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    Bruh what do I even title this?

    by , 09-15-2023 at 05:02 PM (179 Views)
    Semi Lucid. This dream starts with me flying in space. Marcus says that we are 228 billion light years from earth exploring a galaxy and 7 billion years in absolute time before the modern day. He is talking about building a dyson sphere nearby. I find a large planet with high gravity and lots of minerals orbiting an orange dwarf star and I say this is a good planet to build infrastructure on and get the materials we need.

    I land self replicating robots there to begin building an orbital ring with electromagnetic rails. He asks how I will power it. I point out that the planet has a thick atmosphere of ammonia and water vapor and that I can break apart the molecules to get hydrogen and build aneutronic fusion reactors. Solar collectors will also line the orbital ring providing backup power. Miners can work on the surface and send payloads up tethers to the orbital ring. Then electromagnetic rails will sling them off of the planet and into orbits where they could be captured by the dyson sphere constructors. I say that it will take about five earth years for my self-replicators to get up to speed and that his constructors should be ready to receive the first material shipments. I ask what elements he needs and he says mostly carbon allotropes but also titanium and rare earth elements.

    I then transfer my consciousness down to the planet. One of the robots informs me that It has found early multicellular life living in the atmosphere and shows me a microscope of these small blob-like starfish shaped colonies growing on the robots. These don’t seem to be a problem and after some experiments I learn they respond to magnetic fields. Recognizing that my mining operation could interfere with an ecosystem I order some of my robots to do a survey of the land and find areas with low mineral concentrations. I then set up magnetic field generators in such a way to attract the creatures and then keep them in specific areas. This will allow them to be preserved and the ecosystem to continue to develop while not interfering with construction. This works almost too well as the creatures are attracted to the magnetic field generators and form big squirming masses on top of them.

    I think to myself “If I still had a disgust reaction I would be grossed out by this but I’m an uploaded mind now and a disgust reaction is something innate to biological bearings to make them avoid situations where they could get a disease or infection.” I for some reason think of a beekeeper on earth and the dream scene changes.

    I am in Wakanda in Hade form. There is this black girl there, and I know she is not a pre-existing character but a new character that is being introduced in the movie that we are in and she is my co star. I think her name is “Daisy.” She isn't an iron heart either though she somehow got a hold of an iron man suit after tony stark died. I look at the computer and see that tony stark programmed the AI specifically for her because he trusted her.

    Daisy’s iron man suit has seven arc reactors that overlap creating a seed of life design which not only gives it far more power than a stock iron man suit, it is sacred sacred geometry it also means her suit has some magical power. The seven arc reactors also looks like a flower hence her superhero name is daisy. The armor is a white design with red accents and large wings.

    I then point out to her that she should learn how to fix the suit if she takes it into battle because if it gets damaged or worn out she won’t be able to repair it. She tells me to shut up because the writers knew that was a plot hole in the movie and refused to fix it. And if we fourth wall break and talk about it we can lose our positions in the movie. I then think that I have a self replicating robot swarm I can control and they should be able to work on the technology if we need it.

    We go into the back room of a Wakandan lab. There is a partition for Rocky and Ryland Grace from Project Hail Mary and I point out he is a good engineer and should be able to fix it. I stop and talk with him. They explain that the planet I was mining was rocky’s homeworld. Later the Tau Ceti and Eupsilon Eridani systems were moved close to earth by a space stone portal but me mining his homeworld seven billion years ago created a butterfly effect which resulted in the events of Project Hail Mary happening differently and instead Rocky and Grace ended up returning to earth instead of Erid. Rocky gives me a small laser gun, it looks like a 1950s atompunk/ragun gothic style raygun and explains that it uses astrophage to make a heat beam.

    I then see the self-replicating robots. Marcus and I created different robots. His robots are these sort of brushed metal cubes. Their short legs fold almost seamlessly into their bodies. He explains that the cube shaped robots fold up and can be stored compactly in a starship for transport, and that inside their large bulky bodies are internal atomic 3d printers and refineries. There are ports or doors that allow the bots to pass materials internally between each other when sitting next to each other or stacked on top of each other. He says that they are basically the manufacturing machines he keeps internally in factories but able to walk around and rearrange if needed.

    I then see my version of the robots. Mine are more spider-like with long multi-jointed limbs with complex manipulator hands and various tools in each limb. The robots are painted black and draw their power from a similar solar mechanism to Hade’s hair.

    They actually come in three sizes in descending orders of 12. The largest size is 2 meters. The medium size is 16 and 2/3 cm and the smallest size 1.388 cm. I explain that since I was a mind-upload I reprogram myself to think easily in base-12 numerology because it divides more easily than base 10. I also point out that Rocky uses base-6 numerology and I talk with him a lot so it makes translating easier when the numerical base I think in is double what his is. I then explain that I used 2 meters as a base measurement that was somewhat compatible to what earth used and then have my own personal “metric” measurement system that I think in. But that I wrote algorithms in the computer portion of my brain to automatically translate into whatever unit is most convenient at the time.

    Daisy asks me if my robots are a form of life. I say that I think they are, they have organic and mechanical components and can reproduce based on genetic code that is stored in computer memory, though I put in safeguards so they do not evolve and have full control over what they do.

    Daisy says that there is a super hero alarm and we need to fly from Wakanda to North America because evil doctor strange has made a magical disruption that is causing chaos all over the world. We go outside and start flying. I’m flying using my fire jets and she is flying using her iron man suit. I also state that one of my ships filled with self-replicating robots is repositioning in orbit and will be able to send combat units down to help.

    We fly upwards into a large thunderstorm. The storm is a sort of vortex, like a hurricane in miniature with an eye in the middle. As we fly through it we see that the ‘cloud’ is actually a giant blob of suspended water caused by the magic anomaly storm created by dark doctor strange. Its partially shrouded in mist, but looking at it more closely we see waves like the ocean. The eye of the storm starts shrinking and we have to start flying upwards to escape before it closes.

    We don’t make it and are forced to fly upwards until we break the surface of the blob of water in the sky (the sky-sea). Then a sea monster that looks like King Gidorah attacks us and Daisy shoots a missile into the mouth of one of its heads. The head explodes and turquoise blood comes out, then the head regrows as two more. I also point out that the blood is turquoise and therefore has hemocyanin. That means this creature is descended from cephalopods.

    I explain to daisy that this monster is probably like the Hydra from greek mythology and we have to cauterize the heads after we remove them to stop them from regrowing. She does this using a sort of lightsaber like energy blade to cut the heads off and I cauterize them with the heat ray.

    The dream scene changes to my home town. I found an orange kitten. The kitten has a single blue eye in the middle of its face like a cyclops. At first I find this freaky but the kitten seems friendly and climbs into my lap. I decide I will take it to Daisy thinking it is a magic anomaly but when I start carrying it it disappears in my hands.

    I get lost wandering around the streets near my current home noticing that things are changing as I wander around. There is a big mural of Daisy painted on the side of a church, her face painted head on with a bunch of daisies (the flower) around here.

    She asks where the cyclops kitten is and I say it disappeared weirdly on me and keep trying to emphasize that I was trying to bring it to her. She keeps getting more and more mad and I get more insistent before I say “fine” and use the “reach behind my back trick” to summon it. She suddenly relaxes but also looks very confused as to what I just did.

    I ask why the kitten was important and she explains that the kitten will sit on your head and act as a third eye. Forming a psychic link to someone who was needed to use the third eye power to find the dark doctor strange lurking in higher dimensions and fight him. If one didn’t have the kitten attached to their head the dark doctor strange would be able to move between dimensions and turn invisible and just pop out and attack or create illusions without any way to effectively counter.

    Donald Trump appears. He is the producer and lead writer of the movie and is mad that I ruined my character arc and wasn’t following the script. He uses his writer magic to freeze me in place. He then explains that my character was supposed to have a racism arc dealing with daisy and also be too freaked out by the cyclops kitten to pick it up and therefore need to learn a life lesson about not judging other people by their cover but since I wasn’t judgemental it seems like my character is too much of a mary sue and it won’t be a good movie.

    I point out that since I am both a character and a real person its unfair to make me racist and prejudiced because that could harm my real life reputation and thats why he shouldn’t write me into a movie. I point out he will have to pay for licensing the characters from project hail mary and that he would probably have to rethink part of the script. I also point out that if there is an origin story movie that Manei should probably be in it and that although Daisy is a good superhero partner.

    Donald trump gets mad and freezes me in place with the infinity gauntlet. He explains that it was hard to find an actress to play Manei because she’s too tall. He says he intends to delete this timeline because I ruined his movie. I am frozen in place but I have a psychic/brain chip link to one of my spider bots which is nearby. I order the spider bot to take a gay pride/progress flag off of the flagpole on this house, wad it up and throw it at trump. Right as hes about to snap his fingers the flag hits him and he turns red with steam coming off his skin and melts into a skeleton and puddle of goo.

    Chewbacca appears, though he is able to speak english. He explains that he used a malfunctioning hyperdrive on the millennium falcon and to time traveled to the year 1886 on earth to alter events. He was upset that Wookie representation was cut from Return of the Jedi because the battle of Endor was supposed to happen on his home planet of Kashyyyk but it was changed to sell ewok toys. He wanted his people to be properly represented in the star wars movies and preserve the original artistic vision so he traveled to the year 1886 and killed a Wendigo with his bowcaster. This wendigo would have killed someone stopping a family tree. Therefore the great-grandson of the guy who would have later been killed by the wendigo went on to be a different marketing director for Star Wars who wanted to keep the original artistic vision of the Wookies participating in the battle of ‘Endor’.

    After this, Chewbacca got into the occult performing alchemical experiments with wendigo bones and rescuing witches that were burned during witch hunts and altered the properties of occult creatures so that extreme liberal or conservative people in America in the 21st century had weaknesses. Like wendigoes had weakness to fire and vampires have weakness to sunlight now conservatives have a weakness to the Pride/Progress flag and Liberals have a weakness to the confederate flag, and if it touches their skin they melt like Donald Trump just did. He also says he has been spotted around America and that is what has created the legend of bigfoot.

    I then realize that if confederate flags and progress flags have occult power now we can use them to capture the dark doctor strange. I put the third eye kitten on my head use it to tell me if he is conservative or liberal and which type of flag we need to use. It shows me he is politically neutral and hates the conflict between the far left and the far right and realize we need to use both kinds of flags to hold him in place.

    I tell Rocky (with a life-support system), Grace, Daisy and Chewbacca to tie together ropes made out of both types of flags. We trick dark doctor strange into appearing and lasso him with the ropes of flags holding him place and stop him from teleporting into higher dimensions. But holding him in place is difficult. I summon one of my size-2 robots and put a lego under his foot because he is barefoot. Dark doctor strange steps on the lego and it is so painful that he dies.

    I then order a group huddle and tell everyone that we are still in a lower layer of reality that is a fictional property and that other writers could attempt to manipulate us. In order to rise up into the real world we need to find a way to get to the real world. Grace says that when he was working with Strat he saw a top secret document showing there is a secret schematic for a portal that allows one to ascend from a fictional world to a real world written in invisible ink on the back of the declaration of independence.

    The declaration of independence is presently being showcased in the restaurant at the top of the renaissance center in downtown Detroit so it is a prime opportunity to steal it. Daisy says that she could be the one to steal it because she has connections to high end Wakandan officials who will be at the party. Chewbacca says that the events of one of the national treasure movies will be happening and that Nicholas Cage’s character probably already has a crazy elaborate plan to steal it, we just need to let him steal it and then intercept him and take it from him.

    But grace points out that the transcription uses the Eridian language and engineering format so once we have it we need to translate the inscription into a relief map so Rocky can read it and then provide a translated version back to us.

    Grace recites some of the symbols and numbers he saw knowing some of the Eridian language and Rocky states that in Eridian engineering schematic formatting, that the parts he remembers are the power requirements which are really really high.

    I point out that the dyson sphere me and Marcus built seven billion years ago is probably still out there though it might have been damaged and need to be fixing up but we could use it to power.

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