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    1. 2020-09-02 roof tiles, flying saucer, parking, judge/tattoo/office, army

      by , 09-02-2020 at 09:13 AM
      + Walking outside, I see different kinds of roof tiles lying on the ground: older ones, and newer ones made from a composite of small stones? I think the new ones will be better.
      I realize my former PTL neighbor Mar. is changing her roof tiles, we (me and older son) surprise her with a visit, I enter her presence and wait for her to notice me and son#1, she does, and we we briefly hug her and her daughter with a peck on the cheek in greeting

      + in CH, in parents' room, leaning out the side window looking to the front yard, speak to (woman?) giving her directions on how to take off in her flying saucer from the front yard so as not to scorch the surrounding garden. She should take off exactly vertically and not veer to the side so that the engine exhaust will not burn the plants. I give her permission to take off, go out to the street above the house to see her off, think about a farewell with her but she just takes off directly. I am chagrined a bit and wonder why she didn't say goodbye, she starts to circle around, I think to wave at me?, but flies off.

      + sitting in a car (driver seat?) by a bus stop by LL park, I'm double parked there is another car parked on the curb, the front of my car is aligned with the back of this other car. Every time I look at the bus stop sign I see that there are different digits/numbers recorded there, sometimes in faint reddish paint, I know that these numbers are messages to me/us. I want my friend to come out of his car and get into mine, I move forwards/backwards (honk?) to get his attention. I think that a cop will come over and say that we can't park here. I drive down the street a bit, pull a u-turn to park on the other side of the street. There are places with meters but I don't want to park in those, there is one spot between where the meters begin and driveway, right across from the entrance to a hair salon, (my friend is urging me?) to park right there where it's free. There is white paint with some writing along the sidewalk and I think this may not be a legal parking place, and I'm concerned that the hair salon manager will come out and say this is a reserved spot.

      + at work(?), I'm with tall lady friend, blonde, my arm is around her, she's a designer, something about clear window dividers low down so that our legs can be seen. Lady friend has made a computer animation, I see sort of cartoony version of dark old-style PCs on a table, and they rotate and tumble around and fall. There is a judge (of the animation?) telling a story (words forgotten, but it began "It was not in English"?), I see his arm, something materializes there, turns out he tattooed the message onto his forearm (looks red, his blood? and white stuff around it), and we're amused because he tattooed this message to his arm to remember it while reading it because it wasn't in English, while the message says that it is in a foreign language, it is in fact in English.

      Long BTS. Took about 1-1.5 hours. slept another 1-1.5 hours

      + the army doing training exercises arrives back just as a foreign (alien?) attack begins, good timing!, the army leader non-chalantly gives the command to attack, some thought about parrying going on. The army uses spears.

      Overall presence and vividness: low to medium.