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    1. Corruption

      by , 04-11-2015 at 11:18 AM
      A fragment - I'd just been fighting someone who's run off, and I'm looking at the way our fight has corrupted patches of the ground, feeling regret over that.

      A woman is riding in a carriage and carrying a baby, with a small tapestry depicting an angel hanging opposite. She speaks to the angel in the tapestry, referring to it as the baby's father. The angel in the tapestry speaks back.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      An odd level of lucidity. I thought of it as feeling exactly like my waking perspective, which I disliked - I felt like I was stuck halfway between something. I had difficulty controlling anything, or even flying properly, though I could float just a bit off the ground. I was at my IRL home, and since I failed to change the scene at the front door, I started walking down the road, figuring that once I got far enough that my surroundings were less familiar, the scene would change naturally.

      At the end of the road - which indeed has stopped resembling its IRL equivalent fairly quickly - I come across a small construction crew, and there's immediately an accident involving a passing car and one of the machines. I'm called over to speak as a witness.
      Eventually the construction worker invites both me and the driver of the car back to dinner at his house, saying that it's too late to be outdoors, it's not safe.

      Some barely-lucid scenes at his home in which I meet one interesting young woman with some chronic disease; otherwise I'm mostly focused on finding an excuse to avoid eating anything and keeping my appearance hidden behind the high collar of my coat, which causes people to come to some wrong conclusions about me. I don't correct them. I eventually find an excuse to step outside.

      He was right, it is dangerous to be out this late - many people have been infected by something like madness or bloodlust. It's a kind of miasma. I come across infected people in the woods armed with farm equipment, pitchforks and that sort of thing; they've been waiting in this one patch of shadows to ambush whoever comes along. I enjoy this. Whatever this miasma has done to them, it doesn't affect me directly, not in the way it affects them at least; but their resulting madness is something I sort of feed off of, it's exhilarating.

      At a crossroads I come across a group of four people who work for me - a blonde woman with her hair in a bun, a very pale man with long black hair, a small man wearing glasses, and a bald man with a tattoo in the center of his forehead. They've plainly been enjoying the night. As we greet each other, that young woman from the house emerges from the woods and attacks me with a sword. She makes this stunningly noble and upright figure, in stark contrast to the general miasma; I like her instantly.

      One of my men intercepts her, and as she's fighting him, she's accusing me of being responsible for everything going on around here. She says she recognized me at the house - apparently I'm someone in the public eye in some way - and that she'd always suspected me of being corrupted, and now I've proven it. She's not exactly wrong. I'm not the one who corrupted this place, in fact I'm trying to hunt that person down - but I am part of the corruption, she's right about that much. When my man's got her restrained, I try to explain this to her; we have a mutual enemy. If she wants to hunt him down, my corruption could be useful to her.

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    2. Badger at the Crossroads

      by , 06-04-2014 at 12:04 PM
      Morning of June 4, 2014. Wednesday.

      I am near the intersection of Loomis and Gillette Streets in Wisconsin. My wife Zsuzsanna is with me at the intersection. The two intersecting streets are partly covered with an unusual carpet that looks like Turkish angora calico cat fur. My dream self does not question the idea of a street having a loose carpet over it in some sections (or the fact that it would become dirty and worn in practically no time). I am actually lying on my left side at one point (on the southeast area of Loomis Street before intersecting with Gillette) looking at the carpet. It would be more attractive were it not for the somewhat disordered lumps and folds. The ginger, gold, cinnamon, white, darker brown, a very pleasing burnt sienna, and other shades are in a random variegation. I still see it as an attractive feature.

      I am concerned, because there seems to be a small animal under the carpet that is moving about, though it seems to be bigger at times. Cars are mostly going west down Gillette Street and I am wondering if I should lift the carpet up in case the animal wanders too close to oncoming traffic. Zsuzsanna is uncertain if it is an animal, as it may be the movement of folds caused by each car as it drives over it at the center of the intersection. The animal, if it is one, sometimes almost seems to move like a snake, as there is also a slight twisting movement for a time. It may even be a large earthworm.

      Eventually, after watching for several minutes, it does turn out to be an animal that had been causing the movement and odd smaller fold shifts, and the animal finally leaves the area as if perhaps he had been looking for food for a time and had not found much. It is an unusual coppery-tinted (more like a mongoose color) badger. He (I assume it is a male) comes out from under the carpet and then walks slowly west down Gillette Street. I am not very surprised but I hope that he does not get run over. The colors are a little similar to the calico cat carpet and there is extra detail in his body markings, almost like handwriting.

      An intersection is autosymbolism for neural gating that presents the potential for remaining in the dream state (or going deeper back into sleep) or waking. The carpet as it is featured here is a dream state indicator due to its nature as serving as a blanket. The badger coming out from under the blanket is an analogy to me getting out of bed. In my dream, I am on my left side, as I am oriented in reality while sleeping.

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    3. My first lucid dream

      by , 12-27-2010 at 05:05 PM (Struggle for Lucidity)
      The 27th of December is going to be my lucid anniversary, from now on. This is because, from 6:30 to 6:50, I had my first lucid dream. I sacrificed a fresh full english breakfast (heated it up instead, tasted mediocre) for this dream.

      Dream Lucid Semi Lucid Non-Dream

      I woke up at about 4:02-4:22am, and sat around on my iPod until about 6:10. Then, I have no idea what happened between then and the dream, wether or not I fell asleep or tried WILD, but I went in to the dream. I had several dream fragments.

      Fragment 1: Non Lucid
      I was in a fancy looking restaurant, reminiscent of the local steak house. The walls were cream colored stone, with fancy red decor everywhere. Wooden chairs and columns were there too. Windows showed a road with some grass, outside. I was sat on the edge of a table with the kid from outnumbered and some other famous people (I don't remember who, exactly). I had the feeling that we were hiding from someone (unsure why), so I got down and went prone. After crawling along the floor for a bit the dream faded.

      Fragment 2: Bipods with iPods
      I was walking in what I think was the car park of my school, with my iPod in hand. I saw two extremely tall people swinging their own iPods around like clubs, and I decided to put my iPod away and walk off just in case the worst happened. In the middle of putting my iPod away, my hands went right through each other, and I realized I was lucid. I was kind of aware before, but I thought I was just tripping out. I looked at my hands go through each other and then the dream faded out.

      Dream: Beginning of an era
      I got out of bed. My hands accidentally went through each other again. I was lucid. I wasn't as shocked or excited as I thought I would be, but I felt both of those feelings anyway. I got up. My house was dark, but my room was exactly the same as normal. I think there was a purple, space-like void outside. I walked downstairs, then back upstairs. I had so many ideas in my head. I settled with the lucid crossroads (http://www.lucidcrossroads.co.uk/), because I figured it would be the easiest way to get to a clear, daytime environment. I reached in my pocket like the website says, but I didn't pull out a badge like I thought I would. I pulled out thin air. Disappointed, I walked to my room, saying to myself "there will be a girl behind the door. There will be a girl behind the door." That didn't work either. I sat back down on my bed trying to think of what to do next, but I woke up out of a variety of emotions.

      And that's how my first lucid dream was. As soon as I woke up, I hit my iPod's music button and the credits theme from misfits came on. That coincidence made me feel like I was in a movie. I went back to dicking around with my iPod and then fell asleep until 2:53pm. Yeah, I was catching up on christmas and boxing day. I didn't sleep much on those days.

      I hope to have more, vivid lucid dreams. I hope I obtain more power and time, with every dream I have.

      Supplements in the past day:
      1x Hot Chocolate
      1x Glass of apple juice
      1x Chicken curry
      1x Burger + Bun
      0.5x Fishcake (it tasted bad)