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    1. The Dark Tower Ė Jakeís Drawing

      by , 04-03-2018 at 05:28 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 04-02

      The Dark Tower Ė Jakeís Drawing

      I am in a forest. I am with a couple of other people. I am Arya. I am with two boys, although they look to be a bit older than I think I am. One of them I know as Gendry, the other one goes by unlikely name of Hot Pie. We are traveling through a forest, it is daytime out but underneath all of the trees it is somewhat dark. We seem to be having a disagreement about where we should be going. We finally decide to check on the road and see which way it is going. We have been avoiding the road to try to avoid trouble. We arenít sure if someone might be after us. As we get closer to the road, we hear the sound of horses on it. We do not want to be seen. I look around and I see what looks like an abandoned house. That should be a good place to hide out. I tell the others that, but they donít seem to believe me. Hot Pie seems to think he would be better off up a tree. Gendry looks up and decides that isnít a good plan, so he finally decides to follow me to the house.

      Gendry and I sneak in through a broken door on the back. Gendry wants to know what we should do if the people on the road spot Hot Pie. I am not sure how to respond to that. I tell Gendry that maybe we can find some food left in the house. Gendry goes into what looks like it used to be a kitchen and starts looking through cabinets. I go through a different door and find what looks like once was a living room. I feel something land of my head. I reach up to get it off, and I discovered that it is a mutant tarantula that is about the size of a softball. I donít get easily freaked out by spiders, but this one seems especially gross. I threw it to the ground in repulsion. I look around and see more of the spiders crawling along the floor and on the ceiling. I turn around and go back the way I came. I donít know if those spiders might be venomous, so I donít want to get bit. I go back into the kitchen where Gendry went.

      I have found the kitchen again, but Gendry is nowhere to be seen. I wonder where he couldíve gone? I look around the kitchen and then I go into the next room to see if Gendry continued exploring. I enter and I find a boy, but it is not Gendry. It is a young boy, he looks younger than Gendry. The boy stops short when he sees, and he asks who I am? I am not sure how to answer that. The boy says he hadnít expected to find anyone else here. When I donít respond, he says his name is Jake. I blurt out, are you there Jake looking for Roland of Gilead? He says yes, how did I know that? I look at my reflection in a dirty glass case. I am definitely still Arya. I tell Jake that I donít think Iím really supposed to be here, but I will help if I can. I tell him my name is Arya since I figure he wonít know that name anyhow. We continue looking through the house. Jake is looking for a locked door which he has a key.

      A man enters from another room. He looks familiar, I realize that it is MoSh. He says we donít want to go into the room he just left, itís full of venomous snakes. Jake seems quite surprised at the situation, he hadnít expected to find anyone here and itís turning into a crowd. We continue down the hall and go through a door at the end of it. That door leads into a very large room. Just this room is larger than the abandoned house I walked into as Arya. It looks like it might be a ball room. There is a somewhat creepy wallpaper on all the walls of elves dancing. They may have been intended to be cute, but theyíre really more disturbing. We cross the room to a pair of double doors on the other side. These doors lead to another hallway. At the end of the hall is a door with a bright shiny lock panel on it. Jake is certain that is the door he has the key for.

      As we enter the hallway, there is a loud noise behind us. We all turn around in time to see some kind of monster emerging from the wall. The wall itself seems to of come to life and it is now met a more for sizing into a strange creature. Thatís strange creature looks a bit like an evil clown. There is an elf still on its forehead that seems to be actually dancing now. MoSh tells Jake to focus on getting through that door, we can keep the monster back. I wonder if he knows who I am? Apparently he seems to. The monster is now itself across the room on one huge malformed arm. MoSh has a pair guns look like Rolandís from the Dark Tower. I check my possessions and find out I have a sword. I hear Jake drop a curse and turned to look. Jake is now on the floor peering through a crack. I am about to ask what happened, but MoSh and I get distracted right away. The monster is throwing things at us. It is throwing debris in our direction. MoShs guns are firing small explosive rounds. Those are able to knock the flying junk right out of the air.

      A second arm is coming out of the floor right next to me. I turn the sword on it and all of the fingers off. I hazard to look back and I see that Jake talking on one of the boards in the floor then he suddenly stops and switches to the one next to it that Bork comes up easily. Jay reaches through and grabs. Apparently he dropped it. Now that he has the key again, Jake is down the hall and shoves the key into the lock on the door. The door swings open, and on the other side of the door there is only solid ground. MoSh tells me to look out, and I realized I cut hand has reformed and is reaching for me again. I use my sword and once again off all the fingers. I think that is pissing the thing off. I glance back down the hall and I see that the door is open now. Roland is coming through, though he briefly pauses when he sees MoSh and me. He motions to us to come and stay low. Both MoSh and I head down the hall, ducking low. Roland says to let it go now, and it looks like he throws something big and invisible down the hall. I feel the wind it passing over my head and it crashes directly into the monster coming into the hall behind us. Roland helps Jake climb through / up out of the door, then he looks at me but I just levitate through the door. MoSh is close behind me.

      Once we are all out the door slams shut behind us. The door was in the ground, which explains the confusion of direction as I came through. One minute I was floating forward and then I was hovering over the ground at a weird angleÖ It is also raining quite hard and the entire area is covered in mud. I see there is a circle of stones standing around us that looks like a smaller version of Stonehenge. The door we just came through dissolves into a drawing in the mud which washes out in the rain. But Jake has been brought through safely. Roland looks at MoSh and then at me. He says he hadnít been expecting Jake to have a friend thereÖ I am thinking of telling him who I am but before I can I see everything getting weird, like a scene in Assassinís Creed. The scene falls apart and then reforms into the house I had been in with Gendry. Gendry comes through a door and asks where I disappeared to. I tell him I was looking through the house. Gendry says the horse riders have passed by and not noticed any of us, even that idiot Hot Pie perched in his tree. I follow Gendry back outside and then I wake up.
    2. Game of Dreams Ė House of Fire

      by , 10-26-2017 at 12:21 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-25

      Game of Dreams Ė House of Fire

      Arya: I am in a bed inside a room made of stone. I am Arya. I hear a sound. At first I think it is a wolf howling, but then I realize it is a horn blowing. And I immediately know it is a signal of danger. Everyone is scrambling to get out of their beds and get their clothes on and grab whatever weapons they can find. I climb up to the battlements of this fortress along with several other people. The man who is the leader of our group is already there. His name is Yarin. As I look out over the village, I see most of it is on fire. I wonder what the point of that is? A group of soldiers comes riding up to the gate. The one that appears to be their leader commands us to open it. Yarin says that none of the villagers are here. He says that the only ones here are members of the Knightís Watch and we take no part in their war. That doesnít seem to matter to that guy below. He says open in the name of the king. Yarin says we donít recognize any king. We are all with the Kightís Watch. Mostly children. The guy down below says children died the same as anyone else. I am thinking to call him a cowardly asshole, but I keep my mouth shut. It is clear that these enemies, who are flying the Lannister banner, do not give a shit who we are. They just want to kill people. The leader down below gives the command that they should storm the walls.

      It is at this point that a strange cloaked figure stepped out from the side. It is a woman, dressed in white robes. She looks like she is from Assassinís Creed. She tells the soldiers that they will have to get past her before they can assault the walls. They find this amusing. I realize that that woman down there is me. After a brief exchange between the enemy leader and me, there is a short fight. I watch myself easily dispatch three soldiers that come forward to kill me. This is really kind of interesting. I donít normally get to watch myself being a badass. The enemy leader asks me if she really thinks she can take on all of them by herself? Thatís when AltaÔr shows up. He says I donít have to face them alone. I am thinking I will watch the fight, but Yarin doesnít seem to like that idea. He says that itís only a matter time before they get past those two weirdos, and truth be told, we really donít have a chance against all those soldiers. He says Gendry and I should run. He says to take as many of the others as we can. I am thinking there is no need for that, but then I remembered that the barn is most likely still on fire. I have to get the three prisoners out of there, and as many animals as I can rescue. I follow Gendry out towards the barn inside the fortress, that is where they keep the animals when they have to hide up in the fortress. And it is on fire.

      There is a little girl with us that seems to cry all the time. Gendry scoops her up in one arm. He has no trouble carrying her. We get into the barn, I hear the animals around panicking. I also hear the prisoners trying to break free. Gendry and Hot Pie have opened a trap door in the floor. They tell me to hurry up and come along. Iím not ready to go. I ask where they left the axe that they were using to chop wood? They tell me itís outside. I told him to go ahead, I will catch up. They disappear through the hole. I hear a lot of noise right now, both humans and other animals are panicking. Since no one can see me, are use telekinetic energy to blast out a couple of large holes in the walls. This allows for donkeys and horses and some other barnyard animals to escape. But the prisoners will need some help. I run outside and quickly grab the axe. I run back into the barn weaving around horses and donkeys as they run for safety. The smoke inside is thick. Itís hard to breathe. I follow the sound of the prisoners calling out. When I get close enough I throw the axe up to one of them. I canít even tell which one it is. I figure they can free themselves with that.

      Now I see I could be in trouble. This barn is completely engulfed in flames all around me. I know I canít make it back out of the barn before it collapses, so I dive for the trap door opening that Gendry and Hot Pie used. I just barely get through the trap door when I hear a loud crash behind me. I face plant in the mud but I donít mind. At first I thought the barn had collapsed completely, but I guess that hadnít quite happened yet. Because I have only gone a few feet before there is an even louder crash behind me, followed by a cloud of dust and smoke. The dust and smoke make it hard to breathe. But it soon passes. Thereís no way Iím going to be able to go back the way I just came. The dust has settled enough that I can continue going through the tunnel. But I donít get very far before I wake up.
    3. Game of Dreams Ė Faceoff at the Inn

      by , 10-17-2017 at 12:08 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-16

      Game of Dreams Ė Faceoff at the Inn

      I am riding on a donkey with other people. There are two wagons in our group. Not far up ahead I see an inn. The man in charge, Yarin, says we can afford hot meal and they also have a bath house, so if any of us would like to bathe we can do that, too. The horses and donkeys are taken away to be given food and water, and most everyone else heads into the Inn. A cloaked man stays outside in one of the wagons, and the three chained man stay in the other. The food is quite good. It looks like some kind of pot pie. Theyíre also baked apples. The ale is pretty good, though itís not my favorite. I eat while everyone around me is talking and telling stories. One person has a story of a giant wolf that came into a town and stole a baby from its motherĎs arms to eat it. Wolves donít eat babies! I tell them that. One of them asked me what I know about wolves. I say I know as much as anyone around here. At this point Yarin for some reason grabs my arm. He tells everyone there not to pay any attention to me, Iím just a stupid boy. Yarin takes me out in front of the inn, and he tells me to go make sure that the animals are being cared for. I tell him Iíve had enough of that crowd anyhow.

      I am walking past the wagons when one of the chained men tries to get my attention. He talks about himself in the third person, referring to himself as a man. He displays that his tankard is empty and says he still thirsty. He wants me to go get him some more ale. The other two with him are rude. One is fat and bald. He doesnít talk. He does hiss. He has really sharp teeth. The other guy there has no nose. I immediately start thinking of him as Voldemort from Harry Potter. He is yelling at me, he throws his empty tankard at me, but I dodge it. The decent one of them tells me his name is Jaqen H'ghar. He apologizes for the others, ďA man does not choose his companions in the dungeons. So a man must apologize for his companions.ď Voldemort tells me to come closer. I have no desire to get any closer to his ugly face. I focus my response on the nice one. I tell Jaqen H'ghar that I will talk to someone about getting him more ale. He responds with, ďA man would be grateful.ď I am about to keep going when I see another of our group out there. It is a boy who everyone calls The Bull. He asks what Iím doing? Iím about to answer when I see The Bull staring behind me.

      When I look behind me, I see that there are gold cloaks coming. Those are the queenís guards. They must be after Arya. I pull The Bull behind a hedge where we wonít be seen. He seems confused by this. We watch as the leader of the gold cloaks comes up and confronts Yarin. He says they are there to collect one boy. He says they have a warrant issued by the queen. Yarin is not quick to cooperate. He says all of the boys with him are now in the Knightís Watch. He says whatever weíve all done in our past is now irrelevant. Yarin says that there are laws about such things. The gold cloak pulls out a sword and declares that it is his law. Yarin says thatís no law, thatís a sword. Heís got one too. He draws his sword. The gold cloak says he has five soldiers with him. Yarin reports that heís got 30. So the two of them are facing off against each other like a couple of dogs fighting for dominance. It wouldnít have surprised me to hear them start growling at each other. The gold cloak says that the people Yarin has with him are green boys, not worthy to fight. He says if theyíre going to fight, who is first?

      The goal cloak no doubt expected to be answered with silence, but he gets immediate responses. A couple men sitting outside the inn stand up and announce they will fight. They all have weapons. One guy was just coming out of the bathhouse with his clothes in a bundle in his arms. He drops everything except for his dagger, and announces he will fight. Apparently he intends to fight naked. Even one jerk, weíve been calling Hot Pie, picks up a large rock and looks like heís ready to brain someone with it. The strange cloaked figure in the back of the wagon gets out and just stand there and watches. Jaqen H'ghar says, ďA man would fight if he was free and had a weapon.Ē I decide not to hide while everyone else is preparing to fight. So I come out in the open, and I draw my sword which is called Needle. The gold cloak calls all of us little girls, and tells us to put the weapons down. While heís looking at me, he has given Yarin the perfect opening. The next thing I know heís got his sword at the gold cloakís throat. He makes a few threats, makes the guy drop his sword, and then swatted horse on the behind making him run away. The other gold cloaks follow.

      With the threat passed I look over and see the strange cloaked guy get back in the wagon. Apparently he was only going to act if it was absolutely necessary. Or maybe heís a chicken wuss. I donít really know. Yarin is quite annoyed at us all. He says that if we think will make it to the wall without more trouble then we must be idiots. He says he will tell us all this right now. If they come back, and there is fighting, we need to hightail it for the wall and not look back. He is talking mainly to both me and The Bull. Iím wondering why they want to capture The Bull. I ask him what his name is, and he says itís Gendry. I donít know why the queen would want him, heís just a bastard. A blacksmiths bastard. We get ready to move out that same night, we want to put some distance between us and the gold cloaks in case they come back. It is here that I wake up.
    4. Game of Dreams Ė Eddardís Escape

      by , 10-12-2017 at 07:35 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-12

      Game of Dreams Ė Eddardís Escape

      Eddard - I am seated in the back of a wagon. I canít see where I am, but I feel it is important that I stay hidden. There are people that want my head on a pike. There is a bit of tension as the wagon goes out the main gate of the city. But the man in charge seems to know one of the guards, and they let us through. After we have gone a little ways, I think it must be safe to at least look out. I pull the tarp back at a corner so that I can peek out. There are quite a few people here with us. In another wagon I see that there are three men chained up. Those ones must be criminals from the worst part dungeons. Of course they consider me a criminal too. They think I committed treason, and I even confessed to it in order to avoid execution. Thatís not really what I wanted to do, but Eddard went ahead and did it anyways. At that point, Joffrey said he wanted my head. Or he wouldíve said that if it hadnít been for the fact he had some kind of fit. He dropped his pants and started making the sounds of barnyard animals. It was amusing. Then the queen came over and said I had confessed as agreed so I would now be allowed to take the black. So here I am, on my way north to the wall. I guess I should just be glad I wasnít beheaded.

      As I am looking out of the wagon I see that a couple of the boys are picking on a smaller boy. I am thinking that is not fair. They shouldnít be allowed to do that. Theyíre calling him lumpy head and saying they want him to hand over a sword he has. But I know that Iím not supposed to be seen, so I just keep watching for a bit longer. Two the boys mock the smaller boy. One of them says the small boy stole his sword so there would be nothing wrong with them stealing it from him because itís not really his. They start saying they are going to steal his sword. I am thinking that I now can no longer refrain from taking action, however, when one of the boys rides his donkey up beside the smaller boy the small boy pulls out a wooden sword and smacks the donkeyís behind. The donkey bucks the jerk off. The smaller boy jumps off of his donkey and proceeds to kick the other boyís ass. They wonít underestimate him for being small again.

      So since I donít actually have to do anything, I watch for a bit longer until the man in charge, a soldier of the black named Yarin, comes and breaks up the fight. It wasnít really much of a fight. The smaller boy was beating the bigger one completely into submission. That was rather amusing. Because even when the bigger boy tried to play dirty and strike from behind, another boy that they have been calling The Bull warned small boy of the attack before it got off. He got his butt kicked some more. This is when Yarin breaks up the fight and then takes a small boy off to the side, probably for disciplinary action. Either that or to praise his sort play. The other boy is clearly in pain, but alive. I sit back down in the wagon, and I just relax there until I wake up.
    5. Game of Dreams Ė Execution Cancelled

      by , 10-12-2017 at 06:44 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 10-12

      Game of Dreams Ė Execution Cancelled

      Arya - I am on the streets of a city that looks like something out of an RPG. I look around, and I see lots of people. No one really seems to notice me. I smell something yummy. I follow my nose to see what it is. On the main street I see a man with a cart, and he is selling looks like mini pies. Those look delicious. My stomach is growling. I am wondering if I could possibly get one. It feels like I havenít eaten since forever. I go over towards the cart and I walk up and start looking at the pies. The man who is pushing the cart looks like he is not pleased to see me. Probably because I look like a street rat with no money. I say I would like to buy a pie. He says that will be three coppers. Doesnít sound like much. I reach into my pocket to see if I can find any money. I find none. I mutter a rhyme like they used in the Pierce Anthony books. ďThis isnít funny, give me some money.Ē Then find the coins that I need. I hand the coins to the man, who looks quite surprised. He then lets me choose a pie. I choose an apple cinnamon one. He continues on down the road to sell more pies.

      I have nothing to my pie with, so I start eating with my hands. Thatís kind of gross because theyíre kind of dirty. But the pie is way past delicious. So before long I completely forget about my dirty hands as I wolf down that pie. I am thinking I need to get out of the city. I am wondering if thereís any way to do that. I am thinking the main gate will be guarded, they are looking for me. I wander for a while, not sure where to go. Then I see there are people moving through the streets to the sound of a bell. I wonder what is happening. I go with everyone to see what is going on. Everyone is gathering around a large building that appears to be some kind of church. There are people up at the entrance to the church where there is a large patio area. One is the queen. I hate her. One is the king. I have hated him since he was a prince. I also see my sister. And soon a couple of guards come out with my father. My father doesnít look too good, but he is able to walk on his own. I see that the cast on his leg is gone now. His leg had been broken, but now I remember healing it for him.

      Prince, no King, Joffrey starts talking. He says that my father has been found guilty of treason. I guess they have something on him, because my father confessed primes I know he never committed. And then Joffrey says that his mother and his future queen want him to be merciful and let my father take the black. He then says that itís just because we they have the soft hearts of women. I know what comes next. I focus all of my intent on Joffrey now. I focus on my telepathic abilities, which have proven to work here before. The message I sent to Joffrey is that he should bray like a donkey. I donít have time to come up with anything better right now. Joffrey motions to the executioner, Sir Ilyn Payne, who comes over closer to him. Joffrey looks him right in the face and brace like a donkey. Everyone turns to stare at Joffrey now. Payne has the weirdest look on his face. Joffrey tries to compose himself again. I send another strong message. Drop your pants. Joffrey says that what he had been trying to say wasÖ then he pulls down his pants. The entire gathering area is filled with people now, and many of them are laughing, some of them are making concerned sounds. No one knows whatís going on. Joffrey has turned beet red. He looks over at the queen, as if looking for help. He looks like he might cry. He reaches down and pull his pants up, looking very confused, looking around as if someone is going to come out and attack him. He has just got his pants pulled back up when I tell him to drop his pants again and snort like a pig. I have already gotten access to his mind now, and he quickly complies.

      One of Joffreyís guards, the one no one as The Hound, goes over to him. He helps Joffrey pulled his pants up yet again, and then hurries him into the church. The laughter is deafening. I almost canít hear what the queen says when she comes over to speak. But finally she is able to make herself heard. She says that what His Grace was trying to say is that Lord Edward Stark has agreed to confess his crimes and take the black. She says hopefully he shows more loyalty to his brothers on the wall then he has to his king. She doesnít seem to have anything to say about JoffreyĎs behavior. A lot of people are trying to ask. Whatís wrong with Jeffrey? I am still watching when someone reaches from behind me and grabs me. I think I might struggle, but his hold is pretty tight. He is whispering something in my ear, and calling me a boy. Iím not a boy. For a brief instant I think he wants to kill me. But then he just starts giving me a bad haircut. He says that we are headed out for the wall tonight. And I better be ready, boy.
    6. 17/01/2016

      by , 01-18-2016 at 03:25 AM
      We've been in a house.

      I come back from the hall of Bv Roca. I salute Daniel who was living there in Depto 7. He was thin. Outside, in the streets it was night already and there was a friend called Peru and i saluted the parents of Franc.

      Then i dream about being in a camp, like a Oxford university campus, and i dreamt about guitar and weed. I plug it in and find myself "hacked?", they wanted to destroy the amps. I was at that time Brandon Stark. I look at front of me and there was like the royal crown in the building in front of me, in a balcony of stone, and i was like on a trial. There comes to my right Rickon and to my right Arya Stark riding a horse with armour. She was against me, and Rickon blamed me.

      Briene gives le a horse to pass through the people. I was like humilliated, and that horse really helped me to get away quicker from that scenario, but anyways i was in the city like imprisoned. We went far anyways, the scenario was like street Ituzaingo in Cordoba but also looked like England. There was nobody there, and i was like an observer at that time or probably the character itself, but now i have turned into Sansa Stark. I cut my hair so i could look like a boy and put a headband, like a pirate. I was walking on the street, or observing Sansa walking on the street (as she being my sister) and a prince comes down from a limousine with evil intentions, like to kidnap her. So she took a kitchen knife out of her pockets and she stabbed him. I ran to her and we ran together. Nobody on street saw that so we reached where we have to be to travel, and we travelled.

      We reached our house, Baigorria in Rio Cuarto, and we were the earliest people, the brothers. Sofia was also at home. She was in danger although nobody knew about this. She wanted to scape for the day, so we went through the hall and upstairs. Then she opened the left door and went out through the roof. I wanted to do the same, and like fly maybe, but i didn't realized i was dreaming. I came down and the door was opened. There i find my sister and my grandmother already there. I was like limited in my moves, i wasn't free, so i had to find myself an excuse to go upstairs again. I had to find dirty clothes to wash. There were none on my room. So i went downstairs to the living room. There were people inspecting the luggage. They were like police or private guys actually. I asked them and they didn't reply, and they even acted like authoritary. I went to the small desk on the cushions and asked there if those sockets were clean or dirty. The guy didn't know how to reply, after a long time of looking at it he didn't know what to say so i concluded they were clean. More people came already and they were like taking drinks already. My parents were part of the court, and for the situation (whatever the situation was) they were like the ones to blame in the court (but not by those outside, so i was kinda safe when i was with them but i didn't trust them). My mother tells me something about my older sister, that she went with her friend that what else could we expect, early in the morning already. I said something like yes, and nothing else. People still weren't aware of the death of that prince, that by the way the mother or aunt of him was there, in the house. I thought that everyone knew but they didn't want to expand the news, not for some days at least. I went upstairs again and my aunt, Analia, shouts from downstairs calling me to have desert. I said no, im going to take a shower and she calls me again and my mother as well. They really wanted to things go by their intentions, but i was firm in my position no matter the stupid consequences, so i said No!. And i probably went to take a shower so i had dirty cloth to go upstairs and wash the cloth and close the door of the roof.

      All of the time i was like hiding, imprisioned, suspicious, and like lying to myself and others with my attitude probably, because of what my sister did, and i wanted to "protect" her from the consequences, something impossible to do. Nobody scapes his/her karma.

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