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    1. 27 Dec: End days and making out with Jesus

      by , 12-27-2018 at 10:19 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Sharing a building with some other people and the group is about to grow to 14.
      We sit down to prep for the bad days ahead. We decide where we will put the beds for the newcomers, about constructing an escape tunnel and some defenses for the building. Finally we plan to research a way to kill ourselves in case things go really bad and we may be facing capture or starvation. It's a tough topic, but we feel we must have a plan for that to.

      Living with my parents in my farm, with my dogs, but also I have little brothers and sisters. We follow some religion, non-christian and I think non theistic, but my dad is really strict about morality, as if we were Amish.
      One day we are visited by Jesus himself and his gang and he is seriously hot and cool. They stay for some time, they need shelter. Me and Jesus, we fall in love with each other. I thought my dad would totally reject our relationship, since we are from some different religion, but actually he is very excited about it, because Jesus is famous and has status and he thinks this will be good for me.
      But the guys have to leave for some time and I wonder if he'll come back or not. He does and my dad prepares a feast to celebrate our engagement. Jesus arrives and we are so crazy for each other, we make out in the barn, halfway between the front gate and the house. We are seriously horny and we don't wanna let go, but I hear my dad calling and my younger brothers and sisters are looking for me, so Jesus says "go check on him while I bring in the rest of the guys". So I go talk to my dad to offer my help preparing the food, but he just asks me to take the dogs out of the kitchen so he can cook in peace.
      I go look for Jesus again and he is coming with two of his friends. To celebrate the occasion, he makes a miracle: it starts to rain carrots.
    2. [22-09-2016]

      by , 09-22-2016 at 09:37 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was leading group of friends and family to some dark castle. We moved to an entry chamber, it was really dark but I knew that there would be some traps in there. I sharpened my senses - everything turned grayish and some bats were highlighted red. We moved onward and they only flied away. Going through some square we got to a fortified village and got attacked by squads of mercenaries. They shot whole group down, only I was left. I grabbed some guns and started shooting, quickly eliminating threat.

      Recalled a precognitive dream: I was in school, writing something in an electronic device - foresters' index.
    3. If Lucidity == True: Print "YES!"

      by , 05-02-2016 at 06:26 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      OK, so, this dream is pretty interesting. Or rather, "dreams". I'd had several lucids in a week while not actively practicing which sparked me to start posting on DV a bit, see if I could get those back to a decent consistency. That was a couple weeks ago and I had nothing between then and now. Luckily, after snoozing my alarm for what seems like ages (I think I just turned it off, actually), I got lucid... somehow. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was a weird DEILD/MILD combo thingy. Either way, enjoy:

      I was in some sort of old town, early 1900s, similar to New York City. I was in a large courtyard with a small fountain in the middle and only a few DCs sitting against on of the buildings of the courtyard doing god knows what. I was with a girl of some sort running through the courtyard essentially dragging her by her hand (she was still running). IDK what we were running for or from, but we headed out of the courtyard and into an alley. This is were it gets a little hazy. I remember spinning around as if I was trying to save a lucid dream, but I don't remember being lucid. The spinning wasn't very effective, because I woke up, still motionless and eyes closed, mind you, but awake. The thing is, normally I'll spin if I can tell a dream is fading (basically a small spark of lucidity at the last second of a dream) and can then prepare myself for a DEILD, otherwise it's a bit sketchy whether I'll stay still/keep my eyes closed. In either case, I laid still, kept imagining myself spinning just like I was when I woke up. Same area, same person I was with, same dizziness from spinning. After a surprisingly short time, I found the dream to feel a bit more real, tentatively tried to move around, and continued on like normal.

      So DEILD? DILD? MILD? (I did use a mantra when I went to bed) No matter, we're lucid but, being a bit brash, I didn't bother to stabilize or really do much of anything besides continue the dream. I wasn't 100% lucid, but I did have control over everything and could think, mostly. So continuing the dream, we ran into a random door that seemed good at the time and ended up in a large stage theater right by the stage. No one was in here so I figured this was a great place to run through because, hey, we were running from something... I think. Anyway, we head up and out the theater door, when the dream starts to fade again. I try spinning like before to salvage it, but end up waking up again. Damn, I just new remembered that I had to program something! Either way, the same thing earlier happened. I envisioned myself still spinning, and after what seemed like only 30 seconds, I was able to keep going in the dream.

      At this point we had accomplices, apparently. I remember them, somehow, so they were probably from earlier in the dream (the non-lucid part of which I don't remember well); two guys, around age 20, and another, still around that age that I don't recognize. We were on a very wide street, probably 100 feet wide so I'm not sure where we were anymore, but we continued walking down it because hey, if I want to code something I have to find a computer... I think. It's a dream, anything goes. I walked into the next building that caught my eye, thinking there would be a computer of some sort in there. When I got in all I saw was a very large staircase, one out of a foyer of a castle, so obviously we went up it. We had to go up a couple floors but at the top I saw it: a random table with a laptop on it. Perfect! So, I rush over to it and start looking for something to code in. The thing itself had soooo many programs open. Multiple word, powerpoint, excel files, multiple internet tabs (can't remember which browser) and plenty of other random things, so much like my computer. I decide to head to codecademy, since that's where I started and knew they had an editor and some way to run it. Unfortunately I kept mistyping the name. Either I was pressing the wrong keys or my dream was playing a trick on me.

      After several failed attempts I just said screw it, clicked through everything, closed almost everything (this laptop was surprisingly fast) and opened up powerpoint. I didn't really open it, just opened one file (which had 80 something slides in it) and began deleting slides to make room. Could've just started a new file, but like I said, the dream was a little unstable. A couple people sitting on a bench nearby (may have been those younger guys) call over and ask what I'm doing. "Gotta code in a dream!" I told them. They just scoffed at me, kind of annoying but hey, they aren't interfering so I don't care. So finally, I have an empty powerpoint and no idea what to code. Well, lets make something that tells me if I'm lucid because, hey, it should return true, right?... RIGHT? So I typed in (to my recall) the following code:

      def lucdity():
            if lucidity == True:
                  print "YES!"
                  print "no"
      print lucidity()
      So yeah, that's how I remember it. It may have been worse, may have made no sense at all. That probably doesn't actually do anything and would just error, but either way it was a code in a dream. And, as is typical for this dream, right as I'm about to run it -- or rather, as I'm looking for a way to run it in powerpoint, the dream fades. Quickly, too. So I start to spin, but of course I end up
      waking up. Well shit, guess we gotta DEILD one more time so I can finish the damn thing. So we repeat what we did earlier, really focusing at this point since I don't want all this work to go to waste. After what seems like forever, though I'm sure it was no more than a minute or to, I feel like I'm back in that building (it reminded me of some of the older buildings at Syracuse University, if any of you have been there before). Tentatively, I try moving around a little, open my eyes, and yes! We made it. I look back at the laptop to run my code, but it's already run. A big "True" is sitting in the comments section of powerpoint. OK, well, that's good. The dream confirming you're lucid is definitely a good thing. So we did it

      Well, now we should continue the dream, right? I very vaguely remember tidbits on the dream before I got lucid originally, but I know we were heading somewhere. So I start to walk off with the girl I was originally with (no idea where those two guys went) but the third one steps in front of us. He threatens us with a pen, for some reason, and tells us we're not going anywhere (cliche ). For some reason I remember the pen so vividly, it was weird. The tip of it, the ballpoint with ink on most of it, but not all of it. It was one of those thick, purple ones where you twist half of the pen to write with it. I focused so intently on it, of course it means I didn't catch the dream fading. Before I know it I'm feeling my
      body in my bed and barely have any grasp on the dream at all. I try to imagine my dream self spinning, seeing if I could get another DEILD. And then it happens. Those damn birds outside start singing and it's all I could focus on. It probably doesn't help that I had a pretty poor grasp on the dream at hand, but I always get annoyed whenever something external stops a DEILD train. But hey, we barely got a task done, had some fun (I think the dream beforehand involved me and the girl ) and broke a small dry spell.

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    4. Camping and Bowling

      by , 12-30-2015 at 07:24 AM
      I had more than two dreams but two are how many I was able to remember after I got up.

      First I was camping on the beach with a group of people. Everyone's camping spot was a hole dug into a sand dune. Everyone picked their own sand dune and dug their own hole in it. We were camping quite close to the ocean. It was night time. I went to dig my hole, but the camp leader said I was too far out; I needed to move closer to the others because in front of that area, in the water, are lots of clams, and the water is full of minerals. I walked out into the water a little way to see if I could find any clams but I didn't see any. Near the camping area was a hotel that I would walk to because it had a better bathroom than the campsite, which only had an outhouse. Then later, in a fragment connected to this dream, near the hotel I saw someone running and thought it was on a long hiking trail, but it turned out just to be a very short loop, like only a quarter of a mile or less, that the man was running around.

      Next I was in a classroom and the professor gave us an assignment that involved going to the bowling alley, picking groups, and then bowling, and then writing about it. I arrived at the bowling alley and still hadn't picked a group yet because I didn't want to. A group of about three girls walking in front of me into the bowling alley all had the exact same shade of pink nail polish I had (I wasn't wearing pink nail polish IRL); I noticed because the door was heavy and we had to all hold the door open to get through. I got in line behind the girls at the counter where you could purchase snacks and bowling games. I got two chocolate chip cookies. I tried to find an empty bowling lane that I could go to by myself so I wouldn't have to pick a group but all the lanes were filled so I sat down near two girls, and a guy sitting off to the side, and thought I would ask them to be in my group when I got around to it.

      I sat at a table and ate half of my chocolate chip cookie before I got full and decided to share the rest with the two girls and the guy and to persuade them to be in my group. I went to the restroom which was cool and had a cool sink, cool green soap, and a hand dryer that looked like a hair dryer. I bought four games of bowling for $4 and asked my group members what kind of music they liked because the bowling games came with different musical soundtracks that played while you bowled.

      Then we were all sitting at tables doing our writing assignments. When I handed mine to the professor he frowned and said "What's this?" I had drawn arrows into the margins where I had written commentary and notes on my writing assignment so I told him it was commentary and notes. He said that isn't part of the assignment and he wrote something on my paper in pink pen that said that I had permission to turn in the paper one day late without points being taken away. So I took the paper back and started erasing the commentary and notes.
    5. Some non-lucids

      by , 04-06-2015 at 09:19 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was walking in the countryside. I was halfway to the nearest city. There were fields on the left and right, and a forest in the distance. I met a brunette girl with bright blue eyes. She was wearing a white t-shirt, bright blue skirt, and had a necklace. I can't recall how the necklace looked like.

      She asked me if I can take some flowers for her from the field. I jumped onto the field, and looked for the plant she wanted to receive. When I got out, I was all in mud, dirty. She was really thankfull.

      I decided to go with her to the nearest shop. She chosen what she wanted to buy. The shopkeeper demanded huge amounts of money for only four products. I tried to remove some of the more expensive, but it was still huge.

      I checked my wallet, and it was empty. I asked if she has any money. The girl checked her wallet, and found nothing as well. She asked me if we can just take the products and run away, and after a while of consideration I decided that we should just go away, without taking anything.

      We walked out of the shop. Suddenly we found ourselves in front of my house. There was a black man - student of Oxford college. He was weaing a green hoody with Oxford written on the back. He went to the street, met other students, and rapped.

      Second dream

      I was walking in school. There was a girl that was looking for her lover. I tried to help her. We found out that there was a man who had a few girlfriends. They received that information rather quickly.

      Third dream - recurring, different ending than before

      Technology became so advanced that humanity could revert all it's impact on environment, and then move to huge vault-complexes. Nobody leavd their vaults, except for moving to another vault, either by trains or cars that used form of energy, that doesn't create any pollution.

      I was with a group of teenagers. The group consisted of three men, and two women. I can't recall if any of them used names in the whole dream. One had dark hair, and was wearing white shirt and jeans trousers. Second guy had blond air, and was wearing black t-shirt and jeans trousers. I was the third one. The first girl had brown hair, and was wearing grey t-shirt and jeans trousers. I can't recall the second girl.

      Somehow we found a way to the surface, but after we got out the way was sealed. It was cold early morning. The vault was surrounded by fields with growing crops. There was a road and train track nearby. We tried to go back the sealed way, but it wouldn't open.

      I decided that we should spread out, and see if we can find a way. If we do, we must call for the rest. I searched the area close to the sealed way. My point of view changed. I was the guy with white t-shirt. I was searching some basements. I saw a way, looking like ducts, but I hesitated if I should enter it.

      Then my vision changed again. I was the guy with black t-shirt. I was on the road. I dodged some cars to get close to the trains, but I saw that they open only from inside the vault, and have no windows. I saw that there is a way from under the train track, but it risks death if I would be there where train comes.

      My point of view changed again. From the top view I saw the girl, searching some rooftops and going into corridors. Suddenly a door in the corridor opened. The girl was scared and was crying.

      Then I was back at my point of view. I found a hidden switch, which moved a platform to the rooftop. I found a way inside there. I immediately sended a message to the rest of the group, and the came quickly, We just jumped through the hole, and landed safely in the corridor near apartments of the vault.

      *Usually the dream ended with:

      - The guy in white t-shirt killed by mechanisms when trying to go through ducts;

      - The guy in black t-shirt hit by car when moving on the road; killed by train while trying to find the way under the tracks; killed by a serial killer when following the road to the entrance;

      - The girl killed by mad scientist after entering mysterious room;

      - Me catched by mad scientist, and killed by serial killer;*

      False awakening

      I "woke up" in my bed. I felt a strong pain in my teeth. I touched one with my tongue, and felt a huge hole in it. I felt that I touch my gums through it. After a while all of my teeth started to fall out of gums, and form a ball of crushed teeth. I took it out of my mouth, and then awakened.
    6. Lucid Dream #59 [#3 As Of 2014]: My Dreams [WBTB]

      by , 10-09-2014 at 01:09 PM (Warbenifit156's Lucid Dreaming Adventures)
      Black is Non Lucid.
      Blue is Lucid.

      Lucidity: 3/5
      Vividness: 4/5
      Length: A Few Minutes

      NOTE: I woke up around 1:30AM then went back to sleep after eating something, then woke up around 4:30AM, so this is a WBTB, for sure.

      I needed to get home, so I got on the school bus so that I could get to the other side of it by going through the window. I didn't want to ride the bus since it was so packed, but once I got on it, I found out that it had over a hundred seats and was wider than three school buses combined. The seats were nice, too, like movie theater seats. I was then talking to my math teacher from last year, Mrs. Glenn, about something. She saw my drawings and thought they were nice. I was now on the side of a mountain, walking up the slope of it with my teacher. Once we went a ways, I saw statues in the ground that made me realize I'm dreaming.

      I realized I was in a dream and rolled with what was happening in the non lucid dream, so I stayed with everyone that was already there. There were about five or six people with me, most of them from my school. We saw some statues that were a similar color to trees. I told them not to touch them, or they might become animated. So what do they do? They touch one of the things, and it became animated. I had to carefully touch one of them four times on the shoulder before it became unmoving again, which made me feel relieved when it fell to the earth. We kept going past the human like statues and reached a meadow. I said, "yeah, you guys are definitely in my dreams." There was a part of the walkway popped up out of the ground to walk on, curved here and there, but flat and fuzzy with the grass on it. We started walking, then when I got to an ascending part, I jumped in the air and flew over it in a pose, my leg kicked out, and the other not. I landed on the other side slowly, everyone beat me there since I was so slow. I started to fly again, then taught them how to fly. Some got it, but some didn't. I flew around the place for fun, swimming through the air to show them a trick or two. It all of a sudden turned out that we were in a room when I hit the ground, I tried to make the roof disappear, but woke up instead.

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    7. 9/8/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:54 AM
      I was a security guard at a prison, but not a corrections officer. I was partnered with a girl and we would take turns with the other group in sleeping and doing rounds. I had my gear from work and I even saw my rat Meek.

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    8. 4/12/2014

      by , 04-16-2014 at 03:57 AM
      I was with a group of people and some guy was having us go through obstacles. Whoever made it to the finish first would live. We were digging through some dirt to find something for the guy's wife. I found it and started running towards the next place. Suddenly some samurais started running towards us. I used a sword to kill one of them. One of the samurai caught up to me and said he's "Here to help". The man is a male in his 40s with Asian decent. He had balding hair. I wondered if he was my dream guide.
    9. 3/24/2014

      by , 03-25-2014 at 09:32 PM
      I was in an apartment with Desirae and kept arguing with her because she wouldn't clean the guns but instead would microwave the guns to clean them. I told her they probably don't work anymore and I checked the night sights of the P229. They still worked. I got on the computer and there was porn of girls with horse dicks and Desirae asked what it was. I told her I didn't know. I started playing a game where I was out on an island surviving with a group of people. I was exploring and suddenly started getting attacked by a helicopter. I got into a helicopter but as I was lifting off, I got shot down. I ejected and entered another helicopter. Same thing happened with that one so I got into some sort of tank and started shooting at the helicopter. I got mad because my mouse wasn't working and I kept pulling it. The cord was stuck on something. There were a lot of other vehicles driving and flying around. They had a box with their team color hovering above them. They were shooting at each other and the car that was teamed with the helicopter I destroyed tried to ram me into the water. I pushed my brakes and the car ended up in the water himself. This took place on the beach. I sped back to base which was in a sort of forest. My car looked like a camero or mustang and as I approached the gates to my base I remember thinking "They'd better be on their toes and open the gates. Especially since I'm out here" The gates opened as I drove towards them.
    10. 3/20/2014

      by , 03-21-2014 at 12:38 AM

      I was part of the walking dead (the telltale games one) and playing as a main character. We were walking next to a river and then stumbled upon a forest. Clementine was given some fruit and after she ate it she felt dizzy and passed out. When she woke up, she cloned herself or something and was grown and blonde but the young Clementine was still there. We then saw some natives. They talked to us and showed their numbers. We started arguing and their leader said "we outnumber you" I told him "You're still no match for our ranged weapons!" He showed me a blowpipe and said the same. Something happened and I yelled "Open fire! Kill them all, they'd do the same to us!" As I said that, my group opened fire and I dashed for cover. I brought up my gun and started shooting. We shot at men, women, and children. They surrendered and viewed us as gods. I started swimming in a pond and was suddenly with my uncle and Nona Rita watching a TV. The TV was playing everything that just happened, as if we were watching it.
      We were in water and it looked like we were inside something. I went to the room behind us where there was a kitchen and then further back a cave with water and wooden planks and a big rock in the middle. I remember noticing the planks made the area look like a smugglers den from Assassins Creed: Black Flag and I saw possible parkour moves on it. I told myself I would do them if I didn't have the fractured foot (which I do in the waking world). I swam around the cave but then the water started to taste gross like if it had small rocks or sand or dust. This bothered me so I got on the rock and suddenly found out that the rock was made of plastic and was hollow! I was mad and returned to my uncle telling him what I found. He went back with me and we found a trap door where water would come in. The trap door was at the bottom of the cave and water would rise up when opened. I went to a room across from the cave and TV and grabbed a flashlight and my multitool. I noticed I was wearing my Nike workout shorts and put the multitool in my left pocket. The flashlight had been on for a while so the light wasn't as bright so I asked for batteries. Nona Rita and Santino both got a lot of batteries and they gave them to me. I put in 3 batteries, ate a piece of a battery, and then went to the cave. Me and my uncle then opened the trap door, pushed a crate down, and then pulled it up, allowing fresh water to enter the cave. I was happy and could feel the freshness of the water as it came in. Outside the trap door I think was an ocean.

      It's still weird how the trap door would be on the bottom part of the cave instead of the side or top.
    11. 3/12/2014

      by , 03-15-2014 at 05:57 PM
      I was with a big group during SHTF. I went to scout a warehouse and suddenly a person appeared. Then, another one, and another one. They were questioning me and I thought they were gonna kill me. I had my yellow radio and while they weren't looking I pushed the pin. I yelled for help and my group burst in. Both groups got along and we made an even bigger group. We entered an Air Force installation and we explored it. I was going to get into one of the computers with my Air Force ID.

      In my other dream, I was the hulk and was beating up a monster. Suddenly a monster mutation starts attacking me. I run because I can't kill it or even hit him but then I find out I can so I start fighting him. We jump from rooftops to rooftops and scale buildings while fighting. He is able to regenerate health. When he's low, he starts running and I chase him down. I transform into a car to catch up to him and then kill him when I do.

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    12. 3/5/2014

      by , 03-06-2014 at 05:46 PM
      All I remember in my dream was a group of people and maybe some driving. I also remember dreaming about my Magma M249 from Counter-Strike. I was able to select the colors and when selecting, I'd be in space looking at a cluster of colored stars.
    13. Walking Around a Lake

      by , 02-19-2014 at 04:18 PM (David's Dream Journal)
      I was walking with a group of people outdoors. I think Mum was leading the group, but I'm not too sure. I remember asking where Lake Taupo was, and suddenly it appeared to my right. It was big and it was quite choppy out on the water. This looked nothing like the real Lake Taupo in New Zealand. We walked around it for a while and I looked back to where we had come from. I saw some hills, and it was a clear day.
      dream fragment
    14. Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn.

      by , 08-07-2013 at 07:54 PM
      Date: August 7, 2013
      Method: WBTB & MILD (WILD)
      Total hours of sleep time: 7 hours (WBTB 1 hour)

      Well, I tried to repeat my success I had yesterday by doing a WBTB for 1 hour...no success. All I have to offer is bits and pieces of a dream.

      At a hotel (again), some type of trip I was taking with a group of people. We all belonged to something (maybe a church group) and I wanted to leave, but I was not allowed. I noticed that my bed sheets were not changed by the maid when I got back from downstairs and this pissed me off.
    15. Attempting to Snipe a Huge Guy, Blonde Becomes an Attraction for Everyone, No Check for Me..........

      by , 08-02-2013 at 06:35 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Attempting to Snipe a Huge Guy (Non-lucid)


      Dream recall of this is a bit patchy, and seriously, this was one long freaking dream with other dreams that seemed to go in synch with it. I've been putting off trying to recall it for a few days, but I'll try my best to recall what's left of my memory of it.

      I'm within a building that has a composition where it's easy to into tight and awkward situations. I'm wearing a light gray, a very light gray suit that's unbuttoned and light gray dress pants as well. I believe I have a milky and light yellow dress shirt that's buttoned and tucked in, and I have a sniper rifle as well.

      Apparently, I have to shoot some large dude that can be seen over an opened vent. I would have to climb up a bit to reach it, aim, and hopefully kill him, however, I wanted to plan this out a bit more. Just imagine for a moment of me near a wall, and the left and right corners are openings to get into the room where the large guy is.

      Then you have the vent in the middle that's opened, so I decided to go to the right and peek to see if there's anything I should be aware of, like guards or anyone that might try to inform others that the guy is dead, if I were to shoot him. It seems he's pretty much the only one there, but then I noticed some small entity that I can't really make a good description of seeing how the place is pretty dark.

      The only decent lighting in that room is the large screen that emits a milky light blue color, and I think the large guy is busy eating random food. At this point, as I'm trying to prepare to snipe him, and HUD comes up quickly, as if I'm trying to choose which perks to choose, like in Call of Duty games.

      There was some skewed logic going on when I was mentally picking which perk and package to choose from, and I'm informed somehow that I can use the Specialist Package along with parts of an Assault Package? Didn't really make sense to me, but I just went with it and picked a few things.

      Then I'm distracted again and have some random display show up mentally that shows a map with a white background and black curvy lines along with a legend display of what seems to be the same large guy I have to shoot down.
      The dream doesn't really make sense to me after this point.


      Blonde Becomes an Attraction for Everyone (Non-lucid)


      As I'm walking inside another random building that has a general color of light gray and hues of gray painted on the walls, flooring, etc., I noticed some chattering in a room nearby. I peek in a bit and see a blonde female is the center of attention for everyone in that room, and she looks like she wants my attention as well, but she's also shifting her eyes back and forth with the group she's dealing wtih as well.

      I felt kind of jealous of her for some reason, and the more I look around at her and the group, these people kind of look familiar to me. There's random flashes of clips, images, and all sorts of things I can't make a cohesive description of.

      The dream shifts to where the blonde is sitting down, and she's wearing a light turquoise-green dress with a V-shaped lining that shows her cleavage a bit. She has long, curvy, and wavy hair and has soft skin as well. I just remember her sitting there on a black chair with no handles to rest on along with the random dream characters with her as well.


      People Rewarded in an Auditorium and I'm Confused On What I Did Beforehand (Non-lucid)


      Not sure if I was recalling this dream on August First or the day before that, but whatever.

      The dream I had before with the battle-ox thing and the whole list of random events before that with the thought-forms and Naruto stuff, this one felt like it had some connection with that. I find myself walking into an auditorium, and I noticed there's a lot of people sitting down already. I take a seat and watch to see what's going on, and apparently there's people on stage that are lined up to be prepared to be given a check for their efforts of saving everyone from some monster.

      I presume it was the monster I had to run away from, but something struck a nerve for me when I saw these people getting these checks. My recall is horrible in this dream, but I had a strong feeling I contributed towards eliminating or defeating whatever entity these group of people went through together. I wanted to stand up, but I didn't want to, I decided to just let these people get what they deserve while I end up being puzzled on whether or not I should deserve some merit or monetary value for whatever I did.

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