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    1. 2022-10-24 some fairly vivid dreams at the 6 hr mark, but no back to sleep

      by , 10-24-2022 at 09:16 AM

      + putting on socks which turn out to be very wide, colorful, all-toe socks that look like a jester's hat; a group of people is going up an external, half-story elevator on a building

      + I'm arriving to a (new?) tennis club. There are people forming up into pairs to play. Up on a higher landing there is a giant who is severely deformed, he's looking for a game but nobody's playing with him he turns to leave through a door, I think that I should offer to play with him. Then we walk around a bit and I'm on a court with the giant. He's serving, and he does so by leaning over the ned and pounding the ball directly into my side of the court, I have no chance and I can't return any of his serves. It starts with me on the right side and trying to return forehand, then we move to the left side and I prepare to return backhand. I think when it's my turn to serve, what kind of serves I'll try to do.
      I see my [deceased 1st] wife trying to make a diving shot, extending her racquet out as far as she can and diving to the ground. There's a young woman there with a bottle of wine, I think all the people here drink heavily, the club is just an excuse to get together to drink.

      + attending astronomy class at university: I have an idea (talking to?) the prof, and I enter the classroom, up at the front, around where the blackboards are, I see through to the planetarium mechanism that he'll use to project the stars onto the ceiling during class. I take my seat and start listening, the prof though is not the one I expected, I think maybe they made a last minute substitution. But he's talking about subjects that are not astronomy and I figure out that I'm in the wrong room. There is a test going on where the answers to the questions is simply an indication of how much you like the question. I move to another room, at the entrance there are men's & women's restroom doors, I take the 3rd door which leads to a small classroom. There are students already sitting, there are not many seats available, and there are no pairs of seats available, so my friend JoTy (company 3) won't be able to sit with me. I sit next to a guy in an open seat on the aisle. I wave to my friend (don't really see him) to show him where I'm sitting.

      + young guys discussing bad luck practices in a crowded bar setting, me planning to say something in French, walk by Zelensky who says something briefly, I keep going

      + talking/walking with real estate professionals (they ask if I understand the "in/out" principle, I say obviously I understand the words "in" and "out"), they explain why they don't work with kids: it amounts to a litmus test question that must be answered before breakfast, and the test is administered in a small separate house.