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    1. The Dark Tower – Shootout Between Worlds

      by , 02-13-2018 at 04:26 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 02-12

      The Dark Tower – Shootout Between Worlds

      I am Ned Stark. I am riding a horse down a dark street in a medieval town, there are other people here with me. Three of my own people, and one other is called Little Finger, but I call him Little Dick. I don’t like Little Dick. But so far, I have managed to refrain from calling him Little Dick to his face. We are riding along the street when some other people get in our way. I recognize Jaime Lannister. Jaime is annoyed about my wife kidnapping his brother. This isn’t true, Tyrion went with my wife willingly. Jaime won’t hear it. Little Dick tells him to get out of the way. By now Jaime has his own people surrounding us. There are a dozen of them. Jaime says that Little Dick can go. Little Dick says he’s going to get the city guard. Jaime says he knows he can’t do me any harm without risking my wife killing his brother. Jaime leaves the circle of soldiers as if they are going to leave us alone. But as he leaves he says that I cannot get out of this without being chastised, and tells his men to kill mine. Three men are with me as guards. It is raining hard, so I think if I can summon a bolt of lightning it won’t look out of place. My people have drawn their blades, and I do the same. We are ready to fight. I am focus on the song Battery by Metallica. I feel an electrical charge building around us, but then everything changes.

      It’s as if the entire world around us has melted away. It looks like the Assassin Creed games when you’re switching from one memory to the next. The world falls apart around us, and then reforms into something completely different. My three men and I are still on our horses. Jaime’s people still surround us with their blades drawn. But we are not on the street. We are in what looks like a large executive office. Both Jaime’s people and mine appears stunned to inactivity. There are a lot of thugs who might be working for the mafia. There is shooting going on. We have appeared in the middle of a shootout. Since Jaime’s people were surrounding mine, they start getting shot first. I hear someone yelling something about shooting the spooks. I am really not sure what to do, but being on a horse doesn’t seem to be beneficial. I get off of the horse to make less of a target. I wonder what happens if Eddard gets killed in this weird world. One of the thugs has gotten too close to me with his gun. He’s now close enough to take out with my sword, so I do so. I take cover behind an overturned table.

      There is complete chaos in the room, horses screaming and panic, people yelling and confusion, other people just yelling for blood… I see one of the thugs taking aim at a young man. I cut him down from behind. The young man looks over at me and looks really confused. I am thinking he is probably surprised to see someone dressed in medieval armor that appears to come from nowhere. I noticed a weird sensation, my hair is standing up on end as if electrified. But I haven’t been focusing on battery… I hear horses crying out I think they’re getting shot, and then the world falls apart again. One of the horses, having been shot, collapses right on top of my leg. I can feel my leg has broken badly. I tried to look around, but all I see are bodies. Every one of Jaime’s men are dead, and mine are, too. I wonder how I managed to avoid getting shot. I am trying to get my leg out from underneath my fallen horse. I can’t do it. The horse is dead. I try to use telekinesis to move it, but that doesn’t seem to be working. I hear someone coming. I am still trying to get free when I hear someone coming. Everything fades to black as I lose consciousness.


      The other side: I am on beach. It is night time, and I look up and down the beach to try to figure out where I am. I see a door, it looks like it doesn’t lead anywhere. I can see and triangle of light shining through. This is one of the doors from the dark tower books. I go over to the door to see which one it is. I noticed a large crowd the lobster preachers all fighting over something on the beach. What the fuck? I ignore them, and go through the door. On the other side of the door I’m in a bathroom. I hear the sound of gunfire from the next room. I know where I am. This is Balazar’s place, and this is where Eddie and Roland are in their shootout. I go through the door into the office to help. The shootout has already begun, I am reminded of this by the deafening roar of Roland’s revolver. There are a lot of other people here, most of them I don’t recognize. I see one that I do recognize. It is a young man with guns look like Roland’s, I think it might be MoSh. I see MoSh take out a couple of thugs with a couple more deafening blasts from the guns. I am still thinking that my abilities won’t work, so I take a gun off of a dead body that has fallen near me. A thug not very far away asks who the fuck am I? He then says it doesn’t matter, if he doesn’t know me then I’m going to die. I see he’s got that backwards. I quickly aim my weapon and shoot him right in the head. I see another thought taking aim Roland from behind, and I put a bullet in him, too.

      That’s when things get weird. People materialize in the room from nowhere. Four of them are on horses, and there’s about a dozen more dressed in medieval armor and wielding swords. I’m not sure what to make this, I don’t remember the previous part of the dream. I hear a man yelling to kill the stroke, then he adds kill all of the spooks. Apparently they think the strange are spooks of some kind. Most of the new arrivals seem too stunned by their new surroundings to do much of anything. One of them acts quickly and slides off of his horse. I see a couple of them manage to take out a thug or two with their swords before they get shot. I’m not sure if these bullets are armor piercing rounds, or if the armor just isn’t very good, but it doesn’t seem to be protecting them. I feel bad that the horses getting shot. Then, just as quickly as they arrived, the strange visitors fade from existence. Both the living and the dead disappear, leaving no trace they ever existed. The man I think is MoSh is not far from me, he asks what the fuck was that? I tell him I don’t know. Soon all the thugs are dead. I see one final thug come to the doorway. He throws something at Eddie, it is a severed head. Eddie freaks out and start shooting at the guy, but he gets only one bang and the rest are dry clicks. Roland shoots the guy in the head, and he falls dead. Eddie keeps trying to shoot him, that was his brother’s severed head and he is both hurt and pissed. I wish I could do something to help, but I don’t get a chance to. Everything fades and I wake up.
    2. Game of Dreams – Eddard’s Escape

      by , 10-12-2017 at 07:35 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-12

      Game of Dreams – Eddard’s Escape

      Eddard - I am seated in the back of a wagon. I can’t see where I am, but I feel it is important that I stay hidden. There are people that want my head on a pike. There is a bit of tension as the wagon goes out the main gate of the city. But the man in charge seems to know one of the guards, and they let us through. After we have gone a little ways, I think it must be safe to at least look out. I pull the tarp back at a corner so that I can peek out. There are quite a few people here with us. In another wagon I see that there are three men chained up. Those ones must be criminals from the worst part dungeons. Of course they consider me a criminal too. They think I committed treason, and I even confessed to it in order to avoid execution. That’s not really what I wanted to do, but Eddard went ahead and did it anyways. At that point, Joffrey said he wanted my head. Or he would’ve said that if it hadn’t been for the fact he had some kind of fit. He dropped his pants and started making the sounds of barnyard animals. It was amusing. Then the queen came over and said I had confessed as agreed so I would now be allowed to take the black. So here I am, on my way north to the wall. I guess I should just be glad I wasn’t beheaded.

      As I am looking out of the wagon I see that a couple of the boys are picking on a smaller boy. I am thinking that is not fair. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that. They’re calling him lumpy head and saying they want him to hand over a sword he has. But I know that I’m not supposed to be seen, so I just keep watching for a bit longer. Two the boys mock the smaller boy. One of them says the small boy stole his sword so there would be nothing wrong with them stealing it from him because it’s not really his. They start saying they are going to steal his sword. I am thinking that I now can no longer refrain from taking action, however, when one of the boys rides his donkey up beside the smaller boy the small boy pulls out a wooden sword and smacks the donkey’s behind. The donkey bucks the jerk off. The smaller boy jumps off of his donkey and proceeds to kick the other boy’s ass. They won’t underestimate him for being small again.

      So since I don’t actually have to do anything, I watch for a bit longer until the man in charge, a soldier of the black named Yarin, comes and breaks up the fight. It wasn’t really much of a fight. The smaller boy was beating the bigger one completely into submission. That was rather amusing. Because even when the bigger boy tried to play dirty and strike from behind, another boy that they have been calling The Bull warned small boy of the attack before it got off. He got his butt kicked some more. This is when Yarin breaks up the fight and then takes a small boy off to the side, probably for disciplinary action. Either that or to praise his sort play. The other boy is clearly in pain, but alive. I sit back down in the wagon, and I just relax there until I wake up.
    3. Game of Dreams – Execution Cancelled

      by , 10-12-2017 at 06:44 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-12

      Game of Dreams – Execution Cancelled

      Arya - I am on the streets of a city that looks like something out of an RPG. I look around, and I see lots of people. No one really seems to notice me. I smell something yummy. I follow my nose to see what it is. On the main street I see a man with a cart, and he is selling looks like mini pies. Those look delicious. My stomach is growling. I am wondering if I could possibly get one. It feels like I haven’t eaten since forever. I go over towards the cart and I walk up and start looking at the pies. The man who is pushing the cart looks like he is not pleased to see me. Probably because I look like a street rat with no money. I say I would like to buy a pie. He says that will be three coppers. Doesn’t sound like much. I reach into my pocket to see if I can find any money. I find none. I mutter a rhyme like they used in the Pierce Anthony books. “This isn’t funny, give me some money.” Then find the coins that I need. I hand the coins to the man, who looks quite surprised. He then lets me choose a pie. I choose an apple cinnamon one. He continues on down the road to sell more pies.

      I have nothing to my pie with, so I start eating with my hands. That’s kind of gross because they’re kind of dirty. But the pie is way past delicious. So before long I completely forget about my dirty hands as I wolf down that pie. I am thinking I need to get out of the city. I am wondering if there’s any way to do that. I am thinking the main gate will be guarded, they are looking for me. I wander for a while, not sure where to go. Then I see there are people moving through the streets to the sound of a bell. I wonder what is happening. I go with everyone to see what is going on. Everyone is gathering around a large building that appears to be some kind of church. There are people up at the entrance to the church where there is a large patio area. One is the queen. I hate her. One is the king. I have hated him since he was a prince. I also see my sister. And soon a couple of guards come out with my father. My father doesn’t look too good, but he is able to walk on his own. I see that the cast on his leg is gone now. His leg had been broken, but now I remember healing it for him.

      Prince, no King, Joffrey starts talking. He says that my father has been found guilty of treason. I guess they have something on him, because my father confessed primes I know he never committed. And then Joffrey says that his mother and his future queen want him to be merciful and let my father take the black. He then says that it’s just because we they have the soft hearts of women. I know what comes next. I focus all of my intent on Joffrey now. I focus on my telepathic abilities, which have proven to work here before. The message I sent to Joffrey is that he should bray like a donkey. I don’t have time to come up with anything better right now. Joffrey motions to the executioner, Sir Ilyn Payne, who comes over closer to him. Joffrey looks him right in the face and brace like a donkey. Everyone turns to stare at Joffrey now. Payne has the weirdest look on his face. Joffrey tries to compose himself again. I send another strong message. Drop your pants. Joffrey says that what he had been trying to say was… then he pulls down his pants. The entire gathering area is filled with people now, and many of them are laughing, some of them are making concerned sounds. No one knows what’s going on. Joffrey has turned beet red. He looks over at the queen, as if looking for help. He looks like he might cry. He reaches down and pull his pants up, looking very confused, looking around as if someone is going to come out and attack him. He has just got his pants pulled back up when I tell him to drop his pants again and snort like a pig. I have already gotten access to his mind now, and he quickly complies.

      One of Joffrey’s guards, the one no one as The Hound, goes over to him. He helps Joffrey pulled his pants up yet again, and then hurries him into the church. The laughter is deafening. I almost can’t hear what the queen says when she comes over to speak. But finally she is able to make herself heard. She says that what His Grace was trying to say is that Lord Edward Stark has agreed to confess his crimes and take the black. She says hopefully he shows more loyalty to his brothers on the wall then he has to his king. She doesn’t seem to have anything to say about Joffrey‘s behavior. A lot of people are trying to ask. What’s wrong with Jeffrey? I am still watching when someone reaches from behind me and grabs me. I think I might struggle, but his hold is pretty tight. He is whispering something in my ear, and calling me a boy. I’m not a boy. For a brief instant I think he wants to kill me. But then he just starts giving me a bad haircut. He says that we are headed out for the wall tonight. And I better be ready, boy.
    4. Game of Dreams – Night Ambush

      by , 08-30-2017 at 05:20 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-29

      Game of Dreams – Night Ambush

      I am in what used to be a whore house. There are whores all around me trying to get my attention. I ignore them, I was there to meet someone and now I’m leaving. There is a man near the door. He greets me when I get there. I'm thinking it's time to get back to the castle. The man, who I seem to think is called Little Finger, but I'd rather call him Little Dick, is saying goodbye to some whores. We leave and it is raining outside. Jory Cassel is with me as are two other of my guards. We mount our horses and ride towards the castle, chatting about Robert’s bastards. It seems that the previous hand was murdered after looking into Robert’s bastards. But why? Everyone already knows the king has more bastards than true born children… I have a bad feeling as we are riding through deserted streets in Kings Landing.

      One of our guards calls a warning, and the next thing I know we are surrounded by soldiers. All them with the Lannister lion displayed. I recognize, Jamie Lannister, is on a horse. His foot soldiers close in around us. There must be at least 20 of them. This is not good for us, there are only four of us. Jamie is asking if I remember his brother, and then describes Tyrian Lannister. Of course I remember him. Jamie says that he seems to have run into some miss fortune on the road. I told him that's too bad. He asked if I would know anything about this. I say no, how would I know anything about this I've, been here. Little Dick sighs, apparently happy with that response. It's just the truth. Jamie doesn't believe me. He says he knows I gave the order to capture his brother. I am clueless. I ask who captured his brother. He says my wife has of course. He says he sure I knew that. Jamie then turns his attention to Little Dick. He says if Little Dick doesn't want to get blood on his clothes he had better leave now. Little Dick rides his horse pass the soldiers, and they let him pass. Little Dick calls back that he will get the city watch. He disappears around the corner moving at a quick pace.

      Jamie Lannister seems to be out for blood. He pulls out his sword and tells me to show him my steel. He says he will gladly do me like he did Ares, but he'd rather if I had a blade in my hand. I tell him he can't kill me. He thinks about it, and then says I'm right. He says that would run the risk of my wife killing his brother out of spite. He rides his horse out past his soldiers. He calls back to them to make sure no harm comes to me. And then he chuckles evilly. He tells them to kill my companions. I tell him that's not going to happen. He laughs and says there’s nothing I can do to stop them unless I plan on fighting all of his soldiers myself. I look up at the sky, and I see that it’s still cloudy and raining. This means no one will notice an errand bolt of lightning or two... Jamie Lannister rides away like a coward, but his soldiers are closing in around us. We have no choice but to fight.

      I call a bolt of lightning with the song Battery by Metallica. One of the soldiers get struck by lightning and falls over. His metal armor was a perfect conductor. That all hell breaks loose. Some of the soldiers are confused by the random bolt of lightning, but most of them seem to think that was a fluke. The fighting begins. I strike a bolt of lightning down on one of the soldiers who is going after one of my guards. I turn and look at someone is almost grabbed a hold of Jory, but he removes the person's head with his sword. I have to be careful when I call a bolt of lightning to make sure that none of my people are touching the target or they will get electrocuted. I strike another bolt of lightning on an enemy not touching anyone else. There's another one down. My companions are fighting like mad. They are doing a good job, but there are just too many enemies. One of my guys is being pulled off of his horse. He manages to get loose just enough that I am clear to hit the enemy. I hit three enemies around him with lightning. The lightning broke into three and hit all of them at once. Some enemies are saying the gods have turned against them. I call a bolt of lightning on another one. The rest of them run now.

      I turn my horse around to make sure that Jory and my two guards are safe, but I do it too fast for the wet muddy ground. My horse slips and falls over, with my leg trapped under it. That is extremely painful. Jory yells at them not to come back. My horse man just to get up off of me, but I know that my leg must be badly broken. My guards come to me and one of them says my leg looks really bad. I am a little delirious right now. I am laughing crazily as I say I couldn’t avoid my injury, but at least you three are ok. One of my guards gets on each side of me to hold me up. My leg is a flare of pain. They start helping me down the street, I see people walking out of buildings but none of them want to get involved. My two guys are talking about how strange it was that lightning struck, only struck the Lannisters. Finally we meet up with the city watch that Little Dick promised to send. They have a cart so I am able to ride back to the castle. I am in and out of consciousness. The next thing I know there is a guy there with a cup telling to drink. I would swear he said it was milk of the puppy. I tell him I don't want to drink dog milk. But he's insistent, and I end up drinking it. It tastes weird. And as soon as I drink it I pass out.
    5. Game of Dreams – A Mountain That Jousts

      by , 08-23-2017 at 12:32 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-22
      Game of Dreams – A Mountain That Jousts

      Eddard: I am at a jousting tournament with my daughter. She is sitting beside me and watching very intently. The first two contestants come on the field. One of them I know is named Jamie Lannister, and the other one is called The Hound. I am thinking they are both assholes and wishing they could both lose. On the first attempt Jamie almost knocks The Hound off of his horse. On the second encounter, The Hound gets a good hit and Jamie falls off his horse. The Hound has taken him down. Jamie's horse runs off and Jamie is left rolling in the dirt with dented armor. This is made even more comical by the fact that Jamie’s helmet has been dented and turn backwards. He can't see or get it off. He ends up being led off the field since he can't see where he’s going. They are probably going to a blacksmith to get it removed. There is much laughter, and I hear the king laughing louder than anyone.

      Next match is between someone who looks like Legolas from Lord of the Rings and a really big guy that I am thinking is a mountainous asshole. I am thinking he could be called Hugh. With the last name of Jass. Hugh Jass would be perfect. The asshole’s is riding a large stallion which is being very uncooperative. Legolas’ horse is a mare, and I'm wondering if she's in heat. She might be making the stallion want to mate. They ride at each other, and the asshole is having such a problem controlling his horse that he doesn't even get a strike it. Legolas knocks him from his horse with ease. The asshole is so big that when he falls he takes his horse with him. The Hound is laughing his ass off. He disentangles himself and gets to his feet in a fury. He calls for his sword, which his squire brings quickly, probably fearing for his life. He moves to kill his own horse. I focus on a telepathic signal to warn the horse, and the stallion moves quickly and bolts for safety. The mountainous asshole is a bigger asshole than I thought.

      More enraged with his horse escaping, the asshole goes towards Legolas, sword in hand. He knocks Legolas off his horse in one blow. He clearly wants to kill Legolas. Definitely a sore loser. The Hound, who is the asshole's brother, comes onto the field and tells him to leave the boy alone. This Legolas is actually just a boy. The Hound and the asshole duel with swords as Legolas is taken to safety. They fight until finally the king decides to put a stop to it. He bellows at the top of his lungs, “Stop this madness, in the name of your king!” The two knights are now surrounded by guards. When the king speaks, The Hound immediately falls to one knee. This causes the assholes’ next stroke to miss wildly. The asshole finally drops his sword and just glares at the king in fury. He storms off the field in a rage. I am thinking someone should stop him, he might hurt someone in his rage. But no one dares to get in his way and the king says to let him go.

      My daughter clearly favored Legolas, and she is relieved that he is OK. Legolas soon comes back to the field. This time he is not his armor. He forfeits the last match of the joust to The Hound, saying he owes The Hound his life. The crowd is cheering wildly, cheering Legolas because they like him, and cheering for The Hound because he is the winner and he saved Legolas’ life. I hear some people nearby talking. One of them says Legolas had to know his mare was in heat, and since Sir Gregor (the mountainous asshole) always chooses a large stallion with more spirit than sense, it was surely planned. He sounds like he finds the tactic amusing. Another man says there’s no honor in trickery. I comment that it’s all part of knowing your opponent, which is something you should always try to do. An unknown foe is much more dangerous. The next event is about to start, but I wake up.
    6. Game of Dreams – Innocence Saved, Innocence Lost

      by , 08-12-2017 at 09:22 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-10

      Game of Dreams – Innocence Saved, Innocence Lost

      Eddard: I am in what looks like a living area in a castle. I am pacing, worried. My daughter is missing. A man tells me my daughter has been found. I ask where she is then. The man says she is in the throne room seeing the king and queen. This pisses me off. She’s been missing for four days and that’s the first place they take her?! I go out the door, heading for the throne room. I know where to go and I get there to find my daughter surrounded by a bunch of hostile faces, I see them as assholes. The king and the queen are there with the prince. I go over and put my arms around my little girl, asking if she is ok. She says she’s hungry and tired, but not hurt. I am pissed, I demand to know why my daughter wasn’t brought straight to me and been given a chance to rest and have something to eat before being dragged in here. The king, a fat man I know to be named Robert, says he thought it was best to get this business over with.

      I am still annoyed, but I let things go on. The Queen claims Arya and her friend attacked Prince Joffrey and then her wolf bit him. Arya and Joffrey both tell different accounts of the event. I ask how serious Joffrey’s injury was. They seem hesitant to discuss the injury. A man comes into the room with Sansa, she claims she doesn’t remember what happened. Arya calls Sansa a liar and attacks her. I hold Arya back and tell her that is not productive. The Queen wants Arya punished, but Robert says sometimes children will fight. He says I should take care of disciplining Arya and he will take care of Joffrey. He gets up to leave, he has clearly had enough of this whole affair.

      The Queen isn’t done yet. She says there is still the matter of the wolf. I say I have yet to see any evidence that Nymeria has done anything. The Queen holds up a shirt with a shredded and bloody sleeve. Nymeria chewed Joffrey’s shirt? She said Joffrey’s arm was in it. Joffrey says his arm was almost chewed off but there’s no injury because Sansa is a sorceress and healed it. I ask if I’m seriously expected to entertain that notion. If Sansa has healing powers then we’d better get her back to Winterfell to heal her injured brother! The Queen says she will not have a vicious beast in her castle. I tell her it wouldn’t be right to throw Joffrey out, he’s only 12. She gets red with anger and says she meant the wolf! Robert reminds her that the wolf got away. She said she wants both wolves put down. I tell her no one is going to hurt those wolves. I am thinking to keep protesting until the wolves can stay with Sansa and Arya but then I am thinking the Queen might arrange something to happen to them just out of spite… so I think better of it and say fine, I’ll have Lady, and Nymeria if we can find her, taken back to Winterfell. The Queen says she wants them dead. I tell her that’s not going to happen. I’ll send them back to Winterfell… for their protection, not hers.

      I take my daughters from the room before the Queen can protest any further. Once outside Sansa is saying it isn’t fair to have to send Lady away, she didn’t do anything. I tell her I agree, but the only way to keep Lady safe from the Queen is to send her away. If Lady stays, then the Queen could fabricate another attack or just order her guards to get rid of Lady and I might not be in a position to stop her. Sansa looks sad about it but finally agrees. I tell her that Lady will be waiting for her at Winterfell when she comes to visit or if circumstances in Kings Landing changes enough that we can safely bring her back. Arya asks what about Nymeria. I tell her I’ll get some people to look for the wolf, and if we can find her, she will go north with Lady to be safe, too. I tell Sansa we should go say our farewells to Lady and get the wolf beyond the reach of the Queen as soon as we can. Lady is tied up outside and I leave Sansa to have time to say goodbye to her wolf before she is escorted back home.

      Some soldiers on horses ride into the area. They have a bloody sack on one of the horses. A man, the name Sandor Clegane, The Hound, comes to mind, comes over and looks pleased with himself. He says they haven’t found Arya but they got her little pet. I think they already killed Nymeria and I am pissed. The Hound dumps the bloody sack on the ground and laughs. He opens the bag and I react quickly, turning Arya away from the horror. It’s not Nymeria, it’s a boy, no doubt Arya’s friend, practically cut in two. I want to kick The Hound’s ass. I ask if he really had to cut down a child?! He smiles and says the kid ran. I ask if he’s trying to tell me he’s so incompetent that he can’t capture an unarmed fleeing child without cutting him in two?! We’d better hope Joffrey never gets distraught and runs away! You’ll come back to the King and Queen saying, “I have good news and bad news, your Graces. The good news is we brought the Prince back. The bad news is he’s in two pieces.” Sandor says no one dares say that to him! I ask him then which is it? Is he too incompetent to capture an unarmed child without cutting him in half, or is he a sick and pathetic fuck who takes pleasure in murdering defenseless children?! I notice Arya is holding on to me and crying. I immediately feel bad about making that scene in front of her, making a painful moment even worse. I put my arms around her and tell her how sorry I am about what happened to her friend. Sansa comes back with Lady, she is also crying. I want someone to pay for making my daughters cry. Sansa wants Lady in her bed with her just one more night. I am walking with them back to our quarters when I wake.
    7. Off With His Head!

      by , 06-30-2017 at 05:01 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 06-29

      Off With His Head!

      I am in what looks like a medieval city of some kind. The buildings lining the narrow streets are made of stone and wood and they look like something out of a fantasy RPG game. I walk along the street and I notice that everyone seems to be heading in the same direction. I figure that is probably the direction I should also take, so I follow the crowds. We move through the city streets and approach the largest building I can see from where I am. It looks like it might be some kind of church or temple. The crowd is tightly packed here, and it is hard to move forward to see what is going on. Finally I get closer and I see everyone watching has their attention fixed on what is happening on the stairs leading into the temple. There are numerous guards in mail and plate armor at the foot of the stairs to keep anyone from advancing farther, and more people up above. Whatever is about to happen begins.

      There is a young boy wearing a crown who somehow seems to be in charge of things there. He stands and begins to speak loudly and with authority. "My mother wishes me to let Lord Eddard join the Knight's Watch... stripped of all titles and powers, he would serve the realm in permanent exile. And my Lady Sansa has begged mercy for her father.” He pauses here and looks over at a girl who is standing off to the side with a woman in a crown and some other guards. He smiles at the girl and she seems visibly relieved. After pausing, the boy continues. “But they have the soft hearts of women... so long as I'm your king, treason shall never go unpunished! Sir Ilyn, bring me his head!"

      As one of the guards advances on the prisoner the girl off to the side is in hysterics, screaming unintelligibly, trying to pull away from the guards who are now holding her back. Another guard forces the prisoner to his knees as the guard approaching produces a large sword. I don’t know where the feeling comes from, but I am at once filled with the determination that this should not happen, that man should not die here. But I have to act fast. I get up to where the guards are barring approach to the temple, so I go off to the right and climb the side of a building with more agility than I knew I had. Some people are calling after me to ask what I’m doing, but I ignore them. I feel like I’m playing Assassin’s Creed. I’m almost out of time! I run along the roof and jump down on the other side, surprised I didn’t hurt myself at least a little… I’m not going to make it, so I focus on a force field around the prisoner so when the executioner brings the big sword down he hits an invisible barrier. He is stunned by the force of his own blow and stumbles back.

      The boy gets mad when he sees the sword bounce back, saying he wants the man’s head and he wants it now. He’s a little boy having a tantrum. I come forward, and the guards immediately threaten me with their swords, surrounding the boy protectively. I tell them not to worry, I’m not here to harm the boy who wants to pretend he’s a king. That makes the kid even angrier and he starts yelling that he IS the king and now he wants my head on a pike next to the traitor’s. The woman in the crown is glaring at me. She says she knows who I am, I’m that magi that stole her wolf pelt from her before! She asks why I have to keep interfering with her. I tell her I’ll stop interfering when she stops trying to put the innocent to death. The prisoner is looking around, apparently confused as to what is happening. The girl that had been screaming runs over to the man. The guards are distracted by me so they let her get away. My force field lets her through to the man and she hugs him, crying on his shoulder. The boy is calling for all three of our heads now, though no one is paying him any heed. I am wondering what to do with Eddard and Sansa but I don’t get time to think. Everything fades to black and I wake up.

      (Q says they are in my inner world, Eddard was in bad shape and is healing now.)