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    1. Mrs. Kelly's Science Class

      by , 02-02-2015 at 06:57 AM
      It was the first day back at school. I was laying down on the warm carpet floor with my back against the wall inside an office-like building. I stood right next to the classroom door, which was only a few inches away. Me and the other 15 or so individual students were waiting near the entrance waiting for our teacher to open up the door. I stood there observing the environment around me, absorbing the same depressing, atmospheric feeling of the first day of school. One of the students walked up to me, a girl. She stand down right next to me and, if I remember correctly, she asked me if there was anything wrong. I don't remember what I said to her.

      When the time finally came, a moment difficult for me to recall, the door opened and we were all able to walk in to the class. I got back up on my feet and slowly walked through the doorway. The crowd of the students followed. As I was walking in to the classroom, I noticed a similarity of what I had seen in one of my previous dreams. The same classroom layout. Every single object within the room looked exactly like it did the last time I was here. Everything was in order. The desks, walls, carpet, and window were all recycled elements of my past. I never questioned whether I was dreaming or not.

      As everyone was deciding where going to sit for the rest of the year, I quickly walked over to one of the tables laid out just right next to the front podium of the teacher's work area. I sat down facing her right side. I waited there for a few seconds and then a few other students decided to sit at the table. I stared at the front of the class and waited for the teacher's introduction.

      When the whole class was set and everyone placed in their seats, the instructor begun teaching. I looked up at her and realized the person teaching us was going to be Mrs. Kelly, an old science teacher back at high school. I wasn't sure whether I was die of boredom or see something in class I probably have never seen before. As soon as she started talking to the class, she already started pointing out the different meanings of each term that was laid out on the overhead projected just behind her podium.

      I sat there in my seat wondering when she was going to be done teaching. My eyes began drowsing off to sleep. That's when I questioned whether or not the subject material she was teaching us was boring or not. I spent a couple of seconds trying to focus on what she was actually talking about. After a few more seconds of listening to her, I begun understanding what she was actually talking about, making learning a little bit better for me.
    2. Slap in the Face!

      by , 06-25-2014 at 06:28 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      The slapping part is in red.

      Riding my bicycle to work at night, I get too close to a police trap and trigger a bunch of flashing lights and end up with a police SUV tailing me on my bicycle. I make sure I do everything according to the rules of bike traffic, and glance at my cell phone to check the time as I wait for the crosswalk signal to flash "Walk". All this hassle works, and the police leave me alone. Phew.

      Walking into work, it's my first day on the job, but I know where my cube is. Only it's down a long hallway, with lots of wooden desks and chairs in the way. Climbing over them, crawling under others, I greet a few new co-workers as I make my way past. One of them tells me about Bob who always mistakes people for other things as they climb over the desks.

      Finally arriving at my desk in a little cubicle, I try to clock in on the computer really quickly, I'm already 18 minutes past 3. Even though I don't yet have a work schedule, I feel like I should have been there earlier. I enter my login ID, and type the password too quickly, making a mistake. As I attempt to correct it, the manager's secretary approaches me and places her hand on my keyboard telling me, "We're firing you".
      "It's my first day, why are you firing me?"
      "You'll have to ask the owner." She says matter of factly before she takes a step back from my desk. I just quit a stable job because my friend works here and really enjoys it. I start to think I quit too soon, and think about how to get reinstated at my old job.

      She then motions for me to follow her as she is escorting me off the premises. "I would like to speak with the owner" I tell her as we near the main office area. She opens the door to a large office with "Harry" written on the door. Harry looks really pissed off: red faced, sort of sweating, jittery with rage. "Why are you firing me?" I ask sincerely looking for any reason.
      "Because you were screwing around on your phone!"
      "But I didn't even use my phone!"
      "Well, I tried to call you before you got to work and you didn't answer"
      I think back to my trip to work, and remember when I checked the time, I had no missed calls. And also, when I got to my desk, there were still no missed calls. Humoring his reason, even though it is a lie, I tell him that, "Sometimes the traffic is loud when I'm riding my bike next to the road. How can I get fired for that?"

      He walks right up to me and slaps me hard across my face. I am a bit surprised, and look back at him with wide eyes. He slaps me again! "How is this making me want to keep my job?" I ask him, only to get another slap. I just take it like a champion boxer because I would like to keep this job, and the odds of doing so would be really low if I retaliated. I stare at him, waiting for an answer, only to get punched square in the nose, then again in the forehead. Tired of being a human punching bag after taking another punch to the jaw, I tell him, "Fine, I'm leaving" and walk out of his office.

      While attaching my bike bags, and pant straps to get ready to bike home, I overhear the secretary tell the owner that they can't just fire me like that. I would first have to temporarily suspended, then allowed a second chance. Encouraged, I turn back to the front desk and see both the secretary and Harry behind safety glass like at a ticket booth. Harry is ignoring me, and the secretary asks me, "What do you want?"
      "I'd like to speak with Harry" I tell her. She gestures for me to walk over to his side of the desk. 'This is the first time in my life I've appreciated safety glass' I think as I walk up to Harry.

      Contemplating how to get him to work with me rather than against me I tell him, "So that we're on the same page here, I'm just suspended temporarily right? Not fired?" He nods in agreement, then tells me I still have a job. I realize he must be afraid I'll sue him and the company for firing me, or at least for the beating he just gave me. I don't plan on it, I just want to have a job so I can buy food.

      Feeling like I've now got an Ace up my sleeve, and immunity from being fired, I ride my bike back home.

      Arriving home, my house is in a large parking lot, with a highway overpass going above it, just next to the front door. Someone in the parking lot asks me how I am able to get any sleep, and what it's like living so close to the road. "I don't hear it at all when I'm inside" I tell them as I sort through my key chain looking for my house key to go inside.
    3. 12 May 2012

      by , 05-13-2012 at 11:30 PM (May Experiment)
      Writing this at 5:30PM on May 13 2012. I slightly recall remembering my dreams of that night. Very vague nothing vivid and very displeasing. First night of my research month. Confused that I did not become lucid or at least remember dreams. I felt very focused and aware in the waking world. The day before (11 May 2012) I spent hours on hours reading about lucid induction, as well as reading about others lucid dreams with the thought that if I spent most of the day concentrating and focusing on lucid dreams, I would have one. (Or at least remember my regular dreams). As of now I hadn't remembered my dreams and this is really putting a damper on my experiment as I need to progress fast.