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    1. 2020-09-22 tons of scenes, something remembered of most

      by , 09-22-2020 at 09:00 AM
      bedtime 23:15-30?
      final waking: 09:00?
      out of bed: 09:20
      wine at dinner
      watched some video before bed

      first waking 01:50?
      didn't look at clock for intermediate wakings
      waking 05:50
      some trouble getting back to sleep -- performed TMI meditation prep steps (motivation, golals, expectations, diligence, distractions, posture) and relaxed and fell asleep eventually

      + Son S2 taunts guy on bike right to left girl in middle, guy gets mad chases S2 left to right, I go there. He's hitting S2 with some large sack. I'm trying to defuse some contraption with live 220V thick wires, I take one wire out and am trying to put it carefully to the side, I'm concerned about being electrocuted. Later we're riding in the back of a vehicle on a highway, the back is open and I'm fumbling with a bag, and I see my favorite blue&yellow (University) shorts fall aout onto the road, they're gone and I can't get them back

      + walk by the windows of an indoor facility, I think it's early morning, there are a number of people inside, point at guy "you've been here all night!?" looks grizzled. There are 3 service windows, as I approach the left one the man there closes it, I get upset and complain that he did this just as I approached, he asks me what I want to do, and I'm surprised, I don't know at first! I "remember" that I want to send three things/letters that I'm holding in my hand, I look at them and try to decide what they are.

      + pizza restaurant, earlier, we're all glad that they're opening a ("Pizza Hut?" "Pizza World?") restaurant right across the street from us, I'm thinking "we can drop in there any time we want for a fresh slice!". Then I'm thinking "I (we?) could become the (manager? owner?) of this place. <discontinuity, more dream content> I'm back again at the pizza place, this time on the inside of the complex in the hallway, at first it appears like there's only counter service, but I eventually see some inside high table/counter seating. I think what I want, at first I think sausage, but then I decide to ask for Pepperoni with extra cheese.


      + weird vending machine: I want to buy something, put in money, and push a bunch of buttons. I think I need to push all the buttons leading to the item I want. But instead, this buys *all* the items at each of the buttons that I've pushed. I'm thinking what to do with all this stuff I don't want. There is a small pack of bread, and containers/baggies of various pills. There are people around me. I offer to sell these unwated things to them, and somewhat to my surprise, they're all interested. First I sell the bread to a guy, I'm inspecting the package to look for the price, and eventually I see it is "45 <local currency>". I see that peopple have bought and taken a lot of my stuff but not with interacting with me, I say "hey, wheres' my money?!" they point out that it is on a counter, I look there and see a pile of coins, so it's OK.

      + [DO] I'm on a list of people giving a presentation at graduate school. I see my name about 3/4 of the way on the right, Since I've finished grad school I'm not sure what the point is of me being on this list.

      + in car outside (steep driveways?) talking with (former colleague?) about a conference?

      + on bus, stand up and get off, thinking about clothing, there are other people there, I exit at the back

      + outdoor large parking lot, huge van shows up, older man is cajoling his (son?) for not giving him enough money for his business: "$6,000, is that all?! I need more!" he says. His business is apparently buying & selling large bags of dog food. I see one of the bags on top of the truck and it is spilling a bit of the kibble around. It is a long large truck, he has a ton of inventory I think. There is a car in the parking lot farther on with two women, one middle-aged and one younger (wife & daughter?). They get out of the car. I'm focusing on the younger one. She has very attractive and shapely breasts apparent through her top. I'm watching her intently and she turns from side to side and I continue to try make out the shape of her breasts, and I'm definitely enjoying this and appreciating the view.

      + at my laptop at home, I'm looking at some pictures of females, they're not terribly risque, but my wife is there and I become self conscious, and so when she comes by I close the lid of my laptop. I hope she won't notice but she does, and insists that I show them to her. I open it to show one and briefly close it, hoping that will resolve the matter and she'll move on, but she won't drop it. I start getting a sinking feeling that I'm really in for it.

      + (vague) something about friends from our student's house at college. I see CL (guy) there, he's among people speaking a different language? I'm also with DD, and we have some goal, using a mobile phone, to block or interfere with something that we don't want to happen.