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    Fall Comp Night 2: Borg Cube Demon Fight (SLD)

    by , 09-03-2023 at 03:32 PM (136 Views)
    Still stuck in this semi lucidity rut.

    I am on a mission to the center of the galaxy. When I get there I learn that I have been transported to a hell dimension. The universe around me was twisted. Red stars, black holes and continent sized chunks of land covered in screaming damned souls in rivers of lava being tortured by demons. An alien race like the borg (at least in that they used cube shaped ships and were cyborgs, but seemed like good guys past that) decided to assist me as I am being sent to kill a high level dream demon.

    Their cube shaped ships assemble into a 12x12x12 cube formation that is hollow on the inside consisting of 728 ships. They explain that the demon we are hunting is very powerful and he can teleport, slip back into the fabric of reality, or so on and they can project a field which restricts his ability to do so and puts him in a weakened state. But only if their ships physically interlock like this and form a shield. The good borg also explain that the hell universe outside will be very draining on their shields and that they can only do this for a limited time so I have to be quick.

    They assemble the formation around one of the continents. As the ships lock together the rivers of lava and tormented souls fade away and the continent changes to this “flat earth” style landmass with oceans, grasslands, beaches, and forests. I look down and see the demon standing on the beach. I land on the beach and he spawns minions, some kind of alien spider-like creatures (kind of like the bugs from starship troopers) that I never get a good look at. I spawn my own minions, powerful robots carrying large gatling guns firing some kind of smart bullets.

    I remember very distinctly looking back over my shoulder. Seeing the sky made out of the assembled cube spaceships and and my robot minions coming up out of some kind of higgs boat type landing craft. I then remember that a lot of good borg are risking themselves to trap this demon in a weakened form and I should not be distracted.

    I spawn my bow and kill the demon without much fanfare. The formation of ships disassembles immediately after, with the good borg stating that doing that was putting more strain on their starships than they would have liked. They explain that them killing that demon caused time ripples because the demon existed in multiple time periods at once. The effects on earth are negligible but they show me a map of michigan with different counties. The eastern side of the state looks more normal but the western side of the state is divided up into hundreds of thin horizontal counties. They explain that this was the layout the citizens and governing officials in michigan originally wanted but the demon manipulated how the borders were drawn to gerrymander the state and get corrupt politicians into office. Now that the demon had been killed the damage had been retroactively undone. The good borg explain that these types of missions are responsible for creating the mandela effect in people and that many people will remember the old boundaries and think its weird.

    I bid the good borg well and fly down. I am at a lodge restaurant with my father in michigan now, but it is still the same dream. Semi lucid, I say I don’t want to have more dreams about my father. The dream scene changes to my high school and I say “no, no! No school dream either!” but the dream scene doesnt change. I feel false memories come in telling me I need to go to my 9th grade english class but I push past them.

    I find Manei in the hall and say hi. We begin walking together and I notice she has a piece of computer paper with a color picture of uranus taped to her bottom. I rip it off and show it to her asking her if someone stuck it on without her knowing. She says no, that she just put it on there as a joke and people need to have a sense of humor about themselves. She then points out that the calk around the window we are walking by is new. That is because the last time someone touched her butt without her consent she threw them out the window and therefore it had to be replaced, and no boys harass her after heaving about that story because they are scared of her.
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