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    1. 2015-02-25 (LD #101) epic adventure, friends & family, weird buildings, caught FA (bed eject)

      by , 02-25-2015 at 01:52 PM
      24-min focus on breathing meditation during the evening
      bedtime: 20 breaths, followed probably by at least 30 minute intention setting, visualization, dream sign review, and pep-talk before bed. Hard to sleep, I'm so worked up. Take 2mg melatonin

      I'm pretty sure I had earlier dreams before the epic, but the epic clobbered them

      + epic futuristic adventure: tram ride, guy takes my seat; real virtual reality system with 2 friends; "the meadows": floating castle in the sky is closing down for security alarm; poison attack, can I drink from this glass?; blasting bed with bazooka; DeForest Kelley acting presentation, he's doing a great job for such an old guy; dinner with the president: 2-foot long juicy BBQ beef sandwiches, large pitcher of fresh fig juice [how long did that take to squeeze!?]; heading towards "The Meadows", travel agency "cream colored cubic building in a fancy mall", attacked by thugs; conflict outside of building: the elders have "saved" aside us young people from the battle in order to rebuild the empire later

      (The order of the scenes may be somewhat jumbled, there were so many)

      tram: I'm riding a tram/train (to "the Meadows?"), it stops and the doors open, and voice says we must disembark and get back on. I do this, and when I return there's a guy/guys sitting in my seat. I'm confused, I'm looking at the seats relative to the door to see which one was mine. A bit frustrated I plop down in a free seat with an audible, annoyed "Humph!". A guy offers me the seat back, I say it doesn't matter.

      real virtual reality: I sit down into a large "captains chair" (like Star trek), in a large room I'm with 2 friends, they're also sitting in identical chairs, both to my right, one a few feet away one about 15 feet away. I see that the system is engaging: VR masks/goggles are closing on my friend's faces. I sit in my chair and wait for my awareness to be sucked in to the system, because this is a "real" system where your mind is projected into a system. I feel my arms on the chair and try to make them comfortable, I think when my awareness is returned to my body I'll feel this chair again. Then I feel that my awareness is launched forwards plunging through a void, I keep waiting to emerge in the VR world but never arrive.

      "The Meadows": I'm outdoors, I glance up into the sky, there is a huge floating technological looking castle/mansion there. There are security doors sliding shut all over the castle closing over openings, the building seems to be in a state of high alert/emergency.

      I'm in a group of people outdoors. Someone arrives with a spray bottle/thing and begins spraying poison on people who immediately die. I'm far enough away from it (I'm on the poisoning side?) that I'm not affected. I'm standing in a room later, and grab a glass which is upside down from a counter and fill it with water and wonder if this is far enough away form the poison spray to be safe. I see that there is some sort of film/dirt floating on top of the water. Someone in the room says it's better not to drink so I don't.

      bazooka bed: There is some (destroyed) small room with no walls outside. There is a bed in that heap of debris that must be destroyed. I'm holding a bazooka/rocket launcher on my shoulder and trying to find a vantage point to get a good shot. I'm moving around a while trying to get a clear shot (never shoot).

      DeForest Kelley: in a half-lit room, people are sitting in a semi-circle on chairs. In the middle of them is DeForest Kelley, and old man with white hair. He's a famous old actor. he's laughing and giving a monologue. I think he's doing a great job.

      dinner w/president: A group of people are sitting down on two long rows of chairs that face each other (like seating in an airport boarding gate). I'm sitting next to the president. I then get on a chair in-between the long rows and scoot away from and back to near the president. I make room next to the president because the #2 in command has arrived. Besides the rows of chairs is a small table with food and drink. On the table are several really juicy & delicious-looking 2-foot-long subway sandwiches bursting with circular slices of BBQ beef. Several people return their uneaten sandwiches to the tray and take one of the awesome new sandwiches. I'm standing by the table and pick up a large glass pitcher of a drink: I look at it and pour myself a glass, I see "bits" of fruit inside, it's dark, and think it's fig juice, and think wow it probably took a long time for the cooks to squeeze that much juice out of a ton of figs.

      I'm on my way to the presidential palace called "The Meadows" (the floating one?), I'm describing the local of the (travel agency?) which will plan the rest of the trip for me. I'm "remembering" the location, and I say "it's in a cubic-shaped, cream colored building, in a fancy mall". I arrive and I'm not well received until they realize I'm a friend of the president then they treat me with great respect. I'm outdoors beyond this building and a truckload of thugs jump out and we fight: I'm blasting them with energy and awesome fight moves, we engage in some banter (which I forgot).

      There is a large conflict outside a large building: us young folks were "tricked" by the elders and not allowed to participate, they're saving us in case the battle is lost, so we can rebuild the empire -- (this shouldn't be too hard because we have a floating castle?)

      + searching for my room in a weird club/hotel: hot tub, jump down a level, follow signs, my room is a public porta-potty in a noisy crowded area outside, I'm outraged

      I'm in an indoor/outdoor location, like a resort, I hear a young woman laughing and see there's a hot tub nearby, I move to it, I see only a guy there, there's a girl hidden by the wall of the hot tub but I don't go closer to see.

      I need to find my room, the number is something like "8901". I'm on an upper level of the club, and I go to the lower level by jumping off of a ledge, holding on to a bar over my head and slowly stretching my feet down and then drop, it's only about a foot left to go so it's not hard to land. I can't find my room, I go back to the upper level and a guide points the way, I go back to the lower level and follow signs "to the garden" outside, outside there's another sign that leads through an employee and guest only entrance (a sign says so), I see some staff there doing stuff, I move on and am back outside, it's in a busy public area and quite noisy. I find my room finally and am outraged, it is a public ports-potty. I have my key in my hand and think "should I open the door?" I'm embarrassed to have such a sucky room. I do open it (the structure is a cylinder) but there's nothing there inside. Someone says "you have to go through the glass door" I don't see it, some guy "activates" it by pulling on a large lever.

      + I want to wash/rinse/brush my hair but my friends ( MK, AK, others) are lying in a tight row blocking the faucet, kid passing in a car grabs my hand holding my brush

      Outdoor/daylight scene, I want to wash/rinse/brush my hair, I have a brush in my hand. I see that our friends MK and AK and others are sitting down on the ground with their backs against a fence, the faucet I need to wash my hair is blocked by my friends, I walk up and down the line to try to find a way to the faucet. A car drives by and a kid in the back seat grabs my hand with the brush in it (my left hand) through the open car window. I'm trying to claw his face/shake him by grabbing his hood but I have no strength, all I can do is just stand there. [I wake up and my wife is pulling the covers, my arm is on top of the covers and it's getting pulled along with the covers]

      + I see cousins sitting down indoors (red interiors?), move to hug KR, turns out it's my sister and mom

      Indoor, half-lit, red upholstery? I pass some of my cousins who are sitting down on chairs, I don't want to talk to them. I see cousin KR standing and I know we haven't been on the best of relations but go to her, she seems very warm and we move to hug, I realize then that she's my sister and my mother is standing right there with us. Some notion of people arriving in a minivan(?).

      + wife driving, I'm observing weird building after weird building, false memory deceives me, one looks like a giant flat screen TV, one is straddling a depression and is cracking in half, I'll return to inspect it later, one at the top of the hill has a great view, sit on bench with 2 small kids climbing all over me, I explain why I'm going back to school

      I'm sitting in the front passenger side of a car/minivan, my wife is driving, we're heading up in to the B hills. I see a large building to the right that I don't recognize, I think that a large area of trees has been removed and that's why it looks different, I turn my head to the right to look at the building as we drive past, it's a company building.

      We then pass a strange building which is built over a little gulley, the entire building is sagging in the middle like it's collapsing into the gulley. I ask my wife to slow down as we pass so I can get a better look. I look to the right and see a large flat driveway/parking area, I resolve to return to this place and look at it more closely.

      Continuing to wind up into the hills, I see a HUGE building which is REALLY strange, it is very tall (5-6 stories) but extremely thin, I say (to my kid in the back seat?) that "that place looks like a giant flat-screen TV!), I turn my head around and look behind the van at the building as we pass.

      We reach an area at the top of the hills and I see a house built into the hill, they have a patio build on an upper level were they can stand and enjoy the view. I look forwards out over the vista to the water but it's hazy/foggy and can't see any details in the distance.

      I'm out of the car and sitting on a bench outside. A small boy and girl are sitting with me and climbing on me and playing all around, I'm hugging them, they're related to me and I feel great affection towards them. Someone comes and sits down and I discuss why I'm going back to school, the point is "to get an education, an education helps with….getting a job, and being, … a useful person."

      + my private room is also a utility closet, another guy comes in his room plays loud music, I grab a DC and move to a corner to make out (semi?); a repeating story is told about me, a famous opera singer walking through the crowd

      I have my own room in some larger structure (community center). I'm entering the room and I see that the split door (bottom part / top part) top is open, I go out to close it, and back inside my room, I realize that I share this space with the center's utility closet so maids may enter(?). In the room I see a DC (indeterminate sex), take it into my arms, and walk towards a back corner, kissing it several times, and when I arrive in the corner kiss it more deeply for a longer while.

      I'm outside the room (with wife?) and a man who works there, he's going outside in just a towel, his privates are visible, he doesn't care. Another man comes in (a Russian?) sort of short and hairy, he heads into his room which is next to mine, and starts blasting some really loud music, I move to see the source it seems to be almost from within my room.

      I hear some narration that repeats several times about "the huge guy who's the famous opera singer who was moving through the crowd leaving the theater, and all the people turned to look at him[me], ignoring the scene playing on the stage". The voice also makes (a snarky?) comment about me kissing that DC.

      + (FA, LD #101) lying in bed listening to loud water rush through pipes in the walls, bed ejects me, get lucid, climb out window, look for girl, find one, undress her, count to 5 to calm down, wake up on "..3…"

      I wake up in bed looking up at the ceiling in a white walled room and hear a strong flow of water like moving through pipes, I look up and "follow" the progress of the water through the pipes with my eyes, along the corner of the room and then the corner of the wall with the ceiling. I expect the water to burst through the ceiling at any moment. Right then, my bed heaves itself up from the head end and I'm ejected out on to the floor. As the bed lifts up I realize this is a dream, and I'm thankful for having such an easy-to-spot FA. I realize this is a dream again because my "body" has no pains in it whatsoever. I hear something outside, and jump out the window. Outside is very bright daylight and there are lots of colorful things all over the place, I'm on the side of a house. I continue around the corner and pick up a male DC with a sort of moon face and will him to become a hot girl, or for a girl to appear. I then see a bunch of girls seated on a bench a bit farther on in the garden and move towards them, pick one, undress her (take off her top?) and then count to 5 to calm my self before engaging, and I start "1….2….3... … then I wake up! Ah crap!
    2. Stop the presses! What a night! Not lucid? Who cares! (semi at least) Fight & Flight & Sex!

      by , 02-15-2015 at 02:48 PM

      STOP THE PRESSES OMFG WHAT A NIGHT! A real Sensei-3 night (Sensei says our lizard brain instincts of: fight, flight, & sex are the strongest urges in dreams), and I got 'em ALL in one night. At the end, at least semi-lucid, perhaps low-level lucid, but the word "dream" did not cross my mind so I'll count it as semi.

      I'm happy I retained as much as I did of the early/mid, I didn't record at all during the night, but did mental journaling. Yes, this is just the *summary*. It's going to take me all day to DJ, but it was so awesome I'm going to write it all up so I remember this.


      + fight with evil girls

      This goes on for a while, it's indoors, my first memory of this is the end of the dream where I'm entering a doorway expecting to be ambushed by the evil girl who's (on the top bunk of a bunk bed just inside the door?)

      + barbarous invaders, we're cowering in the trenches, they scalp our leader's wife, she's brave, I find pairing knife and pass it to our leader to take out the lead invader

      Large open outdoors area, a large group of invaders in white are prancing around on a field (IWL saw a ballet last night). My team is against them, and we're hunkering down in a trench. The invader leader takes a woman with long red hair and cuts off a chunk of her hair with a knife and tosses it down. "Bastard!" we exclaim. Then she is completely scalped with a bloody head in front of a building, she bravely tells us something like "every fighter has a final fight." I find a small sharp kitchen paring knife in the rocks and start to pick it up, making noise, my group "shushes" me, I very slowly and quietly pick it up and hand it to the guy in front of me (our leader?), hiding my hand and the knife beneath a large rock to conceal it.

      + fantastic rainbow shining fish in bizarre mobile aquariums: "computational" spine fish, "aquarium geeks are brave"

      I'm mostly DO observing these very tall (15-20 feet), wide (40-60+t) but thin (2 feet) aquarium tanks that are being moved by truck. Inside are amazing rainbow shiny blobby fish, some fish are predators chasing prey fish. Close up inside of a large sort of dinosaur-like fish with spiky spines running down its back, and these spines are actually somehow related to (computer) data, and the fish has the ability to process these spines and the place them into proper order (sorting them!). Close up at the top of the back of the fish, a guy who studies this fish knows how to reach inside an organ at the top of its back and stimulate it to process one of the data spines.

      I'm floating at the upper edge/entrance of one of the tanks, the water is dark and uninviting, I say "aquarium geeks are amazing," (they don't mind going into dark water with unseen creatures all around).

      + talking with VP about my work schedule, the disadvantages of working remotely, another exec (woman) hears me talking about my dedication to the job and says "I *like* you!", the shiny metalic highly magnetic valuable little doodad, I can't decide whether or not to put it in its case or leave it out

      I'm outdoors talking (on the phone?) either with or nearby to a VP of my company. I'm saying that I'm going to work remotely less, it's important to be in the office because being away from the office for too long, you miss building a sense of camaraderie with the team. I don't want to say exactly how long I work at home but it's like 2 weeks at home then 2 weeks in the office.

      I walk by a female executive of the company and she overhears me talking about my dedication to the job and she response, "I *like* you!" I think she just means my dedication.

      I'm standing looking closely at some small shiny metal magnetic doodad. It's like a medium sized fishing sinker/weight. It has a small metallic magnetic case that is lockable. I'm trying to figure out what to do with this thing, it will hold strongly on the top of the case magnetically but someone still could steal it. I have the thought that prying the magnetic case off of the car will ruin/bend the body of the car. I put it in its case and take it out a few times, I think the female exec is also watching.

      + no visuals sexy time
      Spoiler for sexual content:

      + walk down park path inspecting briefly my (ahem) which is still "excited" from the previous dream, inside building, super heavy/dense little boy ("can you even lift him?"), walking through crowd of girls boldly hugging them, introducing myself, ask one girl her name, doesn't respond, I joke with others about this

      I'm walking down a path into the park,
      Spoiler for sexual content:

      I enter a building and sit on a (bed/couch). A woman, her mother, and the woman's young boy are there, the boy is very thick/sturdy. He climbs up next to me and I pick him up and place him in my lap. He's VERY heavy. I look up at the mother and ask her "can you even pick him up?" She has some answer which I think is 'yes.'

      I stand up and I'm walking through crowd of late teen girls. I'm hugging some and introducing myself, I'm sort of amazed at how bold I am. I walk around to the left and encounter a girl there and ask her name. She has a "deer in the headlights" look and doesn't respond for a while (I think she does eventually). I laugh and say "took you a while there!" the girls around me appreciate the joke.

      + following/arranging for (president's wife?) and I to arrive in room together, and then kissing her on couch, "We shouldn't do this!" she says (semi-lucid) at the end, followed by (theoretical, dream deteriorating) sexy time.

      I'm in some indoor space, like a backstage. I sense there is a woman I know and am attracted to moving around in the space, I'm trying to carefully time my walking pace so we will coincide. She is the wife of someone important (the president?) I think she will enter the room so I head that way, and I enter the room just behind her (and close the door?).
      Spoiler for racy content:
      , the dream fades


      + (f) in a house with a group?

      at some point I'm falling asleep again and I'm seeing images through my eyelids, I start "looking at them" and they vanish.

      + EPIC: walking outside with group on suburban sidewalk, juicy berry bushes growing in garden, branches extending over sidewalk; sitting around kitchen table, girls and I sneak twice into next room for sexy time , 2nd time I realize we're discovered, I decide to exit hastily, through garage, via my "James Bond-ish" weird formula race car, morphs into jet plane, (semi) lucid, something clicks and I'm flying over wide, detailed vista, ULTRA high def night-time city scene with lights everywhere, see my arms "wow waking-life, even freckles", shoot at things (lasers/torpedos), land looking for "love," expect motel to have bordello, enter, "it's inspection time, ladies!", head upstairs to patio with 3, start in on sexy-time; transition to FA in motel, wife says son wants "<something>-poncho", open door, same patio with 2 of the girls, sneak out and kiss them; evil MC in circus show and the girls in trouble, I/(and "superman?") save them, sit in a circle eating strange cheese telling them how much we love them.

      I'm walking in a group of young people on a sidewalk outs doors in a suburban/country neighborhood. On one block we come upon a fenced garden where there are berry bushes growing over the fence. I see very big (but realistic sized) juicy ripe red raspberries and blackberries, and smaller berries like currants (red and purple). I feel like taking some of berries to eat them but don't know the owner and don't know if they use pesticides or fertilizers so I don't pick any to eat. My group is looking at the berries. I walk farther along and see a female inside the fence with garden shears cutting off the branches that are hanging over the fence. I comment on the awesome berry crop she has, I look backwards along the fence and think she's trying to prevent people from eating her berries.

      In a house sitting around a kitchen table in one room. I go to an adjoining room with a girl for sexy time (but don't remember it). Back in the kitchen,
      Spoiler for sexy content:
      I decide it is time to "get out of Dodge" and hastily head for the exit.

      On the way to the exit I encounter a small control panel/remote control with long thin buttons and lights, and I select a destination (time?) that is far away from here where they will not find me.

      I enter a clean, lit, "high tech" garage, and hit my right palm against a large square button/panel in the wall which opens up the garage door (emergency exit?)

      I move for the exit and see a strange low vehicle there. I know it's a high tech sports car. It looks like just a very large square platform with formula-1 tires/wheels. I sit down and "start" it and will it to start moving fast away from here. One of the tires is in the middle of the platform blocking my vision and I push it out of the way.

      I'm semi lucid at this point and decide I could just turn the car into a jet and fly away. I reach each hand forward to the "controls", grab them, and the jet takes off! I move quickly up into the sky towards some hills. Something clicks and the visuals get extremely clear, ultra high def, with tons of objects and screen overlay symbols jumping all over the view, there are objects moving in the air and I have a super clear view of an expansive night-time cityscape from medium-high altitude. I look down and see my arms reaching forwards to the controls and think "wow my arms/hands look very realistic", I even noticed a freckle!

      I'm flying the plane, banking it up and down and aiming fire (torpedoes, lasers) at various vehicles on the freeways/overpasses. I'm flying like this for around a minute and I'm just stunned with the visuals and the experience.

      I fly low near the ground and think "girls"/strip club/bordello" and notice a building that looks like a cheap motel with 2-stories of rooms. I think there must be some girls in there. I land and eject / jump out to standing on the ground and think "in this room there will be a (salon/bordello/girls)", I enter and there are 4-5 naked (at least topless) ladies. Some are very attractive, but one is very obese. I say "OK ladies, time for an inspection!" I position myself as a corrupt inspector who's come for his "special inspection". It's been a while since I've been here to do this I think, (one of the ladies comments, "again?"?). I head upstairs to a patio with three girls, someone says "you need to start with the newest girl," which think is the obese one and I don't really want to interact with her.
      Spoiler for sexy time:
      the dream fades…

      …into a false awakening, I'm in a motel room with my wife getting up from bed. She says something about "S1 (older son) needs a <????>-poncho" some sort of rain poncho I think which can fold up, I'm not sure I heard right and ask again. I'm a bit confused about the poncho. I open the door and see out on to the patio of the just prior sexy time except now it's daylight and I see two of the girls there lying hungover with large sunglasses on their faces. I think "woohoo!" and sneak out of the room trying to close the door quietly behind me, and go up to the girl on the left and give her a quick kiss, then move to the girl on the right and give her a quick kiss that turns into a longer kiss and the dream transitions…

      …into some sort of indoor circus act featuring an evil MC and the girls from the salon, a huge beast like an elephant is there with seating strapped down its sides, and I see one of the girls is bound with duct tape and seated on the side where I am. I know that the evil MC has placed the girls in danger and when the beast moves they'll get hurt, I/we have to save them. As I'm looking at the situation I see the heads of two more girls pop up they're wedged in between the animal and the seating place.

      The beast begins to move and (superman?) swoops down and removes the two seating areas tearing the straps off the beast and flies away with the girls to outside. I'm there, it's a urban night environment, a steep street descends away from us, the evil MC is there cursing at us, superman throws the seat/(elephant?) at him strongly which bowls him over and he's gone.

      Sitting in a small circle with the girls eating cheese. I'm / we're telling them how much we love them. I kiss one (but her face is a pack of cheese?). There's a girl who doesn't like cheese seated on my left, I reach over to kiss her/talk to her but she says "ew!" I think she's seen cheese in my mouth. She opens a pack of cheese and spills it all on the ground I say "oh good job it's all spilled now". Looking at the cheese they are tiny pieces of orange cheese like teeny tiny amoebas or 5-legged starfish about the size of a pinky fingernail. Some of them are individually wrapped in plastic and I think that's odd.

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    3. 2015-02-08 LD #98, memory making appearance

      by , 02-11-2015 at 11:32 AM
      A real "fist-pumping" ("Yes!") night, finally.


      + restaurant: piles of ravioli, pop a frozen meatball into my mouth, spit it out as it thaws

      + amnesia girlfriend letter, we can start anew, move away

      In a private house. My girlfriend's mother is warning me that my letter to my (ex girlfriend?) may have been discovered by my current girlfriend, who may want to break up with me over it. I'm trying to decide if I should tell the truth or make something up. In the end I decide to tell the truth. That's good because my girlfriend in fact found the letter. We sit on the couch to discuss it, her friend is with us. At one point I see one of their faces and make note of her pale blue eyes.

      I say that I have amnesia, I honestly can't remember anything that happened before (trigger!), and I think this is great for us because we can now have a fresh start. The GF's friend says "You guys can have a fresh start", and I say "exactly!". I say "we can move away from here [it's expensive to live where we do," but then I think I hate moving, I don't want to pack all this stuff up in to damn boxes. "Maybe to Europe" (no, too expensive) "or Asia somewhere."

      + chinese restaurant counter: order rice several times, cancel them all, then they all arrive, chef offers sparzha-like thing on chopsticks, says "Jung Jie!"

      I'm sitting at a counter at a Chinese restaurant (with a two-level shelf in front of me like in a sushi restaurant) in front of the open kitchen. I'm ordering rice and fried rice over and over again using an automated ordering system, and keep canceling the orders, something wasn't right. Then every single rice dish I ordered arrives, about 3-4 little round stainless trays of white rice, and a larger tray of brownish fried rice. Oops, looks like I got all those orders. Then the chef stands in front of me behind the counter and holds out a bite of some wrinkly looking thing like sparzha with chopsticks:

      and he says "Jung Jie!" which I think means "eat this!"

      + shoot-out with seizure-faking, freeloading partner who wants to steal my wealth, both guns unloaded, the team gets back together and (runs along rooftops?)

      I'm walking through my house, the rooms are full of soft furniture. I find my partner (in business? gang?) sitting in the bathroom, he is unresponsive. He is shaking like he is having a seizure. Foamy spit is dripping down him and covering his hands. I leave him. I then return, I'm angry that he's faking seizures, I'm sure he wants to steal my property, he's living like a freeloader now. I encounter him again, this time his whole (basically naked) body flops onto the ground and he has more "seizures", his body looks extraordinarily lean and gaunt.

      We simultaneously present pistols and point them at each other, and pull the trigger at the same time, neither gun fires. We do this a few more times(?).

      Outdoors, our gangs/teams are getting back together, I notice some of them are running along the edges of the rooftops of the buildings around us.

      +(f) I'm putting my prized bicycle pump into the shopping cart, "it's a great pump," I hope I get it back

      + travel past street of childhood home, point it out to friends, continue through neighborhood becoming increasingly bizarre (property borders extended into streets), the streets become slick steep colored stone ("You can't even ride a bicycles on that!" I exclaim), the environment becomes psychedelic, acid-trippy shapes and colors, fairy-tale surroundings in wacky colors, mushroom statue, scarab temple, explode the scarab priest with my power. I'm astounded at the environment. [This is why I recall dreams, wow.]

      I'm walking up F from the LH side (with the bicycle pump group?) and we pass HC on the left, I recognize it and look back to the left and point out my childhood home to the group. The house seems to be a bit like a castle with turrets, etc. We continue walking forwards and down the other side of F towards A. I'm observing the houses on the left as we walk forwards. It's like their property lines were extended. Reaching the corner of F and A, the house on the corner's property line has extended will in to the street and they have built up into this extended area, I think they somehow extended their property in to the street, the houses all look modified. I continue forwards, then look to the left down A street, and notice that it's too narrow now for cars to drive on it, it's just barely wider than a foot path now, and is cobbled in large chunks of jagged stone.

      Walking farther down F towards the park beyond A, the houses and landscape are completely not like reality now, the land has become steeply rolling hills, there are houses before me and behind me, fences along the side. The colors have become dark but intense: purples, browns, greens, very psychedelic. Ahead of me is a mushroom statue/fountain, about 4 feet high. I'm amazed at this landscape. I notice the "road" F is now a path on my right, it is paved in slick strips of stone and is bumpy, I exclaim "you can't even ride a bike on that!"

      Off to the left I notice a "temple" and enter. Life-sized scarab beetles are worshipping here. I extend my hand towards the priest scarab and will my power into its body so that it will inflate and then explode.


      + observing house down the hill below childhood home backyard which I can fully see into: pet escaped/not fed, woman with mascara

      I'm in my childhood home's back lawn, looking farther down the hill to then next house which is 20 or so feet below the lawn, I can see inside and see the people and furnishings. A mother and a child are there, and a pet cage, did the child forget to close/feed the animal? The mother walks around and I catch a glimpse of her face, dark hair with a lot of mascara, I think I've seen her before, (she looks at me briefly?)

      + flight full at airport counter, "But I'm on a business trip!", agent tries to modify ticket so I can get on

      I'm at an airport departure gate, I'm looking for the place where we enter the plane, it's beyond the airport counter so I can't just walk there I must go in the line. There's a long line of people standing to talk to an attendant, I go up to another attendant to find out if I need to stand in that longer line. I get out my boarding passes which are the standard rectangular "punch card" paper, and fumble for them to give them, the attendant looks at them and notes they are marked "GC?" (gate clogged?") she says that this means the airplane is overbooked. "But I'm on a business trip!" I say I can't be delayed. She starts talking about how they need to re-issue my tickets for another date (earlier?) so that I can then get on the plane. She says she has to call one guy but he plays by the rules (so it won't work?)


      + (lucid #98) planning some "personal activities," door's open, close door at top of stairs, childhood home, there is no door there, get lucid, downstairs, enjoy the sights, affirm body in bed/waking world/dream-fantasy, take off blurring glasses, go to next room, super bright ultra HD, counter of clerks, tell the girls to come to me, all ignore me, I go back and "firmly encourage" one to engage, feels great, wake up in a few seconds

      I'm in a bedroom kneeling before a bed, I'm thinking of performing some "personal activities," I think this is a great position why didn't I think of this before? I'm thinking about some "toys" which may be useful and think of some activities. I notice the door to the room is open, not good, better go close it. I step out into the hallway and recognize I left my sister's bedroom into the upstairs hallway of my childhood home. I reach forwards and close the door at the top of the stairs, I think about punching the lock, there's nobody in the hallway right now. I start to head back to the room and stop and look at that door. There is no such door in this house. The door looks sort of faint and transparent. I suspect a dream and do a nose plug and am now lucid. I head directly down the stairs.

      I note that there is a white couch at the bottom of the stairs (false). As I turn towards the left into the living room I catch glimpse of a bright light in the dining room. I walk into the living room and do the Sageous memory-activating affirmation: "I realize my physical body is out there in the waking world asleep in bed and this entire experience is a fantasy taking place inside my mind." I turn around and for a second think maybe too quickly, but things are stable. I think "careful, don't want to think too much of the sleeping body" but the dream is stable. I do notice that vision has become blurred so I reach of and take off the "blurring goggles/glasses" and vision fully returns. I walk a bit back towards the stairs and think about TOTM, but I can't remember any tasks and so I drop it.

      I move into the dining room and it is very very bright there, I see a large chandelier with many taper-shaped bulbs. The place now is a large bright room with people in it behind a counter. I note that the faces and objects are ultra-HD. I'm looking at the people behind the counter and notice a few cute girls. I mention for one to come out, but the people just sort of keep shuffling back and forth and ignore me with occasional glances my way.

      I get annoyed and decide to go to them, I duck under the counter and go behind it, and walk up to a DC, grab its head and give it a command to perform an action, which it does begin, it feels great for a few seconds, and then
      the dream fades.

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    4. 2015-02-04 Comp (SCoAA) night #13 LD#97 weird eclipse, lots of dreaming

      by , 02-06-2015 at 10:24 AM
      massive night, multiple waking each with recall (though fragmented later), final (late) waking beyond my ability to remember beyond fragments, one short DILD.

      early (3 hrs):
      + viewing a medium-sized suburban apartment/home complex while narrator discusses rebuilding projects and changes to the rules about rebuilding, I think it's a bad deal to buy there

      + friend DD's (stolen?) forbidden luxury (purple?) fancy sports car

      +(f) the young (girl?) says the team has taken ownership

      middle (6hrs):

      + transferring funds into dollars, at the outside ATM, angry at (mother?), Indian man "who makes everyone happy" in parking lot at park, turns out he abused and murdered a child, I'm upset that I shook his hand

      + guest (cousin?) in large family, girls playing naked turn out to be guys, go upstairs & view colorful constructions, closeup of car "guaranteed to win"

      + famous actor wanted the job, he kidnapped/locked up two children, they're filthy, poop on the trail, the boy dies, medical explanation with props on a table and petrie dishes

      + (lucid #97) strange eclipse/things in sky, stand up through roof in car and say "come take me away!", return to parking lot at park and replay the scene trying to calm angry guy (me?), lose lucidity, dead bird head in mouth between guy & girl during kiss

      I'm sitting in the back seat of a car driving on a straight highway at night, it's dark. I'm sitting on the left side and looking out the window into the night sky to the left. There are medium-sized rolling hills looming in the distance, and above the hill line are two groups of celestial objects. I'm looking at them and there's something odd about them. One is too large for a star, too small for a moon. It looks like an eclipse of several objects taking the same place. It's just too weird, I think "what's going on here?" I may be dreaming, I reach for my nose to do an RC, when my fingers pinch my nose I'm fully lucid without having to try to breathe since my nose feels wrong, insubstantial. I'm continuing to look out the window and right when I get lucid two bright star objects swoop down a bit and to the left from the eclipse cluster, I think they're acknowledging my lucidity. What to do? I'm traveling in a car at night with nobody around. I decide to exit car by standing up and phasing through the roof, I will face no resistance. I successfully stand up on the back seat with my upper body outside the car in the night. I look up to the stars/ships and call to them "Come and take me away!" but they do not come. I look forwards in the direction of travel and see only an infinite expanse of empty, featureless gray, it "feels" sort of depressing.

      I'm back in the parking lot with the angry-at-mother parking incident, but now I'm standing behind my former self who was angry, (now my son S2?), and I'm trying to calm him down, "take a deep breath", I'm rubbing his shoulders, he's still angry
      , I lose lucidity, we reach the area of the parked car and there's a scene that replays once to show the detail of how a bird flew down to the upholstered bench where a guy and girl are sitting, squeezed through the seat/back down to the ground where a (cat?) chewed it up, and then the guy kissed the girl but he had the dead head of the bird between his lips and transferred it to the girls' lips.

      late (8 hrs then 10 hrs?):

      + girl/woman has put the foot torture device on a man and is describing its features slowly turning up the pain levels as the man/they walk along

      +(f) infrequently used jazz room at the top of the stairs, how will I sleep?

      +(f) encounters on a stairway

      +(f) pulling/pushing luggage around

      +(f) someone pulls a thread on a costume, making it disappear (and burst into flames?)

      +(f) lots of interaction with people (students?) living in a large home

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    5. 2015-02-03 Comp (SCoAA) night #10, LD#96: work, weird kitchen, bombs, doll baby, dancing grls, party

      by , 02-03-2015 at 12:04 PM
      comp night #10

      00:11 bedtime


      +(f) in best friend MR's house: someone has been tidying up, there are neat piles of magazines everywhere

      +(f) in some place doing something(!!)

      + the bombs are falling and mortars going off all around me, I take cover in a small tough cafe to the left

      I'm talking to some guy I say yeah they're going to bomb us. I'm outside in daylight on a street in between buildings, I'm looking up into the sky behind me while I'm running forwards, I see the bombs falling down, I can't outrun them. They land, I see a mortar on the ground, how can I avoid the shrapnel? Should I lie down in the fetal position on the ground?

      I see off to the left a small rounded hut it's a cafe, I lunch for it, there is a guy there sitting on a stool just inside the door I reach out my hand for him to grab and pull me inside. I get inside and sit at the counter on a stool the roof is thick curved metal it should protect us, but the window flaps are open, I close mine. Everyone else around me is eating, unconcerned. I order lunch.

      Busted WBTB (up for 3 hours), on the computer in the kitchen playing a dungeon crawl game
      Fell reeeeally tired now, about 08:30? 9? back to bed, I'm so tired but it still takes a long time to fall asleep, my wife's alarm goes off several times, she finally gets up.


      + playing with doll baby

      I'm heading down the stairs (waking realization: childhood home) with a small baby in my hands, it's so small it's like a doll. I'm reaching the bottom of the stairs and sort of swoop it around a little bit, it doesn't like this and starts to fuss, I get concerned that it will bother the mother upstairs. I cradle it's head in my right hand. It's more like a doll, I continue to move it around, playful flying movements, it has a strange open mouth with curvy lips like an oyster shell, I think of feeding it.

      + in party where everybody hates me, huffing out, calling them names

      I'm walking in between people and furniture in a small room at a party, trying to find a clear place to step, everyone here hates me, they're making disparaging remarks about me. I say "Well you're all a bunch of hags and witches. And the other thing that starts with a B!" The crowd murmurs its astonishment at this statement, and I make my exit.

      + the amazing traveling guy at work

      In a large indoor space, I see suitcases/packed luggage around me. This is a small company and we have only this one amazing traveling guy, he has sold our product successfully before, making presentations to groups of 20 people all on his own, maybe with the help of one other person. I make a comment about him going on yet another trip. I imagine his face, he's sort of middle-Eastern, looks a bit like George Clooney, salt and pepper hair.

      + shoot-out in the multi-level apartment/home with the fancy front door

      DO from up on the higher level looking down, like watching a show. Two guys arrive into the ground floor, one looks like Seth Rogen, he's behaving goofy, like looking deeply into the security camera on a door and making gestures in front of it. The second guy is serious and is annoyed by this and stops him. The serious guy goes to another door, closer to me, which is very ornate and with a round, pointy top, like a medieval castle door, covered with rounded sculptures on its front. This door is locked, and the guy they're looking for is inside, probably upstairs. The serious guy knocks and pounds on the door. The man they're looking for emerges from a doorway across from me and walks across an open ledge towards me on the upper level. The serious guys turns and sees the man walking there and fires several shots at him from a pistol.

      + discussing the start-up with other work friends in a kitchen

      I'm standing with guys from one start-up, <R>, in the work kitchen, standing close to founder J.E., talking about another company I worked for. "Yeah, I was there when it was nothing, I was employee #5 or #6, it was just like this" and I gesture around the kitchen to the small group of people standing there. "Now it's really grown, and has a ton of people, like 30 or 40 or maybe 100, and they're now in the facilities of that other company, <3>" Some (girl?) says they're not all that large or successful actually, I disagree.

      + the unattractive white-clad dancing girls: an expensive attraction for the party at work (ping pong table)

      outdoors light, It's a big "friday" celebration at work, they've hired a big gang of dancing girls wearing white frilly/fuzzy costumes. I'm sitting on the ground. I look behind me and I see that a bunch of people are sitting on/under the ping pong table, and it's so bent out of shape from this that it is in the shape of a "U". The girls are dancing towards us and I notice that they are practically all quite unattractive. I think they're going to come and interact with the employees and I'm saying under my breath "oh, please, not an ugly one…"

      + trying to get to the burner, melting plastic, stuff falls down in back, annoyed butler, weird huge bottles of wine

      I'm standing in a kitchen and want to warm something up on the burner, I turn it on. I'm trying to find the burner, the cooktop is standalone (no backsplash) and is so crowded with things that I can't find the burner. I notice a funny smell. I'm pushing the pile of things back to find the burner, something towards the back falls off to the floor. An elderly butler appears on my left, I think he's annoyed at how I'm just pushing around this pile of stuff. I notice finally the burner, I see a square bit of plastic wrap (like from cheese singles) on the burner, I think that's the source of the smell, I try to pick it up.

      My attention is grabbed by two bottles on the counter to my right. They are large, 2-liter soda-bottle-sized bottles on wine, Dom Perignon-shaped, with bright yellow liquid / chunks inside (sort of like a lava lamp), and I'm amazed at these things, I think they're just the drinks we decided that we would never buy.

      + (lucid #96) packed party in a small room: waking life memory connection, command "brighter", it works!

      This started out with basically no visuals, more just like HI, but I'm lucid from the start, perhaps was a waking moment. I try to put interpretations on to the shapes, like arms/people, and I sort of materialize a scene at a party, there's one girl who sits on my right knee and I kiss her a little. I think I need to disengage to stabilize and connect with memory. I do this, I stand up and turn the left and think "my body is asleep in bed, and this experience is all a fantasy." The visuals are basically gone to gray at this point, back to HI, I try to interpret them as people, I say several times, "Brighter!", "Brighter!" and I'm amazed that with each statement of the word, it's like somebody turns up the lights/clarity a little bit more, until I have full bright visuals. I'm enjoying the scene, it's a very small room at a party with people busy bustling around, all female . I'm checking out the adults looking for a cute one, don't find any to my taste, I notice things seem a bit "unstable" and try to clam down, and just observe. I notice that there is a conga dance line of about 20+ identical little girls in identical red dresses (with white polka dots?) moving through one part of the room. There are so many of the girls in such a small space that the line folds and bends around itself multiple times, at rectangular/right angles. I'm just looking around amazed, when I find another attractive girl and turn her to me, "this is my dream" I think I say, she does not object, and I kiss her a bit , and wake up.
    6. 2015-01-31 Comp (SCoAA) night #7: both prior homes in one night! projectile poop-blasting macaques

      by , 01-31-2015 at 01:19 PM
      New dreaming result! I had significant (semi-epic) dreams *both* of my childhood home and my prior adult home, both in the same night (one after another I think).

      Dream signs or oddities that captured my attention in the dream, funny/interesting moments in bold.

      FM = false memory

      This is but a taste of what I dreamed. I know scenes were forgotten, and details.


      +(f) college friend FG: hands me a piece of fish, then a piece of chicken, I take a bite of both, they're both slimy

      +(f) I have FG in a headlock, I'm contemplating knocking him unconscious (editorial: serves him right for the slimy food!)

      The location seems to be the doorway of my sister's bedroom in childhood home, looking out into the hallway. I see FG's face up close to mine.


      + childhood home, neighbor tree with projectile-poop-shooting macaques, bathroom window, shower, visit neighbor & more macaque poop-dodging [it runs out of ammo]

      I'm in my childhood home, main floor, I'm really happy to be here. I open the sliding glass door in the dining room and go out onto the deck. I stand at the railing looking at the view and look down to the trees/plants in our neighbor's yards down the hill from us. The trees look wrong, something's different. I see one of them (sort of thick, tropical looking tree, tall and skinny, with large fat leaves) is so tall that it has bent over and reaches all the way to the trees/bushes underneath our deck. This is not good, since I think that animals can climb up this tree to reach our house.

      I notice movement in the tree, it turns out there's a "macaque" there about half-way up. It's attack is shooting a strong, tight stream of projectile poop+liquid from it's ass at high speed and far distances. This stream heads for me and hits me squarely in the chest / face. I detect a faint poopy smell. This is nasty. There is another macaque sitting quietly on top of the deck railing where it meets the house on the right, quietly.

      I head to the bathroom upstairs to take a shower. There is a macaque on the roof, opening the window, I rush to close and secure the window. Macaque opens it again, I close it and try to secure it, I can't seem to lock it shut. I take shower.

      I am now in the house/yard of the house below ours where the "macaque tree is." I look up and see the projectile-poop-shooting macaque is still there. It shoots a few weaker streams in my direction which I successfully doge, it's running "out of ammo." A few last nuggets of poop fall out of its butt. The people who live there are moving away. I ask "you're taking the macaques with you, right?" They say "no." I say "oh God these macaques will be unsupervised."

      + adult home [First time both prior homes visited in one night!]: floor uneven, neighbor fence reduced, garage stairs & hamsters, male being & genitals, outdoors and young men making out

      I'm walking through the rooms of my prior adult home. I am thoroughly enjoying being back here. I look at the gorgeous hardwood oak floors. I notice in one room there is a depression in the floor, an uneven area like the floor has partially collapsed down there, a few feet long and a few inches wide, I look at it for a while confused, that wasn't here when we lived here. I walk past my kids old bedrooms and think how they'd like to see them again. I head to the master bedroom and go out the sliding glass door to the back/side yard. My attention is instantly drawn to the fence across from my, it's completely different from how it used to be. Instead of a uniform height, the fence at the point right across from the master bedroom door become half height (full height going off to the left), extending all the way to the right edge of the property. The neighbor's yard (M) is fully exposed and visible, I see the plants, trees, and a dog running around there. I also see into the yard of the house beyond them [FM, no such house], because the fence on the far side of M's yard is also half-height.

      I walk along the fence to the right a bit, then two young girls, M's daughters [FM, M has only one adult daughter] are sitting there, (I get a no-panties up skirt peek at one of them?), they go running into the house to get a present for us they prepared for our return. I wonder where M is?

      I go down the stairway (to a basement?) [FM, just short steps into garage], and while heading down I notice a small hamster cage on a high windowsill. It is 3/4 covered on top with a white cloth draped over it. I see one hamster clearly inside. I'm confused, I thought our hamsters died a long time ago, the new owners must have bought new ones?

      Heading back up the stairs with a bunch of chidden, it's hard to get through the opening, I instead manage to pry open the door and the kids can easily get through.

      I'm right next to a (young man? A male being, maybe not human) sitting in a (large hamster cage?) He's rubbing his genitals in the bark at the bottom of the cage, this will increase his power? He's rubbing back and forth, there's not much "down there". Then I look again and he has a large, erect penis. I think "uh oh looks like he achieved his power."

      Outdoors in the backyard, I'm talking to someone but my attention is caught by a sight I see through a window/the walls inside the house, two young men making out. Better not to disturb them.

      +(f) preparing to question guide about equipment in large indoor dock

      +(f) trying to access bank account with banker, keep entering access code wrong, 90-degree left rotated "c" (is is a "u"?)

      I ask the banker "will I be able to access my <my bank's name> account through this system?" He says/nods "yes." Can't enter the code correctly. Funny "u" character that looks like a "c" rotated on its side, or an "o" with just a small bit of the top missing"

      +(f) long narrow walk-in shower with ex-GF SB [non-sexy]

      I'm maneuvering past SB to get to the water.
    7. 2015-01-28 Comp (SCoAA) night #4: epic:gassing the truck, LD #95: sex at the pool/hairdresser

      by , 01-28-2015 at 10:06 AM
      WBTB insomnia continues, BTS at long last, for a lucid and some decent competition points

      01:00 pre-bedtime
      01:30 (?) bedtime


      +(f) at the dentist?

      + epic: gassing the truck: trying to find the gas station (north north south south), dodging cars in the road, go the wrong way & get mugged, dodging trains (they dodge me!), football & racists, cup at the picnic, meatball on exhaust pipe, gas tank adapter, skanky gas station alcoholics, "You think I wouldn't recognize the truck where I got half-pregnant 2 weeks ago?!", water-filled replica sex dolls of one of the skanks are very popular, they line the shelves

      Settings: a drab mostly industrial semi-suburban dilapidated neighborhood with long narrow streets laid out on a rectangular grid

      I'm driving a big-rig and cars along narrow roads. Daylight/outdoors, I see but miss the exit to the gas station, the street is long and narrow. The streets are laid out on a rectangular grid, there's no where for me to turn around. I pass a street and look to my left, it extends a long way along a channel of water, my lane is broken and spans an open channel of water. I pass this by and return to it, I think I have to take this street.

      I drive up the left-hand side (oncoming traffic side) because the other side is dilapidated and broken and I'd fall in the water to the right. A truck comes around the corner at the end of the street, I try to maneuver as far as I can to the right but there's not enough room. Suddenly, the truck swerves and tilts to the left onto its two right wheels and I pass by underneath.

      I'm getting closer to the corner (bends to the left), I'm hoping nothing else comes. Then a TRAIN LOCOMOTIVE turns and comes right for me. It's huge, no dodging it, uh oh. Then it, too, tilts to the left and goes up on its two right wheels, and I pass underneath it. Wow that was close, I got scared. Reach the corner it's a tight turn to the left and turns a full 180 degrees to go back along the next street over. Standing on the curved portion at the tip are two guys. I need to get across, but there's water all around. I guess I'll have to jump?

      Driving/moving on roads, the path to the gas station is "north, north, south, south." I'm trying to get to the gas station. I'm on foot outdoors at night, a very small car turns the corner and almost hits me, it swerves to its left just barely missing me, I see the driver in the car.

      I've taken a wrong turn down some dark deserted street. A thug comes at me and swings me around by the hood on my jacket. I'm trying to run away, this is the wrong street! Another thug comes up though it doesn't look good.

      Indoors, the train engineer who pulled the magnificent stunt of tilting the train to miss me is there, he's a young man. There is a large long horizontal stick connected to a control vertical rod, and he maneuvers the rod to the correct position and then cockily walks away, that's against rules, you can't leave the throttle unattended. Someone notices this and he gets in trouble.

      Outdoors, daylight, in a parking lot. I'm playing catch with a football. I have the football and I'm trying to fancy-pass it to my "quarterback." I hold it behind my back with two hands and flip it over my head at him. Then I do a around-the-back throw to him, I'm having trouble aiming but I make it. He then tosses the ball to me several times. Each time I catch it and pretend it was a touchdown in the end zone, like reliving memories of our past victories.

      Group of football players: there's a new player, a black young man with an afro. He's really fast. Will he be the quarterback? He's describing a play, some players are racist and don't want a black teammate and are ignoring him with earphones in. He tries to get their attention, calling to them to listen. The play involves setting up a pass through a gauntlet of arrows, he sets it up and passes the ball which flies through the arrows to the receives, it was a great play.

      Still in the parking lot/field: A racist guy has quit (a mechanic) because a black guy was hired. One guy decides to leave. The racist comes back, he has red hair and blue eyes. His "resignation bag" a large white bag filled with his "stuff" is in the parking lot. He's trying to get the leader's attention so he can give his resignation, I'm standing there on the border of the lot and the sidewalk next to this guy, also waiting for the break in the conversation so he can resign. Racist guy asks me "So what was that guy doing [the black guy he passed on the way here]?" I said "he quit." Racist guy: "ok, then I'm back." [not quitting].

      Outdoors at some meal/picnic, I'm trying to think if I should clean my cup?

      Back looking for the gas station: "north, north, south, south," I'm going really slowly and moving block by block, counting off the directions, the streets are narrow and closely spaced. I pull up to a gas station, I've found it, but I don't like the look of it.

      I go inside, there's some question of where to put the gas nozzle in the truck. I'm looking at the tailpipe (indoors!) with one skanky alcoholic woman who hangs around the gas station, there is a dome of raw hamburger meat covering the tailpipe. We dig through the meat and find the adapter: a small red cylinder. Some discussion of whether they have a tool to connect to this adapter. The skank pulls out a collection of small nozzle adapters and chooses one and attaches it.

      Skank #2 looks outside at my truck and says, "You think I wouldn't recognize the truck where I got half-pregnant two weeks ago?" Then I have a vision of store shelves filled with water-filled sex dolls based on skank #2, she must be very popular.

      WBTB, up for several hours

      + sex at the pool, "you've had enough of this dream," sex with imaginary/invisible girl on chair; (lucid) enter beauty salon picking the prettiest behind the counter, banish the beefy naked hairy guys, "we need to rehearse our lines"

      I'm underwater at the pool
      Spoiler for sexual content:

      I'm outside in a car, I realize I need a "real" / "bright" girl in order to stoke my imagination again, I get out and enter the first store nearby. I see behind a wall/counter a very beautiful girl. I move forwards and see this is a beauty salon, with a long counter with hairdressers and receptionists behind it, at least 10. On the far (left) end, I see hair dressers who didn't seem that attractive but had wild huge hair-dos. I look to the right to find the most beautiful girl I had seen before, I see her and I move quickly towards her, behind the counter
      I pretty much already knew I was lucid, but I do a quick nose pinch, "yup, lucid." I reach the girl she has long blonde hair and gorgeous boobs, she immediately moves away from me through a door. I pursue her. Through the door there is a large crowd of naked (topless at least), hairy, muscly guys. I think this must be a porn shoot. The girl is lost in the crowd of guys, I think they could be trouble I must get rid of them. Partway down a stairway in this crowd I "tell" / think at the guys, "You go on ahead and start the shoot" willing them to be gone, they vanish, leaving the hot receptionist behind. I go up to her and tell her "We need to stay here and rehearse our lines!" and as I approach her the dream fades…

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    8. 2015-01-26 Comp (SCoAA) night #2: bikini block party, "real" game, club house, walls have ears

      by , 01-26-2015 at 10:15 AM
      A decent night before WBTB turned into a great recall night after WBTB and successful BTS (back to sleep).

      23:30 pre-bedtime
      00:00 (?) bedtime


      +(f) bunch of dogs digging in a hole in a little hut, "dig dig dig dig dig dig!" someone (me?) says, "where's the hole? where's the hole? where's the hole?"

      + picking and eating red/blue berries from a bush; showing people around AH, our old bike jumps, 'lost my two front teeth"

      A number of people are standing around a tangled, medium-sized berry bush. There are blue and red colored berries, I'm looking to try to find the best berries.

      I'm walking along the main street on AH showing some people around: we reach the "end" of the street where there is a fairly large dirt pile. I explain that this is a bicycle jump, one of the many that we build on the hill. We walk back the other way towards the berry bush. I'm saying there are jumps all over the hill and we used to ride all over the hill doing this jumps, and that is how I knocked out my two front teeth.

      + kayaking homeschool, fast, sleek kayaks, channels between the reeds, rain

      I'm floating through narrow channels of water amongst tall reeds. Children are zipping by paddling kayaks at fairly high speed. They are really good at it. This is a homeschool where they teach kayaking, it's an integral part of the curriculum, you wouldn't be able to do this in a normal school. The kayaks are sleek. Small girls are paddling them, at high speed, I'm admiring their skills. It starts raining, I imagine they must go inside and wait for the rain to stop before continuing kayaking, what will they do inside?

      + outdoors outside building, google project(?), the walls have ears (typos), people digging up, record and print my words

      Outside a large concrete building on a sloping lawn with a group of young people, like outside a University building at a college. I'm talking, I'm saying lots of things. At some point I realize that my words are verbatim appearing as text on the walls of the building we're next to. "The walls have ears!" I exclaim. I see that even my mis-pronounced words are recreated exactly using "typos" in the words on the wall. This is some sort of privacy-invading project run by Google. Suddenly a team of workers appears, they begin digging around the base of the building, pulling up plates of concrete. Something we've said is "against their rules" and so they must enter the machinery and erase it from memory.

      + fire alarm/brigade, drive through town (deja vu), moving extremely heavy concrete blocks car prototype ('sorry, no fire'), club house 2 men workers installing diagonal windows ("look out, or they'll 'get' us") girl digs out extra room, keys on shelf, throwing tokens, change shirt, drink of water (dip whole cup?)

      I'm a fireman? on a fire truck responding to an alarm, we enter a city and must wind our way in between buildings, I've been here I think, have to find the fire. Arrive at some building and get off and encounter a group of people moving incredibly heavy constructs made from cement/cinder blocks. They are building a prototype (vehicle?) from these blocks, and they're working on solving the problem of the large blocks slipping. Should I help them move? I don't.

      I'm replacing keys and a small fob-like device on some shelf, I'm looking for the right place to put them, I see some keys and put them with the keys.

      Some pranksters are throwing things at me? I go outside and dip my hand into a pouch by the door and pick up a handful of little stuffed-toy-animal-eyes (the sort where the 'pupil' moves inside a clear container) and throw them at the guys, they're amazed that I took it for so long without responding.

      I have to take off and change my shirt.

      I'm observing a small side-buidling, in one area two men workers are working on installing large glass windows that are diagonal with the top more outside and the bottoms more inside. If we're not careful they're "get us" and "even we [meaning the guys] are not safe." There are more girls in our group than guys. There is a small room to the right of the workmen's room, it's packed full of some material (crumpled up paper?), and a girl from our group enters this room and starts using her legs as a piston to clear out the room, compacting and clearing out the material. At some point the room is clear, I'm looking at it wondering if she's going to use the room for herself, she discovers me looking in the window into this room.

      I'm in the clubhouse carrying a plastic cup approaching a big container of fresh water, I want a drink: should I just dip my whole cup into the water directly? (Is the cup clean?)

      07:00 ? up for WBTB

      go to kitchen, sit with cat, drink cup of milk and eat a small chunk of rye bread

      07:45 ?) back to sleep

      Feel deep wells of drowsiness, aim to sink deeply into it and fall asleep fast. I'm able to ignore sound disturbances and fall asleep.

      + bikini block party

      I'm outdoors in daylight, one some typical suburban street. All the neighbors are out lounging around. In the middle of the street two girls are lying in bikinis on a very large picnic blanket that extents from the middle of the street up onto the sidewalk. The girls are lying on it in the middle of the street. They say something (but I forgot).

      My wife and I are standing in front of a group of girls/woman in bikinis on their front lawn and sidewalk. Farther up the lawn is a very tanned (including the face) of a woman in a sexy black bikini, it's so tight that a camel-toe is very pronounced, and I sneak several peeks at this.

      There are two girls at our feet in bikinis, one is on an air mattress, which starts to leak. Did we pop it? I get down on the ground and try to re-inflate it while the girl is still lying on it. I'm blowing into it but air is still escaping, there must be a leak. The 2nd girl is to the right and my right arm is rubbing firmly against her left leg (she's lying on her stomach) and I really enjoy this contact. The air-mattress girl gets up and I keep trying to inflate the mattress, I pat the mattress several times and it seems to me holding air now.

      + red quarterstaff

      I'm in a room with a closet. I go to the closet and inside I see a big collection (10+) of "quarterstaffs" in tall leather holsters hanging there. They're all dark with one exception of a bright red one, I snort and say of COURSE I'll select the red one. These staffs have been placed here by (my patron? lover? Some male [ew!]). I take it out into the room and withdraw the staff from the holster. (It's more the size and shape of a Tae Kwon Do stick). At one end of the stick is a gel grip, I grab it and feel for the grip it gives. I notice the opposite side of the stick has a longer grip, it must be the base, I grab a hold of it and get an instant thrill of the sensation of the grip. It's not a gel grip, I notice it's some sort of luxurious fur, and run my finger in it and look closely at it for a few moments.

      + super hero costume leggings

      I'm some house, super hero family?, the men need to go out and rescue some of the women(?), I say "bring me my costume" and a guy brings it to me and I start putting it on: it's knitted leggings/hose, of multiple colors like a rainbow. As I pull up the hose over my legs I start noticing imperfections and larger holes in the hose. These were supposed to be brand new! I mention the holes and the guy says "you should have checked them before putting them on."

      + terrifying train ride, fast food leftovers

      I'm holding on to the left outside of a large train locomotive while it is moving forwards. The train track has a wall along the left side which is getting disturbingly closer to me, I may be squished! I'm trying to lean my head out farther to the left to look ahead to see if the wall opens up or closes more, but the train is going so fast and there are things jutting out from the wall so I dare not stick my head out and I hold tightly to the train while the wall closes in on me. The train reaches and intersection and stops and there is some director man on the ground, who starts criticizing the train engineer for stopping, my wife is the engineer. The guy says "distracted female driver is not paying attention!" my wife responds by immediately starting the train forwards again, I'm calling in a foreign language "Honey! …. Darling!" trying to catch her attention so I can climb in to the cab. She does not hear me.

      I'm on top of the front of the train, slowly directing it along a very curvy path. A sharp left turn comes up, I see the two parallel tracks. I think we can make it if we go really slowly. We make it. We're trying to get back to the street. We approach a fast-food restaurant and I direct the train to drive through it?

      I'm walking through the restaurant looking at the tables and the leftovers there. I see a very small mini-cat jump into the leftovers on a table and dig in eating vigorously. I walk by one table and notice it has a small cardboard box filled with one of the specials: a pile (dozens) of small circular meat patties piled deep in the box. Something like this:

      + shark slide hill inflatable ride

      I'm riding up a large inflatable slide ride on some inflatable boat. It is a water ride. As we're nearing the top I get concerned about a shark attack. Our boat is near the left side of the water near the "hard ground" and I want to get off because it will be safe there. Right here on the shore in the water is a dangerous position. We right back down the slide, just about all the way to the bottom, and I think how are we going to get back up again?

      + (near miss) the video game that seemed so real (white bladed dagger & short sword, tools, dice, family's voices), touching chairs, digging out wall panels

      Semi-lucid. I'm in an indoor location and I recognize that I am not in a waking/"real" environment. I'm amazed at how solid and real things look and feel, like the wooden knob on top of the back of a chair, I touch it and think it feel like waking. I rationalize the thoughts by imagining that I'm inside some ultra-realistic virtual reality video game. There are little cubbies against the wall, and a number of discolored places where I dig into and find items. I find a small white-bladed knife embedded in one of these wall holes and pull it out. I notice grates on the floor leading to passage ways below(?). I continue pulling out white-bladed devices: one has a very short blade, one is longer, and a third one which is an indeterminate device. I hang all 3 of them on my utility belt.

      I hear the voices of family members (son S2), and I imagine they're just beyond the wall in the next room. I'm concerned that if they enter in my room that they will disturb this game experience and it will end. (Probably incorporating waking voices into the dream).

      I'm back in the cubbies along the floor next to the wall finding things. I find a strange multi-faceted game die, 20-side I think, but it's more egg-shaped than spherical. I also find two normal cube-shaped 6-sided dice. I imagine I must roll these dice and the outcome will direct what I must do next in the game. I put these dice into my pockets which I think are getting quite full.

      + (f) meyer's lemon tree

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    9. 2015-01-21 morphing armor, bear w/gas mask, toilet, hot topless girl, carry/touch naked girl

      by , 01-21-2015 at 09:53 PM
      23:49 bedtime

      00:00 2015-01-21

      A number of dreams, didn't record, still catching up on sleep


      + monitoring some countdown across parallel screens high up from the ground; they say don't eat the green pizza (I ate it anyway)

      + (f) (brother in law and sister at concert?)

      + fight! chrome-mirror armor black fins morph inside; disarm woman, partner and I fight her

      It starts with a close up view of my (guy) partner's armor: I see the chest and shoulders. It is full-body plate mail that is so shiny and reflective that it looks like polished chrome. It has a lot of (blackish) wavy/frilly ornamentation/fins on it near the joints. These "fins" are a disadvantage in battle since the opponent could use them to get a grip on you. So in preparation for the battle, I observer as the armor morphs, "sucking in" the fins inside the armor and closing the gaps so that only shiny chrome remains. This happens 3-4 times.

      Then the battle begins. It's me and armor-guy against a woman. As soon as the "go" signal is given I instantly bat my hand at the woman's weapon and disarm her. We are fighting on the outside of some sort multi-story structure with many different platforms of elevation. Her weapon goes clattering down to the "moat" around the structure on the ground, I jump/fly down to pick it up to make sure she remains unarmed.

      The partner amor-guy is pommeling the woman and gets her "down to 3 hit points" left, at which point she inexplicably recovers and goes on the offensive.

      06:18 back to sleep

      06:47 can't sleep, wife's snoring/breathing loudly, get up go to kitchen, drink milk, work on laptop/chat a bit with Sensei

      I'm really upset that I can't sleep. I'm missing the best REM of the day! But I start to feel tired eventually then decide to rush to bed before it gets too late. Wife is still a bit noisy and traffic is starting outside for the morning rush but I feel tired and I aim directly for sleep and I fall asleep in just a minute or so.

      In fact, this may be an ideal wake/sleep pattern on days when I can sleep in. If I had tried MILD I may have had a good shot at lucidity since the dreams were fairly aware. But I was so concerned about getting to sleep that I just aimed directly for instant unconsciousness, and I nailed it.

      08:27 back to bed


      + adventure with guy with power shoes who can enter pictures, I show him the power can work even without pictures

      He finds these magical shoes, I'm walking around with him and look at pictures/scenes with roman-looking column work. I'm telling him that he can use the power without needing images, it's up to his imagination.

      + wife chastises son S2, he's with his GF and one guy friend, they give wife nasty look, his GF writes me a message

      My son is playing a video game with his girlfriend and another friend. My wife chastises him for wasting time, they stop and come out of the room, his girlfriend gives my wife a nasty look. I receive an (email?) from her and read it, it has something like she really likes fathers that "….???…" I think about this message later on in the night and wonder if she "liked" me.

      + see son S2 in small room with another girl, playing with animals, I enter, play with animals, huge black bear outside room wearing a gas mask

      I see my son S2 in a little play house in a room, with another girl, and they're playing with some animal. I go in and look at the animal (like an otter?). Then it's a sort of a dog, and I'm taking off some underwear with scratch mark/poo on it, and the dog gets its nose tangled in the underwear smelling it, and I'm trying to get it away from the dog thing when I glance to the left and THERE'S A HUGE BLACK BEAR sitting just outside the playhouse. I think "oh man I'm a goner." The little playhouse will crumple with a single touch of this massive bear's giant paws, then this huge bear will surely maul me. I see wavy like white things where the claws should be. I think of my pepper spray and start to take it out of my bag to try to scare away the bear by spraying its face, then I get a better look at its face (it's wearing a hood?), and I see IT'S WEARING A GAS MASK! Argh, there's no hope. Some point later I'm outside the play house and the bear is reduced to the size of a small stuffed animal.

      + waiting to go to toilet in middle of room, more cleaning women just keep entering, shoo them away, room bounces on waves

      I walk into a room, it's a fairly large indoor room, in the middle of the room on a sort of a raised platform is a toilet. There is some writing on the closed lid of the toilet and I'm walking around the toilet to try to read it. There are also some red "alignment marks" on the closed lid, and there are matching red alignment marks on the floor. Cleaning woman come in from a staff room to the side and tells me that I need to stand on the red floor marks to use the toilet. I tell her I understand this and I'm trying to read the writing on the lid. I'm walking around the toilet waiting for the cleaning people to leave so I can pee. More and more cleaning women come in. After waiting for a while I tell them in a foreign language, "I NEED TO USE THE TOILET." Most leave to the utility room except one. I can't wait so I whip out the thang and start to go, but now I'm standing not over the toilet by in an area closer to the windows and this utility door. I imagine she may get a peek at my (ahem). It's out and I see it, longer than waking (woohoo). The entire room/building starts rocking violently up and down like it's riding on waves, and I look up and out the tall glass wall windows (dream sign) out on to a lake. I think big waves come in from that lake and cause this entire building to move like this (I don't see any waves on the lake though).

      + see stunning topless masseuse/escort walking outside going into another building, building a rug store

      I'm walking outdoors towards an entrance to a fairly large high-tech style building. A woman has left a door to my left and is also heading for the same entrance as me, our paths will intersect at the door we're heading for and she's on my left. I notice she's a stunningly beautiful young lady and her top is entirely open and her lovely breasts are completely exposed. I imagine she works in a masasge/escort spa and is on break, and that she doesn't care if she's exposed.

      I enter the building and a large store within the building. I glance at another naked young woman who's running by, and see her (fairly small) breasts and also her exposed v-jay. I enter an opening in a railing to the (checkout area?) of this store. I glance behind me and see a man doing remodeling work in a large enclosed store-within-the-store and think this will be a rug factory/store, and they'll have trouble because there's already another rug store in this complex.

      + altercation with annoying guy in aerobics class who taunts me

      I'm in an aerobics class. The teacher and the students are all shuffling to the left, then come back shuffling to the right. I'm standing in place because I think this shuffling is stupid. I'm standing, with my legs spread out and leaning far forwards doing a stretch. The class moves around me, and some guy behind me starts taunting me about the fat around my ankles (!). I stand up and face him, he continues to insult me, and I respond with some insults to him (forgot the dialogue), at some point I push him down(?).

      + kissing a girl

      Quick kiss at first, she's responsive, I go for more lips action, get lucid as I wake up moving my lips?

      + surprised by old house cleaner woman who slept on couch, enter garage girl's passed out, she's naked, I carry her to the bathroom in my arms, have some fun

      I'm striding in to the kitchen of my prior adult house (I recognize the location only after waking up). As I pass the opening to the family room on the left an older woman quickly strides out of the family room into the kitchen ahead of me. She's wearing a (pink?) robe and looks like she's wearing rollers in her hair and looks like she just woke up. I'm a bit surprised/startled at her presence, I think the's the cleaning/helper woman and she must have arrived last night and spent the night. I glance to the left into the family room and notice a makeshift bed set up on a couch. We both go to the garage door and open it. Standing immediately inside the door with her face pointing to the right is some other woman. She looks stunned/woozy. She immediately falls forward flat on her face onto the ground behind the washer and dryer, she's passed out. I'm trying to pick her up. I eventually get her in my arms with her head to the left and her feet to the right.

      Spoiler for sexually explicit:
      then wake up.

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    10. 2015-01-20 flying lessons with superman, leggo my strawberry muffin!

      by , 01-20-2015 at 12:32 PM
      00:07 bedtime

      Lots of dreams during the night -- just interested in catching up on sleep, and it got really cold (-12C) during the night, so with the exception of the below dream which I particularly spent effort on recalling they all evaporated . But this was a pretty awesome dream with fun flying so it's OK.


      + (mini-epic) flying speed control lessons with superman (fists [medium], flat hands [top speed], arms down [slow]) then lots of practice

      I'm (DO?) following cars down a highway, they're testing steering control during heavy ABS usage, how well the cars and veer left and right under full ABS heavy breaking, and how fast they can stop. I feel like I've forgotten something at home so I tell the others I'm going to fly home to get it.

      I turn to the right and take off into the air. I decide to try flying this time with my arms at my sides, it works fine. I'm heading up in to the (B?) hills and there are a fairly large group of people at the top of the hill, I do no want to give away my presence/flying ability to them so I bank to the left, there are still some people there but fewer.

      I'm on the (back steps of my childhood home by the top near the garage?) I'm standing with two (?) people, one is a girl, I'm talking about a (different?) girl and I'm feeling a bit leery about giving away my identify (as superman?). As we're talking I'm doing something with (putting a shoe in and out?) a (tree stump? / hole?)

      I go up to the street and start flying, superman is with me and I ask him about speed control. He shows me that you can modify your speed setting by the gesture you make with your hands. I wonder about punching the arm forwards but he doesn't mention that.

      Closed fists mean medium sped, open flat hands mean full high speed, and (arms at the side?) means low speed. I try both fists and open hands and do experience a speed difference.

      We're flying very low over the roofs of the neighbor's houses (G and M's house probably) in face my waist bag/belt buckle is scraping along the roof of one house, and we (land/appear) on the lawn. There's some contractor there complaining that we busted the <something>. I know our guy can build a better <something> and I see him working on it. It ends up being a small square (about 1 foot square) piece of wood with smaller pieces of wood that have been attached perpendicularly to the plane of the square piece and sawed off and sanded down.

      As we're walking away from this area we pass a table with a lot of muffins on them. My attention is grabbed by a quite large "strawberry muffin" that has different cake colors on it but most importantly a section with pink cake with red chunks like a red velvet muffin and I reach for this and so does some body else, and I yell "Get the FUCK off my strawberry muffin!"

      We do some more flying and and up in an open outdoor area. I've lost track of superman and say "OK, where's flyboy?"

      I look over a railing down a hill and think about flying down there.

      Lots of flying moments with fists and open flat hands working on speed control.
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    11. 2015-01-18 lots of short scenes, fragmented recall, butthole crabs, mountain, math

      by , 01-18-2015 at 12:50 PM
      fragmented night, tons of scenes, but a lot poorly recalled

      23:03 pre-bedtime, breathing meditation, visualization, intention setting

      23:17 bedtime


      + climbing mountain

      (DO) -- outdoors daytime, approaching mountain, flying up mountain sides, it's guarded by elves that can cause avalanches? Reach the top and giant flat plateau with huge flat-topped boulders, I see people-shaped piles groups of stones in the distance in both directions I'm trying to see if they're real people or not.

      + riding in helicopter, system of projection

      In a helicopter ride, the pilot is talking about how there is a projection system that can project a view onto the entire scene around the helicopter but this interferes with the elevation (readings/control?)

      + enter schoolroom, one boy there, try to fly outside can't climb up; outdoor seance with psychics, girl ghost

      Enter a (school?) room, there's just one (young) boy there, it's a remedial class? See white board? Something about Alaska? I leave the room out to the back yard and want to fly but first I have to climb up the wooden fences, and I can't do it. A woman (teacher?) comes out and starts talking to me

      I'm on a sweeping hillside outdoors daylight there are hundreds of people seated on the ground all around me among the rolling hills and on the hillsides. One of the people disappears she was a ghost that has been appearing with our group (of psychics/mediums?) over the years, this was a site of some catastrophe?

      + mathematician working through a series of sine and cosine approximations, graph, eating chocolate, calculating machine that drop things at the proper period.

      A mathematician works verbally and with diagrams to calculate sin(4) (?) by successive approximation using the symmetry rules of sine and cosine, sin(4) -> cos(1) -> sin(3) -> picture transforms to a right triangle with dotted lines and there's some rule about the ratio. I"m holding a small pyramid of chocolate and take a bit off of the top and think about eating more. There is an invention of a device that you roll on the ground and it click clacks out a steady rhythm showing the period that the operator must drop things? Related to the catastrophe on the mountain?

      + 3 guys enter security door, chinatown

      I'm in a hallway in front of a security door. The door beeps and 3 guys come in, I see their faces, they're talking, one guy is showing the others around and is talking about Chinatown.

      + cooking fish; pulling parasite crab things out of my butt (yep, every bit as painful and unpleasant as it sounds)

      (Thanks a lot, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, for this "lovely" experience!) There is a fish we're cooking (on the grill?) we have cooked it as one piece instead of spread in half, and there's some concern whether or not it's correctly cooked. So I'm inspecting the fish lifting up the skin to see if the flesh is cooked and someone comments that the parasites are not dead yet, but if we put the fish back on the fire the parasites will all leave the fish. I see little leech-like things squirming in the fish moving towards the tail.

      Then the parasites have matured to crab like things, have multiplied, and have all latched themselves with their claws partly into my butthole. I reach down and one by one pull them out, it's not easy as they don't want to leave and are holding on with their claws. I do this about 4-5 times, and on the last one I have to clench my abdomen and "poop" out the last one, which comes out with a chunk of poop on it. Ew.

      + rescue a guy from a deep rectangular hole, mud and poop on the bottom

      A guy is at the bottom of a deep rectangular pit about 20 feet down, it's about a 40-foot perimeter. I tell him to look out for the pile of poop. There is a pile of mud on the floor, too, I lift him out (with a crane?).

      + walking past woman on train who apparently reads my mind, sit with her for a bit

      I'm on a train, walking past a woman I consider unattractive, I think to myself "old and ugly", then the woman says something about "old and ugly," and my curiosity is a bit raised, I feel a bit bad about this thought and I ask if I may sit with her for a bit, the corridor is a series of multi-level bunks laid out across the path so you must climb up/down/over each one. Multi-colored (flowered?) upholstery.

      WBTB, failed BTS, hours later sleep again/sleep in

      06:30 (?) give up, get out of bed

      08:30 (?) back to bed,

      12:00 approx.

      1mg melatonin out of desperation to get back to sleep, doesn't help, just makes me very groggy when I finally do get back to sleep hours later

      + guy jumps on back of truck, ask another guy "what's 'Candy' in Chinese?

      A truck is driving down a road (Ce St. in B approaching Sh ave?), and a migrant worker leaps out from between some cars into the road and hops up into the back of the truck. (My view is following the truck.). I think he does this every day in this same truck to get a ride. I'm in the truck and the conversation is about candy. I'm asking a chinese guy who's sitting against the left side of the truck bed "<what's candy in Chinese>" (in a foreign language), he answers, <….>, which he says translates as "sweet children."

      + returning with a group to sit at the table for more drinking, choosing a good spot

      At a party with a group, we're returning to the tables in an outdoor patio for more drinking. I'm placing clean classes on the table, there are used pint glasses there I pick one up and see the remains of a previous drink there. People are sitting and I'm trying to choose the best spot among the people I like, I'm finding it hard to get a good spot.

      + placing long stemmed flowers into vases outside

      Outside a home in twilight with group of people, I'm holding a bunch of long-stemmed branches covered with little colorful flowers, there is some element of deception going on, I place the stems into pots next to us.

      + (f) old GF, SB?

      + (f) people laughing about translation of address on envelope?

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    12. 2015-01-17 epic nightmare, rushing to bus, daring exposure with woman at mirror

      by , 01-17-2015 at 11:07 AM
      Details to follow later.

      One of the most unpleasant situations in my life has resulted in one of my most memorable dreams (albeit nightmare basically):

      + (epic) struggle against me and my wife at work: theft of our precious silver, confrontation, race to the police, return to work, locked in, weird visuals of the process of manipulation of clay into various faces, drive through suburban cityscape with hills of golden maple and pink cherry trees, view of massive mall/movie theater complex to the right

      I'm in a workplace with my wife, there are long hallways and clusters of desks spread around. ("We" means wife and I were basically together the entire dream). We go to a different group in a cluster of desks/cubes, they're hostile to us. Their manager is also hostile to us. A guy there doesn't like me wife because he thinks that she is always giving them tasks to do with out any effort spent herself.

      I see down a long hallway that this guy is standing at the cabinet that houses our precious silver tableware. The top drawer of the cabinet is open, and this guy has a plastic bag spread out on top and is unloading the tableware into the bag. I run up to him and yell at him and shove him away angrily. I speak to my wife that we need to lock the cabinet in the hallway, I imagine a key inserted into a lock and turning, engaging a lock. I return to the cabinet and open the top drawer, and it is empty, we've been robbed!

      We're again with the hostile group, sitting down leaning against the desks, and I get a vibe that the guy is going to attack us, he stands up and starts backing away, I think he's trying to get proper distance to launch some attack, so I quickly run up to him and close the distance, he keeps backing away and I keep coming up right next to him. I look down and see that he has a revolver tucked into the front of his jeans, I immediately grab for it and take it into my left hand, start to walk away and call for my wife to join me urgently, we must get out of here and call the police. The pistol is small, but deadly, he could have shot us. I right away open the cylinder and empty the (somewhat colorful) rounds into my right hand, and place the rounds into my right pocket and the now unloaded revolver into my left pocket.

      We're exiting the building in haste, we must call the police, it's important to get our story registered first, the hostiles will try to get their story first. Should we go to the PA police department or the CU police department? The PA does not deal with cases outside of their jurisdiction I think / my wife says, OK, let's go to the CU then.

      Outside in a parking lot looking for our car, the spot is empty, "They've stolen our car!" my wife exclaims. No, we "remember" quickly that we simply moved our car ourselves far away, we'll have to go and get it.

      Driving now through rolling suburban hills with businesses around. To the left I notice a striking hillside covered with shining golden maple trees. I look closer and the trees seem to be pink Japanese cherry trees. I look to the right and down a steep hill I see a massive mall complex below, it's also a giant movie theater, and as we drive past I think what sorts of movies play there, I see some large (actors?) faces on a marque, maybe I should go to this mall to check it out.

      Back in the work place, it's empty, I think they could come and lock us in.

      Talking with some guy at work, his job over the years has been to create a system for transforming lumps of clay into faces. I see a lump of clay up close, there is a narration about the different parts of it, and soon it is getting pushed and pulled and formed into a series of about 5-6 different heads/faces with open mouths, mostly sort of monster looking. I'm thinking this has taken a long time and seems sort of like a wasted effort.

      (Waking from this dream was a relief, the sense of dread and forboding was constant throughout the whole thing. I quickly realized though that as a dream it was fairly awesome in terms of "present" experience, continuity, length/coherence, and visuals.)

      + pushing through crowds crossing the street to get to the buses

      A crowd of people is standing at a crosswalk waiting for the signal to light, some are "beeping" behind us telling us to go. We wait for the signal, and cross the street, and we're in a sort of bus station. Buses and coming and going, our bus is full and leaving, there are so many buses around that we can probably catch another one.

      Move into a group of (woman?) talking/laughing about something?

      + (semi/almost lucid) getting sexually daring with a woman and in front of a mirror

      I'm in a bedroom, I'm following around a black woman, not terribly attractive but I'm still following her around. We're standing in front of a mirror her attention is not on me, but I get an idea and want to start exposing myself so that I can see myself and the woman in the mirror but so that she doesn't see me. I'm doing this on and off stopping when she looks? Then I take her aside to the bed and pull out my (ahem) to show her, and the dream ends….

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    13. 2015-01-11 racquetball again, 2 appearances of breath, late morning sexytime

      by , 01-11-2015 at 09:00 PM
      + racquetball: observing a game, guy plays a lot at the front, waiting to get my court, challenge court, think of glow-in-the-dark stealth RQB

      A guy is playing a girl, I'm observing from the back of the court. He makes a lot of side-to-side at-the-front shots. On one point the girl runs really fast to get to the ball, a great hustle, the point continues, and she tries to hit the ball off the back wall and messes up. I think of the concept of "stealth" racquetball: played in the dark, the ball would be glow-in-the-dark green, and the racquets would need to be longer, like squash racquets, so that your opponent wouldn't be able to figure out where you were (dream logic!). The racquets would be white, too, I see one, looks like a badminton racquet. It's time for my reservation, but the courts are still full of people playing a challenge ladder. I think of joining in.

      + strange quarry: weird processing/gathering trucks, fall into manure hole with pipes, guy in the bag

      Outdoors daytime, a large open conical quarry. One level near the top is made of large stones and is being processed by a strange truck with lots of tubes coming off of it. I walk along the path and come upon a 10-foot deep whole with vertical pipes in it, it also seems to be lined on the sides with horse manure. I (fall?) down inside the whole and hear a voice from underneath me, I was sitting on a small canvas bag/sack, there's a guy inside there. He's in there in a hope for his untreatable condition to be cured.

      + semi-epic in technological multi-story girder building: breath temperature detection program, when will it be done, guy sitting in room, scary alien (ghost? bacteria?) is learning, director contacts headquarters, breath calming device (TWO breath occurrences!); two guys accepted into flight school, flying away, views of Disneyland below, bathroom, strange toothpaste, wife, SF

      I'm at a desk with a computer system on it in an open modern multi-level office building with lots of exposed girders. I'm building a breath temperature measuring device. I will make it take two inputs from two people and it will do a simultaneous analysis of the breath temperatures. It will measure minimum, maximum, and median (mean, too?) temperature of the breath blown in. The director of the facility asks me when it will be ready, I'm pretty sure it will be ready later this day, but it may take until tomorrow to finish.

      I'm walking through the facility, in one open area there's a guy (and a girl?) sitting at a desk.

      We're gathered together in a room. We are observing how the scary alien intelligence (bodiless? bacteria?) are attempting to gain control of a mouse on a computer. The alien intelligence is making progress and is beginning to activate the fighter/bomber planes and may use them against us. The director of our facility is signaling headquarters, she does this by signing her signature on a piece of paper and encoding a message. I observe her doing this several times.

      I get scared and run out of the room. I move to another room nearby, but the doors are strangely opening for me as I approach automatically. I think the alien intelligence may be doing this to lead me to a trap, I ask someone if this could be and they answer "yes."

      I'm pretty scared, somebody gives me a calm-down breathing apparatus for me to have. It works by providing resistance to natural breathing patterns, you have to push pretty hard for it to allow breath in or out. It's a multi-part device, you blow in one end, and something moves on the other and as the breath comes out. This calms me down. I go back to the original room and fold my apparatus and put it on a shelf. I look for it again right away and can't find it.

      Flying now on an airplane with open sides/doors (like a paratrooper plane). Two guys are happy, they've been accepted to the flight training program, there is a vision of a bunch of guys in flight gear floating through the air. I see down on the ground below the plane, we're flying over "Disneyland", there are large colorful "rides". The ocean is nearby, it is bright daylight. We fly over another "Disney" amusement park, circling to the right, I look down, it's pretty crowded with teeny tiny people (ant sized). We fly closer to one ride which is little children going vertically up and down on tracks, their mothers are there too.

      I'm in a bathroom, (doing something?), leaving, I see on a shelf/counter a completely used up double-nozzled tube of toothpaste:

      B6 vitamins??-toothpaste.gif

      There is another more normal looking tube of toothpaste with some left in it. I squirt out a large blob of pale green (like old Crest) toothpaste on my brush and am about to brush my teeth with it. I stop and think, where did this toothpaste come from? It's not mine, ew, I shouldn't use it, and dump it and head to leave.

      My wife is also leaving, we're in the big city, I think I should hang around in the city and (<do something> )

      late morning jumbled scenes:

      + hiding under bath towel, on bus with MR he disappears, strange neighbor sign, strip and engage the girl, problem with electricity in the basement, ham and cheese bagel in parents' kitchen

      I'm on a bus with best friend MR heading up S street towards GP. Near the top I realize he's not there and I don't see him. Outside the bus (?) there is a sign put up by a neighbor. I read it several times and am trying to make sense out of it. The part I'm sure about are: "It is our daughter's birthday" and "Yes, this is odd" (meaning it's strange to make such a sign in the first place!).

      I'm lying down in a room with people, I'm in an "excited" state, I'm trying to hide this and simultaneously "enjoy" the state, I pull a large bath tower over myself but can't quite get everything covered up.

      Spoiler for explicit sexual content:

      Dozing in and out of sleep

      + A guy in the basement is telling us something we're doing is interfering with the electrical system and is bothering his sleep since an electrical line is right next to his head. I'm not understanding what he's saying. He says the problem is in the basement. Part of a wall is painted red? I finally understand that something we're doing is causing a change in the flow of electricity and that is sounding like some sort of hum that is bothering him.

      + I pick up a bag and open it from the kitchen table, inside is a ham and cheese bagel. I take it to the kitchen and want to zap it in the microwave, but my dad is in the way, I try to step around him but can't, so I wait for a second then I put the bagel on a bubbling plate in the microwave, slam the front for of the microwave with a bang. I notice the small microwave is encased in a large enclosure, I think this is to limit the radiation. My mother says something about a project (guava juice?) I'm working on it late.
      non-lucid , side notes
    14. 2014-12-22 long long night catching up on sleep, dream, try Raduga's The Phase on wakings

      by , 12-22-2014 at 08:46 AM
      Halfway through (4 hours into) a really early to-bed night (7:30pm!)

      + talking to a girl/bunch of girls on Ol near FL, one is named "Yuna". One is alone at first and I try to get her to follow me, but she's hesitant. She waits for the group to join her and then I approach and ask them their names, and start to get closer to them and the dream fades.

      + walking through the village with naked / bathing girls, threatening atmosphere, stuck in entrance area; super windy weather, strange pyramid sailboat; Breaking bad's Walt is in chains and body-invades another prisoner and watches the face change

      + super high security home, toothpick security cameras bristle from the ceilings and are even on the mirrors in the bathroom, the security guards scan for unfamiliar faces

      I'm standing at a bathroom sink it's fairly dark, inspecting the mirror, the mirror has strange features and I'm trying to figure them out: it's a multi-section mirror and I do not recall seeing any reflection. There are tiny bead-sized "mirrors" I think, capturing the image and reflecting it in zig-zag diagonal order back and forth up the face of the mirror and finally into a small video camera at the upper-right corner of the mirror, this goes to the security system.

      In a open dining room/kitchen area with a large island, some women are there, I notice poking down out of the ceiling everywhere a forrest of little spines, toothpick-thin with tiny video camera beads on the end of them. They send images of faces to the security guards for constant review. I wonder if they'll come for me since even though I'm here with people who are obviously not scared of me, I'm not registered in the system, the woman says she will call and notify them that I'm OK.

      + in upper level of two-level gym, checking out hot girls below, I say "If you stand in front of the guys with muscles, it seems like the girls down below are looking up and smiling at you"; fight at the gym between two black guys with briefcases, one messed up "all the orders" of the other one

      I'm doing bicep curls in a gym with a barbell. It's an upstairs area with a big glass wall (dream sign) overlooking a large lower gym area. My area is multi-level like large steps with a bunch of people around me and above/behind me also working out. I'm appreciating 3 super hot girls (exaggerated body part sizes?) in the front/right area of the gym floor below. I come out of this room to a side area and I'm exclaiming with happiness/smiling that I've figured something out: "If you stand in front of the guys with muscles, when the hot girls smile at them you think they're smiling at you!", I have a thought that this is sort of pathetic.

      + with college friends, DD is young and pregnant and showing nice cleavage, she greets me warmly then I notice her fairly exposed bust and exclaim, "Hell Yeah!"

      + at the busy train tracks intersection, cut leg on ragged edge of screen mat, guy wants to share mat, weird lizard twiggy chest muscle-man in the garden, another guy shows me the way out, the path is ankle deep in sliced tomatoes.

      A group of us are approaching the major intersection, it is a crossing where a train/vehicle tube approaches from the left and continues on the right, but at the crossing the tube is cut away so the cross street can go across. I run up to the intersection with a folded up section of screen-door screening and I cut the left side of my lower left leg on the exposed jagged edge, I look down and I see a 1.5 inch cut in the pre-bleeding stage, just a few spots of red. Waiting for the cross traffic (fast cars/vehicles) to clear away they're moving from left to right, I think this is a dangerous intersection, don't want to get too close to the traffic. After the vehicles pass I see a group of people running after the cars. We "go" and turn right and start running with the flow. We're carrying these mats (mine made of screen material) so that we can "run on them" and it will allow us to go faster. A guy approaches from my right and asks me if I can use my "???" (screen), I say no I have none to spare. We're running to the left side I'm trying to choose the right path. My wife is behind me and tosses an empty sack to the guy and says here to use it as his "running mat".

      I enter a little garden area with a muscle-y guy who takes off his shirt, I expect to see standard muscles but his chest is bizarre: instead of regular pectorals, his upper chest is covered with raised, lizard like "chicklet" small square bumps about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch on the side, slightly orange-ish colored. His main "pecs" are made up of a tangle of short twigs raised up over his skin, it's really weird. Another guy offers me a way out of this garden, a short curving-to-the-left little path to the right up out of the area, I walk in it and it is ankle-deep in sliced tomatoes.

      edit: 2-3 hour "WBTB" then back to sleep (2am), up 10am

      tons of dreams, lots of wakings, lots of "The Phase" attempts, probably only half of dream scenes remembered, very vivd/"present" but no lucidity

      Probably at least 6 or more The Phase separation attempts during late morning on and off dozing (usually my best time for lucids), mostly the rotating visualization, once I got a bit of a strange feeling and a bright flash of HI but it subsided quickly. Each time returned to a dream, non-lucidly.

      + checking wife into hospital ("short term/long term?/allergy?"), expensive ($3600 total, $2511 after insurance). The clerk is a young Asian man seated on the other side of a counter. I'm here to check in my wife. He asks "long term or short term?" I know it's not long term but I want the possibility of overnight if needed, so he says "allergy (check)". Several more questions/answers, and he pronounces the bill is around $3600 total and $2511 out of pocked for me. I think that insurance (Obamacare?) is barely helping at all and we may forego treatment entirely with that bill.

      + fixing something in a tangle of 2 women, "give me the screwdriver"; medical exam of young woman who's bleeding slightly from every toenail (& tooth?), touch her (ahem).

      There is a woman doctor checking out the young woman who says "it hurts," and the young woman's mother, I'm lying with the young woman on a bed under the sheets while she's being examined. At one point the doctor/mother leave and I ask the YW where it hurts, and she takes my hand and places it firmly on her genital area. It feels unrealistic, like a thin layer of skin over a hard artificial surface underneath.
      Spoiler for explicit:
      . The doctor/mother come back and I quickly move to pull up the panties of the YW, and make a gesture like i'm pulling mine up as well, and I think this arm-gesture is well-understood and they'll know that I'm pulling up my underwear under the sheets. They inspect the girl some more and this is where I see the spots of dried blood on top of every toenail, and I feel relief that attention is diverted away from what we were just doing.

      + find my kids socks lying in the gutter in the parking lot of a stripmall, enter sports store to buy underwear, $68 / pair, jersey/jockey confusion

      Driving in a car turning from an intersecting cross street to the right on to a long large street of endless strip malls like El Camino Blvd. in silicon valley. I stop and get out and cross the sidewalk into the parking lot. I look down and see a few pairs of socks in the gutter/edge/curbe of the parking lot, I look at these for a while and am trying to figure out if these were my kids' socks that I'd been looking for for a while. One pair is medium-dark army green.

      I enter the sports store and I want to buy a pair of underwear. There are bins and shelves all around. Sales guy comes up and I tell him I want to buy a pair of jockey briefs, "short" and he leads me to a display. The material is dark (black) with lots of dark but colorful vertical stripes (green, gold, etc.). I can't tell the shape of the thing. The guy indicates it's $68/pair, I'm astonished at the price. I say I wanted jockeys, not a jersey, maybe he's showing me a sports shirt for the gym.

      + drive down hill steering locks up park without collision, talk to guys who's plants I slightly ran over, where's the hospital/DMV, buildings in distance, narrow vegetable store shortcut, buy something to be polite, $36 eggplant, wallet

      I'm driving down a hill daytime in our old white minivan. The steering wheel stops responding, it's locked up like when parking, I think this is because I've committed some driving infraction and the police have locked my steering wheel. I'm amazed I haven't crashed yet. There is a tiny bit of play in the wheel and I keep driving maneuvering around a bit, but don't have enough control. I pull over to the left curb and apply the brakes card and come to a stop just barely before hitting a parked (motorcycle?) where a guy is about to get on and start. I get out and he comes to me saying how I almost hit him and I'm repeatedly telling him that my steering wheel locked up and I had no choice/ no control. I'm standing on the sidewalk looking at my van, the rear left wheel is up on the curb and near some plants with colorful (purple?) knarled roots. The owner of this plant (another guy) is standing besides me and talking about how I slightly ran over his "?????" plant, and I say believe me, the last place I want to be is on your "????" plant.

      I ask the way to the DMV/hospital(?), I say (sort of [false memory] remember) "is it there beyond the freeway" which I see in the distance. No, they say it's that building there, I see two building much closer, large, cube-shaped, multistory & tall (10-12), light tan/peach colored, with castle-like ornamentation on the upper floors.

      I'm walking towards them to pay my fine and unlock the steering wheel of my mini-van.
      Enter a small market, I need to get to the other side, a friendly vegetable stand vendor (Asian woman) beckons me to walk through her stall, it's long and very narrow. I see vegetables on shelves all around me, there's a long basket of (olives?) in my way, she raises it up so I can get by and I'm concerned that they will fall out. The way is long and narrow, I'm thinking as I approach the end and the sidewalk on the other side that I should buy something in appreciation. I turn around and stand at the counter, I'm asking about bunches of purple peppers, I ask "are these hot peppers?" (I like hot peppers). They turn into small eggplants as I'm watching. She gives me a price (tag?) of $36. I'm astounded, $36 for 2 small eggplants?! No way. I say maybe $9 or $10 if in a really fancy store, but I think more like $5 is appropriate.

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    15. 2014-12-10 LD #88, storm farm, fascinating pipe construction

      by , 12-10-2014 at 09:04 AM
      23:00 big mug of warm milk and handful of almonds,
      feeling nicely relaxed and sleepy
      00:15 warm shower
      00:30 bedtime

      +(f) boy scouts? DG the troop leader dedicating his time? I was doing something here with young scouts just stays on the tip of my memory unable to get it back so far.

      + (vivid, dream signs galore, fascinating) massive storm rolls in at the farm, I hide people in the barn/cellar, watching gas pipe installation

      I "wake up?" on a table outside a open-air barn on a farm, jump off the table and feel (heavy? unstable?) on my feet and "get stable", the farmer is there it's daylight, he mentions doing something with the milk crate over behind a building, I look and see it , the area is very cluttered with a lot of things. I'm walking along and feel strange, a strong wind blows me and I start to float up and get blown by the wind, the farmer says something like "Whoa there don't get blown away" and I come back down. I look up at the sky and see very threatening storm-tornado looking clouds blowing in at massive speed, like time-lapse photography. I call to the farmer to come and take cover at the big house/barn, he says something about the kids but I see they're very far away.

      I'm at the house/barn to take cover, it's twilight outside, and hoards of people have arrived to take shelter, there are clowns from a circus, and young men with no mouths on their faces which stretch open to show a mouth open under the mouth-cover skin like Neo in The Matrix. I direct them into stalls in the barn I'm wondering about all these people, will they steal out stuff? But we have to help them. I'm directing people to sit in stalls/little rooms, then I move to open the storm cellar,
      at first I can't get my hands on the handle but then I open it. There's a tight stairway leading down, and a guy moves ahead and sits in a stuffed chair in the middle of the stairway blocking the way. I try to get him / the chair to move, eventually the chair/guy falls down the rest of the way to the bottom of the stairway and I think he may have gotten hurt.

      Down the stairs in the storm basement it's like a well-equipped rec room with tons of things / a kitchen. I take a bottle of alcohol and want to drink, I"m looking for a glass I go to a cupboard up about my head and think about the round globe glass I see there this is like the boy was holding earlier I think, I take out a very light cup that seems to be thin plastic. Then I see the (boy?) and a girl who wasn't there before sitting on stools, I'm attracted to the girl I look at her face she's quite attractive but I'm shy/inhibited, she has short brunette hair, I look but do not touch/approach.

      Thought turns to how much time is passing: strong sense that time is passing more quickly than it seems: a clock? A large screen view of a field/outside, the girl says that (my name) is doing such a good job taking care of us that we didn't realize how much time has past. On the screen there is the overhead image of a school and the girl says that's where all the people came from. I'm trying to direct the image, make it go back to the school it's a high overhead image of a rural area with vague shapes among the green of the trees.

      First person view then of moving through the landscape, I try to "right click" and select "overhead view" several times but the view does not change back, I mention it's broken and the girl/woman says several times her husband wrote (the code for) it. DO view of approaching a ranch-style sprawling home.

      Then the view suddenly opens and I'm approaching the Bay Area and say "well it doesn't matter, because I'm home" and in front of me is a large /long ditch and workers are there assembling very intricate involved tubing, I think this is the reason for the power outage, not the storm, they're working on the gas mains / installing new ones. I walk through the ditch observing, the piping becomes incredibly complicated and intricate, huge clumps of cables and pipes. I observe how they test the pipes for pressure: they use a compressed air device, which they push onto the opening of their new pipe and push down on a lever and the device creates pressure on the pipes inside and they look for leaks. This ditch is about 10 feet below street level and everything is dirty, and I think that's reasonable because we're underground. Amazed in the dream at the level of intricate piping that is being assembled.

      back to sleep, takes quite a while (1 hour?) I think to myself several times: "If I can just get back to sleep, I WILL get lucid". Distracting noises. Feel beginnings of frustration, why do I have to live where there is so much morning noise? Quickly squash these whiny thoughts: you want LDs?
      Tried "writing on the blackboard" visualization but didn't do anything for me. Get back to sleep then, full relaxation. Count-down relaxing breaths, many many times, finally start to lose the count and sleep...

      + up-close observation of open-top, dual-chamber, automated clothes washing machine.
      This washing machine fills with water ,drains, fills with water, drains, fills with water ,drains, and then a robot mechanism moves from the top to the clothes and starts agitating them. I'm wondering about the 2nd chamber, and look at the mechanism to see that it must slide to the other side on a track, and it does. Then a long black rectangular arm telescopes out and I expect it to start agitating the second washing chamber. There are options for cleaning the faucet: wipe just the counter, wipe the handle, (etc).

      + (lucid) walk quickly to maid to do TOTM but wake up
      I'm sitting in a recliner chair in some sparsely furnished apartment. In front of me is a corridor leading to a room. There's a digital clock on a shelf along the wall and it reads something like 12:30, I think this clock is an hour different from actual time. A maid appears and is dusting around the clock, I look to my right and see the flat-panel TV, it's really dustry, I want to ask the maid to clean it.

      I'm looking down the hallway again and isntantly realize I'm dreaming. I jump up from the recliner, start walking towards the maid who's walking over to the TV to the right, do a nose pinch as I walk and yep I can breathe. The maid stops and turns to face me, she's fairly attractive but I push this thought from my mind. OK, TOTM, now, .... and the dream gets unstable, I rub and rub and rub my hands but to no avail, dream transitions/ends

      + gangster house / robbery at convenience store down the hill
      There is a house on a hill that I'm travelling to, urban city environment, daylight. As I pass a convenience store at the bottom of a hill a story is narrated about a woman who attempted to murder the clerk, and pulled the most common of beginner cons on him, called (something). I drive past, up the hill a few houses, and park to the right, the pavement curves up towards the curve. I park and get out (of the passenger door!) and think I'm parked just past the gangster house, there are a few normal looking cars parked there.
      lucid , side notes
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