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    1. Thursday, June 4

      by , 06-11-2020 at 05:14 AM
      I am walking on a path that is about to fork and incline up a hillside. I think Mom or someone else is with me. There are also two middle aged or younger women that have been walking fairly close to us. They start talking with us, asking if we think they can manage the uphill. They seem kind of sketchy to me, so I try to get them to take the path in the other direction. They end up choosing to do so, and I think it is so they don’t have to keep walking awkwardly close to us. On the uphill now, the path is narrow and sandy. I see the women walking off in the other direction and one is pulling a cart behind her, so I guess it’s good they didn’t come this way anyway.

      I am outside somewhere with Melissa, and we’re walking up to some pizza place. The storefront has some windows - I see no door - and a stainless steel counter top. There are a few picnic style tables crowded together in the front, currently all full (I think with only men). The owner? is sitting among everyone, facing us, and I hear him call out for someone’s order. He has an air of being among everything in a perfectly friendly way while also being on top of all the operations. He seems shorter and rotund, shaven and with short but thick brown hair, and genial. He takes a pizza on a white paper plate and tosses it to someone like a frisbee. It nears the ground and then slows impossibly until the guy grabs it. We’re now sitting across from this guy at a high table. He is eating from a plate of something. There are a few, three?, beers brewed/served here, and I contemplate getting one. I think they’re all IPAs, which I’m not too thrilled about. The guy refers to one as ‘thickest/dankest’? and I decide that it does sound good. I offer to get him one, and he says something about not needing another, but says yes anyway. I can tell by his grin and behaviors that he is feeling it.
    2. 4 Dec: Helping a friend confront her boss in London

      by , 12-04-2019 at 07:28 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In London visiting a friend. On arrival I see 2 triple rainbows and I do my best to photograph it, but only catch the first one already fading. Many people are watching the phenomenon, halting their cars on the road, also taking pics. As I wonder looking for a better spot to take the best shot, I get lost to a very rich and high tech zone, where basically people live and work inside a huge compound. Cars even go inside and roads cross through these humongous building. Some people never even have to go out for anything. It is completely segregated from the outside world. I don't even know how I managed to got inside but I don't ever leave a secondary area, which is basically a technical service area and access to parking. Soon I find an exit and I am on my way to meet my friends. Zilla is already with our London friend and we go to the subway. My friend was summoned by her boss and she believes she is going to be fired. But she hates his guts, he has treated her very very abusively and she wants to defend herself and maybe tell him some truths she's been keeping to herself. And for that she asks for our backup.
      We are outside the door of his office, but we can hear their meeting as it goes and the dude is disgusting. She tries to defend herself but clearly he is determined to get rid of her and comes up with a lot of insults and shitty lying arguments. Then he becomes aggressive, calls her names and we can't take it anymore, so we barge in and I push him and slap him. He fights back so I beat the crap out of him. He says he is going to call the cops and present charges and say we assaulted him. But I am carrying a gun in my back pocket, not sure where I got it and I point it at him. I say we came with the intention to use it, but we were being nice and all, so I suggest he just calls it a day. He is panicking and promises not to tell a word if we just go. We go and my friend is like "are you crazy?" But very thankful. Later on, randomly, we see the same guy sitting at some diner and we notice that the server seems a bit crazy or is also taking revenge on him, so we observe the scene. He asks for pizza and a cake and she brings him frozen pizza and a frozen cake. He doesn't seem to understand that and he actually takes a bite of each. He yells mad and the girl doesn't flinch, she continues being a total disaster serving him, touching everything with her hands, spilling juice on him and making a mess. We guess she is actually doing it on purpose.
    3. Saturday, February 9

      by , 02-17-2019 at 12:38 AM
      I am walking up to a restaurant with Mom and Makayla. It is dim or dark outside. I think this place is Italian. We’re greeted by a hostess at a table on a little covered section outside the place. She seems sort of somber and then ends up telling Mom something like ‘sorry about Catholic Charities’. I think she is going to relay to the manager that we’re here. We walk in, passing all the tables, and end up in a large back room. It seems like it’s more for staff. There are a few giant pizzas and large portions of side dishes set out on table clothed tables. Some employees are casually coming and going while we’re in here, so casual that I hear one cuss. I now grab some food. I go back for some mac ‘n’ cheese, the underside of which is badly burnt, a black crisp. I think it still tastes fine. There is a subdued sense of excitement that this is going to be comped because they actually care what happened with Catholic Charities.
    4. lx. lxi.

      by , 10-31-2018 at 01:12 PM
      lx. 28th or 29th of October

      Dream fragment:
      Something about some "stragglers"? I remember a location, from a bird's eye point of view, it was rural, there was a big mansion/manor in the middle. Remember going there and being told to try the stragglers. Remember another dream location supposedly nearby. Looked a bit like a dump inside, it was like a giant metal container, not unlike a shipping container but bigger.

      Some sort of dwarf-like people, these stragglers. I was here to mine some titanium ore or something, and they hadn't been able to find any but I did.

      lxi. today, 31st of October

      Dream fragment:
      Something about my partner wanting pizza.

      Dream fragment:
      A dream that was half-real half-game? Everything was fine but then there was some sort of war? Remember building blocky planes or vehicles and wondering if I couldn't just stay behind to do important logistics instead of flying off.

      At some point in this dream I remember a living room of some sort and some pizza, a tv and a sofa...

      Some notes about the dreaming:
      • The first dream fragment feels related to the story I started writing a couple of weeks ago as a dreaming script. I have been thinking about that story but not writing a lot on it because of my tiredness.
      • The war dream and building a plane probably comes from recently trying out the game "Besiege".

      Some general waking-life notes:

      • I've been a bit too tired recently and just can't get up or wake up at the time I want to, and it has happened I've gone to bed later than I wanted to as well.
      • Lately I've been thinking about why certain elements never come up in dreams; such as reflective surfaces and some of things I do in waking life (such as painting and drawing).
      • There have been mornings where I did initially recall a small dream fragment lately, but several times I had to get up and get on with something else and I'd forget the fragments or not have focused enough on them initially to be able to make a mental or written note.
      • I have been practicing reality checks quite often and especially trying to make note of when things could potentially be dream elements. But the intention or the check muscle memory doesn't seem to be carrying over at all into dreams at the moment. Maybe I need to read more again, that seems to stimulate something different.

      + Previous score: 60.5

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 1.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment * 3: 1.5

      = Total score thus far: 62.0

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      side notes , non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. lii.

      by , 10-14-2018 at 09:54 AM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at around 8, not recalling any dreams apart from a very vague visual fragment, lost it and decided to sleep more, waking up again around 9 recalling a single long-ish non-lucid.

      Me and my partner (H) arrived by car at some pizza restaurant; I remember H backed up to park near the building, but he was parking towards some plastic tables and chairs. He was aware of them and stopped a couple of inches away from them. There was a small bump noise and when I got out there was a waitress from the restaurant asking "is everything ok?" and I looked closely at the chairs/bumper and said to her it was all fine, and she accepted it.

      It was night time... H was going to sit outside (unlikely) and I was going to order the pizzas, in the dream it was implied we usually did it the other way around; I walked through the entrance doorway, which had no door as I remember. It was a dimly lit restaurant (probably contextual residue that far too many bloody restaurants are now, I'd like to see what I'm eating) and I walked towards the counter to make our order.

      There was a guy at the counter and a waitress on my side and she said she'd take my order; she looked happy and not just for the job, she just seemed happy. I said I wanted two pizzas, one would be the bacon and cheese melt or something (for my partner) and she said "oh I'm sorry but that will be double because of (?)"; she then showed me a menu trying to explain why, because in the dream memory this was implied to be new at the restaurant. She explained they were changing how some pricings worked and that all the outside was going to be reworked by AI over the next few days. We concluded the pizza I was ordering would still be the same price (9 something came into my head in the dream but no figures were spoken). She said OK and I said the next pizza would be with "some (?), cheese and some onion", thinking that I would like something salad-y with or on it. As if she knew exactly what I was thinking, she asked if I wanted some rocket lettuce or something but she said that I couldn't have any because they were out, so very oddly the choices instead of that were some sort of beetroots or cubes of lard... The stuff was all shown to me in the counter, which had become one of those with glass and the food in it (like at ice cream shops and sandwich bars).

      I said it was fine and thanked her and all the while we were talking she kept getting distracted by her co-workers. One of the other guys was some German guy that came from Berlin on a plane which caught fire mid-flight and landed here. They even had some pictures on a wall of the survivors? Whatever the photos were, they made me accept the story.

      Then I remembered to ask "oh, do I pay now or after?" and she said "uh, whichever". I said I'd pay now. But as I did, lots of people started entering the (previously) quiet restaurant. They sat at every possible table, as if on cue for something to happen. The waitress faced the counter and started talking to the guy over the counter I think.

      I waited, starting to be a little annoyed by the fact it had taken this long to do the order (it felt like a long time). I looked around and I can't remember what happened (something did) but all of a sudden everyone was singing roughly and half were clapping in a slow rhythm. I joined in the clapping and then shortly after, two people started chasing each other and the clapping stopped a moment after, but then they stopped chasing each other and sat back down.

      As all the clapping and clamour happened, more people were entering the restaurant, including H, who I could see clearly from a distance, head illuminated by a spotlight as he came in.

      At the same time, the waitress next to me dropped all her clothes. I was still waiting to pay, I initially glanced at her naked body but then just looked over the counter, wondering when I was going to be able to just pay for the order; I also automatically performed a reality check with my left hand after she got naked. But unfortunately I concluded the amount of fingers to be correct and I didn't remember to test the solidness of the reality. I felt like I was right in the centre of view (more than the naked girl) and felt awkward doing my RC there. Nobody in the restaurant was shocked (I wasn't either) but she started laughing and saying something to someone on a table near me; she was facing the counter the whole time, so most of the restaurant would only see her backside, as I was to her right, and to her left was a wall. Something about the "AI works" came up again at some point.

      I remember being outside again, and some sort of game-like thing happening (regarding organising of the outside layout with AI) but I can't remember in detail.

      The dream ended soon after. I think I still have the lingering feeling of being annoyed by not being able to simply pay.

      I remembered a small fragment while writing the long dream, something about H wanting to buy or take a car overseas. I remember a weird wooden house place with triangle glass windows and very strange layouts. It was day.

      Quite tired so I'll leave notes for now.

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 42.5

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 7.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream: 1.0
      ++ Perform a reality check: 5.0
      ++ Buy/Purchase something: 1.0

      = Total score thus far: 50.0
    6. xvi.

      by , 08-04-2018 at 10:13 AM
      Non-dream stuff; Just some non-lucid fragments. Must have woken up at 8 but don't remember it, and then woke up at 9 again, initially thinking it was still 8 and didn't make the correct recall efforts.

      Fragment 1:
      Not sure what the location was, but I remember volcanic rocks and things like that. Most of what I remember was fighting with a witch over a pizza or something, and she had my yellow box-cutter and tried stabbing me with it. We were locked in a struggle of me resisting the knife and her trying to push it into my chest.

      Fragment 2:
      Think it was part of the same dream, I remember me and one of my siblings playing a game. I remember gyro-copters and gnomes from Warcraft.

      • The box-cutter is one I own in waking life but it's a bit old now and actually isn't very good at all because the blade often drops out of its slot.
      • The pizza was small, like a microwave pizza.
      • I can't really remember what the witch looked like other than a stereotype, with black pointy hat.
    7. Helping the Homeless of the Future

      by , 03-31-2018 at 08:27 AM
      Morning of March 31, 2018. Saturday.

      My final dream of today’s date goes into the typical meandering sequences that involve sustained diverse random autosymbolism of which are too numerous to have any cohesion. (This is similar to when dream characters change identity more than once per second, cycling through hundreds of different identities and appearances in a short time.) However, I eventually find my dream stabilizing (though I do not become viably lucid, only subliminally lucid).

      As I walk in an unknown region and I feel that I am somehow in the distant future (and yet there is no implication of time travel), I notice a few structures to my left (dream-oriented side). These structures are of a few different sizes, though resemble boxcars with one side missing. They are elevated by about three feet. The open areas face the footpath. There are people inside them. In one case, with a larger structure, it seems there at least twenty people both seated and standing in a three-tiered arrangement, which reminds me of a class photograph from the 1960s. The imagery is pale and gray and I cannot tell if they are all dressed or not or wearing pale pajamas or long johns. (Of course, this is a dream state indicator that reflects the subliminal awareness that I am not dressed as I am sleeping in bed.)

      I lift my right hand and direct a light that spreads out over the ground in front of the structure. Various objects begin to appear over a wide area (at least ten feet square), mostly combinations of food items, mainly canned food in sets of two and three, and small toys, such as groups of five small felt dolls with each one being bigger than the previous. I maintain my focus until the area is mostly covered.

      Some of the people leave the structure and seem grateful to me. I then direct the light to create a pile of documents farther back from the structure, one for each person, and tell them that money and food can be attained through the use of these documents. “They are real,” I tell them.

      My mother eventually appears, mostly to my right (waking-orientation autosymbolism) though she is not actually my mother but a thin woman of about forty who eventually seems to have a medical problem relating to her throat and neck (possibly a subliminal association with incidental sleep apnea, which is very rare for me). However, my dream meanders and changes from this point.

      From here, an unknown young male appears. He reminds me of a young version of Leonard from the King Street mansion (who I have not seen in real life since the beginning of 1994). At this point, the typical indoor outdoor ambiguity dominates the nature of the setting. The setting is now mostly implied to be on the surface of the ocean, though there is a partial floor to my right (subliminal waking-orientation side, as I sleep on my left side). I am now sitting in an armchair. I ask the male what he wants. He apparently wants a certain kind of potato chips that are no longer made.

      I wave my right hand horizontally and manifest a container with potato chips in it (on the floor to my right). These are not the ones he wants, though he tastes a couple. He is looking for a discontinued brand of potato chips called “Widgets”. I mentally make another container, this time a small commercial bag, and they seem to be the right ones. They are oddly shaped, somewhat like a figure eight, with two chips connected end to end. They have a dark red powder which may be implied to be barbecue flavor. He seems grateful but now also wants a pizza. I wave my hand towards the floor to my right and then pick up a pizza to give him. I tell him that the price of everything I had given him is four dollars and he pays me with two Australian two-dollar coins. (The Australian coins are the only thread of my current conscious self identity. Otherwise, there is no memory of my real life at all.)

      He turns to walk off and I notice he is walking on the water. I reason that the white fishing boots he is wearing have an advanced technology that allows him to do this. He reaches over to his right and picks up a long stringer of fish from an odd structure that resembles a bicycle parking rack and continues to walk. I notice that there is a large largemouth bass at the bottom of the stringer (where there are at least six or seven smaller fish above it) and compliment him on the fish he caught.

      From here, he goes to a Wendy’s to order more food (which is off to his left). The restaurant has the look of a Wendy’s inside a shopping mall and is somehow solid upon the ocean’s surface. I notice the beautiful blue sky above and beyond. I remain seated in my armchair that is floating on the ocean until I slowly wake.

      This is a variation of what would otherwise be the very common water lowering waking symbolism (a repeating dream component for over fifty years) in this particular stage of sleep. Although RAS mediation had rendered the awareness of waking life by way of the implied partial floor on my right, there is no defined transition typically relating to the waking start or a quicker transition from dream self to conscious self. Water is autosymbolism for the essence of sleep, physical release, and the absence of emotion. The personified preconscious walking on the water is autosymbolism for a very passive and peaceful waking transition. The large bass is the emergent consciousness factor and represents the dynamics of my mind emerging from sleep, the autosymbolism of which has occurred in thousands of previous dreams since childhood.

    8. Pizza Delivery by Boat

      by , 01-27-2018 at 08:50 AM
      Morning of January 27, 2018. Saturday.

      The usual water induction begins, but I lose my main threads of lucidity (which is often deliberate, as I often prefer what non-lucid dreams can render as a learning experience, and additionally, lucidity often randomly returns later in the sleep cycle anyway), though my dream remains very vivid. I find myself at our present address after the usual forest lakes and river scenes.

      The surfaces of the streets are replaced by water (lifelong recurring feature) but there is no association with flooding or seeing it as an unusual or “wrong” feature. It seems to be about nine o’clock at night.

      Apparently, we had ordered pizza, though there only seems to be one pizza when the boat arrives and the deliverer, a young unfamiliar male, bends down to hand it to me. For some reason, there is no payment made.

      The unknown young male has slight difficulty in backing up from the curb in front of our house. I cheerfully advise him, “Don’t bang into the sign.” (This is in reference to the “GIVE WAY” sign that, due to recent street widening, is fairly close to the middle of the street now, near the intersection.) He shows no emotion and continues to back out. There is a loud but very pleasant jingling sound, which has something to do with the movement of the boat, though this event does not really make much sense unless there is a large set of wind chimes somewhere on the boat. (It is almost as if the sound is coming from elsewhere regardless of the association.)

      Later, with the implication of time passing or changing, it now seems to be afternoon. I see young males riding ATVs down the street (east) and performing tricks, and I feel somewhat annoyed by their antics. The surface of the street, at least closer to the curb, is now mainly mud.

      We have not had pizza from a takeout restaurant since we got very ill from severe food poisoning (our oldest son being hospitalized for about a week). Even so, we did not have pizza delivered here, as the places were just down the street.

      The presence of water or water rising (which symbolizes sleep) is autosymbolism for entering the dream state, while water lowering over time, or being replaced by mud or some other feature (or no longer being present at all) is autosymbolism for leaving the dream state. This has been the case on a day-to-day basis since early childhood, for over fifty years.

      The jingling association is based on chimes (which I often bump into) being near the bathroom door. The area near the curb was actually muddy in real life recently. They had put in a corner section with a ramp, but no other part of a sidewalk has been added in weeks.

    9. December 5, 2017 Non-Lucid

      by , 12-05-2017 at 07:51 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was at an amusement park called "Kings Dominion" with my mom dad sisters friends and a girl from my uni named Judy. I believe it may have been my birthday because they kept asking me what I wanted to do. At some point we all get separated and I'm back at the front of the park with my friend Moo. He tells me where each person is at and doing. My vision changes from location to location seeing my friends and family on these rides. I see my friends Grayson and Sam on this bouncy house thing that has water and a lot of dirt/straw. I walk around the park in the dream. I remember waiting in line for this really huge roller coaster.

      I'm at some pizza place with my family and friends on a vacation. Everyone has decided what they want but I can't make up my mind. I've already ordered a pepperoni slice with no sauce on it. My mom asks me if that's really what I want. My aunt Ameigh is raving on about some combo deal of chicken alfredo pizza. I ask the person waiting on us how much the chicken alfredo is and she says that it'll be $10,000 for a big pizza and $10.99 for a medium slice. I tell her to show me the back so we can negotiate a pizza deal. I jump behind the bar and follow her back to this massive warehouse full of uncooked pizzas with a bunch of people there. I'm looking around and I'm seeing people licking and touching on all of the pizzas which was disgusting. She walks me back towards the bar where I see an chicken alfredo pizza on the ground which she says is mine. I look at it and it has some sort of sex toy and other liquids on the pizza which makes me decide I won't accept the pizza. It was so bizarre and surprising.

      From the pizza place we travel very close to a beach. My aunt Heather is there with her family and there's a bunch of random strangers I don't recognize. There's particularly a bunch of kids around the age of 10-15 with us on this vacation. We're playing in the ocean, jumping through waves. I keep trying to tell my friend Moo the story about the pizza place but he kept interrupting me. At some point fireworks are shooting off in the distance and everyone's focusing on that. Out in the distance of the ocean is a boat that's playing James Taylor. Everyone was sitting down watching fireworks but once they heard the music they get up and start to dance. I remember thinking it was crazy how these kids are getting up and dancing to someone as old as James Taylor but it was nice, I was dancing too.
    10. Dream - Alternate Dimension And Pizza

      by , 10-23-2017 at 10:54 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 4 OCT - 2017
      Nap Time Range: 4:50 PM - 5:40 PM

      Dream No. N206 - Alternate Dimension And Pizza

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was at my old house but forgot what I was specifically doing. Apparently I was shopping at Fountain Gate shopping centre before the dream started. Also, I don't live at the same address as in real life; it's somewhere unknown and completely different.

      I was with a few other people and told them about this new dimension that I could go to which would allow me to be close to WB without her knowing. I then invited them to actually come with me; apparently WB herself was also in that group. I ended up showing them all my house near the beach which was a small wooden cottage. There was a lake nearby surrounded by cement pavement where some Home and Away events were taking place... It was actually the real Home and Away cast doing this.

      The dream scene then shifted to me being back at my old house again. I was eating some of my mum's home-made pizza which tasted better in the dream than in real life. I then woke up due to the phone ringing.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

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    11. So close.

      by , 08-29-2017 at 05:24 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      Dream 1: I was getting some pepperoni pizza. I got 4 slices, but I wanted more. It actually occurred to me that hey, I can just make it into a whole pizza. So I did, and it turned into a whole pizza.

      However, this strange lapse of logicality did nothing to help me become lucid! I didn't fully recognize that I was dreaming, yet I was able to manipulate my environment in ways that I can't do in reality. Very interesting, and so close but not quite!

      Dream 2: My poetry professor was talking to me and was pretty nice, and I was still angry at him for giving me a B+ in his class. </3
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      non-lucid , memorable
    12. Video Games, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hiding

      by , 06-27-2017 at 06:22 PM (Dream)
      Side Notes
      Vs Hades
      I was playing a Kingdom Hearts Game, just defeated a boss then I realized I'm going to have to fight Hades again.
      We're in a hallway it was like the Underworld in KH2 but there was lava and acid.
      I did lots of air combos on him, he had a KH1 Life Bar, he was on Orange health.
      I fell in the acid accidently and healed myself. I remember in KH2 Blizzaga did lots of damage on him.
      I checked my shortcuts but I didn't put it in there, I had to scroll down to Magic and scroll to Blizzaga.
      I get damaged but I have Once More and Second Chance, I air slide to the other side of the room and run.
      I pause the game, Donald's behind me which he didn't show up previously. When I am pausing the game I can see Sora's
      MP restoring.

      Finish Him!
      I was at E3, I ate 5 slices of pizza. Two of my friends Steve and Kevin were playing some 2D fighting game.
      I remember Steve was playing as a Ryu like character while, Kevin was playing as Sub Zero.
      I ate another slice of pizza and left a slice on a table.
      He beats steve and I hear "F*** him!" but I was probably mishearing the game, it was Finish Him.
      Kevin does a chain fantality on the Ryu like character.
      I comment that it's hard for me to remember the fantalities and supers.
      We're at school and I say "I wonder if they have a (Video Game) specific bus." We're heading to the buses.
      Some person next to me says "They don't have School Buses for Specific Games, idiot."


      I was at School, in some classroom. I think it might've been a first day for the class.
      Sometimes teachers on the first day do an activity for the students.
      Our teacher made everyone play...Yugioh, you can only pick two cards and you have to see if you can beat your partner
      with only two cards.


      At School, again. I remember being on the blacktop at Elementry School and being in a room with someother kid hiding in a locked office from aliens at the High School.
      How do you guys like my new Color Code? Whenever, I type my dreams up: I forget most of them but as I write, I start to remember my other dreams. Unfortunately, I couldn't fully remember the 'Hiding' dream.
      June 27th, 2017
    13. 4/18/17 (L) DILD L2 | Car Chase, Pizza Stalls

      by , 04-18-2017 at 01:56 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      In this scenario, I had to chase bad guys in a car or bike. They had a car. I retried the same mission multiple times, but I could never catch them. I always lost at the same place--a section of freeway that caused my tires to slide. It was daytime, btw. The chase started at night, shortly after they left a store. One o them said, "He tracked us all the way back. How'd he do that?" after finding out a couple things on their laptop. My younger sister was with me too, both in the car whenever I was in the car, and next to me whenever it was a video game.
      [New Scene]
      I became lucid in a carpeted room with stalls that spawned and dropped pizza. For some reason, I felt that I couldn't finish my routine until at least half the pizza had dropped on the floor. Stupid. Also delicious.
      Time: 20-30 seconds

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    14. You Are The Winner, Wait No

      by , 10-26-2016 at 11:38 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Just a short entry because I'm lazy, but I thought this was quite funny, and random, and I hardly ever post dreams that aren't super depressing/disturbing.

      I was in the mountains, and there was a Dominos. I ordered myself a pizza, and while I was eating it, a lady came up to me and told me I was the lucky winner, and that I won $13,000. I was so happy I started crying. A little while later, the same lady came up to me and said, "Sorry, actually you aren't the winner" and someone else got the money. So then I started crying again, sad tears.
      The end.
      Tags: pizza
    15. LD #294: Subway and Subway

      by , 05-13-2016 at 03:06 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I remember lots of stuff happened but the first thing that I really remember is being on a subway train and someone saying that there were vampires on-board. There was also something to do with angels that were supposed to be fighting them. I remember when I asked myself where the angels were I got a vision of them sitting on a cloud eating doughnuts and playing cards. I became lucid.

      The first vampire I saw was turned the other way, terrorizing some girl before he drank her blood. I pulled a wooden stake from hyperspace and impaled him.

      I made my way back along the train. For some reason, I was just throwing the vampires out the window. It seemed like the easiest and quickest way to dispose of them. At some point I saw the master vampire, a female with two children, one male and one female. I remember she kept ordering the male child to drink the blood of different people while not allowing the female any. It was also at this point that the subway had become an above ground train. The male child complained that he was full.

      For whatever reason, I felt like I needed help here. I turned and ran for a window before the male child could get me. I had some doubts that I could jump out the window and fly, but it seemed to work regardless. I remember I flew above the city we were passing through. I used the summoning command and when I did, I saw Manei in the backseat of a car. I pulled down next to her. The car was driving seemingly by itself. I opened the backdoor. I remember she was wearing some heavy jacket or hoodie that she wanted to take off before we went. I grabbed her hand.

      "Are you ready"


      I pulled her up into the air. I tried to ignore the fact that I had a passenger, since that usually results in a quick and painful "Landing". I took her up. The city we were in wasn't very big. I was trying to find the train tracks again, but I didn't see them anywhere. I remember there was a single glass skyscraper. There was an open window near the top floor that I flew into, through the building and out the other side. She started screaming at this point. I couldn't tell if she was having fun or terrified. Probably somewhere inbetween.

      I went down low over the street. A big semi was coming towards us and rolled out of the way. I started to go up again but she said something about my fire jets not being real. I think the conversation went something like this.

      "You're not flying, silly. You're just going 'fwssh' with your mouth"

      "Yes I am, I've used fire jets a couple of times..."

      We got stuck in midair. I couldn't get the fire jets back on.

      "Well at least we're not falling... "

      Cartoon gravity proceeds to kick in and we smack into the middle of the street. We make a large crater but there were no cars. Fortunately she didn't seem irritated by the crash that she caused by making me lose confidence, but it doesn't seem like she appreciated my brand of flying. She said something about the vampires not mattering, apparently the lazy angels had finally gotten around to fighting them or it just wasn't worth chasing that train because it probably wasn't going to turn up again at this point anyway

      Manei said something about going to subway. Apparently it was inspired by how me and S always like to go to subway together IWL. I opened the door of a random building (I think it was a church or some kind of house of worship) and expected there to be a subway. There was a fantastically gigantic line however. By swiping my hand over the crowd I was able to erase them and pretty much empty the store. (I think there was a few people left.) I rubbed my hands together, but it added no clarity to the dream.

      I remember I jumped over all of the waiting line ropes (there were a lot of them.) She bought all the food though and said something about her mother working here. She seemed really proud of that fact, and I didn't want to rain on her little parade by telling her that working at subway isn't much of an accomplishment. We sat down at the table in the corner and she brought the food. I think she got a personal pizza for herself and a sub for me. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I figured she'd know my sub given that she is in essence just an aspect of me.

      Everything seemed normal. While wrapped up the sub seemed normal sized but when I unwrapped it it was miniscule, like a little one or two bite sandwich. (I know I'm not a big eater IWL, but this is ridiculous.) I bit into it and it was particularly bland, even as far as dream food goes. She sensed my frustration and agreed to trade me the remainder of the tiny sub for some of her pizza (that was now like a full size pizza). But first she took a branch that I vaugely remember her picking just before we went inside and pulled off all the little pink flowers that were on it and put them on the pizza. I commented something about that not tasting good and she said that she would just have the whole pizza for herself then. I woke up.

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