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    1. competition #15 night #1, pretty mundane dreams

      by , 10-18-2013 at 12:44 PM
      My dreams are normally more wild & wacky than this. Like the volleys of black arrows at the end of "organ," most are like that most of the time. These are pretty tame.

      00:00 Friday October 18
      00:22 bedtime
      02:51 Trippy bus music, bag, messed up bus stop

      1) Daytime riding near the back of a bus on old high school route approaching parent’s home about 2 stops away. There are some guys hatching some sort of plan, it involves leaving a bag on the bus. They leave the bag (like a big sports/gym bag) on the bus, I go sit next to it and put my hand through the handles. Trippy drug music plays on the bus, kind of like “HWAH WAH Wah wah…. HWAH WAH Wah wah… ” kind of wave like and I move my left hand in an up and down motion to this music (kind of like the motion of putting your hand out the window of a car, swooping up and down in the wind). As the bus descends the hill to my stop, I pull the cord to signal the stop. I get off. At the bus stop are several recycling containers overflowing with computer code print outs. It’s the results of the programming competition. The correct results are printed in black ink, the incorrect results printed in red ink. I need to figure out what happened why we got the wrong answers. There is also a bunch of food garbage strewn around on the street around the stop, the whole area is very messy with printouts and food in and around the containers. I start straightening up the bus stop. DC says “wasn’t there some other young fellow responsible for all of this? Shouldn’t he clean it up?” I agree and will let that other guy finish cleaning up.

      05:06 sandwiches, play an organ, drunk, friend at work

      2) Standing in a large atrium/opening with some people and a pipe organ console and an organist. After a demonstration by the organist for some students, I asked if I could play the organ, I said I wanted to be a concert pianist and play the pipe organ. The organist says “Yeah but once you get into one school it’s really hard to finish the other one,” I answer “they never tell you that, do they?” They’re reluctant to let me play it but decide to let me play it. They say “your hands need to be clean” and I think about wiping my hands on my pants, “and you need to put your butt way over here” (about 3 meters away from the keyboard, I won’t be able to reach the keys!). I want to get right up to it, then they give me a tiny toy keyboard with just some buttons on it. I want to play the famous Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor ). I see a button marked “B-flat” on the toy keyboard and press it. The Bach piece starts playing by itself and I feel cheated that I don’t get to play it myself. The students around the organ start wildly dancing/jumping around to the organ music, and eventually they break up in to two groups and start lobbing thick volleys of black arrows back and forth at each other.

      3) A group of friends and I are massively horribly drunk. I’m covered by yellow slime. I take off my shirt and see that the yellow printing on the tshirt is what is coming off on my skin. It’s a college shirt. As we’re leaving someone says “are you OK to drive?”. I consider this fairly seriously, I don’t feel all that drunk. I answer “I feel I’m pretty OK.” DC says “as long as you get to 2% it’s OK, then you can take a breathalyzer test.” I think that everyone should rip off a piece of the bar (there are poles along the bar) and use them as walking sticks.

      4) At N (old company), to SC (old boss), I say “you wouldn’t let me stay in the company building on Christmas alone after closing, would you?” Sitting at a computer, not my main work place, childhood friend MR is there, I don’t want to leave him alone in the building after I leave. I’ve taken a big risk of bringing him inside. If he messes something up they’re going to trace his entrance back to me. I realize that I have 3 monitors set up already, and another one is also sitting on the desk, I could make it 4 if I wanted to.

      5) In parent’s house (DS) going up back steps to garage, sister is there and she is talking about the tastiest bread, ranking the different kinds of breads. “Buttered rye, sourdough, wheat…” Then ranking them by which ones make the best toast and which ones make the best sandwiches. We’re driving out of the garage and I realize that everyone’s leaving I may get back first and they may turn on the alarm and I don’t know the code.

      05:45 get up for WBTB.

      06:03 BTB Room temp 16C, close windows.

      Long time getting back to sleep. Fade into sleepiness several times, into and out of light sleep, no dream recall.

      07:43 I’m “elected” to get up and make breakfast for everyone, just as I’m really sleepy and ready for some major dream time. Room temperature 18C.

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      non-lucid , side notes
    2. finally good recall sleeping in the city.

      by , 10-10-2013 at 07:59 PM
      Tues 2013-10-08 (city)
      30 mins exercise morning
      00:00 bedtime
      fell asleep easily and quickly
      F) motorcycle backing it up with folding my coat, doing some kind of check, checking the armpit
      1) Driving fast in a car, fishtailing around big corners, I'm a passenger, we're chased by the cops. We arrive at the music camp, get out of the car and walk into the camp, the cops get out of the cars behind us and say "Hey guys, stop!". 3 or 4 FBI agents are trying to shock the story out of me. I turn around and see a cop pointing a gun at me in the music camp we arrived to. He almost shoots me. I turn and see a gun pointed right at my forehead almost point blank range (I see a bullet in the chamber, copper colored), and I shout "Hey!". This startles the cop who quickly points his gun down to the ground and "pop!" fires it as if he couldn't stop the reaction of pulling the trigger but he could move the aim. They're trying to shock me into confessing, I said yes I was in the car but the other guy was driving, but I was totally against what the driver was doing. Now I'm totally outraged that they almost killed me and said something like there's no way I have to cooperate now.

      2) Scene in a home, my home, sitting on a laptop in living room of CU home, I'm sitting in a chair but it's way too low below the table, then I get in another chair, with arms and a cushion on the seat and this is a really comfortable chair. I'm at the right height, doing something with the laptop. Going around the house, there's another room that is like an office in a hidden place behind a door which I always wondered where that place led to. It's a private office. Going on on to the street down the driveway, a guy approaches wanting to show me something. I realize there's a neighborhood procession/walk going on. I imagine a car driving in the road, you're not allowed to pass the car that's going to make a right turn from the left lane.

      3) A movie opening scene where a woman is remembering the past. I recognize the background as a stripmall near where I live. Woman meets two friends and they remember the past. I'm DO. Backdrop is stores like Taco Bell, she's sitting under a canopy / small dome lined with flowering vines. She sits there. I'm amazed that I recognize the scene.

      4) Murder mystery. Sitting down in an indoor atrium at a table with a beautiful blonde woman. We're talking. I'm amazed that there's a Sichaun hot Chinese food restaurant in the atrium to my right. It has a glass front wall, can see inside. (I think the lettering actually read "Sihuan".) There's an insignia like a trident in gold on the glass. I think this symbol means spicy. I'm looking inside to see if it's open. There are people inside. Suddenly we only have one chair and she's standing, and I bring the woman to sit on my lap. We start making out. She's asking "what are the things that you like to do?" I don't want to tell her about my technical profession for fear of turning her off., she'll think I'm a geek. I'm trying to think of something clever to say to avoid this, so I tell her "I like kissing you." Scene changes. The woman was wearing a neurotoxin on her lips. My orientation switches back and forth between being the target of the murder and being a side observer. Some other of the woman's partners-in-crime are cleaning up the murder scene. They're trying to decide what to leave and what to take away. There's a plate with a single long unfinished noodle on it amid a watery bright red sauce. They leave the plate on the ground. I think of going somewhere, "Oh no," the police say, "you're not going anywhere. There's a long room (like a hotel conference room, with a long table covered by a white tablecloth) with two dead bodies on the table. The room is filled with police. They're working there trying to solve the mystery. I enter the boys locker room. I'm trying to find medication to counter the effects of the neurotoxin on the kiss. I pass by a bunch of boys at their lockers and I find my locker. There are some medical supplies inside. I take one bottle with me. There's a guard at the door. I ask him if I have what I need to get rid of the neurotoxin. He gives some advice.

      5) I've arrived to a parking lot on a hill slanting down. It's snowy and slippery. My van slips and starts tumbling down the lot, turning over repeatedly. At one point it rolls over another car and I hope it won't stops in a position where it's not upright, how the hell am I going to get it upright again? I'm very upset about this, "what am I going to do?" It eventually stops, I grab a multi-gallon plastic fuel container from the passenger side window, and I can't figure out if the container holds urine or gasoline. I'm trying to smell it and can't figure it out.

      6) Scene in a courtoom. The jury is made up of immensely fat women, who are bored. In perfect unison, they (4-6 of them) stand up and turn around and sit back down again, turning their backs on the courtroom. The judge instructs them not to do this so their bodies don't get tired: ergonomics. Then in a few seconds they in perfect unision stand up turn around, and sit down, facing forwards to the court again.

      7) Watching something with former boss, I ask him if he's taken his school initiation yet. Watching a racquetball game (DS). Two girls are playing, they don't know the rules. The serve goes long but they keep playing the point.

      8) riding a bicycle down SNR street (steep street). The street is filled with sand. I'm cooly pushing out the back wheel of the bike perpendicular to the hill (DS), and adjusting the front wheel pointing down the hill, sliding down in this manner. I go up again behind a guy on a horse.

      10:11 Getting up. Some long back-to-sleeps. Could sleep more. Nice recall today! Late morning clearly a sweet spot for recall.
    3. finally getting serious on combatting wakefulness. Some notes.

      by , 10-06-2013 at 03:23 PM
      If can't sleep for 30 minutes, get up, go to another room, do somethin quiet, come back to bed only when fleeling sleepy.

      Do not eat, read, watch TV, in bed. Only for sleep.

      Go to bed at same time of day every day. And get up at same time every day.

      Avoid naps.

      Morning exercise is best. No closer to bed than 3 hours before.
      Establish bedtime routine (warm drink, shower, short read, meditation)
      Yoga/meditation/relaxation before bed.
      Melatonin/Valerian. Melatonin should be cheap. Valerian can be taken every 4 hours.
      Eat small bedtime snack: complex carbs, small bit of protein w/tryptophan and calcium. Avoid sugary, all carbs snack.
      Calcium helps brain use tryptophan to manufacture melatonin!!!
      Low sugar dairy products. Nuts. peanuts with skins, whole almonds (for more fiber), walnuts, pecans, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, pistachios, red peanuts with skins
      Ground flax seeds is a big source of tryptophan.
      The best bedtime snack is one that has both complex carbohydrates and protein, and perhaps some calcium
      For dinner and bedtime snacks, eat a meal or snack that is high in complex carbohydrates, with a small amount of protein that contains just enough tryptophan to relax the brain
      Stop working on any task an hour before bedtime to calm your brain.
      Don't discuss emotional issues right before bedtime.
      Avoid large meals two hours before bedtime. A light snack is fine
      Valerian becomes more effective over time, so it's best to take it every night for a short period of time. Start with the lowest dose, then increase over several days' time. Valerian is considered safe to take for four to six weeks.
      eat bananas, avocado, peanuts, almonds, figs, and milk-based drinks, all containing tryptophans, a precursor for creating melatonin which regulates sleep.[2] Some snacks to consider include: cookies and milk, sliced banana with chopped dates, and wholegrain bread with lettuce
      Plain nonfat yogurt for best calcium. Then cheese, milk,
      side notes
    4. slow recall early morning, made up for it with late morning BTB / nap. Room too cold. Incubation!

      by , 10-05-2013 at 07:28 PM
      2013-10-04 (day city, night country alone)

      exercise: weights & 30 mins cardio
      01:07 bedtime
      02:41 (still trying to fall asleep? Didn't seem so long, maybe slept and woke up)
      In a car. Cars were parking but crashing into buildings on right side of road up against the stores.

      Riding down a sandy hill on a (motorbike? bicycle?)

      walking/riding down a dark road, half muddy on the right. I'm following some people, I ask "does anybody want to get the newspaper?". Someone coming up behind me on a bicycle, meeting us there. Nobody responding to me.

      04:02 MILD based on last scenes
      08:21 woke earlier, had some recall, didn't get it recorded. Woke up, read in bed.
      11:12 trying for a nap

      My cat turned almost entirely white. 80% of her lower body. Head and chest area is still colored correctly. I'm very confused, trying to think how this could have happened. I'm concerned it might be sick. I look at the fur and I run my hand through her short white fur backwards (from tail to head), I see the texture of her fur, looks realistic. Handed the cat to someone, here comfort her. The cat was batting a kitten's face. It was trying to get the kitten to do something. I was astonished that the cat was making intricate gestures with her paws (fingers?) to try to get the other kitten to do something. The kitten was slghtly sticking out its tongue. I mimiced these movements, like a "come here" gesture hooking a finger, first one way, then with the finger upside down. Imagined petting my cat while falling asleep at nap.

      In a house with a crazy family, "Don't wake up uncle John," sitting on a couch in that house. Turns out it was the mother who was big fat and crazy. I see them emerge from a room above the living room.

      Swimming pool down below me. Water polo, the coach had been fired. They're playing a game in the pool, coach bad-mouthed someone. There are a lot of kids in the pool, it's pretty full. A ball or something flies up and hits me? The young guy who has the ball in the water polo game stands up, he's working really hard to do something, physically,

      At a large party in a large open house / atrium. There's an annoying guy in a blue suit. I pass him and say something about "blue man." He and his friends make some joke about me and start cracking up, he's literally ROTFL. I think shooting an arrow through his head or his heart to see how he'd laugh, then. I ignore them.

      Teeth falling out. A bunch of teeth were falling out, went into bathroom, confused at what was heppening, I'm trying to put them back in, I feel the empty spot in my mouth with my tongue. Someone's bothering me while I'm trying to put them back in.

      Walking by some woman, trying to push my way by. I had walked by her earlier and told her some numbers. There had been a show downstairs, (and a room near the show, where there was a teenage orgy?) where schoolkids were lined up sitting on top of a very wide 3-foot-high storage cabinet, each little spot had two holes. The kids were supposed to do a little presentation, say something to the kids in the room in order to prompt the kids in the room to come out and look at them, and then disappear down the hole into the cabinet, hidden, and the older kids in the orgy room were supposed to come out and wonder where the little kids went. A teacher arrives with a line of other little kids to perform on the cabinet (or watch). They said some numbers. The woman who stopped me said, "were those the same numbers that you told me before?" She (and I) was amazed that I had predicted the future with these numbers.

      Woman in a nurse outfit, dressed up as an actor/performer. Outside on a street. She was going around getting people to sign up for her show.

      With WW, watching an opera performance in a (cafe? room?). I see the singers keep entering the stage enter and sing. They look like 19th century fancy people. I see their hair. Sitting right in front of a stage. It had to do with speaking English, and rich people could get on the Concorde (airplane). Stewardesses said there still were some seats left, going to (Paris?).

      Woke up slowly, still felt groggy, like I could have slept more, but decided to get up so as not to ruin the sleep schedule. Tried a bit of FILD. Thought of ping pong as a relaxation (first person view more relaxing), thinking about the sound as well as the visuals. Lots of little dreamlets, one which i brought back after fading briefly, they vanish when I focus on them.

      Room was too cold at night, couldn't relax. Slept way better for nap once I put on warm socks.

      Seeing scenes of dreams I saw many years ago and had forgotten as I'm falling asleep.

      Stay positive about sleep!

      Cat, and other parts of dreams came from incubation thoughts!

      I wish I could have become lucid, so I could lightsaber chop the laughing blue man in half .

      Late morning REMs are long and recall is great at this time!
    5. lucid living day #42: continued city WBTB sleep issues, exercise

      by , 10-02-2013 at 03:21 PM
      I don't want to psych myself out here, but I definitely see a pattern now: wake around 4th/5th hour after bed, quick keyword journal, bathroom, BTB, MILD reps....and lie there awake for a few hours . Get up, eat breakfast, read some, back to bed about 2 hours later, feel sleepy, almost fall asleep a few times, eventually I do sleep, and get some dreams. Go for a fast walk/slow jog in the park for about an hour, work up a good sweat and get my heart rate up to a good aerobic range. Knees are a bit tired. Hopefully the outside air and exercise will kick in and help me get back to sleep after MILD reps tonight. If not I may keep some Valerian extract on hand by the bed in case getting back to sleep is taking too long. I don't want to take it every night so that my body develops a resistance to it.

      1) I'm in a building on a fairly high floor, I know my loved one is being kidnapped, she's outside and the bad guys are going to take her away. I jump down about 3 floors in a stairwell, and am surprised for a moment that my legs don't hurt. I look out a window to the ground at the bad guys in the car preparing to get away, and they're too far down to jump. I'm suddenly outside by the car, a large black Hummer-like vehicle with no top. The bad-guys are dressed in black suits like secret service agents, there are a handful of them standing in the car. I get in as well, the car takes off. I make some demands and one of them threatens to push me backwards out the door. I'm half in/half out of the car, with a leg hanging outside, and the driver is swerving close to other cars and the wall to get me out of the car. Another car drives comes up along by me and I call out to the driver to help me, the driver is a young dark-skinned woman who immediately consents, and I (quite effortlessly) dive through the driver side window into the front passenger's seat.

      2) I'm walking along a very nice path near a river, a wall is on my left the river is on my right. I reach a place where the wall moves farther away from the river creating a larger area, the area is filled with sand. There are a few men standing there also admiring the area. One of them wants to build an art studio there. I'm annoyed by this and say that this is a place available to everyone and no one has the right to make it into a commercial enterprise. I gesture to the river and say what a great place this is to fish. Walking farther down this path the wall grows very high. I become aware of a vehicle approaching, and I have the urge to hide from it. The wall stops and I turn around it, where the land climbs up in a steep sandy hill. The area is wide open and I want to get high enough to hide behind a column in the wall. The hill is sandy and climbing it quickly is hard. I make it up, and look down over the top of the wall to see a vehicle has stopped right below. I notice it is the princess/queen's vehicle and relax. I prepare myself for her arrival, she walks up the hill and meets me. I bow deeply to her, feeling self-conscious, and kiss the back of her hand. I know we are betrothed to be married. Later we are talking together, I try to spell the word "family" in a foreign language, she says that's not right and points out the "correct" word (which is a nonsense word in the FL) on a shampoo bottle. I see her finger repeatedly pointing out this word.
    6. Lucid living day #39: second DILD!

      by , 09-29-2013 at 01:38 PM
      Last night was one of those dreaming nights you wish you could put in a can and just keep opening again and again!
      Legend: not-dream, normal dream, lucid dream

      Day: lots of prospective memory targets. Medium number of state checks, a few Sageous RRCs.
      Before bed:
      One hour of transcribing my voice journaling into written journal for a couple days.
      ~1 teaspoon lecithin granules, couple of glasses of apple juice
      Read for about 45 minutes (helps me get to sleep faster I've found).

      Bed at 01:00 Thank SC for dreams, ask for more LDs, put in request for particular themes.
      wake at 05:17, no recall (may have been some earlier awakenings, I thought, hey, I didn't recall doing any journaling yet, and I was pretty sure I had some earlier light recall)
      drank 1/2 cup of apple juice
      then did some MILD reps based on previous night's dreams
      and did some SSILD cycles for good measure.
      wake at 06:17: LUCID!
      Progress! A different lucid awakening moment, this time: critical faculty! I was in the middle of a (somewhat bizarre) conversation, I was asking an old friend about his hush-hush new business venture. It had to to with coaching (kids?) football. I said I had not ever coached football but that I had coached soccer (true in WL). I tried to hand him a card from my wallet, when all my cards fell to the ground. About 10-15 of them, I'm kneeling down trying to pick them up. And I can't. They just keep falling out of my hands, they just won't get arranged how I want them to be. Then I think, "Hey, this is a bizarre situation, I should check to see if I'm in a dream" and BOOM as soon as I said "dream" I became lucid. Same "sucked into the movie" feeling as the first DILD, I instantly stood up in amazement. I was *so sure* that I had been awake before, I was almost in shock to realize it was a dream. No RC again like DILD #1, as soon as the word "dream" popped into my head after and I had the notion to question my state, I was instantly lucid.

      And I wasn't super-confused before being lucid, like I am sometimes in dreams, it was more like light puzzlement, the flavor of the thought was, "oh, this is one of those times when things don't work like you think they should that you're supposed to see if you're dreaming." If I can get consistent with this then my frequency will skyrocket since I have these moments all the time. I missed one earlier in the ND portion: I saw a shooting star (cool, it went all the way across the sky). Then more, and more and more shoting stars (whoa!). Then I saw colorful pinwheels of stars in the sky, I tell my friend "Look! Check that out!" Then I see a huge picture/ scene in the sky and first am filled with wonder, but quickly think, "Oh, someone must be running a projector somewhere" and my attention moves on. Doh!

      Again, right away the very high/giddy excitement, I completely forgot and blew off the ND conversation and DCsI, I just turn around and walk through the crowd of people and head down the corridor, no clear goals in mind. Without willing it, I suddenly float like a balloon up to the roof of the hallway and stay there, looking down. I feel out of control. I get a grip on myself, and rub my hands together (yay!). I feel my hands rubbing and and see them briefly, feel a little heat. Right away I float down to the ground, and feel more in control. (I wish I had right then done a thorough stabilizatation / dream quality shouting, but I didn't, I guess I felt sufficiently stable.)

      I start walking the hallways looking for a way out. All the people have vanished. I'm walking through a building, observing, looking for a DC to talk to. It's sort of a cluttered industrial "backstage" place, lots of random stuff around.

      I decide to try summoning. I say to myself "there's a DC around that next corner." I look around the corner -- empty hallway. Darn. I turn around, walk back, and then try "there's (my prepared-in-WL special dream location) through that next doorway. Nothing. Just an old woman in the distance.

      Have the idea to stabilize (woot), I decide to try "making out with the ground" as heard in a podcast here on DV. I lie down on the ground on my stomach and lick the floor. I'm only wearing underwear, and I feel the grain/grittyness of the wood floor on my stomach and arms. I lick the floor with my tongue. No taste, though. In retrospect I think it's better to "make out with the wall" since lying down can be risking a waking.

      I want to get outside, to where more people are. I'm still in the very high-ceilinged storage room, the same area I've been in for a minute, I see a sign/doorway about 15-20 feet above the ground. At one point it says "exit" I think and at another it shows a big picture of a person in a swimsuit. Must be the way to the pool, I decide to go there.

      I start climbing up a dresser to get to the exit/door and have a Matrix moment (as in, "do you think that's air you're breathing!?"), thinking I'm going about this the wrong way. Some things are in my way, I try to "jedi force blast" (I wasn't actually thinking "jedi force blast" I just pushed my hand forwards and willed the stuff to zoom out of my way) them out of my way, I succeed in moving a few things out of my way. Then 3 people came in to the room from the swimming pool entrance above me and I woke instantly, no fade to gray.

      Thought briefly about trying DEILD to get back in but decided I wanted to journal and remember.

      Subjective time: 2, maybe 3 minutes

      Thanked my SC and asked for more!

      07:20 MILD reps and SSILD cycles
      09:37 woke from vivid ND , just what I asked SC for!
      09:57 trying more MILD and SSILD
      Couldn't sleep, very excited, going over dreams in my head
      10:43 trying more MILD and SSILD
      12:44 woke from another awesome reasonably vivid ND, many details forgotten, but still fun

      Woohoo, one month to first DILD, 1 week to second DILD (with 3 days of missing the key REMs), shooting now for multiple per week! And it didn't need to wait for the late morning REMs, it came around the 5th hour.

      There is a very different feel between my 2 DILDs and the recent vivid NDs: in the vivid NDs I'm totally confident and feel entirely in control, in my LDs I'm excited but my attempt at control was more "hopeful wishing" than "confident expectation." That's the next thing.

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