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    1. 8/1/13 - wrist bands

      by , 08-01-2013 at 09:05 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      My mom tells me she want's to take me my sister and grandma somewhere. So we say okay, and suddenly we're in the area outside the adventuredome, she's sitting on a bench and she seems like she wants to get me and my sister off her hands so she can talk about something with my grandma so she says she'll buy us wrist bands for the adventuredome, first we were shocked because she's cheap, but then we think about lazer tag and roller coaster and shit, so we tell her hell yeah, and she goes into her purse and pulls out five dollars, and we tell her that's not nearly enough, last time it was twenty seven dollars per person, and fifteen dollars for one of us if we have that coupon we had last time, so she fake laughs and pulls out a ten, and we tell her it's not enough, so finally she gives us enough money, and we make our way to a ticket stand.
    2. Music/Suites/N/Sex

      by , 09-12-2011 at 08:18 PM (Curiouser and Curiouser)
      First dream:
      I'm in an enclosure of wooden buildings, they feel like restaurants but no one is eating. Everyone around me is wearing wristbands. The song "Mary Jane's Last Dance" is playing in the background. The part of the song that goes "Oh, my my, oh, hell yes/Honey, put on that party dress" loops a couple times.

      I woke up, which was good since I was trying to MILD, and wrote down my dream. I lay back down and entered sleep paralysis, but when the dream started to fade in around me I got scared and woke myself up! I'm so mad!!! I was so close! Oh well.

      Second dream:
      I'm moving in to my suite, but when I go to the office to get the key, CSC tells me they lost it. I'm really upset, and we ride somewhere on the cart. There's another person there but I don't know who. I lift up a cloth and look under a chair and find the key. I start to move into my suite, but the building is very different in my dream. The outside is a bathroom, and there are towels folded for us.

      Third dream: M is talking to N about a couple articles in Hi-Fructose. He keeps talking to her, and their laughing together about whatever they are talking about. I feel really jealous, and he puts his hand on her harm. (It's funny because that has actually happened, minus the Hi-Fructose) I try and talk to him about it but he gets upset.

      Fourth dream: Me and M in bed. Yes! Not surprising. Great dream. I woke up pretty randy, haha. Only weird part is that during there was almost like a digital screen in the bottom left corner of my vision, with different icons I could choose. I know I have to pick one, and go through all of them. I think they represented Hi-Fructose pictures, but that might be one dream bleeding over into the next.