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    1. 2014-11-26 long multi-scene fascinating epic, LD #86 KILD, bus ride, chalk board drawing

      by , 11-26-2014 at 12:27 PM
      late morning epic!

      I "took a day off" of day work yesterday after having a sleepless night the night before caused perhaps in part by over-strong intention setting at bed-time. Of course I couldn't take an entire day off after spending so much time on active day work, becoming mindful and doing RCs is such a part of me. I just didn't keep it actively on my mind all day long.

      Bedtime was a tad nervous, since I felt sooooo tired yet aware when heading to bed. Relaxation discipline helped and I slept in a reasonable amount of time. I set only the briefest and shortest of intentions to remember dreams and get lucid and then let it go and aimed for sleep.

      No recall during the the night. Several wakings where I felt no recall and decided not to really search for it for fear of waking. I did feel "this is a good time to set some intention" for lucidity and did so and returned to sleep.

      As is becoming typical for me, I recorded about 5 mins of voice notes speaking very quickly for the epic, and about 6 minutes or the second batch of dreams, but I did not need to consult my notes while I wrote this here. I seem to be getting pretty good at organizing and cementing the dream memories mentally before moving to record.

      Also I have to say: wow, 2 epics in 3 days. Those mega multi-vitamins must be doing something, plus all the soy lecithin, or perhaps it's just "me" finally recovering from the horrible month of jet lag and experiencing the backlog of dreaming that I missed. Good, tiring exercise yesterday, too.

      23:00 bedtime


      + epic! summary: DD's restaurant/cafe & laughing turret video; asphalt digger; hold the door at the bar; DB rejects me, plan revenge with a drunk; goose the pretty, drunk girl who wants to come along; searching for my car so we can go on a double date and I can make out with the drunk girl; vegetable hat guy in restaurant; they're laughing at my foreign language speaking in the cafe, hilarious weird face of drunk girl; amazing transforming cell phone; black woman neighbor grows beautiful cherries; burglar break in at my childhood home

      DD's restaurant/cafe & laughing turret video
      + walking on the street in North B, near the old VV. I hear an ad playing for "DD's Santa Barbara Restaurant". Wow, DD opened a restaurant in Santa Barbara? I didn't know that. I realize I'm near DD's B restaurant now and I decide to go visit. I enter and see DD. As we're walking towards a table in the back I ask him how's business (it seems empty). D says a lot of (high school) kids come in looking for the special deal. And he says a lot of Russians come and eat here, I think that's interesting. We're sitting down at a table, and a black man is seating us, I "know" [false] he is DD's guide/helper, assigned to DD by DD's father watch over DD and help him. I stand again to greet the black man, offer my hand, he takes it and I put my left hand over his right for a double-handed very warm handshake, I feel very warm feelings for this man. The man sits down nearby at a table just around the corner of the wall from us, I notice he has what looks like two flat piroshki on his plate for his snack.

      Sitting down again at the table with DD I notice has has a chocolate donut/muffin in front of him, his "regular" snack, I wish I had one. Our laptops are to the right of us on the table, DD is anxious to show me a funny video. He opens his laptop and plays a video: it's of several "Star Wars" blaster gun turrets on the exterior of some base firing into space, making "pew pew" sounds, then the turrets start *laughing*. I think this is fascinating. Their sides sort of go in and out while they're "laughing" amidst the "pew pew"s.

      asphalt digger
      I'm outside running on a street, there's a street maintenance worker there digging a hole in the asphalt with a shovel and throwing out the debris on to the street. Other people are also running by, I run to the left, but a guy who runs to the right of the hole is almost hit by the debris the shoveler is throwing out. I think the worker should be more careful, I notice a volcano-shaped cone of asphalt (about 1 meter high) built up just past the digger.

      hold the door
      I'm leaving a bar, in some sort of entry room in between the main bar and the street, the room is two levels, bar level, and an upper level at street level. The barman comes by me lifting a chair and asks me to stand there and hold the door for them. The power has just come back on, he explains, and now they must readjust the chairs. They're moving the chairs from the lower level and stacking them on the upper level. I'm annoyed by this and say "get your own guys to hold the door" and walk out, wondering if he'll get mad.

      DB rejects me, plan revenge with a drunk
      Outside, I notice there's a door immediately to the right of the bar I just left heading in to another bar. I enter. In the back against the wall I see my old college girlfriend DB. She looks a bit dirty as if she's been working on something. I approach her for a light kiss, she allows it but does not look happy at this PDA. I bring out a large keyring full of exotic looking large keys, there are two keyrings interconnected and I take off one of the keyrings and hand it to DB. I move to hug her before I leave but she withdraws and does not allow it. I feel angry and hurt, and I leave. Outside there is a drunk guy who steps into a big boot (like a rubber rain boot) which has beer on the bottom, it soaks into his sock and he exclaims "Hey! I got a free sockful!" and plans to drink it. Then 3rd person me (or some other guy OG) pours a full cup of beer into the boot and says "here's a full cup!" The drunk says something like "you're planning to invade/infiltrate!"

      goose the pretty, drunk girl
      I'm walking down the street with this other guy OG, and a cute petite bubbly girl with short brown hair and a silk (orange/pink) blouse comes up and walks with us and asks "May I come, too!?". At first I'm not sure but I warm to her quickly, she is so cute! I put my left arm around her neck and shoulders.
      Spoiler for NSFW:
      . The idea comes up with this other couple that we should go to Santa Cruz. Woohoo I think, I can make out with the cute girl there! I have a car and say I can drive us, but I can't remember where it's parked, and ask the other couple where I left my car.

      vegetable hat guy in restaurant
      We're looking for my car and we're indoors, there is a set of double doors in front of us, I push/pull on the outer set, and there's another set of doors with (Chinese?) characters on it, I push these open and they lead into restaurant with people seated in it. We just want to walk through I think of saying, hoping the staff won't mind. As I walk forwards there is a just ahead and to the right of me a guy seated at a table with a bunch of food. He's making impossibly fast gestures and shaking things at blinding speed (like "True Blood" vampire moves). I think he is ravenously hungry and as I walk past him say "Just got off of a desert island?" He responds (I forgot what). I'm still walking past him and I look back over my right shoulder and see he is wearing a funny hat on his head made of cut vegetables like carrots.

      foreign language cafe
      We (drunk girl, and other couple and I) are seated at a table at a cafe. The cafe owner woman is there standing near us. I try to say "I offer you..." (to do something) in a foreign language. I stumble over that word (offer) just like I do in WL. The woman makes fun of me. I get a bit mad and try to say in the foreign langauge "behave well" but also mess it up. I want to look up the word in a dictionary on my phone to get it right. I'm standing and moving around the table, I notice the drunk girl is passed out with her face on top of a bottle of weird meat. The position of her head on top of the jar (her nose is on top and her jaw behind the jar and so not seen) and the contents of the meat in the jar looks like she has a fleshless smiling horse mouth. I think it's funny more than horrifying. I tell the other couple to take a picture of her while I reach for my phone. I notice the girl who I thought was passed out chuckling at the amusing tableau, but still remaining in that position.

      amazing transforming cell phone
      I take out my phone, something's different, not right. I see a little green stick partly visible attached to it. I poke around and discover that it is a stylus! I take it out, wow, my phone has a stylus, after all these years I never noticed?! The phone I realize can be adjusted, it is made up of many movable pieces that can rearrange, I do this and the entire thing transforms into a device with a larger screen! I never knew it could do that! Then I keep finding changes like parts that flip up to form multiple other screens. They're no color though, more like monochrone screens, like on the old palm pilots. I see the transformations clearly as they happen with many moving parts that interlock in weird ways. I get a "whoa!" feeling, It's like watching a mini version of this:

      I'm driving in a car up the roads to my childhood home, I"m talking with some guy (tech support?) about this phone, he's asking me to press something and we're trying to figure out how I can activate it since I'm busy driving, I say I could use my right hand. There are various buttons on the bottom of the phone I think about pressing. How about voice activation? Tech guy says "It has it but it only responds to a very particular female voice tone", it's only for internal use apparently. Speaking of internal use there are various escape codes that start with a dollar sign ($) and something else, which I think is only natural because many modem escape codes begin with those [sort of , but false].

      black woman neighbor grows awesome cherries
      I'm on the final few streets remaining before reaching my childhood home, heading up the hills. I drive by a black woman standing out in her garden, she grows "cherry plants". We're out standing among the cherry trees/plants, looking at the dark, purple fruits. Some are not quite ripe yet and are more red/pinkish. I see a cherry plant that I "know" [false] I planted earlier, wow look at it now it's like 6 feet high with lots of fruit. The branches grow horizontally sideways as well with lots of little cherries on it.

      I'm continuing on to my parents house still thinking about the cherries, and a woman says "I thought those apples would be sweet, but they're really tart!" I see a few apples on the ground they look a bit shriveled.

      burglar break in at my childhood home, mindful moment of calm
      I walk in the front door to my childhood home. I feel a terrible thought that I forgot to turn on the alarm when I left, and that the house was unprotected. I move through the living room, dining room, kitchen, and back porch, and I'm getting more and more panicked, things seem out of places, cabinet doors left ajar, I just can't tell if things are wrong or not, in the back porch I'm positive that a burglar has ransacked the place, I'm getting more upset and scared and say "ohmygawdOhMyGawdOMYGAWD" then something happens.

      I realize that I'm panicking, and that this won't help anything. I take a few deep breaths and let the panic go and start to try to think logically about what's going on and what I should do. (I've been doing "Stop!" mindfulness moments this last week in waking life, looks like they're starting to seep into dreams already!)

      I continue on back into the dining room. I see the curtains are pulled over the sliding glass door and I think the burglar may be behind that. I move to open it and a guy jumps out at me. I struggle with him and he has a long stick and he whacks me several times in my left arm REALLY hard. I run out of the house and think to call 911 and imagine saying there's a home invasion and the guy assaulted me with a stick. I see two guys outside and one of them I think I know, he's beating up the guy who hit me saying he wasn't supposed to attack me.

      wake up
      back to sleep

      + summary: still image of beautiful blonde; appreciating the illustration on the blackboard
      I see the still image of a beautiful blonde woman (with blue eyes?).
      I'm looking at a green chalkboard with a chalk drawing of (a penis? a finger?) on it. I appreciate in particular the way the artist has rendered a wrinkle in the skin of the thing it depicts, with just a few strokes

      wake up
      back to sleep

      + summary (lucid #86 [KILD]) boldly swoop in and kiss girl at bus stop, her name is "Rider", and she does ; bus ride: too far can't get off, woman scolds me, annoying celebrity with gargantuan eye socket

      I'm approaching a bus stop there's a girl standing there, I feel bold and I swoop in to take her in my arms and as my face approaches hers for a kiss I get lucid. Kiss. Pull back. Short kiss again, pull back. She's standing there looking at me. I say (thinking about stability) "do you want to walk around?" She answers "NO!". (haha never give a DC a choice). I kiss her again, each one is short, with half a mind to not losing the dream. I go in for a longer french kiss and experience very realistic sensation: tongue, a bit of mouth and teeth sensation. I ask her "What's your name?" She answers "Rider!" I think this means she implies she wants to ride *me*.
      Spoiler for NSFW:
      and then I lose lucidity.

      I'm on a bus thinking "woohoo I can't wait to tell fogelbise that I had half-decent lucid intercourse. (I *need* to learn how not to "give up" on these lucid transitions and stay vigilant for the dream state!).

      "get a real girl"
      (just remembered this, not 100% positive which dream it occured in): a scene where a young man has made a mistake at a financial institution and lost tons of money. A group of guys and girls are joking about how he needs to "get a real girl." One of the girls gropes herself in a dramatic fashion. There are two breast-like bells posted up on a wall, I imagine one should feel these to get a notion of a woman's breasts(?)

      bus ride:
      Riding the bus I'm with my wife. I realize I need to get off. The bus is driving through the urban street scene with hills and large buildings and cross streets. It's getting too far from where I need to go to get back on foot, but the bus does not stop. My wife offers to get the car and drive me to where I need to go but I decline.
      I see the water in the distance down the hill. She's going across the water on a ferry to pick up the car(?) I don't want to go that far out of my way. I'm getting upset about too far the wrong way. I ask a woman suddenly seated next to me in a foreign language "does this same bus return to the center of the city?" (after stopping at the ferry/bus building coming up ahead). She doesn't know/doesn't answer. A woman sitting one seat back tells me in English that "You must repent! You should plan your trip better [with maps] to prepare for ...." and does on a while about how I'm not prepared. I feel a bit annoyed by this and come up with a "stunning retort" and say "The best laid plans of Mice and Men...." and she seems to appreciate my wit.

      annoying weird eye celebrity guy:
      The bus stops, we don't get off, people get off, a new group of men get on and sit across the aisle. Their leader swaggers on to the bus, considers how any people there are, then tosses the bus fair (one large [50cent piece I think] coin and one small one) into the air and the coins fall to the floor. He sits down next to me.

      He starts talking about himself and his (band?), I get a deja vu feeling of familiarity with him (sort of looked and talked like Billy Bob Thornton), I think I recognize him from the internet. He plays the trombone? As he's talking I get a close up view of his right eye. His eye socket has grown ENORMOUS and is bigger than his head itself, it is full of wrinkled skin and veins, I see his right eye looking around and see about fully half of his eye, which is also a big larger than normal and covered in red veins. I wonder what my wife thinks of this view.

      The guys tells me that he saw how I reacted to the dance that one of his guys did when he got on the bus and that he (eye guy) didn't like it. I told him that his tossing the fare coins on the floor was extremely rude, and that some poor worker would have pick them up. Across from us I see a little robot juke/box looking thing with a screen that flashes: "Illegal" / "legal" I think it's going to display some local laws but I pay it no more attention.

      The weir eye guy is miffed at me and is sitting one seat back (a long sideways seat). I decide to make smalltalk with him, and think he may reject my opening, but I ask him "when did you arrive on your trip?" He says something like "the month of the tigress". I have no idea when this is and say "I'm not into Aquarius, I only know the " ... intending to say "goat", and the guy says "goat" just before me, I say "goat, crab, fish, twins," and want to say "cancer" but don't.

      awake recalling for a while, reviewing dreams, cementing the details in my waking memory

      10:30 decide to get up

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    2. 2014-11-23 EPIC! beauty/bed, barfing sister, squash valley, child stealers; LDs #84, 85 TOTM

      by , 11-23-2014 at 01:24 PM
      + summary: EPIC!: closing window against rain, comforting hot girl in bed, chatting with her vomiting little sister in bathroom, vivid squash valley, chess concert, they're stealing our children, suicide slave, the doomed teen loves the queen, discovering a new cleanser

      Over 30 minutes of amazing vivd "I'm there" dreaming action. The swirling water valley gorge was absolutely stunning.

      Closing window against rain:
      I'm in a room and it's dark and pouring rain outside. There's a small window that is open and the rain is really coming in. I think I'm on a ship and this could sink the ship. I go to examine and close the window, there are two sliding rectangular panes of glass (it's a small window) at first I try sliding the front one shut but water is still coming in, then I see the back one has a screen on it and also moves so I close the screen to the left then the front pane and it seems to have worked.

      Something about a cat in the hallway?

      Comforting hot girl in bed:
      I'm in a room (sister's bedroom of childhood home) in a twin bed lying on my left side. There's a beautiful girl there lying on the next bed or next to me on mine, she was upset about something and I put my right arm across her to comfort her. At some point I decide to bring my arm under the covers, I maneuver my right arm under the covers and place it across her naked torso/chest just below and pressing up into her breasts, it feels fantastic . She does not complain. Across the room lying on the floor underneath a desk in darkness is another girl and I think my wife. The girl on the ground disapproves of my actions. I think this is a bit risque pushing into her boobs so I run my hand/arm down her tummy and rest my hand on her left hip. She thinks I'm going for the "special place" and objects, "Don't touch me there!" I say I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it. She's now getting really into me and I think my wife is faking sleep to spy on me. I look over at her in the darkness and think I see the gleam like the reflected eye of an animal at night (day reside from WL walk in park at night, saw animals' reflective eyes), so I'm getting nervous. At some point I say to her in a seductive voice "do you like this?" and she indicates yes, and I feel quite naughty and tell her in a seductive slow voice, "I like it, too!" Girl I'm lying with gets bold and makes some risqué comment out loud about what we should do, and I instantly say "SSSshhhhhh!!!!!" so that my wife won't hear. The girl has fairly dark skin.

      Barfing little sister:
      I'm out of bed and looking for the girl I was just lying with, I think she's in the next room, I go into to bathroom (also in retrospect the upstairs bathroom of my childhood home), there is a long multi-colored shiny (like tinsel) dress looking thing lying on the floor with part of it in the open toilet. I reach down and lift up the part in the toilet and there's a girl in the dress! Her head was in the toilet. She's the little sister of the girl I was just in bed with, she has dark blonde long permed hair and fair skin, she's been vomiting in the toilet. She turns over and is lying face up on the ground with her body propped against the toilet, she puts her right arm up over her head and apologizes for her stinky pits. I note she doesn't shave there and has a small growth of light hair. I do indeed clearly detect an unpleasant odor, but it is neither vomit nor body odor, I can't place it. Some large matronly woman comes in and is cleaning about, and taking things out on a small cart down the hallway to my parent's room.

      Squash valley:
      Some kids enthusiastically lead me to see the view. We're in some ship/building? We come up to a large open window (no lower pane you could just step/fall out) up high and we're overlooking a stunning view down a wide, steep hillside, one side of a very deep and wide gorge, at the bottom of the gorge is a violently swirling body of water, and cliffs rise up on the other side. (This image is the closest match I could find of my perspective, but my side had more of the hillside on it and the vegetation was much farther away/shorter)

      I have a strong feeling I should step out and flly/glide over this amazing view, but don't. Some children and adults climb down and walk among the greenery. My wife is admiring the vegetation and thinks it's edible, my son also agrees that it looks quite delicious. I say "are you crazy? Who knows what those plants are? I look closely at them and they seem more like wild palms than lettuce plants. But I keep looking to the right and the ground seems to be more cultivated in rows, more like a lettuce plant, and then as my gaze keeps panning to the right I see a large area of tall plants with what appear to be giant yellow squash growing there. I say to my wife, "Now look there, there's some squash!" She ways "where?" I say "there! there!" (this goes on for a while). I think about harvesting these squashes which are about the size of a man, and I wonder if the pirates on our ship will eat them at all? I look to the right in the room and see one pirate seated at a counter facing me eating, and I see nothing but big hunks of meat on his plate.

      I decide I *really* want to fly over that scene so I take a few running steps towards the window and start to dive out but am blocked, somebody has put up a big screen over the window, I'm bummed by this (DARN that would have been an awesome flight!).

      I move to a window on the other side of the ship/building and look out another window, I see the people walking back up the hill who had climbed down earlier. There is a group of royalty unrelated to us blocking the way, and they consider taking our people hostage. The scene transitions into:

      Chess Concert:
      I'm walking in a large open room/theater, and I come across two <my instruments> lying on the ground, and recognize them and say "Hey, <my instrument>s!" I see the players: one is sitting on a bench (the principal) and one is standing (the 2nd). I offer my hand to both of them and say I'm a <my instrument> player, too! The first is slow to take my hand and the second one leaves me hanging, I don't like that. I talk about my instrument is a <manufacturer>, sort of a high end student instrument / low end professional, how it has beautiful tone, but that the F# trill key on the right hand doesn't work right, and demonstrate by flicking my finger in the air a bit, then realize, OOPs, no, it's the C# trill key hole ring on my right hand that doesn't work. I ask the principal what make his instrument is and it's the same as mine. The show is about to start up so I have to move on, I walk across the room and up the bleachers to the exit at the top, walking past lots of little kids with chess sets out. This is some sort of chess concert where they discuss a chess lesson and the audience plays along on their own boards. The lesson today is "bishop battle": two nights against bishops? There is some short visual of chess pieces all mixing together.

      Child stealers:
      I'm standing outside on a remote wooded road with a group of adults including my wife, there's some activity going on, they're loading the children into a truck whose canopy/trailer is entirely made from opaque green cheap plastic, a bit brighter green that army green. Everyone is happy and looking forward to the activities. I get a terrible suspicion as the parents and the children are about to be moved to the destination location: who are these guys with the truck? Where are they taking the kids? We may never see them again! I jump on to left outside and hold on to a round tube as the truck takes off. My wife looks scared and runs after the truck too, I help her up to the other side. There is a guard at the back of the truck and I'm sure he sees me doing this but he takes no action. We move through a compound of theirs and through a check point, and some group of guards calls to the truck to come up and eat with them. I think they see us but our guard indicates to them not to raise any alarm. I'm wondering why and he mentions some sort of large pay off I will need to make to him.

      Slave suicide:
      Our truck pulls up to the destination compound where children are slaves, there is a large outdoor area filled with what looks like shiny wooden coffins. Something about the "PhD fields" (!?). I move to see where one very talented slave girl, dark skin and dark eyes, is being forced to read a scrolling text on a screen and compose a rap song to go along with it. She's very talented but is struggling, there is an overseer and a "teacher" sitting with her goading her on. Her performance is not perfect, and there's some mention of her wanting to "push the button," the overseer disagrees but she goes ahead, she picks up (it's hanging around her neck?) a short sharp thing like a dagger and plunges it into her jugular vein, and bleeds and dies. I think it's sort of a nasty sight. But it was her escape.

      The doomed teen loves the queen:
      (DO) In a large outdoor stadium, football field sized, rectangular with vertical walls, we're up high on the walls, the "field" is far below. At my back (along the short "endzone" side of the field) is a row of the royalty including the queen. I drift forwards along the left long wall, and there is a long line of condemned prisoners each bound to a holding contraption. As I get close I notice the deception: their arms are in fact bound inside long black cloth tubes [like a straight jacket], and fake stuffed arms in white are hanging down: they are in fact bound, not with loose arms, like the crowd thinks they are from the view, with bound arms the have no chance to save themselves.

      There is a young man at the end of the long row, he loves the lonely queen, he wants to call out to her (maybe she will pardon them?), his position shifts around the corner and on to the short wall opposite the field from the queen. I look back towards the queen and she can't hear him, her position is shifting down the long wall towards us.

      Discovery of a new cleanser:
      Back on the boat (space ship?) where the dream began, I'm inspecting up close a very intricate combo jacuzzi/shower with lots of jets and drains, I'm tracing with my finger one drain that has an area that has become "whiter than white," it is totally new and clean, I'm brushing aside the residue of the cleaning there are lots of soap bubbles around, though. I'm holding in my hand a very complicated looking jet mechanism roughly the shape of a cube, and it looks shining white and new. It's because of the secret cleanser that was used, I hear the ship's crew discussing whether they should tell anybody about about this discovery. (It's an alcoholic drink?) Dream closes with me singing an advertising jingle, "Iiiiitt's liiiike aiiiiirplaaaane fuuuuuel..." (my WL phrase for bad/cheap alcohol).

      ----------------end of dream-----------

      Awake, amazed as the scenes from the above dream came in one by one. There was earlier recall but the above epic totally overwrote earlier minor recall.

      I feel like there's some more dreaming left in me, there's an appointment to get to but since I didn't sleep half the prior night, my wife said I should just rest today, so that's what I do, I can *feel* the lucid in me, just waiting for another sleep session to pop out. It's not easy getting back to sleep, I change positions a number of different times, do breathing relaxation, see lots of dreamlets, and finally get a short actual dream:

      + OS class teacher at his desk, I'm looking at my coin collection
      A man is sitting at a desk, he's JoSv my OS teacher from college, he's taking some questions. I want to show him something, I'm holding my coin collection (false memory) in my hand and inspecting a particularly interesting coin, he's calling for final questions, some other guy gets in to talk. I figure "oh well" and put down the box with my coin collection on the desk and think that's where it belongs. I have my special coin in my hand and look at it and walk away.

      I know I have more dreaming in me and relax and fall asleep...

      + summary: (lucid #84 TOTM leaves) get lucid, try to gather leaves, fail, fly looking for leaves, bounce off of some guy's bald head, find leaves, fly/jump through pile, guy wants me to clean it up, kids in a cage, I deny writing on the wall, lose the dream when I realize kids are another TOTM and go back to ask them the question

      I'm flying a large UFO vehicle and land with a hard crash on the street outside my childhood home. I'm walking through my childhood home talking to my parents: the dining room, the living room, and out the front door. I call to my parents that I need to pick up the UFO I flew in on. I slowly get lucid as I'm running up the front steps to the street, I know my UFO is shaped like a gigantic motor home and there it is just as I'd imagined. I gesture towards it with my left hand, I want it to collapse into a tiny package and fly into my hand. At first nothing, then it collapses into a small thing, and I will it to fly into my hand, and it does, it's the shape of a coin. At this point I think TOTM leaves, and look around on the street and on the pathways to our neighbor's houses. There are a few leaves scattered on the M's walkway, and a few on the G's driveway, but not nearly enough for a pile and I don't want to jump on to just a few leaves on top of bricks. So I close my lucid eyes [never done this before!] and summon a large pile of leaves, nothing. Then I imagine using my "lucid power" to gather up with the wind all the leaves in the area into a pile and make whooshing gestures with my arms, but nothing happens. OK, I'll go flying to find a pile of leaves. I have to be careful though to stay lucid and remember to land again. I jump up into the air, and there's a white plastic platform hovering about 15 feet up, which I grab with my arms and use to catapult myself higher into the sky.

      I fly over the G's house, and I'm then in a false location, there's a bald (hispanic?) man walking along a tall fence who asks me for directions to something, I ignore his question and want to ask him (or ask him telepathically) where a pile of leaves is. I don't wait for an answer I'm hovering right over him, I use my hands and push off his bald head with my feet to change direction and keep on flying, I feel a little bit bad about this .

      I soon land and "remember" (an actual false memory, not a pretend one) that there are lots of piles of leaves around here (in WL my neighborhood and the park are full of them now). I see a wooded dirt area in front of a house across the street and know there are piles of leaves there, I see them, and get a running start and launch myself superman style into one of the piles. I bash into it and out the other side and fall to the ground. I look back at it and notice that it must be a biology experiment because there is steam rising up from the decapitated mountain of leaves. The man who is the owner of the yard asks me to put the "XYZ" back. He then walks by me from left to right and I notice there's a small metal cage with two kids in it, a boy and a girl, the man opens the cage and leaves. I'm amazed not that the kids are in the cage, but that he would leave a stranger with his kids. Kids come out and they mostly are little girls. I get deja vu at this point and think I was here in a dream before. They accuse me of being the one who wrote on the column, I deny it (I don't want to be determined to have been the one who was here before), they insist I did, I look at it and say I didn't, but I clearly see my initials in cursive in my handwriting next to one of the number "7"s written on the column, I say "I didn't write that pink seven" (but I think I did).

      I get up then and say "I need to fix the pile" and go there to do so, then I stop in my tracks and think "KIDS! The other TOTM, argh, I missed it" and turn around to go back worried about the dream ending, which of course then it does.

      I don't want to give up. I'm (in bed? The void?) rubbing my hands vigorously to return to the dream. I feel the friction, I feel the heat.

      + summary: (lucid #85 TOTM) back in a dream, people walking on street, find a teen girl, ask her what's it like to be a DC in my dream, she pulls away and says "go away"[/COLOR]

      (lucid #85 TOTM) And then I'm back in a dream. I'm on some random street with people walking around busy doing their thing. I go across the street and say/will people to tell me where some kids are, but I instantly see one of the people is a teen girl, I reach for her to turn her to me, she pulls away against my grip, I start to ask her how old she is but see she's about 14, so I ask her "What's it like to be a DC in my dream?" And she answers something like "Mmmpph!" or "Go away!" and the dream fades.

      I'm "in bed" vigorously rubbing my hands again. I'm lying in the same position where I last fell asleep (on my right side), I'm rubbing my hands vigorously, I so clearly feel the friction, feel the heat, I have some small thought in the back of my head that this is not quite the position I was in when I fell asleep, this may in fact be a dream, but I'm so intent on the rubbing that I don't even think to do a simple nose pinch. It was probably a FA and I missed it.

      But another dream arises:

      + summary: in a gym, lying on ground, checking out hot girl in spandex, banter with young black guys, locker's open, letter from mother, standing confused in front of mirror with shorts on yet naked

      I'm in a crowded room, it's like a gym, fairly small. There's a wall length mirror on one wall, and a wall made up of lockers on the other. At some point I find myself lying down on the floor looking up, just as a beautiful girl, sweating profusely from exercise and waving her arms around, comes up (to look in the mirror?), I think "woohoo by chance I chose the right spot!" and I'm looking up at her, a bit self-conscious but I want to check her out.

      Then I'm standing and chatting with a group of young black guys, they're talking about a scam method of theirs where they answer someone's question and they coerce/trick the mark into paying them money, they ask me how I / if I do that too, and I answer is, "Nah, man, I'm 'hood!" To which they respond with beat box, "Bow Chi Bow, 'Get out Da Waaaay!'" and I respond by rapping "Get out Da Waaaay!" as I turn towards the lockers and do a little dance and imagine they'll make fun of my poor white man dance moves.

      I go to my locker and feel all of a sudden like I haven't locked it because I didn't lock it. There in big giant numbers on my locker are the numbers X-Y-Z arranged vertically, my WL code for my gym locker. I open it and it's not locked, and I look through I see a backpack and white athletic shoes, it could have all been stolen but nothing appears to have been stolen.

      I'm putting a large envelope into the locker, it's from "MiSe" (whiny female colleague from company "3") and my mother, there's a handwritten note and something that looks like a plastic embossed card (like a credit card), it's something important.

      I'm standing in front of the mirror looking at the full body view of myself. Then I realize to my amazement that I'm naked from the waist down! How could this be? I'm wearing shorts, but my shorts start at around my chest and only cover down to my navel, how'd that happen? I reach down and "adjust" the shorts sideways and that somehow covers up my stuff.

      I've never gotten lucid from a mirror, despite ALWAYS doing an RC whenever I look into one in WL, and today was no exception. Sorry for any typos, I was typing at top speed for like 1.5 hours to get this all down.

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    3. 2014-11-13 LD #83 (flying into ocean sunset), also semi-almost-lucid airplane crash, missed concert

      by , 11-15-2014 at 07:19 AM
      8:30pm zonk out, yes I'm weak, very tired, couldn't hold out for "normal" bedtime. Melatonin production starts around 5pm now, it's dark and cold and will be this way for the next 5 months....I love it! Excellent for long stays in bed, dreaming

      10:30pm family comes home, have to get up a few times, had some recall here but forgot

      early batch:

      + missed the concert! I'm trying to find the time, it's 7:30 already, the concert is beginning, I can hear the music (on the radio), this is terrible I've only ever missed one concert before in my life, maybe if I hurry I can get there in time for the 2nd piece, I'll have to walk on stage all by myself. I put on a gaudy purple lapelled tux. Lying down on the ground a cute girl walks over some of us she's wearing a white billowing dress and I notice she's panty-free and get a clear view of her (ahem).

      + semi/short lucid watch a plane explode, break apart and crash right outside my window, the roof of the fuselage is blown off and the edges are glowing red hot, I see the rows of seats and perhaps some people, I say "no way this is waking" and I think I do a nose pinch but forget about being lucid, after the crash I go to the left to see if there are people, I see some weird strange cartoony guy

      + enemy base infiltration in darkness, the doors are open I see, I must take advantage of this while I can, I enter a long dark hallway and I see the outlines of guards down at the end of the hallway, they're looking my way, I get down on my stomach on the floor and glide/slide forwards slowly, this will make he harder to see, then send a toy train sensor down the hallway to search for intruders, it runs right by me on the right, I hear them saying "caught another programmer," it's like now, I stand up and wait to be discovered

      + held prisoner, leader asks me how the treatment is, I say (one guard) shoots some prisoners in the head, he says "yeah have to do something about (him)." writes a note for me but shouldn't be needed if existing s laws were enforced

      + teaching a little girl how to bind together little toy rings made out of thatched straw, her dad is watching

      + dinner with the T family, drinking? I only have a few days left before the end of this trip so I'd better hurry to wrap up my project goals

      + trying to find a cab?

      3am wife comes to bed? do some mental recall of the above


      + JG is standing naked at the top of the stairs, I climb up behind her admiring the view, one "feature" is exposed clearly and I make a note of her shaving practices

      + meeting with some guys in a club, exchange contact information, someone's complaining about short palestinians in leather jackets who are self-proclaimed law enforcement

      + I'm chasing a little spider that I have to catch with another guy, it will allow me to do something. Can't catch it. We're in some crawlspace. I look up and see a large crack open area extending up with tons and tons of spider webs and dead spiders, I see a live one. I continue looking on the low ceiling further and I start to see larger and larger and juicier/thicker live spiders with stripes and dots, "ugh!" I think and just get the heck out of the there in a hurry

      + 1st person shooter base assault. I'm at the enemy base and view one of (our guys?) the strikers flying / jumping in. We attack the generators, and the turrets, the enemies are dismayed that we're making progress on trashing their base. We put a special marker on an enemy target and one of our guys follows the signal in a flying craft and torches it with a flamethrower.

      + (lucid) I'm on an outdoor large patio that wraps around the corner of a building which is on my right, as I turn the corner and see the expanse of patio stretched out in front of me and the nature in the distance and I'm lucid and I think "FLY!" I take several steps and then a few running steps then take off superman-style. I want to fly to the ocean. I extend a hand forcefully forwards and I fly faster and higher, but no ocean yet, just more nature on the horizon. Another spurt of speed forwards and I catch a glimpse of water in the distance, "ah, there we go" I think. The trees are beautiful, and I fly down low to fly through the leaves of one tree, as I approach I feel the sensation of the leaves dragging on my left shoulder and back just before I actually fly through the tree, and think this timing mess-up is funny/interesting. Back up higher I notice the sunset is the purest orange that I've ever seen, it's amazing. I think that on the hills below me must be a house with a girl in it, I look for it and start to land and the dream fades.

      I'm then talking with someone (a woman?) about how, yes, it's trite and everyone says it, but that was probably my best flying dream ever to date.
    4. 00:00 Monday 2014-10-13 multi-epics: Sadistic Genie, Porn shoot, destroy villain, master class

      by , 10-13-2014 at 08:22 PM
      00:00 Monday 2014-10-13 multi-epic non-lucids, long night of dreams

      Set alarm for 04:45 to take galantamine and cholines

      00:19 bedtime, 30 drops wormwood tincture 1 1 hour before bed

      Probably too much wormwood. Took it in a shot glass filled with water and the drops and it still was unbelievably bitter, like drinking not a diluted but pure essence of bitterness, like the water had no diluting effect at all. I had to take several more drinks of water to get the taste somewhat washed down.

      In bed even though I'm tired I feel a very unpleasant racing and somewhat laboring heart sensation, not at all pleasant, decide to swear off wormwood altogether. But with the awesome resulting night, I'm not so sure... maybe once a month, and certainly less than 30 drops.

      Major day residue: watched a documentary on the porn industry and this dominated (haha) the dreams all night long. Think I've made a discovery here....

      ~ 03:30 - wake with a number of wild dreams recalled, not sure which ones were now and which ones were at 4:45 alarm

      04:45 alarm
      recall, take 2 x 4mg GalantaMind, 1x 300mg Alpha-GPC, 1x 300mg choline bitartrate
      hard to get back to sleep, there is just NO drowsiness to sink into. Keep doing reverse counts. Vivid distracting HI (usual for G+Ch for me), but somewhere around 1-2 hours I do fall asleep, yay

      (distributed somehow between 04:45 wakings)

      +(f) playing Oolite, shooting enemy space ships with my military laser, zap zap zap!

      + chase the kid down the hill, at the bottom: pirate ship?
      I"m overlooking a deep steep mountain valley, there is a road winding along the edge of the cliff on the left down far into the distance, I'm planning on jumping/gliding down to a far point on that path far in the distance, a group of kids is coming along with me, I jump off but one of the kids doesn't make it and lands too early on the steep cliff/hill and starts sliding down, I have to follow to save him/her, I start flying at high speed down the hill, searching for the kid trying to find him/her before he/she smashes into the bottom, other people are also sliding down the hill, I go really fast and reach the bottom and turn around and look up to try to see the kid still coming down but I never find him. I enter a room and talk to a guy about (a pirate ship?) sailing a boat that sailed earlier or never went anywhere.

      + I'm trying to park in a no-parking area (construction zone?) at a dead-end leading in to a major street. There is a string quartet setting up outside preparing to play for donations. I stand to watch, holding on to a nearby yellow chain link fence. The quartet begins to play, and the fence I'm holding on to starts to move/vibrate wildly and is very noisy. I'm very apologetic about this and am trying to stop and quiet the fence but can't, it keeps getting louder and louder. Eventually the quartet stops playing and a musician comes over and shows me that the fence is automatic and is stuck on something in the way (my car?) and I see the fence mechanism trying to move. I move something out of the way.

      + trapped with 3 friends in a contract with a sadistic genie, who grants our wishes in a way that tortures and threatens to kill us. We're trying desperately to secretly find a way to cancel or otherwise annull this contract, but the Genie keeps finding us and returns after the weekend, try to hide in the bathroom using a urinal. At one point I enter a lobby by an elevator/stairway where a movie star is modelling in the public stairwell and somebody there (her agent?) comes out of a door and I think she can help us but the genie finds out and stops it. We have the weekend off in order to figure it out but the genie is coming again on Monday. Maybe we can refuse to pay? But if we refuse to pay they'll come to collect the money and kill us anyway. The genie calls and we don't answer it, I and a friend go in to the bathroom to hide, it's a large bathroom like in a business I'm looking around for a urinal and find a small weird one and start peeing into it, my friend is peeing in another one and the genie arrives and finds us and he's mad. At one point he's female.

      One one point on this weekend I am pushing a push-broom cleaning a floor in a room with one of my friends. I look at the bottom of this broom and it is flat yellow plastic, the way it moves on the floor feels strange like it is floating. There is a disperse bunch of little yellow used-eraser droppings that we're trying to clean up. My friend's using a vacuum cleaner.

      + read a piece of crumpled paper that turns into browsing a list of NSFW pictures and pull up images on the computer

      + sitting in the aisle seat on a crowded bus, hot girls standing next to me pressing into me, I'm pressing back, girl with awesome boobs wearing a transparent white t-shirt and well-seen areaolas/nipples standing in front of me walks by me and my gaze is locked to her chest as she walks by me and stands right next to me, wow.


      + a massive theme park the most awesome in the world, the creators of all legos, there was a porn attraction, I'm trying to seduce the porn robot girl of the attraction, wearing a clingy white short sexy dress walking around a large central rectangular (oblisk? aquarium?). I'm grabbing and trying to get it on with this robot and then the scene switches:

      I'm sitting backwards (face towards the back/top, back towards the bottom/front) on the left aisle of a large (movie?) auditorium. There are a fair number of (guys) sitting in the auditorium. Jim from The Office is in the rear-aisle behind the top row, I see him and imagine he could see me. Dwight from The Office is in a side auditorium, much smaller to my right, I'm sitting in between them and can see into both. I have my laptop and am considering NSFW activities, but the guys sitting in the auditorium to my left keep glancing my way. I know that Jim knows me and I don't want him to see me doing this. In the 2nd theater to my right there is a guy guy apparently shaving in the front row and the screen shows him, his face is light as by a smart phone or a flashlight, the picture of his lit face and him shaving is duplicated on the large screen in that theater.

      + Porn tryouts. Driving/flying up a steep street with wife, she is not into the whole doing a porn production idea with me she is really against it, she says the girl must be a good one/pretty. Next we're we're walking in a porn studio (a big, high volume one) and head towards the back walking down a long hallway with the slimey/sleazy owner, there are filming rooms with doors that lock he wants to lead us into one on the right I refuse to go in there not knowing if they'll lock the doors and if we'll be able to get out or not we could be trapped in there. I walk back along the hallway myself , I enter a busy offices area where they are doing porn casting calls, "prospect number 10, go to (some room)" is called over a loudspeaker. There are lots of applicants and employees.

      I enter a small room to observe an interview, there is one porn director guy there on the left and a girl on a couch to the right, she has red hair and is pretty but a bit ditzy, she indicates to the director by making a leading gesture with her hand (a "keep going" looping gesture) that he should simulate initiating a phone call so she can enter her prepared dialogue. She talks about her ability to do "flipping" (or she's "a flipper") several times. She acts out receiving a phone call, she's very hyper. She's "a flipper", she can "change" (her behavior) in an instant. She then crawls slowly over to the director, takes out his schlong from his pants and gives him a sexy slow BJ, he says "I really like you" and indicates his approval by pointing to his big hard (ahem), he indicates she's done well, she seems to shrink a bit in size and is not so pretty and looks really crazy, she is leaving the room and asks in a neurotic way, "Are you going to call me for a scene this week? " He says he has to finish doing his evaluations. All through this scene I'm nervously glancing at the window in the door to see if my wife is looking in.


      + (semi) chase and kill the villain,
      Confronting the evil mad scientist who stole something from my best friend MR, I am sad at first but then I get mad and think "THIS IS *MY* DREAM, I'LL GET HIM!" and fly up into the air and go searching for him, and I will punish him. I will myself to fly at very high speed, and do end up moving really fast, I'm flying through a really large high ceilinged indoor space, sort of like a convention center with lots of hallways. I do a "scan" skill to try to find him, I have a vague sense of people/objects. I break through a large opaque window, I think about phasing through at first but I decide to break it. I go outside, then hide at the top of really tall doors about 20-30 feet up from the ground, I'm waiting for him to emerge from his evil laboratory. I will demolish/smash/kill him. He eventually saw me and said something complaining about his fate. I think I've got him then I'm kissing a girl and she has a long pink thing tube butterfly tongue that comes into my mouth. I want to kiss normally.

      + master class presentation on my instrument, I'm going to play for the class. There's a younger student of my instrument there, and I'm speaking with (his teacher?) who is asking me about my instrument, we're talking about the cost and so forth, I say mine cost $6000 many years ago for a near-professional level instrument from <the maker>, he says that today it costs $50,000. I think there's no way I could afford a new instrument if this one I have fails.

      I'm trying to assemble my instrument but some pieces do not fit together correctly. I try again and again but the fit it not quite right, it's too loose. I then realize that there are the pieces of about 3 instruments there on the ground, and I'm trying to put together pieces from different instruments, not just mine. One of the pieces has a strangely ornamented series of high E,F,G (and H?!) keys that I know is not from mine, it turns out it from the Principal player of the San Francisco Symphony who has appeared.

      Next, I can't find my reed, I look for my reed case all over the place, I think about some reeds I have which are raw and not yet ready to play, if I play on those I will not have a good, mature sound, they will sound poor.

      Next I can't find my music, I'm thinking what should I play, I decide to play the Mozart as that's always a good option. I look for the music and find some folders but it's not all there, I ask if anybody can play the piano accompanyment, the Principal (?) says he can, I wonder if I should just play the Weber instead. I think about playing the slow movement of the Mozart and impressing everybody with my awesome beautiful tone.

      I begin playing some scales to impress everyone, and I make several bad notes/sounds, I'm really nervous. The organizers say we're running out of time and I think I'll just play the beginning part of Weber then.

      My attention is drawn to the next room. There is a hot buxom blonde girl there, apparently topless, I see her nipples from a distance, she comes closer and turns around, I see that she is bottomless beneath a very short skirt, I see her butt, it has some marks/scabs on it in a sort of rainbow-shaped arc, her behind gets more scabby the longer I look but it's still hot. I want to catch up with her.

      I walk down a path and think I see the blonde off to the right. I enter a side area and there's a young brunette there, sort of a guard? There's an outdoor vendor/store across some sort of flimsy fence, there are some soft drinks there and I want to grab a root beer. It's against the rules, but there's nobody in the store so I figure to grab one while the coast is clear. I sort of bend/stretch/fly? over the boundary to reach the bin and quickly draw myself back. Oops, I grabbed a Sprite by mistake. I go back and switch it for a Root Beer. I drink a bit? I kiss her? This however has alerted more of the green-garbed guards, they're going to write up a report. The one whom I'm with I think I've bribed no to care.

      I am returning back on the path and am standing at a counter to accept my punishment. I can't afford to be locked away for a long time since I would miss the rest of the master class! I'm standing next to a sort of full garbage can with goop/something (red?) fluid oozing out of it and I stuff a small piece of garbage in there.

      A detective with some assistants is coming up the path talking about finding the culprit and I think I'm going to get caught.

      I re-enter the master class room and I've missed it, it's all done and people are putting things away and leaving. I couldn't find my instrument, it was gone. They said not to worry, though, that they listened to a recording of my playing in a concert and I had several really nice solos and the Principal complimented me on my beautiful tone, "really singing" and he said that it sounded like my instrument had some keys that didn't work right. I am now holding my instrument in my hands and I confirm that this is so, I'm thinking about the one key that works only due to the rubber band that is there now (true IWL).

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    5. 00:00 Saturday 2014-10-11 LDs #69, #70, fake mountain viewing resort, childhood home, nice kiss

      by , 10-11-2014 at 11:58 AM
      00:00 Saturday 2014-10-11 LDs #69, #70, fake mountain viewing resort, childhood home, nice kiss

      04:00 bedtime. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! (You see, I was getting ready for bed at 2am, already horribly late, wife insists I fix the clog in the bathroom sink NOW. Cleaning the pipes takes 10-15 minutes, putting them back together so they don't leak [much ] takes 1.5+ hours).

      despite the drastically late bedtime, I had a number of dreams but because I moved too much most were lost except this one:

      +(f) lord of the rings adventure?

      + (DO flying around) fake mountain viewing resort: there are sets for a scene from Lake Tahoe, volcanoes, etc., there's a church where they must change the wine once a week or it would freeze, jutting stone outcroppings are decorated with fake mist

      Somewhere around 9:00 wife's alarm goes off. I'm getting back to sleep for a long time.
      Countdown a bunch. It's HOT, put arm outside comforter to dissipate heat. Take off remee, I'm all sweaty underneath it and too hot, try to sleep without it, put it back on as I get drowsy after cooling off, and drift off into dream....

      Let go, let go, dream come get me...

      (somewhere between 9-11)

      + (lucid)
      I'm lucid as the dream forms. I guess this means it's a WILD, don't care so much about the category. The image appears and solidifies. It's as if I'm standing in the closet of my childhood bedroom looking out to a a portion of my bedroom, I see one of the twin beds. It is as if the scene is partially in a black frame. I can't detach from where I am, feel a bit unstable, start rubbing hands and don't stop until I can enter. I call to my mother whom I "know" is just behind the area blocked by the blackness to come out and sit on the bed.

      After enough hand rubbing I can detach from my starting point and enter the dream, there is a brief disorientation and them I'm walking out of my bedroom the dream is now "full screen", I enter the upstairs hallway, I reach the top of the stairs, turn, descend, I'm thinking a little bit that it's sort of weird just to walk around when you're lucid but I'm really enjoying it, I don't care, it's stable and solid. I reach the bottom of the stairs and enter the living room. There are many many objects, I'm amazed at the detail, it feel really waking-life. There are lots of small digital clocks with bright colors showing the time, I don't look at them but notice them shining in the dim light (green some of them). The lighting is dim but everything is clearly seen. The room is full of objects, unlike previous dreams where it's been empty or just a few things. I notice the old B&W TV on a stand near the entrance to the dining room, think it's interesting that I see the old TV. Walking further into the room I turn to my right and glance at the piano area, I see it is filled with discarded crumpled up Christmas wrapping paper. I want to do some lucid eating so I head for the kitchen, I'm in the dining room almost to the kitchen and think "no, do the TOTM non-waking instrument task." I turn around and head back to the living room, I open a buffet sliding door and pull open a drawer with the intention of finding a musical instrument that doesn't exist in waking life. The drawer is full of random small junk, no instrument. I then think to ask the "dream guides" for it, I hold out my arms as if carrying an invisible pile of firewood and say "give me an instrument that does not exist in waking life" but nothing appears. When I speak hear my voice as if distant but it's clear. I give up and go outside on the deck to admire the view. The view is amazing, I see all the way to The City and the sparking lights. Some lights are pure blue. Some lights are little square blobs on top of straight sticks and I recognize these as indicators from a space-sim game I've been playing a lot of (Oolite) and chuckle out loud as I recognize the residue and know where it's from. I reach the main corner of the deck and decide to fly up in to the air, I jump lightly and effortless reach up into the sky.

      I'm twisting around and think I should go raiding neighbor homes for girls, but I find my flight movement control is broken, I try flapping once or twice but can't move at all, then the dream goes dark, I see only blackness. I try opening my eyes once or twice and think that I'm moving my waking eyes so I relax and stop moving.

      + (semi?) I'm thinking about PercyLucid's comments about kissing, I appear (on my parent's backyard lawn?) and bring a girl into my arms and smack a few times on a short but really erotic kiss. Possibly a daydream? If so it was really vivid, at least part actual dream I think.

      + (FA?) I'm in bed with hands rubbing, my hands are touching, I wake later with hands separate, this was probably FA.

      + (lucid)I'm lucid as an image appears of my childhood home kitchen, my view is as if I'm in the place of the stove looking at the counter/sink across from it. It also takes me a bit of effort to enter the dream, I have to "scoot" on my butt as if I'm sitting on a very large invisible bed in darkness a number of times to reach the edge and get so I get put my feet on the floor and enter the dream. I say to myself "I'd like to eat a waffle" and think about where to find one. Then I look to the right, through the door into the living room (the dining room seems not to be there) and I see it's messy with lots of bottles (wine bottles?) scattered all over the place, that must have been quite a party, , there's a sound, the dream ends, my wife is working at the table in our bedroom and is making some noise which woke me up, darn.

      + in current-day home in bedroom, whole family is in the room, I think I'm awake because my wife is talking about an errand I know she has to do in waking life today, she's talking about why she believes (an unpleasant situation we're in) is from hell.

      In one of the lucids I hear some kind of announcer, it probably was my wife watching a video in the same room while I was still sleeping (argh).

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    6. 00:00 Thursday 2014-10-09 LD #68, lots of dreams again, a number of vivid "I'm there" moments

      by , 10-09-2014 at 10:27 AM
      00:00 Thursday 2014-10-09

      02:00 bedtime. EGADS MY BEDTIME IS BROKEN but I had to get some work investigations done.

      Enough of this low recall, vague dream crap: I set strong bedtime intention despite late hour to remember dreams, have vivid dreams, wake up after dreams, and be lucid in dreams. Some awesome early vivid non-lucids, a hard-fought back to sleep victory, more vivid non-lucids, and got a TOTM DILD!

      ~ 08:00

      I rolled over, realized I was awake, started thinking about recall but MAN my bladder is full and I'm lying right on top of it, I have to get up immediately to relieve it, trying to do recall while doing so before losing it. Got some more recall after lying back down to bed.

      +(f) I'm Spock on Star Trek speaking with my clones, tearfully explaining that I'll sacrifice myself so that they may continue on (much more but forgot)

      + lying on the ground in a house, cutie (LW) walks by, I hope she'll get with me, she stops and sits down beside me, but someone else is there and nothing happens

      + we're trying to get the passenger jet airplane out of the building: there's no way it will fit through the door, but it morphs itself and collapses its wings as it moves through the doorway in order to fit, that's a pretty cool I think

      + I'm preparing for battle: I throw knives but mostly full sized swords at the wood wall, almost all of them stick in point first perfectly, I think about how many rotations they'll go through mid-air.

      + summary: flooded kitchen from bathroom above, run upstairs to investigate, Will Smith is naked in the bed, black girl "verifies his ID" by (kissing him?) a tiny Will Smith head in a pot chastises him and does a short rap rhythm.

      I'm back in the kitchen (again?), this time I feel peeling wet plaster falling down on to me from the ceiling. I think I was in the kitchen before and felt drops of water, but now the ceiling is in really bad shape. I run out into the corridor and call to my friends that we must run upstairs to find the leak. Run upstairs, walking down a hallway with white walls, low lighting, I enter a bedroom to the right there is a little closet area and the path into the room sneaks around a corner, I think the guy who used to be in this room has moved out, leaving back in to the corridor I think I'd like to have this room because of the privacy, you can't see into the room directly from the corridor.

      Back in the room again I notice someone lying in the bed: a black man, naked, I'm looking out the window it's fairly dark in the room and outside, I see we're on the 2nd or 3rd floor. The building across the way I see has a long pink thick/wide sturdy strap attached to the window also on the 2nd or 3rd floor, I think strangers use this to climb up into the rooms and squat there at night time. I see the same pink straps on this room's windows, the guy in bed must be also a squatter.

      The guy in bed is Will Smith. He's now standing up next to me, facing a girl. There's a black girl there who will verify his ID, she (kisses him?) and is processing the information. While we're waiting for the result I notice that just beyond here is a bucket with several little tiny beings in it including a 1/4-sized Will Smith head, they are all performing the Men In Black post office beatbox:

      At the end the girl approves Will Smith's ID, he was just standing there the whole time silent. His little mini-head in the bucket then tells him "Would it have KILLED you to start a CONVAAAHHSAASHUUUN!!??" (with the girl).

      Long back to bed. Street noise, snoring wife, moving wife, I down count backwards doing relaxing breaths over and over again, sometimes from 20, sometimes from 10, freqently lose count, have lots of drowsiness to sink into, but my mind keeps staying active. Think about that slogan I saw on FB last night: "Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure." Decide that I'm on a wonderful back-to-sleep adventure that will be rewarded with awesome dreams. It is hard work to fall asleep under these conditions but I will do it, I will keep relaxing until eventually fall asleep. Dreamlets form but fade when I "look at" them, a number of them. Stop trying to look! Remain passive, notice without engaging, do NOT TRY to sleep, you can't force a dream, just keep relaxing.... And I WIN! Eventually sleep, have some vivid dreams, and get lucid and do TOTM.


      + summnary: trying to figure out what's going on with the shelves in this refrigerator, notice a strange tube, get lucid, do pumpkin TOTM (open a pumpkin and describe the contents).

      I'm standing with my face in an open refrigerator. The top shelf is not arranged properly, it's falling off/hanging on only one side (in waking during the day I adjusted the shelve on a kitchen rack of shelves that was mis-aligned and falling off, it's right next to the refrigerator), I try to adjust it to hang it properly and horizontally, but in doing so I think maybe someone put it like this so that the tall milk bottles would be able to stand up straight on the shelve below? I close the door and the fridge is like in two sections, the top not aligned with the bottom. I see on the wall/top section hinge a small tube emerging, and a draft of cold air (and some water dripping?) is blowing out of the tube. Why is that, is it a pressure release? The cold air is coming out, will the fridge lose its cold because of this?

      I'm now standing outside in daytime on a fairly steep sloping path between (widely spaced) houses but still thinking about that odd tube descending out of the refrigerator I was just observing, I've never seen anything like it before. Wait, odd thing I've never seen before? DREAM! Nose pinch confirms. I walk up the hill towards the street, immediately think of TOTM/pumpkin task [I love when goal memory comes easily]. I turn to the left at the sidewalk and go up onto the porch of a house, thinking "It is Halloween, there will be a pumpkin here." Sure enough I find a pale white/green typical jack-o-lanter-sized gourde on the porch. I reach down and imagine that it's top is already cut. I pinch the dry stem at the top with the fingers of my left hand, noticing the sensation of touching it is entirely waking-like. It lifts off easily. Oops! Below it there is another pumpkin top, this one traditional orange. Is this going to be a trick dream pumpkin trolling me with endless series of tops? No, I lift the orange one away and see the interior: no pumpkin goop, it's packed with colorful transparent packages of goodies (cookies?) I'm closely looking to be able to describe very clearly the contents, the package on top is drawn with an illustration that I think looks a lot like Charles Shultz style (peanuts), then the dream fades (either wake up or non-lucid transition, I had 2 more quite vivid non-lucid dreams after that).

      + invited to a friend's place for an event, it's awkward because I don't know anyone there, he's not there apparently, I'm walking from the living room through the kitchen area to the dining room, in the dining room the table is full of platters of cookies (I eat some?), move back to the living room, (on the way I glance into the kitchen, there's nobody there, where's my friend anyway?), some middle-aged guys (white hair and white beards some of them) are sitting on the living room floor drinking beer, some in the middle of the room facing the wall where some other people are sitting (on a couch?). I step into the middle of the living room there's a previously-played monopoly board next to them on the floor, I see it is covered with paper play money, cards, and game pieces, like the game was finished and just left there.

      I'm sitting in a room down a hallway from the friend's apartment (above), a guy comes in and I said I was previously in the other apartment. I'm showing him a game I'm playing on a PC, I see the game on the screen then I'm inside the game, trying to equip weapon/armor from the confusing pop-up controls, there's a fight? Swinging a weapon? I'm back outside and choose "enter this place" (there's a choice of about 3 places to enter: left, middle right) to explore instead of going back to the fight, it's like a kitchen with hundreds of "inspect this" signs on objects everywhere.

      + In sons's room, (the cat?) spills a bottle on his important schoolwork on the floor. I'm looking at the bottle and it's empty, but as I watch I see liquid starts welling out from somewhere under my sons papers, I keep looking and see another bottle lying on its side that has some liquid in it, I tell him to pick his work up before it's ruined.
    7. 00:00 Saturday 2014-10-04 LD #67, 1st level DILD, 2nd level WILD, Canada, finger through palm

      by , 10-04-2014 at 08:57 AM

      + ski competition in a box. On a ski slope surrounded by tall walls, the door at the low end of the "box" opens and closes, I keep resetting (via rope?) to the starting line and the guy I'm racing against never begins at the same time as me.

      + getting a commemorative coin engraved with our names at a fair. I see the woman working the machine, the main guy seems to want us to think it will materialize out of thin air.

      + putting the little kid to sleep: kissing him goodnight, then taking him to the bathroom when it becomes clear his diaper is full, afterwards I throw the full diaper into the garbage can, go upstairs, and a woman points out to me mildly disapproving that there was already a garbage bag in the can for dirty diapers and that I should have used that instead, I agree.

      (late, back to sleep victory)

      + getting on a bus at a prison officially going to Canada but really going to the US, going to the US is "just a detour" but is the real purpose of the bus

      + (DO) the concert at the international border: two bands are playing, one on each side of the border, at the same time, the Canadian MP threatens that any MP from "KaNAHda" found on the other side of the border will be declared a traitor. View from high up, the two bands were inadvertently scheduled to play on the same night, on each side of a river which is the international border. The river is invisible below the frozen ice. There is a long trench running across the border and young people are running up and down the trench shoveling it to keep it clear of ice shavings. I hear one of the bands playing, and think the concert goes must be upset that they can't hear the band they came to see clearly. Then the view switches to the Canadian MP at his desk, standing up, and threatening the traitor MPs. I think the way he pronounces "kahNAHdah" is funny.

      + (lucid, 1st and 2nd level): on computer trying to figure out a stock price, I'm with a woman, we can't make sense of the numbers, (they keep changing?) they're too small/too big for what we're expecting and I think that's because there must have been a split. I'm working the interface using the keyboard, I'm having trouble identifying the "show split history" on the screen I find something like it but it's not satisfying.

      Brief scene of S2 standing outside.

      Back at the computer I look down at the keyboard, the apple command key is in the wrong place and doesn't look right, then I notice there are large craters/big groups of missing keys on the keyboard, this is NOT right, I immediately declare, "Oh, I'm TOTALLY dreaming!", nose pinch confirms, get that amazed feeling because I thought I was entirely awake, stand up and immediately move on to the dream. I'm in my parents house living room, dazzled with the lucidity a bit, quickly settle down to goals: lucid dare! OK I'll throw that darn fire ball that Nfri dared me to do. Went to the main entrance hallway looking down into the back porch, willed my hand to be full of a fireball, and made a throwing motion trying to imagine a ball of fire travelling down the hallway and exploding on the door to the deck. I don't see anything. Hmm, fail! OK, I need to find a candle, take the flame into my hand, and build that into a fireball and throw it. I walk around looking for a candle for a bit, find one, cup the flame into my hand, it does come to my hand, I will it to build to a big ball of fire and then I make another throwing motion towards the open kitchen door through the living room where my mother is working on dinner, the visuals of the fireball are very very weak and there's no big fiery explosion but I'm satisfied and don't want to spend more time on that.

      I think I should try some RCs that I haven't done yet. I've always wanted to try finger through palm: push my left index finger through right palm: yup, it goes through! It's like my right palm is made of thick heavy rubber. I get a quick glimpse of bizarre dream hands but pay them no further attention.

      I'm looking out the window into the inky black dark night to the bright city lights below, there are SO MANY lights, the scene looks entirely realistic, I see all the way across the water to the city on the other side, the bridges are covered in lights. I'm amazed at how my brain can create this image without sensory organs. This view is so amazing I want to go see it outside. I hear my parents calling for me, I "know" that I'm asleep taking a nap [downstairs, probably on the couch], and that soon they will wake me up and Im incorporating their voices into this dream, but for now I'll just acknowledge their voices calling me but stay in the dream. I'm a little concerned about flying off and the dream ending, but I decide I'll just hover briefly a bit to admire the view then stop flying.

      I open the sliding glass door and go out on to the deck, I want to "hulk jump" up into the sky and just hover there to look at the view. I give a fairly weak jump and maybe a arm/leg flap or two and I'm up at the level of the roof, I look out to see the amazing view and am somewhat disappointed that it is obscured with fog. Ah well.

      My dad walks by my "sleeping body" and I hear him mumble some mildly disapproving statement, and "oh just let him sleep" and he moves on. He says something about a sports program that will be on TV soon.

      I look down to the deck and see 3 people: 2 CGs standing on either side of a dude who after looking again is a 3rd CG. I fly down to the girl on the right, she's wearing a skirt, I get up close to her and do a double handed reach around and butt-squeeze and
      "wake up."

      I am in the living room and look out the window: hey, yes, indeed my dream view out the window was very much like the "real" view I see now. The position of some features of the city are slightly different "in reality" though.

      I go "back to sleep" on a bed or a desk. At one point I see a desk with used candy wrappers on it and there is some peanut sauce (made peanut sauce for some pasta in waking life the night before and O/D'd on it).

      "Falling asleep" there in my parent's house, I see some HI -- I think this looks like an outdoor scene with a blue sky. If I just stay calm it should turn into a dream. I DOES morph into a static image of an outdoor scene against a blue sky. Stay still and wait for the dream to begin, the people start moving, there is a carriage, people are walking on a path, soon I should be able to walk myself and yes, I can walk and move, now I can hear the people talking, a group of women is following another woman who is a financial professional of some sort who is out shopping on Saturday. She does not want to engage in work talk with these women, "it's going to take me at least 15 minutes" to get where she's going, she's in a hurry, they walk with her and keep trying to get free advice.

      I "wake up" and am really excited at my "successul WILD" and can't wait to write about it on DV and see what Sageous says .

      At some point I really wake up and am amused by the dream-in-dream "WILD".

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    8. 00:00 Friday 2014-09-19 LD #65 (WILD!), lightsabers, looking for Sensei, Mexican road trip, music

      by , 09-19-2014 at 08:47 AM
      00:00 Friday 2014-09-19

      01:17 bedtime too late! argh!

      I initially woke with no dream memories at all (oh darn, a no recall night!?), but with patient probing I recalled all this:

      + I'm on a road trip, I'm looking at a map I'm trying to read the road names and figure out where they go, this is a long trip it's important to stop for gas at the station on the map before you enter the mountains. Stopped at a gas station, I see some guys are getting in a car joking and laughing and they say "Hey, Mexico is just over that wall there!" I chuckle to myself and know this is wrong, we haven't even left the city yet in order to reach the last gas station on the map. Then I start doubting, and wonder if we could have reached this spot already, we get in our car and drive to turn around, there's a large hole in the ground (dream sign) and I say to be careful and avoid it, we turn around and stop near the entrance, I get out and go in for directions, there are two guys in there and I spread out the map and am trying to find where we are on the map, and ask them to show me, one guy tells me about the mountain road (at first I'm afraid he'll tell me the road is closed and I have NO IDEA what to do if that is true), but he instead says that the road is maintained but is a bit windy, generally clear, I get the impression the road is in good shape but you must be careful. I also wonder what would happen is a large flood of water would whoosh over the road, would we all get soaked in the car?

      + observing a commercial for lip cold sore medication liquid: a girl is sitting behind a guy and leans forwards for a kiss. Then a picture of a girl applying the medication to her lip sore with the applicator stick, and something about "you can then touch the sore with your finger which activates the medication", then a close up of the guy/girl (slightly chubby college kids) making out deeply, I'm watching this commercial with my sister and feel a bit uncomfortable.

      +(f) out front a building in a big city on the sidewalk, they're installing a mail slot in the wall(?) with my wife (?)

      + in a restaurant, observing, walking from table to table, appreciating the food there ("nice sizzling meat platter!"), I see several big meat platters, one guy blows me off, I get really mad, we'll fight?

      + I'm playing my instrument, skilful scales up and down, play a long high-A, some sounds are not right and someone criticizes me about this, I show that the problem is the low the G to B-flat trill key mechanism is stuck, I show this to a guy, I'm wiggling the proper key (4th finger of the right hand), and show that the mechanism moves but the key covering the hole that should open is stuck and not opening. After rehearsal I'm walking through the band and dodging a trombone player who's standing up, walking and still playing with his trombone held over his right shoulder.

      dozing from around 7:30 to 9:something, I recall the above sequence and run it through my mind enough to survive through another dream.

      Then I had a late morning WILD:


      + (lucid #65) I'm relaxing, trying to drift off to sleep, and see an image of a floormat on the ground, I know this is a dream and I try to stay calm and "sink into" the image. I become aware that I'm crouching down close to the floor, and think about standing up but feel it's not time yet to begin moving. I rub my hands and sit there for a short while, then stand up and start walking out to a back porch. I think immediately of goals: shall I retry fortune cookie? Patronus? No, lightsaber! Sensei! I pretend remember that my lightsaber is hanging from my utility belt and pull it up into my hands, nothing at first? I continue imagining the long tube, and I see if in my hands, it's slender, about 14 inches long, thinner than I thought, I look for the "on button" and just decide to pretend hitting it, I imagine a blue blade and I get one, I swing it around a lot and get a decent "vvvv" sound effect. Someone (Sensei?) shows up and ignites two lightsabers, so I must respond and I ignite the second side of my double-bladed lightsaber, I think the handle may be a bit short to fit both my hands and not to touch the blade. Then I'm flying up onto the roof of some house, I imagine a lightsaber is behind me on the ground, I don't see one. I'm walking inside this house and trying to figure out how to get out, I'm in a bedroom with a big bed with a white fluffy comforter, someone is sleeping there (my wife?), I open a window that opens into a little cluttered office room which has a bunch of stuff in front of the window to the outside so I can't go that way. Heading out of this room an alarm clock goes off and I quickly try to shut it off, whoever's in the bed is waking up. I go out on to the deck and prepare to fly, my dad's there, I tell him I'm going to fly to downtown. I launch up in the air and the view is amazing, and somewhat accurate of the view from the deck of my childhood home: city/trees descending down to the city below and the Bay and the city beyond the bay in the distance. I do a quick "flap" to get moving and remember superman-with-a-go-pro-style flying and I punch my first quickly forwards and I start moving. I'm looking and the landscape moving beneath me, I see some tall buildings in the distance. I fly over a football stadium where there's a game in progress and a bunch of players running around on the field. "Hi, football players!" I call out. I start thinking "hmmm, football game, there are probably college girls and CHEERleaders down there....no, just keep flying.....but CHEERLEADERS! So I gracefully bank to the left and down towards the ground, thinking that the girls will be astonished at this flying guy coming to meet them, I see a few cheerleaders and call out "hi!" and they call back "hi" and the dream fades.
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    9. 00:00 Thursday 2014-09-18 epic: Elite: Dangerous, inside Dwight Schrute's head, Putin & the hijacker

      by , 09-18-2014 at 07:02 AM
      00:00 Thursday 2014-09-18

      way late to bed, around 1:45 or so, horrible!

      no night-time recording so dream times unknown.

      I'm woken by remee's 4.5 hour signal. At first it starts monochrome (as usual) but as I wake up I can start to perceive the red. I turn it off and go back to sleep.

      + visit the old college rental house kitchen and back porch. In the kitchen, on the (very) cluttered floor I see an old cookpot of mine, I pick it up, it's recently been used to cook some oily pasta, I intend to take it with me. Walk to the cooktop and there's a 2nd refrigerator where the sink should be. Walk to the back porch where the 2nd refrigerator is supposed to be, and the floor is disgusting covered in garbage. I look down and see mice, rats, and even a squirrel scurrying around in the filth. I shake my foot at them several times to get them out of my way. Go to the refrigerator which is propped open and there is nasty rotten petrified food and bottles in there from 20 years ago. Transition to some scene with FG.

      + epic: playing Elite: Dangerous. I'm sitting at a computer playing the game, I'm dogfighting with a ship, I'm shooting my lasers at it, and afterwards I think I need to upgrade to beam lasers. I should fly to the "Harriet?" system because there are lots of gems there, I see little gems with HUD markers floating around, red, green, blue, but I must have a fuel scoop before I can pick up the gems.

      Walking down the hallway of the company that wrote E, I work there. My manager (old manager ToNeu from WL) is telling a woman to do something, I'm really tired and want to go home but have to work all night, ah, such is life in the high tech sector.

      Down at the end of the hallway is Dwight Schrute, he has received a new shipment of Cool Stuff, I can see the open box on the floor and a glowing light emanating from what's inside, he's looking down in to the box with anticipation. I join him and there are three donuts with various toppings/icings, one is like a hot dog with orange sauce, Dwight tells me the theory of which donut to eat/use in order to intimidate others.

      Heading towards the front door of the building to leave, I encounter Wa (R,N). We talk about golf, I complain about wilderness golf and the unpredictable rolls and obstacles, W understands. W tells me about his round where one guy got 2 holes in one in a row. W is telling me about the holes and I'm trying to remember which ones he's talking about, I picture the golf course in my mind. I turn around and a HUGE OCEAN WAVE is coming right towards us, it is taller than our heads by a little. We duck and manage to avoid it. A second wave is right behind it however and sweeps us towards the beach. I look to see if W made it out or is stuck in the water and I see him walking away on the beach.

      + in a car with important document, a huge pile of papers, I put the document on the seat next to me, it's dark, I see that my trunk has popped open somehow and I have to go close it before I can drive, but I realised I'm in my underwear and I don't want to go out, I'll have to get dressed first

      + I see a live computer diagnostic overlay of the internal systems in a car, the structure of the car in wireframe, the systems build on top of each other, I realize a car is a highly complex mechanism, who could possibly understand even the wheel/brake system? Look at all the systems there, even the wireframe for the front seat is complex.

      I see a computer diagnostic display of Dwight Schrute's head overlaid on top of his real head, focusing on the visual systems. Wireframe displays of the internal structure of the eye appear one after the other, I call them out as I see them: lens, retina, etc.,

      + I'm on a ship like a ferry boat, standing near the aft on near the water level, someone says something about how the bubbles from the wake of the ship break up the deeper they go (?). Vladimir Putin comes down from the bridge and accidentally meets the hijacker, they both stop dead in their tracks and consider each other for a while before continuing on their way. I rewing and consider some different possibilities, like Putin shooting the hijacker with a pistol instantly upon seeing him.
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    10. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-09-09 LD #62, TOTM-fest, shark park, baseball, work, argument

      by , 09-09-2014 at 12:45 PM
      23:30 1mg melatonin
      00:00 Tuesday 2014-09-09

      Big night!



      + Shark park
      I see a Ford Taurus (big wagon with bulging round back end) drive up out of a body of water, it was entirely submerged, it drives to the left up the stairway and stops. Inside is my ex gf SB, the car is entirely filled with water, and a huge shark. I have to figure out how to get her out. I open the passenger left side door and plan to extract SB to save her (no more water in there). I just see her leg, I think I will distract the shark by making a long deep incision in SB's leg from her ankle towards her knee with my pocket knife (!!). We have to get the timing right. She says do it, I ask "Now!?" I ask again "Now!?" then do it: I make an about 6-inch incision from her ankle going up her leg, I see red leg meat inside, the cut is pretty deep about 1/4 inch at least.

      We're standing outside the car, a middle-aged couple (man+woman) is walking nearby there, "Help!" I call to them, to get assistance for my friend's leg. They're leery of helping, the woman ways "You know if we help them we're obligated to investigate/get involved" but the man said "Yeah well what can we do?". He starts asking me all sorts of questions about where I was earlier and did I have the knife with me before, I thought these questions were ludicrous: I had been walking earlier in the park with my dog, and had been whittling a stick with my pocket knife, DUH!

      The shark is under control on a leash but LOOK OUT it can get off, it's escaped, it's huge, a great white, about 15 feet long and at least a meter or more in diameter, it lunges at the man and corners the man up against a hedge, I say "careful! That thing could eat you!" I'm trying to reach for my automatic machine gun but it doesn't work.

      + Something about a thing will cost around $200,000, that means split 3 ways we'll each end up paying around $70,000

      + In a stadium, a girl is putting on a school colors sweatshirt (mostly gold/yellow) and talking about the sports program, will the stadium be used for boys athletics only or also girls?

      Almost (or do, briefly), fall asleep with my phone in my hand before journaling shark park while doing recall. Tired, don't want to get up. Dang it, cool dream, must journal it, so I do.
      Don't want to get up, a bit cold and I'm sleepy. Decide if you want LDs must get up for WBTB, I had already prepared 20 drops of wormwood tincture in a shot glass to drink with some water.

      Did Dreamer-MILD (incubate location, notice dream signs), Zipplord47 self-hypnosis (notice when dreaming), then took wormwood, back to sleep didn't take too long

      07:xx(?) unsure, didn't journal at waking

      + I'm in a computer lab, I need to find a free station for a guy to use, I walk around down the full table and find a free one, the computer is a combination old ADM3A terminal and modern computer, I ask does he know how to login? He says he doe.

      + work/baseball
      I'm arriving to work in a large open room, a girl is saying I have her music book, I doubt it but reaching my desk I see a pile of books leaning up against the screen and one of them is hers I'm sure. My station is at a desk with another person's computer, mine is to the left. There is a large scaffolding set up right over my table, workmen are up there doing something, I'm concerned about stuff falling on my computer. The workman is trying to insert some electrical cable into some slot, the slots are labelled like "I-1", "I-2", etc. My manager directs the workman to plug in the big-screen TV to the cable feed, the workman says he'll have to notify upper management about turning on the TV, my manager laughs and says she's already gotten permission, he plug it in and there's a professional baseball game on the TV, I see the players swarming over the field, it's a night game and the field is poorly lit, quite dim.

      Then I'm there on the field, sitting in a large indentation/trough along the first-base line. I look up and see GMT with a big huge fat face sitting in the stands and eating, he's with his fat wife and some other friends enjoying the game, I stand up and wave to them, they see me and wave back we meet and greet.

      While I'm standing nearby first base a batter hits a line drive down the first base line, I watch the ball it to see if it's fair or foul, it looks barely fair, the batter runs quickly around the bases, he comes close to me I think I need to get back out of the way, I notice his foot misses first base, nobody cares.

      Another batter back in a team area starts psyching himself up out loud, "I'm going to blast a line-drive right into center field! I'm going to really wack that ball <etc for a while.>" I think he's trying to talk smack to really get himself pumped up, I think he's stupid. He gets to bat and drives one foul down the first-base line and I call out "Hah, not much of a line drive to center!" He tries again I think and misses, I decide not to heckle him because: 1) he's trying his best, and 2) he could probably kick my ass. The players are all very large and athletic/tall a bunch of them are black.

      I'm looking around the field and am not impressed. It doesn't look much like a pro baseball diamond: the outfield is irregularly shaped and not very deep, and the stands can only hold about a few hundred people, quite small. I say "this is more like a playground than a stadium....it's a playground!".

      + playing chess (late in day recall), thinking about rook moves

      + lost my bridge, I'm going to have to go all day with a gap in my teeth (late morning recall)


      + LD #62 I'm walking and realize my waist bag is hanging very low down from its normal position and it's open. I get into argument with annoying girl, we're both very angry with each other, and accuse each other of being immature. Enter into a building, a store of some sort? I choose to walk a different way, my path becomes blocked by tall things, I decide to fly up over them. I fly up to the ceiling, turn around, and look down at the floor
      and get lucid while still floating up at the ceiling. The floor is made of industrial tiles like used in hospitals/schools. I want to land, this is cool, I approach the floor slowly, it takes a while to get there, I'm anticipating my landing and it's pretty rough, I sort of tumble on the floor and hit the floor with my arm and my leg. I stand up and instantly think about doing TOTM. I'm in a classroom, standing to the right and back a bit from the teacher's desk. I go to the teachers desk, he's an older-middle-aged man with very crinked bags around both of his eyes. I get down close and look him right in the face and tel him to give me my fortune cookies (I like this form of summon, worked for the wand, too!) he starts leading me to the right side of the room, as we're walking I tell an adult man sitting at a desk to take off his shoes and have them ready for me to wear later (DC summon #2! How's that for thinking ahead!? ).

      The teacher leads me to an empty desk with about 5 regular looking fortune cookies in plastic wrappers. I open one and pick up a traditional looking fortune slip of rectangular white paper, see small faint Chinese Kanji. I turn the small white paper over and read some text which seems garbled and nonsense. At this point some more people are joining to enjoy the hilarious fortunes. There are more and more fortunes appearing on the desk building up in a pile, now they're written on paper like they were torn from crumpled brown paper lunch sacks, they are multiplying on the desk top. I pick up a large one and it's from "Leticia" who's going on and on about Jesus in messy/uneven small-child-like handwriting in different colors).

      I decide to move on and cross the room to the other (left as facing the front) side, picking up the shoes the DC guy made ready for me, with laces, on my way. I'm really happy and having a great time. I sit down on the floor, put on the shoes (beige loafers but with laces) and tie the shoes. I run through the tying sequence in my mind. I then start trying to tie the laces of a a girl's shoes who's sitting to my left, and I can't untangle the laces. I then see that her shoes didn't have this lace at all, they were already tied with short fuzzy laces, and I relalize I've already tied my own and should move on. While I'm sitting on the floor I look up to the front of the room at the teach at his desk, look at the chalkboard behind him (some vague diagrams are written there) and call out "So what's the next lesson?". I'm looking all around and notice that on the wall next to the two girls (they're twins) are rows and rows of little colorful stuffed toys attached to and covering the wall. I think about touching things like the floor to engage. Someone says that it's a good thing that there are no girls in the class because they'd just cause trouble like the two twins do.

      I think "Ok, what's next?" Toilet -- uh uh. Patronus! I stand up and look across the room, and I see 3 witches, male and female, old, two in front of me standing close, one standing more to my left across the room, have appeared there. They are wearing in full black robes and tall traditional black witches pointy hats they are standing and looking at me! I think for a second about a wand but just stretch out my arm, point my finger at one of them, and shout EXPECTO PATRONUM!! Some white mist shoots out of my finger forming a small cloud and there's some fizzling but no animal, it dissipates quickly. I go over to the one I pointed at (a woman, McGonagall?) and say "oh, you're the good guys, aren't you?!" and "you've brought my wand, give it to me!" (DC summon #3!). She instantly takes out a wand from her robes and hands it to me, it's beautiful: black, about 18 inches in length, tapered wide at bottom to narrow at top, covered in indentations (like toothmarks on a pencil), and some iridescent colors like blue & orange are shining as I turn it to look at it, I run my hand up the wand and am well pleased.

      It's time to go bad guy hunting with my witch friends, and I run out if the room into the hallway. Unfortunately, at the last second I call back for the girl who's shoes I tried tying and she comes to me, I pick her up in my arms so that she wraps her legs about my waist, kiss her, and hold/carry her there the rest of the dream where I'm running down stairs and enter a large open area.

      Spoiler for Explicit NSFW action, you've been warned:
      Spoiler for Explicit NSFW action, you've been warned:

      I really wish I had avoided the girl thing because frankly the task and adventure part of the dream was so much more fun. Real incentive to avoid caveman in the future!
    11. 00:00 Monday 2014-09-01 broken sleep night, sex club gone wrong (too many dudes)

      by , 09-01-2014 at 12:01 PM
      23:46 pre-bedtime: memory review, set intention to LD in night

      00:00 Monday 2014-09-01

      00:03 bedtime

      broken sleep night: 5 hours, then 2 hours insomnia, and early alarm + unexpected breakfast duty = 5 hours "WBTB" (late morning sleep deprived nap, really)


      + I'm DO flying over a beach fast, the water is to my left, hills are up ahead, I wonder about the weather and (activate a pop-up control menu like SOA) to check it.

      I'm DO up in the air my view is down to the street below me, moving up the game, I'm gesturing in the air like on a tablet screen to direct the path of "my" vehicle to change lanes repeatedly to swerve around obstacles like pedestrians in the road and bicyclists. I do these gestures several times (I think accompanied by quickly fading graphics arrows showing my path modifications). At the top of the hill (Cdr street in B) some bicyclists are turning left, I direct the path of one of them to get into the lead around another bicyclist. Then the race is over, there is discussion that the referees (I was one of them apparently) were unexperienced and allowed a player to cheat and win by exploiting a loophole, something about being 7 seconds behind.

      + I'm arriving via winding road to some location, I see up ahead is a dump truck (several?) filled with boxes of miniature game pieces. A strategic combat game using miniature models begins against other kids. Lots of scenes of deployments of tanks, infantry, warplanes. My turn begins and I place a plane into an attack position against an enemy plane, another player lifts up the "flaps(?)" of my plane otherwise my guns will not fire correctly, I see the enemy gun is in place to hit my plane as well using a rear gun. My plane vs. the other plane is a "260 vs. a 270" I'm looking up the result in the combat tables the result is not in the main tables but in the game add-on tables, I find the entry and there are up and down arrows to indicate the results, the add-on game table is made from separate small plastic pieces. My view if focused on the combat scene, and moves as I step around the models to get a good view of each battle situation, someone talks to me and I say "I'm busy" and I try to avoid stepping on the battle scene, I knick some pieces with my foot. At the end the pieces have changed into lego models. I'm thinking that using bomber planes is very powerful. I think I should win. Someone (Darth Vader?) is talking about fighting the (eog golum?) at the gate.

      07:30 alarm, up for breakfast duty

      10:00? late morning nap

      14:00 it's probably late (IT IS!) out of bed, feel like I could sleep more, but must get up

      + choosing best seats for the football game, we're walking down near the field, we actually pass the goal posts ("aren't we on the field now?" I think), I think at this low seats we should see the players faces as the play approaches the goal line. At some point start actually playing the game as a player on the field.

      + on an airplane sitting in the aisle chatting with friends. At first I'm sitting on the armrest of someone else's chair who's not there, but then returns, and I move to sit in the aisle to continue the conversation. It's fairly dark/low lighting.

      + with a tour group on a minibus, getting off to visit a spot, someone makes a comment about something and I say "<wife's father's waking full name> used to love <that subject>". Conversation shifts to where's our destination, our exit, I say I know I feel that the destination is a bit beyond/before(?) the exit, we'll get there.

      + (long) Sex club gone wrong. In a group of young people, some of us move through a fence to an area where we'll have the sex club. Somehow the group is only dudes, and I think this is not right, we approach a cot set up on the ground, I move some folded towels/blankets around and think "how will we do this?". The activity is for everybody to sit around the perimeter of the cot and watch (help?) each other get off by pulling down one's pants, then shooting a stream of water from a hose at one's (ahem). I'm bothered by several points: 1) our pants will get soaking wet, so I say this and say we should take off our paints entirely in order to avoid getting wet. 2) There are only dudes here, that's wrong, at least there should be some girls here showing their stuff to get the guys aroused. MH and some others join the group and I think there are too many people. I leave, this is not right.

      "Next day", I'm approaching the people waiting for the trip to continue, I see a girl and I pump myself up and say "let's get excited!" I go up some bleachers and MH walks by and I say "get excited! Are you excited?" MH starts going off on me about how I ruined the sex club, how I didn't know anything about it. I'm really angry, and say, "M, two things: 1) I invited you in the first place to the club, 2) (forgot)". I walk up to his bicycle which is chained to a fence nearby, pick it up and toss it over to the other side of the fence, crumpling it and destroying it. MH says "you're gonna pay for that." I'm walking back to the minibus thinking about how much it's going to cost, and when the police will be arriving.

      I don't want to get caught like a sitting duck so I keep walking off the front/back door of the bus. Another ("bad?") girl is leaving the bus too. I know she's running away. I ask her if she has enough money to get to <some city>. She starts crying and falls into my arms, she has long black hair, and begs me "Help me! Help me!" At this point I'm another character in the show with a girlfriend, who's away, I hope my GF doesn't see this situation and misinterpret it. I'm going with the bad girl?

      Quick scene of "my girlfriend" riding in a car in front passenger seat, perspective is from the driver's, she's doing a back stretch using the car seat as leverage, she's on her right side, with her head/arms bent back around the right side of the seat, and her legs bent around the left side of the seat (like a "bridge" but on her side), she successfully cracks her back says "ah that's much better" and I think that flexible people really have to go to extremes to crack their backs.

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    12. 00:00 Thursday 2014-08-28 busy, creepy, disturbing dreams all night

      by , 08-28-2014 at 07:55 AM
      00:00 Thursday 2014-08-28

      Sometimes good recall is not a blessing: not fun, busy, disturbing, creepy dreaming night.

      Woke with dreams during the night, not sure when each occurred, waited for morning for final recall, in rough order of occurrence:

      + (definitely first dream) long: the show featuring Bill Gates: at JT's house around the corner from company N. Bill Gates is sitting (in front of an easel?) outside on the street, I see him looking sideways and recognize his profile. Some cars drive buy quickly, BG is annoyed at them.

      Inside a house watering the lawn carpet which is looking really dead and dried out.

      I'm in JT's house, he's not at home, I go to his refrigerator and open it, it is packed with stuff, I see a carton on the messy counter I think "ice cream!" but if it is it's all melted. JT is having big financial troubles, (how can he go on vacation?). 3? mean appear in the house they're somewhat sinister, I'm talking with them. The company "N" where JT works (and I used to work) is just around the corner, that's why real estate here is so expensive because people want to live close to work. I say to the guys I need to go (to company "N") but it's just around the corner so if they need me I can return in just a few minutes.

      + Outside at a garden party? The subject of viarables and properties come up, you have to realize that the property is only an offset from the base address of the variable, I'm thinking about this for a while and know that people are confused by it.

      Walking through a jungle path a girl is trying to solve the variable / property problem and I start talking to her about it but she wants to solve it on her own.

      I'm walking by a door and I see M WP and he says something and I realize it's all just a copy constructor, and feel very self-satisfied that I've solved this problem.

      I'm lying too close to the white, wooden garage door, if it opens it may hit my head, I'm lying with my back to the garden party, JT comes and sits with me for a moment in front of me.

      + Some outdoor place, there's a "soccer cage" where a guy is practicing his kicks against the chain link fence, one guy kicks a strong shot at the goal but it goes over the head. I (kick?) a ball into a guy in front of me it hits him, he kicks the ball it flies over my head, and drops straight down onto my head and I pretend to swoon. I look to the right of the soccer fence cage and some young guys are in a swimming pool playing with an inflatable raft, I decide to prank them, I fill my mouth with some white stuff and dive into the water. They see me coming but I grab the raft in both hands, press my mouth against it, and with great force (it's hard to do) I blow the white stuff from my mouth into the raft, creating a bubble inside the raft full of the white stuff, and leave them. Two creepy kids swim after me and constantly poke and grab me with their pointy little fingers, I keep plucking them off of me but they keep doing it, ugh.

      Up above the pool are some tables, some women arrive there, one has taken out her pepper spray bottle and placed it on a table, I think it looks just like mine.

      I'm leaving this area and a woman runs after me, she asks if I can give you my opinion on something, I don't want to but I follow her. I see we're approaching a little room with glass walls off to the side of a building, I think there is a public announcement board on the wall, I see she's posted a huge poster of her creepy smiling face, my first reaction is that this is inappropriate. Then I see that there are 3 posters, hers is in the middle. And I see that they are not still pictures but video streams, all 3, (there's a "play" button icon on the bottom?) they are election advertisements. I see she is doing some hula-type dancing and prancing around in her video, I see her wrinkled old bare midriff it's sort of nasty. I say that I think her poster is just like the other ones already there and that there shouldn't be anything wrong with it at all. I'm walking away with the woman and a man, the man leaves us first to return to his business, I'm walking with the woman and ahead I see a room open and light shining out (it's night now) and hear music, it's a wind symphony I hear the clarinets, I say I used to play in a wind symphony and expect her to ask me about my musical experience and anticipate telling her the answer but she says she plays guitar and walks away from me. I think then that I should ask if she played classical guitar but the moment has passed and I decide not to run after her, I've reached my car.

      + a visit with an incest-family on the moon, rapidly-multiplying identical children up on the stairs, my driver's license is expiring, visit the DMV.

      I'm visiting some family, the mother is severely berating her mid-late/teenage daughter (blonde hair?) The mother is going on and on about how the father has been so good to them, how the father has been such a good father and a good lover both to the mother and to the daughters. I wonder why the girl doesn't run away but I realize they're on the moon. Inside their house standing below an open staircase leading up I see a kid standing on the staircase most of the way up. Then more and more and more boys andg girls start appearing, and they all look the same because of the incest. Then they start fighting and pushing each other off of the stairs.

      I head back for the front door and realize I don't know/remember if I can open it, do I need my space suit? Does it lead into vacuum? I thank them for their time and say that my driver's license is expiring in one day so I may not be able to make it back immediately, maybe Monday. I think that I don't know exactly where to go, and there's a problem: I need a driver's license to apply for the license to take the test, so it's a catch-22. I think about a large room. I'm standing at the driver's test: it's a multi-colored merry-go-round, filled with young people, there's nowhere to step even they're covering the ground all around, I try to step around them. I hear that there are (175?) people in line for the driver's test already, should I go get the booklet and study first, or get in line and hope I have enough time to study? I know that there are questions about obscure speed limits and sign meanings so I should definitely study.

      + (definitely last dream, woke up from this) the slow-motion shooting assassination of "Diane Keaton Smith" at her concert.

      Panoramic scrolling view of a concert area outside. There is a straw pillar where the rifle has been hidden, I see it slightly poking out. The scene keeps panning to the right and reaches the stage, the star is just barely visible now from behind a pillar, will she be shot now? Everything is in slow motion. She leans forwards into the microphone. She steps down from the stage and enters the crowd (ahead of me and to my right) she leans far forwards slowly and puts her face to some contraption (like a camera on a tripod), surely this is where she'll be shot? No, she walks forwards, it will be hard to hit her if she keeps moving like that. She's standing up and then the shot comes, it hits her head/face and her head explodes in blood flying everywhere. But her face is somehow still intact and contorted in a grimace of pain, (I hear a shriek?), she's facing my direction now and also the sniper who's to my left and behind me a bit, another shot hits her in the lower left abdomen. She's wearing white pants and a white top, now covered in blood. She turns around and falls slowly forwards, her back/butt to me, the gunman keeps firing and several more shots hit her body. Her name was "Diane Keaton Smith."

      I wake up slowly and I'm rather disturbed by this final dream.
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    13. Epic! Where's Sensei? Stunning outdoor scene, bed-eject to the slide (twice), LDs #58, 59, 60

      by , 08-28-2014 at 07:23 AM
      Well this is what happened, none were "attempts" per se:

      I had 3 LDs last night, assisted by galantamine and Alpha-GPC.

      At 4am I took the supplements, along with a banana and a piece of rye bread for "dreaming fuel" (and to help get the 300mg alpha-gpc capsules down, those things are horse pills!)

      I spent the next 4 hours or so in a brain-busting battle to fall back asleep.

      The HI (only blobby shapes and colors) were bursting in front of my eyes like fireworks most the entire time -- if only I could get to sleep I knew those would be awesome dreams.

      My only goal was to get to sleep unconsciously and DILD.

      After about 4 hours (having been in bed for 8 hours) awake, both my hips were getting sore and distracting me (I'm a side sleeper), so I decided to try my back (I don't think I've fallen asleep on my back in years, but I was desperate not to have a wasted supplement night)

      At one point I think I had a near-WILD. I thought I saw before me a small portion of a concrete floor (I interpreted this to be the floor of a garage), it became a bit clearer, but stayed as within a black frame, which did not extend to fill my vision. I thought about rubbing my hands but it didn't seem that I had any dream hands yet, this vision of the concrete patch of floor stayed about 10 seconds and then faded away. I tried to relax and let it form but it just didn't turn into a dream.

      Later I found myself seated in a room and "felt" the dream feeling, I guess that was a start-of-dream DILD, I later flew through a stunningly beautiful dream landscape.

      I "woke up from" (transitioned out of) that DILD and was lying in bed on my back in darkness. I was thinking lightly of the awesome scene that ended that DILD, then all of a sudden:

      It felt like the foot of my bed was suddenly heaved 5 feet in the air, leaving the bed at a 45 or 60 degree angle with my head pointing down, and that I quickly shot out of my bed head-first on to a steep wide slide: head first (pointing down), on my back, going fast down this slide with no visuals. I was fully conscious and thought this was great fun and wondered when the dream was going to begin.

      After maybe 10-15 seconds of this I wondered if this was the dream, or merely a transition and I had to work to make a dream begin. I thought about turning over to my stomach, then I imagined I was in a dark room at the end of the slide, and cut my way out, and began the dream (I lost lucidity or forgot the lucidity, and was non-lucid at the finish of that dream).

      I found myself awake back in bed again on my back, and again in just a few seconds I experienced the SAME transition all over again: foot of bed raised up, I flew out headfirst on my back down the dark tunnel. I do not recall if I simply fell out of the tunnel into the dream or if I willed it, but I found myself in a courtyard and continued lucidly for a minute or so before waking and worked on recalling all 3 LDs and the non-lucid parts.

      As best as I can figure the two tunnel experiences were both DEILDs. I have never experienced anything like that and greatly look forward to it happening again as it was a real hoot.

      I'm wondering if the tunnel experience was a dream or just a transition (or "noise?"). It's conceivable they were FAs instead of DEILDs and it was all a single long dreaming sequence into and out of lucidity, but looking back it seems most like DEILDs.

      edit: I remembered: during one of the trips down the slide I very carefully lifted my dream hand to my dream nose and did a nose pinch, both arm and nose felt fairly insubstantial, not solid like in "full dream" -- proof that the tunnel wasn't just "noise?"

      Interested in any thoughts/comments about these experiences.

      And I'm wondering if it's possible to experience all this craziness without galantamine+choline. Maybe it just takes being awake for 4 hours starting in the middle of the night?



      + I appear in a room sitting at a desk in a chair, I suspect I'm dreaming, check the "dream feeling" for a few seconds, and decide yes, I'm dreaming. I rub my hands and look at them before standing up. I stand up and turn to the left, I feel sort of propelled forwards but I remember: slow down, engage, Sensei! I look around the room and notice a large, bright yellow stuffed pooh bear on the be to my left. I do not look as deeply as I want to my mind is not settling down. I remember Sensei, I go to the door ahead to my right and and look around the corner expecting to see him, nothing except some purple splotches briefly appear before my eyes. I call out "Cmon Sensei, buddy, let's get going!" Should I behind-the-back summon him? I decide to move on down the hallway which is out the door. I reach the next room to my right and enter it, the way is blocked by an office desk it looks like a very cluttered room, I turn to the right, walk around the desk and face the window and look out: I'm astounded at the bright vivid beauty out there: twig trees (no leaves) of brownish color, in a landscape extending into the distance. I decide to fly out and see it better. I fly out through the glass window effortlessly and am outside and I'm blown away: more real than waking, vivid, clear, beautiful landscape, maybe a city in the distance? I fly slowly through it for a few seconds before I "wake up".

      + I'm lying on my back in bed in the dark thinking about the beautiful scene I just lucidly visited, when suddenly the foot of my bed heaves up into the air and my bed is at a very sharp angle with my head pointing down, I eject/shoot out of bed onto some huge slide, I'm head-first on my back shooting down this slide and know this is a dream or a transition into one. It is a TRIP I'm whooping mentally (at least), HELL YEAH this is awesome. After about 10 seconds I wonder where the dream is, do I have to create it myself? I imagine myself in a dark box at the end of the slide and I should cut myself a hole with a light saber. I see a weak translucent thin beam waving around in front of me, I think about cutting a hole on my left side an enter into the dream and lose lucidity (or forget this part if I remained lucid). There are 4 main moments that I recall of this dream, it was fairly long with a number of diferent moments, I'm probably forgetting a lot:

      I'm in an outdoor courtyard there's a large table there I see an old TV there I push/pull the on/off knob a few times.

      I'm among a thick crowd of young people, mostly young women, we're standing at a door, it's a talent show, we can't go through the door because the show hasn't started, someone says there should be more guys here. I just want to get back to my table but I can't because people are blocking the door and I don't want to go through it prematurely. I'm getting anxious about getting through, I eventually decide to grab the door knob and go through the door, saying I just need to get back to my table. (Some announcer is announcing the show?)

      I'm walking/flying through obscure outdoor structures, I hear a female contestant start to sing, her voice is TERRIBLE she can't carry a tune, she's singing for 20 seconds or more.
      I see in the distance my wife scooting off to return to the table? I want to join her.

      I'm approaching a large outdoor field flying up in the air, there are a bunch of people on t he field, I think "Ronald Reagan was insane."

      + I'm on my back in bed in the dark, and before I can think of much of anything, I experience the raised-bed-slide ejection AGAIN exactly as I did before. This is freaking awesome! 3rd lucid! This time the slide ride is short, and I'm deposited into an open area inside a building made of reddish brown bricks everywhere. (semi-lucid) I feel compelled to offer my services, so I say "I can do security work, or entertainment work." I see a man standing in front of a medieval-looking curved-pointy-top door
      CRAP-medieval_door_by_nub4sh.jpg and I'm lucid again and I ask him, "Show me the door leading to the beautiful naked teen girl!" He just stands there looking at me. Another man appears, and I ask him "Show me the door with the beautiful naked teen girl, NO, GROUP of teen girls!" He asks me, "what age range do you want, 20-18?" I say yes that will do, I'm anticipating it and getting very excited and I wake up with an elevated heart rate.

      Spoiler for NSFW, 18+:

      I realize I don't remember much about the 2nd LD, and decide it was mostly non-lucid after exiting the slide/tunnel. I know I had 3 LDs and the first is not immediately on my mind I'm getting nervous that I forgot it but then it comes back to me, whew! I decide the 2 bed-ejection LDs were DEILDs (later decided they were FAs after some feedback from Sageous).

      Trying to get back to sleep. Awake an hour? At some point it's 10:00?

      + I'm in a hardware store looking at a small device hung on a hook on the wall. It's a small batter-operated device and I want to place a battery I'm holding into it and watch it work. A store clerk walk up behind me and says something like "if you touch it you buy it" I wait for him to leave and continue my examination. I'm looking deeply into this device it is a battery of some sort, there is inside of it an odometer-like counter on value "75" or so. I reach for the reset button and the counter goes to zero, I flip a little activation switch and it starts working, I see the numbers on the meter start to increase again. I turn it over and there's a little toy train that starts moving forwards and backwards.

      I look up and I see a young boy watching me pointing something at me (a camera? Looks like a pen?), I turn away from him because I didn't want to be observed, and realize I know him and look back at him, then a middle-aged woman is there and I recognize her she is his mother, she looks older, we start talking about something, I know her from the homeschooling park event. I say I didn't recognize them at first.

      12:30 final waking, I had more dreams! Unaware and non-lucid though

      + I hear a group inside ribbing some girl, they say "You don't live in <my city>, you live in BORING-VILLE!" I arrive at a room they were waiting for me the tell that to a girl. I had been in the room earlier, I was outside picking something up (whiskey?) There was more here, forgot it.

      + young disadvantaged black boys were given hot dogs which they decorated with toothpicks and played pretend-airplane-dogfights with these toothpick-hotdog-airplanes. The man who gave them the hot dogs showed them a video about fighter plane dogfighting, he used to be a pilot. The boys were supposed to line up, raise their right hand ,and the man rhythmically placed the hot dogs into their hands (in buns) and shoot the hot dog forwards. I see several of the "planes" they're bristling with toothpicks. Two boys are playing fighter pilot, one says "turn right 3 degrees!" and makes "boy noise" machine gun sounds, I see a toothpick sticking forwards like a forwards gun.

      The man went into the house and came out with a curious twirly pencil device. It was a pencil with with two broken match sticks placed half-way up broken 90-degrees and placed so that they were little rocket motors propelling the pencil around and around in a fast circle balanced on its eraser on the ground like a top. I thought this was awesome.

      Then I'm standing at the back of a car with a few other guys and we're looking with great interest at the registration sticker on the back license plate in the upper-left-hand corner of the plate. We're looking at the numbers, and there's a transparent stick plastic film over the sticker and we (I?) peel this off and put it back on. I suspect this sticker is illegal. We're talking about the numbers. It's something like "243" with a small subscript 3 at the end.

      I'm under the back of this car on the ground trying to reach for something. I feel a spot of wetness on my shorts on my leg like in a pool of water. I think of some explanation (my girlfriend dropped something and i was looking for it) to give in case the owner of the car comes back and finds me in this position.
    14. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-08-26 LDs #56, 57, epic long multi-waking dream, bunch of shorter dreams after

      by , 08-26-2014 at 09:27 AM
      22:30 1 scoop UYM protein powder with cup of milk
      22:57 pre-bedtime: day memory review, set intention for recall and lucidity
      23:17 bedtime
      00:00 Tuesday 2014-08-26

      05:19 epic multi-waking(?) long continuous dream of previous adult home, 2 lucid dreams within the mostly non-lucid content

      I'm outside my old adult home watering a patch of grass. I look down to see what sort of grass is there because I want to change the grass of my current-day home lawn because it's too thin. I look down and chuckle: it's not just one kind of grass, but several different types all closely blended together: there's a patch of light-green thick-bladed grass, and next to it are other patches of 2-3 different kinds of grasses of varying shades of green and blade thickness. I stand on the big front sloping lawn and continue to water it a while.

      I move to the left side of the front lawn facing the house where there is a strip of succulents my wife planted, and see them and tell her "your succulents are doing great, they really enjoy the heat" and I see some other plants that are not doing so well in the heat, they look sort of wilted.

      We suddenly hear a sound, voices, coming from the open living room windows, it sounds like my wife's voice and kids voices? Is someone in there, or is it a recording playing? We run inside and there's a party going on, my son S2 is very young and sitting on a couch, it's (his birthday party?) there are friends there. My wife asks me what moment that was and I tell her "don't you remember? That was S2's birthday party".

      I'm standing at the front door, heading outside, I look into the empty living room and see the beautiful wood floors, I want to always remember this place, and wonder if the memory of that room would fade in time. I look again and the floors are now dark brown, seemingly covered in the same granite tiles as the small entryway is. That's not right, I think, it wasn't that way before (WTF #1).

      I'm lying on the couch (my head to the left facing the big window), busty milf IJ is near my feet, crawling on the ground on all 4s moving up towards my head, I see a mirror on the entertainment center is reflecting some part of her but it doesn't match her position. At some point in there I get lucid and
      Spoiler for NSFW, explicit, 18+:

      the dream ends / transitions.

      + back in the same house, it's night-time I'm walking around closing up for the night. I'm there alone. I go out the kitchen door to the garage, the garage is empty and dark, I look to the right of the door and the washing machine/dryer are gone, how will I wash clothes? I think that the light from inside the house will be visible from the street shining out underneath the bottom of the garage door, I close the door and slide the dead-bolt.
      Moving into the dining area I notice something strange: the high window (false memory) has been removed and there are only some thin transparent sections that I slide around and move left/right, I see the screen has been cut (WTF #2)! Someone in our absence has removed this window to gain access to the house! I think of turning on the house alarm and hope that the motion sensors will catch them if they try to come in. I'm going to have to spend time replacing these windows calling a window place, how long will that take?

      I hear the jingling sound of my old dog's collar when he moves but I don't see him.

      All of a sudden I notice it is bright daylight outside (WTF #3), I'm really confused by this, wasn't it just 3am? How could this be? I look out the window and see bright blue daytime sky, I go outside and look at the sky and look for an artificial light source or some reason for this, (I see a faint 'morning moon' in the sky?).

      I'm indoors it's (time for bed?) I'm on my laptop and all sorts of videos start playing, my wife is nearby, they're not necessarily NSFW but I panic at their appearance, and start quickly pounding on the ESC key, trying to hit alt-F4, the videos keep popping up, I finally press and hold firmly the power button and the laptop eventually turns off.

      I'm standing in the family room it's dark, I'm looking out the glass door and see a reflection of something moving on the futon to my right, I get scared/startled (WTF #4), I turn and look at the real futon and see a pile of clothes there but nothing's moving. I look back into the glass door and notice (movement again?) from the futon, I go there and see some chip bags, one is open, it's cheetos, I look inside and a fly flies out of the bag, there are cheetos (and pieces of paper?) in there.

      I see my wife lying on the futon, her head towards the kitchen, she has a mischevious expression on her face and she says slowly/seductively "I saw over your shoulder, I know...what...you..were... doing...on...your... laptop!" this is very out of character for her and I recognize this is a dream. I'm not nervous at all about being "discovered" since this is clearly a dream.
      Spoiler for NSFW, explicit, 18+:

      I wake up.

      Heading back to sleep, I'm awake, didn't make it back into the dream, so I decided to get up and get a snack: piece of wheat bread with a small slice of cheese, a medium banana, and a cup of milk with another scoop of UYM protein powder, I always wanted to try it in a WBTB scenario, I have at least 3-hours of bedtime left so I decide I have time for more dreaming and want more lucids. After snack head back to bed and it takes a while but I eventually sleep. Did SSILD and relaxation and MILD.

      + I'm heading to McD's, I see my friend MR drive off from the drive-through. I'm heading towards the front door, step up on to the curb from the parking lot, a young black guy is standing there and he kicks my shin a few times, rapidly. I'm annoyed by this and stop and look at him and say, "Really!?" 2 more young black guys appear and I don't want to be bothered by them and head inside, but I turn back and say, "How old are you anyway, 13? You should be working in your community to make it a better place," at this I see some black girls who were sitting down stand up and prepare to leave, but one of the young guys says "give me your wallet!" and grabs for it in my waist bag. I'm holding my bag and struggling with them and trying to look to see if they got my wallet or my passport.

      + I'm standing in a house looking out a window at neighboring houses. The houses are built on a hill all right next to each other, wall-to-wall with no gaps. The entrances to the houses are up the hill, the body of the houses down the hill, so I'm looking up the hill into the windows of neighboring houses. I think I've been up there and remember the view looking down to the patio outside the window where I'm standing (false memory). I then see some girls in bikinis going out the front door of the other house and try to get a good peek. Then people are going out of and entering the front door of my house. A topless young person with longish hair and dark nipples comes in, is it a girl? It turns out to be a guy, yuck. Another blonde young surfer dude comes in following the other guy and gives me a "what are you looking at?" look, I feel a bit embarassed. I walk by a woman in close quarters and say "excuse me" to get by, she says "We've claimed the landing!" (?), I realize this house and the neighboring houses share a common elevated front door area and a common living room area. The walls are right next to each other with no space in between (so you can hear the neighbor noise?)

      + I'm playing cards with two other people. I check out my hand, I see a bunch of Aces and 2's, I think I've got a good hand, the player across from me plays the two of clubs, I wonder if I can play a trump to start getting rid of my cards, I'm arranging my cards in my hand, my cards suddenly fly out on to the table, I'm concerned about the other players seeing my hand, I gather them up, my hand seems MUCH thicker than it was before, I say "hey you guys added cards to my hand!!"

      + I'm playing a side-scoller video game, the game view fills my vision, I have some trouble controlling the character, I move him around, try to avoid a monster, have him fly/move up and to the left, there's a treasure on the ground I try to remember how to pick things up, maybe if you just move over it, there's a door to the right and I know inside the door is a chest with a book that raises your magical ability, I plan to go in there and get it.

      (Some time awake, back to sleep)

      + I'm on stage at a sad memorial, I start to make a speech, I move towards the podium and a big black woman to my side knees the back of my knee to make me move a bit forwards and kneel down, I speak in a slow, tearful, sad voice and say "I realize that there are things you can change.....and things you can't change...." and I realize I may never see this big black woman and her famliy again and this makes me sad, I see a plane/helicopter, and say "... and I realize that it's hard to track a plane via radar from a helicopter"...I'm DO viewing the helicopter/plane chase, a missile is fired at the plane, the pilot ejects before being hit but he needs to wait before deploying his chute or the missile may target him instead.

      + I'm in a strength competition doing pull-ups. They think I won't do many, I'll show them. I need to decide on my grip: palms facing away or towards me? Towards is easier, will they comment on it? I choose facing me. It's hard to get the first pullup but I make it, the pull-up bar is too close to the doorjamb top and I hit my head slightly at the top of the pullup. I do more and more, counting higher and higher, then it gets easier. At one point I start falling from my position on the bar, I was using white athletic socks for grip under my hands, but they're torn now and streching and I'm holding on to the socks and falling from the bar, I reach up and get a new grip and keep going and counting. A young man with a young woman come and the young man starts competing. I'm then inside a gym's weight room (the pullups were done on the door entering into this room) and I'm doing pushups on a bar, continuing to count, up to around 30, the bar mechanism falls apart, and two women comment on my progress. A body-buidler shows up and asks is it OK for him to strap himself into position, and I say that's OK with me as long as it's OK with him that I take a break to repair my equipment since it fell apart.

      I'm then going pushups immediately to his left, and I see a magazine/comic book on the ground. The dream transitions to seeing faces like the cover of the comic book, in expressions of shock, and one "wipes" his face it's very wet. At the end I see some image of a celebrity walking with a small dog like a dachshund.

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    15. 00:00 Sunday 2014-08-24 LD #55 (short), multi-phase sleep night

      by , 08-24-2014 at 09:15 AM
      00:00 Sunday 2014-08-24

      Messed up night, taking family member to airport EARLY.

      00:30? bedtime

      03:15 alarm
      03:45 alarm wow felt awake the whole time but that went fast.

      07:00 back from airport, BTB, slow to sleep

      Lost of vibration moments, haven't felt those in a while. Lots of HI but no dreams forming, almost start to see skyscrapers forming from the HI and hope to enter an urban city scene but it never happens.

      10:30 final waking, try to sleep again, get relaxed and close to sleep but decide to get up to keep the new sleep schedule

      11:30 (actual dreams distributed over 3.5 hours, the lucid was early on and the first one of the bunch) up out of bed

      + I feel totally awake, I'm in some house walking around a corner from a hallway into a living room, deep in thought, do a random/habit nose plug RC for no particular reason (this is hopeful, maybe I'll get more of these now!), I can breathe, that gets my attention, I do it again, yep I'm dreaming! OK: slow down, engage, meet Sensei [major ongoing new dream goal], but I feel dizzy and the dream ends just afterwards.

      +(f) yellow-vested subway workers like to ride on the roof

      + I'm at the dentist he's working on my right lower backmost molar, I can feel that there is a big valley in the tooth now an tell him he went too deep. Riding the dentist's customer shuttle bus standing up near the front with wife, the dentist is driving, he wants us to clean the bus for him (in payment?), I'm confused about when we're going to do this, I think we're going to do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We need to get off and I don't want to clean it now, he says just a quick cleaning and wiping down of the hand-hold bars that line the bus. I look around and see piles of dirt on the floor and a small pool of dirty water on the floor against the back seat, we get off. I see a restaurant to the left and one to the right, to the right is a Mexican restaurant with a name and neon lights ("Mexican slide?").

      I'm standing outside a food vendor kiosk, I take a look inside, it's a real total mess, garbage strewn everywhere and tons of wrappers on the ground, I think that the food cookers don't clean it and a specialized cleaning crew comes to clean it the kiosks. I pick up a toasted hamburger bun and a (slice of tomato? a pickle?) and intend to use this to soak up the pool of water in the van. I should bring some paper towels, a half of a sponge, and a cleaning bucket to help. My wife takes the hamburger bun out of my backpack because it's nasty to be carrying that thing around.

      Pee in a toilet at the top of some stairs, using a portable toilet bucket as a container for the sprouting cup, I wonder if I should carry it in there

      + I see a pile of bright coins outside sitting on their own, I look for subway tokens and choose one bright copper-colorer coin and leave the rest. I'm walking/running somewhere and I see across the street a former work colleague out for a jog, he's talking to someone.

      I visit my "old workplace", it's very dimly lit. I enter a work corral area it's an open square area room with a large square "lab" area in the middle with cube/desks placed all along the perimeter around the outer edge of the square work area. This is my old group, I see they're still working on the project. They ask me if they should close the circuit on the trucks, I say I don't remember. The lab is made up of long rectangular boards/platforms that can tilt up and down, and they're testing (little toy trucks?) to see how well they roll, I inspect some switch to the side. I say this is a really cool area with the cube/desks on the outside of the lab area.

      I suppose I should walk around to say hi to all my former colleagues, there's SunSh, she says a really small head and is wearing a cap that looks like the tip of an eggplant including the stem which is sticking up in the air, she's just staring at me. I walk around and say a short hi to people sitting at desks, mostly young women (see a redhead), nobody responds to me hardly at all, I feel sort of humiliated by this complete indifference to my presence, and very unenthusiastically say "hi...yeah...great to see you...".

      I walk by a cube and see a pile of trays of taco casserole. A woman says that the chef will be giving a very boring presentation, and that I should just tell the wifes/mothers (sponsoring this lunch) that I can't make it, I plan to do just that.
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