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    1. 2022-08-28 LD #271 DILD LUCIDD infiltrating girls' team practice

      by , 10-29-2022 at 11:10 AM
      [quick entry placeholder, haven't transcribed the voice notes yet]
      + LD #271 DILD LUCIDD Infiltrate a lady's (gymnastics?) team practice, pretend I'm the maintenance guy for the building, they ask me things, I try to BS/put them off, brief ST, they catch on to me, and I make an escape, try to fly away but they're holding on to me, I mange to break away and get away
    2. 2022-10-29 LUCIDD #272 truck, pool, competition, walking around huge building, some ST

      by , 10-29-2022 at 10:52 AM

      + I need to drive a large truck and trailer in reverse gear into a parking garage to (unload/load) some items with another vehicle on the other side of the garage. The cab is white and large and tall. I think this is a very large truck. I get up inside and begin driving, but the brakes don't seem to work [DS!!]. Next thing I know, I've backed up all the way up on to a hill outside (on a ski/snow hill?).

      + [vague] I was with my [deceased 1st] wife, [nothing else remembered]


      + swimming in a public pool. Walk out into the pool area, including a 90 degree turn to the left heading to the long, narrow pool area. I'm in the water and putting on mask (under water) [MEO #1]. I hear and see FrFshr, recognize his voice and his face, and I do not want to speak with him, I swim by him a couple of times and manage to avoid detection

      + LD DILD LUCIDD #272

      in a large open area after coming in from an outside area talking with a group of young people [don't remember the opening/beginning part well]. People are walking around. See a very tall woman. I think unusually tall. I'm really amazed at the clarity and vividness and detail of the scene. I get lucid from the location being very vivid (and not waking). Confirmed with nose pinches. There is an information counter here and I ask for instructions to <something>. I have to ask several times as I don't hear/understand the answer from the woman sitting there. The instructions are to go downwards and inside. I take a flight of stairs down to a platform overlooking a huge open area below me, hundreds of feet below and spreading far and wide before me. I jump/float down to a middle level platform, and notice how I land feather-light on me feet, no jarring at all. I look over the ledge down to the next level very far below, lots of people are walking around down there. I jump down now as well to the bottom level, it's a really far fall but and I move fairly quickly down but land very very softly on my feet again. Look around, there are a lot of old people like old women, and I tsk at my dreaming brain for trolling me and not providing beautiful people. Find an attractive younger woman, engage with her, she's enthusiastic, dream fades
      [MEO #1]

      ... and then I'm back in the scene, at least semi-lucid, and look for some more people to interact with, find one, brief encounter, then the dream fades

      + Later: ST scene [MEO #2] Cartoony-style graphics

      + Some sort of team, we're in competition with them, in an outdoor but covered area with large (playground-sized) pipes running diagonally up to the roof. Someone asks me to perform, I (sneeze?) and feel a huge pile of snot land on my upper lip, I ask for a handkerchief to wipe it off, but my agent abandons me at this point and goes with the other team and will promote them instead of us, I feel betrayed