people. People start disbanding. I take some route which leads me to bump into Jon Stewart in some back alley. He is all by himself, so I must speak to him. It's a quick encounter in which I express my admiration for him, but then he has to leave. Since I don' t wanna let him go, I stalk him and clearly tell him I wanna stalk him for a while, hoping he finds it funny and not creepy. I ask if I can walk with him wherever he is going or work for him and help in whatever he needs help. I am basically desperate.
      Maybe I look harmless because he agrees to give me a chance. When we reach some place with an elevator he tells me to take it and wait by the door of the 7th and I'll be able to meet his family and stay with them for a while. I am blown away and totally trust him, so I go inside the elevator. The elevator is really just a shaft full of spiders and other bugs through which a very shady wood platform descends. When it stops, I am covered in spiders and other unidentified bugs and creeped out, trying to get them off of me. I am in a hallway with lots of other people and some guys are mocking me but then a couple others decides to help em and they shake off some of the bugs. I am confused if Jon pranked me or was seroous, so I look at the doors with numbers looking for a number 7. There is an apartment number 7, but it doesn't even have a door and each room is occupied by extremely poor people sleeping in matresses on the floor. I don't think I am in the right place but I wait a little, to see how it goes.
      Everyone is staring at me, wondering what I am doing there, so I leave. I exit the building and realize I had entered it through a top floor that was street level and now this floor also exits to another street level. I go outside and look at the building number and it is 7, so I wait at this door instead. It is getting dark and I feel a bit uncomfortable, but soon after some nice lady with long hair looks at me and tells me to follow her. I wonder how she knows it's me or how I know she's the one I am supposed to follow, but I go. She walks me into a place that at first seems like a posh apartment building, but soon I realize it is some kind of company. There is a large lobby area with some people sitting on a sofa and a kid playing videogames. She points to them and says something about who they are, but I only focus on the fact their kid is autistic. I tell her I am too, allthough a "light" case. I wave and say high to them. The kid briefly looks but immediately breaks eye contact. Then we enter what looks like an open space office, but it leads almost directly to a very unusual toy shop. Not like toys'r'us, not childish, more like a modern space with designer toys, educational and creative toys and arts and crafts materials. I immediately get hooked to it but then realize I am supposed to be nice to my hosts, so I look around for the lady. She introduces me to a lot of family members, a girl I assume it's her daughter, some playboy dude that doesn't take his eyes away from me and others. But I still don't know how they relate to Jon. I feel like the lady is his sister, she doesn't look like his wife. At some point I sit on some couch in a quiet corner thinking and wonder about my goal here: do I just wanna be friends with the family? Am I trying to win them over? Do I wanna hit on Jon, despite knowing he is happily married? I do consider that and how I'd be okay if he fell for me. I justify to myself that maybe he'd be happier with me. Then I think how silly I am and I could not make him happy, he would just be someone really interesting and entertaining to have in my life, but I could not be up to his expectations, so I abandon that silly thought. I do like the family though and decide to become friends with them. A couple black kids visiting the store or friends of the family sit by my side and tell me their names. They are really cute and very alike, which I mention to them. They say they aren't brothers, just friends but recognize the similarities. Only difference is one has really dark eyes and complexion and the other has lighter eyes and complexion and is slightly smaller, but they look like twins otherwise. Then some younger kid comes deliver me a condom and says some gentleman sent it. He points to that idiot playboy I 've met before. He is waving at me and making supposedly seductive looks and gestures, but to me he just looks ridiculous. I tell the kid to take it back. He goes and comes back and throws the condom at me. I can't with the dude and give him the finger. Then I notice another guy by his side with some sort of mental development delay or cerebral palsy. He is incredibly tall and built up and clearly shares physionomical characteristics with the playboy, so maybe they're brothers. I see the playboy treating his supposed brother like shit, dismissing and ignoring him, and I don't like his attitude. Later on I see this guy alone and become his friend. When later the family gathers to have dinner or something, in private quarters, I walk him in, hand in his arm and he is smiling like the family has never seen him do. The lady that brought me in and her supposed daughter are looking at me smiling in approval and the playboy dude is absolutely ego crushed and not believing this.
      Later even, some gentleman of the famiky takes me on a tour to the company and shows me a large area that is not in use and I immediately design a sketch of how it could be decorated and used in extension to the existing shop. He later presents my idea to the family and they all agree they like it and ask me if I wanna work for them and implement it.
    13. March 27, 2023 8:12 pm

      by , 03-27-2023 at 07:33 PM
      Another nap dream which was longer than needed because I had two hours of sleep today and set an alarm for the nap, but fell back asleep. Glad I got my eight hours sleep anyways

      In my dream I spontaneously traveled to the Netherlands to go to the cinema with my best friends from high school (coincidentally asked me to go to the film today) we get to the cinema and joke around, there's this goth-alt looking woman who looks like a woman I worked with before at a tech festival as well as the woman who works at a bar in Berlin who's slightly disturbed and annoyed by our behaviour and takes me out of the group because she trusts me the most. We go to a private room and she tells me she's giving me access to the projectors in the building which are big television screens with her face on it, I get to access them when her eyes on the photo are at a certain position. I get on my phone and edit the settings of the projection, having access to a bunch of trip-hop music videos she's made.

      I walk back to my friends with a smug look on my face as if the woman took me to a room alone with her to make love to her, my friends all walk up to me like "What did you do???" before my friends are being brought home by a parent, around this time I got a bit aware that things weren't adding up as 1) my friends can drive and 2) it suddenly hit me that I traveled to the Netherlands from Berlin with lord knows what money and had no idea how to travel back. I go to my family home in the Netherlands where my mom meets me normally as if I still lived there saying "Where did you go??"

      Then moments before I woke up a "scene selection" screen appeared before my eyes that looked like like this:

      • -----
      • -----
      • cinema kino
      • family home zuhause
      • -----
      • -----

      As if I hadn't "unlocked" the other locations
      I then suddenly woke up and wrote all of this down here, that scene selection screen unironically is making me wonder if maybe we really are living in a simulation or matrix as it seemed like I was placed in a scenario, which I technically was lol

      Dream was in Dutch.

      Edit: this is what the "scene selection" screen looked like:
    14. Night of Monday 3/13/23

      by , 03-14-2023 at 05:10 PM (Dreamlog)
      Attack on the Landing Bay
      I'm in a futuristic spaceship landing bay. There is a crisis going on. Maybe we are under attack. There is a blonde woman (she was a well-known actor but I didn't write this dream down fast enough to recall) and we are running. Apparently, we are being shoved off into a spaceship to go and be the last humans. There is some high emotion involved. We may have had families that were killed by the attack, so not exactly excited to be told that we are to go repopulate. We get into the cockpit and escape.

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    15. February 22, 2023 9:13 am

      by , 02-22-2023 at 09:39 AM
      I slept in an uncomfortable position with my head between my pillows and bad a collection of short, strange dreams.

      • I was working different audiovisual related jobs, such as operation a radio tower
      • I was in a pop up bank in Utrecht Central Station, where a robbery started to happen and had people with rifles and RPGs shoot the place. I try to distract the robbers and make a run for it towards the exit, but suddenly wake up. I might've been shot and woke up or forced myself to wake up until realising that I was dreaming.
      • Half asleep, half awake after waking up from that terrifying bank dream, I stare into the dark as my tired brain generates psychedelic visuals of a vibrantly coloured desert where I blow away the sand, and come across strange, colourful creatures
      • I had my theatre school graduation, my family as well as the women that did my hair were there, one of my family members was playing GTA on their laptop and I've been told my classmates and school walked by during an inappropriate scene from the game

      There were more, but I forgot what happened. A lot of capitalism-themed dreams, and I know exactly why :U Can't disclose yet but I'm happy about it
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