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    1. [Dream #4 - 1/16/2016] WILDing Attempts & Multi-Scenarios

      by , 01-17-2016 at 05:00 AM (The Book of the Multiverse)

      This is Squall Leonhart

      I honestly, wasn't really feeling like posting this journal entry but I decided to post the notes I had in my physical journal anyways before it got too late in the night.

      Scenario #1 [Woke Up @ 1:08AM]: I was underwater, drowning, while looking at the pretty scenery and colorful coral. The gagging effect was very vivid and felt real and has brought me back into a fully conscious state.

      Scenario #2 [Woke Up @ 1:13AM]: I was looking for Shadow the Hedgehog in this large campus sized area of a college at night. I headed over to the men's dorm area where I somehow got stuck in-between this small star case up at the entrance door. Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8 came out side in a very happily, almost flamboyant personality. I called out to him to help me up. With a flick back getting his brown hair out from his face, he smiled as he reached his arm out to me. Grabbing it I lifted myself up. Then I awoke...

      Other Small Scenarios #3: [Woke Up @ 3:46AM]: While laying in bed in the middle of WILDing, I have encountered random scenes playing through my head, one of such involved Sonic the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog sitting together on a red couch as Silver grabbed Sonic's leg and held him up in the air. This was more of a dreamlet (hypnagogia).

      Scenario #4 [Woke Up @ 1:26PM]: This is fragmented a bit since I can't really remember most of what was going on clearly. I was at another college-like campus and there were tons of people all around. I was with some emo-looking guy I had a crush on and who supposedly knows me. We got separated in the school's enormously large library and I was trying to find him. While exiting past the metal detector and proceeding to head back in. The lady at the desk stated that I couldn't come back unless I payed the fee. We argued about it as I stated, "Why do I have to pay money to go into the library!" I then woke up.

      Notes: I cannot think of much to say for that night. I been awake and back to sleep many times throughout the night and all through the morning. I have been trying to keep Shadow the Hedgehog as my focus for a while (I'm trying to achieve the first goal in my workbook). Imagining him and I walking up stairs for instance. I will say that eventually my busy mind settled to only the thought of the creature as his face would constantly show up in dreamlets (hypnagogia) but have never gotten farther then that sadly.

      I may try WILDing again tonight.

      Date 1/16/2016

      Went to bed 11:50PM

      Woke up Fully awoken at 1:26PM

      *Time logged 1:26PM (in physical dj)

      Total sleep You do the math...

      Stress level throughout the day Moderate


      *Daytime Reality Checks, daydreamed (of Shadow The Hedgehog)

      *Recall Mantras (Stated to myself that I would see Shadow the Hedgehog in my dream and that I would remember it)

      *Inducing Method Looked at pictures of Shadow the Hedgehog on Tumblr

      Dream Signs N/A

      Perceived Length N/A

      Emotions N/A

      Awareness N/A

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Destroying Flavors of Pop...6/24/11(Late Morning)

      by , 06-24-2011 at 04:04 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      I find myself awaking in the same ditch again. I walk down a little and start to think about school(DS). Wait...I now do a reality check. I can breath through my nose. Then, I look at my hands. My middle fingers are extremely small! Well, okay. I'm now lucid! Awesome. Time to go have some more fun! Then, I see Shenron flying around. What the hell's he doing here. He passes by, and I jump up on him. I crawl up to the green dragon's head.
      "What's wrong Shenron?" I ask. He pauses.
      "A lot." he replies in his really deep voice. We are now circling a field. "Those kids down there(I look down and see four kids in a circle)are causing Hell!" He continues to circle. I cup my hands to my side.
      "KA...ME...HA...ME...HA!" I now fire a blue ki blast in the middle of their circle. They all jump back.
      "What kinda crappy shot was that?" one asks. I jump down from Shenron.
      "A warning shot." I notice it's night time. They now tell me that they're planning to destroy the flavors apple, grape, orange, and cherry. Orange has already been destroyed. Damn! Wait...what the fuck?!
      "Now, we'll destroy another." One says.
      "Not if I can help it!" I say. "Check this new move out!" I cup one hand to my right side and charge my ki. Suddenly, a green ball surrounded by green aura appears. A Final Shine attack! Then, one of them splashes me with super cold water. Shit! I'm now a girl. Damn cold water! I realize my green ki ball is gone. My right hand is too cold to do another. Left hand it is!
      "The only way to stop us is to destroy that indestructible net!" one says. One of them is standing in front of the net. BIG! MISTAKE! I now do the Final Shine with my left hand. The one in front of the net looks scared. Indestructible my ass!
      "FINAL SHINE ATTACK!" I shout. I now launch a GIANT green blast at the net. It instantly blows right through the net. The guy in front of it got caught in the blast and landed by the hot chick house. I now speed fly over there, and laugh at him. I now speed fly back. They are all in shock. But, I then