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    Winter 2024 comp Night 7

    by , 01-13-2024 at 04:49 PM (135 Views)
    I am having a very disorganized NLD, constantly shifting through plots and locations. I am in an OTD parking lot. It is a fairground with a small white ferris wheel and some other tents and smaller rides set up. There are workers either tearing down or setting up the rides but at the same time there are at least a few people hanging around the fairground.

    I see a creepy guy with a knife following me and nobody seems to notice him so I sneak away from the fair to get away from the stalker. I get to an empty part of the parking lot where there are orange construction barrels and yellow tape set up around several large potholes and think that workers will be trying to resurface the parking lot. I try to call either my parents or the police, but my phone is not working. I ask one of the construction workers to help. He yells at the stalker and says he will run him over with a steamroller if he doesn't f off right now.

    I become properly lucid and the dream scene changes. Its a location that feels close by sort of like a shopping mall but you head down the gallery one way and its just left open to a beach, but the dream is still pretty sloppy. I investigate my dream form to try to stabilize. I feel like I’m a bit taller than normal but otherwise everything seems normal.

    I decide I want to carry out the dream goal of sparring with monkey’s DG, Juliana. Its something he wanted to try, and I decided to try it and see what would happen.

    “Dream, its time to spar with Juliana”

    She comes out of a side utility door in the mall. Fairly standard appearance, though she has the pixie cut hair my visualization seems to have locked in on to. I take a fighting stance thinking about how this modified form feels extra tall and lanky right now and that’s probably not ideal for fighting. But being lucid I’m more curious and open to the experience rather than just wanting to win.

    “Are you ready for our sparring match?” I ask.

    “Yes.” She says, taking off her witches hat and top. She is wearing black sexy underwear underneath and tries to kiss me.

    “What are you doing? This is hella inappropriate!” I say. I reach into hammerspace for my horny bonk stick. It comes out as a big extra long roll of newspaper this time and I hit her on the head. She looks up and it frowns and says “DARN IT!” Playfully.

    “Sorry I get +27 saving throw against seduction checks and I roll at advantage when lucid.”

    The dream does an anime visual gag where everything goes black and its just a white drawing of Juliana screaming in a deep male voice “PLUS 27?! NANI?!” Then goes back to normal.

    I notice when she walks away she was holding her wand behind her back with some spell charged up, but it fades away. The tip is glowing with some golden white magic energy. She goes over and sits on a bench, pouting like a child. Though I get the vibe she's just playing around.

    OML do i have to draw this now? Idk if monkey is ok with that.

    I lose lucidity and go to a school dream. I’m on the second story of classroom in B hall. There are just a few other students in here and one of them is drawing a comic strip. Its fairly well done, though IDR the plot at all. The dream figure has written a comic about him and his for friends, its drawn with colored pencil and ink pen. One of the strips is just a hand-drawn version of that one internet meme comic strip about the guy running into the hospital and the girl who lost her baby. (IDK what that comic strip actually is)

    A teacher comes in and yells at him. She says the comic only has four straight white male characters and needs more diverse casting and says he is getting saturn-day detention. The boy sighs relief because saturn-day only happens when the planet saturn is directly in alignment with earth and the sun so the teacher will probably forget.

    Theres another dream where I am driving. My father is in the passenger seat and someone else in the back behind me. I am on the main road north of my town and a cop starts following me with sirens on. I pull over into a driveway and the cop gets out. He says to me.

    “You didn’t do anything wrong but your car looks like a piece of crap make sure you get a new one soon I don’t want it to break down and you to get hurt or stuck somewhere.”

    Meditation: 2pts
    NLD: 1pt
    DILD: 10pts
    Stabilization: 1pt
    DC Interact: 2pt
    Basic Summoning (DG, though not mine): 10pt
    Personal Goal Complete (I guess...): 15pt

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