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    1. 2022-07-23

      by , 07-23-2022 at 08:46 AM
      5am waking. I'm starting to think this may be because of rise in body temperature and uncomfortably warm room. Can't fall asleep, get up after about 20-25 minutes and sit in the bedside chair. cover my eyes and ponder the previous dreams, going over them repeatedly. Should have recorded some key words, forgot some I'm sure.

      Played the "relaxation game" after getting back in bed, welcomed any dreams that wanted to come to me.

      ~00:00 bedtime (late evening)
      ~08:15 out of bed for day

      After final waking I thought at first I hadn't dreamed at all, I'd just been relaxing all this time, but then I realized I had a bunch of new dream memories and realized that meant that I'd been dreaming!

      "Signs" throughout the morning dozing period that I'd been in REM recently.


      + shunned at work, (Chris Cheng): hiding on high walkways, this is determined bad behavior, they decide to (fire?) me. Thinking later about work, I'm concerned if they inspect my work that they will find I did nothing for long periods of time

      + [vague] wandering around a cityscape, don't see familiar landmarks? Wondering how to get somewhere I want to go?

      + late (12:00, needed to be at 10:30) for rehersal, feel empty two front teeth gap, pick up prosthetic from blue container (from mom), boy watches, "let's keep it here" arrive and instead of concerto it's just a normal piece. I see two 16-notes low B flats (I'm reading the sheet upside down from my position). Lots of rests, looks like a standard accompaniment, not a solo part

      + some magic ritual to get by guards or to gain entrance to some place? Some food on the table while we're doing it, I take some bites?

      + driving then walking on city street, crossing road, step out of way of oncoming white city bus, follow its progress turnign to the left behind me, there's a small dog in the road and the bus slows to avoid it, at corner ahead there is a group of "pickpocket bums" one picks another guy's pocket while he was distracted, but it seems they're all working together? I try to go around them to the right but the (guy who did the picking?) follows me (and there's a confrontation? fight?)

      + in hallway they're taking away a very sick asian woman (covid?) to the hospital she exclaims ("I can't breathe!") I think they may not make it to the hospital. She has a very bloated/swollen and sick looking face. Her (asian) husband is helping her along the corridor and looks very concerned. I think they are part of a group I was with earlier (in an earlier dream?) or had been involved with.

      + in a round-table discussion with young people in a rectangular (darkish) room, they're talking about humility, I make a brilliant contribution to the conversation by saying "But what we really need is humility of SELF! Everybody wants to make their point and be correct!" (I'm banging my fist on the table as I'm making these points?). There are some PR/propoganda/cult groups and the leader of one of these is handing out assignments to others, something about using "green lines" as a way to (get people's attention?),

      we're walking up some stairs (they're behind me?) and I hear him continuing to give assignments to his followers, I want to have nothing to do with this.

      I can't figure out where I am, I'm trying to get back to (some place I know?). I look into a room quickly and it is a lecture hall in an African American university, steep auditorium/lecture-hall style seating, a few people sitting here and there, someone on the stage lower area, I bring my head out quckly, I'd expect to see black people here, and I do see some.

      + [vague] in a kitchen with a woman (from a cooking show?) talking about her recipe(s), I'm thinking there is some mixup of brands, she uses one, and someone else uses another