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    1. Game of Dreams – The Unfair Prince

      by , 01-25-2018 at 12:06 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2018, 01-24

      Game of Dreams – The Unfair Prince

      I am Sansa now, and I am with Prince Joffrey. I immediately want to punch him in the face. But for the time being, he’s being nice. We are out riding on horses. We ride around the area quite a bit, following some kind of a wildcat, exploring some ruins, it’s actually kind of fun. We have lunch and then ride some more. We hear some noises up ahead, and I want to leave. But Joffrey is being stubborn and wants to check it out. We go and we find my sister Arya and her friend Mycah playing at swords, using sticks as swords. I tell Joffrey it was just a couple of kids playing, there’s no need to interfere. But Joffrey won’t listen. We watch as Mycah disarms Arya, and then when he sees Joffrey, he drops his own stick. Mycah recognizes Joffrey as the prince and bows.

      At this time Joffrey starts being an asshole. He gets off his horse and pulls out his sword. He tells Mycah to pick up his sword and show him how good he is. Mycah says they were just playing, there are no swords, just sticks. I tell Joffrey to knock it off. Joffrey points his sword at Mycah. I go to get off my horse, but my foot gets caught in the stirrup and I fall. No one seems to notice that. Arya attacks Joffrey to keep him from hurting Mycah. Joffrey turns around and attacks her back. Mycah runs off into the trees. Arya throws a rock and misses Joffrey, but hits Joffrey’s horse in the bottom and makes him run away. I get up and go over to try to get between Joffrey and Arya, as it looks like he might hurt her. But before I can get to him, my sister’s wolf tackles him, biting his sword arm.

      Joffrey drops his sword, and start trying to get the wolf off of him. My sister calls the wolf off. Joffrey‘s arm is bloody and his clothes are ripped where he’s been bit. Arya picks up Joffrey’s sword, and after pausing to hear Joffrey whimper a bit, she throws it out into the river. Arya then runs off into the trees after Mycah. I am thinking if I hadn’t tripped I could’ve kept this incident from happening at all. But I did. So I will erase the evidence. I go over to Joffrey, who is still whimpering and cradling his hurt arm. I focus healing energy on his arm. His arm heals rather quickly. I see a faint blue glow around it. I also focused healing energy on the back of his head where Arya hit him with the stick. That heals as well, leaving no trace that he was attacked. Except for his ripped and bloody clothes, that is. After seeing the healing, Jeffrey freaks out. He called me a witch and runs away. I can’t help but laugh at his stupidity. I wake up.
    2. Game of Dreams – Cats and Monsters

      by , 08-29-2017 at 03:58 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-28

      Game of Dreams – Cats and Monsters

      Arya: I am playing a game of virtual reality Assassins Creed, or that's what I think of it as. The current mission is to catch cats. There are a lot of stray cat some various kinds around, and I'm supposed to catch them. The place that I’m at looks kind of like a Medieval castle. There are a lot of outside courtyards, towers, buildings, and it's almost like a maze. I am chasing the final cat. I have taken all of the other cats to see my teacher, and now I am chasing the final cat. A mean looking Tom cat. I have him cornered. I get hissed at. He tries to dart past me, but I am faster. I catch the cat, pick him up in my arms as he struggling and yowling and hissing. I gave him a kiss right on his fuzzy face. He does not appreciate it. There are some people that have found me. There are two guards, a stern looking woman, a little boy, and a young girl who asks what I am doing to the cat. Maybe I have wandered into an area where I shouldn’t be. I tell the truth, or part of it. I say I am cuddling the cat. I let the cat go and he takes off, pausing to give me one more hiss as he goes.

      From how they speak to me, these people think I am just a random beggar child. I take advantage of that, and make a break for it. With some tricky moves, I get past the guards and knock the boy down as I am trying to get away. I jump over him and run down the pathway. I hear the guards closing in behind me, so I jump up and grab a windowsill and pull myself in through the window. They cannot follow. I think there may be another way they can follow, so I keep going. I run through courtyards, upstairs, downstairs, and in through a window into a really dark cellar. I am completely lost by now. There are skulls here in the cellar, I see them as my eyes adjust the dark. The skulls are huge and menacing. I have a brief flash of fear when I first see them, but then I remind myself they're already dead. They can't hurt me. But I do need to get out of here.

      I go out the door in the far side of the room, and it's even darker in the hall. I make feel my way down the hall until I hear voices. I see a light coming out of a hole in the ground. There's a stairway there that leads deep beneath the castle. Two men come out of the hole, and I make sure I'm flat against the wall so they won't see me. They are talking. One of them is a really fat guy and I think I know who he is. I don’t recognize the other. The fat guy wants to stall for time before there is a war. The other tells him to just speed things up, he should be able to, he is a wizard. They start talking about a murder. I hear them talk about the Kings Hand dying... that’s my father! They want to kill my father. They head off down the hall, missing me completely, now talking about what sounds like slave children. I need to find a way out, so I follow them. I stay too far back to hear their voices. Eventually I lose them completely. I keep following the tunnel, and it turns into a sewer. I'm wading in sewage when I finally find my way to the outside. I stink worse than anything I can think of. So I take off my clothes and try to wash up in the river near the exit. I don't want to alert everyone 10 miles away that I'm coming. I am swimming when I wake.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Game of Dreams – Tears Falling

      by , 08-18-2017 at 05:20 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-17

      Game of Dreams – Tears Falling

      I am having dinner with my family. My dad and sister are there. It is a large table and there's a lot of food on it. My teacher is here. I remember her trying to teach me needlework. It was not very effective. So I'm sitting there and looking at mine, but I'm not really feeling very hungry. My sister is sitting several seats from me and she isn’t paying any attention to me. She is with her friend. I have the feeling that her friend is an asshole. My father says there's going to be a big tournament in his honor. He says he really doesn't want to have anything to do with it. It's just a big expense that the kingdom can't afford. My sister and her friend find the idea of the tournament exciting. She asks father if she will be able to go. Father considers and then says he will get both my sister and me good seats. I think it sounds stupid. I say I don't want to go. My sister says the tournament will be an amazing event, I'm not welcome there. Father is annoyed. He says he is getting sick of my sister and me fighting. He says we are sisters, and we should start acting like it. I'm angry at my sister. But for now I don't show it.

      Father announces that he has no appetite, and then gets up and leaves. I look at my food, and it does not look tasty. I decide I have no appetite either. I get up. My teacher asks me where am I going. I realize that maybe I should be polite, so I politely ask if I may be excused. She says no. She tells me to clean my plate. I tell her to clean it herself. I get up to leave. As I go passed my sister, I pause to tell her off. I tell her that we both lost our wolves, but at least she knows hers back home and safe in Winterfell. My wolf is somewhere out in the wilderness and I don't know if she is dead or alive. Talking about that makes me feel like crying. I hurry from the room before my tears fall. I don't want anyone in there to see me cry. I hear my teacher behind me yelling at me to come back. I ignore her. I go running upstairs to my room. I go through the door and slam it behind me. It’s a heavy wooden door with a very satisfying to slam. There is no lock but there is a bar that I can slide down to keep the door from being opened. So I do.

      Once I am safe in my room I feel safe to cry. And I do. While I am crying, someone comes up and knocks at my door. It is a hard and angry knock. And it is a not very friendly voice is speaking out there. A woman, my teacher, tells me to come out there in mediately. She says if I don’t come out immediately my lord father will hear about this. I don't care. I tell her to go ahead and tell him whatever she wants. She goes away. I open my clothing chest, and dig through it until I find a sward buried on the bottom. I think the sword out, I remember it is named Needle, and I start practicing with it. I am shit. I am in the middle of practicing with it but I am thinking about other things. I briefly considered going out the window and running away. Maybe I can find my wolf in the wild. I am thinking about that when there is a knock at the door. This time it is a gentler knock. And it is also a gentle voice that speaks. It is my father. He does not sound angry, he just sounds sad. That makes me feel kind of bad about my behavior. Anger I can handle, but disappointment not so much. He says he wants to come in. I raise the bar blocking the door, and open it. He comes in.

      My father sees the sword in my hand. I had even thought to try to hide it before he came in. Yes it's me who's short is that, and I just see at night. He asked where I got it, but I don't want to rack out my brother so I say nothing. He says it doesn't really matter. He takes it and is looking at it. I have the feeling I'll never get it back. He wants to talk about things that of been happening lately. He says he doesn't like it when my sister and I are fighting. I tell him I don't really want to fight with her, but then I trail off. We talk about different things and I am close to tears again. And then it just all comes out, I don't even know what I'm about say untill I say it. I am crying as I tell my father that I had to throw rocks at my wolf to make her leave because I knew if she came back with me, they would have killed. The queen and the king. And I couldn't stand the idea of seeing that. I told her to leave and when she wouldn't leave I threw rocks at her. There be plenty of wild game out there for her to eat, and I do even heard other wolves out there, so she might even find a pack. My father seems to agree with my theory that she'll be OK out there. He says she was born to be in the wild, and she will surely adapt to it quickly. And she will certainly be the leader of any pack she joins. I am in my father’s arms still crying but it's stopping. My father asks me about the sword again. He asked if I really want to learn. He says I've got a wild streak, like a lot of others in our family. He says he will ask around and see about someone to train me. And then he hands the sword back to me. That comes as a surprise. He hugs me before leaving the room. And then I wake up.
    4. Game of Dreams – A Knife in the Dark

      by , 08-17-2017 at 11:51 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-17

      Game of Dreams – A Knife in the Dark

      Catelyn: I am in a room that looks like a bedroom in a castle. I am sitting in a chair beside a bed. There is a boy lying unconscious in the bed, I know he is my son, Bran. I am carefully feeding him a mixture of honey and water in a desperate attempt to get some hydration and nutrients into his body in a time long before intravenous drips have been invented. But this is too little I know, and if he doesn't wake up soon he'll... but I don't let myself think the word. I stop the feeding and hold his hand, little more than a skeletal hand now but still warm to the touch, focusing on healing him. I don't know if it's doing anything. A man comes into the room and starts talking finances. I don't care about money. He is also talking about positions that need to be filled because of people who have left town. I don't care about that, either. All I care about is Bran... I tell him to leave.

      A boy comes in... this is my older son, Rob. He tells the man he will discuss the finances and positions to be filled tomorrow. After handing my son a piece of paper, the other man leaves. Rob is now talking to me about other responsibilities I'm ignoring. My younger son is crying for me, he's only 3 and he needs me, especially with dad away. He pauses and then says he needs me, too. He says he can’t handle everything all on his own. I want to turn to him and be there for him, but I have the persistent thought that if I let go of Bran's hand he will die. There is a commotion outside. Rob says the library tower is on fire, he will take care of it. He rushes out and takes a guard by the door with him.

      Shortly later a man enters the room. I don't recognize him, but he is holding a dagger. He starts towards Bran and then sees me. He says I wasn't supposed to be here. I say that's too bad, because I am. Just what was he intending to do with that dagger? He looks at Bran and says he would be doing the boy a mercy, really. I tell him there's no way he is killing my son! He comes at me with the dagger. I change my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and block his blow... but then I realize my arm didn't transform! Of course not... Catelyn Stark is not infected with the Mercer Virus! The blade cuts painfully into my arm. I grab his wrist with my left hand and twist it until he lets go and then I push him away, he falls onto his back. I am about to move in when there is a blur and then there's a wolf on top of the man ripping his throat out. Rob comes back and asks what happened. I tell him that the dead man tried to murder Bran with the dagger. Rob sees my arm and says someone should take care of that. I agree to that, starting to notice the pain more with the incident being over. I leave the room with Rob and then I wake.
    5. Game of Dreams – Innocence Saved, Innocence Lost

      by , 08-12-2017 at 09:22 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-10

      Game of Dreams – Innocence Saved, Innocence Lost

      Eddard: I am in what looks like a living area in a castle. I am pacing, worried. My daughter is missing. A man tells me my daughter has been found. I ask where she is then. The man says she is in the throne room seeing the king and queen. This pisses me off. She’s been missing for four days and that’s the first place they take her?! I go out the door, heading for the throne room. I know where to go and I get there to find my daughter surrounded by a bunch of hostile faces, I see them as assholes. The king and the queen are there with the prince. I go over and put my arms around my little girl, asking if she is ok. She says she’s hungry and tired, but not hurt. I am pissed, I demand to know why my daughter wasn’t brought straight to me and been given a chance to rest and have something to eat before being dragged in here. The king, a fat man I know to be named Robert, says he thought it was best to get this business over with.

      I am still annoyed, but I let things go on. The Queen claims Arya and her friend attacked Prince Joffrey and then her wolf bit him. Arya and Joffrey both tell different accounts of the event. I ask how serious Joffrey’s injury was. They seem hesitant to discuss the injury. A man comes into the room with Sansa, she claims she doesn’t remember what happened. Arya calls Sansa a liar and attacks her. I hold Arya back and tell her that is not productive. The Queen wants Arya punished, but Robert says sometimes children will fight. He says I should take care of disciplining Arya and he will take care of Joffrey. He gets up to leave, he has clearly had enough of this whole affair.

      The Queen isn’t done yet. She says there is still the matter of the wolf. I say I have yet to see any evidence that Nymeria has done anything. The Queen holds up a shirt with a shredded and bloody sleeve. Nymeria chewed Joffrey’s shirt? She said Joffrey’s arm was in it. Joffrey says his arm was almost chewed off but there’s no injury because Sansa is a sorceress and healed it. I ask if I’m seriously expected to entertain that notion. If Sansa has healing powers then we’d better get her back to Winterfell to heal her injured brother! The Queen says she will not have a vicious beast in her castle. I tell her it wouldn’t be right to throw Joffrey out, he’s only 12. She gets red with anger and says she meant the wolf! Robert reminds her that the wolf got away. She said she wants both wolves put down. I tell her no one is going to hurt those wolves. I am thinking to keep protesting until the wolves can stay with Sansa and Arya but then I am thinking the Queen might arrange something to happen to them just out of spite… so I think better of it and say fine, I’ll have Lady, and Nymeria if we can find her, taken back to Winterfell. The Queen says she wants them dead. I tell her that’s not going to happen. I’ll send them back to Winterfell… for their protection, not hers.

      I take my daughters from the room before the Queen can protest any further. Once outside Sansa is saying it isn’t fair to have to send Lady away, she didn’t do anything. I tell her I agree, but the only way to keep Lady safe from the Queen is to send her away. If Lady stays, then the Queen could fabricate another attack or just order her guards to get rid of Lady and I might not be in a position to stop her. Sansa looks sad about it but finally agrees. I tell her that Lady will be waiting for her at Winterfell when she comes to visit or if circumstances in Kings Landing changes enough that we can safely bring her back. Arya asks what about Nymeria. I tell her I’ll get some people to look for the wolf, and if we can find her, she will go north with Lady to be safe, too. I tell Sansa we should go say our farewells to Lady and get the wolf beyond the reach of the Queen as soon as we can. Lady is tied up outside and I leave Sansa to have time to say goodbye to her wolf before she is escorted back home.

      Some soldiers on horses ride into the area. They have a bloody sack on one of the horses. A man, the name Sandor Clegane, The Hound, comes to mind, comes over and looks pleased with himself. He says they haven’t found Arya but they got her little pet. I think they already killed Nymeria and I am pissed. The Hound dumps the bloody sack on the ground and laughs. He opens the bag and I react quickly, turning Arya away from the horror. It’s not Nymeria, it’s a boy, no doubt Arya’s friend, practically cut in two. I want to kick The Hound’s ass. I ask if he really had to cut down a child?! He smiles and says the kid ran. I ask if he’s trying to tell me he’s so incompetent that he can’t capture an unarmed fleeing child without cutting him in two?! We’d better hope Joffrey never gets distraught and runs away! You’ll come back to the King and Queen saying, “I have good news and bad news, your Graces. The good news is we brought the Prince back. The bad news is he’s in two pieces.” Sandor says no one dares say that to him! I ask him then which is it? Is he too incompetent to capture an unarmed child without cutting him in half, or is he a sick and pathetic fuck who takes pleasure in murdering defenseless children?! I notice Arya is holding on to me and crying. I immediately feel bad about making that scene in front of her, making a painful moment even worse. I put my arms around her and tell her how sorry I am about what happened to her friend. Sansa comes back with Lady, she is also crying. I want someone to pay for making my daughters cry. Sansa wants Lady in her bed with her just one more night. I am walking with them back to our quarters when I wake.
    6. Game of Dreams

      by , 08-07-2017 at 04:58 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 08-05

      Game of Dreams

      John: I am in a large room full of tables and a lot of people. There is a procession of what look like VIPs going down the center aisle towards a raised table at the front of the room. First a stressed looking man with a distracted looking woman, then another woman with a really fat man, followed by a little kid on his own then two more pairs of kids, two boys and two girls. Next comes a nice looking man standing alongside a short guy that looks more like a dwarf than a human. But I don’t see any other races around so I assume he is a short human. And then a feast begins. I am eating various meats and breads and drinking a sweet wine when something brushes my leg. There is a wolf pup down there so I give the pup some of the meats. A man comes over and we start chatting about various details we have noticed. The name Uncle Ben comes to mind. He says they can use observational skills like mine in the Knight’s Watch. This idea immediately appeals to me, but in spite of the fact Ben is the one who brought it up, he keeps saying I can’t do it because I am just a boy. If I am too young then why did he suggest it in the first place? I get mad and then realize I’m making a scene and that gets me even more upset so I run outside. I see the short man from the procession earlier and he says he drank too much wine and it’s considered rude to vomit on your brother. I don’t want to talk to anyone right now so I keep going and then everything fades.

      Catelyn: I am in a bedroom of what looks like it might be a medieval period. I am a woman, and I spot that immediately because I am naked. I am lying in bed naked while a man in the room is standing by an open window and apparently enjoying a cool breeze that is blowing in. He says he doesn’t want to leave Winterfell. I tell him if he doesn’t want to go just say so. A man knocks on the door with an urgent message, or so he says. The message is for me. I open it and at first it looks like gibberish, but when I look at it in a slightly different way I can see what it means. Ned’s (my husband) friend is dead, but he was murdered by the Lannisters. I tell Ned that is another reason not to go. He says this letter changes everything, now he has to go south with Robert to find out the truth of what happened to his friend. He says Robert may even be in danger. There is a bit more talk about where the kids will stay, he is expecting I will stay behind to run Winterfell while he’s away. I’m not feeling good about the conclusions we reach, but then everything fades to black.

      Arya: I am in a classroom working on arts and crafts. I look at my work I am not pleased. For some reason I have been sewing a very crooked line of stitches. I hear a group of girls not far from me whispering… about me? They say they were talking about a Prince who is so handsome and gallant. There is another group of girls with the teacher. I am sitting by myself as happened throughout my actual school years. The teacher comes over and looks at my stitching. She says it will never do. She says I have the hands of a blacksmith. The other girls are all staring, some are laughing… even my sister looks amused. I am embarrassed. I want to leave. I get up and head for the door. The teacher asks where I think I’m going. I’m mad about the blacksmith comment and I tell her I have to shoe a horse. I leave the room and slam the door behind me. I go down some stairs and find my wolf pup at the bottom of the stairs tied up. I untie her and decide to look around. I walk for a while and find a covered bridge with a boy gazing through a window into the combat training yard. I look there and see some kids practicing with wooden swords. One boy is saying he wants to use live steel, and another boy is saying to bring it on, but the instructor won’t allow it. I am still watching when everything fades.
    7. #261 - My kid got upset / The Matrix

      by , 08-11-2016 at 08:25 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - My kid got upset
      I'm in Mitre 10 Mega, my friend works here and I think I was visiting him. My daughter is in a pram and she is resting, I see my friend and we start chatting. Some people try to get past him and since he's a klutz he ends up stumbling over his words and himself, he knocks the pram I think which sets my daughter off screaming and crying like he had just hurt her really badly. I get angry at my friend and punch him in the face, knocking him to the ground. I go to get my daughter and look after her, cradling her to make sure she's ok while making soothing hushing sounds. This dream was really stressful, when I woke up I was really hot which is why I had the nightmare... I always have nightmares when I'm too hot at night >_<

      Dream 2 - The Matrix
      This dream was pretty cool towards the end.. I'm both watching and participating in the movie 'The Matrix'. Though the scenes don't resemble anything in the movie really. First off I'm in a kitchen, it's almost like a dinner party with the people around in nice dresses and clothes. There's an evil lady that enters the kitchen, she's the big bad boss or something.

      I'm now in a room, kneeling on a mat like in traditional Japan with a small wooden table in front of me, separating me and my friend Daniel. It's dark with the only light seeming to be a dark blue that looks like it's given off from a static TV, though I can't see any. Next thing I know we're watching the Matrix again and there's a fight scene, though I am the person fighting... We enter a special electronic futuristic dojo, like some kind of Tron biker race meets X-Men training simulator type room with just me and this dude facing off. We attack each other doing crazy bad ass flips with inhuman capabilities, like there's no gravity or something.
    8. #259 - Family / Water challenge

      by , 08-04-2016 at 09:15 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Family
      I remember walking to work along the main road in town, it must have been after my lunch break or something. I saw across the road my ex and our kid, she was shopping for underwear with her sister. I shouted out to her and crossed the road, surprised and happy to see them. For some reason we decided to try on some underwear, it doesn't seem weird at first that we're outside.. but then I guess we realize where we are and go inside the underwear shop to change back to our normal clothes.

      Dream 2 - Water challenge
      I was outside a house in a forested area resembling the looks that most of the houses have near where I use to live. There's a pool nearby and I'm someone challenged me to breathe underwater for 15 minutes (it was part of some kind of genies' trick, a small part of a larger competition I think..). I pay attention to what he says, specifically that the words 'breathe underwater' which I realized meant that I should be literally breathing while under the surface of the water... I fill up a water bottle and for some reason get confused >_> I had an idea in my head for how to breathe underwater except fucked it up. I then empty the bottle, make a hole in the bottle and somehow fashion it into a snorkel. Wallah! I can't remember if I got to use it but I know I passed, I ended up running off down the driveway to whatever else I was meant to be doing, but then my alarm went off.
    9. #253 - Beach / Motor cross

      by , 06-30-2016 at 09:02 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I'm on the beach, there's been some sort of accident or phenomenon causing sea life to wash up on the shores. Sharks and jellyfish are being washed up by the waves, everyone is panicking and trying to put them back in the water... The sharks have weird teeth too, the teeth are all connected as if it were just one big serrated tooth. My family are there, bustling around like everyone else. I remember the sharks snapping at my feet, ungrateful bastards. I also remember a jellyfish jimmying around the shore which made me think it looked a little dopey.

      Motor Cross
      This dream was pretty enjoyable, I was on a motorbike driving on a circuit in a race. It was kind of dark and pouring with rain... The road was slippery as hell, cars and motorbikes were zooming around so fast. I was on a dirt bike, I remember thinking that if I wanted to win then I would have to up my game. I was behind by too much to take it easy, so I did some risky things. I start hugging the corners tighter, taking the turns at faster speeds, driving across dirt patches.. There were others taking similar risks too. I remember other motorbikes smashing brutally, taking the risks I was taking but not succeeding. It was scary, because I knew how close it was for me too.. It happened a few times, and eventually I slipped up. The crash was minor but my bike was too cracked to be of use anymore.
    10. #245 - 'insert dream title'

      by , 05-25-2016 at 10:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I'm travelling outside with a friend, there's sabretooth tiger cubs in the distance, 1 big snow white one. They're up a bit on the hill. It's turning into winter, a snow storm is coming from the mountains. They're getting closer now, they were playing together but they fought a bit with snow white sabre. We try moving in the opposite direction and come near a line of trees. There's a huge bear here, damn. I can sense a sabretooth tiger coming up behind me so I sprint at the bear, barrel roll as the tiger pounces and cause the bear and tiger to fight. Badass?? Absolutely.
      I arrive in place where my daughter is staying(?) or a shelter by a mountain. There's a room, I remember my friend Mat staying here and I had seen him on a video recording where he was splayed out on the couch super tired. I think I let him stay at the place since he was travelling. I can't remember when it happened but I'm a little gingerbread sized plastic man who has lost his memory as well, like some kind of evil curse. It's a really deep and sad story (in the dream plot) which I'm also watching. There's a loading bar that shows it's a movie which is halfway through, about 25 minutes. My daughter doesn't know where her uncle is (which is me, since we apparently lied and said I was her uncle and not her dad) and now she believes she doesn't have a dad.. It's because I'm away working and can't be with her to watch her grow up, so she doesn't really know what a is. I can't remember that I'm her dad though (because of the curse) and everything is sad. I remember thinking that I really wanted to watch until the end of the movie, because it's just such a beautiful story. I know how it ends, the father (me) manages to break the curse and turn back to normal, my daughter is super happy to finally have her uncle back, but I decide to tell her the truth that I'm her dad. It makes her so happy to have a dad, and we're both so happy to be together finally.
      I don't get to see the story unfold though, because I start becoming more aware. I'm lucid in a way, the dream visuals fade but I don't wake up. Then I'm back in the room with my mom, not really remembering the previous plot as I'm doing other stuff. At some point she leaves and I see my friend in these tight jeans, nice . I'm horny so I hook up with her. I try taking off her pants but there's dream lag, and my imagination is 'broken', like it can't remember how to materialize certain features and is in a state of buffering. I understood something at this point about dream lag too, that stability is linked to the rate at which we expand the dream world around us. In an unstable dream we can't load too much or it will crash, but the more stable the dream the greater the load it can handle. This sounds pretty obvious, but it wasn't something I'd ever truly practiced. I'm always moving in my lucids, never just stopping. Usually this is because if I stop then I lose lucidity >_<...

      Also, I've had a lot of intensely vivid dreams lately, probably because I've just started working.
    11. #243 - Tsunami and avalanche

      by , 05-15-2016 at 07:16 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I was watching a commercial ad being made. We were afloat a wooden raft in the middle of the ocean, on it were 3 famous actors with abs, pearly white teeth and charismatic smiles. They magnetically attracted all these beautiful women around them (the girls were on a boat that was next to us, it was like an old frigate ship). They each chose the girl they liked the most, and in turn they would descend onto the raft to be with the man, then disappear off some where (to root). There was another man on the raft, except he wasn't famous yet. He manages to attract a girl and she descends onto the boat, they're totally going to go off and root but he falls into the water. Oh shit :/ we manage to get him back on deck but he's not breathing. I have to do CPR, ugh geeze how does this work again? There's another lady next to me who tells me to do CPR, she's all mystical and wise or something. I think she was wearing a loosely fitting dress that swayed in the wind, while having nice sandy blonde hair. I put my hands on the actors chests and push down, am I doing this right? I can feel a weird lump on his chest that really shouldn't be there. Ok... Mouth to mouth resuscitation? I try blowing air into him without blocking his nose, whoops. I try again while blocking his nose and his chest inflates, then switch back to pushing against his chest. This feels like something a professional should be doing...
      The guy coughs back to life, ejecting a rather large sponge shell out. He picks it up and says something like "uh god damn metalliferous shells". I correct him by saying "Well, actually it's carboniferous" (this is also wrong... It was calcium carbonate >_<). The girl he was going to root isn't interested anymore, they both aren't in the mood after what happened I guess. The wise woman says we should head back now, after peering behind us and seeing a tsunami O_O. She guides the raft onto a wave which we ride all the way back to shore, we can see the tsunami in the background swallowing up other people, but they look like they're fine since it only gets big near shore.

      We're back on shore now, except there's snow everywhere after a massive avalanche covered the area. I remembered something about this before we left (the dream was pretty long so I think this is true). I assumed they were looking for the actor we saved from choking so I pointed at the guy as we passed people trying to indicate that he was safe. I received a confused look, then questioned who they were looking for.. My heart dropped when I heard a voice crying 'daddy'. Next thing I heard was "I broke through!" and I sprinted over, something in the script of the dream meant that my daughter was trapped in the snow, why would I ever leave her, how could I forget? I pushed through the excavation and into the shoveled tunnel. I can see a plastic barricade they uncovered, behind it a figure walks past. What the...? There's a large cavernous and well-lit room beyond, the figure was actually a small boy. But the more I look at him, the more fucked up he appears to be. He has a cyclops face, but his eye is missing. He waddles in an odd fashion and wears a loin cloth around his waist. He's saying random and weird things too.. I push through the barricade into the room. The others would be waiting on the surface so I'll do my best on my own. I'm in the cavern now, all I want to do is save my daughter. I spot her down on the ground floor of the cavern, smashing a pot and spoon while calling out daddy to try and get people to save her. I realize that there are other children huddled together, they're cowering in fear. A sense of pride goes through me about how brave my kid is .
      I run on down, but I have to face the weird cyclops monster kid, I rationalize in my head that he's better off dead. If we let him go free he may grow into an adult and come back one day to torment us. I can't remember what happened next but I feel like two scenarios played out in my head as I woke up.
    12. #230 - Cafe Playground / Star Wars office

      by , 04-15-2016 at 09:18 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I've been thinking lately about something a friend said to me, apparently if you stay properly hydrated during the day then your body will need 30% less sleep during the night. This is because keeping hydrated allows it to function better during the day so you don't need to recover as much while sleeping. I started paying attention to how hydrated I've been and noticed that the days where I stay extremely well hydrated result in the nights being more vivid with a higher chance of lucidity. I had 2 lucids last night which was unexpected, especially since the activities I spent time on doing yesterday usually result in me being less aware (reading, gaming, watching shows, exercising). My awareness has also just been generally gobshite over the past few days, despite meditating every night. I also didn't meditate last night since I was too tired, but I did consume a massive amount of liquids throughout the day. The only variable I can think of was that I drank like 3 different kinds of tea which I usually don't drink at all. Other than that my diet was completely the same as always.
      I think staying hydrated could be a key condition for myself getting lucid at night, so I'll keep paying attention to it for now.

      Dream 1 - Cafe Playground
      I remember being with my daughter inside a playground (like the ones in McDonald's). She was much younger than she is now so I was helping her out a lot. I remember being able to see her mother/family outside the playground, we decide to head down a slide and go see them. We get down safely and go sit in the cafe that we appeared in. Next to me is someone from the family but I can't recognize who. I order a smoothie, it must be blueberry (guessing from the blue colour). I think I get up to go pay or something and I realize the baby isn't on me, so I turn around and go pick her up but I realize I'm dreaming. I wander past the cafe (it's like a small cafe they in the middle of the mall) and look around. The area seems similar to the mall near where I live, I think about what to do and come to a decision. In 1 of my previous lucids I was able to enter a VIP area by the elevator and wanted to see if I could get in there again. I find an elevator and press the button a few times. Geeze I feel like it's not working, eventually I wake up. The dream was pretty standard for my lucids, about 30-60 seconds.

      Dream 2 - Star Wars office
      It was like I was in a star wars video game (like jedi academy), I was doing a mission in an enemy base. The corridors were all metal and there was an opened gateway to my right. Past the gateway was a rocky cliff that seemed to end in an endless abyss, but there was another gateway on the other side. I'm sprinting along as I see this gateway, the doors on both sides are slowly closing, I do a huge leap over the abyss and tumble under the gateway on the other side. It was really close but I managed to make it before the door closed. I then enter the stars wars galactic government room, with all those floating things the politicians talk from. I remembered that in a video I watched a while ago the race E.T. was from was part of the galactic government, for some reason I really felt like looking around for them. After not being able to see them (though there were definitely a whole variety of alien species around) I had the awareness to become lucid. I decided that, unlike in my last lucid earlier in the night, I would reality check and attempt to stabilize a bit and then pursue a dream goal. I pushed my thumb into the palm of my hand, stretching it and confirming the dream state. Next I decided that I'd continue my search for a dream guide, the area I was in was more like a business work floor now. I remember seeing a girl walk past so I tried asking her if she was my dream guide, she kept moving away too fast and I couldn't catch up. She was only walking at a normal pace and I was running, she should have been a metre apart but eventually the distance increased to several metres and she disappeared. I got too caught up in the chase and ended up waking up.
    13. #200 + #201

      by , 02-14-2016 at 11:53 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      What an awesome dream to have on my 200th DJ, it was really stable and quite long. I entered that old 'cave-man mode' once I couldn't think of anything to really do.

      #200 - Telekinesis is a wonderful power
      I was in a hallway during day time, I followed the hallway until it led me to the back entrance of the building I was in. Ahead of me was a kid, I don't think we were supposed to be there since there was a wedding event going on or something and only the staff were allowed back here. A waiter comes out the back in the standard dark trousers, dress shirt and lower waist apron. I wrap an invisibility cloak around me and the kid, the waiter is suspicious though and gets some dust to blow into the air. He's trying to detect us, we hold our breath until he gives up and leaves. Phew!
      I talk to the kid a bit about how invisible people can be really difficult to fight, "I'll teach you a spell just incase you need to use it on invisible people" I say. I raise my wand (where did I get this?) "Ignitus!" I say with force, a bright blue flash radiates out in a delicate fashion, I show him twice I think. I talk about how invisibility is easily countered otherwise it'd be a real pain to deal with, many mages have come up with ways of dealing with people who use it, the spell I taught him is just one of many. I think I walk outside a bit and sit on the grass, there's a gravel driveway for cars to come up to the building nearby. I turn around and head up to the entrance to the building, as I go inside I notice that it's night time.
      I'm aware enough to become lucid and I turn around and head back outside. I'm in a botanical garden with the sky dark above me, there's some white-lighting from a lamp in the garden. I decide to give telekinesis a go for the dream challenge me and Emnition have going. I look to the side and see four chairs lined up (I assume they were for the aforementioned wedding gig), raising my hand I will them to lift up... Obediently they all fly up a metre of the ground, I'm a little amazed at how natural it feels and how stable the dream is. I swiftly swing my arm left, hurling the chairs with an intense force directly into the brick walls of the building I came from. Next I look at 2 nearby large green rubbish bins, raising both hands they rise before me.. I scrunch my hands into fists and the bins crumple and compact. I release them and they fall to the ground as a plastic heap .
      Next I look at a wooden park bench + table nearby, once again I telekinetically lift the object. This time I want to rip it in half. Using both my hands I make a ripping motion, but instead of getting torn in two the bench has this strange glitch effect. The two halves I intended to split kind of rolled outwardly without separating or tearing in any fashion. Bah, whatever. I decide to move on from telekinesis and find something else to do in the dream, it's been going for at least a minute already and is quite stable, though not the most exceptionally vivid (still really good though). I decide to try summon my first ex girlfriend, intending to complete that old dream goal which I no longer care about (though at this point in time I thought I did). I call her name and walk around the edge of the botanical garden, I round a corner expecting her to be there but no luck. I try again, calling her name twice more before rounding the other corner. I see a figure up ahead, success! I run on up to her, her back is facing me. I swivel her around and start flirting + kissing, she's really receptive and things progress instantly Things got sexual pretty quick as cave-man mode consumed me, it was a little more vivid at this point which is great for obvious reasons unfortunately like in most sex-dreams I woke up before getting properly satisfied.

      Dream 1 - Candy store lucid
      It's night time and I'm in a small well-lit candy store. I turn to my right to see my friend Daniel and his gf Josie bouncing around in an action that looks like they were having sex. They weren't, thankfully, otherwise I would have felt pretty awkward. Apparently it was some new dance craze O_O I head over and start talking with them, there's so much candy around us. I think Josie and Daniel both work here since they're behind the counter. I seem to realize that I'm dreaming, upon this realization the dreamscape changes dramatically but I don't even notice. The light in the room goes out and beside me is a cute chick but she isn't very busty. I'm pretty much in cave-man mode as I instantly decide that I want her, since it's a dream I decide to enhance her bust with my omnipotent dream potential, I place my right hand on her left breast and will it grow . Unfortunately the dream wasn't particularly vivid or stable, I had intended for both breasts to become really nice but instead only one grew... And pretty weirdly. It kind of just shot out, it was longer and harder than it should have been. I became aware of how dark the room actually was and looked up at the the girls face, she really is quite skinny. There's a certain evil feeling coming out of the dream that I tuned into."Ugh, well if I get her other boob to grow then take her shirt off I can just rely on the dream to correct the weirdness" is what I thought. But before I could give it a go I ended up 'waking up'. In real life I was lying on the couch and when I woke up I was the wrong way round, I had this feeling that I was drooling intensely and was slobbering everywhere. I then checked my phone and saw a message from my ex saying "Hey! Hows it going? I really love you and your fossilized wood stuff ..." there was more to the text but I can't remember it. I had told her about all the fossil wood and stuff I had found on my recent trip, which is actually true in real life. But I stopped as I read it and was like "Uhhh what?! O_O", I was confused about why she would say 'I love you' in that sentence and found it a little inappropriate. I had a feeling that she meant it as a friend but it still felt weird, I didn't manage to click to the fact that it was a dream.

      Dream 2 - Baby crazy
      I remember looking after my daughter, she was just wandering around in my parents house and it was when she was quite a bit younger than she is now. We entered the kitchen and I was practically hover handing to make sure she didn't fall over, she wandered into the kitchen cupboard and my mum came in and distracted me somehow. I was really annoyed because it was somehow inconsiderate and I wasn't able to talk with her because I had to look after my daughter. I turned back to look at my daughter but she was gone. I instantly freaked out and we started looking for her, at this point I looked around at my surroundings and saw my cat Peaches lounging around, as I looked around I kept seeing lots of her. I rounded the corner and looked down the stairs fearing that my daughter had fallen... I was really scared. I look down and saw at the bottom of the stairs... My cat peaches O_O. Lying on top of another Peaches, there were so versions of my cat.

      I woke up and next to me was my cat sitting there sleeping...

      Dream 3 - Old friend
      I must have had a dream much earlier on in the night where I had discovered my friend Aaron, it was insinuated somehow that he was dead and I made a burial for him (thought there was no body I think).

      I'm in an institute in what I think is post-apocalyptic (non-zombie, possibly nuclear). It was a concrete facility at the bottom of a deep crater. I have a feeling there was a water on one side. I can't recall what I did while I was inside this facility but I remember that there was a doctor who decided to break the rules and tell my I had to GTFO. He punched a button and sprinted, dragging me and throwing me through an opening outside, then jumped to follow. A door slammed down behind us and we high tailed the hell out of there, it was really intense. I think they were planning on capturing me unawares and using me as a guinea pig (I have a feeling they experimented on lots of animals too). We made it to the top of the crater and sat side by side... It was a calm moment, the person next to me was no longer that doctor, but instead it was Aaron. We talked, I hadn't seen him in so long. Then it dawned on me... And I punch him really hard. "I thought you were dead!!" Tears instantly start flowing and I'm consumed by this extreme sadness, I'm holding him with one hand while the other is on the ground keeping me stable during my emotional fit.
      I wake up, a little stunned by the intensity of the dream.
    14. #192 - Bath / Aliens

      by , 01-22-2016 at 06:41 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Bath
      I remember being at my ex's house and her family is there, we're warming up the bath tub so my daughter can have a bath. The water is too hot and I know that I need to add more cold water, Tim (my ex's brother) is holding onto my daughter and he lifts her over the bath. I'm too slow to react, at first I was intending to tell him not to because she still has her clothes on, but then he drops her. Instant panic and fear, I'm practically screaming NO! in my head but they won't come out. The waters too hot so it hurts her and she nearly drowns because she's still little. I'm so scared and I try rescue her from the bath but there's still a chance she breathed in some water and could drown. I wake up in shock from the whole thing feeling more than a little uncomfortable.

      Dream 2 - Aliens
      I remember I was with a crew on an alien ship or something, we're exploring the place and come across some interesting looking eggs with glowing blue veins (pretty much the same as the ones in 'Aliens vs. Predators' but with glowing-coolness). The eggs are deactivated at the moment, and I instantly think about the game I'd played recently where the turrets were deactivated and I wanted to destroy them since I knew they'd activate later on and attack me... Geeze, no one wants to attack them? Whatever. They even have guns, just one shot would do the trick. Oh well, we continue onwards and enter an open area, everyone is quite relaxed and casual. The others are quite social and I think I'm a newcomer to the group. I decide to walk back and check out the alien eggs, on my way I pass by another group member and I say something, he gets a 'Umm what...?' look on his face. I reply to his expression by saying something about how I'm just making sure we don't get killed by aliens. I walk in to the alien egg room and the door closes behind me (it's an alien door that's automatic, it looks pretty cool too). I think something happens and the eggs activate, FFFFFUUU. If only they had listened, whelp I'm not going to die atleast since I'm GTFO. I sprint out the door and into the hallway. The guy I passed in the hallway is ahead of me and I alert him to the spawning of aliens, he doesn't take me seriously though so I just yank his arm and drag him with me. He'll understand later and if he wants to stay then that's his problem I guess. He kind of just goes with it and lets me drag him along. I think this is as far as the dream went.
    15. #151 - Hardcore attempt at DEILD

      by , 11-06-2015 at 10:20 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Intensive DEILD attempt 1:
      I set my alarm to go off at 2 for a WBTB and to empty my bladder so it wouldn't distract me when I woke up for DEILD later in the night. I then went back to bed quickly and tried doing some SSILD cycles, but I think I fell asleep on the first long cycle O_O. I seem to remember waking up too soon and tried getting back to sleep again (my alarm for DEILD was set to go at 3:30am and every 15 minutes after to a total of 8 times) so I turned off the first DEILD alarm to give myself more time to fall asleep. After that I managed to wake up several times to the sound of really loud rooster screeching 'COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!' next to my pillow. It think I'll change this tone because it became seriously annoying . I did manage to lie still atleast 3 times upon waking up I think, but I didn't stay still. I always ended up moving. Also I had poor recall because of this and ended up sleeping in.

      I can't recall the order of all these dreams (except the first and last one)

      Dream 1 - FA?
      I remember waking to the sound of my alarm at 2 and rolling around and getting up but it was crazy weird because I thought I was in a dream. The feeling I had as I woke up was like deja vu. I think I woke up as my body was about to enter REM which gave me this weird feeling (not really a dream but oh well).

      Dream 2 - Script
      I remember a vague dream about the dream occurring in a dream script. Imagine reading a book and then imagining what's happening as you read, that's pretty much what this dream was like. I had done a bunch of reading before going to bed, it was like a block of text was scrolling up and there were these supporting images forming in the background that played out the story.

      Dream experience: 4 (unique)
      Dream awareness: 0 (completely unaware)

      Dream 3 - Compare and contrast
      Me and another person are in a room, not very detailed and everything isn't that focused. We're talking about something and comparing them together, but none of it makes any sense really.

      Dream experience: 2 (pretty uneventful)
      Dream awareness: 1 (emotion)

      Dream 4 - Drawing book
      I seem to be at my parents house with my family somewhere around. There are 2 parts to this dream, 1 where I'm 'awake' and another where I'm doing the same thing but in a 'dream'. In the first part I think I'm in the lounge and I have a book out. It's pretty much related to schoolwork where I'm doodling out these boxes and filling them in with time lapses to illustrate a change over time in something. The first one was to do with whales. It was a box divided into 4 segments and each depicted a whale going from one stage to the next. I think there were 3 other boxes with diagrams depicting other concepts (I had a feeling they were geology related) though I only saw 2 others and without enough clarity to make out what they were. The next part of the dream I'm 'asleep' and I'm dreaming out the same scenario in the house, this time my daughter is there though and I'm showing her what I've done. I put the book down on the ground and open it up and I can show four pages at the same time (this should be impossible since a normal book can only show 2 pages (left and right leafs)). My parents come and tell me that it's time to go, we're going out somewhere tonight I think, probably dinner.

      Dream experience: 5 (longer with 2 'parts' - kind of unique transition)
      Dream awareness: 3 (I had some inkling of a feeling that I was present, as well as being able to focus on details)
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