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    1. Killing Freddie...2/16/11

      by , 02-18-2011 at 04:00 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      GOALS:-Freddie TOTY
      -Basic TOTM
      So, I find myself in a toy store(weird, considering how old I am). I begin to browse the extensive collection(odd again). Then, I cone across some toy scouters.

      I see one in a box by itself. It doesn't actually do anything. It's just for show. Then, I see a double pack. It has one Scouter that doesn't work, but the other one does. The double pack is $130.00 and the single one is $19.00. So, I chose the single one. I buy it, and I take it out. it's a dark-blue Scouter. I try to put it on. I place it on my right ear. Then, I realize that's not the correct ear. So, I take it off and put it on my left ear. It fits perfectly. Now I'm seeing through one eye in blue. Then, I suddenly become
      lucid without dream signs!

      So now, Lucidity was my bitch. Time to do the TOTY and then the TOTM. I wait in silence believing he will show. Then...he is calling my name ominously. Then, he shows up out of the blue right in front of me. Holy shit. I tell him I'm going to fight him to the death. I have a few tricks up my sleeve so I can beat him...easily. I say let's shake hands and let the better man win. I hold out the correct hand so I can shake his glove hand. We shake hands. Then, I rip the glove off of his hand. I put it on. then, I back off. Then, Freddie charges at me. And then, before he can kill me...
      "Look! It's Jason!" I shout. Freddie turns around like a fuck-tard. Finally, I stab him through the back with his glove. Suck it bitch! I pull the glove out. I through it off as the blood drips off of the blades. Freddie falls over dead. TOTY number three for me!!!!! Then, I decide to go do the basic TOTM. As I look for a DC to kiss...
      I have a false awakening! Then, I awake for real! Shit!!!!!
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      lucid , task of the year
    2. 02/03/11 Wizards, Healing, Raiders of the Lost Arc

      by , 02-03-2011 at 11:23 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I have been running really short on time lately, and I end up not journaling everything, so I have gone to a shorter format so I can get everything I would like to journal recorded and still have time for other things.

      The Dark Wizard
      I am in a cavern with a group of people like might be found in a Dungeons and Dragons game. We are in a cavern that is blocked off by creatures, they are too strong for us to escape. They have a dwarf wizard chained up with magic, he is laughing at them for their inability to escape. They got in and captured him, now they will all die. Everyone is arguing on what to do. They ask who the fuck am I? I figure I could get them out of there, but I have a better idea… I can heal the dwarf wizard. He has a spark, so I use the song Touch My Heart to restore the flame in his heart. He is still bound by magic, his powers are being suppressed. I tell the others they can set him free now. He is no longer laughing at the situation, now he says he will help them escape. No one there wants to trust him now, apparently they don't believe I was able to heal his heart. Since they won't listen, I figure I will just have to allow the wizard the chance to prove himself. I look closer at him and see he uses dark energy, but it is stable now, and I just need to set him free of his bonds. "Through the darkness of hell and the blackest of hates, he who makes fear awaits you. After many lifetimes sealed away, the power remains for all to see, now it's un bound, now I set it free." There is a cyclone of dark energy surrounding the dwarf that pulls huge amounts of dark energy into him and allows him to break free of the bonds. Now he is not only free, he is more powerful than ever before… but still stable. He is angry at the creatures outside because he says they corrupted him in the first place, so he will help the people fight them off. Everyone there is terrified of him, but he proves them wrong as he uses his power to clear a path out of the dungeons, eliminating all of the creatures that dare stand in their path. Most of the creatures start running away before the force of his power. Once outside, the wizard says he is willing to let the past go, he won't bother the people unless they bother him first… so just leave him alone. They seem more than willing to comply with that.

      Animal Sanctuary
      I am in someone else's house, I am visiting there with my mother, and we are surrounded by all sorts of animals. I love the situation, and I am trying to get close to all of the animals and pet them or at least take photos of them with my iPod Touch. There are sooooo many kitties, I want to pet all of them, and most of them are willing to let me. There are also many dogs and some rarer animals that include big wild cats, a bear, an elephant in one of the larger rooms… some of the rooms are HUGE. I am in a room with many trees growing indoors, and there are birds and squirrels that are extremely friendly, even a raven comes from the trees and lands on my shoulder, being very careful not to hurt me with the talons on its feet. The raven has very soft feathers. My mom wants to go, we are on our way out and I see many animals I don't recognize, I try to linger back and take photos, my mom rushes me out to the car. We are driving home when I realize something is moving in my shirt and I find it is a pair of squirrel hitchhikers. There is also a canary on my head that seems to have found my hair to be a good place to roost.

      Energy for Asuka
      I am inside MoSh's inner world, and he is there with me. He seems glad to see me there, he says he wants to be sure Asuka is ok, he hasn't seen her around much in his dreams. I ask him where she is, he says if he knew that he wouldn't be so worried about her. I go into the house and try to scan around for Asuka, she isn't in the house, so I go to the door to Hogwarts. I scan Hogwarts as best as I can do quickly, no sign of her there, so I go to the door to the home of the monks that are training her. She is there! MoSh and I go through the doorway into their temple and look around, I am able to track Asuka's signal to find she is near a tranquil pool of water. The pool of water is surrounded by beautiful flowers, and Asuka is floating over the pool, meditating. MoSh asks if she is ok, but she doesn't respond, she is clearly too deep in meditation. MoSh asks one of the monks if she is ok, the monk says she is fine, she is just meditating, she should be out of it soon. MoSh asks if she is ok, the monk says aside from being a bit drained of energy, she is doing fine. Soon she comes out of her meditation and floats over to the shore and lands there. She wakes up, smiles at MoSh, and then hugs him. She looks a bit depressed, maybe just low on energy. Just to be sure there is nothing wrong inside her, I use the song Touch My Heart to give her some extra energy and purge any remaining unstable energy from her. She looks at MoSh, then at me, and she seems to be a bit more lively now. She says thank you, that energy really feels good, she has been quite tired lately. MoSh asks the monk how Asuka's training is going, the monk says it would be going much better if she had more confidence in her abilities to keep control of her own power. That fear must be dealt with first, and this requires much meditation and practice, which is what they are working on now.

      Raiders of the Lost Arc (TotY)
      I have said I would take MoSh into Avalon so we could go take care of something that needs to be taken care of, he says he is interested in doing that. So that is the next stop for the night. I take MoSh through a portal, focusing on letting Avalon guide us, but instead of taking us directly to a place we need to go, it takes us to the island of Avalon. MoSh looks around the island and says he thinks Asuka would really like it there, we should bring her sometime. I remember Tigress also says she wants to come, so I tell MoSh to wait for a bit and I open a portal to the moon, to the spot by the koi pond. She is not there, so I figure that means she is off in another dream and might be doing something she does not want to be disturbed from. There will be time for her in Avalon later. I close the portal, then MoSh and I get on a wooden boat and float down a river into a thick grove of trees where everything goes dark… and we find we are standing in a desert. There is a lot of commotion going on not far from our location, so MoSh and I go to check it out. There are many Nazis surrounding an object which could only be the Arc of the Covenant… there are two people tied up to a poll, one of them appears to be Indiana Jones, the other is a woman. One of the Nazis is about to open the arc, but I remember the Task of the Year where the goal is to open the arc and see what is in there. I have to open it, not him. MoSh and I easily kill off all of the Nazis, I use shape shifting to form my arm into Alex Mercer's arm blade and slice through them all. MoSh uses a pair of katana and some cool looking martial arts moves. Indiana and the woman are staring at us in awe, MoSh sets them free. They say we should get the arc to safety, I say no, we're going to open it. They both protest, but they certainly can't stop us… MoSh and I go over to the arc and open up the lid, Indiana and the woman run for cover. There is a glowing light in the arc that is like looking into infinity, there are surges of energy down inside it and flashes of light… then there is an eruption. The energy explodes out of the arc and permeates everything in the area, flowing through both MoSh and me as well. What a surge of energy! It doesn't hurt at all, it feels good. Once the energy passes through us, a spirit forms in front of us. I can't tell if it is male or female or even human, and it speaks to us (or at least I hear it) telepathically. It says we have pure hearts and have thus survived the test. It thanks us for releasing it, then it fades to nothing. The arc is now completely empty… nothing more than an ornate artifact from a time long past.

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    3. 09/04/10 The Origins of the Pyramids

      by , 09-06-2010 at 03:56 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I was in my bedroom thinking I should be cleaning out the cat pans when I heard a cat heaving like she was about to throw up, most likely coughing up a hairball. I waited until the cat sounded like she was done, and then I left the room to find the mess. Midna ran past me to my bedroom, I figured it was her that had coughed up a hairball. I followed the path she had come from and I saw something on top of the entertainment center. At least it should be easy to clean since it wasn't on the carpet. I got a step stool to climb up and look, there was a HUGE pile of vomit there, it was right on the back edge of the entertainment center, it looked too large to have been made by a single cat… It also looked like some of the mess had dropped off the back of the entertainment center. I climbed up on the top of the entertainment center, which is about three feet wide and made of solid wood, and peeked down behind it… to find another HUGE pile of vomit down behind it. Seriously?! How could all of that come out of a single cat? It seemed impossible to even imagine! And now I would have to clean it all up… yuck… I got some paper towels and came back, the towels proved to be excessively absorbent, and only a couple of them absorbed the vomit on top of the entertainment center… I was throwing that away when my mom said it was time to go, so hurry up. I followed her out to the car, very willing to not mess around with the second pile of vomit.

      My mom drove us to a friend's house, I know they were friends, but I don't know them IWL, so I have no idea who they actually were. We were there for dinner, but it wasn't quite ready, so I looked around the house and the yard surrounding it. This was a new house, this was a house warming party for the people we were visiting. It was a very nice house with a pool in a very large back yard, very nice interior, several nice bedrooms, definitely very nice. There were also several kitties wandering around. I had to try for a while before I finally caught up with one and managed to pet it, I managed to pet a cute little tabby that purred as I stroked it. My mother finally found me and asked if I would help with the final preparations for dinner, which included peeling a few potatoes, I did that as I stared out the back window at the pool, which looked very inviting. Shortly after I finished that, dinner was ready, not sure how the potatoes got done so fast, but dinner was good… a pot roast with lots of fresh veggies that actually tasted really good (I don't normally like veggies much) and some fresh rolls. Dessert was even better! A huge sheet cake was brought out, it was a white cake with white chocolate frosting, and it was delicious! They passes out large slices of the cake, and I enjoyed every bite of mine, though I ended up wanting more. I wasn't going to be seen taking more, or ask for more, because I didn't want to seem like a pig, but I was wishing for more of it just the same.

      To get my mind off of cake, I went to the back yard and looked around, several fluffy white bunnies ran for it when I stepped out, and I thought I would dip my feet in the pool even if I couldn't swim. I was sitting on the edge of the pool when an older woman came out with a large chunk of cake. She complained that a fly had landed on it and she dumped it in the pool before going back inside. A fly had touched it… um… that wasn't enough to stop me, and apparently the fact it would be soggy wasn't enough to stop me, either. I reached into the water and pulled the cake out, and amazingly enough it was not soggy. My answer for that was that the frosting was thick enough to keep the water out. I was eating the cake, staying to one side so no one would see me eating the cake. It was just as delicious as my first slice. My mother came out just as I finished the cake, saying it was time to go home. As we passed the cake, there was a lot left, I grabbed a third piece and took it with me. My mom said I was making a pig of myself… then she also grabbed a piece of cake for the road.

      Back home my mother and I were going to watch a movie, a horror movie called 'The Doll' was on the instant movies through NetFlix, the puke behind the entertainment center had been completely forgotten. As the movie started, I saw it starred David Caruso, who plays Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami. Which was weird since his name wasn't on the cast list. It wasn't until here that I did a random RC. The RC revealed that I was dreaming! I definitely hadn't expected that one, I did another RC, and then I was finally lucid. But what would I have time to do now?

      Ok, maybe a task of the year from Dreamviews? I thought I would try the one where the goal is to see how the pyramids in Egypt were built, so I focused on opening a portal to get there, and it finally opened. My mother told me to hurry back or I would miss the whole movie, then the portal closed behind me. I was now in the deserts of Egypt, I looked around to see if I was there in the proper time period, and it looked like I was. I went over to a giant pyramid that looked like it was under construction. I saw groups of people pushing the huge blocks up the ramps to get them into their proper positions at the top of the part that was completed. I found that to be quite disappointing, I had been hoping to find something interesting. This was just the typical mundane explanation of how it was done.

      I decided to look at it closer, anyway, since I had come all the way through time to see this. As I got closer I saw that the people moving the blocks up the ramp didn't look like they were straining at all, I got even closer and saw they were moving the blocks with ease, even going uphill. I saw some people preparing another huge block to go up the ramps, and I got a closer look, they had black stones that they were working with, somehow they were attaching them to the bottom of the large block… the large block was sitting up on smaller blocks, allowing the people to get to the underneath side of the huge block… I also saw that the ramps going up the pyramid were covered with black stone, there was also a railing about a foot high along the edge of the ramps. I saw some people coming down a narrower ramp from the back side of the pyramid, they were pushing containers of the black stones back down from the top.

      I spent a bit of time figuring out what was happening there when one of the people in charge apparently thought I should be working, not watching. So I helped move one of the huge stones all the way up the pyramid, it was very easy, and I realized how it worked as I did that… it was all done with magnets! Each of the huge stones were being kept floating a couple of inches off the ramp by a magnetic field between the stones on the bottom of the block and those on the ramp. They must have been angled just right, because the block didn't tend to slide back down the ramp. The railing along the ramp was to keep the block from being pushed right off the edge, which since there was no friction that would have been very easy to do. The block slid easily up to the top, where the stones were removed from under the huge block and it was slid into place. It was very heavy to slide into place, but that was such a small move compared to the entire path from the bottom… magnetic fields. I wondered if that idea had ever been thought of before… most likely. I was looking at the block we had just placed when I woke.
    4. 07/12/10 Star Trek Voyager: The Search For Robo

      by , 07-14-2010 at 01:43 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: My goals for the night included going on a Voyager dream with MoSh and Asuka, trying to find Robo on the planet he painted. I also have the continuing goals of having a shared DDO dream with Tigress and completing some tasks of the year, and locating Xildron, who is currently a human but he is supposed to be a dragon… Since tonight was a night off of training with Vegeta, I was able to get straight to my other goals starting with my WILD…

      Since my first goal was to pick up MoSh and Asuka, that was my first stop… in MoSh's inner world. The first thing I noticed when I stepped out of my portal was that MoSh's house had not changed. For the first time since his house got destroyed I had perceived it as the same for two visits in a row. We did discover that Asuka had been manipulating the house, changing it to various forms in an attempt to get MoSh to be lucid, but that apparently proved to be an epic fail. Asuka said now the house would remain constant. I was heading for the front door when both MoSh and Asuka appeared on the deck over the front door; they both jumped straight down, no need for stairs there, and MoSh said he was ready to get going. I opened a portal to the tower on the moon.

      The three of us stepped through the portal and into the landing bay in the moon tower. I suggested to MoSh that we would get a friendlier greeting when we met Voyager if we used his Delta Flier as opposed to my Fire Valkyrie or just teleporting there, but there was one stop I wanted to make on the way. MoSh asked where. I said I just wanted to complete a task of the year by doing a small jaunt through time to see the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Since all we were supposed to do is watch the event, it would be an easy one to complete. MoSh seemed a little hesitant, saying his lucids are sometimes rather short as it is and he wanted to be sure he was still with us when we reached Voyager. I said not to worry about that, just tell me if he was about to wake up and I could dilate time, or he could go for it again. Either way, the dream would be extended. He hesitated a bit longer and finally said it was ok. The three of us got into MoSh's Delta Flier, launched from the tower, and flew through a portal I opened to get us to the proper point in time.

      The sight of the Earth from space was, as usual, a magnificent sight. The continents were nothing like I am used to seeing them today, though. All of the continents were merged into one huge continent, known as Pangea. I could just imagine the dinosaurs roaming on the huge continent down there through the thick forests and savannas and… that was when I noticed the asteroid approaching. It was really quite close to the planet, moving through space at a quick pace.

      The asteroid plunged through the atmosphere of the Earth and created a huge explosion on the surface that seemed to make a hole in the atmosphere itself, sending a wall of dust and debris up in all directions from the point of impact. My first thought would have been to destroy the asteroid before it hit the planet, but the spectacle of the impact was really something, too. We lingered only a short time longer before I opened a portal and we flew through it into the Delta Quadrant, into the area of space where we would find Voyager.

      MoSh was piloting the ship while Asuka and I were seated behind him; his scanner showed the location of Voyager. Flying in the direction of Voyager, it wasn't long before we had contact from the starship. On the view screen I could see Captain Janeway clearly, along with some other people that looked familiar but I don't remember their names because it's been too long since I have watched Voyager regularly. I did recognize 7 of 9 beside Janeway… MoSh seemed to recognize them all. After a short talk he had permission to land, and flew the Delta Flier right into the landing bay of Voyager.

      From the landing bay the three of us were shown the way to meet up with Janeway and some others. I remembered my goal of getting to the planet Robo described, so now the goal would be to get Voyager to that planet, which would mean convincing Janeway to go there. There was something Q had told me… something that would definitely get Janeway to agree to the side trip to Robo's planet. I checked my pentegan computer and found Q had programmed in the location of a wormhole that led from the location of Robo's planet to a spot a good deal closer to Earth. Q had emphasized that it was not a good idea to send Voyager directly home, there were still encounters on the way that they would need to make, but going that far would be a big step along the journey without bypassing any important events. As I had expected, when I first mentioned needing to go to that planet, Janeway said they didn't have enough resources to make that detour, but when I showed her a display of the wormhole, she and the others were quick to agree that making the detour and then using the wormhole would cut significant time off of their journey. Janeway ordered the ship be redirected to the planet Robo had described.

      The journey to the planet Robo described was a short one when we traveled via interdimensional portal, which we passed off to Janeway as just another wormhole that would get us to where I needed to be a bit sooner. We emerged from the worm hole right near a planet with a surface that was extremely volcanically active. We got into orbit around the planet; Janeway contacted me and let me know we had arrived at the planet I had requested. I had been hanging out with MoSh and Asuka as they toured throughout the ship, but at that point I said things would go much more quickly if we could scan the planet for life before I went down to look. There was a man with us at the time; he looked at me as if I was completely insane. Tuvoc was also there in the area searching the planet surface for possible life forms would be illogical due to the fact the atmosphere was comprised of 5.7% water vapor, 58.1% carbon dioxide, 28.8% sulfur dioxide, 3.6% hydrogen, and 3.8% carbon monoxide with trace amounts of other compounds with no measurable oxygen at all… no known form of life can exist on such a world. Um… ok… he could have just said that the atmosphere was toxic without giving me a chemical breakdown… 7 of 9 announced that the Borg had assimilated a race of beings who could survive on such a planet… great… and irrelevant. I told them if they were to just search for signs of life I was sure they would be surprised.

      Sure enough, a scan of the planet revealed a single life form on one side of the planet, species appeared to be human, and he was definitely on the surface of the planet. Everyone was saying how impossible that was, there was no possible way a human could survive under such conditions… I told the others that it seemed we had found the person I was looking for, so I was heading down to the planet surface. I told MoSh if he and Asuka wanted to stay on Voyager, that was fine. MoSh said they would wait on Voyager, then he said good luck on finding Robo. A man in the crew asked MoSh if he was really going to just let his friend beam down to a toxic planet. MoSh said sure, why not? Someone else said they could not beam me down to the planet, because that was the same as committing suicide. I agreed that he didn't have to beam me down, I could go down by myself. With that, I teleported myself out of the ship and down to the place where Voyager's sensors had detected life.

      Volcanoes erupted around me in a spectacular display of exploding magma and billows of smoke rising into the air. The light on the planet surface was dim and had a red tint to it due to the thick reddish clouds that filled the sky. Of course I wasn't having any difficulty breathing, but I did have to admit that the atmosphere of the planet stank. It smelled like sulfur and smoke… not a pleasant odor at all. I ignored the smell of the air as I scanned the area for life energy. I followed the energy signature when I found it, following the signal down into a crevice and around to a flat area of the planet where I found there was someone standing there. I asked the person if he was Robo… he turned around and looked at me strangely. I asked him if he was lucid, did he realize that this was a dream? He paused a bit more, then smiled and called me Raven. He said to look around, the planet really did exist, it was real. He painted it and now it was real. He said he had created a world. As I got closer to him I noticed he had shortish dark hair, blue colored clothing, a cybernetic arm and one of his legs also appeared to be cybernetic. He said he could only imagine what else he could create… I asked him if he was going to remember this dream so we could confirm it as shared. He said sure, how could he forget this… poof. He disappeared. Oh, well. All I could do was teleport back to Voyager and hope that was really Robo and that he really remembered.

      With that, I teleported back up to Voyager, appearing right in the middle of the bridge much to the surprise of everyone there. Janeway looked surprised that I had survived that visit, but didn't question that, she asked if I had found what I was looking for. I said I didn't know for sure, but there was nothing more to be done here. One of the crew members said the life form that had existed on the planet was now gone. Several people looked at me accusingly as if they thought I had gone down there just to kill the only living thing on the planet. I said not to worry, I hadn't killed anyone, the other person had just woken… um… teleported elsewhere. But there was no other ship, someone protested. No problem, he didn't need a ship. So now for my end of the deal, to get Voyager a good distance farther along in their journey home. When I telepathically contacted him, Q opened that wormhole. Voyager flew through the wormhole and almost instantly came out the other side where there was no planet in sight. A few scans confirmed that they were, indeed, much closer to their final destination than they had been just moments before. I was going to ask where MoSh and Asuka had gone off to when everything faded and I woke.
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