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    1. An OBE? nope...

      by , 01-31-2013 at 03:37 PM
      This actually happened a long time ago when I was really interested in Astral Projection and tried to do it myself. I tried WILD for the most part, but usually failed (fell asleep, got distracted etc.)
      So this one night I was sleeping and felt myself rising up in the air. So I thought to myself, 'This is it! I did it!' I looked down and saw myself in bed sleeping with my eyes open. At that point I had a thought 'What if my folks come in my room and see me not moving in my bed with my eyes open. They'll think I'm dead or in a coma or something.' So I rolled my physical body over and covered it with a blanket. At this point I should have realized that this is clearly not an OBE.
      After that was taken care of I started thinking what to do now. First thing I wanted to do was learn to fly. So I just went all 'F#@k it!' and jumped out of my 3rd floor bedroom window. I did not fly however, but instead fell face first to the ground.
      A bit disappointed I went to school, which is like 200m across from my house. There the fun began. I noticed no one could see me and I somehow finally learned to fly. I used these abilities to see what can I do while astral projecting. I found it a bit weird that i could touch some things and others I would just go right through. In one of my experiments I saw my gym teacher walking down the school hall, so I just started to fly towards her full speed ahead just to see what happens. What happened was I rammed into her. I bounced back as I saw my teacher clench her abdomen in pain and fall down. Oops!
      Next you can probably imagine what a 17 y.o high school student would do in a school full of girls, so I won't go into detail about what happened next.
      Only after I woke up I came to the conclusion that what I just experienced was not an OBE. It felt realistic for the most part, but when thinking about it it was all fake. Like, why would I still be in bed when the school has already started. Duh! Instead it was a Lucid dream, I didn't realize was a Lucid dream, since I controlled my actions, questioned my surroundings. The error was that I got LD mixed up with an OBE.
      At least that is what I think, any outside opinions are much appreciated!
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    2. Fake OBE

      by , 09-17-2011 at 04:23 PM (Realm of Dreams)
      I've been practicing and reading about OBE and Astral Projection for quite a while, and today I had a fake dream about it.:( I thought I was having an OBE because it seems so real but it was a fake dream, again!:lol:

      In my first fake OBE I was struggling to leave my body, but I was glued to it. I managed to pull half of my Astral Body out and tried to open my astral eyes but instead my I opened my physical eye and saw through, it was annoying.:P So I closed my eye and memory went to blank. I'm not sure about this one being a fake, I'm just guessing.:?

      But about this one, I'm positive that it was fake because I had a paper with some random numbers on it, placed on top of my drawer. I saw the number in dreams then checked against the number in reallity, two weren't same.:panic:

      I was practicing on leaving my body, I heard the buzzing noise and it got stronger and stronger, then I felt the vibrations. Then I suddenly found myself above my physical body with eyes closed. I tried to open my astral eyes but again my physical eye got opened, then I close it again. After closing both of my eyes, I tried to open them slowly and it worked, I could see through my astral eyes.:banana:

      Then I tried moving my astral hand up in front of my eyes and looked at it, it was pretty normal though a little smaller than my physical hand. Then I remembered that to confirm it's a real Astral Projection (OBE) I had to check the number on top of my closet. Before than I took a look around the room and out of window. I went up and picked (!) the paper on top of the closet and looked at it. I saw the number and I was excited.

      Then I went exploring the house again, but my family weren't there. So that's it, then I went back to my body and woke up only to find out it was just a fake dream.:(