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    1. c.

      by , 03-18-2020 at 07:08 PM
      Dreams from 14th, 17th and 18th. Mostly just copied directly from any morning notes I made for each day. Some notes in-line with the entries.


      Dream Fragment:

      First dream? Some Egyptian place, a big outdoor temple. I remember detailed stone and all the shapes I normally associate with ancient Egyptian architecture. I remember night time but also day time. It was a fairly long dream.

      It was a game like world or something. I was Link from Legend of Zelda? I remember fighting winged obsidian statues (likely "borrowed" from WoW). I remember the feel of a controller in my hands though. Maybe a Gamecube or Nintendo 64 controller, but could have just been a Wii one, since the joysticks have remained fairly similar over the years.

      Dream Fragment:

      A dream I'd travelled to my native country but with my high school class, and some other classmates from childhood. I remember we were in a coastal area visiting something. I forget all the details. This black I knew, Milt, was messing around some exhibit area? And then we were burying smoe ancient and withered corpse that had not received any funereal service. We then surrounded him with rocks and then placed larger boulders on top of him. The corpse was on a small dirt incline, about 20 or 30 degrees steep.

      Then I remember a room, indoors but nearby. It was dark inside, but I can't remember what happened there.

      Dream Fragment:

      Last dream that I woke up with, a WoW dream. Was playing rogue as usual and I was together with a raid group in Orgrimmar. We were in a different version of Thrall's throne room, it was more like a mix of Stormwind in a way because there was a lot of white stone and it was well lit.

      We were all bunched up in a corner, waiting for Horde players to come. I remember we didn't want to attack Thrall until we'd dealt with most of the nuisance players that would appear. We had already attacked Thrall before? I remember feeling surprise at the fact that none of the Alliance players from the raid group were messing around.



      Something about trains? Vaguely recall the dream took place outside and that it was day.



      The dream was a bit of a mix of Freelancer and other space games I've played over the years. I was avoiding some large blocky asteroids while flying a ship, and when I got clear of the asteroids I noticed a planet in the distance. I kept my course which was already on approach to it and noticed a gas cloud/small nebula formation appear. It was a green-ish dark mustard colour and mostly surrounded the planet. Like a smog coming off the planet.

      I remember the descent down into the atmosphere in some detail. There was some virtual interface element somewhere that, combined with the structures I saw, made me understand that the planet was mostly covered by factories and dense cities comprised mostly of narrow but tall skyscrapers. It looked like most of the surface area was being maximised for industrial output space, not for living. I landed somewhere and went to a bar of sorts, typical of Freelancer-like gameplay.

      People didn't look well off. There was a stereotypical North American "Trucker" feel to the place and there was an overall air that this entire place existed in a state of bare subsistence. I remember talking to some of these people but I don't remember exactly about what. It was night time both through the descent and while I was at the bar place.

      Dream Fragment:

      Some underground place, very well lit. There was a feel to the dream like some of the more dark and serious anime type stuff, such as full film-type productions. There were policemen with gas masks and they threw some sort of stunning gas grenades. I try to escape with two other people. We were doing a heist or something? The police looked like the Secreta from E.Y.E. but with typical blue and white colours instead of gold and black.

      Some transition or outside? A rail track of some sort. The dream was quite long but I was a bit too tired and I've forgotten most details. I remember two groups of people, and Auron from FFX. There was some cart carriage thing that went on the rail track...
    2. January 14th, 2019 Non-lucid and Lucid

      by , 01-14-2019 at 09:25 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream was set in a desert area in Egypt. I was with a few of my friends and sister. We were riding around through these tropical trees and ended up at this towncenter up against some mountains. There was a dust storm coming or partially already hit. I can't really remember what happened here. We were sort of in the buildings. There were merchants there selling things. Dust was blowing everywhere.

      I woke up from the dream but as I was going back to bed I noticed my body was going to sleep but I kept telling myself "my body will go to sleep but I'm going to stay awake. Stay awake. Stay awake." So now my body is asleep and I'm sort of stuck in gray matter trying to think of a dream scene. I recall my last dream and try to focus on the desert. The desert starts to appear and I'm now zooming through it with tropical trees around me. It's all very clear this time around compared to last. I can see everything in great detail. There's a path that I'm following, I'm riding in a jeep with the doors all taken off. To the left of me is a large body of clear blue water. I round a turn and go through this tunnel back to the towncenter. I keep telling myself to stay aware of the dream. I look around and remember that I can talk to people. As I'm looking for someone to talk to the lucid dream collapses.
    3. 9/10/17 - 9/12/17 (L)x3 L2 DILDx3 WBTB

      by , 09-12-2017 at 01:29 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      A monster hurricane was forecasted for the east coast. For southern New England, snow. I don’t remember anything else.

      9/12/17 (L)x3 L2x3 DILDx3 WBTB
      I recall very little about the LDs, other than the dominant the color in one of them was gray.
      -1-I was driving a blue van in Egypt when I heard the possibility that 3 of the Pyramids were going to be removed due to the nature of their origin. Since only certified people could drive in the place I was, I got a cop behind me. I turned left at the light, and tried to pull over, but the brakes were stiff, as if the vehicle was off.
      Lucid Time: 3-4 minutes
      Tags: cop, egypt, van
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    4. 16-07-21 Egyptian Ruins, Nuking Berlin

      by , 07-21-2016 at 11:51 AM
      I recall walking down a path with my mom in a frozen, wintery environment. It's possible I was barefoot for some reason. The ground was snow at first, then ice. I ran, then suddenly stopped so I would keep on sliding for a few meters. I got to a clearing in the forest. While sliding around, I also started floating in a controllable way. I wasn't particularly surprised by this.

      My mom was still with me. We were in some ancient Egyptian ruins, along with a group of other people. One of them was an Egyptian god in human form. The others were dodgy types, definitely villains. Most of the ruins were partially buries in the sand. We got to a large hall. At some point it became clear the bad guys were... well, bad. They held my mother hostage. I saw light pouring in from openings in the ceiling, and realized I could fly out through there, but I think I didn't leave because they still had my mom. There was a bit of a battle. I flew towards one buff-looking baddie, grabbed him in mid-air and smashed him into a wall. I think I smashed him a few times with my "super fist" (I was half awake at this point, this bit was half fantasy-half actual dream). Still at the far wall, I looked at the group of villains in the distance and decided to blow them up. I took out a detonator, and pressed it. They blew up in a haze of blood. Sadly, I died too, as apparently this was a game and I "failed" by doing this. Maybe I had blown up the hostages as well?

      Once again, my mother was present. I was playing with our cats (Sylvester, Lotje and Fleurtje), who have obviously been dead/disappeared for almost a decade. Now, they *were* dead in this dream, but I was using some kind of trick that manifested memories into reality. My mom also saw the cats and happily petted one, I think (she loved our cats, too). I said that this 'memory' was almost as real as it was in reality.

      I was outside somewhere, in a place that had high grass. Maybe a primitive village? The place came under attack from Orcs (the kind from the Gothic games). In true Gothic style, I killed a few with a one-handed weapon. A lot of people were killed, though. Elsewhere in the area, there were "Dragon Moss" monsters from Guild Wars, and other beasties behind them. I was in danger of being overwhelmed, until I fired one arrow which somehow killed them all instantly.

      Vague scene involving my grandparents on father's side, including grandma (who has been dead for years).

      Last dream of the 'night'. Berlin at night. I 'knew' the war against Nazi Germany was going badly, very badly. In a last ditch effort to fix this, we'd flatten Berlin. I saw a "B2 Spirit" stealth bomber from behind. It was somehow somewhere on the ground in the middle of Berlin. I took off using only very little runway (= street), and started gaining altitude. The idea was to drop the bomb when I got high enough. I don't think I ever got to that point before I woke up.
    5. Snakes and a water-themed in-between place

      by , 10-28-2015 at 10:06 PM
      In the previous scene, I'd been doing shots with a man who drinks live snakes, one every day. The bartender gives me a dead one, since it's my first time; it'll go down easier. Now I'm walking around half-submerged ruins where I've been before. There's meant to be a door here, though I hadn't seen it the first time around. Now that I'm searching, though, I spot the fold in reality that's hidden it, pull it through so that it becomes solid. It's set in the base of what had been an empty stone arch.

      The other side of the door is an in-between place, and I go slightly lucid in order to pause and enjoy the view. It's a stone bridge hanging in space, pale stone, low and sloping walls on either side, and something like coral growing over it in patches. This space has the quality of light seen from underwater, and floating above there's some enormous, amorphous, diaphanous shape, jellyfish-like. It's all very pleasant.

      Along the bridge I run into two women with the tails of snakes, mermaid-like, who are frozen in place, and whose verbal words don't match the meanings I hear - the verbal words are friendly, the underlying meaning is to get me to come close enough and stay long enough for them to kill and eat me. I find them pleasant, too; I can't blame them for being hungry, this place sees so little traffic, and I don't intend to stay long enough for them to kill me, so they're effectively harmless.

      When I leave the in-between place, it takes me to a scene where an Egyptian woman with a clipboard is consulting a guest list. I have to wait in line behind some snake-haired triplets while a dead human woman talks to the woman with the clipboard, trying to justify why she belongs inside, citing the royal status of her lover.

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    6. Decayed Fence and Strange Weather

      by , 07-07-2015 at 01:07 PM
      Morning of July 7, 2015. Tuesday.

      My dream starts out like a typical imposer dream. The setting is our present house on W Street, though there is a slight change in the layout relative to size. My wife Zsuzsanna is sitting near our front window (sewing, I think, though her sewing machine is in our living room in reality) where there is more of a view of the neighbor’s house. I notice that the fence design is different. The thinner wooden planks had supposedly been horizontal (rather than vertical as in reality) but are now mostly decayed and lying on the ground. However, the first section of fence about three feet into the front yard division is still standing and made of brick - and is at least five feet high. There is a group of at least four young males. One of these males steps over the rotted planks into our front yard and this imposition immediately annoys me. I am thinking of going out and making sure they stay where they belong, but he goes back on his own. I speak about continuing the front part of the fence by putting more bricks in (not thinking about cost or work effort).

      From here, I am concerned about the longevity of our wooden house. These thoughts do not result in any threatening event manifesting even though I consider the possibility of parts of the ceiling falling on us. Diverse features of the ceiling and the angles and differences in height in different areas are far more complex than in reality.

      I am outside for a short time. I notice that one section of the sky to my right is different than to my left; a very distinct green color, which makes me think a really bad storm is on the way, perhaps a tornado (even though the sky to my left to the west seems normal and calm).

      I go into our house, concerned about the possibly approaching bad weather. As I shut our front door, there is resistance and a pulling sensation and I think that it might be an imposing neighbor trying to get in to assault someone or burglarize, though it turns out that the door will not fully shut due to a large circular (slightly wreath-like) clump of grass being blown into the doorway above the doorknob and being stuck between the door and door frame at about shoulder level (mostly due to my closing the door so quickly that the grass did not have time to fall, the additional pull being caused by the wind). However, I do manage to get it closed. From here, I join Zsuzsanna and our youngest son, and the inside of our house then seems longer, though narrower, north to south, almost hall-like. There is soon a very eerie and human-like low-pitched howling of the wind, which we first think may be an old man or creature moaning just outside our front door. We end up still running, but in a sort of playful manner upon realizing the circle of grass stuck in the closed door is making a feature to cause sound to amplify and phase in this way.

      The next scene involves other people being in our house, apparently by permission or just random passive characters coming into existence. Regardless of the weather concern, I sit down to consider a very large game board (about three feet by about one and a half feet) that has several different simultaneous game scenarios at once (though seemingly not at all related to each other). I take it apart (the board seems to have small joints whereby smaller sections connect), separating a section that appears to have some sort of Egyptian strategy game in progress (so that the other sections of the board displaying different cultures and battle scenarios do not distract from the seemingly individual game). The two buildings in the opposition look more like ziggurats than pyramids, though. I do not really reflect on why a person or group of people would have so many different things going on at the same time on the same game board. I am not interested in playing it now.

      An older male sits on the couch (its position has changed; it is perpendicular to its location in reality; it faces east rather than north), apparently talking to a young Ava Gardner (December 24, 1922-January 25, 1990) - probably related to the fact that my wife had checked out a “Perry Mason” DVD set in real life (thus a distorted Erle Stanley Gardner association). I am not sure what the scenario is; perhaps he is coaching her in her acting, though he is seemingly her agent. I go over and notice that she is dressed in lacy black and is sitting back with her arms back (and knees up) on the floor. I grab her heels and lift them slightly. She then transforms into a Tweety Bird foil balloon (shaped like Tweety Bird in frontal silhouette) of about three feet long. I end up whacking the balloon by her “feet” (the balloon of which is still somehow her) against the floor (though I am not even focused on why) with a slight wariness that I probably should be doing something else.

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    7. Remembering

      by , 04-28-2014 at 08:02 AM
      Last night I dreamed and I could remember my dreams clearly (or more clearly than yesterday).

      Dream 1
      The dream was about a mummy of some kind, their was a sphere like a movie about a mummy (where you are finding one or defeating one). The surroundings were a combination between a neighborhood I know and Egypt (bit like Aladin). We were with a team of four, trying to defeat the mummy. There was a boy with special powers, the main character, lets call him A (because he has no name XD). Than there was my sister, she was just part of the team and last a boy who was kind of our guide through the Egypt/familiar neighborhood territory, lets call him B. And of course I was there as a team member
      We were running in streets to get to a battle field. and the battle field was also a mix between a 'lake' I know and Egypt. A was fighting of the mummy.

      Dream 2
      I was in a really big house. It was a mixture of my aunts home and an unfamiliar home. Four friends were their, that I knew by name, but there were more friends, but I couldn't remember their names. And only my uncle and nephew were there (not my aunt).
      One friend, Elianne and I were going to get food for us (everybody there). It was raining really hard, but we still went cycling. We didn't get wet or even cold. I can't remember or I didn't dream the cycling ride or picking up the food. I remember just getting our bikes and getting back with loads of food. We went inside and got the food to the table. *

      Fragment 1 of dream 2
      I think my dreamed about the food on the table etc. and than all of the sudden I was seeing a discussion or in a discussion with my uncle and father aobut a fesival were you dress like a character of book/movie/series or just fantasy creature. My uncle said he liked the festival. We went their, but I can only remember the sandy parking lot.

      I can't remember for sure, but I think I was lucid for just 'a couple of seconds'. Because when I walked into the house after we gone and got the food, my glasses fogged up (don't know if you say it like this), because of the warmth and cold difference. I remember thinking, this has to be a dream, because there was no cold and there is no warmth and everything looks kind of off. But then I didn't do anything and just dreamed the dream.
      I where glasses (or lenses) IRL, that is not a dream sign or anything weird...!

      The following I wrote after I dreamed this and woken myself up and wrote these 2 dreams and fragment down. After that I went back to sleep again and when I woke up 1 1/2 hour later I wrote this down:

      Fragment 2
      I was with my friend Elianne and we were shopping in a shop that looked like a store I knew, but that store isn't a supermarket, but the store just sold food. I was not in school (I am not in school right now, we have vacation, but I don't have to go to school anymore, because I just have to learn for my exams and in couple of weeks I will take those exams), but apparently every other student in the store (a lot of people I know and are in my class) including Elianne were in school. I bought something in the end, but I never got something of the racks or really looked at any products with the thought of wanting to buy them. Elianne bought cookies and than somehow my other friend, Jessy, was also there. And she bought candy that I believe she doesn't like IRL, but I like a lot.
      After that I bumped into another classmate/friend Lauren and she was with other people who are friends of me, but I couldn't see them clearly. Lauren asked me something about a series we both watch and I answered her and she walked away, but I don't know what she asked or what I answered. It was like the sound was set on mute for a minute.

      After I paid I left my friends and roller-bladed home, don't know were I got my roller blades, but I had them on. I found my sister and a good friend of her talking to a woman with four kids. One of the kids a girl was 'picking' my sisters bike, it was weird. My sister wanted to lift her up, but I said she shouldn't do that. She did it anyway, so I took the girl from her and put it next to the mother. The girl looked different, she was really 'bird' like and had red hair and a lot of freckles. My sister and her friend left and I was left alone with the woman and the children. She told me she didn't like me picking up her child. I told her I would not ever do that, but my sister was dangerously picking her up, so I had to take the child and carry her to you. My sister was standing with her bike, she could have fallen. The woman agreed with me. I walked, or skated, with the woman around the neighborhood and than went home.
    8. Was Pharaoh A Crook?

      by , 08-06-2013 at 09:26 PM
      Date: August 6, 2013
      Method: WBTB & MILD (WILD)
      Total hours of sleep time: 6 hours (WBTB 1 hour)

      Well, I have a lot to talk about so let's get to the good stuff!

      I went to bed at my usual time of 12:00am and I have to get up to fix breakfast and wake the kids. After getting everything done and the last child out of the house, I looked at the clock frustrated because I just knew I couldn't count this as a good WBTB method. According to what I have read on DV, I should not do to much activity during WBTB and I should try to be silent and keep the lights dim. Well, with this being the first week of school, this morning my house was grand central station ! I was up cooking, waking up people, shouting that the bus was coming and every damn thing...sigh!

      When everyone was out the door, I looked at the clock and realized a whole hour had passed. As I turned off the lights and got back in the bed, I said to myself, "You have done far to much to count this as a WBTB, no way are you going to become lucid now...chalk this up as another loss." However, my inner self told me to continue to say my mantra and just get a few minutes of sleep (It was 7:11am and I had to be up in an hour to get ready for work).

      This is when the magic happened!

      It seemed like mere seconds before I noticed that I was standing in front of my door screaming at my kids telling them the bus was coming. I had my hand on the couch which is in the living room by the front door, but I noticed that the couch was in a different position on the other side of the living room. Instinct (and I mean pure instinct) prompted me to do a RC. I told myself to levitate...AND I DID!!! That's when I felt the vibrations, and I knew I was lucid! I'm am not good at my dream control, so I told myself to calm down and the next thing I knew, I was back in my bed. I stayed still and played sleep and like magic again...I was back in the living room! "Oh GOD, please tell me what to do!" I thought as I just floated there. I remembered that I wanted to gain some dream control so I started to touch the living room wall by the front door. As I was looking at the wall and the front door, I thought it would be fun to see if I can go through the wall...AND I DID!!! As I was going through the wall, I'm not 100% sure, but I think I saw like lights? sparks? flashes? Hard to explain, but also, as I want through the wall, it felt gooey . I did come out on the other side of the wall to my front yard and then I faded to the dark again and was back in my bed.

      Well, you know my method for this by now DV, I laid still in my bed and DEILD my way back out of myself. This time, I was in a different scenery, but it was still my house. Everything was not quite right, so I knew I had to do something, or I would be back in my physical body again. So I'm standing there and my husband is just looking at me. He says, "Aren't you suppose to do something?" I look at him strangely, but for the life of me I couldn't think of what I was suppose to do (once I woke up, I realized for the TOTM, I was suppose to ask a DC what is the meaning of life? )! I stood there wondering what my husband was talking about and I realized I was losing my lucidity by getting wrapped up in my husband, so immediately, I refocused my attention on getting out of there! For some strange reason, one thing I can always remember is trying to teleport to Egypt and that is exactly what I tried to do.

      Canis Lucidis told me to close my eyes and imagine Egypt down to the very last detail. I closed my eyes (tight) and kept thinking about how Egypt looked with the pyramids and the sand (kinda how it looks when I watch the Discovery Channel or National Geographic). I kept repeating these images in my mind and then I began to hear music, or people singing (this isn't the first time I have heard beautiful music while lucid, but every time I wake up, I can't remember the music or the songs)? Slowly I open my eyes and the first thing I see (hard to explain) is like a wavy image (you know how you look in the distance and it is really hot and you can see the heat waves?). The image clears up and I hear people say that Pharoh is a crook. I look down and a child is telling me to follow him (he looks like my God son in RL, but now he is my God son in Ancient times, his clothes are rags also). So I follow him. He stops by men that are working and building something and they are wearing tattered clothes and they look like prisoners. One of them looks like he is eating something and he gives him some of his sandwich to eat and the child says thank you. When the child let go of my hand to get the sandwich (I saw bread and meat, so to me, it's a sandwich), a new scene in front of me appears. I look back at the child who is running toward me and I start to walk toward the new scene, but the closer I got to the scene the more the scene moved further away. I guess I began to get too tired of what I just went through, because I faded to the black
      and opened my eyes to see my clock on my nightstand...7:46am.

      I got up and lunged for my journal and wrote down all that I could remember. I have no idea why I am able to WILD in three's, but by the third one, my mental energy is shot!

      A Special Thank you

      To Canis Lucidis,
      Thanks for sending me to Egypt, you (along with all the other facilitators, moderators, members, and friends) are appreciated.

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    9. Pyramids Of Egypt in Water!

      by , 08-05-2013 at 03:59 PM
      Type: WILD

      I saw that I'm in a a sea beach and in about 0.5 km's away I saw one of Pyramid of Egypt in the sea
      Then I decided to swim in that water. I had a good swimming experience in lucid dream. It was very real. I needed to take breath when I was under water

      Image source: https://www.facebook.com/thepyramidsofegypt
      Tags: egypt, sea, swim
    10. "Why did Osiris cross the road?" (Travel through space)

      by , 07-23-2013 at 01:23 PM
      Morning of July 23, 2013. Tuesday.

      I am in Egypt (although it sometimes seems to be Italy), but some areas seem like urban areas in the USA (New York), and I am in an area where there are a lot of unusual ancient structures, some of the area being like a desert. There is a lot of folklore and even books about one larger pyramid, especially. It is a four-sided pyramid with various faces, seemingly carved just inside from the outer walls and looking out in mostly even rows, probably at about five levels - almost like a “people looking out the windows of the bus” effect on each row, but more separated in individual “windows” or frames. There is some work near the base, but it is not quite determined as to what it is. Somehow, what exists now or what is “left” is thought by some to be the remains of people from another planet with the pyramid being a spacecraft, so that the “carvings” are actually some sort of skeletal or mummified heads of beings like Osiris (from another planet) who came to Earth. Other people have no belief in the various theories about the “spacecraft” and say it is just a pyramid with statues, carvings, and such. There are even indications that certain restorations had been made to the structure over many years and some of the original content is missing now.

      There is one part that makes little sense relating to supposed evidence of the spacecraft having left a very large, wide area of empty or changed ground from rocket exhaust or something along those lines - plants do not grow and buildings have never been built there - proof at any rate, of the supposed spacecraft landing. However, it is said that the area was as it was from thousands of people killing themselves at the same time centuries ago(?) I get this impression of an extremely large group of people - seemingly soldiers of some kind, facing away from the pyramid from all four sides and somehow dying all at the same time in a “perfect” position - but really, it makes little sense at all, especially as the ground is supposedly all barren and with no human remains, either. I almost am able to imagine the spacecraft full of “people” having landed all those centuries ago. Later, I notice what seems to be plumbing or tubes in some outer areas. Time passes and I and a few others walk around in other areas, including near a few barns and what seems like smaller businesses.

      There is another “real spacecraft” from ancient times, supposedly - this one inside a modern building, but it is almost more like a model of the other one (without the faces) - about the size of a refrigerator. A lot of it is different from the original now. It is sort of like a four-sided pyramid, but not quite. There is a half-circle gauge of some kind near the top that looks fairly new and there are other newer mechanical parts as well as more plumbing of some kind. A few people seem to think it is hilarious that people in the region think that what is left of the ancient structures was related to space travel or other beings. There is some sort of business meeting or lecture where it is pondered “Why did Osiris cross the road?” (meaning why did he travel through space to Earth, although one idea is why did he travel from Egypt to Italy) - one answer being understood to be “to become the Pope”. However, one “ancient spacecraft” seemingly turns out to be the “Optical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System” of the European Space Agency (OSIRIS) or possibly “Origins Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification and Security” (OSIRIS but of USA - NASA) or something equally confusing.

      Some of the ancient artifacts (but not all - including the large pyramid) turn out to be combinations of defunct satellites and parts of plumbing and abandoned prototypes of inventions.

      A life-sized Egyptian image/painting of “Osiris” is on display - but turns out to be the Pope, even though he looks exactly like some images of Osiris, including the white robes and “tall white hat” (mitre). “The Pope is Osiris” someone says - believing he somehow came from the ancient “spacecraft” pyramid - even though the “remains” back at the pyramid were still there.

      Later, there is a large business office with a long rectangular table that is also supposedly an ancient structure of some kind, yet looks more like a modern display case. I actually say “it looks like a display case” in my dream even though it was once supposedly a tomb/sarcophagus. I do not see anything inside it through the glass, though.

      Five other examples of the “Acknowledging the Sleeper (Type 2)” dream type:

      The Three Lives of my Dream Girl

      The Dead One

      Indoor Ziggurat Tomb

      Beyond the Martian Time Barrier / The Martian Casket

      The Count’s Body

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    11. Bend over (WILD + DEILDSs)

      , 03-27-2013 at 07:52 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Wednesday 3/27/13

      Bed 1:20am -7:10am
      Morning nap 8:30, got up to restroom at 9:40, right back to sofa, up from WILDs at 11:07

      After WBTB, lay down on my left side - I had all LD in this position today.

      What a completely different experience than last DEILD chain. This time, almost all of 30 min experience were LDs, just a tiny portion were transition.

      I got the falling feeling maybe just twice, after I invoked it. But nothing like last time.

      The whole time I wasn't really asleep deeply. I heard the church bells, felt my cat move at my feet.

      1. This guy is stealing some metal rod construction things from my uncles yard. I yell at him from my window that I have him on camera. He comes close to me and I cover my face so he doesn't recognize me next time. But I know I'm just visiting there so I know there is no chance of running into him later.

      Until I run into him and his gang later. Oh yeah, kids cover your eyes. He bends me over and we have some gooood times. And then one more time. I saw his penuuuuus!

      (He looked like the bad guy on Sliders - I'm watching reruns)

      2. I'm walking through a very realistic looking apartment with white kitchen furniture. I'm thinking about people asking on DV how realistic LDs can get and I'm thinking to myself "pretty damn realistic". Looked as real as my real kitchen.

      I sit in a chair and 2 friends are there asking me if I can get lucid again, because they wanna be in a dream with me so we can be lucid together. I say I don't know and start to pushing my body so it hangs of the chair and I start seeing with my eyes closed and I'm lucid. Mind you, I was lucid already. I'm touching my friends and poking them if they can feel me, but they don't know I'm lucid (OBE), since my body is still sitting in the chair.

      3. I'm laying on sofa and I watch a small animal crawl on a carpet. I think to myself when I notice something, I'll know I'm lucid. It's a small, fat, hairless, 6 skinny legs, looking like a cuddly spider of a size of a small plate. Brown and lighter brown body with design like a spider. I pet him. He feels soft and squishy.

      4. I try to get out of the building. But every door I open leads to another room. I have to chuckle, because I'm aware of my daytime thought of staying in buildings, not be scared of them. I put my hand on the doorknob and try to think what's behind it. But I have the door ajar already and something bright and colorful is behind it. I walk out to Las Vegas casino.

      I want to get outside so I walk up to a rack with postcards. I thinking hard where I wanna go. Think Stonehenge, but there is no postcard for that. So I think pyramids in Giza. There are pics of pyramid, but it's the one in Vegas. I try it anyway and think I can trick my mind and have me transported to Egypt anyway.

      I put the postcard on my face and try to push my face inside. I remember reading IWL, that you can change dreamscape by entering large posters. I know this is too small but I also know it will work.

      I push my face into postcard and it stretches as a thin film over my face. I push myself through it and emerge on the other side. But It's still Vegas. I pick another postcard, this time of a very nice octagonal water fountain someplace in Egypt. I push myself through but there is only darkness.

      5. I start in a building again. Old apartment, european type. Try to walk out. Finaly after many doors I come to main hallway. There is a very old, frail looking lady checking her mailbox or something. I pet her arm and try to talk to her. I know my voice was not strong in last couple of LDs, but I know she can hear me. I get an idea that maybe she is someone I know who had passed away. I feel close to her.

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    12. Pyramid Parkour and the Task of the Year

      by , 01-10-2013 at 06:42 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was driving in a car, I'm not sure what kind, down a large hill on a long, winding road. There were a few cars coming from the other direction and for some reason I thought there wasn't many for this time of day, it must've been rush hour or something. As I came to a bend in the road I looked over the guard rail overlooking a large cliff with a huge city in the valley below. I turned to my sister who was in the passenger seat and said, "We're almost there." We must've been going to whatever city that was. As we turned the corner I noticed temporary dividers in the middle of the road, like they would put down for construction, but nobody was working on the road. There weren't even any vehicles. As we continued down the road I noticed that there seemed to be an awful lot of police cars, the majority of whom were pulling people over. I wasn't speeding so I thought I was fine.

      I distinctly remember passing a small, deep purple sedan with a cop standing next to the door. He was leaning into the car trying to reach something in the passenger seat. I didn't know what it was or why he was doing it but I continued on driving glad it wasn't me pulled over. Right as I thought this I saw blinking lights in my rear-view mirror; Damn, why me!? I continued around the next curve and pulled over to the side of the road. The officer got out of his car and had a very large hat on, much like troopers often wear but much bigger. He started walking towards our car and I began to get nervous. When he got to our car he didn't stop, he just kept on walking past us. He went around the next bend and when I looked behind me the cop car was gone. I looked over the edge of the cliff that the road weaved down and could see the officer standing at the bottom looking up at me. He winked.

      For some reason this bumped me into lucidity. I'm not quite sure why but I didn't really question it; I was glad to have ended my dry spell and did a quick clock check for a RC. At first it said 3:17, pretty normal. I looked away and turned back to it. This time it said 9:62. Perfect, this was definitely a dream. I got out of the car and rubbed my hands together, not wanting to waste my first LD in a couple weeks. I asked my sister who was still sitting in the passenger seat and had been silent the whole time what I should do. She looked at me and said, "Weren't you asked to do some tasks or something?" Ah-ha! The TotY! The first one that came to mind was the Colosseum one but for whatever reason I decided against it. The next one that popped into my head was Africa, riding the great sphinx and fixing its nose.

      I got back into the car and decided I would try a different way of getting there instead of just teleporting. I pushed a button that just appeared on the console and the car began to hover above the ground. I pulled back on the steering wheel which could now move like the controls of a plane and pushed the gas pedal. Away we went. I flew over the city, going quite fast since I figured we were in America and had to fly over the Atlantic. I looked down and couldn't quite tell what city it was but it was surrounded by desert and mountains beyond that. I figured either Las Vegas or Phoenix Arizona. It only took a few seconds to reach the mountain range and when we crossed it I could see the great pyramids over the other side. I opened the console of the car and found a staples button. Cheesy, I know, but I pressed it and a loud and, for some reason, female voice said, "that was easy."

      I pushed down on the steering wheel and eased on the breaks. We landed about 200 yards from the sphinx and I knew I had to ride it up the pyramids but felt like something else was missing. Of course, the nose! As I looked it over I realized that its nose was completely intact; the whole thing looked like it had been completed just days earlier! What the heck, I was supposed to fix it . I figured since I had to fix it I might as well break it first. I flew up to its face and pulled my arm back, taking a good, solid swing at the nose. The tip fell off but I needed more, granted the whole thing was twice the size of me. I ran my hand along the bridge of the nose and then hovered over it and kicked down. The whole thing slowly slid down the face of the sphinx and it looked just like it did in the history books.

      Now I had to undo what I just did. I was a little annoyed at it but hey, I want to get this done! I floated back to the ground and picked up the nose. Even though my arms couldn't reach all the way around it I was still able to somehow lift it. I flew back up to its face and set the nose in place. I then pushed it into the face and the whole thing fit like a key. Apparently this was indeed some sort of key, for the sphinx immediately began to move. Slowly but surely the whole thing stood up, looked around, and gave a long stretch and yawn. It then proceeded to lick itself, damn cat.

      I hopped on its back and tried to get it to move, granted the thing's back was 25 feet wide, it wasn't a horse. I squeezed my legs like one would to get a horse to move but the sphinx just looked around and then laid back down. What the hell, this was supposed to be fairly straightforward! I thought for a moment while it started to drift off to sleep and then remember seeing cats chasing the little red dots that laser pointers create. I reached into my pocket and, sure enough, there was a laser pointer! I pointed it at the pyramid and could faintly see a little red dot, not nearly enough to get this thing's attention. I figured that, if it were a little bit darker out the light would be easier to see. I looked down at my wrist and found a watch. It said 4:00 P.M. so I pulled out the little time-set thing and changed it to 8:00. As the hands moved forward the sun went down and the moon came up. This was pretty cool, given that I had never really changed the time of day before.

      As the sun went down I could feel the dream begin to fade. Damn, I haven't done this in a while! I quickly rubbed my hands together which stopped the fading and brought back some clarity but I knew that I didn't have much time left. I patted the sphinx on its back, which was still quietly laying there. It began to stir and I pointed the laser pointer at the ground in front of it; it was easy to see now! The sphinx's ears twitched and its head perked up, clearly noticing the little dot. I pointed at the pyramids which were about 400 yards away. The sphinx jumped up and immediately began to bound towards that light. I squeezed my legs as tight as I could just to stay on.

      When it got close to the pyramid, the sphinx jumped, trying to pounce on the light. I quickly moved it up about halfway to the top of the pyramid, but it still ended up hitting the base and knocking some blocks off. C'mon, kitty, don't knock the thing down! It regained its awareness and found the dot again and immediately jumped up, running up the pyramid. This thing was steeper than I thought, it had to be at least a 40 degree angle
      (after googling it, the actual angle is almost 52 degrees). The sphinx stuttered on a few steps as blocks fell out from under it but it continued to climb up the top.

      I pointed the light right at the very peak and, right as we got close to the top, the sphinx jumped again, this time overestimating the height and clearing the entire pyramid. We both fell down for a few hundred feet and when the sphinx finally landed it began to slide down the side of the pyramid. The ride was quite bumpy and I could feel the dream beginning to fade. We reached the bottom just a couple seconds afterwards and I immediately jumped off, rubbing my hands to try and stabilize but to no avail. I decided that, since the dream was pretty much over and I had accomplished what I wanted to do, I would give the sphinx a treat. I waved towards the distance, motioning for something to come towards me. While doing this I envisioned a giant fish coming out of the horizon towards the sphinx. I tried to reward it for its hard work but just as I though I saw the fish come over the horizon
      I woke up in my bed, my arm over my head in the same position I was waving in. The entertainment isn't confined to just the dreams

      One down, six to go. Hopefully the next one won't take three weeks just to get lucid
    13. A Year in the Twilight Zone

      by , 12-07-2012 at 04:11 AM (Woodstocks Wonderfully Weird World of Wackiness, Warlessness, Winged Wolves, Weather, and Ducks)
      The day before this dream I was sick, with a temperature that rose to 99.7 from my normal temperature of 97, then dropped to 95. I couldn't sleep the night before or during the day. I finally was able to sleep at around 5 am, but only for an hour. I think the dream lasted the whole hour, but it felt like a year.

      There was a murderer named Tom Tiddlediddle who ate peoples heads. The police couldn't find him but there were a lot of people who were found dead with no head, so he was still killing people the whole time.

      There was also a nice alien named Hoopsha. He looked like a wrinkly old woman with white skin, but he had huge elephant ears and a pig nose. The texture and look of his skin reminded me of the Shpongle mask thing.

      The whole dream was in the Egyptian desert. The Egyptians had religious ceremonies inside of stone temples, where they made tea with some cool blue flowers and meditated. At the front of the room was a clay statue with angels holding cannabis leaves.

      Near the end of the dream, I was talking to Hoopsha. He moved closer and calmly told me to look at his wrinkled skin. He asked me if it looked familiar. I don't remember my answer. Then his calmness turned to an evil stare as he said "I'm Tom Tiddlediddle". His face morphed into a human's face. He slowly opened his mouth, knowing that I was paralyzed with fear. I woke up still feeling scared and confused.
    14. The Poolside Pyramid

      by , 11-26-2012 at 08:27 PM
      A short lucid, but it featured some of the most arresting visual imagery I've encountered so far. I'd wanted to see the Great Pyramid, but this was well beyond what I'd had in mind.

      I like to think of my conscious mind as the "coauthor" of my dreams, but sometimes I have to wonder if it's anything more than a proofreader.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #33: The Poolside Pyramid

      I'm swimming at a pool party. Rather than relaxing and enjoying the moment, I'm scrubbing furiously at algae blooms along the pool walls while trying to make sure that my two kids are keeping their heads above water. A tall, gray-haired man swims up and makes some unflattering remark about my scrubbing technique. First a flicker of annoyance ("this isn't even my job!"), then one of realization. He stops talking as soon as I'm lucid.

      I want to go but I can't make myself leave until I'm sure my kids are safely out of the pool. Fortunately, when I check for them, I see that they've already disappeared. I tell the guy I've got lucid stuff to do and he responds, "Oh sure, man. Go for it."

      I fly up out of the pool, thinking vaguely about my goal of reaching the top of the Great Pyramid. I'm shocked when on the horizon I see an entire pyramid complex, fully formed. In front of the Pyramid, in even more vivid detail is the sphinx and a towering statue of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Incredibly, the statue stands even taller than the Pyramid.

      Rather than the dull sand-colored stone that I imagine when thinking of the Pyramid today, it's clad in brilliant white. The sphinx's face and body is either painted or perhaps decorated from top to bottom with colored stones, the eyes specifically ringed in deep blue, like lapis lazuli. The statue of the pharaoh is gold, similar in style to King Tut's burial mask.

      Everything that I see ahead of me is far, far beyond what I'd incubated (or even imagined) for the Great Pyramid, and I'm thrilled with the idea of exploring it further. A little too thrilled, it seems, because not long after I start flying toward the pyramid complex,
      I'm awake. My heart rate is elevated (though not quite racing) and I can't seem to settle back in for a DEILD.

      Ayiee! Let me back in!

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    15. Underground near the main stream.

      by , 04-18-2012 at 06:30 PM
      I and my brother stood in 'the square', a large, roughly square area of tarmac outside my granddad's house and surrounded bymultiple other two story abodes. On one of the 'sides' of the square was a speedbump, and beyond that a road that lead out into the rest of the village. The sky seems to be fairly overcast, though it isn't what you would call dark. Instantly, we both noticed something near the speedbump. There were two ramps descending into the earth on either side of it, like a path that goes under a motorway. both of us ran over to it and made our way down the ramp to the right.

      We were now in a concrete path that runs under the road. It was about twenty meters long from one entrance to the other. The wall to the left of us was flat and smooth. The floor too was the same glossy, cold concrete. To the right of us though was something unexpected.

      The floor continued to the right for about two meters, before dropping down. This space between this drop and the other wall was filled with a clear water, with some debris such as leaves floating in it. An arched tunnel in the wall behind the trench stretched off beyond what I could see, and the water lay there as well. An iron grating walkway went down the middle of the arch, but ended at the mouth of the tunnel. On 'my' side of the water there were the beginnings of a bridge, but the middle was missing. Presumably it was for maintenance purposes.

      I and my brother made our way to another exit that had appeared next to the one opposite us. This led up, through smooth curvy passages, until we reached the 'top'.

      Scene Change

      I was on a large grassy plain. Some tall cliffs surrounded the grassland, with a few spruce trees dotted here and there. The sun beamed warmly, and the sky was a deep blue. A few clouds drifted lazily across it. The most noticeable thing were the buildings that stood before me. There were about eight that I could see, but more could have been covered up by cliffs. Each was like a huge steel box, covered in huge radiator gratings. They were very futuristic, with clear cut lines and bright faces.

      Then I found myself inside one of them. They appeared to be connected together, like a modular building, in one long row. I walked down them. Each had a glass window to the left of the path, usually with blue screens surrounding them. Behind the glass I could see small white space-ships hovering in a bland room, empty save for the scientists that seemed to be monitoring them.

      I eventually reached some of the scientists beside a long table, upon which people were laying. A scientist explained they had just come out of the pods. Apparently people would be 'grown' in these pods instead of a womb. One by one, the scientists woke up the people and asked them their names and how they were feeling. They all seemed to be fine, and could speak fluent english.

      Scene Change

      I walked up a muddy hill towards a large wooden hut , surrounded by brambles and bushes. Several bare windows lined the wall, and from each of these one of my friends dangled, seemingly as a test of strength. There were other people walking up the hill with us, and I myself walked beside the 'leader'.

      Inside the hut it was quite cramped, as a second room took up the center of the building, leaving room around the outside. I walked around, chatting to people and eventually found my friend M., who I talked with about my aunt. Acording to him she had been attacked, but was fine.

      Scene Change

      An old man walked with his dog up a zigzagging path. He seemed to be in egypt as pyramids and sandstone structures lined the pathway. Suddenly, a stone sphinx ran at him. He punched it and it flew into a pyramid, smashing through the wall. The sphinx then came out and threw a gigantic block at the man, but he merely deflected it with his fist, causing it to rebound and smash the sphinx to pieces.
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