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    1. Entry 01: 18.11.12

      by , 11-18-2012 at 10:00 PM
      Alright, this is my first Dream Journal entry.
      I've always been interested in doing Lucid Dreaming, but for some reason I've never really sat myself down and said I was going to do it.
      This is super rough, but hopefully this'll help me get on the path to properly LD.

      I could tell i was really really excited to get to sleep by the sheer fact that it did take me a little longer than normal to fall asleep.
      I had the mantra going through my mind as I was drifting: The next time I dream I will realise I am dreaming.
      I said this over and over, and from what I can recall, it was the last thing I thought about as I fell asleep.

      The night was rather interesting. I distinctly remember series of dreams. Multiple ones in fact...not just one long one that I woke up to.
      I remember having one individual dream, followed by a short interval of me shifting positions to something more comfortable, and then going
      on to a new dream, slightly related to the previous series, but not wholly the same.

      Throughout these series of dreams, however, it was not like I could move from my bed. I was conscious of the fact that I was dreaming though.
      Doing quick Reality checks like counting the number of fingers on my hand and pinching my leg. Both of which did change whilst I was dreaming: I had six fingers
      when I was asleep and could not register the pain that normally accompanies pinching. Despite me being aware that I was dreaming, it was as if
      I was seeing my dreams in first person view, in a body that was not completely my own. I did not feel as if I had control over what the body was doing, rather I
      was just along for the ride. I did, however, seem to be able to choose what events were around me during my dream. It did feel like I was making a conscious
      decision in directing the story line of the dream as it progressed through the night.

      Now on to the series of dreams: they all had some theme in common...namely I sort of followed something straight out of a Final Fantasy game. There was always a party of
      characters, and I was in the body of one of them, the newbie as it were. There was a sort of mentor dream character, but I was unable to tell who it was or have any of my senses aware of what he sounded or felt like, only that he was gently guiding my character through the tasks they all had to accomplish. That's it. My series of dreams were each like a different quest that I had to go through.

      The first of these quests is rather fuzzy as a whole. I do remember something about a room full of bulls and rams, and that we needed to use them to get used to a concept of controlling something. This is all rather strange, as I was born and raised in a city, and my only real "contact" with these two types of animals has been through my newspaper, as I was born on the Cusp of Power between Aries and Taurus.

      The following series were much clearer on the fact that I knew what was going on. I grew more aware of the fact that I was dreaming, as my reality checks showed I clearly wasn't awake, but at the same time I'm not entirely sure what I was doing while I was dreaming. Through the series of dreams after that bull and ram episode, I was essentially guided by the mentor dream character and the rest of our "party" to fulfil quests. Now, being all Final Fantasy like, I have the feeling that those quests that I did should have been something to do with fighting monsters or something. But that's just it, from what I can vaguely recall, it didn't seem all that violent. More like, the quests were a sort of trip to help me grasp the concept of being aware that I was in a dream.

      Before I officially started trying to LD (aka last night), I had always been very good about realising that I was in a dream. Throughout the dream I would always somehow know that I was in a dream, but I was not able to control the body I was in and was just along for the ride. This is essentially what happened last night. There was no speaking involved. There were no extraordinary senses going on. Just awareness that I was in a sort of party, being guided through the night in different series of dreams that were not directly related to each other, but were at the same time.

      There was one particular dream of this series, the last one I can vaguely remember, so I assume it was the last one I had before I awoke, in which I tried to escape the room where the entire night of dreaming had taken place. During the dreams prior to this, it was like I was in my bedroom, but it seemed much larger in the dream, and things went on all around me, but I was only aware of one concept at a time. Anyway, during this last dream, I remember making a conscious effort to fly. Not so much fly, but get out of the room. There was a distinct sensation I had that was rather short lived, during which I felt like I was successful, but I was flying above my bedroom - still in my bedroom, or this room I've been dreaming in, but just hovering above it. It was a very interesting feeling. It felt like that feeling of falling you get sometimes during the night that wakes you up, but this time it didn't wake me up. One moment I was in the dream space I had spent the night in, and the next moment I was above it. Not particularly aware of exactly what was going on under me, but aware that I was above it and that it was different. It sounds rather silly, writing it out now, but hey, dreams are quite wacky and our senses are as fanciful and fantastic as they are whilst we're awake anyway, right?

      That feeling of being above my dream space was short lived, as I then woke up like I did between each distinct dream of my series. During this interim, I would be aware that I was awake and no longer dreaming. I would shuffle about for a little while and then fall back asleep to the mantra I had said before I first fell asleep. When I awoke for the last time, I actually felt quite rested. This is surprising as normally I'm a bit groggy in the morning, even though I've had the week off this past week and have slept in til around noon for the past nine days I woke up, and it was really early for me to be getting up, just a little closer to seven in the morning. I wasn't aware that I had been asleep THAT long. Where I live is really dark in the mornings, and I'm still not quite used to the winter darkness that accompanies this area. So it was basically seven in the morning and pitch black outside.

      Anyways, I'm starting to ramble. That was the recount of the events that happened through the night. I hope that I will be able to fall asleep quicker tonight and be able to do more research about LD. Maybe there's a class here or some tutorial where I can check to see if I'm on the right track with things, and what I need to do to be able to recall better.