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    1. 24th Apr 2013 A couple of short lucid dreams, Glitched sawblade, Ultraloud noise

      by , 04-24-2013 at 10:37 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps. Short WILD and short DILD, still a good result after yesterday.

      Nap #1:

      I am in my bed and i have feeling that something's different. I open eyes and room is indeed different, i take off headphones and can still hear binaural beats, confirming that i am dreaming. I notice mom doing something on the table to the left, which is table that is not in my room IWL. I get up and rub hands, dream stabilizes, but as i walk towards the balcony i accidentally make an error, i think about the waking body in the bed... and i wake up.

      Nap #2(fragment):

      I was in my room, i was recording some game, but i was controlling it from the distance and apparently my PC was not really there? I recall there was some part of the level with falling platforms. While recording i noticed that there's alot of circular sawblades on my bed(Sawblades looked like ones from Half-Life 2), i was a bit annoyed and kicked them off the bed onto the floor. Their physics glitched out(Again, like it happens in HL2) and two of them were stuck floating in the air horizontally. I sat onto one of them while recording, and then was thinking that i finally recorded something while sitting on the sawblade and how awesome it is( ).
      Ad i finished with recording i went to do an WILD attempt, as i was falling asleep i
      felt something different, like that i am dreaming, but for some reason i can't open eyes. I start rubbing hands and after a few seconds i can open eyes, though not fully. In a few seconds the pillow starts shaking and there's loud noise that gets louder and louder, it gets ridiculously loud and then changes into a snore as i wake up properly.
      Dunno if it was an actual snore or HH...