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    1. 3/17/2014

      by , 03-17-2014 at 06:26 PM
      False Awakening

      In one of my dreams last night I was flying a helicopter through an obstacle course in what looked like a mountainous desert. I think there was water to the right. The course was to see if I was a good pilot. After I finished the course, a big monster started attacking people and I started shooting it with my helicopter.
      In my other dream, I dreamt that I was being held captive in a castle along with a lot of other people. We then managed to escape and were free. I remember walking through a town with some of the people that were captives and they were happy.
      I had a false awakening. My GF's alarm went off but it wasn't coming from her phone but from the TV.
      I was with the student flight class and in a classroom setting. A guy was telling me he was gonna kick my ass and when he grabbed me, I took him down and was going to handcuff him. I let him go and he was butthurt. We then sat down so the instructors could say something but no one in the class was paying attention and were being disrespectful. I got up and told them to show some fucking respect and they turned up the air conditioner to drown out my voice. I turned off the air conditioner and started yelling. I told them to get up and line up against the wall outside the classroom. I went to get my backpack and only a few of them remained where they were.
    2. 3/15/2014

      by , 03-17-2014 at 06:16 PM
      In my dream I was in the desert flying a helicopter. I destroyed a tank and then went underground with a friend. Suddenly, I saw people from my high school JROTC enter the building. I was making skeletons that were the size of action figures.