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    1. Quick lucid after along dry spell!!!!!!

      by , 02-01-2019 at 07:15 AM
      Ok.... I havent had a lucid dream for about a month... I went from having about 1-2 a week to ZERO!!! During Christmas and new years my focus on dreaming started shifting towards another hobby.. I bought a Nintendo switch some time before Christmas, and u know me, I'm a tryhard personality. I have a full-time job and a hobby and a wife and a dog, so adding lucid dreaming on top of that, I used my last extra energy on lucid dreaming. The Nintendo switch kinda took up the extra energy I feel..... I still have had VIVID af dreams, but lucidity never occurred. Well tonight it did, so I guess I'm back on track ?!?!

      Before the becoming lucid I had 2 normal dreams.in the first dream u was in a room with my wife and we were playing a computer game together. The next dream I was driving a car through an old neighborhood I once lived in. And saw 5 people gang up on this one guy. They one guy keeps saying that "the guy in that car will come and fuck u guys up!". I told them I certainly would. I parked the car, normally (in daily life) when I park my car, I leave the car I 1st gear and turn it off. However in this case, I left the car in first gear, stepped out and then reached back into the car to pull the handbrake. Werid I thought to myself... I started taking my jacket off so it would be easier to fight these guys lol... While taking off my jacket I started thinking back to what I did before bumping in to these guys. I couldn't remember lol. I got lucid!!!!!! Mother fkin yeeeesss!!! I remembered I had these two dreams before this one. I reality checked, and certainly enough to, I was dreaming.
      I wanted to find one of my friends, so I tried asking the guys infront of me. But they started fighting so I didn't get an answer. I looked around, and to my surprise, my friend was standing on top of building with a psir of binoculars overlooking us. I shot webs to the building like Spiderman would, and swang to the building. I said hi to my friend and woke up....

      Success!!!!!! At last lol!!!! My wife woke up at 5 am and couldn't sleep, so I woke up to. It was after this wbtb that I had this lucid!!! Thanks wife lol 👍 I also fell asleep doing my mild preps, so that might have helped me get lucid.
      Lucid dream was withing 5:30 and 6:50
    2. [12-01-2017: Driving through forest]

      by , 01-12-2017 at 11:53 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a forest, there was a horrible blizzard. I entered my car and drove in between trees until I reached ranger station. I couldn't get there as the road was blocked by a fallen tree. I drove further and lost a side mirror on one tree, then got to my house. I made a nose plug RC and entered my house. In one of the rooms my sister was watching TV. I touched her and swapped bodies with her. The dream became unstable and I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Tonka and Guitar

      by , 12-25-2016 at 05:31 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up 5 hours into my sleep and stayed up for 30 minutes, went back to sleep. Kept repeating "I will realize I'm dreaming".

      At some point I notice I'm sitting in bed. I decide to do a RC. I'm dreaming. I get out of bed and walk downstairs. I go outside and stabilize by sitting on the ground and touching the grass. It is night time. There's a weird, skinny, white cat in my front yard. I decide I want to see Tonka. I look away and look back to where the cat was, and Tonka is lying there. I lie down with him and hug him. He kisses me. His fur and smell are so real. I tell him we miss him and he just wags his tail at me. There's an acoustic guitar playing in the background, it's really soothing.

      I have a FA, I do a RC and stabilize. I go outside and start walking around. It's night time still. I think of making it day time using the Ocarina but decide not to afraid it might de-stabilize the dream. I grab a car and start driving somewhere, my mom is in the car and she's scared we just stole a car. I tell her it is all happening in my mind, it's ok.
      Tags: mild, short dream
    4. Tabatha

      by , 11-27-2016 at 12:18 AM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up 6 hours into my sleep and stayed up for 25 minutes. I went back to bed and tried WILD/MILD. I kept waking up fully after noticing that I was about to start a dream. Eventually I fell asleep into a non-LD

      I was crying in a corner, I was really sad about something, couldnít remember what it was I was sad about. Scene skips, Iím in a beach. A girl talks to me and tells me to come surfing with her. A huge wave washed her board away. I jump in and start swimming against the waves to recover it, but the waves are too strong. Suddenly I start getting stung by jellyfish. They are everywhere. I swim back to shore, get stung a few more times. The girl is wearing a red bikini, she has a really hot body. She has shoulder length smooth, pitch black hair, dark brown eyes, light skin but with a bit of a tan, beautiful smile, and a small mole on her cheek. I turn around and see a huge wave breaking right behind me, we get pushed towards the shore. The beach is flooding and we are required to leave and go inside a building.

      The building has huge glass panels and sun is shining in. The floors are white marble; people are in a rush. I try looking for this girl, I want to find out more about her.
      Suddenly I remember I am dreaming. I stand against a pillar and watch the DCs walk back and forth as if they are late for work. Everything looks so real. I plug my nose and confirm I am dreaming.I feel like Iím drooling and wake up.
      I stay still for a minute and then stand up
      . I do a RC, I am dreaming. I have no vision, I feel the carpet and make my way to the door, hoping to get vision soon. I wake up again. I stay still, and I feel as if my head is sliding forwards on the bed. I stand up again, do a RC. I am back at the building, looking for her.

      I wake up, look at the time, do a RC, I am awake. I switch positions and go back to sleep.

      I am at a beach with my family. We are on an inflatable deck, drinking. I am with my brother, his wife, my cousin, her boyfriend, a couple of friends, and the girl from the previous dream. Her name isÖ Tabatha?.. my brother gets a few drinks from the swim-up bar. I ask Tabatha if sheíd like a drink and smiles. My brotherís wife says we make a cute couple. Dream skips, I am with Tabatha on shore. We are speaking in Spanish, she has a Venezuelan accent. She has to go back to the hotel soon and get ready as she is grabbing a plane later that day. I am sad she is leaving, but we have fun at the beach. Dream skips. Iím driving her to the airport, I ask her where sheís from. She says the name of a town Iím not familiar with, but it also means something dirty, we laugh. I drop her off and we kiss.

      I'm always amazed by how our brains can make up such a well-rounded character and bring them to life in dreams. I felt a little bad about the fact that it didn't cross my mind once that I have a gf, but then, it was a dream lol. I'm a little frustrated that the past 3 or 4 lucid dreams have all been fairly short, to the point where it feels that I am in a long dry-spell, but I guess that's better than nothing.

    5. [19-11-2016: Beverly game, water zombies, FA + MILD TotM attempt]

      by , 11-19-2016 at 09:14 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Beverly game

      With pack of classmates we were playing some video game. It was night, we were running around Beverly Hills, seeking monsters. First we entered some factory and went down into some basement. There was a huge furnace surrounded by small hybrids of humans and bats. I drawn my pistol and shot, backing off to the exit. I was back in the streets, I entered a car and drove away from there to some park. Then I was ambushed by more monsters.

      Water zombies

      I was walking around a city. It was noon, horrible heat wave hit at that time and people were always carrying some water with them. A strange illness turned people into zombies, but instead of human flesh they longed for water, trying to get it desperately. It was calm back then when I just roamed the streets. Seeing that my water was running dry, I asked some chubby man wearing a pale brown shirt, black shoes, jeans and glasses. He had brown hair. I asked him if he could give me some water, as he had a canister with him and I had only a small bottle. He refilled my bottle and I thanked him, but as soon as I took a few steps away, people from the crowd and man with canister turned into water zombies. I ran, chased by the crowd.

      False awakening + MILD, ToTM attempt

      I woke up in my bed, it was dark all around in my room. I thought that there's something not right and made a nose plug reality check. I realized that it's a dream and went out of my bed. I immediately thought about task of the month. I left the room and through the hallway I went to the kitchen. It was dark, I looked at the light bulb thinking about light and it started blinking. I waved my hand at it and it lit up properly. I thought about an advanced task, the one about pulling head through ground or floor. I lied on the floor and tried to push my head through it. I had slight problem at first but I managed to push it through the floor, and saw just ground that my house was standing on. I got up on my legs and thought about DC showing a dance. Suddenly a black man with white hair, wearing a fancy smart entered the kitchen. He started singing some nonsensical song and dancing weirdly. I woke up.
    6. What do these clouds mean?

      by , 10-15-2016 at 02:57 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up at 4:15 for a WBTB. I read through some of the dreams and posts on DV. I played Zelda OoT on the Emulator and explored Kokiri Forest. I incubated my dream for a bit and then went to bed at 4:55, and tried MILD and WILD. At 5:20 I still hadn't fallen asleep an was worried as I worked in the morning. I lost consciousness between 5:25 and 5:55, then fell asleep

      I was walking down the street, FaceChatting with a friend from Edmonton; he was complaining it was snowing over there, whereas it was nice and sunny where I live. I went into a McDonalds and bought a burger. I was watching TV with my brother and my dad eating my burger. I spilled my drink and went to the kitchen to grab something to wash it off. My house looked like the apartment I used to live in when I was a child. The kitchen was undergoing a renovation and I couldn't find what I was looking for. I went outside and my brother came with me. We were on a backyard looking at the sky. He pointed out a cloud that looked like a raccoon. I couldn't see it but then I saw one that looked like the gamecube logo. I was finally able to see the raccoon. My brother looked at me and told me "You know what those mean, right? They are dream clouds". I was trying really hard to understand what he meant when it hit me.
      I became lucid and thanked him. I took off and started flying. I saw a forest far away and assumed it was Kokiri forest. I had forgotten to stabilize, so the dream started fading.

      Tags: mild
    7. Last try (for now) to train with Goku

      by , 10-10-2016 at 04:04 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I woke up about 5 hours into my sleep and stayed up for 30 minutes. I went back to bed, lied on my back, and repeated I would become lucid in my dreams. I tried paying attention to HIs but fell asleep rather quickly.

      I was in my grandma's apartment in Venezuela. I walked into the kitchen and noticed the stove was on; I turned it off. I walked towards the living room and saw the windows were open. I took a peek and looked down; there was a tiny waterfall just a few feet away from her window and I noticed a pile of ashes sitting on top of it, getting slightly washed away by the falling water. I looked inside and saw her ash urn was open. I assumed those were her ashes on the waterfall and grabbed as much of it as I could. I ran to the kitchen to wrap them on paper towel and suddenly remembered to become lucid. I walked towards the living room but it all started to fade. I thought I would have a FA but instead I was in the void.
      I focused on making my dream brighter and found myself in my bedroom. I did a RC and got out of bed. I walked towards the window, phased through it and started flying. I landed across the street. It was night time and chilly; a single street lamp was illuminating the street. I became a little uneasy for some reason but told myself it was my dream. I walked around wondering if I should try to teleport or fly to Kami's Lookout. I wanted to check how real my hearing sense was during lucid dreams, as I never pay much attention to it. I spoke, it sounded loud and clear.
      I decided to fly there, so I took off. I found myself flying between tall buildings and assumed it was downtown. I saw my dad shouting at me from a window, he pointed somewhere, I turned my head and saw Kami's Lookout up in the sky, Korin's tower underneath. I flew towards it but for some reason I couldn't get enough air, so I just started climbing Korin's tower. Korin wasn't there as per usual. I got on the roof and jumped towards the ladder of Kami's lookout, but woke up abruptly.
      I was lying in my bed, I did a RC and I was awake indeed.

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      Tags: dbz, flying, mild
    8. Driving Through the Storm

      by , 09-29-2016 at 01:39 PM (AndresLD's (somewhat) Crazy Dream Adventures)


      I did a WBTB from 4:00am to 4:20am. I intended to do MILD and/or WILD. I had a hard time falling asleep the first 10 minutes, until I switched positions. I kept reminding myself I would realize I was dreaming in the next half hour.

      I was at a pool party with my girlfriend and some family friends. Chris was there, I was happy to see him; he hadn't grown much since the last time I saw him. Astrid complained that I gave her a hot glass of water. I remembered there was something I needed to do. I grabbed my car and started driving. It was night time. I ran through a "red light" there weren't really any lights but I knew I wasn't supposed to go. The sky looked dark green; I remembered my mom mentioning there would be northern lights tonight, and also that there would be a storm. As soon as I thought of that, a huge storm set upon. It was thundering constantly and the wind was blowing ferotiously. I kept driving, I was a bit scared. The view itself was amazing, the contrast of the green sky and the thunders was a mix of scary and beautiful that I had never imagined. As I was driving over a bridge, it collapsed. I kept my foot on the gas hoping for the best, and next thing I know I'm back at the pool party. I instantly remember that it was remembering to become lucid what I was trying to remember. I got too excited and entered the void. I remember reading about spinning or running recently to exit the void. I started running and could feel my feet on theground. I kept doing that until I found myself in bed, feet in the air moving back and forth. I stood up and did a RC. I looked around my room and decided I would exit through the door. As I approached the door, I heard a loud growl to my left and something attacked me.

    9. Hanging Out With Juliana

      by , 09-08-2016 at 09:48 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Since my last journal entry I have had very bad recall and been very busy with the start of school on top of that so I took a little break to figure out my new schedule. This morning I woke up and realized it was a good time to get started again and did MILD.

      12:00 PM
      Hanging Out With Juliana (MILD)

      I am Supermans side kick or something. We are fighting Lex Luthor I think. There is an old lady crossing the street and Superman says to help her while he fights. I go and fly her across the street to her hotel and help her find her room. I get a sense that this is a dream and wonder if I will become full lucid. I finish walking her down the hall just to make sure I feel I finished that dream plot and do a nose plug. I think specifically about how I shouldn't fly out to superman and continue the fighting. I fly out the window and fly around Hollywood. I land and find myself in front of a 5 story building. I remember my goal is to just have a nice talk with Juliana so I stick my hand back. I feel her grab mine but it takes some focus to make it feel vivid. I say hi twice and then she responds. I look back and this time she has a buzz cut! It looks pretty good actually. She and I start walking and talking into the building and I say, "Wait. Every time I see you we start walking somewhere urgently. We don't have to go anywhere today let's just hang out and talk." "Okay, but lets go right inside here and sit down." She says.

      We go in and it's a hospital. We go in one of the rooms and sit on the bed. There is another patient in the bed next to us but they don't mind. I find on a table two giant delicious chocolate chip cookies and we each take one. It is really good! I say to her, "Could you show me more of your magic. Like something flashy and cool like the fireworks from last time." She says, "Sure!" and snaps her fingers and there is a bright blue flash surrounding her hand. "Cool!" I say. "How about something even more creative! What else can you do?" She says, "Okay. Look at that trash can." She points at it and a spark flys from her finger and into it. Two eyes and a mouth emerge from the front of the trash can and it starts talking in jiberish! "Cool! What happens if you make it inanimate again? Let me try." I have finished my cookie and stick out my finger to give it a try. The garbage can looks scared and pretends to be normal but I can tell it is just faking. "Here." Juliana says and sends another spark that makes it go back to normal. I start to destabilize and wake up or have an FA, I don't know, but I DEILD.

      I am in the loby of a hotel and skateboard out the door. Strange, I don't know how to skateboard well. I skateboard and follow someone on a bike. We fall into a pool and people try to help us out and I destabilize again.

      I am in a residential neighborhood and very unstable still. I walk up to a car and feel it. There are flowers growing out of the engine. I am stabilized now and decide to summon Juliana again. This time she has a brown pixie cut. It is much easier to summon her this time. We go for a walk and talk. "Do you know Androx?" She starts to think. "He is a talking cat, or a witch or something." She says she thinks she knows who I'm talking about and that it isn't supprising he found me. I say he sent me to fight evil witches and she starts laughing. "What? Are you an evil witch?" "No it's not that I just don't think there is such a clear line between good witches and evil witches. It just dosn't work that way in my opinion." "So you arn't a good witch?" She shrugs. "Well I guess you are a neutral witch then and I am okay with that.", I say. We pass by some people who are playing music loud. It is like metal mixed with drum and bass. As we walk away Juliana uses magic to make it louder. At the drop we can't help but start dancing to it. We can't really tell if we should be head banging or dancing like its electronic. haha I eventually wake up and decided to write this down before I forget it.

      I keep falling asleep though and eventually have a dream that I am Purple Man's pawn like in Jessica Jones.
    10. Mirror Teleportation and Incendiary Mouse

      by , 09-08-2016 at 08:31 PM (My Dream World)
      This was a pretty good night. Despite waking up in the early morning and having trouble falling asleep after the WBTB, I eventually did and had some dreams. I'm a bit confused about the two first dreams as they happen in the same place and I don't recall the order of events, but I know I became lucid after one of those fragments. I also suspect that I dreamed about my grandmother's apartment because I visualized myself getting lucid in there during my WBTB (I had two, one in which I didn't become lucid, perphaps because the wbtb was too short and another one in the early morning which is when I had these dreams).

      Birthday Party:

      In this fragment, I was in my grandmother's appartment and some guests arrived. I think they were supposed to be my brother's friends, tough I've never seen them before. After that there was a birthday party (I think my brother's) and it was pretty grand. They showed a video on a huge TV of a bunch of people that were there on the party with slow, emotional music. Then it started showing people that were outside the appartment. The first one was a couple (one of my friends and some girl I don't know) having a romantic time on the roof at night, smiling at the camera. At this time I was kinda confused, asking myself if my grandparents set up cameras everywhere on the building. It showed even people that were outside the building, on the streets! At this time I started thinking it was a bit creepy and perhaps illegal and was hoping they hadn't filmed me when I was in the bedroom wearing only shorts (before I got ready for the party). Something else might have happened, but I can't remember much aside from small fuzzy details about this fragment.

      Incendiary Mouse:

      I am unsure if this is the same dream, it might have happened after or before the above one. I was again in my grandma's apartment, but this time theere weren't any guests, just the usual people. I was in the living room, I remember my uncle being there doing something and maybe my grandma. I made my way to the kitchen, which is connected to the living room and when I got there I saw a mouse and began to freak out, thinking if I should kill it or call someone. I decided to run back and tell my uncle about it, but the mouse ran past me into the living room. It then ran outside the appartment (there's a door that goes out of the living room into a tiny space usually used for storing stuff, there is a grate there that leads outside the appartment and into a hall which is usually closed). My uncle followed it and tried to stomp it. While he was trying to kill it, I closed the door to make sure it didn't get back in.

      Not sure exactly what happened here, I think I went into another room and when I came back into the living room my uncle was holding a cat and then put it down. I guessed he was going to try to use the cat to hunt the mouse, and eventually the mouse appeared and the cat caught it and killed it. Instead of blood, some transparent liquid with a very slight red color to it dripped from it and started forming a pool. The cat walked on the liquid and started spreading it everywhere, making a mess (meanwhile I was kinda freaking out because I found the scene disgusting). For some reason... the cat's pawns started catching on fire and I started freaking out even more. I figured this liquid could heat up things and start fires. Small fires appeared in other places where the liquid touched, but they didn't last long. I remember there was a child crying (no idea who that child was) because she got some of that liquid in her face. While trying to help her, she got some on me and my skin started to burn. I told her to go to the bathroom wash her face. Again, the details are a bit fuzzy but this is the last I remember of this dream.

      Mirror Teleportation (Lucid)

      Eventually after the events of one of those dreams (at least I think this lucid is connected to one of them), I found myself wandering to my grandfather's bedroom and thinking about something that confused me. I don't remember exactly what it was, just that it was kinda bothering me. After thinking for a bit and mumbling to myself, I remember thinking "... the only explanation to that would be... oh, of course.". As I realized I was dreaming, I smiled while I tought about how my RCs during the day and MILD during the WBTBs helped me carry my awareness into the dream. I felt pretty smart at that time too for realizing I was dreaming.

      I tought about what to do, saw a big mirror and tought "Ah, why not?". By the way, I have always struggled with entering mirrors in dreams. I have tried a few times and failed. However, this time I was feeling pretty confident for some reason and just did it. At first, there was resistance, but I kinda felt it giving away and eventually went through it. The best way I can describe the feeling is like this: try to imagine yourself pushing your finger into some plastic wrap. Eventually your finger will tear it apart, but in this case I went through the mirror without tearing it, as if I was entering some liquid with a high density. When I got through, I found myself in a mirrored version of the same room, except with some furniture missing. I quickly realised I went through the mirror without a destination in mind, so I tried coming up with something. The first thing I tought about, for some reason, was meeting a cartoon character called Star. With that in mind, I went through the same mirror I came in through and ended in some kind of office.

      I was walking around, looking for Star and asking people about her. Apparently she had a pretty important position in the office, like a boss or something (which is pretty off-character for her) and people were trying to get a hold of her. Eventually I met her, altough I don't remember anything that we talked about. I remember some witch chasing us through a hall (which looked like the school I went to) and I was trying to find her wand, by sticking my hand inside bags (not opening them up, just straight-up phasing my hand inside then, apparently that's a good way to conjure stuff up) but none of the wands that I found were right. We managed to escape eventually and I remembered another goal that I had, which was to visit a place I created in waking life and I told Star I had to go because I had some stuff to do. I woke up when I entered a mirror.

      I tried my best not to move and to calm down as I woke up (I don't think this was an FA, but it might have been). I felt some weird sensations similar to numbness and eventually found myself in my dream again, this time in a huge shopping mall. The first thing that came to me was... looking for porn. I wasn't particularly horny, I think I was just curious to see what I would find. I began looking around for the porn section (kinda like some rental stores have adult sections) and started asking some employees. The first one was a woman who grabbed my hand and yelled "Teleport!", teleporting me to someone else (I don't know how to describe the feeling of being teleported... but the way she teleported was kinda like the "instant transmission" from Dragon Ball) who could help me find it. The other employee grabbed me by my hand and started leading me around, altough to be honest he didn't seem so sure about where it was. I yelled "Teleport!" and he teleported just like that woman. After walking around for a bit I realized that I was wasting time looking at porn while I could be going to the place I created. I entered a small shop which had some mirrors and entered one of them. The place I wanted to go was a big, sorta japanese-oriented house that almost looked like a big japanese shrine, which a big frontyard, so as I entered the mirror I tought about the frontyard's grass.

      As I went through the mirror I found myself at a huge, grassy frontyard and became excited, until I realized I was in front of some manor/mansion at night (in retrospect, it looked a lot like the white house, maybe a bit bigger). I turned back and saw two people on a table (I think they Barney and Ted from "How I Met Your Mother") talking about something. I ignored them and welp up some stairs leading to a big glass door which ressembles the one at the entrance of the building where my grandparents live. I went into the glass door as I did with the mirrors (I guess anything with a reflection will do) and ended up in another backyard, altough this one looked unkept and was behind an old wooden house I could see in the distance. I tought "Alright, I'll try one more time..." and went back into the mirror, maybe going to one more place which I can't remember and eventually the dream faded away. I tried getting back into the dream but I felt that I was too awake to go back.

      This was a pretty cool night and I feel like I'm getting more and more lucid dreams! The MILD method has really been helping a lot when I do it right, altough I think I should start doing longer WBTB's because these days, whenever I go back to bad during a WBTB, I'm still really sleepy, like at the point where I can barely keep my eyes open. However, I have no idea how to keep myself occupied during the WBTB and fear that I won't be able to sleep if I stay up too long (which in turn will result in me laying in bed, tossing around until morning trying to sleep, which I REALLY don't want). Guess I'll start measuring how much time I stay up and trying to increment it a little by little. I also learned how to use mirrors and another way to summon objects, which is pretty cool.

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    11. AndresLD Rematch

      by , 08-24-2016 at 08:01 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I went to Las Vegas for a few days so my recall has been pretty bad. haha I forgot a lot of this dream but I do remember the good parts! I didn't have a chance to upload this yesterday but I am sure AndresLD will want to read it.

      09:30 AM
      AndresLD Rematch (MILD)

      I don't remember how the dream starts but I am at a school and sit down at a table where some people are talking. I notice one of them looks like AndresLD and become semi lucid. I say hi and that I am MadMonkey. I say we should fly to the city that is over those mountains so we do. We get to the city and it is on the coast. At the time I remember it being the same as in an earlier dream but I don't remember the dream now. We fly over the water and there are a bunch of boats floating around. One boat has a gun looking thing that shoots fireworks. We land and talk to some DCs. One says, "To bad it's so dark out." I say,"If only someone could do something about that." and I look at AndresLD. We use our powers combined to raise the sun in the sky and make it really bright. We keep going and make a second sun come out! I couldn't have done that on my own.

      I don't remember a section or possible the dream skips to a different section.

      I am part of a super hero team. AndresLD is on the team too and is in his Fierce Deity Link form. I think SnowStrider's Dusk form might be there too. There is also a guy who can use water and fire, an Australian guy with unknown powers, and a guy who can sense people telepathically. We are on a small island with an abandoned factory on it. We go inside and find the super villain there. We tell him to surrender but then a second bad guy comes out. He is similar to purple man in that he can make people do his will. He tells one of us to tell him the code for the super weapon and they do. We start fighting them and water/fire guy and I fight the first villain. We knock him into a vat of acid but he says that only makes him stronger because that is how he got his powers. I don't remember much else but we win.

      We are outside and I am saying good buy to some of the heroes. There is a Nick Fury -esque character there overseeing things and some guys carrying the superweapon out of the factory. It is a laser cannon turret thing. Suddenly, AndresLD runs up, nocks the guys away, and takes control of the lasser. "No!" I yell and he fires the laser at the moon which is visible in the sky even though the sun is still out. The moon blows up completely and leaves a cloud of debris in orbit. I get very mad because AndresLD always seems to destroy the moon. Another perfectly good dreamworld wasted.

      I realize I am not actually mad at him and that this is a dream. I remember that one of my goals is to fight him so this is a good opportunity. I punch him and he flies into the wall of the factory and makes a dent. He runs back at me and we both punch. Our fists connect and stop for a second. I push harder and he flies several rooms deep into the factory. I guess I am stronger than him, probably because of my anger fueling me! He runs back out and I punch him into the ground, making a AndresLD shaped hole. I whale on him but he gets some control and is better at wrestling than me. I realize I will loose if we stay on the ground so I use my better position to get some leverage and throw him back into the hole in the factory. I chase after him and grabs some pillars from the broken walls and throw them at him. He runs deeper into the factory so I fly after him. He end up going outside the other side of the factory and I fly out. I see he is hiding in the pipes. He sends a energy blast at me so I dodge it. I find a chain and whip it around his legs. He almost breaks free of the chains but I use telekinesis to wrap them tighter. I swing him over my head and slam him into the ground several times. He breaks free and gets flung into some pallets of boxes in front of the factory. I fly after him but he shrinks down and hides in the boxes. I throw the boxes around with telekinesis but it's no use. The hero who can sense people runs up and says I should have let him help and that AndresLD has escaped. That's okay it was a great fight and I wake up.
    12. SSILD + MILD Experiment: Visiting an Unkown City and Phansing Through Walls

      by , 08-13-2016 at 01:24 AM (My Dream World)
      So I just started using the SSILD and MILD methods together after waking up at night to see what happens. It was a weird night, I kept waking up, having weird dreams and had some trouble falling asleep. I went to sleep at 23:21 and woke up naturally at 1:08. No dreams yet. Did a short WBTB and tried SSILD. After that I repeated a mantra for some time in my head (I know I'm dreaming), had a short visualization and eventually fell asleep.
      I had a short LD in which I was somewhere (I think in a car) with my stepfather. I suspected I was dreaming and did the glass RC (I press some glass with my finger until it "pops" as if it were plastic wrap, it creates a small hole in the glass) on a window and it worked, however I do not remember anything else from that dream.
      I dreamed I was on a street next to where I live, however the streets were flooded. I was with my family and we saw some kind of big toy whale on the water singing and I tought it was some kind of theme park. We went inside and there was a room with lots of people and attractions. The only one I can remember was a model of some city or something like that. That's all I remember about this dream.
      I was in the middle of some unknow city. The floor was made of beige bricks and looked kinda rustic. I tought it was some kind of post-apocalyptic world, but the city was quite lively. I knew I had to go back to a huge old building because I remember something happened there, on its roof. Along the way I met two kids who followed me there.

      When we arrived the building was incredibly huge. We went inside into some kind of lobby with an elevator. I think there were some robots there. The kids said something that made the robots mad and entered the elevator with them. I went outside into an open area with some tables and chairs. It was already night by this point. I looked up and tought something bad was going to happen up there on the roof, then some robot jumped from the roof and landed near me. It didn't break and was sad because it couldn't kill itself. I think it said it would only be happy if it died or if had a frisbee, so I threw a frisbee at it and it started acting all excited like a dog, trying to catch it. I think there was also an actual dog and a guy playing with it there, as well.

      I woke up at about 3:48 and did another WBTB, then I tried SSILD and MILD again. This time it took longer to fall asleep.
      I was in some area with some swimming pools and there were areas that were restricted to girls. I kept trying to trespass, however there was this guy who always stopped me. I eventually became lucid and I think the first thing I did was try to phase through a wall. I ran up to it and kept pushing myself into it, until I completely went through it, but ended up hitting myself on another wall that was right behind it. I also remember trying to fly over a house and trying to become invisible.
      I eventually woke up but didn't record the time (I think it was around 6 o'clock) and did another wbtb. I didn't do SSILD this time however, as I was afraid it would mess with my sleep or something (I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do more than one SSILD per night). I tried to fall asleep, but couldn't. I was also kinda hungry but didn't eat anything thinking it might make it harder to fall asleep. I lied down on my beed trying to sleep until 8 o'clock when my alarm started ringing and I decided to get up.

      It was a weird, long night. SSILD caused some interesting results (some weird and vivid dreams as well as two lucids), so I'm gonna keep practicing it, I just hope next time I don't have as much trouble falling asleep.
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      lucid , non-lucid
    13. Chicagoland

      by , 08-06-2016 at 11:34 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Note to self: Make a point of getting out of bed durring WBTB. Otherwise you won't become awake enough to get a lucid and may even fall asleep before journaling your dreams.

      07:20 AM
      Chicagoland Gangster (MILD)

      I am helping my dad put up the Christmas lights at night. I notice the neighbor is putting his up too but he is trying to do it as fast as possible. He has 6 ladders so he doesn't have to keep moving them. I say he should be careful but he doesn't set up a ladder right and falls off and the whole house falls over with him. I run over and ask if he is okay. He moans in pain. I ask where it hurts and he hold out his arm. I tell him to move his fingers and he can so I feel his arm for breaks. I can't find any but he winces when I touch his shoulder. I tell him he may have gotten away with just bruises but he is very lucky.

      I go back to the house and realize it is my sister's house in the suburbs south of Chicago. There is a bunch of family over for Christmas I guess and my nieces and nephews are running around. I go to eat some food but their dog runs up to get my attention and sits in my food. My brother laughs and I throw away the food. The kids run outside and I follow to see what they are up to. I loose them and start to fly to follow them without actually becoming lucid. I see there are many DCs loitering around and I ask them what they are doing out at night. "The weather is so nice." They explain. "Ya, I guess because I'm from California I am used to clear skies." Wait, that doesn't explain why they are out at night. I fly up higher and see the city before me but it looks like a fanciful city with castles and sci fi parts and shiny blue buildings. There are different districts with different styles. It reminds me sort of Disneyland and also some of the Lego sets from the 90s.

      I land in a busy intersection closer to the city and become fully lucid spontaneously.
      I do a nose plug RC and my nose feels a bit stuff but it still works. I look around and before I can remember my goals I see a DC that stands out. He wears a grey suit over a white shirt and tie. His arms aren't in the sleeves the jacket is just hung over his shoulders. He also has a tan fedora on. His arm is around a blond woman and he is pointing something out to her. I remember I am suppose to be finding a gangster who stole something from a rich DC. "Hey you!" I should while floating in the intersection. He doesn't notice. "Hey you! I know you are a gangster!" That gets his attention. He makes an intimidating face while he looks around but when he actually spots me floating above him he looks scared and runs, leaving the woman behind confused. I give chase and easily keep up by flying. He has a pistol and shoots back at me while running. I use telekinesis to slow down the bullets and nudge them to the side. He throws the pistol to the side turns around. He drops the jacket from his shoulders revealing tommy machine gun! He unloads on me in full auto. I don't have time to slow down the bullets so must deflect the entire stream which is much more difficult. I have to strafe to the side in the air and start to bend the stream of bullets even harder. I have an idea and curve the bullets into a u shape back towards the gangster. The bullets hit the ground behind him and I refine my aim until it hits him. He drops down to one knee and I think it's over but he starts shooting once again. I can't hold his aim for ever so I remember my plan for just this situation. I reach out my other hand and use telekinesis with that hand to grab the barrel of the gun and bend it upwards. The gun explodes in his face and he is flung backwards.

      I touch down and the dream starts to destabilize while I walk toward the body. I touch some fence but the body is still blurry. I get to the body and focus on the details and restabilize. I see that it is a woman who has been hit in the cross fire. I think to call the police but realize she is already dead. I promise myself never to let DCs get hurt on my missions again. I turn back and find the gangsters body a few feet away. I feel around his clothes and to try and find his pocket. I notice he is only shot once in the chest and he is probably going to survive. I find his pocket and pull out a ziplock back. Inside there is a clear bag of crystals and two black fabric bags. I take out one of the black bags and look inside. It is filled to the brim with diamonds! I put the bags back in my pocket and realize I didn't have a plan for what to do next and feel like I have plenty of dream time left. I consider having sex to reward myself and fly away to take another look at the city. The different districts are layed out the same as they were before and I wonder if I can visit it again. I also see a district that looks like Edo Japan and a Colosseum with a horse race track next to it. I consider summoning Juliana but decide to do that next time. I see a roller coaster with a lot of DCs in line so I go down there to explore. The line goes through an under ground structure and I go in. I realize I have to pee and find the mens bathroom. I am about to go but realize it's a really bad idea to pee in a dream. I go back outside and see a woman in skimpy athletic clothing talking to another DC. I strike up a conversation with them and they say there is a full gym in this complex as well as a lot of other attractions. The girl invites me to work out with her and I accept. She is more interesting to talk to than have sex with anyways. She asks "What should I work on today. What about my legs?" puts her foot up on the wall. I say,"To be honest those are the nicest legs I have ever seen." She says,"Oh thanks. It's probably because I do karate." and she ties her shoes.
      I start to loose lucidity as I walk with her to the gym and we talk about karate. She says she does a form of french karate that I have never heard of. I wonder if I have heard of that before and wake up.

      10:20 AM
      I'm Not Your Dream Guide! (MILD)

      I find myself in a street in Chicago. Real Chicago this time. I feel like I am in a canyon because the buildings are all so tall. There is one hill where the road is extremly steep. I slide down it on my knees and feel that I can sort of float. I become lucid and fly down to the street corner. There is a movie theater and I go under the overhang of the box office to get into the shade. I stick my hands back and feel a hand grab it. I pull the person forward but they are invisible even though I can feel them. I let go and try again, this time with both hands. It is more vivid this time and I pull them forward so they are hugging me from behind. I notice they are shorter than me and don't really feel like my dream guide but I pretend not to notice. "Juliana?" I ask and look behind me. It is a girl with black hair in a bun, a black top, and a white skirt with pokadots. They actully look more like Mila Kunis than Juliana but for some reason I just pretend they are Juliana. I ask here where her hat is and she says,"What hat?" I see a hat stuck in the rafters and think it must have blown off in the summoning. I tell her to use magic to get it down but she says she can't. I fly up and put it on her head. It is a white witches hat with a spiraling piece of metal supporting the point. She says,"I don't wan't to wear a hat!". I reply,"But it is a cute outfit." and she say, "But it is to humid for a hat!" and throws it on the ground. This doesn't really seem like my dream guide but I say she should teach me some magic. She says she doesn't know what I'm talking about and I say,"But your my dream guide." and she says,"I'm not your dream guide!"

      A group of DCs walks up to go into the theater and one of them is my friend. I high five him but he gets pulled inside by the other DCs. He stops at the door to ask,"Hey, are we still going to go to vegas later this month?" and I say, "Ya, I'll message you." I turn back to the girl and wonder why she is being a bitch and wake up.
      It is only after waking up that it wasn't Juliana and I sort of messed up. haha Next time I will make sure to summon someone who is a bit taller than me so I don't doubt whether it is her and have it turn into someone else.
    14. Tried to fly again.

      by , 07-15-2016 at 03:12 PM (My Dream World)
      This was a dream that I had after waking up in the morning, lying lazily in bed cause I didn't wanna wake up and then eventually falling back asleep. It was pretty detailed and vivid and I have a pretty good memory of this one.

      I was in the house of a colleague from school called P (I'll be shortening names here for privacy). Another person from school, D, was here. I hadn't seen both of them in a long time (about 3 years I think). There was also a friend from college, PH, there with us. I was in P's room, which looked a lot like mine, with a few differences. For one the walls were all completely white, I think the beds were larger with some weird decoration on them, there was a werid bronze decoration with a "C" shape coming out of the ceiling and the TV wasn't there. I'm not sure if the wardrobe was there as well. This confused me but I just assumed that we lived in the same building and so our apartments have similar rooms/layouts (not true, I have visited his house in waking life). D and PH were talking about random stuff which I don't recall very well.I remember getting up and hitting my head on some weird decoratin on the wall. D and PH would sometimes make jokes and I would just stare blankly at them until I got the joke and they laughed me. I had noticed PH's finger looked weird, it kinda looked like it had been chopped off. I was hesitant but asked him what happened and he just said it was just something he put on his finger which made it look like it had been chopped off.

      I made my way out of the room and everything looked very similar to my own apartment. I went to the room with the balcony and looked out of the window. It was the building which I lived in with a few differences. There was an additional floor which I assumed to be the roof. I was confused but I just assumed we were neighbors and just never spoke to each other because I don't know my neighbors very well (false, since I know everyone who lives in my building which is rather small) I could also see some people and I was trying to figure out which floor this was. I think I eventually decided it was the third floor.

      There was some sort of skip there and suddenly we were in another room, which was somehow moving on the streets like a car. It was quite a bumpy ride. D and PH were there again, chatting. I remember someone who I assumed to be P's father walked in and told me something. PH then commented about how he was sit on the bed I was on right now but he sat on the other one instead because mine was directly in front of the window and there would be a lot of sunlight there. In the end it didn't really matter because the blinds on the window were blocking the sunlight anyway (I hadn't noticed them beforehand). Eventually we were nearing the building I was in and I wanted to walk out of the room
      . At this point, I was kinda lucid but I was also half-awake and trying to stay in the dream. I remember think to myself "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming..." which was the mantra I used for my MILD earlier.

      At this point everything was really dark. The dream was barely there. I kept repeating the mantra as I walked out of the room and went down some steps. As soon as I stepped outside, BAM! I was in a very vivid dream and was fully lucid. It was late afternoon, shortly after sunset. I was in the street that I live in. I noticed I had a backpack for some reason, hanging on one shoulder and I put it on. I tought to myself "Now I'll fly with my wings.". I looked back and I could kinda see them (they looked like reaper wings from the game The World Ends With You). I've never actually flew in my dreams, only levitated above the ground. Every time I flew I would become afraid and fall, so I was trying to overcome this. I started flying up and I was kinda afraid of falling, as usual. I heard some guy say "You can do it!" and gained some confidence, but as I distanced myself from the ground I became more and more afraid of falling. I eventually tried to fly up really fast, but that woke me up.

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    15. [12-03-2016]

      by , 03-12-2016 at 10:20 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      I was in home, packing my books to a backpack. With sisters we drove to my school, to German language lesson. Sisters sat on the sides of classroom, I sat within classmates. Teacher - a blonde woman wearing a black jacket and black trousers. She was walking around the class and checking out notebooks. She also talked with my older sister if she's going to stay in country.

      Second dream, short MILD

      I was in my backyard, running into fields behind my house. Someone fooled me and I had to chase him. I could see the city far away in the distance. Running through fields was really tiring. I thought "I must get there quicker. I should fly there, and if I'll be able to fly, it would mean that I'm dreaming!" I tried to jump high up and fly, but somehow I couldn't manage to do it. I jumped up again, thinking "This is a dream, and I expect that I'll be able to fly." Despite previous problems with flying, I managed to fly quite well, flopping my hands like wings. When I stopped moving I lowered my altitude. I was flying quicker and quicker, and in the end I landed in a main square of a city. Someone called me to local sports square. It was a dude wearing a dark blue sports suit. Without anything better to do I decided to play something with that dude. We took volleyball balls and started throwing at each other. My balls flown with supersonic speed. His ball missed and landed nearby. I tried to lightly kick it so he could have it again, but the ball flown high up in the sky and disappeared. After a while I woke up.


      I was in home. My family was taking care of a group of small kittens. One day some kind of businessman appeared and bought all of them. We visited them frequently.
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