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    1. 2020-09-08 Susan Sarandon is my neighbor; lay parts cosmetic surgery;ransacked, vandalized apartment

      by , 09-08-2020 at 07:27 PM

      + I lived next door to Susan Sarandon, she had a son named "Matt" who was my son S2's friend, I see Matt is home and tell S2 to go play, I go along, we pet Matt's cat who raises it's butt when I pet it in the way cats do

      + Some narrated commercial about a service that provides plastic surgery for a lady's private parts, to provide just the silhouette she desires when wearing yoga pants.

      + [long, vivid] son playing outside with radio controlled car, our apartment was ransacked, flooded, and covered with nasty graffiti spray painted on the walls, curtains, and ceiling, I'm worried about where we'll go next, I look closely at the graffiti, my ipad's been pummeled with a small sharp object, we uncover a kid's toy pinball machine that some girl appears and plays, and the scene moves into the machine and it chooses an activity for the kids to do.

      + [fragment] some sort of (beauty?) contest involving a lot of people mulling around
      excerpt from the major dream of the night.

      Details of vanadlized apartment:

      + I'm returning home to our first floor apartment, and I'm worried that we didn't lock the door. I want to call my wife but she's at an event (concert?) The outer door opens without unlocking, and there is a second inner door immediately next to it, and it opens easily as well, not locked. I enter, concerned we may have been burgled. I am not sure right away, I see piles of objects strewn around, and I get the impression everything is wet, like somebody has brought a garden hose inside and sprayed everything. I see my ipad in front of me and pick it up, it is wet, I turn it over and look at the back, it is covered with pencil-eraser sized dome dents, like it was pounded repeatedly with a small blunt object.

      Looking around I see piles of stuff. I look around the room and see graffiti on the walls, curtains, even part of the ceiling. I look closer at it. It looks like it was spray painted, it is a brown-ish color, and the walls are a vague tan/off-white. On the wall in front of me is a caricature of a butt-hole with the telltale wrinkles in a ring, on the wall to my left is a figure of a person in distress (being tortured?) upside down, I take a moment to appreciate that it was drawn well. There are "X"s drawn on other parts of the room like the curtains.

      There is a child's toy (among row of them), I remove the plastic cover and it looks like a little pinball machine. A little girl walks up and starts playing it, I follow the play inside the game and the view transforms to a place where the ball hits (?) and it starts a transition to a new scene(?)