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    Winter Comp 2024 Night 6: Strange Storms

    by , 01-12-2024 at 01:59 PM (156 Views)
    I become lucid, though I don't remember being highly lucid nor do I remember how. I brought Madmonkey into the dream. I don't see him as hes mostly behind me. We are in a meadow on Woue, looking at a large storm. This is like some equivalent to tornado alley, a large open plains. The storm cloud seems to be rolling itself, like a small hurricane flipped on its side, and quite vividly rendered. In one period the ground is just the black/dark purple color of the vegetation, in others its actually gold like a wheat field with these strange plants that grow "fat bulbs" containing lipids and oil and can start on fire from lightning strikes. (For the drawing I compromised and made it black with golden bulbs/flowers.)

    We fly up into low orbit together and look at the storm from high above. Marcus is there (orb robot form) and explains how due to thicker atmosphere the planet has a 'double troposphere'. This leads to these strange storms with rolling convection cells. It's sort of where air gets twisted up and starts convecting, rolling over itself like a sideways tornado. This is the only time I get a good look at Madmonkey who looks like how hes described his DS on many occasions. He says with telepathy "Lets fly back down and do our dream goals!" and then shoots off back towards the surface like superman going mach speed.

    We fly back down and land in a forested area, but I think I arrived back on boring old earth. I lose lucidity and am by the side of the road. A power line comes down and I am trying to get around the sparking wires.

    *1 tick for dream realm (Woue)
    *1 tick for Marcus (persistent dc)
    DILD: 10pts
    Adv Flying: 10pts
    Teammate: 7pts
    Drawing: 2pts
    RCs: 0.5pts

    Total: 29.5

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