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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. Colony ship.

      by , 03-08-2016 at 01:22 PM
      First dream two days ago:
      I projected colony space ship. It had to be O-Neill type of colony with strong fusion engines attached on one end and big slab of ice on front end as radiation shield.

      Today(I was surprised a little, that it continued) :
      We were group of people, travelling in between stars. We were last hope... Earth was dead. We came to planet, it was barren and without life, but big enough and in right position. We parked our ship on orbit and terraformed it. It was like film... I saw how we started terraformation, then we went to hibernate a few times till planet was habitable. But we didn't want to live there... we were nomads of space. We didn't want to live bound to planet... So we left there many of our children (which had different mindset) with small human like creatures (of limited intelligence but those creatures were great helpers)...
      And we moved again away, into darkness of space course set to next star. We were nomads... we liked to travel into unknown, our task was to seed life, but we didn't want to stay on one place. A sparkle of light dancing in darkness... we continuously advanced technologically and spiritually...

      Whole experience was set to outside observer frame, I wasn't represented by one being. I was all of them, from outside.
      The whole experience was somewhat nostalgic... It felt like I/we are losing things, but we never wanted them back... it was like retrospective, looking back on memory of past, but not attached to it... only somewhat regretting and at the same time in peace with everything.
    2. Bathing

      by , 02-14-2016 at 04:21 PM
      I went into bathroom and there was head of my oldest daughter in small wash basin we have there... in dark blue water with some bath foam... I starred fascinated as hand rose from basin to stroke hairs... the head turned... I asked why she is there- she told me she wanted to bath and younger sister occupied bathtub. So I looked to bathtub and saw younger daughter to be in just as dark blue water with foam as her older sister had. She had so much water inside that it was nearly overflowing sides of bathtub. I was annoyed- the water was dripping down to ground and it could damage wooden floor outside of bathroom if more water flowed out. So I asked daughter to vacate bathtub and to let out the water. She did as I asked. Then oldest daughter started to vacate small water basin- she is 12 and she is quite tall (170cm in reality and she will grow further )- it was strange how she fit inside such small volume. When she let water out there was no place she could fit, the basin has maybe 10 liter maximum volume...
      Then I heard strange sounds from bathtub. Bubbles arose from sink... and water started to rise up! It made swell of water inside, maybe 20-30 cm higher than volume of bathtub has. I looked at that miracle, surprised. Then it flowed out of bathtub down to tiled floor rapidly... And I started to mop is as fast as I could before it could end on wooden floor. I used very small sponge to do that, but I managed to sponge water up somehow.

      I felt very annoyed in this dream.
      Water made such strange effect... it made swell which lasted for many seconds...
    3. Time traveler

      by , 01-17-2016 at 02:30 PM
      Just normal dream today.
      I was traveling in time, I used my "psychic" powers to "submerge" into timestream...
      I made first stop in past about 1000 years ago. There was my former incarnation. I was something like shaman. And healer. I lived in wicker shack. My shack was hidden on the verge of forest. I had dried herbs and berries of many colors hanging inside. I saw myself stopping bunch of wandering people and providing them with help. Pay-free.
      Then I was about 800 years in past... I was priest there. I saw my former incarnation visit some ill old woman. I emerged from time stream next to priest. That woman thought, that my present incarnation is warlock and she feared me. My past incarnation on the other side wasn't so fearful.
      I don't remember about what I spoke with my former self, but I remember they were distrustful... My present self knew to much, and it was too fantastic for them.

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    4. Gods

      by , 12-29-2015 at 04:15 PM
      I was to be born. I had no physical body yet. And I saw gods, they had plans for me. There was also someone who was my mother, but not physical one. She had clothes made of bread... And I eat from those clothes. And she spoken with one of higher gods, she tried to make him to teach me. She wanted him to teach me for 16 years. He said: No. Mother was disappointed. But that god continued: Even 17 years will not be enough... I will teach him for 18 years.
      I don't know what I learnt during this time. Time jumped and I found myself meditating on the orbit of the Earth. Without any protection in quietness of vacuum. I was upon dark side of Earth, I saw only thin crescent of by Sun lighten atmosphere... and vastness universe full of stars. I felt I had to fly back... So I flew down fast. The air burned orange hot around me. I went back where gods lived. There was very long stool with chairs. We used to hold debates there. Some of gods were not exactly friendly towards humans. One of them(Anubis) held soul of girl. I felt connection to that girl. I felt the need to save her. So I tricked somehow Anubis to look at something for just long enough to take that girl from him and to take it to chair where I used to sit(there was written Isis on the chair) For some reason Anubis named me Bhagavadita (I looked on internet and I found something named Bhagavad Gita... but that is a book according to internet???) So Anubis went to me to punish me and to torture the soul I tried to save. I took that girl/soul into arms tightly and started to change mental state. The reality as I observed it changed. I saw us as small clouds of light... I was very bright sky-violet, girl/soul was orange- it looked as if orange ribbons are intermeshing with my larger bright blue-violet cloud... and Anubis was black cloud. Other gods were also differently colored shining clouds. Anubis couldn't overpower me.
      Then again, I found myself on the earth orbit, on the dark side... in vacuum. I started to think... how could I breath vacuum? I found out that I don't breathe. Nothing to worry I decided. Breathing is disturbing my meditation. I observed myself enclosed in about half meter thick blue-violet aura. After some time I felt I need to go back. So I flew down and I woke up.

      It was somewhat chaotic dream.
      Isis was my mother?
      I was Bhagavadita? I remember seeing that book(cover of it) in book store. I didn't read it.
      Holding that soul/girl was so great... I felt her missing after I woke up.
    5. The Valley

      by , 12-25-2015 at 02:35 PM
      I was walking through big city. Concrete everywhere... High buildings. I felt lost. I felt gloomy, without connection. There was one young man going after me. He was quiet. I told him some of my thoughts, from time to time, but he was quiet.
      Then I found big parkland. I told to young man:Look nowhere anything green, no tree and here, here is big old park. It was like small dense wood growing in concrete jungle. I felt connection to that piece of land. I walked into park... in between the trees. And I saw end of that park. It may be some 200 m afar. And I saw that park was in fact valley. Valley ended with wall of soil, with growing trees on it. And I walked there. I told to young man: This is wonderful do you feel it? Do you hear it? It is as if there is no city close by. Walls of valley were growing higher as I went deeper into valley. I almost wasn't able to see buildings. After a few minutes of slow walking I came to the end of valley. The wall was maybe 30 m high with about 70 degrees slope. It was overgrown by old trees. I didn't hear city anymore. I didn't see city through trees. It was calm. It was quiet. Sun was shining in between trees. And I sat down on roots of big old tree facing the Sun. The starting end of valley we came from had the same slope overgrown by old trees... I felt great. It was joy of balance. I took quietness inside of me. Meditation. No thoughts. Feeling of belonging. The slopes of valley had grown to maybe 100 m high.
      Young man, which was following me, was in panic mode. He was thinking that he is trapped there. He ran around in panic.
      And I saw myself sitting on air maybe 1 m above roots of tree I was sitting before. There was pale blue aura around my body going into deep violet further away. My eyes were closed. I had strange clothes... like sheets of textile.

      It started nonlucid. I achieved lucidity when I saw the Valley.
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    6. There is no other way to take

      by , 10-24-2015 at 11:27 AM
      I was at home when I got visit from friend whom I know from elementary school. We had spoken about something. I was glad he was visiting me, it is quite long we have seen each other. Then he asked me to visit him at his home and I felt that I should go. So we went there. The surrounding, the nature was very nice, clean... with clean fancy colours. I was able to see cleanly every branch, every leaf on trees... every leaf of grass. Very sharply.
      The road got worse and worse. Its edges were crumbling... I traveled in the center of the road, going around patches of holes in it with skill. The road started to be excavated on the edges and the holes started to be deeper. The excavated edges were meters deep. I saw every stone there... every grain of sand, everything clean and sparkling. And the drivable road got narrower and narrower. I saw as the edges were crumbling and falling off when I drove too close to them but there was no possibility to make it different. There was no more possibility to take another road. There was no possibility to go back- the road was crumbling down slowly behind me.
      I managed to get to the house of my friend. He was waiting there for me. I went up the slope following him to his house. I saw other close friend of mine. She was standing there on the path side and me when she saw me, she turned her back to me as if she didn't see me... to ignore me. I smiled sadly... And went around her and away wordlessly. She was looking at my back as I was going further away... It looked like she couldn't go away from that place. She was forced somehow to go after us. She looked at us, while I was speaking with other friend... and I was using words with two meanings, whole double meaning sentences... she understood what I was trying to say to her even if she tried to ignore me.
      We were alone at the end, she and I. She didn't try to ignore me anymore. I didn't speak anymore. There was no need. There was understanding between us, flow of thoughts, feelings and memories. Two distinct us with shared awareness.

      - it was very vivid dream. Everything was pictured very sharply in it.
      - roads were crumbling, only tight way remained before me- I wonder...
      - that mind sharing was very spiritual, it is long time here since I felt something like this.
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    7. Book of sins

      by , 10-08-2015 at 11:28 AM
      I was in my mother's house. We were speaking about many different things... I don't remember about what. But I remember about last theme... We started speaking about God, his benevolence and similar things (My mother is believer in personal and intervening God, I'm believer of impersonal, in our life disinterested god- if there have to be God...). My mother gave me something like book with thick pages(like small children books have) "Here is the book of your sins, I have it directly from the God. The red marks are representing your sins"
      There were fixed red marks on the pages of the book... I touched the page and the red marks started to fall down from the book fast. It was like they lost their adhesivity... Only white pages remained in that book of my sins.
      Mother told me: "You are trying to cheat! You can do whatever you want, the God knows your sins."
      "Whatever... I don't care about the cheating, I only touched it and the marks have fallen alone." I replied. Then I tried to stick the red marks back to the book. It wasn't possible to do it. It was like there is electrostatic charge on them, they couldn't even touch the surface of page. And I said: "See? They don't want to stick on the pages."

      After some time I had somewhat interesting dream
      It is only dream... I don't expect for it to be tied with reality

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    8. Vivid dream- premonition?

      by , 09-24-2015 at 11:27 AM
      The dream I had was so vivid and so normal that it could be interchangeable with reality... I was going through the hallway to my office at my workplace. It was morning and it was dark. I unlocked the door and got to my desk. I connected my computer to a grid and started the OS W10. Then I went through e-mails. Nothing out of ordinary, some spam for immediate deletion and some other mails for reading and to deal with...
      Then I opened my other e-mail client(Gmail) and there was one mail for me from someone who is very unlikely to write me. I opened it and there was something like apologizing poem. I didn't know what to think of it. I didn't know what to write as reaction... My mind was blank. I closed the client and went to laboratory thinking about possible answers... contemplating about possible outcomes.

      I think, this could be something like premonition... It is not sure when this could happen if it will happen, but it could be at the days when there is a dark morning... november, december, january...
      It doesn't need to be premonition, of course. But I will have a record of it, if it is the one
      I know what I would write now... To deny forgiveness means to leave myself in the denial and to shift to the wrong side of the conflict.
    9. Very long dream

      by , 09-01-2015 at 01:33 PM
      Otherwise not very remarkable dream. It started with me working in the garden behind my parental house. I lived there in this dream. I was hoeing vegetables. Then my friend came to visit me. She brought with her piece of ceramic green body(compacted powder for firing to obtain something ceramic... e.g. cup, knife, etc.) I inspected what she brought to me and I was admiring its fine structure- there was no defect in that piece... no bubbles, no cracks. I was wondering how she managed to prepare such high quality structure by using ordinary soil only. We were talking and she helped me in the garden. When the night has fallen, I have brought her to house and we eat dinner. Then we went to sleep.(I left her to sleep in the living room and I went to my own bed.) I fell to sleep and I had a dream:
      I was working with living energy originated from my body in that dream. I placed my index fingers about 1 centimeter from each other and I saw stream of golden sparkling light between them. Then that stream started to swirl and made a small sphere between my index fingers. I moved my fingers further from each other and te sparkling golden sphere of energy grew. When it was about half a meter in diameter I shredded that sphere by fast move of my hands... Reality got broken and I was pulled elsewhere... and it woke me up.
      I woke up in my bed(in parents house). I went down to living room to look whether my friend sleeps or if she woke up. She was up and in the kitchen, making breakfast. I was telling her about the dream I had. I tried to repeat the feat of that dream, and I was able to make violet stream of light between my index fingers. She was fascinated. The rest of day we talked and I tutored her how to make similar energy flow between her fingers. It was night in that dream when I woke up into reality

      That was very long dream, I never experienced something like this... Even if I had OBEs in which I experienced eternity...
      I'm able to see the stream of light(energy) between my fingers... Of course it is invisible to observer unlike to this dream.

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    10. Serial dream

      by , 08-04-2015 at 02:33 PM
      First dream:
      I was walking home from a church. I was feeling full of energy. But not because I was walking from the church... It was as if the further I was from that church the stronger energy I felt inside. In short time I was flying. Short time further, I was flying with such force that air was rumbling around me. Then I felt something from the bush growing by the road. I made turn and flew into that bush. As I was plowing through the twigs and leaves some short man ran away opposite way... I felt badness from him and I felt that he is a warlock... I flew further into that bush.
      Then I flew into small clearing. In the center there were growing six thin trees in circle... in regular hexagon shape. On them the six young naked pure elves were bound facing in the center of the circle... There were three male and three female elves bound alternating on those trees. They were bound by some kind of climbing stem or very thin and weak vine... It was a ritual made by warlock I interfered with. Elwes couldn't break the bonds, even if that bonds looked weak. I tried to break them and it was very easy. The bonds were strong for the elves only... Female elves were very physically and spiritually attractive. I felt their force interfering with my self control. They warned me against touching them, that I will be lost, I will lose myself in the lust. O balanced myself and went into observer state. The feelings dulled and I could touch elves without losing my self control. Elves were impressed.
      When I went to free male elves the female ones warned me that I can be shocked by males. I looked on male elf and He looked quite ordinary... As I broke through the bonds I saw that male elves had genitals long, below their knees It looked like phallus of a horse I wasn't shocked of course.
      I took all the elves out of that place on the country road. I flew up and started to fly away with great speed, expecting the elves would do the same. After I flew above wide river or small sea? I landed on big island. I looked around and there were no elves following me... so I flew back. The elves were at the nearly the same spot where I left them. There was again that warlock starting to bond them. He saw me flying back and he ran away again. I freed them again and I told them that I will take them to safety by myself. Elves reduced their size to about 30cm height- their normal size I felt. I took them all and flew to that island. Elves were very grateful. I woke up afterwards.

      Second dream:
      I was immaterial in the black void... There was also warlock. He begged to me to give him second chance. I saw some kind of silvery pouch hanging there in the blackness on nothing. There was something in the pouch, it was vibrating... I reached out for the bag and my hand materialized out of darkness- silvery looking skeleton of hand. I straighten out my index finger and touched the pouch. My skeletal finger attached itself onto the pouch and I started to pull it back to me. I felt that if I pull more the pouch will be ripped open and that thing inside will spill out. Warlock begged even more and pouch was vibrating more. I dematerialized my hand and told him that he has his one chance and that he should use it well. Everything dissolved after that and I woke up.

      Third dream:
      I was living on the Island. Some king wanted to take that island. He has help of that warlock. That warlock wanted elves living on the Island. Elves came to me with proposal of help. They were grateful for my past help and wanted to pay it back. My people and elves, we built together big stronghold, very nice city. It wasn't hard to defend ourselves and break enemy army led by warlock. We created joint kingdom, humans and elves. Then the dream jumped in time and I was old. I was revered leader of kingdom. Very popular. Life was good in our kingdom. I was walking through very modern looking city. Some people asked me where I want to be buried when I die. I looked around and saw tall irregular rock, it was maybe 40-50 meters long and at the highest point it was widest- about 3 meters. I told them that they should bury me there. Then I told them that I'm joking and that they can bury my body where they want, I 'm not my body. That it would be a pity to pollute such nice city with stink of old carrion. We laughed on this joke and I woke up.

      Fourth dream
      I was again in black void, immaterial. I looked at the silvery vibrating pouch. I told to warlock that he wasted his second chance to make something good with his life. That he wouldn't be able to run from me with help of sacrifice of the pure beings(elves). Then I materialized my hand(again silvery and skeletal) and touched the silvery pouch with index finger. I pulled fast. The pouch was ripped open and silvery sand poured out. And vanished. Together with warlock. Only my immaterial existence remained in the void and after some time I woke up.

      It is rare occurrence to have serial dream for me.
      Female elves were really, really attractive, it was as if it wasn't only physical lust in work, I felt like I was spiritually overwhelmed by their very closeness. Nudity had nothing with it in comparison of the feelings induced in my mind.
      Was I impersonating the death in the void? There was complete peace there.

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    11. He needs a friend...

      by , 07-24-2015 at 12:23 AM
      I was in hospital for some reason. It looked like I'm in early 20th century. I was walking down the corridor Where I met very ill man. He was very overweight and he was dying. He was waiting for surgery with uncertain outcome... I decided to stay with him. He started to shout on me and to yell invectives... but he couldn't chase me away. He was weak. Nobody could get me away. I took hand of this foul man and walked to surgery. I was stroking his hand and telling soothing words to him as surgery went... Somebody, whom I didn't see, asked me why I'm with such foul man. I told to that voice: "This man needs a friend now!!!" And I saw the pain of this man and I remained by him holding his hand through entire surgery.
      There was time warp to a few days into future: the man has died. I was in morgue with body of this man. There were doors, many doors. The floor, stools, desks, doors and curtains were black, the walls and ceilings were pure white. I tried to find a place where I can lay body of that dead man.
      I opened first door and behind them there were wild people with stone axes and spears. They started to chase me... and I managed to run away.
      Next door led to an empty room.
      Third door led to room where viking like people were drinking beer and various alcoholic beverages and there were some half eaten roasted animals. At the head of table sat big man with ornate hammer-Odin? I closed that door and tried next.
      Fourth door led to a room where I saw Anubis at the head of big table... and something like golden pharaoh... There were also a few Horus like and I think Bastet like beings... They looked on me. I bowed and excused myself from that room.
      I went to fifth door and the music started to play in my ears as my dream started to lose its consistency and I got awake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esBJKglRv24
      There comes a time
      When you face the toughest of fights
      Searching for a sign
      Lost in the darkest of nights
      The wind blow so cold
      Standing alone
      Before the battle begun
      But deep in your soul
      The future unfolds
      As bright as the rays of the sun

      You've got to believe
      In the power of love
      You've got to believe
      In the power of love
      The power of love

      Blazing emotions
      There's a light that flows from your heart
      It's a chain reaction
      And nothing will keep us apart
      Stand by my side
      There's nothing to hide
      Together we'll fight to the end
      Take hold of my hand
      And you'll understand
      What it truly means to be friends

      You've got to believe
      In the power of love
      You've got to believe
      In the power of love
      It gives meaning to each moment
      It's what our hearts are all made of
      You've got to believe
      In the power of love
      The power of love

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    12. Possible precognition

      by , 03-15-2015 at 01:06 AM
      It was dream. I was in the city. I found lost friend, she was unhappy. We went to restaurant and talked and drinked tea. I felt somewhat happy, but also confused and uncertain. I remember only these few pieces of quite long dream.
    13. Cleaning

      by , 12-03-2014 at 11:03 PM
      I was cleaning basement in my house when two bats flew inside through doors and hanged themselves on ceiling... I looked at them and I saw something malicious in them. Their eyes were slightly alight with red light. I thought- vampires... I let them be for time being as they didn't do anything. I returned to cleaning some mess(dust, saw dust, small scraps of paper and small pieces of wood) again.
      Then third bat flew inside, this one was big. It was normal one. One bat (transformed vampire) flew startled away and big bat flew after him.
      Second bat changed to vampire and ran to me- head first, mouth open, teeth glistening... I catched his head gently, changed his course slightly and smashed him hard head on into wall next to me. Vampire was greatly disoriented... He forgot what he wanted to do. He was shaking... I returned to cleaning. Vampire recovered after minute or so and attacked again... And I did the same as before and smashed him into wall with ever stronger force- vampire vanished into dark cloud and cloud evaporated into nothingness. I returned back to cleaning without thinking about what happened.

      Note: whole time I felt to be in peace, relaxed... even through that incident with attacking vampire.
    14. Funny chaotic dream

      by , 11-11-2014 at 09:53 AM
      It started as I was driving a car through city. A policeman stopped me and told me that my car is leaking ladybirds I got out of the car and went to look. There was about 30cm wide and as far as I could see track full of slowly crawling ladybirds behind my car. I told policeman that I don't understand where they are from, that we have only turtle My wife and children came to me with turtle and skateboard. I put turtle on skateboard but she didn't want to come out of her shell. I told policeman that she often sleeps. Surrounding was slowly changing during this part of dream and there wasn't car anymore and it looked like we were in large room. Turtle came out of her shell and started to flap with her feets and propelled herself on skateboard till she rammed into wall. She flapped a few moments aimlessly and then started to go back into shell singing the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C65TN8j5OIE Well only a few lines of it :
      I takové dny jsou,
      že rána za ranou...
      zas právě tebe najde,
      a málokomu dojde,
      že padáš únavou.

      There are such days
      that hit after hit
      is finding you again
      and hardly anybody will conceive
      that you are falling from exhaustion...

      Then that turtle come out of shell on opposite side, head at the tail side and started again to flap and propel herself from wall... till she again rammed into opposite wall. She had fallen from skateboard and started singing next part of song:
      Zas připadáš si sám,
      máš v hlavě hlavolam...
      Proč hůl nad tebou lámou,
      a lásky dál tě klamou,
      vždyť nejsi odepsán ...

      You feel alone again,
      with mind-bender in your head...
      Why they give up on yourself,
      and your lovers are cheating you,
      when you are not useless...

      I walked to turtle to take her up, but I found only plushy toy at the place where she had fallen from skateboard... I was losing contact with dream at that time, my vision got more and more uncertain, blurry. I found something else on the ground, hard, maybe the real turtle, but that touch was last contact with that dream and I was awake.

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    15. Way from temple to outside then through hell into eden like nature.

      by , 10-10-2014 at 08:51 AM
      I found myself in temple. It was similar to our own temple in my village, but altar looked different, there was more gold plating on wood, and it was shining. It looked majestic somehow, in undefinable way. I wanted go out and home. But as I turned I saw again the same altar where doors out sed to be. I was confused... and turned around a few times, then I did reality check. I concluded that this is REALITY and not a dream.(Only few times I managed to differentiate between reality and dream in my dreams) I concluded that I have SLIGHT problems with my memory and I probably turn too fast to register doors. Therefore I turned directly to altar and walked backward out of temple.
      Once outside, everything looked normal. I walked around temple. There were two people deconstructing an old howel. I had my bicycle nearby but it looked different. It has very big tractor transmission added on fork with big wheel on it. And two big auxiliary wheels on every side of that transmission. Man who deconstructed shed told me, that they need to drive it to scrapyard... So I said OK and I rode away. I was riding on my bicycle back home when I saw a dark gray wall on crossroad. I did again reality check, and again I concluded that I have probably problems with my perception of reality and that I'm not dreaming. I decided to use observer state (like I use by OBE) and I rode to wall. I saw that the wall was ever changing structure composed of limbs, hands and heads which looked like trying escape out into normal world. I rode directly into it, without hesitation or questioning myself whether it is sensible or not.
      As I crossed threshold of wall it was like I rode into post apocalyptic world. Sky was dark gray... Houses were in ruins, smoking. Wind was making small dust devils... Ghostly figures were gliding aimlessly around it. Trees were black, naked. On the road, there were stones, debris, holes... after some time I discarded bicycle and I was walking forward. Observing, not judging state of things around me. Some ghostly figures tried to touch me, to catch me... visibly screaming. But I keep walking forward through it. I walked through a few ghostly figures, some demons like, some more humans like... I walked. And walked. There was despair, and there was me. There was pain and there was me. There was devastation, and there was me. I was observer. I was there but that THERE was not in me. After some time I got to second threshold (this one was shining) and I crossed it... again without questioning myself.
      On the other side of wall the road continued curving into distance... the road was like new, trees around and grass were strong, healthy... The sky was deep blue... it was quiet. No sound was breaking the stillness surrounding me. There wasn't even wind. Everything was shining like new. Atmosphere of conflict and despair were left behind me. I turned to look back. There was no wall, no threshold, nothing... only healthy shining nature everywhere. I turned back on road and I walked. I walked forward observing but not questioning, not thinking, in everlasting here and now. I walked till I woke up.

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