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    1. cxlviii.

      by , 08-31-2020 at 01:49 AM
      8th August 2020 8:30

      Fragment (DFLN thread):

      Recall faded somewhat. Left too long before deciding to type.

      Was underwater, felt something like Conan:Exiles but overall it was a mixture of different things. (nice and specific as always... )

      A cutscene of an event? Something about having a wee, or reproducing? A giant blue or dark teal female-like character had phallic tentacles from their genital area and they wrapped them around me or my character and left some kind of "seed". (my visual recall of this seems to have faded, but I remember it was quite distinct)

      Then something similar happened again? But with a different creature. Then I remember being equally big and trying to protect some smaller spawn.

      A wave of zeds from KF appeared and I used my giant arms to simply swat them away as they swam closer?

      Some other part, going up in a lift in a rush after escaping while fighting. Remember using a shotgun in a first-person mode. As the lift made a stop, there was a character. A deer, or half-deer. Something about the hooves was important? I remember a divinely glow of some kind behind the character... But not sure now.

      Then, further along, inside a gigantic tree that had been planted earlier (when?) but could sort of see inside out or something when looking up, weird perspective stuff. A bit cinematic-y.


      Drawing on tablet?

      8th August 2020 10:10


      In the old kitchen at the old home. Something about mom making a deal, or promise? With me, or with dad, who was also in the room. There's some cooking going on, I was making something soupy, or sauce-like.

      In an earlier part of the dream, playing with H in some GTA or SR-like game. I remember using a very large tank that took up two lanes, and then eventually simply decided to spawn or summon a jet, like one from JC3, but I got a fighter by accident instead of a bomber like I meant to, but I just carried on and got in it. Went over some restricted zone and started shooting at generic henchmen. I remember a city and a lot of water. Maybe a bit futuristic.


      Mixed/incomplete recall. My cousin T ate some little sweet thing. It did something to her behaviour and I think her sister was there too. Something about me babysitting or taking care of them? Weird dream place, vivid-ish colours.

      - For a while now me and H have been playing KF2 on and off together, the zeds were probably just a leak-through of that. But I haven't really played C:E in forever, but have thought about it.
      - Not sure what was the specific source for the giant characters. Need to make mental note to look through old sketches.
      - The deer character was an unusual appearance. I think it was partly precipitated by the interactions I've had with Occipitalred here on DV. Deer-type animals are not the type I give a lot of conscious attention, though I did paint a deer character some six weeks ago (at the time of writing this).
      - The "mistake" of summoning the wrong jet is of particular significance for me because in JC3 I got very used to flying the more sluggish bomber and really pushing it to its limits.

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    2. Dream Battle / Rainbow Tasting / What's Up My Sleeve? (DILD)

      by , 06-14-2015 at 08:18 PM
      A woman and I are running from a pursuer, another woman. "Faster, faster!" the first woman urges me. "Don't look back, it will slow you down." I don't see why I have to run away, but fine, I'll play along... I do look back, however, and I'm surprised how close the pursuer is. This motivates me to try to put some distance between me and her, so I run harder... and yet I can't seem to make much gain on her. I'm perplexed: I know I should be able to do this, I'm dreaming, it's not like I have to rely on my physical stamina. I wonder if the answer is in running with more short strides rather than trying to cover more distance with each step, much as one is advised to run in WL, so I try out variations. I'm making progress, but concentrating so hard on my running form is becoming tedious. "Imagining running is almost as hard as the real thing!" I comment to the woman fleeing with me. Getting bored with this situation I decide to put an end to it, and succeed in sprinting ahead to the point where I can turn a corner and leave the pursuer's field of vision, at which point I figure I've made a fair escape.

      However, it turns out that my pursuer had an accomplice: I now find myself in a struggle with a huge brawny man with a shaggy brown beard. I perceive him as a Viking, and I'm aware that his name is Torvald. He is connected somehow with the woman who was chasing me earlier, and is likewise an antagonist. Our struggle manifests partially as a kind of combat, but it feels as much like a battle of dream control as a physical battle.

      I easily resist Torvald's initial attempts to subdue me, but his immense confidence makes me wonder if I should doubt my own. I go on the offensive and try to put him out of action more permanently, trying various tactics to destroy his body. For instance, at one point I imagine his body being crushed by a great weight from above, and although this has him stretched out supine on the ground for as long as I'm actively thinking it, he is soon back on his feet. I try crushing his heart and throat from inside his body, but he is only briefly inconvenienced.

      I wonder if fire would do the trick, and visualize Torvald's body burning to ash. Though I've said nothing aloud, he appears to understand my intentions, and rather than actively resisting like he did with my other attacks, he simply denies the efficacy of this approach. "Fire won't work," he tells me flatly. I refuse to acknowledge this and continue contentrating on the image of fire consuming him. "Fire won't work," Torvald tells me again. I'm thinking: how could this be? It's my dream, isn't it? Fire should work if I say it should work. So I redouble my focus on the fire. With patient indifference, Torvald insists: "Fire won't work." I find this disconcerting, because apparently my confidence is unable to overcome his. Aren't I the dreamer? But there is no time for philosophical questions; we are still in combat. I switch tactics: if he is resistant to fire, how about ice? I start to try to freeze him—even if it doesn't destroy him it might at least slow him down temporarily—but Torvald has found the opening he needed and pins me to the ground.

      Torvald's inexplicable ability to ignore my attempts to burn him makes me wonder if I should worry that he could actually harm me. But I have a superpower too: as the dreamer, I am invulnerable... aren't I? I decide to play it safe, and secretly project my "real" identity to the roof of a nearby building. It is a large square brick structure about 8–10 stories high, and I crouch behind the low brick railing that surrounds the flat roof, tempted to peek out at the combat occurring down below but not wanting to let Torvald see me and discover the trick. So I transfer my perceptions back to my body on the ground, which I now regard as a mere DC, and thus disposable. If my attacker succeeds in destroying this body, it won't matter: I've secured my identity elsewhere. Torvald actually glances up toward the roof when I think this, and I quickly realize that I need to guard my thoughts as well.

      "Do you have someone watching me?" Torvald asks. I am relieved, because although he suspects that there is an observer on the roof, he hasn't seen through my whole trick—he doesn't seem to recognize that the person up there is actually me. I project a new thought toward him, gleefully: I recall how undercover police have been tracking him, and that I've been using our encounter to distract and delay him until they were in position. Maybe none of this was true earlier, but it doesn't matter: this is a dream battle, so it is true now! When Torvald looks back down at me, I grin mockingly and deliberately call him by the wrong name, "Harald," just to annoy him further. The game is up, and my undercover officers move in and force Torvald to release me. I'm not sure what happens to him after that... pleased with having solved the dilemma, I simply walk away.

      What's next? The last incident was not one that I had intended, but now I'm free to work on tasks. I enter a wide clearing and wonder if I should try the Dragon Age task again. I've always liked the idea of aligning dream space with fictional environments from books, films, or games, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do it. I suppose the first step would be to remember a concrete environment from the game and try to insert aspects of it here. I played DA:I just last night, so I should be able to access those memories... but as I seek them out I feel a tremor of dream instability, and decide not to push it. If there's a risk of waking, I should put that task off until later. For now, there are still a few TOTMs I haven't tried this month, and I decide to work on those.

      "Taste a rainbow." That one is easy to remember. I imagine a rainbow in the sky, and produce something very faint and not at all rainbow-colored. The colors are largely ochres and earthtones, and not even in proper lines but arranged in a more tesselated pattern over the arch. I'm not being a perfectionist at this point, so I accept this as a "rainbow" and shrink it into a stick of candy in my hand. The colors have changed in the process, and for some reason the candy stick is white with swirls of red and blue. Still not rainbow-colored! But I take a bite. The texture is interesting, lots of little pieces that crunch between my teeth, but the flavor is a real disappointment: vague, muted, and blandly sweet. Apart from "sweet," no other descriptors really present themselves. This won't do. A rainbow should taste more unusual than this! I decide to start over.

      This time I put more work into the rainbow itself. I first visualize it, then focus on the faint transparent arch until it becomes more clearly visible, but this also has the consequence of making it more material. Now it appears like a physical object, a two-dimensional vertical banner in an arch about ten feet high and twenty feet long, right in front of me. I work on correcting the pattern so that it has rainbow colors in properly aligned stripes... I see some improvement, although it is a C+ effort at best. It looks better than my last attempt, anyway, so I approach the "rainbow" and try to take a bite directly out of it. The experience is like... chewing on a shower curtain. It really feels like I've put a sheet of plastic in my mouth, although the material is soft enough to crush between my teeth. Again the texture is more prominent than the taste. I put all my attention on the flavor, trying to detect anything describable, and think maybe I get some underlying fruity notes, but again it remains vague and uninteresting. Taste and smell are the least developed of my dream senses... I wonder if I could improve them if I worked at it?

      I feel like I have adequately completed the task, anyway, and wonder what to try next. In all my efforts with the rainbows I had hardly paused to note all the people sitting at various tables around this clearing, like picnickers, but observing them now, I figure it might be fun to try the magic show. What would a stage magician do? I guess the most basic tricks involve having something up one's hat or one's sleeve? I notice that I am completely naked, which has long since ceased to embarrass me in dreams, but gives me a mischievous idea.

      "What's up my sleeve?" I start circling among the various tables, challenging the audience members to come up with a response. One of the first responses is: "Following a guy from Eton to [...]?" (I forgot the second place name.) This answer reminds me of the earlier scene, and how I resolved the conflict with Torvald. This DC must have been one of my officers! "Are you an undercover cop?" I ask him in reply. He grudgingly nods. "Not anymore!" I'm joking about how he has just blown his cover, but it also feels like an appropriate analogy to my own lack of sleeves... I'm not "undercover" either.

      I continue asking, "What's up my sleeve?" and collect various other responses from the audience, all of which were non-sequiturs... but I reasoned that the illogic of the question itself (since there was no sleeve) invited such creative responses. After hearing from seven different people, I realized that I might have trouble remembering all this when I woke up, so I stopped and went over their answers again, one by one, to help fix them in memory. Already I had trouble recalling two of the answers, but one of the DCs helpfully reminded me, additionally pointing out that the answers varied between the metaphorical (things that never could go up a sleeve) and the literal ("Three shekels" was one of these answers, I think). Meanwhile I was getting ready for the grand finale to my show, when I would reveal my own answer to the question. I had been planning on the groaningly obvious "Nothing!" and was ready for the big reveal when I noticed that something had changed... now I was wearing clothes, including a short-sleeved shirt. I realized that if I was going to go for the groaningly obvious at this point, I would have to answer "My arm!"

      I felt myself start waking up, and I already had a lot to remember and report so I didn't resist the process. I woke up slowly enough that I was able to concentrate on those seven answers from the DCs and hold them in mind, with what felt like excellent clarity and accuracy. And then something happened... as I crossed the threshold, despite all my care and preparation, the memories abruptly tattered, the details dissolving. The only one of the seven answers I could still remember, and that incompletely, was the first—and that I suspect only because it was anchored by its reference to the earlier scene.

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    3. 11/10/2014

      by , 11-15-2014 at 02:39 AM
      I was at a bar on a mountain or hill and ended up getting into a fight with some drunk guy. I got arrested for fighting and got sent to the prison I worked at. I was there for a few days while the cops investigated the case. I knew what to do in the prison as an inmate because I had worked there and as I lined up for Medline, all of us inmates got sent into a room. I recognized a lot of people and people recognized me, especially the inmates. After we got dismissed, I went to south housing where the grill was closed. I said "Hey Harold, open up so I can do a round!" He opened the grill and was surprised I was there.
    4. 11/4/2014

      by , 11-14-2014 at 04:18 AM
      I was in a military base in the middle of nowhere with a few commanding officers and enlisted men. We were talking about some intel about a man that wasn't supposed to be on the base but we knew he was coming and that he was in a green semi truck. While I was on the roof of a building, I noticed the man coming in with his truck, so I went to tell a female commanding officer, who didn't believe me and didn't do anything about it. Kristy went to where he was and I followed, hiding behind the tire of a jet. Eventually, the man and Kristy started arguing and the man shot her with a small handgun. The man kept walking towards the base and I followed him and quickly rushed him, took him down, and wrestled him until I took him out. I went to speak with the commanding officer and told her that I had arrested the man that wasn't supposed to be on base. I was bragging about how I beat him even though he had a gun and I didn't.
    5. 10/16/2014

      by , 11-10-2014 at 02:59 AM
      False Awakening

      I was in Florida during the day time on a Saturday. I was supposed to requalify with my rifle and pistol but I got teleported to Venezuela with my grandma. She made me some weird soup and I ate it while driving. As I drove, I ran over a pretty Asian woman and backed up to tell her sorry but she ran into her house. I eventually arrived at a school/apartment complex as the sky turned to dusk. Christa met up with me and we started having sex. People from Christa's work showed up and it started to rain so we both ran to deliver a money bag to the school library. I suddenly remembered that I had left my car door open so I ran back to my car in the slippery pavement.
      I got to my car while some guy was breaking into it so I grabbed the guy and started punching him in the nose, eventually slamming him to the ground. A fat security guard said "Just let them kill each other" and some guy started making a joke and I told him about how Valery put hot sauce on my pizza a long time ago. I eventually got off the guy I was beating and cops showed up and started throwing CS. I ran back to my car where I took off my shirt and hid it as the cops arrested people that were known trouble makers. I woke up into a counter strike game and stated typing my dream.
    6. 10/5/2014

      by , 10-08-2014 at 07:57 AM

      I was in a suburban neighborhood going to a friend's house, who had a Muslim father. We liked each other but couldn't date because her dad had just found out that she wanted to be a Christian. Some sort of earthquake was going to happen so I went to pick up something at a Walmart. Some guy started messing with me and we got in a fight. He pulled out a small little gun and I disarmed him and beat him even more. Security took me in and told me to do a memo on what happened. J. Martinez and R. Granado showed up and helped me, even showing me camera footage of the incident. What happened was nothing like I remembered and I did a lot of references to Frozen while talking to the guy I had fought. I watched a lot of videos of me fighting and I was thinking about dreaming and did a failed reality check. In the room I was with, Megan was sleeping. Megan got up because of some sort of leg pain. I hugged her and asked her if she was ok and told her I loved her since she said it first.

      I was in what I knew was my room and somehow realized I was dreaming. I flew up to the top of the building I was in and I started playing with my water magic. I spun in circles embracing the water I conjured. I looked at my hands but no water was coming out, which angered me a little. I flew around the night and jumped off the roof to the ground many stories down, only to do it all over again not once feeling fear or pain. Testing my dream control, I flew through the floor, appearing in the same room I was in. I did the same with the roof of the room. I decided to leave and went back to where I was, looking for a door to teleport me out of the area. For some reason, the first thing that came to mind was a prostitution ring, so that's where I chose to go. Going through a door, that led to a bathroom, I decided to go through the bookshelf and the wall behind it because I knew that would take me somewhere. I walked towards the bookshelf and eventually through it, only to get stuck half-way inside it. I wailed my arms, trying to grab onto something to pull me past the shelf but I told myself "It's all about expectation" and expecting to actually be able to go through the wall, I did, entering a long, dark, scary hallway. I reached for my flashlight, wondering if I even had my duty belt on. I shined my flashlight through the hallway, illuminating the way with a realistic beam. I covered the flashlight halfway, in case there was something on the other side of the hallway that could see the beam.
      Eventually, I came upon a large, empty office room on a high building, with windows that allowed me to see out into the other tall buildings in the city. Looking around, I saw a desk, couch, bookshelf, old TV, and some paperwork. I knew it had to represent something so I yelled out "What does this represent!?" and pointing at the TV, implying that it would turn on and tell me my answer. Instead, the TV turned on and showed a channel with weak signal and static. There was a bag full of money but on the straps holding the money, there were notes that would read in order. The notes were from many different people and I knew one of them was personally from my subconscious, I saw another one that said it was from my pastor. The one from my subconscious stated something about when I was younger. I started worrying about remembering everything when I woke up but kept reading. I saw a map with a list of places but the only one I could remember was 'Rake's, OH' before waking up.
    7. 10/3/2014

      by , 10-08-2014 at 07:32 AM
      I was a hero in counter strike and the setting was in Venezuela. I was in some sort of big indoor or underground city doing city type stuff like taking taxis, buying groceries, hitting on girls, etc. I got a gun and some monster machines started attacking an important building that had to do with money. Me and my partner defended the place but eventually got overrun so we jumped off a railing and onto the floor, doing a roll and running up an elevator away from zombies. My partner told me to get inside and as I was running, I saw a big monster inside the elevator. We fought the monster and managed to kill it as we went up hundreds of stories. My parners clothing looked like an older version of the TF2 scout and he was sad that he had to let go of his bat to kill the monster. We got out of the elevator and ran through a forest at night as he was saying how sad he was.
    8. 9/23/2014

      by , 10-06-2014 at 03:04 AM
      I was listening to some black guy talking while I was with Nikki. He slapped Nikki a few times so I got up and beat the crap out of him. I was then in some sort of warehouse as a zombie playing a team game. I decided to stop playing and was getting ready to exit when I saw a cat that looked like Nikki that had some sort of gash on her side. I knew it wasn't her because the real Nikki was behind me. I freaked out and told myself to wake up.
    9. 9/22/2014

      by , 09-22-2014 at 08:31 PM
      I was in a house with a girl trying to figure out something about an evil mirror. The mirror tried to kill us so I freaked out and went to boxing, where I met an average looking girl and chatted with her. I returned to the house and the mirror somehow became good. I was with Laurie and we went outside. The house we were was on a coast of a large lake or ocean, so I jumped into the water. Since I saw water, I asked myself if I was dreaming. I looked at my watch, which showed time normally. I swam around and the mirror showed itself.
      I was then at work in some sort of mall store and used an elevator which was a way to get to the bathroom. As I walked through a hallway, I realized my RC was actually wrong because the seconds showed where the date should have been. I noticed I didn't have my pistol on my belt and figured I must of left it in the van. As I walked, I saw a girl struggling to control a dog. I kept walking and the girl and the dog started running towards me, so I turned around and told them to stop, but instead they just ran past me, towards a guy. The girl lost control of the dog and the dog bit the guy, which worked in the building. The man started hitting the dog to the point where I had to step in and say something. We started arguing and I knew he wanted to fight. We raised our fists and he threw punches at me, which I easily dodged. I reached for my Phase IV, shook it, sprayed him, and fought back. Eventually, I got the man in cuffs and when I sat him up, he had the cuffs in front of him so I put them behind his back. My partner arrived and was thinking of calling Amerson to tell him there had been a use of force.
    10. 9/9/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:59 AM
      I was at a church when some girl was getting kidnapped. They got in my car and drove off but I still had the keys. I ran into what looked like an office and used their phone to call 911. I called but was instead talking to some rude costumer service guy for a school. I called a few more times but it didn't work so I left back to the parking lot and used my cellphone. I told the operator about the car and what it looked like, pointing out the bumper and airforce stickers. The operator had already received plenty of calls about it. I was more worried about getting my car back than the kidnapping. As I was on the phone, some gangster looking guy said that there's a lot of snitches coming from that church so he pushed me to the ground telling me not to snitch. I then got in a fight with some guy I recognized and some cops helped me out.
      I went back into the church and told people to use their phones in their cars because someone was spying on us and I saw the guy and took him outside and beat him up. I also beat up some smaller dude.
    11. 8/23/2014

      by , 09-15-2014 at 03:31 AM
      I was in some sort of hotel or college doing parkour. I passed a few pools and then hung out with Laurie. We were with Aiyanna going to a party and some security guard started frisking me and giving me trouble. I was about to fight him but he backed down. Suddenly, the government called a state of emergency and I ran up to my apartment, telling Laurie to meet me there. I got chased but managed to evade the guy and go into the apartment where I turned around and shot him. He pulled the bullet out of his forehead and said "You can only kill me with pepper spray," so I opened up a little bag of some cheap pepper spray, which he seemed to be used to. I reached for my belt to get my Phase IV but a girl showed up. I grabbed my guns and was gonna look for Laurie. I got into my old camry and drove off. I had found her and we were gonna go get supplies. I stopped at a gun store to have a long range scope put on my .22. I returned to the apartment and found a girl turning into a zombie in the bathroom.

      I was at a super market taking a police entrance exam.

      I was with a group of people that was together for some sort of training thing for a week. The teacher gave us all cups and we went outside, where it was raining. We had to go over a huge bridge so a few people swam but I went over the bridge, walking on the railings. The water was rising quick and I dove in but I slipped and hurt my hand. When we went back to the class, we picked different cups and I wanted to get chosen as leader. We went outside and started flying. Some girls took something of ours and we started fighting in the air.

      Someone had broken into a home of mine at night because I had left the garage door open while I went out. I hunted them down in the house with my Remington 870. which still had the bacon sticker on it. I found the kids but they turned out to be cats.
    12. 7/26/2014

      by , 08-06-2014 at 01:07 AM
      False Awakening

      I was having a nightmare and woke up. I said "Wow I had a false awakening; if I would of wrote on my dream journal, I would of known it was a dream!" I thought of the nightmare and figured I was stressed out. Suddenly, a monster came into my room. It was a Black warewolf-like creature and it started attacking me. I was scared and said a prayer but it didn't work. It kept on attacking me and I tried to talk to it but I couldn't move or speak. I was finally able to speak and ask why it was attacking me. The warewolf stopped for a second and showed me empathy but quickly began attacking me again. I got up and started fighting it. As I used magic, I realized I was dreaming.
      I tried using fire magic to kill the wolf but my magic didn't work until I started using water magic. I tried drowning the wolf but nothing would affect it until I wrapped a circlet of water around the beast's waist and snout and said "Once I pull this string, the wolf will be cut in half". As I pulled, the water tightened around the warewolf until it cut it in half. The snout didn't cut so attempted to use a sword to kill it. I swing my arms but I had no sword in my hand. I had an image of what my sword would look like, which I remember imagining it when I first started lucid dreaming. The sword was a longsword but the cross-guard had white angel-like wings and between those wings, there was a blue orb, which in the waking world I wanted it to have water in.
      The wolf wasn't a problem anymore so I thought of what to do. I asked my dream to show me someone so I closed my eyes and when I opened them, there was no one there. I walked out of the room and saw Valery and took her into a bathroom where there was a bathtub with clear water in it. The bathtub had water stains and I asked what the water represented. She said "It represents the happiness you have with your community" "The happiness I have with my community," I repeated. I said it a few more times and said "I need to wake up!" so I closed my eyes and woke up.
      I went into Valery's room and asked her if she woke up. Then I really woke up.

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    13. 7/18/2014

      by , 08-03-2014 at 04:33 AM
      I was in what looked like a cave. In the middle, there was a rock boulder and around that boulder, there was a lot of water. There were people swimming and doing activities so I went swimming underwater. I was bragging about my skills in the water and recognized people from the flight and I fought some guy and a few people. I also used a gun underwater and shot stuff.

      In my other dream, I was in Venezuela and was at the apartments. I walked on Victoria avenue and saw people I recognized. I went to school with Bojorquez and someone else. They tried to make me flinch anby pretending to come at me but I didn't do much and they started laughing and when I asked what was up, they didn't do anything.
    14. 7/16/2014

      by , 08-03-2014 at 04:14 AM
      I was in an apartment complex and was walking to Laurie's apartment while I was covered from head to toe in a silk robe. When I got to her house, I saw through the window that she was kissing a guy we were helping out earlier. I knocked on the door and when they answered I yelled at them. She told me everything was okay. I said "No it isn't" and all these monsters and skeletons started appearing so I used magic against them. I was conscious not to use anything other than water magic against them.

      I was at some apartments and was looking for people to fight. Jason and his brother were there and they said they would and I gladly accepted. They never showed up but a girl fought for Jason and I beat her so bad I took her to a hospital. She didn't get treated so the next day she ran up to me and hugged me and said that she was taken care of at a church. I was at a car dealership and was wearing my work gear. It was getting time to close so the place was rejecting costumers but they let 2 ladies through. A man came up and did something and before he left, he said that he had children in his car and he's kidnapping them. He sped off in a golf car and I yelled and pulled out my gun and shot a tire but missed. I ran and jumped on the car and made my way to the front of the cart while the guy ran red lights, making me worry that we would crash. We went down a hill and I was trying to convince the guy to let me and the kids go but he wouldn't say anything. He even threw my phone out when I set it down. As we approached a hotel, he slowed won and I opened my spray holster, which he noticed but I quickly asked if he had chips to eat. When he stopped the cart, I sprayed my whole bottle on his face. I told him "Don't open your eyes, fucker, this is Phase IV" somehow knowing that he knew it was a powerful pepper spray.I got out the cart and he tried to speed off but I shot him until my gun went click. I reloaded K83 and told people to call 911 while I kept my eyes fixed on the guy. People refused to call 911 and they started turning into the guy I had just shot. People had to take me down to calm me. Eventually backup arrived and witnesses started being questioned. A black guy was talking something about not snitching.

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    15. 7/7/2014

      by , 07-27-2014 at 11:22 PM
      I was on a kayak with a girl in the middle of a jungle. I had the idea to go explore the third wold countries that were around there so we set off in the kayak. We arrived in a small dark town surrounded by water. There was only one car, one gas station, and a few houses. The town was pretty flooded so we were on water most of the time. Suddenly, we hear what I know are leeches coming. They sounded like people screaming so we got ready. When they got there, they started attacking us and I asked the only girl with a car, who was an old lady, how to get them off of me. She said to go out into the wilderness so I ran away with Ace. We got out of the town but in my haste, I left my wallet behind. I had my belt along with my gun and my AR15. Ace and I started running but I let go of his leash and he jumped a fence into a backyard where there was a huge, muscular dog. The dog attacked us and I started shooting it and after about 10 rounds, I shot his leg causing it to come off, killing him. I grabbed Ace and spanked him for running away. We finally reached a city and people looked real strange, but there were more cars. I had to go back to the little town to get my wallet and was looking for someone who could help. I passed a few people and when I turned down an alley, I saw a group of those huge dogs come out. I turned around and saw 2 more groups walking towards us. I worried that I might get hurt so thinking it was a dream I tried to use fireballs. Nothing happened but a few people came to help me, along with some cats. I put my hands out to my sides and everything turned to slow motion as the fight started. I pulled out my AR15 shot at the animals. At times, I shot some of the cats but eventually killed of the dogs. The group of people said they were tying to get to the American Airlines station and I asked to be taken to the village for my wallet. Someone said they'd help me and I checked the magazine of my AR. The next round was gonna jam so I worked on it. After I did, the song Be My Rescue by Nichole Nordeman started playing. I looked at the skinny blonde girl who put it on and told her I loved that song.
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