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    1. 2020-09-24 bad sleep, 3 very obvious and ignored dream scenes: lost car, g/f shorter, wasp nest

      by , 09-24-2020 at 09:49 AM
      terrible sleep, didn't sleep most of the night. shocking event at 3.5 hrs waking kept me up. didn't get back to bed/sleep until 7.5 hours.

      + can't find my car, I'm with (g/f L?), it's dark outside, in the driveway of some place like a hotel where the car can't be left, maybe it's been towed and that's why I can't fine it? I'm looking at the cars and none of them are right. Some are very small, size of child's toy car that they can sit and ride in. The color I'm looking for is wine/brown (saw a WL car that color yesterday), the one that keeps presenting itself is partly silver? Keep walking around, looking for my car. Get in one eventually, but it's so small, go-cart sized, no roof, and is moved about by rolling your hands over rollers on each side of the door, the "car" is just one person wide.

      + indoors, in a store, my g/f L has put on an old-time colorful summer dress that is really beautiful, bright blues, some reds, but it makes her 1-2 feet shorter, and I notice this and mention it

      + I discover a hive of wasps in my CH bathroom, and I'm swatting at them with a towel (knowing this is probably a bad idea), back out of the room closing the door, continue to swat at the ones that made it out with me, get a good look at one, it's like a long thing wax pepper, a weak yellowy color with a long dark stinger, I see its head and I think I'll just squish it's head and quickly kill it, but it flies at my neck, lands, and proceeds to sting me, I anticipate the pain and jerk away, and this jerks me awake in bed

      + (f) around a table people are sitting, and someone says "jui jitsu is for <xxxx>"