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    1. 03-05-13 secret hideout

      by , 05-03-2013 at 09:56 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      I am in a large building, a castle I think. It's expansive and made of cold stone. I find a small alcove tucked away and follow it into a secret cave like room. It seems to be someones secret hid-out - but, on my left, near the entrance is what looks like a magazine stand. Though the magazines consist of porn, drugs and all sorts of illegal stuff - it's like an illegal tuck shop. On the wall below the shop stand are scrawls and decals, the decals are arrows pointing below with words like 'don't look down' 'watch out below' etc. I look down and see a large drop to another part of the cave, just a small area - I have no idea what it is for...

      ... Meanwhile a detective is sniffing around the area, he's gonna find us out - is this a setup?
    2. Big Fancy buildings - 30/05/13

      by , 05-02-2013 at 09:27 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      I am sitting in my brother in law's apartment, this i the first time I have been here - it's a nice place. We seem to be in a small town, but in that small town is one city style street - like a street from the 'good' part of new york has been plonked down in the middle of this town. It must cost a fortune to live here! I look out of the window and see a dead body strewn across the gutter, blood flowing into the drains and a large group of people just gaping. Hah! - Stupid people, they think it is a real body - don't they know that RIGHT next to the body is the television study AMC? It's just a prop for a crime show they are doing.
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    3. 27-04-13 : The moon, Cardia and getting back into action

      by , 04-27-2013 at 01:55 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      I take some melatonin (3 pills) 1 pill of Galatimine and after going back to bed and wait for the vibrations to kick in. It's been a while and my natural ability to WIlD or even get lucid has all but disappeared - need to train again and stop relying on pills :/

      .... I go under, a nice comfortable sleep paralysis, trying to raise the vibrations by focusing them into my chest chakra. I scream releasing the energy, I still can't raise it to be as strong as it was though, something is missing.

      ... I walk a bit, the dream is not fully formed, I scream at it to clarify, to become clearer - but it only comes to for a few minutes, crisp then blurring into fading into nothing. This happens a few times, the lucidness only lasting for a brief few seconds...

      (partial lucid from this point)

      ... I am on a boat, sailing somewhere - it is a steel mechanical thing - we have quite a few passengers - possibly 10 - 20, we seem to be travelling to the same place....

      .... inside a shack, a man is standing opposite me - I use telekinesis to lift a cup (or sponge?) and fly it around the room - to my surprise he counters my powers and uses telekinesis on the cup as well. It is time to go to my destination - but where? Where is the clock tower - where is Cardia? (The images on the page did not work (IRL) so I realize I have no way to locate it)

      SO I take the second option - I try to go and meet Raven and Nomad on the moon as I know they are all back in action - I chant and create a portal - both using a strong intent on the destination and the people. The portal starts to open, but stubbornly so - not much of an opening really - so I leap through - but everything goes black, the dream has just fallen apart, I have to will the dream to reform and then try again, the portal opens and I jump through a second time - and the dream starts to fall apart AGAIN - now this is really pissing me off - one last time, after the portal has opened and I jump through I force into being the surface of the moon - but no, this is all wrong, this is just a pale comparison to what is should be like - this is just my own rough sketch of the place but not really the place.

      I am able to go anywhere I like now, why is the moon still causing me trouble? I will ask my dream guide to take me there next time

      .... Back on the boat, we are heading back, people are sitting in rows, lined up on the boat. The water is murky - really dark and dirty, the floor of the boat is made up of sheets of metal - but I need to go back - to get someone? I think I need to go back and get someone?...

      ... We have come to the shore, our journey is over - I get out and come onto a street, we seem to be in a town, it is at night - I cannot remember which way I came from though - up or down the street? I choose down and get lost in a small shopping center - where am I ?
    4. 14/6/12

      by , 06-14-2012 at 10:46 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Gonna write a book!

      For some reason I spent most of the time in my dream thinking of how I was going to write a book called something like 'Introduction to fantasy 3d modelling' and had it all planned out to what sections would have what in it, including tutorials etc . In this dream there was something important about a cat, and something else about a guy with one side of his face burned who was talking to me about something
    5. 6/6/12

      by , 06-06-2012 at 05:04 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Another shared dream attempt

      I have a false awakening but purposely go back to sleep in order to have a WILD, I WILD successfully although I am not at my home (my false awakening took place at my family's house in France) I walk out of the house and into the back garden, I focus on Windhover and chant her name looking throughout the dreamscape to see if I can see which direction she may be in, as I chant her name I can see some clouds in the background break apart quite drastically - I need to focus in on this : I imagine a large dial in my hands and try to turn slowly looking for her signal, I get all the way around - I cannot find her. For some reason this is not working today.

      Maybe Windy is not Asleep yet? Maybe there is another reason? For some reason when I try to tune or create a portal I just can't - I don't know why this is
    6. 5/6/12

      by , 06-05-2012 at 05:26 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Venus was in-line with the sun last night and so I had a weird dream!

      'Spontaneous lucidity'

      I am walking in what looks like a shopping centre/mall, all of a sudden, without reason I a lucid - I just know I am dreaming, I do not need to check. I remember allot of warm colors in the mall, yellows and oranges, I think I am somewhere where it is usually allot warmer than the UK. As I walk along I feel my l dream slipping, I am going to wake up. So I stop a stare at a strawberry that is being displayed on a fruit stand, I get really close and can see the tiny individual pips on the surface of the strawberry. I sit down and breath slowly in and out while staring at these details and am able to steady my dream again (a small success for me in regards to dream control!) as I walk further into the shopping mall this happens again with a banana I think, eventually I decide that I will try to find someone, just someone that is not supposed to be in my dream/a 'real' person. I find a girl/woman standing at the entrance of a shop, she has tight brown curls and is very pretty. We embrace and then I have a false awakening; I am sitting in the same shopping mall but this time sitting in a circle with around 8-10 others, sitting across from me is the same girl I just had the dream about: we are trying to determine whether we had a successful shared dream. I describe what it is that I had dreamt, but the girl is finding it difficult to remember. She then mentions something about a orange, which somebody, I am thinking was 'kiara' who posted that thread up about 'wanting a shared dream' says that it is a success, I argue that it doesn't count - but then she holds up a sheet that she has written up - on the sheet is a table cross referencing everything that could mean something else. I do not remember the others in the circle but they could have possibly been the other members of the IOSDP...

      Sirius Black smooth

      Dream fragment of walking along with Sirius lack and noticing how ridiculously smooth his skin is!

      Bogey sandwich!!!

      I am watching some kind of extreme cooking program, the chef on the program is explaining how to make food dishes out of things we find growing around us etc, he goes onto explain how bogey's (snot) is very nutritious and cuts to a bowl filled with tony dried bogies, he takes a few on a spoon and puts them in a sandwich - I know, totally gross right? urgh!

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    7. Lucid Painting

      by , 05-24-2012 at 10:28 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Dream Fragment:

      I am having a pretty crappy dream, I can't remember what it is about, but it makes me sad - depressed even. I'm standing on what I think is a deck on a large cruise ship, somebody is talking to me, what they are saying is making me sad - I stare out at this large painting, it seems kinda abstract - just a purple sky with objects floating about. As I stare into this painting, fazing out the monologue I just think, fuck it - and fly up into the painting to escape. Everything gets really weird at this point as I am in the painting, but it just feels so much more relaxing - this place is serene - I'm flying inside another reality - the reality of the painting...
    8. 22/05/12

      by , 05-22-2012 at 10:40 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Death row

      There is a kid, he misses his dad. He stays at some place, a 'foster home' until he can be back with his dad. He doesn't feel right here - but his dad, he doesn't respect him, he doesn't even seem to care for him. He knows he's not a clever kid, at school they put him in a special 'learning group', and his friends - they just call him a retard.

      He misses his dad.

      Today he gets to see his dad, he is excited - he walks across the big city to the scary looking building. When he arrives his dad is sitting across from him but they are separated by a piece of glass. His dad, who usually has a kind of disdain for his kid just looks at him with sorrow in his eyes. He's never looked this way before - what's going on?

      * skip to first person view, I am the kid, or I can feel everything that the kid is feeling

      I know, this is not good is it? What is going on Dad? I see that his cuts on his fingers and wrists are open again, I take carefully cut pieces of sticky tape that I bought with me from the foster home, and pass them to my dad. I guess I should have taken a bandage but this is all I could find. He smiles at me, with that sadness in his eyes, and wraps the tape around his cuts. He tells me that he needs to go and won't be coming back, he says something about having to be executed the next day. I don't understand. He tells me that he is going to be killed.

      I start to cry, a massive ball of emotion surges inside of me - I scream and cry at him - he can't leave me, I don't want to loose my dad - I CAN'T loose my dad!! I don't want to be alone.

      Cruise control

      I am on a Cruise, I see an old college friend who I catch up with, we get on real well. I help her with a project she's working on and in return, because of the place she works she gives me all of these real cool toys/collector figures. I see the time, it is late and I need to get back - the dream starts to have a transparency to it, as I look out from the ship's deck I see a grand city spread out in front of me, we must be near New York, but I see through this and realize that this is all me. I watch the work men dig some kind of tunneling next to the shore, as they carry out there work, shoveling and tunneling, calling to one another I wonder why I am seeing this, of all the possible things I could see to represent a city I am seeing this particular combination of events. I wonder if the old college friend is Windhover...
    9. 19/05/12 Trying to meet with Windhover

      by , 05-19-2012 at 10:38 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      WILD attempts

      It is around 4am uk time, I need meet with Windhover. I go into mentally turning left and right until I go into a Wild, but as soon as I roll out of bed I wake, I try this many time and get to different stages of WILDing. I finally get a proper WILD, I walk down the stairs and out of my house, it is dark outside - something is not right - it's nearly ALWAYS light, and I've just walked out onto my street - usually I go to random places. I cannot focus, my vision is all blurry, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest - perhaps I am too excited? 'Clarity NOW' I shout 'CLARITY NOW' I demand again but it is too late everything is fading and I wake

      I go back under into a false awakening, or maybe it's a WILD, I'm not sure - I'm excited at trying to dream share with Windy - but then a wall mounted tv switches on in my bedroom (which I do not have in RL) it is a woman reading a news report (I think she was asian looking with long black hair) she is reading a kind of news report, saying how dream sharing can be dangerous - once the link is made there may not be a way to come back - you could be stuck in the astral. WTF? I've never heard about this before, I've always read the opposite - but something about this news report scares me, like I'm on the edge of a dream share - this is real and is going to happen but something very dangerous is afoot. hmmm. I wake.

      Na'vi shared?

      I am a Na'vi, from the movie Avator - I am sitting inside a some kind of space craft high in the clouds. Another Na'vi is with me , we are going to jump out of the ship, base jump onto one of those flying creatures (I cannot remember the correct name) I am holding a large framed photo or painting in one of my hands. I cannot remember what it is, I just remember that it is a portrait of a guy, he's smiling so that we can see his white teeth - I think he is wearing a cowboy hat!
      We are happy because we have found something, something to do with dream control I think - my power/or title is 'the spirit of the Lion'

      This is a weird dream and seems somehow out of place - could this have been shared?

      Toilet humor

      I am sitting on a bench and on the end of the bench is a toilet. A woman uses the toilet next to me, and because of this I got toilet in a hole in the bench, this seems normal somehow - and then I get up, reach past the woman to retrieve some toilet paper. The woman then starts to brush her legs and thighs with what looks like a make-up brush - but she is brushing on some kind of transparent jelly substance on lots of small open scars/wounds. A teacher then comes into the room and explains to us what exactly she is doing, it turns out that she has somekind of rare illness/desease where she has to put this special substance onto the wounds to help them heal.

      Ben Folds

      I am watching tv with my wife when Ben Folds comes on the tv, he starts singing some thing and it sounds really good live, my wife turns the tv up.

      Distracting Baby

      I am waiting in a queue with my wife an my daughter who is sitting in her pushchair. A woman is standing next to us and accidentally drops a coin while she is fumbling around in her purse, the coin drops onto my daughter's hand and leaves a mark! She appologises and give my daughter some more coins to play with, one of the coins is a twenty pence piece but 3 times the size of a regular coin. She then gives my daughter her house keys to play with!

      Note - this woman seemed similar to the woman I saw in my previous dream warning about dream sharing - could this be the same woman? Could it also be the same woman I saw in the dream I tried to share with Windhover where I saw three woman?
    10. Hotels and airships

      by , 05-18-2012 at 09:17 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)

      Hotel Biff

      I am back in my old home town where I grew up - Finedon, me and my wife are visiting an old childhood friend of mine, for some reason we are going to stay at his dad's house. I pay 'Biff' the money so that we can stay in his house for the night. The next thing that happens is blurry, next thing I know it is morning, I am in my old parents house and I need to get to school!! I figure I can get the bus with my little sister, but it takes me too long to get ready, so instead I decide to take the later bus - but what time does it arrive? No matter how much I think about it I just cannot remember - I take this bus everyday though - it was just yesterday that I took this damn bus! What time does it arrive? (in reality it's been nearly 14 years since I last took that bus lol!)

      Room 28

      I am staying at another hotel, I seemed to have booked it on my own, without my family (perhaps they are coming later) it's a grand old hotel with many floors, and my room is right at the top! As I walk out the front door into this dark town I do not recognize I head toward the car park where I meet my wife - she reminds me that I forgotten something in the hotel room - I head back, it takes me a LONG time to reach my room, right at the top in the attic - I cannot remember what I went to get :/ What I do remember is that the room number is 28

      Airship fun

      I am sitting on the top of an airship with my wife and daughter (who is 3) the top of this air ship is flat and suitable for sitting on, but it has no barriers and I am scared that my daughter will fall off of the side. While my wife is playing with a ball with my daughter a man behind a kind of turret on one end of the top of the airship is firing smoke missiles at my wife and daughter - I have to keep catching the smoke pellets and throwing back at him while trying to keep my daughter from falling of of the side of the ship every time she goes after a ball that my wife is throwing - this has got to be the definition of STRESSFUL!
    11. dry spell finished

      by , 05-15-2012 at 11:40 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      finally, I think my dry spell is starting to be over - I hate dry spells, if only there was a way we could get rid of them completely!!

      - I have a small Lucid where I realize I am dreaming while talking to my sister. My real memory is fuzzy, and for some reason I think she is staying at my house in real life so I feel it is a good time to try to do a shared dream. Without checking if she is a DC or not I start to tell her that she is dreaming - she just looks at me blankly. So I get a 10 note and rip it up in front of her to try and get a reaction - but she is still just dumbly staring at me. I then rip my head in two so that at the least, if this is really her then she may be able to remember it - but again, not much reaction!

      - weird disturbing dream of a kind of reality television show, a group of people, some of which are celebrities are sitting around what I think is a steam room. There are two commentators, and they are giving advice on sex. The camera pans to - Sylvester Stallone having sex with some random woman, as the commentators try to give him advice he just turns and says something like 'It's too late, I've finished' and chuckles, prompting the others in the room to laugh with him. urgh

      - I'm walking around a type of military complex, dark high walls surround me. I have foreign thoughts in my mind, positive ideas regarding society and my country. I realize I am dreaming (or I think I do) and realize that all of this is a fabricated dream - it must be being beamed into my mind by the government. I then quickly deduce that everybody must be having this - it is one of the ways which they are controlling us. (I have no idea what to think of this dream - lol!)

      - I am in some kind of small concert hall with my wife, we are all seated around in a kind of semicircle. I start to sing 'lump' to myself from the Presidents and suddenly everybody in the concert hall starts to sing the song at the same time - it sounds awesome!! My wife then mentions a Motorhead song, and the guy starts singing an acoustic slow pop version of a motorhead song - which is pretty funny!
    12. floatinghead - 14/12/11

      by , 12-14-2011 at 12:14 PM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      My Dream recall has been real bad lately, just not remembering anything!

      Somebody new

      I am walking with my wife and she is explaining to me that she has met someone else. She still loves me, but, she loves this other guy as well so she won't be seeing me as much. It's such a casual conversation that until she leaves I don't fully realize what this means. And then it hits me, DAMN!

      A walk into the past

      I'm walking along an old street I walked when I was a kid, in an old town I used to live in. I Start to think about how a few years ago I new so many people down this street, how it was impossible for me to go down this busy street without catching up with someone I knew. But I'm older now (I just hit 30) and everybody I knew here has grown up and moved on, things have changed, I've changed; I feel old. I start to think of how it was so unfair that I couldn't just transport myself back in time, just to say hi, because I missed some friends. Oh the irony, if only I knew I was dreaming I could have done exactly that!


      Dream fragment: I am a robot, waiting in line with two other robots in front of me.
    13. floatinghead - 08/12/2011

      by , 12-08-2011 at 11:30 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Super Hero Trouble

      I am in a street when suddenly a masked super hero jumps down and confronts a business man wearing a suit, I'm not sure what the guy has done wrong but the superhero ties him upside down to a crane that is high above the ground, swinging from left to right. After the man is tied up the superhero leaves, I look up at this guy that is hanging - the knot that tied him to the crane isn't strong enough and he's slipping, closer and closer to the ground while swinging from left to right. The guy is sobbing - shouting out 'please someone help me! I didn't do anything wrong, please help me, get me down from here!!!' I then realise that this is a tv show, I am watching it at home (no longer in the street) It's apparently a film based on an Alan Moore book, but because Alan Moore doesn't want anything to do with the film he is slyly referenced in the film through another means - the super hero discovers that he must go to 'Alan Moore Street'

      Climbing to the top

      Dream fragment: I am climbing up some stairs, the person who I am trying to find is important somehow (god perhaps?) - the journey is long, this must be somekind of tower - I climb and climb and finally reach the top - there are two doors opposite one another. The door on the right has a light coming from it - I knock on the door and hear a booming noise in reply. At this point I must have started to wake up because instead of the dream continuing I imagine a forced conversation with this man where I come up with the replies.Not sure what is said though, but for some reason I think of Popeye when I wake up.
    14. floatinghead - 06/12/2011

      by , 12-06-2011 at 09:54 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      Where in the (dream)world is Katsuno?

      I have a nice and smooth WILD at around 6am this morning. I can sense that I am not fully under so I just float up and down on my bed until I am fully under. I get out of bed, rub my hands together (they don't feel like they are fully there yet and feel like numb, tingly bits of limbs. I walk down my stairs and come to my front door so I try to walk through it -ow! hmm, I try it again - OWW! OK, perhaps I'll just do it the old fashioned way -
      I open the door with the handle and walk out into my street. The road is covered in thick snow. I walk further down the street and rub my hands together again - time for a portal. 'KATSUNO, KATSUNO' I start to chant and wave my arms about in a circular motion. I do this for a while until I release that nothing is happening - not even a spark, damn! So rather than waste more time on this I take off flying into the sky, superman style - I shoot forward real fast trying to get an idea of which direction to go into by trying to sense where Katsuno is. I have no idea, all the directions seem viable - perhaps I'm thinking too linear? After all there cannot really be a real three dimensional directional system as we know it in the real world right? Perhaps I'm thinking too much, for some reason I start to slow down and I take this as my cue to land. I find myself in a busy high street with shops all around me. I touch things as I walk, bits of fabric, the concrete ground - to keep myself lucid and prevent myself from waking. I need to find Katsuno! Where to go now? I think about a piece I was reading the day before about how the law of attraction works in dreams and how (quoted from the cusps's 'Nature of Dream Control' ) :

      1. Everything in your dreams requires your attention to exist.

      2. The more attention you give to one element, the more detail it creates in relation to what you are focused on.

      But for the life of me I can't think of what to focus on which would help to get me to Katsuno, I guess if it was something I wanted to manifest and create from my own subconscious then this method would be relevant, but I'm trying to find a real person! I walk into a shop and take a good look around, the shop is small and cramped but it seems to sell a bit of everything. Some (blue?) fabric at one end of the shop, some electronics in the middle. There is somebody, a man, waiting at the till - I go to ask him if he knows where Katsuno is - he just shakes his head to say no (I think, this part is a bit fuzzy) Then I think about trying to contact Kat via the internet, so I look around for a computer - but I cannot see any - and before I can do anything else I hear a sound in real life and it wakes me up.

      Maybe try a phone call next time? What do you think guys, what methods should I use to get in contact with you?

      False awakening

      I then 'wake up' and I tell my wife how I dream t it was snowing outside, but then when I pull back the curtains I find that it is a nice sunny day, not only that but I take a long look at the view - we live in a beautiful area (though it is exaggerated somewhat for the dream) I can see fields upon fields and new houses that look more like semi-transparent Eco friendly self-sufficient huts that people have started to live in. We then go out to walk outside and find ourselves in a massive stadium, it is the Olympic stadium, ready for the 2012 UK Olympics. It is very empty, save for some athletes who are practicing. I nearly get knocked over by two approaching runners , I need to step to one side to avoid the collision. I cannot remember the rest of the dream
    15. floatinghead - 05/12/2011

      by , 12-05-2011 at 09:44 AM (Floatinghead's dream adventures)
      edit: All night I was repeating to myself 'go to the giza pyramids - find windhover' I woke up quite a few times (I took 3 htp-5 pills) but kept repeating this mantra over and over and over.

      Hide and Seek

      I am going into somekind of nightclub, it looks kinda like a castle. We are all lined up ready to sign in or pay to get in, I am with my wife who hasn't been hear before but apparently I have. I hear somebody from further back in the line say something like 'you have to watch out for Sean, he's tricky - he's not scared to where a dress!' When we get into the club I find that we are outside. It is not a club though, it is a massive game of hide and seek - it seems kinds random who hides and who seeks, I think we can chose. So I run out into a clearing where I see a large fallen tree and hide beside it - I am good at this game and it will take them a while to find me!


      I am at a school, it is not the one I went to when I was a kid, this one is more ethnically diverse, for some reason prominently having boys who are black in the class, and perhaps a couple of white boys in the class also. This school is a very rough school and it makes me feel uneasy being here. When I walk into the classroom I feel a hand smack me on the back of the head, and a guy with a pissed off look tells me to watch where I am going. This makes me feel real angry but I keep my cool and sit down. Some other kid walks into the class room and the same thing happens to him though he was smacked by a different kid. In the classroom the teacher is trying to teach us something about science, and is showing us a handgun. I hear an insult fire across the room at me, thats it - I've had enough! I run across the room and start punching this guy, and then everybody starts to join in - fighting each other, it's crazy! Suddenly there is a gun shot - the teacher has shot the hand gun and the bullet has gone into the wall next to us - this brings the class to silence. I am pretty shocked that a teacher would do this, I walk out of the class room and see that in another classroom near us exactly the same thing has happened, which I think is strange - but then I see that the bullet in the wall is not a bullet but a set explosive - it's been set up to LOOK like a gun was fired. That's what happened then, the teachers just need something more in order to control the kids...


      I am coming to waking up, my dreams are become looser, less defined - but then I hear a voice penetrate my dream - it sounds like the voice of god - lol! It is a female voice, she has an accent when she speaks, it's not a Chinese accent, but she pronounces English words in a similar way. She says:


      This totally wakes me up from my dream, I am lucid now but everything is breaking away around me, it's becoming more like hypnagogia but in reverse (I can't remember what that is called) I call out 'what water do you mean?' but it is too late, I am waking up
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